• iPhone: 20 Questions

    I wrote an article via my 9rules account, on the 9rules site, posing a few opinions and questions about the upcoming Apple iPhone. A few of the questions are, “When your device is ‘dead’ after using the amazing 45 minutes of talk time that is possess, will your iPod still work?” and, “If I don’t pay for a contract, would it still work as an iPod although I… Read More

  • Happy Mother's Day, Ladies

    Here are our two winners for the iPod contest. Perhaps a little of their love will rub off through the screen onto you.
    There’s a great runner-up after the jump. I think mom should have told us all not to wear the shorts with the pale legs. Read More

  • CoCo: Clip Your Way to a Thinner Nose

    Hey, big-nose. Yah, you with the beak. I noticed you in the crowd there. It wasn’t your clothes or your mullet, it was your huge honkin’ honker. That thing’s out of control, man. You should do something about that. No, no. Don’t get all weird about plastic surgery. That costs a fortune. You need a CoCo. Yah, a CoCo. It’s a nose clip made to sculpt your schnoz into… Read More

  • USB Chessboard: Simple = Cool

    I have two seperate chess programs on my Treo (paid for, thanks), but no matter how wicked my knight-moving skillz get in the virtual world, I always get my ass handed to me in a real chess match. I think it’s something to do with the way we percept the physical board relative to the digital. Or maybe I’m making stuff up. This nifty USB chess board might be the answer for me. Read More

  • Mini-Apple Stores In Best Buy: Joe Six Pack's Got Himself OS X

    Best Buy has been selling Apples for quite a while, but now they’re opening official mini-stores within their computer sales area. There are apparently no official Apple Store employees on staff — just the regular Best Buy folks — and you probably won’t be picking up Mac Pro uber-desktops but it’s nice to know now everyone has the chance to drool over a bunch… Read More

  • Another Asian Power Suit: Why They'll Win the War

    Maybe it’s not quite as uber-strong as the HAL-5 exoskeleton, the Tokyo University of Science’s Muscle Suit is still nothing to be laughed at. Exchanging actual muscle usage for gadgetry, the powered suit lets you lift things your normally couldn’t on your own, like Rush Limbaugh. The suit’s not portable, though; an external compressor and air regulation system are… Read More

  • Charles River Ventures' Angel Experiment: First Nine Investments

    When Charles River Ventures announced its Quick Start program last year to provide a few hundred thousand dollars to startups on an expedited basis, it caused minor ripples in the Angel funding market. For entrepreneurs it was another option for raising capital, but more than one angel investor we talked to was a little nervous about the big funds moving in on their very lucrative investments. Read More

  • Beatles Potentially Might Just Want To Hold Your iPod

    The Beatles It seems Sir Paul may have finally decided to let the Beatles become the DigiBeatles. His current album, “Memory Almost Full,” will appear digitally when it is released by Starbucks’ Hear Music label on June 5. It will also appear on iTunes along with the rest of the Beatles’ extensive catalog. I’m not quite sure what all the fuss is about, though. I… Read More

  • Vonage May Skirt Patent Horrors

    Another day, another Vonage store. It seems that there are some workarounds that Vonage is planning on using to let users call landlines over VoIP. For those not in the know, Verizon has been hounding Vonage for infringing on a number of patents dealing with VoIP call transfers. The updates/improvements should be software based and sufficiently obtuse enough to ensure that judges become… Read More

  • Intellectual Property Day: MySpace Anti-Piracy, DRM Name Change, Apple C&D

    Lots of Intellectual Property-related news today: MySpace has announced their implementation of copy protection, aptly named “Take Down and Stay Down”, that promises to knock out user generated piracy like a prize fighter. Now identified copyrighted audio and video content will be taken from the site, fingerprinted, and blocked from reposting. The service will also feature a tool… Read More

  • Reverse Paper Shredder Reveals Your Corporate Secrets

    Paranoid types are going to have to start burning their documents if this thing catches on. Researchers in Germany have developed a software program to undo paper shredding. The project was undertaken to reassemble about 45 million shredded pages of police documents torn to some 600 million scraps 18 years ago. As Bertram Nickolay of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and… Read More

  • Garmin's 530HCx and 520HCx Two-Way Radios

    Garmin’s built up a lot of good will with its walkie-talkies over the years, and today sees the launch of two more, the Rino 520HCx and 530HCx (that-a-one). Like past Garmin goodies (oh look, alliteration), these two have built-in GPS and enough maps to prevent you and your tribe from spending 40 years wandering around in the desert. Compared to previous models, these two have faster… Read More

  • But Sleep Won't Come the Whole Night Through/Your GPS Will Tell On You

    It’s about time that movie GPS technology has finally hit the mainstream. This odd little device uses 2 AAA batteries and captures GPS tracking data for up to 8 weeks on one charge. The device is great for catching cheating spouses, kids who say they’re going to the library when they’re really going to the malt shop, and Will Smith when government agents steal his identity. Read More

  • G5 Coolant Leak Destroys Mac

    Over on the Mactalk forums, user macdave posted a picture of his G5’s coolant leak. The results are not pretty. His logicboard, power supply, coolant system, and processors were all destroyed and now he is sans a G5 tower. He warns that any of the G5 towers that used liquid cooling could be at risk 18 to 24 months after purchase. Affected models include the G5 2.5GHz Dual CPU, G5 2.7GHz… Read More

  • Recreate the Frozen Han Solo With Chocolate

    It’s what you’ve been waiting for ever since you saw Han Solo frozen in carbonite: a step-by-step procedure on how to make you very own chocolate bar mold of him. You’ll need an action figure of Han Solo, cooking chocolate, and the ability to decipher the clear as mud directions. This, perhaps more than anything else I’ve seen lately, is an example of why sound grammar… Read More

  • Apple Market Share Increases

    In the past, Apple has never been a big-enough player to top market share lists. But the past few years for the fruit straight outta Cupertino have been good ones. So good, that this year Apple got onto NDP’s top manufacturers list. Since Dell and manufacturers who sell direct aren’t included, the list is a bit off, but don’t let that spoil your excitement. Read More

  • Electronic Cigarettes: All the Nicotine You Can Handle, None of the Cancer

    I’m no smoker because my parents raised me right, but there are millions of you out there who love your Lucky Strikes. Too bad that, you know, they cause cancer and everything. Realizing this, a Chinese company has developed electronic cigarettes, which fully replicate the act of smoking, complete with a physical cigarette, vapor and the satisfying, um, smoking part. Users of the eCig… Read More

  • The AudioFile (Mothers Day Edition): Help Mom Rock Out

    This Sunday is Mothers Day. (Sorry if I just made you snarf your coffee.) As usual, I’ve left it till the last minute to get my mom something. And naturally, now that she finally understands what it is I do, she’s slowly getting more interested in portable audio. So I think this is the year I splurge and get her some solid, simple, affordable audio gear, but I’ve got to do… Read More

  • HeadRoom Desktop Balanced Amp Review

    Hardcore audiophiles are generally immune to sticker shock for high-end audio gear like $50,000 speaker-based rigs. But now you can get the same level of sound for a lot less if you build a sound system around headphones. The Desktop Balanced Amp is the flagship model in HeadRoom’s compact Desktop line. It ain’t cheap, but it gives you truly face-melting sound when paired with a… Read More

  • The Wii Is Really Just A GameCube 1.5

    We all know the Nintendo Wii is the least-powerful next-gen console, but Microsoft’s Robbie Bach won’t have any of that. He’s hellbent on tearing the Wii up and claims that the Wii itself is just a glorified GameCube. Says Bach: “…the video graphics on it aren’t very strong; the box itself is kind of underpowered; it doesn’t play DVDs; there are a lot… Read More

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