• New Pantech C150 Mobile Phone Available Today

    Starting today, AT&T customers will be able to purchase the Pantech C150 camera phone. For what it’s worth, the C150 was a recipient of “a 2006 iF design award for international excellence in brand design.” Apparently, this is quite an award as it’s been going on for over 50 years and entries come in from all over the world and number in the thousands. I guess… Read More

  • AdPinion: Vote for the Ads You Want

    Adpinion is a new startup trying to get rid of the antagonism between advertisers and web surfers by letting you vote for the ads you want. How you vote determines what ads you and other visitors see when visiting an Adpinion network site. The most basic types of online advertising (banner ads) are widely disliked; an example of this is the increasing interest in ad blockers (40 on Firefox alone). Read More

  • Thorough Investigation Alert: Video Game Prices Are Increasing

    There’s no way in hell I’m paying $200 for a video game. It ain’t happening. At the same time, let’s not ignore the fact that video game prices do seem to be increasing. Makes sense to me: we paid $40 for PSone games and $50 for PS2 games. Basically, Next Gen conducted a Newsweek-like investigation into the topic of increasing video game prices. The online magazine… Read More

  • BGR Hates On Sony Ericsson P1 And So Should You

    The Boy Genius has his hands on the SE P1 and he’s very disappointed. The P1 may have a 3.2-megapixel camera, UIQ, RSS reader, 3D games, e-mail and its quasi-QWERTY keyboard, but it sucks, according to BGR. His biggest gripe is the keyboard and its “poor implementation.” Without actually having touched one myself, I’m inclined to agree with the Boy Genius. Read More

  • Entropia Universe Licenses CryENGINE

    Second Life competitor Entropia Universe has signed an agreement to use the game engine CryENGINE 2. According to Entropia Universe, the CryENGINE 2 platform will deliver the “closest-to-reality looking massively multiplayer online game ever seen.” The move towards realistic 3D rendering in virtual worlds continues to gain pace. Second Life acquired Windward Mark Technology in… Read More

  • AT&T Announces Backup Software, Laughs Maniacally

    AT&T is getting set to launch a piece of software called Mobile Backup, which will provide its customers the ability to back up their phone’s contact information in the case that they wish to switch to a new or different phone. Not a different phone on a different network, mind you. That would be too useful to all the cellphone users the world over. The service will cost $1.99 per… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Prices To Drop $50 On August 8th?

    War. Good for absolutely everything if you’re a consumer and you’re referring to a price war. I am referring to a price war. Microsoft is rumored to be dropping Xbox 360 prices beginning August 8th, not long after Sony’s $100 PS3 price drop. It’s unknown whether the price cuts will affect all three Xbox 360 versions, although a slew of new games including Madden NFL… Read More

  • Denon's New WiFi Dock for iPods 'n More

    Amid a slew of new releases yesterday at the Hyatt in Jersey City, Denon introduced a WiFi iPod dock, the ASD-3W. It looks like a hockey puck with a dock and an antenna, but it’s much more: It actually lets you network most AV components like receivers, TVs, and some speakers, whether they’re from Denon or not. It lets you stream music, photos, and that precious but… Read More

  • Sony DVP-FX860DT Portable DVD Player

    Sony’s got a new portable DVD player, right, called the DVP-FX860DT. Well, it’s not called the DVP-FX860DT, but that’s the model number. She’s a standard one, she is, with a 800×480 resolution, 8-inch display, MP3 support and a TV tuner for good measure. I’m gonna go ahead and say $500 is too much for a portable DVD player. Wales? Anyone know what team… Read More

  • Samsung's Upcoming 3rd Generation HD Lineup

    Samsung has announced three new 3rd generation hi-def players (two of which we reported on earlier), including one that plays both Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs known as the BD-UP5000 Duo HD. All three will support up to 1080p and 24Fs/60Fs modes, Dolby Digital Plus audio, and will include HDMI inputs and outputs along with a bevy of other connections. We can also look forward to a new home… Read More

  • ConnectU Given Two Weeks To Finalize Facebook Complaint

    A Massachusetts District Court Judge has given ConnectU two weeks to revise their complaint against Facebook, according to a CNet News report. ConnectU is due to give a conference call at 3pm PST. We’ll be back with more as we get it. Conference call Live notes 3pm ConnectU Counsel states that they can’t talk about the litigation in the intro aside from what is in the public domain. Read More

  • New Forum Site To Gossip About Work

    I’m just going to touch on Wurkpal briefly. It’s a very simple forum site that is designed specifically for people to gossip/complain/etc. about their work environment anonymously. The site takes a guess as to where you are logging in from based on a reverse hostname lookup and tries to direct you to the correct company forum. You can also view the directory and go from there. The… Read More

  • Samsung Announces World's First LCD With DisplayPort

    Samsung has announced another world’s first with a 30-inch LCD panel using a single DisplayPort, which will replace DVI, LVDS and VGA in upcoming Samsung LCDs. The next-gen interface outputs all your pretty pictures at 10.8Gbps, which allows for a 2560×1600 resolution or 1.07 billion colors without any visible lag. The DisplayPort panel utilizes a four-lane, 2.7Gbps/lane interface… Read More

  • NASPerform Network Storage: Up To 750GB

    The one thing I lack in my sleek setup here is a network attached storage device. Other World Computing comes out with one today, the NASPerform, that works with any network (it has to be physically connected to a router, though) and with any make and model of computer. It’s a NAS (but you can also just plug it into a USB 2.0 port to use as a regular external hard drive), so… Read More

  • The Format War Is Over: 9 Out of 10 Thieves Prefer Blu-Ray

    Thieves broke into Silver Platters, a Seattle video store, and made off with their entire Blu-ray selection. That’s right. They ignored the HD-DVD stuff completely. That’s basically the entire story (“Theives prefer Blu-ray.”), but I wonder why this is? Maybe because the PS3 is a subsidized Blu-ray player? I mean if you’re ganking DVDs you’re probably also… Read More

  • Wells Fargo Browser Based Mobile Banking

    This week Wells Fargo & Company launched Wells Fargo Mobile, a browser based mobile banking solution, which is available to all of its customers nationwide. This new service allows customers to access their Well Fargo account through a mobile-enabled Web browser. “With Wells Fargo Mobile service, customers can act immediately no matter where they are, whether they want to make sure… Read More

  • Microsoft Now Selling Digg's Ads

    Kevin Rose writes a somewhat cryptic blog post announcing that Digg has done an ad deal with Microsoft. He says it’s a deal similar to the one Facebook signed with Microsoft last year. That probably means that, as with Facebook, Digg is getting a guarantee, and Microsoft will be losing money on the deal. The status of Digg’s relationship with Federated Media is somewhat up in the… Read More

  • Motorola Teaming with Microvision For Mobile Phone Projectors

    Earlier this year Toshiba came out with a so-called “palm-sized” video projector, but soon we might be seeing projectors built-in mobile handsets. Imagine the idea of using the phone to watch mobile TV and projecting the image on a white wall. What was mere science fiction could be fact as Motorola has teamed up with Microvision to bring laser-projector technology to mobile… Read More

  • CrunchGear Meet-up: Warsaw

    Warsaw Readers: We’ll be having the Poland meet-up tomorrow, Thursday, July 26 at 19:00 in Pub Lolek in Pole Mokotowskie. A lot of you have already emailed/commented and I hope we can organize this around one big table and just talk. I know Lolek is often crowded, so let’s try to meet in the outside area (wasn’t there a playground there?). Click through to see what I look like. Read More

  • Facebook In Court With ConnectU; Press Conference at 3 PM PST

    The Facebook/ConnectU litigation is moving ahead steadily – lawyers for both sides are in court today arguing over a preliminary motion to dismiss portions of the case. ConnectU has scheduled a press conference immediately following today’s hearing, roughly scheduled for 3 PM PST. We also expect some sort of statement from Facebook shortly. Stay tuned. Read More

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