• Asus wants next Eee out early, gives Atom the boot

    Asus is apparently doing something akin to the pee-pee dance while trying to get its next generation of Eee PCs out the door. On the one hand, it wants to release them before companies like HP and Acer release their tiny laptops but on the other hand, it wants to include Intel’s new Atom processors. Problem is, Intel recently announced that the Atom’s not going to be available… Read More

  • Breaking: Apple shipping Final Cut Server

    So that’s why the store was down this morning. It’s been a while since Final Cut Server was announced and Apple is finally shipping the damn thing. Read More

  • Wal*Mart feels bad for you, HD DVD owners

    Attention HD DVD purchasers, If you were suckered into getting an HD DVD player from Wal*Mart on or after November 1 then you are entitled to a full refund, I think it’s a full refund, so long as you have your receipt. That is all. Read More

  • The Truth According to Wikipedia

    Dutch filmmaker IJsbrand van Veelen stirred a lot of controversy last week at the Next Web conference when he premiered the documentary above, The Truth About Wikipedia. It has now been posted to YouTube and is worth watching when you have a spare 45 minutes. The film pits Andrew Keen, the disapproving author of The Culture of the Amateur, and Bob McHenry, former editor-in-chief of the… Read More

  • Nokia "Tube" meant to compete with you know what

    I’m just as sick of writing about this thing as you are of reading about it, but Nokia doesn’t seem to get that. While they’ve been working hard on the “Tube” (we first heard about it in August) the world has moved on and realized the thing from Apple isn’t hot shit anymore. Really, Nokia, you’re approaching 10 months since we first saw the… Read More

  • Sony claims world's first digital noise cancelling headphones

    Writing up a world’s first for anyone other than Samsung seems rather strange, but Sony seems keen on their digital noise cancelling headphones that block out 99 percent of ambient noise. That’s quite a bit of ambient noise if you ask me. The MDR-NC500D are the first headphones to use digital technology with AI to give users the best possible audio quality. Like previous noise… Read More

  • HP Mini Note launches this month: Netbook can run Linux or Vista

    HP‘s the latest computer maker to jump on the netbook bandwagon. (Netbooks, of course, are those super small laptops only good for things like surfing the Web and checking e-mail. They’ll be big in the cash-strapped education market.) Its Mini-Note, which should go on sale later this month, is powered by one of those Via processors we’ve been hearing a little about lately. Read More

  • Cloudtrade Launches New Mobile Sharing Platform

    Cloudtrade is looking to register 10,000 people to help test its new mobile sharing platform. Testers will look for kinks and share their thoughts with the developers on how best to improve the service. The beta test supports all Windows-based mobile phones and a select group of Blackberry and non-Windows smart phones. The free, ad-supported social media networking application features 1GB of… Read More

  • Google Jumps Head First Into Web Services With Google App Engine

    Our live coverage of the Google App Engine launch event is here (Update: we’ve built and launched a test application here). Google isn’t just talking about hosting applications in the cloud any more. Tonight at 9pm PT they’re launching Google App Engine (Update: The site is live), an ambitious new project that offers a full-stack, hosted, automatically scalable web… Read More

  • CushyCMS Beta Launch: Free Invites For TechCrunch Readers

    Stateless Systems (RetailMeNot, BugMeNot) has launched a closed beta test of hosted service CushyCMS. CushyCMS is a fast, simple and free content management system that aims to make life easier for web designers by simplifying content management. Using CushyCMS, web designers can give content editors (for example a client) access to part, full or many pages at a granular level (headings… Read More

  • $25 Million Later, MeeVee In Trouble

    TV listings discovery service MeeVee has put itself on the market via press release. The Burlingame based company has taken $25 million in funding over four rounds that included DEFTA Partners, Edmond de Rothschild Venture Capital, FCPR Israel Discovery Fund, Labrador Ventures, The Bay Area Equity Fund and WaldenVC. The first sign of trouble at MeeVee surfaced in July 2007 when the company cut… Read More

  • Live From Google Campfire One

    Michael Arrington, Robert Scoble, and Steve Gillmor are on scene at Google Campfire One, the second developer event of its kind (the first was focused on OpenSocial). No official word yet about what will be announced, but we’ve already published our speculations. Update: We’ve published the details of tonight’s announcement here. Via Robert Scoble’s Qik stream, here is… Read More

  • Arduino TouchShield OLED

    Arduino is little open source circuit board that lets you create some fairly compelling projects with a few lines of code and some circuit boards. The latest addition to the project is LiquidWare’s TouchShield, an sensitive OLED that sits on top of the main board. Here it interacts with its human subject. (via Make) Read More

  • Radness: Water-cooled Xbox 360 mod

    My Xbox 360 overheats badly. So badly in fact that its best if I put it in the window next to my TV to play Halo 3, let it crash out when I’m mid-frag. I’ve picked up the Intercooler from Amazon and it makes things a little better, but if my radiator kicks on I know I’ve got about 3 minutes until I’m kaput. I should try something like Michael Hurt’s water-cooled Xbox. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: GTA IV multiplayer screen shots

    GTA IV launches April 29. You want this game. You’ve been frothing over this game for months and months. It has a 16-player online mode. Check out the shots. Read More

  • Another mesmerizing DiiFii review – 'Gunstar Heroes'

    Ah, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a video game review by DiiFii. I don’t know where he’s from, how old he is, or what he’s looking for out of this particular lifetime, but I can’t not watch his videos. Please enjoy this enthusiastic review of ‘Gunstar Heroes,’ a game that’s available for download to the Wii’s Virtual Console. Read More

  • CloudTrade.com: Mobile data storage for vile harpies

    CloudTrade is a new mobile media sharing platform that is offering 1GB of storage for free. You can share music and video with your friends and upload all your stuff over mobile. The above video shows how it works, but in a way that makes us ant to cry. Since when do girlfriends laugh at you for doing pilates? Read More

  • Griffin responds on the ClearBoost case

    Last week I tested — and lambasted — the Griffin ClearBoost case as the offspring of those “cell booster” stickers of yore. This touched a nerve at Griffin HQ and will encourage me to research this further with a fresh iPhone and a case. While I stand by my assessment that this is an RF interference device rather than a “booster,” I’m glad the folks… Read More

  • Yes, that is a $2,000 iPod dock made of "artificial coral"

    Do you have a chicken that lays golden eggs? Or, perhaps, a tree with money flowering on its limbs? Or maybe you are just a business consultant who earns some ungodly sum for laying platitudes before credulous CEOs? Whatever your method, if you are stinking rich, here is your next purchase. It is an iPod dock. And it is made of artificial coral. What is artificial coral, you say, and what… Read More

  • OCZ StealthXStream 600W: a perfectly decent PSU at a bargain price

    In this exhaustive review, the StealthXStream is taken apart and examined minutely by what I can only describe as zealous enthusiasts in the hardware field. Normally I just read the comments at Newegg to see whether a PSU lives up to its power promises, but these reviewers break it to pieces and track the manufacturers. It’s an interesting read if you’ve never contemplated the bits… Read More

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