• Commenting Issues

    If you’re posting comments and they’re not showing up, do not panic. They might have hit the moderation queue were one of the crack editors will free it into the wild shortly. This is to avoid “hot sexy russians ladies” from appearing on the sidebar over on the right. Read More

  • V for Vista, Baby: David Pogue is a Cheeky Monkey

    David Pogue is going to get a nasty letter from Microsoft PR on Monday! He’s a bad, bad man for suggesting that Vista and OS X have glaring similarities. I’d embed the video here, but the New York Times is very Web 0.5, so go ahead and visit David’s little travelogue of the specific points where Vista and OS X diverge. Good stuff. Video Read More

  • $920 Pink Zune On eBay

    David Ciccone found a fancy pink Zune on eBay. Fair enough — some underfed member of the Zune design team needs a little extra money so he/she decided to sell their Microsoft Billmas present. But get this: it’s now selling for $920 on the ‘Bay. Clearly the invisible hand of the market is at work here. Brown, black and white are so passe at this point that only pink will do. Read More

  • PayPerPost Does Something Right

    PayPerPost, a marketplace for advertisers to pay bloggers to write about their products, will make a significant policy change on Monday: Bloggers will now be required to disclose that they are being paid for their posts. This looks to be at least partially due to recent moves by the FTC to force word-of-mouth advertisers to disclose any financial incentives to promote products… Read More

  • USB, Optical Snow Globe Mouse

    The only creature stirring on your desk this Xmas should be a mouse, a snowglobe mouse, really (haha!). It’s your standard optical USB mouse with scrollwheel, with the exception of the damned snow scene in the palm rise, which is made of transparent plastic. Shake it up, and artificial snow falls slowly to the ground through the Astroglide-like substance inside. There it rests at the feet… Read More

  • Stanton Gets Active With ATM.6

    The Stanton ATM.6 Active Monitor is developed specifically for DJs with home studios, so if you’ve got a high-end professional setup, look elsewhere for monitors. For everyone else, the ATM.6 monitors are great home studio additions. The big difference between the ATM.6 monitors and most other monitors is that they’re active, which means the little amplifiers inside the monitors… Read More

  • CrunchGear Reader Response: Festivus Week

    Greetings all, I’d like to take a moment from your otherwise ordinary Saturday to inform you about some exciting happenings at CrunchGear. For the past several weeks, CrunchGear has run a Reader Response contest series in order to show appreciation to our readers. We’ve given away a lot of great prizes, like a Samsung Blackjack, 100 copies of M2 Convert and more. But that was just… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Tile Edition

    Wii Color Could Be Coming Soon for $200
    MonsterPod: Stick it Anywhere
    A Tasty Game of Carcassonne
    Ultra Brings SDHC Cards Fast, Large And Cheap
    Reader Response: Festivus Week Read More

  • Like YouTube, FaceBook Isn't For Sale

    Facebook, having turned down at least one verified $1 billion buyout offer, is now saying they aren’t for sale. CEO Mark Zuckerberg and board member Peter Thiel aren’t stopping there, either. They’re also saying the company may build towards an IPO, and is worth at least $8 billion today. Mark Zuckerberg: We are not necessarily focused on what the exit is going to be… Read More

  • Preparing For Apollo

    2007 will bring the launch of the much anticipated Adobe Apollo platform, a cross platform run time that will allow developers to take rich internet applications, whether they be built on Flash, HTML, JavaScript and/or Ajax, and turn them into desktop applications. Apollo will be useful for running desktop versions of critical web applications like email and calendaring, where offline access… Read More

  • Listen to Live Concerts on Lala

    Lala.com, the $1 CD swap service, has added another feature to their music community site, live and recorded concert casts. The concert casts can only be listened through an embedded player on Lala. Each cast is made by specific partnerships with bands and the venues they play. The first such concert was Aimee Mann’s Holiday Show on December 13th at Bimbo’s 365 Club in San… Read More

  • Reader Response: Festivus Week

    As I mentioned previously, Reader Response for the coming week is going to be big. Rather than awarding one grand prize on Friday, we’ll be awarding prizes every day next week. And boy are they good prizes. Since Festivus is next week, we’ve decided to pull out all the stops and give away some of our best prizes ever. So good in fact, that you’re going to have to take the… Read More

  • Zune's DRM, WiFi Opened By Swedish Teen?

    While we firmly believe that Zune hacking should first and foremost be confined to making the device work on all operating systems (OS X, Linux, Windows), we still like to see any kind of progress being made in this arena. Nutzipper, some sort of clever hacker from Sweden, has claimed to have successfully hacked not only the DRM scheme of the Zune, but also its WiFi-based music sharing aspects. Read More

  • The Skype's the Limit

    is cheaper than standard analog long distance, we know this, but it’s still a watch-the-minutes-tick sort of deal for many. In the interest of the holiday season, Skype has announced its first discount unlimited calling plan, and its cheap. For just $15 a year (you read that correctly), you can make all the Skype calls you want. No limits, no evening minutes, just talk time. You have to… Read More

  • Sexy Mvix Media Center Unboxxxing

    Your TV isn’t ready for the Mvix MX-760HD multimedia player, but the guys at skippy.net think theirs is. Not only did they write about how slick this device is (by slick we mean it puts out 1080p, like any of our TVs can handle it), but they also took some great unboxing pics and put them in a flickr album. Like regular porn, gear porn is hottest when it’s made by amateurs. If… Read More

  • Find Your Wii

    . I wrote a little shell script that would do this for me automatically at certain intervals, but this seems considerably better. For example: Gamestop: Nintendo Wii Most Wanted Bundle is sold out at 2006-12-15 13:05:17
    EB Games: Nintendo Wii Most Wanted Bundle is sold out at 2006-12-15 13:05:15
    Gamestop: Nintendo Wii Most Wanted Bundle is in stock at 2006-12-15 13:03:43
    EB Games: Nintendo… Read More

  • A Tasty Game of Carcassonne

    I love Carcassonne. It’s a great board game, kind of like Civilization, that lets you build little cities, farm them, and simulate a medieval zoning board. Don’t get the Princess and the Dragon expansion pack, BTW, but everything else is cool. That said, cthulhia created an edible Carcassonne game for her own personal edification. The resulting boardgame was eaten almost… Read More

  • Wii Color Could Be Coming Soon for $200

    When it rains it pours, Wii news that is. This one comes to you in the flavor of a price reduction. Now at $250 the Nintendo Wii is already the cheapest girl on the block, but there is talk that come spring, she’ll be sold for $50 less. What’s While there isn’t a specific date for the $200 colored Wii, it is supposed to happen sometime between now and spring 2007. If… Read More

  • MonsterPod: Stick it Anywhere

    Just in time for the holidays: the perfect gift for all those monsters on your list! Tired of hearing them say they can’t find a tripod small enough, strong enough and with an easy/fast setup to capture those pics they’ll regret not having? Me too, this should shut my brother up once and for all. With its futuristic Viscoelastic Morphing Polymer base you simply screw on any camera… Read More

  • Zune to Record from Radio?

    There is currently a bit of fuss brewing at the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies (like the RIAA, but not) about the Zune’s ability to record from FM. It claims that recordings should be taxed because the Zune is capable of sharing music amongst other Zunes, so consumers could be distributing music that they’re not allowed to exchange. If this sounds off to you… Read More

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