• FeedBurner Releases Major User Engagement Report

    RSS management megavendor FeedBurner released an interesting report this morning about the relative market shares of the various leading RSS reader vendors.  The statistics go beyond mere subscription numbers and focus on what FeedBurner says is more important – reader engagement. That engagement is measured in two ways, the number of times the feed’s items are loaded and… Read More

  • Canon's Two Merry ELPHs: SD750 And SD1000

    Canon has announced two new digital cameras in its digital ELPH line: the SD750 and SD1000. Set to be released in March, the SD750 and SD1000 are decent looking cameras that come in stainless steel or dual-tone matte black and cost $300 and $350 (respectively). Both use the new Canon DIGIC III image processor, which is said to increase performance and improve image quality. Other included… Read More

  • RIAA Works With College Students to Convince Them They Are Criminals

    Ah, college. Those heady days between being able to drive and being able to get a job, settle down, and wait patiently for death. Is there anything better than sitting down during your late teens and early twenties and learning about file sharing from a fat man named Mitch (shown here)? I didn’t think so. It seems that the RIAA is sending out thousands of complaints to universities… Read More

  • The Futurist: What An XM-Sirius Merger Means For You

    Woah. So XM and Sirius are looking to form a more perfect union. And, at long last, Howard Stern and Oprah fans will have something in common other than being married to each other. Of course, there are lots of regulatory hurdles that could keep the ink from drying on the deal (a failed merger by satellite TV providers EchoStar and DirecTV immediately comes to mind), but lets assume, for… Read More

  • Star Trek Light Dimmer

    Tired of sleeping with women? Try the Star Trek Light Dimmer! This $40 device connects to your light switch and allows you to say “Computer, Disengage Lights” and it will comply by turning off the lights. I mean it’s sort of a computer, right? It’s binary? The dimmer even replies in the voice of Majel Roddenberry, Gene’s wife, to ensure that your lonely nights can… Read More

  • Pay-Per-Use Electricity at Dallas-Fort Worth

    Let’s recap, shall we? You arrive at the airport and a little man in a vest yells at you to move your car and stop hugging. Then you move to the front counter or perhaps a buggy kiosk and wait until Lomo the Ticket Agent stops talking on his cell long enough to press three buttons. You then get patted down, all of your liquids taken away, eyed with suspicion, and then forced to walk on… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Howdy Stranger Edition

    DIY iTrip Signal Booster In An Altoids Tin
    Japanese Keychain Fobs: Gizmo Never Looked So Great
    Lip Reading Computers Not Far Off
    Voice Activated Answering Machines Delivers Messages, Therapy
    Apple Caught Red-Handed! Read More

  • Cisco and Apple Reach iPhone Trademark Agreement

    Word from Cupertino is that Apple and Cisco have resolved their dispute involving the iPhone trademark. In the agreement, both companies are free to use the iPhone name throughout the world and neither will continue to seek legal actions. As part of the bargain, Cisco and Apple with explore interoperability in areas of security and consumer and enterprise communications. Other terms of the… Read More

  • It's G-Day: Google Launches Apps Premier

    The day that everyone knew was coming has arrived with the announcement that Google has launched Google Apps Premier, its subscription package of premium, hosted business applications in direct competition with Microsoft. Michael Arrington posted this afternoon about a rumor of an undetermined major announcement from Google set for tomorrow, now the Wall St. Journal reports that Google… Read More

  • LG, Prada Headset For The Label Whores

    The fashion conscious who plan to get their well manicured mitts on the LG Prada will be happy to know that they can also get a matching Bluetooth headset. LG and Prada have teamed up again to release a headset that is set to launch in May. It doesn’t seem to be anything special, but it does have a nice display to show you battery strength, volume and device name….not to mention the… Read More

  • Y Combinator Taking Apps: Have Idea, Will Travel

    Got an idea? Willing to hustle for a summer to see it grow? Y Combinator just announced their summer application drive. Applications are due by April 2nd and by the 10th, a few will be selected to present in Mountain View on April 21-22nd. If selected, your team will relocate to work and learn in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For those of you unfamiliar with Y Combinator, it’s the seed… Read More

  • ATI's New Mac-Specific Radeon Breathes Fire, Kills Dragons, Has CrossFire

    This is the Radeon X2800XT with CrossFire technology. It’s a mammoth of a video card. And if rumors hold true, it’ll hit the streets this April at NAB in Las Vegas. But you won’t be able to buy this guy off the shelf just then. No, the X2800XT with CrossFire will be incorporated into the updated MacPros we’ve been hearing about. And that’s an exclusive deal… Read More

  • Cheapo World Phone for Hazardous, Perilous Adventures!

    When the cannibals of Botswharia are boiling you in their giant cauldron, ready to remove your head from your body in preparation of their Lent feast, you’ll be super bummed that your fancy cellphone died hours before you will. That thing cost $200, and that was with a two year contract, dude! Take our advice, travel light. Use a phone like the National Geographic Global Cell Phone. Read More

  • iTunes Points Out Pirated Music

    A tasty little tale is currently developing in the music world that was exposed by the Gracenote’s database that backs iTunes. The story revolves around the recordings of the late pianist Joyce Hatto. Before her death in 2006, Hatto released a collection of pieces from major composers. It sounds innocuous enough. People release recordings of Beethoven and Mozart all the time. The… Read More

  • Modtendo #442: Wireless Controllers out of Classic Gamepads

    Our Wii is nice and all, but there’s something beyond retro about the original NES or even the SNES’s simple controller that makes us better gamers. That’s why we like what [mark] has done over at Hack-A-Day. [mark] took apart his tired old controllers and added wireless transceivers to the guts, as well as iPod Mini batteries (they’re light, you see). He then make… Read More

  • Lip Reading Computers Not Far Off

    In the far future, your computer will be able to read your lips. That is, if researchers at the U of East Anglia are successful in their three-year project. The idea is sound: using technology similar to character recognition, a computer can take input from a video camera, for example, and parse the position of a person’s lips at specified intervals. It then uses algorithms much like… Read More

  • Passionate Users Jumpstart Creativity

    We’ve all seen this before. Passionate users want more or different functionality for a given product, and they build it themselves rather than wait. Sometimes it is done purely for passion, other times there’s a profit motive. But the result is often a kick in the pants to the original startup. How the company responds says a lot about their commitment to their users. A good… Read More

  • PBWiki Raises $2m

    PBwiki closed $2 million in funding this morning from Mohr Davidow Ventures.  Founder and CEO David Weekly confirmed that previous investors Ron Conway and Chris Yeh also put in an additional $100k. PBwiki advertises itself as the easiest way to quickly create a hosted wiki and the company’s product is particularly well executed.  It recently added a What You See is What You Get… Read More

  • Possible Major Google Announcement Tomorrow

    Update: Google Apps Premier Edition launched this evening. See our updated coverage here. We have a well placed but single source rumor that Google may make a major announcement tomorrow, possibly a statement of its “official” strategy around their small business focused products. If this is the case, it would likely involve bundling Docs & Spreadsheets with Google Apps for… Read More

  • Samsung To Launch Revolutionary USB Monitors

    Have you been dreaming about five or more monitors hooked up to your PC? Alas, our graphics cards are incapable of this task but Samsung is about to make those champagne dreams a reality. Debuting next month at CeBIT is the 19-inch Syncmaster 940UX that connects via USB. How is this even possible you ask? For the first time, users will have the option of connecting through USB as well as… Read More

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