• 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaways: Verbatim Storage Goodness

    Now that people are getting their winnings, it’s time to drop a few smaller — but not less impressive — items on your heads. How about a 12GB mini hard drive, the USB Store N Go HD from Verbatim? Not good enough for you? How about one of three 2GB Store N Go Flash Drives? Oh, you like that, don’t you, you dirty storage lovers? Read More

  • The Bloom is Off the Muni Wi-Fi Rose

    Sorry, Milwaukee, your municipal Wi-Fi is on hold. It seems that during the mad rush to announce municipal Wi-Fi implementations, people forgot one thing: muni Wi-Fi is really expensive. Companies like AT&T and Earthlink have partnered with a number of cities to blanket denizens in a warm, downy coating of wireless Internet. However, because most cities can’t convince their citizens… Read More

  • New Thinner, Lighter Sharp Aquos LCDs Coming Soon

    The 1080p Sharp Aquos D64U series is about 25% thinner and 20% lighter than previous Aquos models. The new TVs have a subtle, understated look and will be available in 65-, 52-, 46-, and 42-inch screen sizes. Recessed speakers and side terminals will make wall mounting easier. Using Sharp’s Advanced Super View (ASV) technology, the LCDs achieve a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and a 4ms… Read More

  • AAA Launches Cellphone GPS App

    AAA announced today AAA Mobile for GPS-enabled phones. You’ll get turn-by-turn directions, AAA’s diamond ratings for nearby hotels and restaurants, and a geo-location feature that relays your whereabouts to AAA should you need roadside assistance. GPS location is handled by Networks in Motion out of Aliso Viejo, California. The location service seems to be a very useful feature… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Birthday Party Cheesecake

    Just a reminder: our red hot Red Sky party is still on. We’ll be meeting on the 20th at 7pm and we’ll have some great giveaways. If you’ve sent an RSVP to either party@crunchgear.com or on the Facebook group, then you and all your guests are accounted on the list and you’ll be entered in the giveaway drawings. Click through to read the specifics. Read More

  • Facebook Has Best iPhone Enabled Site Yet

    Over on TechCrunch.com (CrunchGear’s mothership), Michael Arrington is calling Facebook “the single best iPhone-customized website to date…” “The site uses javascript to avoid page refreshes, although there is still some lag in moving around the site (this is an iPhone issue). The main navigation tabs – Home, Profile, Friends and Inbox – are at the top… Read More

  • Logic3 Unleashes 1st iPhone Dock, iSuck i-Station Traveler

    Logic3 has the honor of being the first to market with an iPhone speaker dock. A round of applause is certainly in order, folks. What deserves a few hisses and boos is the name they’ve picked, i-Station Traveler for iPhone. The dock you see before you allows the iPhone to dock vertically or horizontally and slides shut when not in use. You won’t be throwing any house parties with… Read More

  • What Are Google's Browser Plans?

    Stephan Spencer at CNET writes a speculative post on Google’s browsers plans. Google hasn’t said much on the subject in over a year, when CEO Eric Schmidt sidestepped the question by answering “We would only do so…if we thought there was a real user benefit.” People often point to the cozy relationship between Google and Firefox when talking about… Read More

  • Nike Amp+ Watch Does The Dirty With The FCC

    Following the success of the Nike+iPod Sport Kit that’s taken the running world by storm is the Amp+ watch that commandeers your iPod nano while you’re jogging off that flab. It even has a fancy scrolling LED giving you updates on your workout. We’re still unsure of the official release, but you can check out the manual and test results in the mean time. Now get up and… Read More

  • Dragon's Lair for HD DVD Now Available

    Dragon’s Lair was a frustrating game that was far ahead of its time. Now you can play it on a frustrating disk format that is far ahead of its time. That’s right: everyone’s favorite laserdisc game is coming out on HD DVD and will let you send drink spiraling into the ether or get him smashed by rolling balls all from the comfort of your couch. The game is completely… Read More

  • NetVibes for iPhone

    I like Netvibes. It’s a great idea and generally a little more user friendly than Google Homepage and they even made us a cool universe that offers a glimpse into the twisted mind of a certain CG editor. It’s like reading my diary! Read More

  • HarperCollins Offering iPhone Books

    News Corp. continues its quest to dominate the mainstream media. One of the publishers it owns, HarperCollins, is now planning to offer selections from 14 books available for iPhone viewing. The move comes as HarperCollins tries to dive into the digital world and hype surrounding Apple’s successful phone. You’ll be able to use your iPhone, come August and September, to view… Read More

  • Complete NeXT Computer Set Shows Up On eBay

    Hardcore Apple fans will surely remember NeXT, Steve Jobs’ horrible 1980s venture. Not many of the systems still exist, let alone a complete system. This auction on eBay includes everything from the crazy cube computer, to the branded power cables, to every accessory and piece of software available for NeXTStep. Yeah, it’s about as complete as you can get. It can even connect to… Read More

  • Free Wireless Roaming Around the World

    One of the stresses when I go on a business trip, especially overseas, is that I will be out of touch. I like being able to call the office and checking in with my family. Vacations are no different, and in a recent trip to Europe earlier this summer we bought cheap mobile phones just because we’re the kind of people who need that mobile handset tucked away in our pockets. But we also… Read More

  • Call Of Duty 4 Runs At 60FPS On PS3

    Never mess with a game’s devteam. The dorks on the Call of Duty 4 message boards kept blabbing nonsensically about how the game would run at 30FPS with no anti-aliasing and would suck, etc. Now a developer is fighting back and says: “Same level of AA between 360/PS3, both @ 60fps. Hate on the PS3 all you want guys, but we’ve done did it up right for the Sony lovers. Nothing… Read More

  • iPhone Couture

    If the glow of your iPhone is starting to wear off, it’s time to accessorize. “Project Runway” season two winner Chloe Dao teamed up with Pacific Design to create designer cases for the iPhone, a few Motorola handsets like the RAZR, and some generic bags. The designs are basic, but the fabrics are bold and eye-catching. The line also includes iPod cases, laptop bags, and… Read More

  • Time Warner Cable To Expand VOD Service

    Since we got Time Warner Cable in our new apartment, I haven’t been the hugest fan of the service. I do enjoy the quick video-on-demand features that let me watch “Flight of the Conchords” anytime I want however and it looks like TWC will be improving the on-demand service. A new feature called “Start Over” could be available by years end and will allow the user… Read More

  • DirecTV To Offer Internet Over Power Lines

    Not a lot of info here, but the WSJ is reporting that DirecTV will FINALLY start offering broadband Internet access via power line distribution. The service is possible through a deal with Current Group, who provides broadband communications over power lines. How much would you pay for broadband ‘net from DirecTV? With $20 satellite TV available, this could make up part of a wicked… Read More

  • Energizer Gets With The Program, Releases iPod Charger

    Having to buy batteries stinks, but at least Energizer is starting to cater to gadget-lovers. After a positive response with its cellphone chargers, Energizer has released the Energi To Go Portable Power For iPod. The device runs off of two Energizer e2 Lithium AA batteries, which provides up to 32 additional hours of music. Energizer will sell tons of these to people with dead iPods… Read More

  • Helio Officializes the Fin, Thinnest Flip in North America

    We’ve been hearing rumors, and today we find they’re true: Helio‘s got a new phone, it’s called the Fin. Which rhymes with thin, as in what the phone is. Read More

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