• Contest: "Share Your Location" With TeleNav GPS Navigator

    The entries have started rolling in, so it looks like we’ll have a real competition on our hands. Please keep ’em coming. In case you’re not sure what this is all about, we’re running a contest to celebrate the release of the latest version of TeleNav GPS Navigator and the company is donating a Bluetooth GPS receiver and 3 months of TeleNav service for two lucky… Read More

  • Shuttle XPC Glamor Series SG33G5 Barebones With HDMI

    Itching to build yourself a little Vista home-theater PC, but were holding out for an integrated HDMI port? Announced at Computex Taipei 2007, the $360 Shuttle XPC Glamor Series SG33G5 should satisfy your needs. Inside the shiny black case sits a motherboard based on Intel’s G33 Express chipse and offers “top quality, highly efficient components for enhanced system reliability… Read More

  • Good Mobile Messaging 5: Business Users' Best Friend (As Far As E-mail Goes)

    Motorola purchased the Good Technology Group last January and now has Good Mobile Messaging 5 to show for it. It’s a software package for smartphones that attempts to mobilize Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. Professionals, so I’m told, actually use e-mail for work and not just sending funny links to your entire address book, so having it all nice and organized is key. Time is… Read More

  • iPhone Data Plan Details

    According to BGR, a trusted source has just leaked some “deets” regarding the iPhone data plan. Looks like it will probably be a fair $35 to $45 per month, with unlimited data and either 2,000 or unlimited text messages. It is still unknown as to how the voice plans will work, but so far the rates seem to be competitive with current data/voice plans. We hope it won’t really… Read More

  • Help-Key: How To Rock a Dope Phone That's Not an iPhone

    It may surprise some of you to read this, especially from me, but I must say it: Not everyone is going to need an iPhone. Sure, I’m stoked as anyone to get my hands on one, but I’m not sold that it’s the do-all some people are hyping it up to be (not Apple, btw). Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an industry-changing device the likes of which we haven’t… Read More

  • Ikan Is Set To Revolutionize Your Grocery Shopping Experience

    I believe that everyone can admit without a doubt that our lives have become so busy that simple tasks like grocery shopping have become tedious and a huge waste of time. I hate grocery shopping, but being a fat kid isn’t the most conducive mindset to have on this subject. I wouldn’t mind it as much if I didn’t have to wait in ridiculously long lines, either. It’s a… Read More

  • Mitch Kapor's Foxmarks To Leap Into Search World

    Mitch Kapor likes to solve problems. In the 80’s, he was the guy behind Lotus 1-2-3, the first killer app for computers. More recently he decided to tackle a a simpler problem – synchronizing Firefox bookmarks across multiple computers. His popular Firefox plugin, Foxmarks, has been downloaded 700,000 times and has 350,000 active users. All those users create some very well… Read More

  • Keep Your Fridge Stocked with Ikan

    If you’ve even been on a late night Mountain Dew binge only to wake up and forget how many of the “Extreme” beverages you need to restock for your next LAN party, Ikan might have the fix for you. Ikan is a special bar code scanner you can use to keep your grocery shopping list up to date. As you use items, simply scan them before you trash them to keep a running tally of… Read More

  • O2 Helen: Completely Out of the Blue and Not the iPhone

    There’s really not too much to say about this heretofore unseen Helen cellphone from O2. I could say that it sorta has an HTC-like vibe to it, but that could be just because it’s running WinMo 6 like the Wing. I could also say that its 3G-nessm, which includes UMTS, is impressive, but that’s only true because I’m an American whose country has the worst cellphone networks… Read More

  • Weiner Dog Accent Lamp

    Oh my. What do we have here? Could it be a Weiner Dog Accent Lamp that compliments the coffee table perfectly? Could be! It looks like a dog, but it’s really a lamp with a beautiful amber glow! It’ll look perfect next to my Labrador Cigar Cutter. Want to get your weiner on or know someone with a bunch of dachshunds? It’ll set you back $50 and a slice of your pride. Wiener… Read More

  • High Awareness of iPhone

    The majority of U.S. and U.K. mobile phone users know about the iPhone, according to M:Metrics, a data research company. In other news, dogs bark. Fourteen percent of U.S. users who had heard of it intended to purchase it. Mark Donovan, senior vice president and senior analyst of M:Metrics, called that “an impressive figure, when you consider that the installed base of most high-end… Read More

  • iPhone Shipments Arriving Already, Protected By Armed Guards

    It’s OK guys, only a few more days until the iPhone’s launch, then we can all move on with our lives. But for now… Apparently Apple is using armed guards to protect the iPhone as it ships from the Far East to North America. The first shipments of the phone are now arriving here, under security that’s usually reserved for actual valuable items like gold and elephant ivory. Read More

  • Epson Perfection V200 Photo Scanner: 3D Object Scannnig for $99

    Stand-alone photo scanners like Epson’s just released Perfection V200 are great for folks who used film cameras during the stone age to take pictures. Whereas those of us who reached full statue during the digital camera boom have less use for them, others could do far worse than this Epson offering. Its 4800 dpi resolution should hold up just fine even when scanning images at the… Read More

  • 100 More Tickets Now Available to TechCrunch Party

    To celebrate some of the recent TechCrunch press, we’ve just made 100 more tickets to the July 27 TechCrunch Party at August Capital available. The price is $10, all proceeds are being donated to the Kipp Bayview Academy, a public elementary school in southeast San Francisco, for the purchase of computer-related equipment. Attendee identification will be checked at the… Read More

  • Fashion Designer: Style Icon DS Announced

    Just signed the lease to that new apartment in Chelsea and need a way to celebrate? Come November when you move in, you can pick up a copy of Fashion Designer: Style Icon for the Nintendo DS to help you decorate. Since you love interior decorating so much, you can use your Nintendo DS to arrange furniture, try out different color rugs, and even see how low you want to cut your blinds. Read More

  • Slapvid: Peer to Peer Video in Your Browser

    Video on the web is a killer app, but it’s also a bandwidth hog. Forbes estimated that content distribution networks like Akami or Limelight can charge distributors around a cent per minute, while larger distributors can get deals at around a half or tenth of a cent. Last year it was estimated that Youtube was spending over $1 million a month to stream more than 100 million videos a day. Read More

  • GSM Calls for More Coverage at 900MHz

    Deployment of networks in the lower spectrum band would potentially add 300 million new mobile broadband customers, says the Groupe Speciale Mobile (GMA) Association, a global trade organization for the mobile phone industry. Tom Phillips, the chief government and regulatory affairs officer of the GSMA, calls 3G technology at 900MHz, “a cost-effective way to provide valuable… Read More

  • JVC Releases Four New 1080p LCD TVs

    JVC continues to expand its LCD 1080p line with four new models today. The 688 series has been revamped with 37- and 42-inch sets that now boast a sleek new black cabinet and will retail for $1,599.95 and $1,999.95, respectively. The 788 series one ups its little brother with 42- and 47-inch sets that feature the aforementioned black cabinet along with silver trim and Lohan-thin bezel. The… Read More

  • CrunchGear Boooring Edition: Kaplan SAT Preps Hit iTMS

    Zzzzz….wh..what? Oh. Hey there. Sorry, I was reading something about Apple and fell asleep for a second. Anyway, Kaplan and Apple have partnered to offer SAT prep courses on the iTunes Music Store. At $5 each, the cost is considerably cheaper than taking an actual Kaplan course, though it is yet to be determined how much parents will warm up to the idea of a practice test being sold… Read More

  • Pre-launch iPhone Video Whets Appetites

    Last friday, one week before the official launch of the much anticipated iPhone, Apple debuted a 20-minute guided tour of the next-gen phone on its Web site. The video is thoroughly informative including minutiae such as the volume and power buttons. The exciting content, however, is watching the touch screen in action (flipping through album covers, changing userbar buttons, rotating the… Read More

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