• Going towards the light: Researchers look into replacing wire chip interfaces with optical

    The interface between the CPU and the motherboard is a good place for electricity and heat leakage, and it’s also a computation bottleneck. In the interest of faster, better supercomputers (probably to better calculate oil revenues), the Pentagon has granted Sun Microsystems a $44 million contract to investigate an alternative to the physical connections which seem to be holding out… Read More

  • Facebook To Launch Preferred Application Program

    The Facebook Platform, launched in May 2007, has been an unqualified success. Nearly 20,000 applications have been released by third party developers, and it spurred Google to quickly launch a competing platform of its own. At least two venture funds have been created that focus solely on Facebook applications. Etc. But the flood of applications caused problems right from the start. Facebook… Read More

  • Skydeck Helps You Manage The Social Network Locked In Your Phone (500 Invites For Private Beta)

    “Your most important social network is the one in your phone,” says Skydeck CEO Jason Devitt. With Skydeck, he hopes to do the impossible: turn your cell phone bill into something useful. You give Skydeck the login for your mobile phone account. It scrapes the page and matches the calls with your address book, turning each phone number into a name so that you can sort your phone… Read More

  • Finally, FriendFeed Answers The Twitter Conundrum

    One of my largest issues with FriendFeed has been the duplication between commenting on Tweets (Twitter posts) which make up nearly half of all entries on FriendFeed, when Twitter itself is a two way communications tool. The folks at FriendFeed seem to have been listening. Available now is the ability to respond to Tweets via FriendFeed on both Friendfeed itself and have those responses… Read More

  • LG links up six monitors via USB

    Can I get a show of hands (comments) amongst our readers who use multiple monitors? I usually have one extra monitor hooked up to my MBP, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. I think I need another one. Maybe one of LG’s 20.1-inch widescreen monitors will suffice. The Flatron LX206WU can be linked together via USB for up to six monitors. Can you imagine the work you could get done? Read More

  • New ITC suit could have far-reaching effects on Blu-ray, other technologies

    [photopress:threechairs2.jpg,full,left]Who is Gertrude Neumark Rothschild, and why is she potentially responsible for keeping technology like Blu-ray players out of your hands? Rothschild is a retired professor from Columbia University in New York who holds a patent for short-wave LED lighting, the same type that powers the lasers used by Blu-ray to read high-density disks. She’s filed… Read More

  • All About Linux 2008: Aren't UNIX and Linux the same thing? Yes and no.

    The “What’s the difference between UNIX and Linux?” question can be answered similar to the analogy section that many of us had to complete on the SAT test; UNIX is to DOS as Linux is to Windows. That’s a grossly oversimplified answer to a complex question and I’ll no doubt get flamed by some of the more advanced UNIX and/or Linux users out there but in the… Read More

  • The Secret To Google's Success: Free Beer And Sushi

    Google’s original chef Charlie Ayers claims in a new book that much of Google’s success comes from free beer and sushi. In Eat Yourself Smart, he argues that Sushi made Google’s engineers work better: “The fat found in fish helps make the cell membranes round the brain more elastic and more able to absorb nutrients easily.” In an interview with the Sydney… Read More

  • Pigboat contest winner: Ryan

    Using my secret aggregation method for picking winners, I chose Ryan as the winner of the nasty Geeks.com PMP. His sad, sad prize is on its merry way. I guess I’m wanting this piece of total shit crap stool poop (to paraphrase Biggs’ March 18th review) more its dramatic destruction and an excuse to borrow some robots than to actually own and use it.
    I will have borrowed 4 of these
    Read More

  • Mio launches foursome of inexpensive GPS units

    [photopress:526216540001_392_1.jpg,full,left]Mio’s dropped a quad of new dash-bound GPS units that are aimed at first-time buyers. The Moov series now has four additional units, the 300, 310, 200 and 210. The 300-series have 4.3-inch widescreen touchscreens, while the 200-series have 3.5-inch screens in a more squarish form factor. The 200 and 300 have 20-channel GPS receivers and… Read More

  • Google urges FCC to use fallow 'white space' for nationwide broadband

    [photopress:googwss.jpg,full,center] Google didn’t have to win any spectrum last week to get what it wanted out of the auction—open access to the resulting wireless networks for third-parties. (How Verizon Wireless and AT&T will coöperate in that regard remains to be seen.) But Google isn’t done throwing its weight around. Now the Mountain View-based corp has set its… Read More

  • Rock Band coming to Wii in June

    Attention Wii owners: Rock Band is coming June 22, but you won’t have the Music Store or be able to rock online. In lieu of that you’ll get five bonus songs that are more than likely ones that are downloadable now. That’s craptastic. It will retail for $170. Rock Band Finally Rocking Wii In June [Wired] Read More

  • PS3 firmware update unlocks "Portable Copy" nothing for PSP [Update]

    We already knew that the PS3’s impending firmware update would unlock the BD-Live feature, but PC World is reporting that the “Portable Copy” feature is also being let loose. What Portable Copy does is convert Blu-ray movies to SD which can then be transferred to your PSP. It’s unclear how long it will take to copy to SD or how big the files will be, but Sony fanboys… Read More

  • Google Throws Another Wireless Ball in The Air: WiFi 2.0

    No sooner does Google exit the FCC’s 700Mhz spectrum auction with its $4.6 billion still in its pocket and its rules imposed on its competitors than it throws up yet another ball in the broadband wireless game. Earlier today, it proposed to the FCC that the unused “white spaces” in television broadcast signals which will be freed up as a result of the transition to digital… Read More

  • Mixwit's Mixtapes and Broader Social Media Ambitions

    Mixwit makes it easy to create embeddable mixtapes (otherwise known as custom playlists). We touched upon the company a couple weeks ago as part of our Y Combinator demo day roundup but never gave it our full treatment. A similarly-named service called Mixaloo serves up label-sanctioned tracks and requires users to buy them to hear more than 30-second previews. Mixwit differs by drawing its… Read More

  • Yahoo, Tata Subsiduary In Research Pact

    Yahoo has announced an agreement with Computational Research Laboratories (CRL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Indian conglomerate Tata) to jointly undertake cloud computing research. Under the deal, CRL will give access to one of world’s top five supercomputers “that has substantially more processors than any supercomputer currently available for cloud computing… Read More

  • It slices, it dices, it blasts through concrete

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/271552990 I met a guy at a friend’s birthday party who works for Raytheon out here in the Boston area and he was really dodgy when I asked him specifically what he did for the defense contractor. He took an interest in the fact that I wrote for a gadget web site and mentioned that he “sorta works with gadgets”… Read More

  • Splendid: a "video enhance card" by Asus

    I’m not sure if I understand this thing entirely. It appears to be a small, fanless card with a partial PCI connector that performs hardware filtering and adjustment of your video out. I’m not sure I trust it entirely to upgrade my “legacy content.” Uprezzing and filters are strange beasts and should not be applied willy-nilly. I play NES with bilinear and NTSC… Read More

  • South Park Studios – It's Like AllSP, But Legal

    http://media.mtvnservices.com/mgid:cms:item:southparkstudios.com:155193: It hasn’t been hard for people to watch the cult favorite show South Park (possibly the best show on television) online. Sites like Allsp (All South Park) have had the entire catalog available for some time. And episodes are always available on BitTorrent immediately after broadcast. Instead of fighting BitTorrent… Read More

  • XM-Sirius merger approved

    The Justice Department has approved the $5 billion merger between Sirius and XM. No news on when the merger will officially happen, but you might want to start your petitions to keep your favorite channels intact right about now. CG’s XM/Sirius coverage Read More

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