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    The Unreasonable Stance: One Craptop Per Child is not ready for Vista

    All day we’re inundated with news about this One Laptop Per Child project. I write up story after story about how these do-gooders are spreading technology to the third world, how interconnectivity and self-organizing networks will change the way these people communicate and allow otherwise deprived children to grow up capable of interacting with computers and thriving in a modern… Read More

  • More LinkedIn/News Corp reports coming in

    The plot thickens. Last week I took the decision to go with a very strong lead that News Corporation was in talks with LinkedIn about possibly buying the professional networking site. At the time my sources said the idea was based around the concept that advertising to high-level executives is becoming much harder via print, and LinkedIn could make up revenues for News Corp in that area. Read More

  • Wine 2.0 Site, Snooth, Raises $1 Million Angel Round

    A New York City-based startup called Snooth just raised $1 million in angel financing, on top of an earlier $300,000 round. Snooth is a social wine recommendation site that lets you search for more than 300,000 different types of wine. It has 1.9 million reviews, both professional and drinker-generated. Hic. You can see what wines your friends have reviewed, or send recommendations directly… Read More

  • Who they are online is not the real them, part 446

    We’re following the story of a 48-year old man who was posing online as an 18-year old Marine recruit, and was romancing an 18-year old girl who was really a middle aged woman in real life, and the man was jealous of her online relationship with a 22-year old co-worker who was really 22, so he shot him dead at close range in his pickup in a factory parking lot. The Aristocrats! Man… Read More

  • Video: Johnny Rotten hates Guitar Hero, everything about you

    Johnny Rotten hates Guitar Hero 3 because it teaches you how “not to be a rock star.” But Hickey, who certainly knows more about music than I do, tells me Rotten hates everything, so this is just par for the course for him. Rotten, however, has no problem taking Activision’s money for appearing at this launch event, where he pontificates on all sorts of things, from why he… Read More

  • Zune's new ad = WTF, mate?

    It’s not a secret that I like the Zune by Microsoft, a software company out of Redmond, WA. It could have been an also-ran, but the team at Bear Creek has done a good job of making a device that builds well on the success of others, something we call “innovation”. But I don’t understand this new ad. It’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but how do cartoon cobras… Read More

  • Verizon's "Open" Network Will Really Be Two-Tiered

    Verizon’s newfound openness when it comes to its wireless network is not all that open after all. As I reported yesterday, Verizon Wireless announced that it would allow “any device” and “any app” to operate on its existing network. But that is not exactly so. By “any device” Verizon means you can bring any CDMA device to its network. Verizon has a… Read More

  • Another questionable class-action against Microsoft

    So hot on the heels of the Washingtonians alleging Microsoft misled consumers with its “Vista-Capable” stickers, a San Diego resident has started another lawsuit against the software giant. He says that Halo 3 “consistently causes the Xbox 360 to crash, freeze, or lock up while the game is being played.” Considering the problems with the 360 and the numbers that have… Read More

  • Sony's Flash HD Vaio: hot, but not a cheap date

    Flash-based storage is the future, but we haven’t arrived in the future just yet. Sony’s high-end flash Vaio is a good example of this. At 2lbs, 10oz, it feels about as heavy as a piece of beef jerky, and with a Centrino Duo processor and flash HD, it’s a vision of next-gen technology. And with a reported battery life of more than 5 hours on power save mode, it’s… Read More

  • Dateline, Korea: Your mobile phone might explode and kill you dead

    Not that I want to cause a panic, or even heaven forbid a tizzy, but there’s incidental evidence that the cellphone in your shirt pocket can explode and kill you. No, it will explode and kill you. It’s a matter of time. It’s a ticking time bomb, waiting to glow a hole in your chest, as it did to an unfortunate South Korean named Seo. His phone was in his pocket, and the… Read More

  • OLPC being sued for copying Nigerian keyboard

    Whuh oh. There’s something called the Konyin keyboard that basically has a second shift key function which allows its typist to use the different letters and symbols of Latin-based alphabets from around the world. The company that developed the Konyin keyboard, Lagos Analysis of Nigeria, is now claiming that Nicholas Negroponte and the OLPC project bought a pair of the keyboards… Read More

  • Video: Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin pitch Verizon Wireless with wry approach

    I always thought Mike Myers was the ultimate in product placement, but Tina Fey has thrown down the gauntlet. Myers made fun of advertisers wanting characters in film and TV to use their products in Wayne’s World famously, and the Austin Powers series is riddled with similar products. Above is a video clip from the latest episode of the wonderful 30 Rock, where Verizon Wireless is the… Read More

  • The real problem with Kindle

    Peter just gave me the CG Kindle to play with and I love it. To get books, instantly, on a very readable screen is amazing. I bought two books I wanted to read but didn’t really want to own hard copies of — when you have limited shelf space, you limit your book purchases — and I’m enjoying the device immensely. However, I’ve discovered the design decision behind… Read More

  • Verizon's VX6800: A meta-write-up

    Another day, another hot Windows Mobile-based smartphone made by HTC. This is the sentence where we talk about the QWERTY keyboard. This is where we mention the touchscreen. This is where we talk about the 2-Megapixel camera, the Wi-Fi, and the EV-DO data connection. Now it’s a new paragraph, where we talk about how though the hardware’s neat, we bemoan using Widnows Mobile 6… Read More

  • TiVo and Nero sitting in a tree, about to bring TiVo to your PC

    Let’s face it. Much of TiVo’s charisma is due to its excellent software interface. The boxes are nice, yes, but the real power is in the UI. Well TiVo and Nero have just struck a deal wherein "Nero will develop a software solution that will bring TiVo features to the personal computer." Hot damn. No word on timeframe or how much it’ll cost but this is good news… Read More

  • Zonbu Notebook: Linux power for a wee $279 + $14.95 a month

    Zonbu and Everex have teamed up to offer the Zonbu Notebook, a green laptop with a low-power CPU and a Linux OS. The laptop starts at $279, but that requires a $14.95 monthly service charge for using Zonbu’s web storage and service plan. The “free” edition costs $479. We talked about the original Zonbu PC a few months ago and were impressed, if a little skeptical about… Read More

  • Clean Tech Venture Deals Rising

    It is not just Google that is investing in clean tech these days. Green energy startups are cleaning up on Sand Hill Road as well. The National Venture Capital Association and Thomson Financial put out some figures today on the amount of U.S. venture capital going into clean tech startups—some of the startups are overseas, but the money came from U.S. firms. (You can download the… Read More

  • The random endorsement: umbrellas

    After throwing Peter under the bus last week with my random endorsement defending e-books, I felt it was necessary to return the random endorsement to its roots. That is, giving me an opportunity to take everyday objects and laud their capabilities, often hating on other present-day “tech” in the process. Today I endorse umbrellas, albeit somewhat reservedly. I’m mainly… Read More

  • ASUS responds to Eee source code violations

    Earlier this week, we told you about some source code that was missing from ASUS’ Eee PC software. DigiTimes relayed a statement from ASUS today in response to the allegations. "Asustek stated that it has always respected the spirit of the GPL and the failure to make the source code available was due to an omission by one of the company’s software technicians. The company… Read More

  • Blockbuster Mobile coming soon to a handset near you?

    Blockbuster CEO James Keyes has fallen in love with being able to watch movies on his BlackBerry. So much so, in fact, that his company is now in talks with handset makers like Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung about ways to get Blockbuster movies onto cell phones everywhere. Keyes has been watching movies downloaded from Movielink (which Blockbuster acquired not too long ago) that are then… Read More

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