• Leopard to support geotagging

    Overlooked in all the interface and launch hype swirling around Leopard is the fact that it has integrated geotagging. If your camera or camera phone supports geotagging (like Helio’s Ocean), then you can easily map-out where your photos were taken on Google maps, and from there you can prove to your wife that you were at the corporate picnic and not a strip club. You’re not sure… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs

    Here are some of the latest jobs on CrunchBoard Lead Web Developer here at TechCrunch in Atherton, CA. Software Engineer at a TechCrunch40 Company at CastTV in San Francisco, CA. Director of User Interaction and Experience at Jaxtr in Menlo Park, CA. Ruby and Java Developers at ThoughtWorks in Chicago, IL. Software Engineer at AdMob in San Mateo, CA. Talented Flash Developer at… Read More

  • Songkick: Live Music Lovers Will Love This

    Music lovers may be show a reluctance to pay for their tunes, but they’re turning up in droves for live shows — at least according to the latest box office numbers posted by eMarketer. Concert ticket sales are expected to $9 billion worldwide this year, up nearly 10% over 2006. Freshly launched Songkick is a startup looking to capitalize on that growing market by providing a simple… Read More

  • My Book Tivo "extender" spotted on Best Buy

    My DVR is full. Totally full. I’ve been watching “The War” on PBS in HD, recording them all in order. I’m about half-way done, but the 14-hour documentary has pretty much filled up my hard drive. I sure do wish there was some way I could add additional storage. Oh, here we have a 500GB My Book add-on drive for Tivo that Best Buy leaked. My DVR is not a Tivo, so… Read More

  • Hitachi's P7K500 HDDs go green

    Like to download loads of porno but don’t like the idea of hurting mother Earth? Hitachi has the hard drive for you, you responsible pervert. The new DeskStar drives are low-power, high-capacity HDDs that use non-linear switching, system-on-a-chip design, and other energy saving features to minimize the amount of electricity they need, thereby assuring your ascent to Al Gore’s… Read More

  • Napster and AT&T team up to woo valuable "nobody" market by selling music over the air at $1.99 a song

    Hey, hipsters! Put down your hacky-sacks for a few minutes and hear me lay down this smack! AT&T (the “Fun Network”) and Napster (“The service you used to steal all your music from”) are teaming up to offer 5 million songs over the air for $7.49 a month for 5 songs per month or $1.99 per single. What’s that, cool kittens and kiddios? That’s too much for… Read More

  • The iPhone/Touch TIFF exploit explained in the cold poetry of code

    Remember that weird TIFF exploit they used to get the iPhone/Touch to jailbreak itself? Neither do we. However, here is the source code for generating the improper and massive TIFF that is needed to get write access to your iPhone. If you go through the code you can see where the TIFF actually patches the filesystem to allow read/write access to the internal memory. Very cool. Source Read More

  • Gurgle launches with Mothercare backing

    Gurgle, a social network for parents launches today as a joint venture between retailer Mothercare and MediaBurn, an agency specialising in social networking sites. The site aims to bring together expert information together with social networking tools for parents and parents-to-be. At launch i is offering about 1,000 articles, 52 exclusively commissioned tutorial videos and a number of baby… Read More

  • Slide is Pitching For A $200 Million Valuation. Or Not.

    It’s rare that we get two trusted sources who have directly conflicting stories, but it happened today. On the one hand, rumors have been flying through Silicon Valley saying that widget startup Slide is out pitching for another round of financing, and asking for a $200 million valuation. The rumors make sense for a few reasons. Slide has 60 employees and is therefore spending $600k or… Read More

  • Meet ClinchGear, a place for all your MMA apparel needs

    Holy smokes. Kids, if you thought CrunchGear had a monopoly on names beginning with a “c” and ending with the suffix “gear” boy were you mistaken. Meet ClinchGear, an online store specializing in all things mixed martial arts. Sure, here on CrunchGear you can read about the latest in technology, but can you buy $60 compression shorts? I thought not. ClinchGear, making… Read More

  • Payoneer Collects $3M from Greylock, Signs-up iStockphoto

    This is an especially good week for payment service provider Payoneer which is announcing it has received the remaining $3M of a $4M Greylock investment , and a new deal with iStockphoto. Payoneer offers Web-based businesses a method to pay their members/users/partners by way of prepaid debit cards. The fully-functioning debit MasterCards are issued to payees worldwide and can be used online… Read More

  • Atari founder hates on FPSes, calls game industry 'race to bottom'

    “Video games today are a race to the bottom. They are pure, unadulterated trash and I’m sad for that.” Thank you, Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, for saying what many of us were thinking. Read More

  • Trolltech ends run of Qtopia Greenphones

    Trolltech has done a lot in the past year for the world of developers. With its amazing Qtopia Greenphone, developers were able to have a completely open mobile phone that allowed for application testing with multiple input devices. Trolltech has now announced that all Greephones and their SDKs have been sold and there are no longer plans to manufacture more. From Trolltech’s PR… Read More

  • What Was Skype's Shortfall?

    When Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom stepped down earlier this month with only one-third of his payout from eBay, it was clear that Skype fell short of its goals in regards to growing its number of active users, revenues, and gross profits. Obviously, Skype is not a good fit for eBay. But what exactly were those goals? After all, Skype’s revenues grew 96 percent in the third quarter and… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Damn that's a cheap Zune

    Looks like Woot is selling the brown 30GB Zune for $79.99 + $5 shipping. If an $85 price tag isn’t a big enough incentive for someone to buy a Zune, then I don’t know what is. Maybe free Paul Oakenfold tickets with every purchase? Read More

  • Playstation 3 developers being begged to stay?

    Take note fellow gamers, as our beloved Sony Playstation 3 may not have as many stellar hits as the PS2 and PS1 had. Apparently Sony is actually begging third-party developers to stay on board and finish PS3 games despite the console’s lack of popularity. I highly agree with this statement from Dean Takahashi of Mercury News: “The argument is that the PS3 will show its strength… Read More

  • Blogger Goes Offline With Google Gears

    Ever since Google announced its Google Gears project, we’ve been waiting for Google to make its apps work offline. Last Friday, they released some code that effectively makes Blogger work on Google Gears. It’s more of a demonstration than a full-blown product release, but it points to a day soon when all of those Blogger users will be able to write posts even when they are… Read More

  • TechCrunch UKI launching advertising and events

    Well, we’ve been going for a month and a half now at TechCrunch UK & Ireland since the re-launch. We now have over 3,500 regular readers on RSS and email, according to Feedburner, an independent third party service. And that doesn’t count the users and impressions the site now gets from other sources. These figures are growing every day. TCUKI is also contributing to the main… Read More

  • CrunchExclusive: Hands on with the Samsung G800 [UPDATED with video]

    Turn down the audio. They’re just talking about the new Halloween movie
    Is it possible to go a day without Samsung announcing a world’s first? Not likely. During my recent trip to Korea, I pulled a little face time with the G800, which is the world’s first 5-megapixel camera phone with 3x optical zoom. It may be launching in Europe, but that doesn’t mean we’re… Read More

  • Got a Gadget to Show Off? Meet Up with CrunchGear in San Francisco

    Apparently the image to the right is how San Francisco looks to New Yorkers. New Yorker and CrunchGear news editor Peter Ha will be in the Bay Area until the end of the month. He’s here to cover the CTIA Wireless and Entertainment convention but also wants to meet up with companies that may have products to show off. Drop Peter a note if you want to catch up with him and demo new… Read More

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