• Cobalt Blue Nintendo DS officially announced: It's a fashion statement

    [photopress:dsbluereal.jpg,full,center] That Cobalt Blue Nintendo DS? Yeah, she’s real. To be released on Feb. 10, the portable system “grabs your attention” with its fancy new paint job. Nintendo says that, with the wide variety of different color DSs now available, there’s one color “to complement any outfit.” It’s still $130 and still a fun… Read More

  • Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo! for $45B

    [photopress:yahoomsft.jpg,full,center] Microsoft has offered to buy Yahoo! for $44 billion, or $31 per share. Right now, Yahoo! trades for $19.18, so the $31 price tag (a 62 percent premium) must look very tempting to Yahoo! shareholders, especially given the company’s lackluster performance lately. In a letter to Yahoo!’s board of directors, Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer said the… Read More

  • A&E TV Network Taps Talent from Crisp Wireless

    A&E Television Networks (AETN) is partnering with Crisp Wireless to create and manage mobile websites for three of AETN’s channels. The websites will provide information and downloads for A&E Network, The History Channel and BIO. “This initiative is a great way for us to extend our consumer’s passion for our brands and programming to a mobile audience,” said… Read More

  • Motorola may Restructure or Dump Mobile Phone Division

    After the New York stock market closed yesterday, Motorola announced that it is considering ways to deal with its ailing mobile phone division. Some have speculated this means selling or spinning-off the division, but the statement’s language leaves open other possibilities. Motorola said it would consider separating the handset division from the company and that it is looking at ways… Read More

  • What Would a Combined Microsoft-Yahoo Look Like?

    Microsoft’s $31 a share offer for Yahoo is made possible by Yahoo’s slumping shares (Yahoo’s stock was trading at about $31 a year ago). While Yahoo has rejected Microsoft’s entreaties in the past, with Terry Semel stepping down as chairman of the board yesterday, things might be different this time. I ran some quick, back-of-the-envelope numbers to see what a… Read More

  • WOW. Microsoft Offers $44.6 Billion To Acquire Yahoo

    Update: More on the deal here and here (email from Ballmer to all MS employees) It’s been rumored for a long time, but now it’s reality. Microsoft has made an unsolicited $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo. The bid, which would consist of cash and Microsoft stock, values Yahoo shares at $31 a share, a 62% premium on Thursdays closing price. Michael stated during his appearance on Fox… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Killer Firefly Edition

    Shirts that give you health when you’re close to your other
    HTC’s upcoming interface might be named ‘Manila’
    One year ago today: The Mooninite hoax that shocked the nation
    FireFly anti-dust device
    The Orientation: High-Definition Multimedia Interface Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Domo Robot Has Human-Like Eyes That Can Sorta See olivia im tryin to make a robot its comin out 2 thumbs down Read More

  • Time to hack that Skypeable PSP?

    This is not what the latest firmware looks like. Feelin’ frisky? Not that we condone piracy or hacking of any sort, but I’m sure homebrewers out there want to get going on the latest firmware update for the PSP. Well, you needn’t fret any longer. Team M33 has already done it for you. Click on over and check it out. If you’re feeling uneasy about the whole thing then… Read More

  • General Imaging's GE point-and-shoots actually look pretty nice

    When I think GE, I think washer/dryer, I think fridge. Turns out this enormous company makes about everything under the sun that’s even remotely electronic. I’m a DSLR guy, but stuff like touchscreen LCDs and built-in GPS receptors could tempt even the most skeptical old-schooler. Here are the facts for the $250 E1050, for example:
    10 megapixels, 28mm equivalent lens, 5x optical… Read More

  • As Twitter Service Woes Continue, Japanese Money Looks Likely

    Twitter dumped Joyent as its hosting provider late yesterday (see our report here) and it was presumed by some that the switch away form Joyent was due to the poor reliability of the service. We later learnt that Twitter had switched to Verio, and this is where the rumor mill gets interesting. According to one source, the move to Verio wasn’t related to issues with Joyent, but due to a… Read More

  • Fatten up that DS Lite for no apparent reason

    I know I’d never buy this doodad, but maybe some crazed DS fanboy might. I think the speakers are adequate enough and it’s the perfect size. For some reason Gametech thinks differently and wants you to fatten up that DS Lite with the Sound Shell. It also acts as a case and has a built-in stand, so that’s worth something. Not sure how much louder the sound will be, though. Read More

  • EA confirms Rock Band coming to the Wii

    After months of speculation EA’s CEO John Riccitiello confirmed today at the end of the Q3 conf call that Rock Band will be coming to the Wii. No word on when and for how much, but rest assured that it’s coming. Rock Band Confirmed for Wii [IGN] Read More

  • Facebook Finances Leaked

    Kara Swisher’s elves must have Mark Zuckerberg’s number. Because she is reporting details from an all-hands meeting the Facebook founder held on Thursday for employees that had an open dial-in number, in which he revealed the following financial metrics for the still-private company: 2007 Revenues: $150 million 2008 Revenues: $300 to $350 million (projected) 2007 Headcount… Read More

  • Culinary Seductions: Cooking For Men Who Want To Impress Women

    Cooking and recipe sites are a dime a dozen online, but usually they offer generic recipes tailored for people who cook regularly….and despite women’s liberation and equality of the sexes that’s still statistically women.

    Culinary Seductions is billed as “the guys guide to cooking for girls” and does just that, offering recipes for men wishing to look smart… Read More

  • In Time For Super Tuesday, It's Super Obama Girl

    You can argue all you want about who won the Democratic debate tonight, but all that matters is who wins on Super Tuesday. If viral video is any indicator (and I don’t think it is), Barack Obama is already ahead. From the folks at Barely Political, now part of Next New Networks, here is latest Obama Girl video: Super Obama Girl. It just came out: Personally, in my book, you can… Read More

  • Shirts that give you health when you're close to your other

    [photopress:hugshirts_1.jpg,full,center] We’re coming up to Valentine’s Day, 2008, and here I am again without a date. Ok, not true, I have two dates, but it’s not like that. Ok, it is if I’m lucky. Anyway, the point is, there are these shirts, see, and when you and your signif are wearing them, and you come within hugging distance (which is a scientific constant… Read More

  • The MacBook Air's super-tiny processor coming soon to a PC near you

    A source at Intel has revealed that Windows PCs will soon be using the much-lauded MacBook Air processor that Apple forced Intel to make practically at gunpoint. This isn’t really surprising; it’s understandable that Intel would let Apple have the glory of the unveil, but it’s a valuable technology and I’ve heard from reliable sources that Intel likes money. So… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Orientation: High-Definition Multimedia Interface

    It’s been a while since my last Orientation, but we’ve all been traveling around for various events and such over the last month so it’s been a little hectic. To get things back on track, we’re going to talk about High-Definition Multimedia Interface, better known as HDMI. The Super Bowl is coming up as well as March Madness and some of you just got a brand new HDTV for… Read More

  • Now the Pancake man can make money from YouTube too

    UK-based YouTubers can now earn ad revenue from posting videos to the UK site, as US users have been able to do since early last year. The UK version of the site is the first outside the US to benefit from the YouTube Partner Programme, with more European territories in the pipeline. Adverts run next to videos. Contributors retain their own copyright. Those in the UK set to benefit include… Read More

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