• Phantom Entertainment Invading A Hotel Near You, Maybe

    Oh Phantom Entertainment, try as you might to make us think you actually produce hardware, you go and sign with ProGames Network to bring your non-existent wireless lapboard and game service to a hotel near me, you, or anyone. How long have we been waiting for the illusive Phantom game console? Over a year and then you decided to downgrade to a lapboard that was supposed to ship sometime… Read More

  • European Sony PSPs Set To Go!

    SCEE and British Sky Broadcasting have joined together to bring UK and Irish PSP owners a content download service called Go! in early 2008. Sky will provide content such as movies, sports, music and cartoons for download via Wi-Fi or transferred from owners PCs to their PSP. Third party content will also be available on a pay-per-view basis. No pricing has been released, which is expected… Read More

  • Review: Nokia MD-5W Bluetooth Speakers

    Nokia makes rock solid phones. There’s really no argument against that. They’re one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers and I’ve owned plenty of them in the past as I’m sure most of you have as well. They’ve evolved with the times and hopped onto the music phone train where they’ve done quite well. The 5300 XpressMusic caters to your… Read More

  • Sony Announces PlayTV For PAL Territories

    Apparently Sony favors PAL countries more than us. Sony officially announced today the PlayTV, which is a combination TV tuner and PVR. The UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain will get first dibs early next year with the rest of the PAL territories getting in on the fun before we, NTSC, do. The details first announced weeks ago still hold true as PlayTV will run on DVB-T and will use a… Read More

  • Pentax Launches Two New Point and Shoots

    The S10 Pentax has just announces two new Optios, the Z10 with 7X optical zoom and the S10, a 10-megapixel super-slim model. Both cameras ship in September for $249.99. Read More

  • New Playboy Social Network Built On Ning

    Well, this is a big win for build-your-own-social-network Ning, which just raised a massive round of funding. The new Playboy social network we covered earlier today is actually built on Ning, not self-built code or one of the many other white label social networking options available. Once you actually sign up for the site it becomes clear it’s Ning, since their pervasive toolbar remains… Read More

  • Philips amBX Peripherals Simulate Just About Everything

    You know the Philips Ambilight feature that’s found on some of its flat panel TVs? Well that same technology is coming soon to a PC game near you, on steroids. Philips’ new amBX peripherals will include things like a rumbling wrist rest, surround speakers with built-in 16-million color synchronizing lights, and fans that sit on your desk “simulating everything from a… Read More

  • VIZIO Now Leads North American Flat Panel Market

    Four years ago, you might have guessed that VIZIO was some sort of graphic design company or electric scooter manufacturer. It toiled about in relative obscurity until for a couple years and, at the end of the second quarter of 2005, the company sat in 15th place in the North American flat panel TV market. Another two years have gone by since then… Read More

  • Playboy Launches College-Only Social Networking Site

    In order to combat sluggish sales, Playboy has recently launched Playboy U, a social networking site just for college students. Remember when Facebook was just for college students? Well Playboy U is sorta like that. Read More

  • Panasonic Develops New Televisions, Acronym

    Oh boy, thanks for the new acronym Panasonic. Introducing “LIFI” (it’s trademarked, so watch your step). It’s “a first-of-its-kind light fidelity projection display application that ensures images brightness over an extended period of time as well as greatly reduced start-up time.” Well there you have it. Read More

  • Playboy Launches Social Network: "High schoolers, old dudes and your Mom can't join"

    Update: Playboy U is built on the Ning platform The recent launch of Silicon Valley funded adult/porn site Zivity raised a few eyebrows. Now one of the old sovereigns of sexy is getting into the game, too. CrunchGear reports that Playboy is launching their own sexy social networking site just for college students, Playboy U. Playboy U requires all users to have a .edu email addresses… Read More

  • VideoEgg And Lots Of Others Call B.S. On YouTube

    VideoEgg’s overlay advertising system has been in the market for a year and is driving “significant” revenue for the company. it’s so successful, in fact, that they recently launched a Facebook advertising network based on the same technology. The idea is to use a Flash overlay advertisement with some basic information and graphics that takes up a small part of the… Read More

  • Lypp's Free-n-Easy Conference Calling Coming In September

    Lypp.com (site is not yet live) is a new group calling service set to launch a private beta in September. There are a lot of conference calling services out there already, not least among them being the full blown meeting applications (GoToMeeting, WebEx). However, Lypp wants to make initiating a conference call dead simple (download free) over IM, SMS, and email. The service will be free at… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs

    Here are some of the most recent CrunchBoard job posts: Facebook Application Developers at Coolapps.com in New Hope, PA Director of Business Development at Truveo in San Francisco, CA Web Designer at BWE an IAC company in Charlotte, NC
    Java Guru at MTV Networks in New York, NY Experienced Web Hacker at Zivity in San Francisco, CA
    Java Technical Lead/Architect at The New York Times… Read More

  • LendingClub To Close $10.26 Million Series A

    Peer to peer lending service Lending Club will close a $10.26 million series A round of financing from Norwest Venture Partners and Canaan Partners tomorrow. This comes a few months after the company’s $2 million angel round. Coinciding with the investment, Jeff Crowe and Dan Ciporin (former ceo of shopping.com) are joining Lending Club’s board of directors. Similar to other… Read More

  • Sony Creating 12.47-Megapixel DSLR Sensors

    Our galaxy is a big place. Scientists say that if the sun were the size of a period on a page, the Milky Way would be the size of the continental United States. That being said, if you went to the edge of our galaxy with a DSLR camera featuring Sony’s upcoming 12.47-megapixel sensor, you’d be able to take a picture of Earth and the detail would be so fine that you’d be… Read More

  • Stocks.us: A TechMeme Clone For Stock News

    Stocks.us recently surfaced in the TechCrunch Forums. It’s an aggregator around public company stock news that has a suspiciously similar approach and look/feel as blog news aggregator TechMeme. The site groups news items from major media (Reuters, WSJ, USAToday, etc.). Lots of stories = higher placement on the site. Newer stories are linked in the right sidebar. It updates every 15… Read More

  • Turtle Beach Says 'All Your Ears Are Belong To Us'

    The Ear Force X3 headphones from Turtle Beach are designed for the Xbox 360. They plug directly into the controller and communicate via an IR receiver. The main selling point of these “cans” (as I used to call them back in my college radio days) is a dynamic audio leveling feature which basically keeps your teammates’ voices coming through loud and clear even as… Read More

  • MyHeritage Expands Its Family Tree

    Genealogy site MyHeritage is merging with Pearl Street Software. Through the team-up MyHeritage will pick up Pearl Street’s VP of Technology and gain control of the #2 family tree software in worldwide sales (Family Tree Legends), the #2 family tree submission site (GenCircles) with more than 160 million ancestors, and more than 400 million public records in the Family Tree Legends… Read More

  • Windows Home Server Starts Shipping September 15th?

    Hewlett Packard’s MediaSmart Home Server, pictured here, made a brief blip on the internet radar recently when it showed up and quickly disappeared from various online stores (it’s still up on Amazon, however). It’ll apparently be available to ship on September 15th and there will be two models available, a 500GB version for $599 and a 1TB version for $749. Each will have an… Read More

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