• Star Wars PSA

    I thought we should take a brief intermission from the gadgets for this friendly public service announcement from a galaxy far, far away. Read More

  • Virgin America Announce In-flight Broadband Details

    Virgin America has partnered with AirCell to bring Wi-Fi to VA’s entire fleet in early 2008. American Airlines inked a deal earlier this year with AirCell to bring Wi-Fi, but VA seems to be a bit more proactive. I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking VA for every possible flight in the US. Getting back to the important stuff. You’ll have two options to quench your Net fix… Read More

  • Future of Web Apps ticket competition

    The Future of Web Apps conference arguably helped kick-start the low-hum of Web 2.0 development in the UK into a higher gear early last year. This year’s event on October 3-5 should prove to be at least as interesting. Would you like to go? I have one ticket (a 2 day conference pass worth £245 + VAT) to give away to a lucky TCUK reader. All you have to do is leave a comment below this post. Read More

  • Universal's Music Subscription Idea Is Basically A Tax

    First “ringles“, now this. Universal Music is finally warming up to the idea of subscription-based music and, if it has it’s way, here’s how its own subscription service will work. Read More

  • MS DOS 5 Upgrade Rap

    Sorry. I had to post this. The graphical shell! Do tell! I actually remember this quite fondly. Undelete was a huge deal back then and the shell was my first brush with GUIs. I tried to write my own and, ummm, failed. But this definitely inspired me.
    via Gadgets.BB Read More

  • UK iPhone Launching Next Week

    Well, there you have it. I guess what’s his name was right. The UK will be getting their iPhone next week. Will it be 3G? We’ll find out in five days. I’m not eating my hat, though. I don’t wear one. Mum is no longer the word [Mac Format] Read More

  • Xynergi $28K Is For Professional Musicians, Not Joe Sixpack

    No, silly geese, this Xynergi controller isn’t merely a keyboard used to surf top Internet sites. It’s part of a music production “solution”—think Logic. I understand everyone’s fascination with its $28,000 price tag, but that’s not the point. It’s not for the avarage consumer. With this controller and the appropriate software you’ll be able… Read More

  • Back To School 2007: Printers

    With papers to write and hand in, schedules to print out and even the occasional letter home (you can’t count on Grandma to check e-mail regularly), you’re going to need a quality printer. These should be rugged, yet compact and most importantly the toner or ink cartridges shouldn’t cost more than the original printer! Here are a few units we liked to get you printing. Read More

  • Dear Canada: Our Puerile Satire Can Be Biting, But We Are Really Just Jealous

    Yesterday Nicholas Deleon, our resident crank, wrote some nasty words about Canada. He knows your women are more beautiful, your fields more verdant, and your maple trees more succulent. And all of these things dig deep into his psyche, reminding him what ROTC really means and how cool William Gibson is for escaping to Vancouver. He is young. He has not yet felt the bracing air of a cold… Read More

  • Google Jet Gets To Use NASA Runway, Local Community *Outraged*

    Artists’ rendition. Actual size may differ. For a company that does no evil (ignore its dealing with China), Google won’t be making any friends with this move. Or it will, what do I know? Four miles from the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., is Moffett Field, a NASA-run airport that’s usually closed to private jets. Google’s modified 767, on the… Read More

  • Samsung, Armani Phone Outed

    Rumors of the Samsung and Armani partnership emerged a couple months back and now said partnership has unofficially unveiled the fruits of their labor, which is actually fairly old news now. The SGH-P520 is a small CC-sized phone with a 2.6-inch touch screen, 3-megapixel camera, 2.5G GMS/EDGE (boo), microSD card slot, Bluetooth, 50MB of memory and supposedly some Wi-Fi hotness. Read More

  • Avatar Meets Mobile Ringtone

    Meez, an avatar (which literally means a descent of a Hindu god in visible form) service and Vringo, a company which specializes in video ringtone sharing, announced today an alliance to fully integrate Meez 3D avatars into Vringo’s video ringtone service. The gods are pleased; though appear much smaller than in stories past. Nearly 3 million people around the world have created their… Read More

  • Geek Squad City Tour

    So I just got back from the IdeaFestival kick off party at Geek Squad City and I’m pretty speechless. I’ll give the quick and dirty since I’m tired and a bit inebriated. The facility there is HUGE. Imagine over 600 ‘agents’ showing up in black slacks, black shoes, white shirts and a black tie to start repairs on computers at 5AM. That’s when UPS shows up… Read More

  • Lending Club Breaks $1 Million, Expanding

    Lending Club, the Facebook exclusive person-to-person lending service has passed the $1 million mark in loans to Facebook users. It’s similar to other P2P lending sites Prosper, Zopa, and Kiva. The milestone comes just short of 3 months since the the site hit the $100,000 mark, and 3 1/2 months since going live as an original Facebook Platform partner. Lending Club will also announce… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: One Ring Circus Edition

    Back to School with CrunchArcade
    Interview With An Angry Apple Fanboy, Not iPhone Related
    Flip Video Ultra Camcorder Makes Love To YouTube
    Collector’s Edition Slinky Still Sucks Without Steps
    Student CrunchDeal: Get Office Ultimate 2007 For $60 Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Apparently Old People Aren't Dying To Use Eons

    The take up of social networking services among over 50’s would appear to be not booming at nearly the same level as the birthrate of the United States in the 50’s and 60’s, with news that Eons has shed 24 staff members. Another twelve employees have left “voluntarily,” bringing the total headcount reduction to around 50%. According to a report on Xconomy… Read More

  • Second Life 2.0: The Metanomics Conference

    Things are changing in Second Life. The period of glee abandon in which companies joined Second Life, built giant edifices to their offline brands which no one visited, then ran away has passed. We are now seeing those who survived and new players in Linden Lab’s online world build something new, something perhaps more sustainable and in tune to user needs. On the surface it appears… Read More

  • Review: Southwing Bluetooth Car Kit And Headset

    Recently, a package arrived at my house from WirelessGround.com containing two expensive-looking Bluetooth accessories to review. Much to my surprise, I came to learn that each costs a measly $50. So the price is right, but how do they perform? Read More

  • Live cricket scores on Google

    Google is extending its intelligent searching with cricket scores for the Twenty20 world championship. All fans need to do is type “cricket” into a Google search box and they’ll get a brief score of all the current cricket matches. A single click will also give you access to a detailed cricket score card. “Cricket india” or “cricket score India… Read More

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