• Will Powerset Pull a Google?

    Update: I received an email from a trusted source this morning that reads “…I’ve seen the demo (and spent a fair amount of time with those guys)…The technology is quite good and will certainly help on a non-trivial subset of web search queries. But they definitely have their work cut out for them. The indexing is far more expensive than traditional web search, and… Read More

  • Audioblogger Joins DeadPool

    Odeo’s Audioblogger, which allowed users to post audio to a blogger.com blog via a telephone call, is being shut down as of November 1 and will enter the DeadPool. Existing files will continue to be hosted. As much as I’ve questioned Odeo’s ADD business (un)focus in the past (see last paragraph here), I have to say that this is probably a smart move and not necessarily a sign… Read More

  • Yelp secures $10 million more for local reviews

    Local review site Yelp.com announced tonight that it has taken $10 million in Series B funding from Benchmark Capital. The company received as much as $6 million in a previous round from Bessemer Venture Partners. You can read our previous coverage of Yelp here. Other consumer web investments by Benchmark include Metacafe, Shopping.com, Rebtel, Bebo and Pageflakes. Yelp is reporting… Read More

  • AOL's New Private Information Harvester

    AOL announced Openride today, a new Internet Explorer based browser. Openride is available only on Windows machines (and does not work with Vista). Openride gives users access to the Internet, as well as email, IM and locally stored audio, video and photo content, all within a single application. While we note some innovative features, the fact that AOL has recently proved to be more than… Read More

  • Podzinger to listen for ad opportunities

    Audio and video search engine Podzinger will launch a new advertising platform for podcasters and online video publishers tomorrow. The first write up was in ClickZ this evening. I think the strategy for video ads could be unpleasantly annoying but the audio ones are more likely to work well for everyone. Showcase appearances of Podzinger ads will be in This Week in Tech and in… Read More

  • Ring Hides Dirty Secret in Mobster Style

    We’re not sure why this is called the Mullet Ring, but it’s certainly a “gentleman’s secret”. In side this so-gauche-it’s-cool gold pinky ring is entombed one blue Viagra pill. So when you’re acting like Joe Pesci and talking smack about your partner’s new ride, and you gesture with that pinky-ringed finger, you can literally wag your manhood in… Read More

  • Easy Recorder 2: Video On PSP Made Easy

    Hooray for more DVRs! The Easy Recorder 2 from Hagiwara Sys-Com, is geared mainly toward the PSP, though it can also function on any other device that can stream MPEG-4 from a Memory Stick Duo or PRO Duo. With that said, all you have to do is connect the Easy Recorder 2 to your TV via standard video inputs and it will directly record onto a Memory Stick Duo or PRO Duo. The $140 device… Read More

  • Competitio.us: track your competitors online

    Competitio.us is a very useful looking competitive intelligence service built in Ruby on Rails that launched today. It’s a simple but powerful way to keep track of competing companies online. This is something that I think many of our readers, at least the ones working on startups, could find very helpful. The service is currently free but there are obviously any number of ways it could… Read More

  • Zune With Cordless Headphones: File Next to Pigs, Flying

    A little bird sent us this clearly doctored image of a Zune with some mysterious “WiFi” headphones that apparently use a chip technology yet unknown to modern man to compress a DSP and Wi-Fi receiver into buds the size of an anal polyp. Please, friends, don’t be fooled – Microsoft could never come out with something this cool. Read More

  • TagLoops: Remixable Web Movies Made Out of Tags and Feeds

    TagLoops is an alpha stage Flash “movie” creation tool built by Greek IT consultant Harry Vikatos. Movies are built by pointing to images, audio or RSS feeds hosted elsewhere. Those items are tagged inside TagLoop where they can be reordered and layered over each other. The end result is a multi layered multimedia Flash movie. Those movies can also be remixed by other… Read More

  • ID Vault: Like A Tiny Safe In A USB Key

    If you’re not afraid of someone getting a hold of your personal financial information on the Internet, you should be. Cyber-criminals are everywhere: Starbucks, the library, next door, on the other side of the world, right behind you! Seriously though, if you’re saving all your bank account and credit card login information to your browser or typing them in manually, you’re… Read More

  • Power Chute: Slows You Down to Speed You Up

    Running as exercise has indeed come a long way from its roots a gazillion years ago. Most notably in the late seventies and early eighties with the first modern designs for running shoes and, more recently, with Nike’s shoes featuring iPod integration and bluetooth. But technological advances still take a backseat to tactical advances. The new Power Chute by Power Systesm (these guys… Read More

  • PSP Touch Screen

    The PSP TouchMe is a touch screen that connects to the PSP via USB and lies over the PSP’s original screen. TouchMe is homebrew-based device that will only work with specific homebrew software, so don’t expect to Sony to start licensing games that have touch screen compatibility. Cool either way though, right? The TouchMe mounts onto the PSP by screwing into the top of the PSP and… Read More

  • WoW Inflitrates South Park

    I wasn’t lying when I said this game was huge, so huge that World of Warcraft will be the theme around the South Park season premier airing tonight on Comedy Central. Don’t worry WoW players, it gets even better: Blizzard Entertainment, the developers of WoW, worked with Matt and Trey Parker for the WoW content that will be featured in the episode. I can’t wait! WoW… Read More

  • Real Voice-to-Voice Translator, It's Atsui (Hot)!

    Who knows how many lives this new Japanese-to-English voice translator will save at sketchy sushi joints? Developed by Sharp and IBM jointly, the PalmPilot-looking handheld listens to what you say, translates it, then “speaks” it back in Japanese. I certainly hope it works well, as comedic mishaps based on poor translations aren’t funny if they’re happening to… Read More

  • CombiMouse: Apply Directly to the Forehead

    Ergonomics are hot. I could use a little ergo myself here in the dungeon I call an office. But maybe this is stepping over the line a little. It’s some sort of split keyboard , proudly tested by Wichita State University, that looks like a a pachyderm got ahold of a Logitech and shat out something that looks neither comfortable or usable. Hey, what do we know. Maybe Wichita knows something… Read More

  • Big Brand Vs. Boutique: Does It Really Matter?

    With HP buying VoodooPC last week and Dell purchasing Alienware earlier this year, there’s been more than a few comments around the Web on how these mainstream vendors will impact the quality of the boutiques. The fact is, many companies have high-end, mainstream and value brands, so why should computer vendors be any different? HP and Dell deserve some credit for realizing that… Read More

  • T-Mobile to Launch True 3G Data Network Friday?

    here in the United States, meaning it can finally play catch-up. That day appears to be fast in coming. In fact, sources from eWeek have leaked that on Friday, October 6, T-Mobile will be holding a press conference in New York City to announce the launch of its new 3G data network. Not only that, they detail that the network will sadly be incompatible with the European UMTS standard, as… Read More

  • PS3 Causes Sony Stock Drop

    Contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate Playstation 3. In fact, I can’t wait to get my hands on one – if it works, that is. David Gibson, an analyst of for Macquaire Equities, released a report stating that Sony just had a recent a 2.75% drop in their stock due to technical problems with the Playstation 3 units at TGS this year. We are concerned that such a negative… Read More

  • Burger King Offers Xbox And Xbox 360 Games

    Here’s one I didn’t see coming. Burger King has announced it will be releasing three Xbox and Xbox 360 games that will be available for $3.99, with the purchase of a value meal. The three titles, rated E, are Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin’, and Sneak King. Two of the three games will feature online play via Xbox Live. Just what parents need: their kids eating unhealthy food… Read More