• iNewsCaster Audioizes CrunchGear For Your Pleasure

    Magnetic Time has announced the latest version of their uber cool RSS feed audiozer, iNewscaster, and it sort of freaks me out. The service is cool because it extracts the text from your RSS feeds and then ‘audiozes’ them into MP3 files so you can listen to them anywhere you want. The part that freaks me out is the voice delivering the news. It’s really creepy and it makes… Read More

  • Nintendo Will Finally Increase Wii Production to Meet Demand

    Nintendo’s president acknowledged that it didn’t accurately predict the demand for the Wii and is now prepared to ramp up production. Starting next month, Nintendo will increase production of the Wii, though the company didn’t say exactly how many more units per month it will produce. Fair enough, since any increase at all is good news for lots of you out there, my family… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson Goes Ferrari; Loses All Class to Dollars

    We all have that one friend who was really cool, but, ya know, changed. They were reliable, solid, always there for you, in good times and bad. You thought you knew them, but then out of nowhere, you blink, and they’re entirely different. For some of us, it’s an ex. For others, a childhood playmate. For me, it’s Sony-Ericsson. SE is about as good as cellphones get to Yours Truly. Read More

  • Sony Launches eyeVio YouTube Clone in Japan

    Sony’s once again late to the party, having just launched in Japan a video-sharing Web site à la YouTube called eyeVio. Users upload their videos, which can be, among others, in MPEG-4, Flash and Quicktime formats. Sony says that it’ll closely monitor the site for copyright-violating videos, but exactly how they plan on doing this is unknown. To top it off, the eyeVio… Read More

  • GPS + SIM = GPSIM! Right? Right!

    We like GPS, mostly because we get lost a lot. For reals, when you’re stumbling home from Seattle’s The Rosebud, it seems like a straight line, but it’s not. It’s whirley and thorny, like, ya know, a rosebud. GPS in cellphones is helping, but we’re not there yet. Blue Sky, out of Europe, has an idea that could put a GPS in every phone. Unless, of course… Read More

  • Nokia N75 Lands at AT&T

    Today is a great day for America. Not because it’s Friday, but that’s still a legitimate reason. Today marks the first day that the US has a 3G handset from Nokia and it’s about darn time. The Nokia N75 has shown up on the AT&T website and, maybe, now folks will be able to utilize that highly touted 3G network. The N75 is being marketed as a convergence device that… Read More

  • Korea Says Your Cable Modem Sucks

    Holy cripes. I’ve got pretty good broadband at home. I get 6Mb up and 6Mb down. I thought I had it good until I read that researchers in Koreadiaburgtonville, Asia, have figured out a way to combine downstream broadband channels into a single 144Mb connection. That’s about 20x faster than your home connection, homes. Don’t go calling your Comcast/Cox/Time-Warner/RipOffCo yet… Read More

  • Apple Expands DRM-free Music Offerings

    EMI won’t be the only record label to offer higher quality, DRM-free music on iTunes. Apple sent out a little note yesterday to its music partners saying that they, too, would be able to offer DRM-free music and videos on its iTunes store. If the deal is anything like the EMI one, music fans can expect to pay slightly more for the DRM-free music. Read More

  • When Robots Attack: What Does the Future Hold?

    Truth be told, robots have never really revved my engine so to speak, but the Daily Mail (where else am I going to get my EPL news?) has a fine piece on just what the human-robot relationship might end up becoming. It touches on recent proposed legislation that would grant robots “human rights” (which is insane), nursing home robots and whether or not they’ll go… Read More

  • Sharp AQUOS 3-in-1 Goes Old School

    Sharp’s latest edition to the AQUOS line of products brings back some old school that might not have a place in the home anymore, but some people still live in the past. The DC-ACV52 is a 3-in-1 media recorder that includes VHS, DVD and a 250GB HDD for video recording. Just like other AQUOS media recorders the DC-ACV52 records HD programming and works perfectly with other AQUOS products. Read More

  • Akamai Releases FoxTorrent 1.0 – Firefox BitTorrent Add-on

    Red Swoosh (acquired by Akamai for $15 million earlier this month) released v1.0 of FoxTorrent today. This is a fully functional BitTorrent client for Firefox that works cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and has a very cool additional feature – the ability to stream files as they are downloading. This is no Azureus (my BitTorrent client of choice), but it does the job and saves time… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Cookout Edition

    Take The Grill on the Road
    My Lap! My Lap! My Lap Is On Fire!
    Sony Unveils PS3 Eye, World Keeps Spinning
    These Gamer Babes Will Curb Stomp You
    Samsung and US Army Team Up For Mobile WiMAX Tomfoolery Read More

  • ScratchYourself: Viral Sweepstakes That Brands Could Love

    A new service called ScratchYourself came to our attention today. It’s a fairly simple Flash application that lets users upload an image and build a lottery-style scratch card from it. During the beta period people have a chance to win some very limited cash prizes that total $90 or so per day across all winners. Once a scratch card has been created, users can email it to friends or embed… Read More

  • My Twitter Account Deleted, Restored

    I’ve become a bit of a twitterholic over the last month or so, and update my twitter page frequently with updates that don’t belong here or on Crunchnotes. I’ve suffered through a slow and sometimes down site without complaint – they’re growing like a weed and need some time to stabilize. But then my account was deleted. My last post before the deletion was… Read More

  • Steve Jobs: "People want to own their music"

    Apple’s Steve Jobs, perhaps the most important person in the music industry today, says again that Apple is not planning on selling music via a subscription model like many of his competitors. The strategy certainly makes sense as long as as Jobs continues to win territory in his war against DRM, and the subscription music services fail to lure a critical mass of consumers. More than… Read More

  • Samsung and US Army Team Up For Mobile WiMAX Tomfoolery

    Samsung and the US Army Communications Electronics Research & Development Engineering Center have announced their joint venture to test some Mobile WiMAX technology over the next few months. The experimentation will take place at Ft. Dix in New Jersey by the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance On-The-Move team (seriously, that’s… Read More

  • Sprint Drops Upstage's Price to $100

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/Nextel has discounted the phone by 33% to $100 (with a 2-year deal), meaning you get one of the most lusted-after music phones on the market for a song (see what we did there?). Read More

  • TechSelector: Select Your Tech

    TechSelector is a new service for gadget newbies. You basically answer a few questions, run down a list of suggestions, and check out through any number of retail websites. For example, when you look for an MP3 player, it asks you what type you’re looking for — hard drive, flash, or CD (!!) — and then run downs the list of options until it brings up a few possibilities. When… Read More

  • Mother's Day Zune Contest: Day 2

    For those who’ve sent in pics and stories, keep it up. You’re all horrible human beings who deserve to win. For the rest of you, you should know that we’re having another one of our contests. What you see to the left is a limited edition pink Zune. We’re giving a brand new one away to one of your mother’s. Mom’s like things, and since Mother’s day… Read More

  • How's Our Driving?

    It’s been almost a year since CrunchGear opened floodgates of snark and treachery onto the masses and thus far we’ve been called fanboys, shills, and morons. We can take it. However, we want to know what you really think. Give us a few pithy comments or send an email to john at crunchgear dot com if you have something private to say. What are we missing? What are you looking for? Read More

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