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    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Some posts write themselves: Tape Tape Dispenser JP J-me products are the best. For my office, I just bought their Pen Pen Holder, Post-it Post-it Notes, and the biblically influenced Noah’s Protractor. Read More

  • eXpresso Gets $2 Million To Grow An Online Office Suite

    eXpresso is an online collaboration tool around Excel spreadsheets. While a bit late to the game, they have plans to expand to other productivity tools as well. They will be announcing a new $2 million round of financing from Novus and Rocket Ventures on Monday, with the target of raising another $2 million soon. This is on top another couple million they’ve made off the sale of… Read More

  • Zunephone interface patent looks like iPhone interface patent

    Ok, every conversation I have with my leaks at the Zune team at Microsoft in the last month have gone like this: Matt: Dude, tell me something about the Zunephone. Leak: What Zunephone? Matt: So there is no Zunephone? Leak: I didn’t say that. Matt: Then tell me about the Zunephone. Leak: What Zunephone? And so on. They enjoy playing the Costello to my Abbot. We know there’s… Read More

  • Apple's growth leading to bad customer service?

    It must be tough being Steve Jobs. Mr. Jobs, CEO of a company called Apple (AAPL), that makes computers and iPods, is having a hard time keeping all of his customers happy. And that’s what’s supposed to happen. Read More

  • Dell's first tablet PC ready to rock November 5

    You’ve been a patient poppet, haven’t you? You’ve wanted a tablet PC, but you’re loyal to Dell, who’s been more than stingy with them. But we have good news for you, friend. The Latitude XT tablet from Dell is real, and it’s coming soon. It’s a pretty standard affair, with a 12.1-inch swiveling touchscreen, a 1.2 GGz Core 2 Duo Intel processor, up to… Read More

  • Supply Side Economics Fail Music Industry Again

    The latest brainwave from the besieged music industry is the proposal to offer free music to end users via the Total Music brand. Spawned by Universal Music, Total Music looks likely to sign the big four record labels and a range of smaller firms as well, with Sony BMG on board and Warner Music looking as it will be as well. Free is the ultimate selling point in market side economics… Read More

  • Dear VCs: Look at the idea, not the postcode

    I’m interrupting the normal coverage today to write about something I care deeply about. The long feature I wanted to post today will have to wait. Let’s make one thing clear. The reason TechCrunch was started by Mike Arrington three years ago was to cover the wave of new startups appearing on the Internet scene in his stamping ground of Silicon Valley. Fast forward to 2007 and… Read More

  • Some posts write themselves: Tape Tape Dispenser

    Instead of making pithy jokes about this Tape Tape Dispenser, which you can get for about $25, we figured we’d let you, the readers, make them. Please use the comments on this post to be humorous about this fun looking desk gadget. And if you’re funny enough, we’ve got something else coming for you guys in a couple of weeks. Tape Tape Dispenser [Coolest Gadgets] Read More

  • Water-powered phones by 2010?

    New development on the liquid-powered battery front. Samsung’s apparently "developed a micro-fuel cell and hydrogen generator that runs on H20." Metal and water inside the phone bump uglies to produce hydrogen, which is supplied to a small fuel cell where it bumps uglies with oxygen. After all is said and done, you’ve got about three watts of power. That’s enough… Read More

  • 'iPhone-like products' coming sometime next year

    Here’s what’s coming out of Taiwan. Asustek, BenQ, and a few other lesser-known brands are currently "developing iPhone-like products" and that the first out of the gate will likely be something from Asustek that’ll be available "as soon as the first half of 2008." The devices will run Windows Mobile and be marketed to business users with GPS and 3G… Read More

  • X-Wing: What really happened

    Those of you who recall the sadly shortened launch of the model X-Wing Fighter last week will be glad to know that we now have the truth. Carry on. Read More

  • New high performance platform from Shuttle

    Aw, isn’t that cute? It’s a tiny computer! The Shuttle SX38P2 Pro includes support for Intel Core 2 Extreme, Quad, and Duo processors via the X38 chipset, PCI-Express 2.0 with CrossFire, 3-part heatsink with convection-based heat-dissipation (no fans, in other words), integrated fingerprint reader, USB Speed-Link for directly connecting two PCs for file sharing, and support for up… Read More

  • Inappropriate baby Halloween costumes, volume one

    Sure, you love your kids, but wouldn’t it be great if they had axes sticking out of their heads? Absolutely! Specter Studios offers this classy baby hat for your wee one’s Halloween escapades. Just remember: what you do now will scar them for the rest of their lives. I Think I Can Top The Haha Gross-Out Baby Costumes By Specter Studios [Daddytypes] Read More

  • Universal getting ready to take down iTunes?

    Universal CEO Doug Morris is looking to partner with Sony BMG and Warner to develop "a new music subscription service that will try to loosen Apple’s grip on the online music market." Read More

  • Exclusive: MapQuest Plays Catch-Up With Launch of Beta

    AOL’s MapQuest may be the market-leading map site by a long shot (with 50 million monthly visitors versus 30 million for Google Maps), but it is still playing catch-up when it comes to features, functionality, and mash-up capabilities. Today, it finally took a big step into the modern Web era with the launch of MapQuest Beta. This is not just a sandbox where MapQuest can safely play… Read More

  • StyleShake turns women into fashion designers

    StyleShake, an e-commerce bespoke fashion brand, launches officially today. Headquartered in London/UK but also also available in Israel, the startup aims to allows customers to create and order individually tailor-made dress designs, share them online with other StyleShake users and, of course, wear them. Essentially StyleShake puts design tools in the hands of customers who create designs… Read More

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl delayed

    As if the shortage and impending launch of the Xbox 360 Arcade weren’t enough to make Nintendo fret over the holiday season, Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been delayed indefinitely. That’s pretty much the only game I’d want to play besides Mario Kart and now it’s been pushed back to a February 10 ’08 launch. That’s two months+ from its original launch date… Read More

  • Digital radios equipped with 'Buy Now' buttons

    Currently being tested in Britain with a full-on rollout scheduled for December, digital radios that allow you to download a song you like for keeps should be landing elsewhere in the near future. Australia, for instance, is supposedly getting these new radios in about a year and a half. Aside from being able to download songs directly, the units will also be able to display track, album… Read More

  • T-Mobile getting sued for early termination fees

    It’s a catch-22. We like our cheap phones but those cheap phones come at a price; leave early and you’ll pay the difference in termination fees, even if you leave within, say, a month of the end of your contract. It’d be nice if the fee went down commensurate with the amount of time you’ve stuck with your contract, but it doesn’t. That all might change for… Read More

  • Sony Bravia TVs to get Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

    Owners of Bravia HDTVs are getting a slew of Internet video channels if you have the Bravia Internet Video Link, which is a ‘small module’ that attaches itself to the back of the TV and is hooked up to the Web via Ethernet. Eight new channels will be offered including content from blip.tv, Sony Pictures, CondéNet, and Sports Illustrated. The latter will offer this year’s… Read More

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