• NIMF Game Ratings Summit

    The National Institute on Media and the Family organization has announced the National Video Game Summit. The two-day event will address issues about video game ratings and how inappropriate games are being available to minors. The summit will be moderated by Dr. David Walsh, president of the organization, and Doug Gentile, Iowa State University-Center for the Study of Violence. So what… Read More

  • Nintendo Reconfirms Wii Units

    Nintendo of America released an official statement today saying that they are still planning to have six million units of the Wii console shipped worldwide before March 31, 2007. Nintendo has still yet to say what day the console will be launched on or how much it will be selling for. Despite the unknown launch date, a number of accessories are popping up for preorder on the GameStop… Read More

  • Disney Produces Crappy Cameras for Kids

    Disney, makers of most things mouse, are now launching a line of cameras with interesting capabilities aimed at children. Of the ones being offered currently, the Pix Max is the most powerful, offering 3 megapixels, a 1.5-inch LCD screen and auto-flash. There is also some limited in-camera editing in the form of picture frames. There will also be a camcorder version called the Disney… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Price to Decrease Annually

    It looks like the Xbox 360’s going to come down in price year by year. Microsoft VP of the Xbox Product Group Todd Holmdahl mentioned the price decrease to Reuters. This makes plenty of sense, as the world starts to see how much the PS3 is going to cost, they will be reminded that the 360 is getting cheaper and cheaper. Hell, it’ll be half as cheap as Sony’s machine when it… Read More

  • Amazon Unbox goes live

    Amazon’s movie download site, called Unbox, appears to have gone live today. There’s no link yet on the front page of Amazon, but the direct link at unbox.com works. We covered early previews of the site last month. Shows may be purchased or rented. For purchases, TV episodes are $1.99, most movies are between $8 and $15, some are $20. Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing is $36. Read More

  • iCarta iPod Dock and Toilet Paper Holder Reviewed

    Gizmodo got their hands and, uh, other things, on the iCarta iPod Dock and Toilet Paper holder. After “exercising every function” of this unit, they gave it a good score. Why? Well, because it was pretty easy to install, sounded fairly decent, and did a pretty good job with everything it was supposed to. The only troubles they ran into was with their 3G iPod. Apparently the… Read More

  • DimDim launches FOSS challenge to WebEx

    Open source startup DimDim has released an alpha version of their new browser based web conferencing software. Users download the open source free code and install it on their own servers. The current version supports IE on Windows only for presenters, which is really unfortunate, but attendees can be in conference via Firefox on Mac. No software download is required for attendees. … Read More

  • Ubiquisys Secures $12M Funding

    UbiquiSys, the developer of ZoneGate™, announced today it has secured first round investment totalling $12m from Accel Partners, Advent Venture Partners and Atlas Ventures. So what is ZoneGate and what problem does it fix? Today I have three phone numbers that people can call me on, fixed line at home and/or work (old world), mobile (now world) and VoIP (next world) but really I’d like… Read More

  • Is The Treo In Trouble?

    How can Palm’s Treo, the device that’s getting lots of play in blogs, be in trouble? Well, Palm just warned that first quarter fiscal sales are going to be lower than expected, despite putting out the Sprint 700wx, and the various GSM Treos in Europe. Surprising? Well, not to Om Malik, who found on anecdotal evidence that many of his friends are dropping the Treos in favor of… Read More

  • Why So Many iMacs? What Does it All Mean?

    Oh, hateful Mother Rumor, leave my bedside and leave me be. lLounge is fussing about why Apple released their updated iMacs and Mac Minis before the big even on the 12th. They’re even going so far as to say that this will be a life-changing moment for the world at large and this could usher in a new era of peace and prosperity unheard of in all the centuries of man’s existence… Read More

  • UK Theatergoers Want to Jam Your Phone, Hate Your Freedom

    Apparently 72 percent of British theatergoers would like theaters to block cellphone reception during the show, thereby avoiding the typical in-movie conversation which consists solely of “I’m in a movie. What? A movie. Oh, I don’t know. It’s pretty good. What?” Clearly, this poll isn’t the reality and the moment anyone tried to jam a phone during a… Read More

  • Mysterious Apple Multi-Functional Device

    What is it? It might be a warp field generator! Or a phone! Or a device that gives worms to ex-girlfriends! Is it what Steve will be holding up on September 12? There’s no telling! MacNN dug up an Apple patent, filed September 7, for a multi-functional device that appears to be a cross between a phone, a PDA, and a music player. Let’s call it a Treo, for sake of argument. This… Read More

  • HTC Excalibur Hands On

    . His thoughts? This is the most responsive, fastest Windows Smartphone I have ever used. Everything was made to perfection. The device is metal and rubberized plastic which gives it a great feel in your hands, and the keys… oh my lord, the keys! They are firm but not hard, softly tactcile but not squishy. The touch bar is incredible: highly responsive and ingenious or, Boy Genius if… Read More

  • Creative Zen Vision W Reviewed, Gets Editor's Choice

    , no doubt thanks to all their contacts in the Asian manufacturing community. So why did this player get the editor’s choice? Because the 4.3-inch screen is so large and pretty, it makes the player unable to be held by just one hand. Other good stuff: the GUI, a CompactFlash slot to dump your photos into, WMV/MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/MJPEG/DivX/XviD support, radio and voice recording, TV out… Read More

  • Treemo to build a home for concerned multimedia producers

    The growth of user generated multimedia doesn’t appear set to slow down any time soon and new company launches in this space don’t either. For those interested in combining photos, video, audio and text in one community the newest entry to the space is today’s launch of Seattle, Washington’s Treemo. Revenue sharing, Creative Commons licensing and a hardware… Read More

  • LumaLive Video

    We reported a couple of a weeks ago that Philips would be showcasing LumaLive at IFA 2006. LumaLive is a process that allows manufacturers to seamlessly integrate LEDs into fabrics. A video has surfaced from IFA of people arm-in-arm while clad in LumaLive clothing. While the video is a bit homoerotic, it does offer a nice view of this new technology applied to several different mediums of… Read More

  • HP Enters 30-Inch Arena

    Staging up to compete with Dell and Apple, HP has announced a 30-inch addition to its line of widescreen LCDs. The specs are pretty similar to those already on the 30-inch playing field. It features 1000:1 contrast ratio, 2560 x 1600 resolution, 178 x 178 viewing angles, 92 percent color gamut, 300 nits brightness and has three dual-link DVI-D inputs and two dual-link DVI cables. The HP… Read More

  • SanDisk V-Mate Flash Video Recorder

    The SanDisk V-Mate’s job is simple. Stick in a flash card (SD, MMC, MMCplus, MMCmobile, SDHC, MiniSDHC, MicroSDHC, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick PRO Duo), connect the device to a composite video source, and it will record video onto the card using MPEG4 compression. SanDisk says a 1GB flash card can support up to 3.5 hours of whatever video you throw at it. The… Read More

  • Philips Touchscreen Message Board

    This is a neat idea that probably isn’t too new. Nevertheless, Philips has unveiled a concept product that is essentially a large mirror touchscreen intended to be used as a message board for families and offices. The device displays thumbnail avatars of its various users. One simply clicks the user you want to leave a message for and the board allows you to either write a note with a… Read More

  • Hand Powered Paper, Credit Card and CD Shredder

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/Paper Shredder works well enough on CDs and DVDs to your wife can't find out what you've been doing in your office, but not well enough to hide your trail from the Feds. Powered by a hand crank, the shredder can make strips out of credit cards, papers, and even the sturdiest of media. Comes with a basket, and… Read More