• Google Wants to Give Advice Based on Its Database of You

    “Should I take Company A’s job offer or Company B’s? Man, Company C’s offer is nice, too. Google, help me! Make important life decisions for me!” That’s the type of scenario that one of Google’s co-founders dreams of. One day, he wants Google to have enough of your personal information so that the search engine will, essentially, be able to give… Read More

  • XM Offering Credit For Downtime

    You may have heard that XM was down for almost a whole day and then it came back online. When a service you shell out money for on a monthly basis goes down, you’d obviously expect a credit of some sort to occur so that subscribers don’t go canceling their subscriptions. Luckily, XM is smart enough to know this and is offering two-days of credit to subscribers. If you want to get… Read More

  • Guitar Hero 3 Details Announced

    The upcoming Guitar Hero 3 is sure to be another hit in the franchise with all sorts of new features, ‘face-melting’ tracks, and controllers. The first time I played Guitar Hero I embarrassed myself and almost ran out of Best Buy crying. Anyways, the latest and greatest will be released on all major platforms with the addition of some downloadable content. A few of the key new… Read More

  • New Macbook Pro And/Or iMac At WWDC

    Another week, another big Apple rumor. This one stems from the upcoming WWDC, which starts next month. Analysts say that Steve Jobs will debut a new version of the iMac and a new Macbook Pro during the conference. Though the Macbook Pro I don’t see being updated for a little longer, the iMac is definitely in need of an overhaul. Rumor has it that the new design will be thinner and… Read More

  • Memorex To Public: Quit Huffing Our Products

    I know kids will ingest a lot of dumb stuff, but I didn’t know cans of air duster were on the list. It is an aerosol-based product though, and Memorex, makers of the Air Duster line of compressed-gas cleaner wants to help keep the kids off the drugs, so it’s adding bitterant to the products to “discourage potential abusers from “huffing” by making the contents… Read More

  • Monster Cable iFreePlay Headphones For iPod Shuffle: No Cordszomg!1

    Monster Cable, the company that charges insane amounts of money for copper wires, actually came up with a fine idea for its iFreePlay headphones, silly name notwithstanding. The ‘phones are designed for the second generation iPod shuffle and connect directly to the diminutive portable audio player. That means there’s no cords to deal with, something that joggers will no doubt… Read More

  • Second Life! Fox News! Sex! Stalking! Terrorism!

    British and Belgian police are closing in on a terrorist organization called Second Life where innocent women — and, potentially, men — could be stalked by people who are interested in sexually assaulting them and your teenagers. Murdoch’s hard hitting paper, the Times of London, has the full story. Read More

  • Pandora Shows Off Streaming Prototype, Someone Better Tell Sansa!

    Looks like Sansa’s Connect is essentially an OEM product out of Taiwan because Pandora is showing off a rebadged device to showcase its wireless streaming products. No real information on this thing, but TechCrunch got some screenshots and pictures. I wouldn’t expect Pandora to actually launch this device — it’s a proof of concept, kind of like the Music Gremlin… Read More

  • Sony Says Maybe To 80GB PS3 For U.S.

    So what, Sony will sell an 80GB PS3 in South Korea starting next month. Big deal. What about those of us in the United States of America? Well, Sony just hinted that it’s considering selling the 80GB model here and elsewhere. Apparently Sony will decide whether or not to introduce the big boy in different markets on a market-by-market basis. Hence, we still see the 20GB PS3 on sale in… Read More

  • New Mitsubishi Display Racing to Japan

    The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is mere weeks away from releasing a new 20.1 inch wide-screen (WSXGA+) display to consumers in Japan. As of right now, the price is speculated to be somewhere around 49,800 yen, or approximately $410 USD. One of the more interesting technologies being touted in the display is its glare panel, which Mitsubishi claims makes colors more vivid. The LCD is set to… Read More

  • $100 Million Payday For Feedburner – This Deal Is Confirmed

    Rumors about Google acquiring RSS management company Feedburner from last week, started by ex-TechCrunch UK editor Sam Sethi, are accurate and are now confirmed according to a source close to the deal. Feedburner is in the closing stages of being acquired by Google for around $100 million. The deal is all cash and mostly upfront, according to our source, although the founders will be locked… Read More

  • Apple Sues Over iGasm Ads

    Lawsuits and iGasms, the stuff dreams are made of. As you’re probably aware, Apple likes to sue anybody with an “I” in front of their product’s name and Ann Summers is no exception. The British sex shop chain is hawking something called the iGasm, a device that plugs into an iPod and vibrates in sync with the beat of whatever music is playing. You can probably guess… Read More

  • Asus Launches the Asus J502 Phone

    Everyone’s favorite motherboard manufacturer, Asus, has now launched a new phone. Called the J502, this phone comes only three months after its predecessor, the J501. Some of its notable features are its 2.4” QVGA display, its 3-megapixel camera and tv-out capability. One of the cooler features included in the new J502 is SMS remote control, which allows the phone’s owner… Read More

  • AT&T Has iPhone Exclusively For Five Years, Verizon Preps 'Answer'

    The iPhone is the subject of political intrigue, international statecraft and cellphone executives hating on each other. AT&T, the sole provider of the iPhone, as if you didn’t already know, will exclusively have the phone for five years. Previous reports or rumors (boy, is that line starting to blur) had the phone pegged to AT&T through 2009. Oh, and Verizon Wireless has a… Read More

  • Blizzard Makes A Wish Come True

    Ezra creates his own world at Blizzard’s studios Normally I’d hate on Blizzard for the constant downtime that occurs when a patch is rolled out in World of Warcraft, but after reading this article, I have a newfound change of heart. 10-year-old Ezra Chatterton has a life-threatening brain tumor which gives him massive headaches and has required major surgery. The Make-A-Wish… Read More

  • PSP to Become Cellphone in UK Thanks to BT

    Sony is teaming up with BT in the UK to transform the PSP into a cellphone of sorts, letting users hop onto BT hotspots (or their own personal WANs) ’round the country and make phone and video calls. Sony is expected to release a microphone and camera in the UK “soon,” which would facilitate the PSP Phone. BT picked the PSP because of its screen and audio capabilities. How… Read More

  • Regional Cell Phone Buyouts Coming Soon?

    Will mid-sized rural carriers be on the block for sale? That’s the speculation after the $27.5 billion acquisition of Alltel Corp., the fifth largest wireless provider in the United States, by two private equity firms. Telecommunications Industry News is reporting that this buyout is giving rise to speculation that other regional mobile carriers could be bought up as well. The… Read More

  • Philadelphia Finally Getting WiFi Network

    Just heard some welcome news on NPR right now. The company setting up Philadelphia’s city-wide WiFi project has completed a 15-mile-wide test north of the city and word is that the system is ready to be deployed to all of Philadelphia. By Q3 of this year, the network should be setup so that anyone in Philadelphia city limits can acquire wireless Internet access for on the cheap. No price… Read More

  • Sony’s PSP to become a Mobile Phone

    The Sony PlayStation Portable is a good gaming system, but it could soon be a mobile phone. Just don’t plan on making calls stateside. As our sister site at Crunchgear is reporting, the PSP could become a mobile phone in the UK. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has teamed up with British Telecom to transform the PSP into a mobile communications device. Under this deal users will be… Read More

  • ClairMail to Power Stockton Mobile Banking

    California’s oldest bank operating under its original charter is also a leader in banking technology innovation. The Bank of Stockton has announced that it will work with ClairMail, Inc., a provider of 2-way mobile phone-based customer interaction. Customers of the Bank of Stockton will be able to use their mobile phones to check balances, view account history and even conduct… Read More

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