• CBS Acquires WallStrip for $5 million

    Jossip is reporting that corporate focused video blog WallStrip has been acquired by CBS News for $5 million. The report states that an announcement is expected early this week and involves WallStrip host Lindsay Campbell being the next Amanda Congdon for CBS, fronting online shows. I spoke to some one close to the deal who confirmed Jossip’s story. The deal is said to be focused on… Read More

  • Redfin On 60 Minutes Tonight – Real Estate Market Disruption

    Seattle-based Redfin, a real estate company that we started tracking a year ago, will be featured on 60 Minutes tonight at 7 pm Pacific on CBS. The video of the segment is here. This is great mainstream coverage for this startup. 60 Minutes has 13 million TV viewers, most of which knew nothing about Redfin until today. They have an intruiging and aggressive business model, which is summed up… Read More

  • Apple Gains Marketshare (Like, a Lot of It)

    Remember back in the 90s when you’d try to get your pal/parents/teachers/parole officers/congressmen/body piercers to “switch” to the Mac camp, and their reason for not was because of marketshare? Validity of that claim aside, you might want to have them try again. Apple claimed a whopping 10% (ok, 9.9%) of retail laptop sales in March of this year. When you consider how… Read More

  • No Joost Invite Yet? Get One Here

    Like Gmail years ago, today’s mark of being a Silicon Valley “insider” is being part of the Joost beta. Until recently it was nearly impossible to get in because current beta users had very few invites. Recently, however, the company started allowing many more people in as they prepare to launch. We’ve gotten dozens of requests for invitations. To streamline the… Read More

  • AllFreeCalls Back From DeadPool, Free Calls Are Here Again

    When AllFreeCalls shut down in February as a result of litigation, most people thought it was gone for good. The service, which allows people to call overseas for free by exploiting a regulatory loophole, was simply too good to be true. Founder Pat Phelan vowed to bring the service back. And today he says he’s done it, under a new name and using a new back end service provider. The… Read More

  • Yahoo To Finally Upgrade MyBlogLog

    MyBlogLog, the ubiquitous blog widget that shows pictures of recent visitors to a site, was one of the “instant” success stories of 2006 – Yahoo acquired the company before most people even had a chance to hear about it. Like many blogs, we had the MyBlogLog widget on TechCrunch for months. We eventually removed it due to performance issues (it slowed down the site on a couple… Read More

  • Encyclopedia of Life: Better Than Wikipedia?

    Formally announced during the week with funding of $12.5 million, Encyclopedia of Life aims to be an online reference source and database for every one of the 1.8 million species that are named and known on earth. Encyclopedia of Life is a collaborative effort. Tens of thousands of citizen scientists with expertise around the world are responsible for the creation of content. The Encyclopedia… Read More

  • Portrayl and Ficlet: Two Ways to Write that Novel you Always Wanted

    Co-authored writing online has been around for a while and picked up considerably with the introduction of wikis. Notably, Lawrence Lessig used a wiki to help update his book “Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace“. Collaboration is catching on, especially in journalism (iReport, Wired Assignment Zero). Here are two sites that take a lighter look at collaboration, letting you… Read More

  • Halo 3 Previewed, Opinions Mixed

    This past Friday Microsoft and Bungie offered a press preview for the upcoming Halo 3, which will arrive later this year. The upcoming first-person shooter is the latest title in the popular Halo series, and could be the much-needed “killer app” for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console. Previews for the game were staged in New York and San Francisco in advance of the public… Read More

  • Thriving Office for the Non-Thriving Office

    The Internet and Web 2.0 may finally be delivering the promise of telecommuting. Working in pure, golden silence, aside from the occasional twittering bird for me has always been one of my favorite things about working from home. I’ve always hated noisy offices and yet for some, working from home isn’t real work. Presence with others is subliminally viewed as being a form of… Read More

  • Internet Pornography Stats

    Check out this video from Good Magazine that shows a number of stats about the Internet pornography industry, in an “almost” not safe for work format. It is staggering how much actual money flows through porn and how many people are involved in the industry: 89% of porn is created in the U.S. $2.84 billion in revenue was generated from U.S. porn sites in 2006 $89/second is spent… Read More

  • Time For More Live Drive Online Storage Rumors

    Microsoft’s upcoming online storage product, to be called Windows Live Folders (previously known as Live Drive), takes another step towards launch. We’ve been tracking the project for about a year. When the site does launch, look for it at folders.live.com. More details, including screenshots, are at LiveSide, which somehow (briefly) got access to the site. There isn’t much… Read More

  • Social Bookmarking Meets Big Brother: Cluztr

    Ottawa based Cluztr is social bookmarking meets Big Brother. It’s the Del.icio.us Homer Simpson would use. A few years ago clickstreams and attention data was all the rage. In 2005 Michael Arrington covered Attention Trust and a Firefox plugin that tracked every site you visited, the data being stored for private use or opt-in sharing. But not a lot has happened since. The hype never… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Smoking Lounge Edition

    Reverse Paper Shredder Reveals Your Corporate Secrets
    Electronic Cigarettes: All the Nicotine You Can Handle, None of the Cancer
    Petit Jenga: Because Your Day Job Sucks
    iRosary: Worship the Bishop of Rome and Rock Out to Groovy Tunes
    USB Chessboard: Simple = Cool
    Happy Mother’s Day, Ladies Read More

  • YouTube Video Advertising: No Pre-roll, No Context

    Liz Gannes at NewTeeVee profiles YouTube’s move into in-video advertising. We covered the move by YouTube to offer revenue sharing with its top content providers May 4 and I noted at the time that there was no sign then of any pre-roll advertising. There still isn’t. The new in-video Google/ YouTube advertising is immediately comparable to Adbrite’s InVideo service. Text ads… Read More

  • Ratchet-X: XML Based Desktop Integration

    Ratchet-X from Manhasset, NY based RachetSoft is a XML-based desktop integration solution that provides the ability to expand and enhance information access to existing applications by providing cross application support. Anyone who has ever worked in corporate IT support knows the problem. Data across across multiple platforms often lacks interoperability. Fragmented data can result in… Read More

  • iPhone: 20 Questions

    I wrote an article via my 9rules account, on the 9rules site, posing a few opinions and questions about the upcoming Apple iPhone. A few of the questions are, “When your device is ‘dead’ after using the amazing 45 minutes of talk time that is possess, will your iPod still work?” and, “If I don’t pay for a contract, would it still work as an iPod although I… Read More

  • Happy Mother's Day, Ladies

    Here are our two winners for the iPod contest. Perhaps a little of their love will rub off through the screen onto you.
    There’s a great runner-up after the jump. I think mom should have told us all not to wear the shorts with the pale legs. Read More

  • CoCo: Clip Your Way to a Thinner Nose

    Hey, big-nose. Yah, you with the beak. I noticed you in the crowd there. It wasn’t your clothes or your mullet, it was your huge honkin’ honker. That thing’s out of control, man. You should do something about that. No, no. Don’t get all weird about plastic surgery. That costs a fortune. You need a CoCo. Yah, a CoCo. It’s a nose clip made to sculpt your schnoz into… Read More

  • USB Chessboard: Simple = Cool

    I have two seperate chess programs on my Treo (paid for, thanks), but no matter how wicked my knight-moving skillz get in the virtual world, I always get my ass handed to me in a real chess match. I think it’s something to do with the way we percept the physical board relative to the digital. Or maybe I’m making stuff up. This nifty USB chess board might be the answer for me. Read More

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