• The AudioFile: Suspicious iPhone Activities

    I was riding my bike the other day, when I got a call from Apple. I pulled over to the curb, and by the time the light on the corner changed, an iPhone was on its way to my apartment. I hadn’t even requested one, yet 36 hours later, it arrived. Sure enough, within an hour I was compulsively checking email and surfing the Web on it, like a kid picking at a mosquito bite. I did pretty… Read More

  • RustyBudget: Multi-Author Blog Management

    RustyBudget is a new web based application that provides a people and story management tool for multi-author blogs. RustyBudget is essentially “a writers or editors budget”, where a blog owner and blog writers can manage story leads, including author allocation, story notes and overall task management. RustyBudget comes from RustyBrick, a company headed by Barry Schwartz. As well… Read More

  • Wiicoil: Longarm Zapper Surfaces

    We like the return of Nintendo’s Zapper and what it means for real FPS games. But sometimes you want something bigger to frag with. Enter the Rifle Gun Prop, which, like the official Zapper, turns your Wiimote and Chuck into an instrument of digital death. This would be great for a port of Big Buck Hunter, any Area 51 game, or Schoolastic’s Attack of the Jacko’s. DealExtreme… Read More

  • The DVRs are Coming

    If you’re the kind of person who’s reading a blog like this one, chances are pretty decent you’ve gotten yourself a handy DVR. You know, like a TiVo or the new digital boxes Comcast hands out. And you’re not alone: according to the Carmel group, in just 3 years 50% of those with cable TV will also have a DVR, and that number is expected to rise in the future. Of course… Read More

  • LG Announces The LBX HDTV LCD Series

    Also unveiled at Christie’s last night was the LBX HDTV LCD series from LG. The LBX line is a stylish blend of technology and design. The glossy black finish only adds to the 1080p resolution that will leave your eyes burning from clear and crisp picture quality thanks to the 120Hz LCD panel with TruMotion technology. The entire line also features a Super IPS panel, XD Engine and… Read More

  • SmartShopper Needs $147 Price Drop to be Competitive

    Who has time to write things down on a pad of paper anymore?! When I need to add something to my grocery list I prefer to walk downstairs to the kitchen, rummage around in the junk drawer for my SmartShopper device, make sure it has fresh batteries, turn it on, press the record button, say “Apples,” say “Apples” again because it thought I said “Mantles,”… Read More

  • GPS-enabled Rings for Tech Saavy Tourists

    If you want to look like you know where you’re going, but you don’t want to deal with jocks making fun of your GPS-enabled street-walking device, you’ll soon be able to let a pair of ladylike purple rings be your guide. Let’s see jocks try to make fun of ladylike purple rings, ha! Read More

  • Hands On With The LG Trax

    Photos courtesy of Nicholas Deleon LG officially introduced its latest 3G music phone last night at Christie’s and it sure is a beauty. The Trax will keep you bumpin’ and groovin’ via a Bluetooth headset as you’re jet setting around town. You can also send pictures or share video clips via MMS. Specs weren’t released but there is a camera and microSD slot. Look… Read More

  • Own A Piece Of Reddit, Help Cure Cancer

    Reddit co-founders, Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, sold their company to Conde Nast at the end of last year. Now they’re planning giving their laptops a liquidity event. They’re placing the two Apple G4 Powerbooks (12″ and 15″) used to start Reddit on this eBay auction. 100% of the proceeds are going to the American Brain Tumor Association. The laptops come adorned… Read More

  • EA Mobile Announces The Simpsons: Minutes To Meltdown Game

    With the world premiere of The Simpsons Movie less than a week away, EA Mobile has announced The Simpsons: Minutes To Meltdown game for your mobile phone. Tag along with Homer as he races through Springfield to shut down the nuclear reactor before it obliterates the town. Along the way you’ll get to interact with fellow Springfieldians like Apu, Chief Wiggum and others. It’s… Read More

  • iPhoneDrive Updated, iPhone Now More Drive-y

    Ecamm Network has updated its iPhoneDrive software (which allows you to drag and drop files between your phone and your computer) to include support for moving files around on your iPhone as though it were truly a portable drive. You’ll also be able to drag multiple files off of your phone and an iTunes bug has been fixed as well. The software goes for $9.95 until Apple decides to… Read More

  • LG Adds 50-inch 1080p Plasma To Opus Line

    Debuting last night in NYC at famed auction house Christie’s, was the 50-inch Opus 1080p plasma TV. The 50-inch, 50PY3D, plasma is chock-full of helpful features like Simple Link connectivity that lets you control other Simple Link devices from one remote. The fun doesn’t end there because the Opus line includes three HDMI inputs, a USB media hub, integrated ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuners… Read More

  • YouTube's New Customizable Video Player

    Our digitally doting papa, TechCrunch has a writeup on YouTube’s new customizable video player. This is great news for sites that rely heavily on YouTube videos and wish to gather everything in one place. Previously, you would have needed to write your own code or rely on outside providers like Splashcast to get the job done. YouTube’s new feature allows you to select a color… Read More

  • Kanguru's Power-saving Portable Hard Drives

    Kanguru, best known for its line of portable storage devices, has developed a power-saving hard drive capable of operating at only 10 percent of normal energy consumption while not in use. If you’re in the market for an external drive to fill with files that you only need to access every now and again, this might be an enticing option. With its three built in Power Saving modes, the… Read More

  • Sand iPhone

    You’re at the shore with your family, the weather’s nice, there are girls running around in bikinis, and some douche is playing Hoobastank on their crappy-ass boombox. Sounds like a perfect day at the beach. How could you make it any more perfecter? You could make a sand iPhone, duh. Dork. flickr set [via Boing Boing] Read More

  • Arriva Creates Noggin-Mounted iPod Shuffle

    Colorado-based Arriva throws its hat in the “wireless” headphone ring with something that looks vaguely like an iPod Shuffle attached to a pipe cleaner attached to ear buds. Yes, dealing with headphone cords while on a treadmill can be a hassle. That’s a given. However, reaching behind your head and fumbling around for the next track button seems like it would look a bit odd… Read More

  • LG Debuts LN790 Portable Navigation System

    The LG LN790 is the latest addition to the growing line of portable navigation systems from the SK CE giant. It features a 4.3-inch widescreen, touch LCD. The LN790 comes locked and loaded with maps of North America and Puerto Rico as well as millions of POI. To ensure driver safety the LG nav system comes with turn-by-turn voice guidance with street-name announcements and it also includes… Read More

  • SanDisk Contour: Form Meets Function?

    Not quite. While the SanDisk Contour is without a doubt the sexiest looking flash drive that I’ve ever seen, the device is suffering from one major disparaging oversight. Read More

  • CTIA Responds to Google

    Today the CTIA – The Wireless Association responded to Google’s letter to the Federal Communication Commission. President and CEO Steve Largent issued this statement: “The veil has been lifted. Google’s letter to the FCC this morning highlights the Internet giant’s scheme to have the 700 MHz auction rigged with special conditions in its favor. If Google is willing… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA IPO Is Up

    Things are looking up for Virgin Mobile’s U.S. business, which is a joint venture of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group Ltd. and Sprint Nextel. Virgin Mobile USA Inc. has raised its IPO offering to $506 million five times the original target. Part of the appeal is that the youth market has really embraced this MVNO brand, which was formed in 2002, and has successfully targeted… Read More

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