• This Is Iron Man's Armor? WTF!

    The Iron Giant I know, I know. This has nothing to do with gadgets or gear, but I know many of you have an interest in the upcoming Iron Man movie. Well, I guess it does have to do with gadgets. Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor is constantly evolving and kicking more ass with every mod, so what was revealed at Comic-Con is baffling. It looks more like the The Iron Giant doesn’t it? Read More

  • US Nokia N95 In The Wild

    Symbian-Guru.com got their paws on a brand new Nokia N95 US edition phone. Plenty of pics are available, so if you’re dying to see what it’ll be like to have improved battery life, more RAM, and a sweet black paint job, then you’re in business. Not gonna lie though, it just looks like any other N95 for the most part. Sure, there are a few minor differences, but do you really… Read More

  • Buy.com Will Go Out Of Business Because Of This

    As Deleon and I waited for Entourage to come on last night, this commercial for Buy.com popped on during some channel surfing. There were five of us in the room and for a total of 30-seconds, we all sat without saying a word watching the worst commercial for a website we’ve ever seen. Buy.com, because of this commercial, you will go out of business. There is simply no way anyone can take… Read More

  • Have An iPod Shuffle? Check Out iSlimCharger

    A company named Monster, who I believe bears no relation to Monster Cable, has just released a cool little accessory for 2G iPod Shuffles called iSlimCharger. It plugs into the docking port on the bottom of the iPod and then has a USB connector to plug the entire set into a PC for charging. Simple, yet a lifesaver when you’re on the go and don’t feel like dragging an iPod dock along. Read More

  • LG Trax Now Officially Available On AT&T

    Pha already gave you a hands on with the Trax, but for the rest of us, the phone is officially out in AT&T stores for you to play around with. Some of the features that make the Trax worthwhile include touch-sensative music controls, media playback for MP3, AAC, and WMA files, HSDPA for fast-as-hell ‘net access, and 1.3-megapixel snapper. Where the Trax really shines though is… Read More

  • CardioChek Cholesterol Self-Test System Review

    I’ve often dreamt of throwing a cholesterol-testing party, but it’s just too expensive and then you have to wait for the results! But not anymore thanks to the CardioChek! The CardioChek Self-Test System, made by Polymer Technology Systems (PTS), lets you effortlessly test your cholesterol levels (total, HDL, calculated LDL and triglycerides) as well as glucose and ketones in… Read More

  • XpressRC From XM Pumps Out The Tunes

    XM is heating up the competition for portable satellite radio players by offering a new player called XpressRC. Delphi will be manufacturing the player itself and the offerings aren’t too shabby at all. You’ll find it has a split screen so you can have your favorites stations to choose from as well as your current song information displayed at the same time. The XpressRC will also… Read More

  • In Da Club: Bill Gates

    In Sarajevo, Bill Gates is the next best thing to diamonds apparently. So it makes perfect sense why Club Bill Gates exists. Looks actually kind of crowded and more like a restaurant than a club. I wonder how the “Blue Spaghetti of Death” is… Flickr Page Read More

  • Inky Gives Pac-Man The Big FU

    Remember when the coolest mod for your bike was sticking a baseball card in the spokes? That totally got the chicks didn’t it? I’m not sure if this will pick up the ladies, but it so damn cool. Everything retro makes me vomit these days, but this is cool and something I’d definitely consider if I had a bike. The streets of NYC are way too crazy for me, but if I ever get over… Read More

  • Hot New Killzone 2 Footage + Bonuses

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=93260 Ever since we saw the early trailer of Killzone 2 for the PS3, we’ve been extremely excited about the game. My theory is that it’ll become the PS3’s much-needed killer app. This video has some of the most exciting gameplay you’ve ever seen. Hands down. I personally think this demo alone shits all over the… Read More

  • Video Conferencing Now Available On The iPhone (Sorta)

    Normally, the iPhone doesn’t look like it could be used for video conferencing at all. The camera is on the back of the device and there’s no available software for it either. Luckily, the minds of Ken and Greg Aspeslagh were brainy enough to figure out some hacks that enable video conferencing on the iPhone. Using a special Huckleberry mirror and the built-in WiFi, the two were… Read More

  • Dude Gets Thumb Surgery For iPhone, Totally Fake

    When I first read about Thomas Martel, I thought he was the biggest moron on the place of the planet and many of you agreed. Maybe he was doing it for the publicity or maybe he really needed to have this thumbs shaved down, who knows. I really wanted to kick this guy’s ass, though. What’s the point? The screens are crapping out and you wouldn’t be able to text on it anyways. Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: Winners So Far

    We’re closing three contests today and we’d like to congratulate the following winners for submitting some charming entries. I picked all winners at random using Random.org number generator. Delphi Nav 300 – Jared W (Remember: Clues show up on Facebook as well!)
    Kodak 5300 All-In-One – Anastasia F
    Samsung L77 – Killian T Read More

  • Mobile Simplifies Marketing in South Africa

    The speed of which a mobile marketing campaign can be created and rolled out has made it the preferred method to reach the target audience in South Africa. Unlike print, radio or even television, which all day time to roll out a campaign, mobile ads are being done in days and loaded onto a mobile marketing platform for distribution. While this is true of any part of the world, it is notable… Read More

  • Exercise Your Brain: The Incredible Machine Goes Mobile

    When I took high school physics, I failed the section on complex vectors. If The Incredible Machine had been around at the time, I’d be working for NASA today instead of sitting around in my underwear in front of a computer. Now you can fine tune your synapses by using your mobile phone, thanks to Vivendi Games Mobile. The mobile version of The Incredible Machine is based on Sierra… Read More

  • Juniper Research: Mobile Social Networking Set to Explode

    User-generated content revenue could rise tenfold by 2012 says a new report from Juniper Research, which predicts that this rise could come mainly from social networking, dating and personal content delivery services. This could meant hat globally, end-user generated revenues from these sites will increase from $572million this year to more than $5.7billion in 2012. And social networking… Read More

  • Chinese Pirates Copy iPhone

    There are a few certain truths in life, and one of them is anything that can be made cheaply and sold for a profit will be pirated in China! We’re hearing that Chinese pirates, who have copied video games, golf clubs and perfume, have now cloned the iPhone. But not only that… they’ve supposedly made it better by including a Linux-based OS on board. This has allowed the… Read More

  • EA Mobile Takes the Field With Madden NFL 08; Introduces New Bejeweled for Mobile

    This week professional football season begins, at least in the video game arena from EA Mobile. In addition to the release of the console and PC versions of the annual gridiron game, Madden NFL 08 will be available on mobile handsets; complete with all 32 real NFL teams with updated rosters and team-specific playbooks. This year’s game will include commentary by Al Michaels and John… Read More

  • School Ban of Mobile Phones Down Under

    There is a new call for a banning of mobile phones at schools in Australia. Not because of fears of cheating or excessive gabbing, but rather because students are using the phones to film their own mini-versions of “Romper Stomper.” In New South Wales government schools filed 25 reports of police regarding incidents involving video-equipped mobile handsets over a six-month… Read More

  • Filipinos Ready for Mobile Ads

    The Filipinos people are ready for ads on their mobile handsets. So says mobile carrier Smart Communications, which found that most Filipino subscribers were open to the idea of receiving mobile advertising messages on their phones. So far local subscribers only accept ads that are linked to a promotion, discount, contest or tips says Smart Communications. Mobile subscribers are interested… Read More

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