• Zune 2 Launch Date Confirmed

    Stop what you’re doing. This is breaking news, folks. The launch date for the Zune 2 has supposedly been confirmed. October 16 will be a glorious day where we’ll see those pink, green, red, and black Zunes in 4-, 8- and 80GB flavors. The ‘leaked’ pics are an accurate representation, but we’ll still see the double-shot casing and it might not be so shiny. The… Read More

  • AT&T Brings Out The BlackBerry 8820

    Look at what the cat dragged in. It’s the BlackBerry I’ve been waiting for, the 8820. GPS and Wi-Fi. Can it get any better? Once it moves over to T-Mobile, then yes. Specs here, but I’m sure you know them already. A 2-year contract with the worst provider in the union will cost you $299.99. Press Release Read More

  • The iPhone Is Heading To Deutschland

    Looks like Apple fanboys in both Germany and the UK will be able to join hands in song November 9th. Deutschland will also be getting the iPhone come the November date, albeit not as cheap as we do. The 8GB iPhone will retail for €399 and is being sold through T-Mobile Germany (Deutsch Telekom). That’s also after a 2-year T-Mobile tariff and V.A.T. is figured into the price. German… Read More

  • Mac Office 2008 Preview Site Launched: Software Here Early 2008

    Office 2008 for Mac is coming early next year; hold your horses, Vince. In the meantime, Microsoft has launched a preview Web site where you can take a look at some of the office suite’s features. It is exciting, I know. (To me, Google Apps has pretty much eliminated the need for Office, especially since it means I can do the same work from a library computer as I could from my laptop.)… Read More

  • Hands-On With Sony's Latest VAIO

    New York-based artist Maya Hayuk (yeah, I don’t know who she is either) was commissioned some time last year for a limited run of VAIO notebooks showcasing her crazy, psychedelic artwork. The end result are two FZ notebooks- Grow and Never Stop. Can you pick out which one is which? The Graphic Splash Maya Hayuk Edition notebooks are outfitted with a Blu-ray burner, 15.4-inch… Read More

  • Dr. Bose Tells All: Company Secrets, Why They Don't Publish Specs, And More

    The mysterious, elusive, and admittedly obsessive Dr. Amar Bose, founder and namesake of the Bose Corporation, made a rare appearance Tuesday to a select group of journalists. The occasion was the launch of their new Bose Computer MusicMonitor speakers, but the real treat was hearing the good doctor dish out secrets about the history of Bose, why they almost went bankrupt, and why they never… Read More

  • Mobile Game News 9-19-07

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. This Week’s Headlines: Save the World With Heroes; Stewie’s Arsenal Set to Ambush; Skyzone Scoops Out the Action; Glu’s New Political Knockout; EA Hits the Board; Konami’s Contra Contest Read More

  • LG Shine Now In Pink, Gold: Nope, We'll Never See It

    The LG Shine, one of the only cellphones in recent memory that I wanted to play around with but still ain’t here (I don’t consider this the Shine, no matter what Verizon Wireless says), now comes in two more hot colors: gold and pink. The Europeans gets pink while our Asian amigos get gold. And what do we get? That’s right, bupkis. (If Zoidberg can use the word, so can… Read More

  • PlayPhone Gets Platinum Studios’ Archive

    If you are a fan of comics and graphic novels, you may be excited to learn that PlayPhone now offers comics, ringtones and cell phone wall paper from Platinum Studios’ archive, the world’s largest collection of independent comic characters. Popular series such as Cowboys & Aliens, Hero By Night and KISS 4K will be available for download across all major wireless carriers. Read More

  • You'll Have To Buy iPod Games Again To Play Them On New iPods

    What’s that? Oh, nothing—just the sound of Apple screwing its customers. Anyone who bought a game for the iPod prior to the PMP’s re-launch two weeks ago will have to re-buy those very same games because, as Apple told iLouge, the games were “reformated” for the new iPods. Jeez, Apple, you must have a thing for stickin’ it to your most loyal… Read More

  • Mobile Audience Composition from M:Metrics and Admob

    M:Metrics, a mobile media measurement firm, and Admob, the largest mobile advertising firm, released a study today on audience composition for mobile advertising. Research shows that mobile advertising reaches the lucrative and elusive media consumer ages 18-34. This age group makes up 65% of respondents on the AdMob publisher network. The research shows that AdMob’s mobile network… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Out of One's Element Edition

    UK iPhone Onslaught: All the Deets
    Triops Digital Camera: Go Ahead, Throw It Into The Air For Unique Photos
    Liquor.com: Five Dollars, Why I Oughta!
    Kerpoof: You Know, For Kids
    BioShock Gets Etch-A-Sketched Read More

  • Bell&Ross BR02 Instrument Diver

    Bell&Ross, makers of “that big watch with the huge face that looks really cool” just launched the BR02 Instrument Diver, a 1000m diver with helium escape valve that looks like it belongs on a submarine. The Instrument line has traditionally focused on aviation-themed pieces, so this is a major departure. The pips and hands are covered in lume and there is a date window and… Read More

  • Mint Wins TechCrunch40 Top Company Award; Takes $50,000 Prize

    Jason Calacanis just announced that Mint was chosen as the best presenting company at TechCrunch40. The provider of an impressive personal finance application will receive $50,000 as part of the award. Mint presented its application this morning during Session 5, which was entitled “Productivity and Web Applications”. See our coverage of that session here. Mint is a personal… Read More

  • VholdR: Film Your Worst Ideas

    The VholdR is basically a really sweet looking helmet cam whose sturdy aluminum body will make sure the camera survives even if you don’t. It mounts on your helmet any way you want via their attachment system, and features a special rotating lens which takes all the guesswork out of getting a good angle. The camera comes packaged with a free software suite that includes library… Read More

  • 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed' Coming To The Wii

    I keed, I keed. I’ll be buying this one along with everybody else who wondered how long it’d take before the Wii-mote got turned into a light saber. Well it looks like the answer is "Spring 2008". Aside from flailing your melee arm about all namby pamby, the nunchuck will allow players to "torment foes with their Force powers." You’ll play the part of… Read More

  • IBM Announces Free Lotus-based 'Office' Alternative

    Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Google announcement, IBM has announced that it’ll be offering "Lotus Symphony" on its website as a free download. The software will contain programs similar to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, albeit with fewer advanced features. Read More

  • SEOMoz Takes $1.25 Million Series A

    Internet marketing and search optimization company SEOMoz has taken $1.25 million in Series A funding from Ingnition Partners. SEOMoz offers a variety of web focused services, although is probably best known for their blog of the same name. CEO and Editor Rand Fishkin said in a post that the money is going to be used to improve the quality of the services SEOMoz provide, the quality of the… Read More

  • XRT3D: Holy Crap

    Now here’s a great little product. It’s called XTreme Reality 3D and it’s a piece of software that works with your webcam to let you control applications and games with your hand in real space. You simple wave your hand in front of a webcam to zoom in, zoom out, and pan through screens, maps, and games. Think of the Wii but without the batons and you’ve got the idea. Read More

  • TC40 Panel Discussion: Exit Strategies

    After this mornings panel focused on getting funded, the last panel discussion for TC40 focuses on the other end of the startup cycle: exit strategies. TechCrunch’s Heather Harde is moderating and is joined by Michael Montgomery (Montgomery & Co.), Craig Walker (GrandCentral/Google), Raj Kapoor (Mayfield), Ted Wang (Fenwick), Michael Marquez (CBS) and Evan Williams (Obvious and… Read More

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