• Slashdot hates on Digg's 'tyrannical' user-driven model

    [photopress:sdigg.jpg,full,center] Slashdot used to be the place to go for tech news. I now go there because, while the news may be a little older than what you can find on blogs, the comments are usually a lot more informative—a more “elite” techie than the average blog reader, maybe. But Slashdot has been in a feud of sorts with Digg since the latter’s launch. Read More

  • U.S. Leads World in Productive Use of Telecommunications Technology

    Connectivity Scorecard, a system that ranks countries on around 30 indicators that measure how will a country boosts its social and economic prosperity through telecommunications technologies, puts the United States at the head of the list. The system was created by London Business School professor Leonard Waverman to examine how well countries utilize networks, cell phones and… Read More

  • Let's Trash Yahoo During Happy Hour

    Yesterday I was scheduled to appear live on the Happy Hour show on the Fox Business Channel. The show is held at the Bull and Bear bar at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York, with customers milling around and drinking. I can’t believe no one has rushed the set as a prank yet. The topic, I thought, was our presidential endorsements of Barack Obama and John McCain. But we never… Read More

  • BlogTV Signs Strategic Deal With ICQ

    Live video streaming service BlogTV has signed a deal with the AOL owned ICQ that will see BlogTV promoted to ICQ users. The initial stage of the deal will see BlogTV promoted to ICQ users through the ICQ website, and in return ICQ will become the preferred instant messaging platform on BlogTV. The second stage will see ICQ users being able to use their ICQ login details to access and use… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Debatable Edition

    The Unreasonable Stance: Vote Republican for a tech revolution
    The CrunchGear Tech Presidential Primaries
    Keepon the dancing robot and Diane the dirty call management system
    Tactile MP3 player: Control it with near-zero forethought
    Childhood 2.0: Your kids live their lives online and that’s horrible Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. The Unreasonable Stance: Vote Republican for a tech revolution Krump Too bad you are not half as educated in politics\government as you are in tech. You bought hook line and sinker into a bunch of crap that someone sold you. If you are… Read More

  • eBay Changes Fee Structure To Drive Growth

    eBay yesterday announced a major shake up in its fee structure in an attempt to revitalize their core auction business. Amazon surpassed eBay in US traffic in December for the first time according to Nielsen, and growth rates on eBay have been either static or minimal over the last two to three years. Under the changes, eBay will slash listing fees by up to 50%, but in turn will increase… Read More

  • MOLI's $30m privacy-based network de-cloaks in Dublin, then de-robes a new user

    A lot of people this side of the Atlantic are sitting around scratching their heads as we learn that Ireland-based MOLI has – as if it were a Klingon starship in an episode of Star Trek – ‘de-cloaked’ in the middle of Dublin with a brand new kind of social network and almost 60 staff on its books. Who knew? It turns out US-based Mainstream Technologies, which runs MOLI… Read More

  • Tripr.TV: Get Paid For Hotel Videos

    Hotel video guides are a vertical that has started to grow from nothing in the last nine months. We covered Trivop in June 2007, a site billed as the first video guide for hotels. Then came TVTrip, another videoguide for hotels that scored $4.8 million in funding in July. Both sites rely on professionally recorded video. New comer Tripr.TV is embracing the move towards compensating user… Read More

  • ThisNext Takes $5 Million Series B

    Social shopping service ThisNext has taken $5 million Series B in a round that included previous investors Anthem Venture Partners and Clearstone Venture Partners. ThisNext launched in 2006 with a product that offers shopping combined with comments, tagging, social recommendations, comment ratings and a wishlist. Users can also create a website widget to show products they like to others via… Read More

  • MySpace Platform Goes Live February 5; Accepting Developer SignUps Now

    After months of rumblings and announcements, MySpace is finally getting ready to pull the trigger on its long-awaited platform for developers. Starting today, programmers can sign up to register for the MySpace API program, which will go live on February 5th. The APIs will allow developers to create social applications for MySpace much like they can already for Facebook. The platform will… Read More

  • Crunchdeals: Wal-Mart wants to outfit you with cheap TVs for Funday

    Agreed to host that Super Bowl party, but forgot that you’ve got a 12-inch TV with dials for UHF and VHF? Well, go kick it at Wal-Mart. And while you’re trying to forget that you’re at Wal-Mart, buy some of their inexpensive goods. They’ve got a 32-inch LCD TV for just under $600, a Polaroid one with a built-in DVD player for $700, or if you’ve already got a… Read More

  • Vaio T's get a CPU bump, new sexy shells

    The Sony ultraportables that were so unfavorably compared to the MacBook Air in the Stevenote have received a shot in the arm in the form of an extra 200MHz bump in the CPU. And to celebrate the new brain, they went out and bought it some new clothes. A model and a scholar! Well, kind of – it’s still not as powerful as the Air, though it’s smaller in some ways and still a… Read More

  • Military-grade translation coming to civilian iPods

    Get the hell outta here. Special iPod software that our soldiers use to communicate with Arabic- and Kurdish-speaking people will be made available to regular Joe-Jobbers like you and me soon. That’s quacktastic. Here’s more from Computerworld… For example, soldiers can show Iraqi citizens a photo of a terrorist, and the iPod says in Arabic, “have you seen this… Read More

  • WWE now in high-def: Hard bodies in 1080i ftw

    I totally forgot to mention this yesterday, but the very first high-definition WWE pay-per-view aired on Sunday. The Royal Rumble, held at New York’s Madison Square Garden, is an annual last-man-standing sort of thing. It’s a big deal for wrestling fans. Raw also made its HD debut on USA last night. It’s broadcast in 1080i, which is as good as you’re gonna get on… Read More

  • ControlC: Turning Cut & Paste Into A Web Service

    ControlC is an interesting new site that takes normal copy and pasting (Ctrl-C) and runs it through a web service. At its most basic, after you create an account and install the software, any time you hit Ctrl-C, the information is saved to the ControlC website as well as your local clipboard, as simple text or as a URL link if what you’ve copied is a link. The information is both… Read More

  • MOLI wins $30m to keep your public and private life separate

    MOLI , a US-owned [but Dublin-based, see update below] Florida-based social startup has launched at DEMO with $29.6m in funding from backers including the founder of Home Depot chain Bernard Marcus, and the chain’s co-founder, Kenneth Langone. They were joined by hedge fund Vantis Capital Management. Indeed GigaOm reports that founder Dr. Christos M. Cotsakos, former Chairman and CEO… Read More

  • The Unreasonable Stance: Vote Republican for a tech revolution

    Here at CrunchGear, we try to stay clear of political debates; after all, our mandate is hardware, gadgets, and technological goings-on. So usually, on all the sticky social and foreign policy issues, we stay mum. But when the outcome of the race could affect the entire tech sector, I feel a responsibility to throw our weight behind some candidate or another. In this case, the choice is clear. Read More

  • Fleecing of America: My overpriced college calls Internet 'phone system for computers'

    [photopress:riseofweblowres.jpg,full,center] I wish I were kidding, but this half-page of notes (higher res version here) cost me around $500 yesterday. I’m taking a class called Rise of the Web taught by Jay Rosen, which is supposed to explore how the Internet is going to change the [journalism/media] world we live in. You know, things we deal with here at CrunchGear on a… Read More

  • Need to upgrade the MacBook HD? How's 320GB sound?

    [photopress:hdupgrade.jpg,full,center]MCE Technologies has added a 320GB laptop HD for MacBooks to it’s lineup of replacement drives. $349 gets you all those gigabytes at 5400RPM and an 8MB buffer. It’s not the fastest drive out there, but if you’re more storage minded than performance minded, you may begin drooling now. Ships today. Mobilestar 320GB Drive [MCE Technologies] Read More

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