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    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. The Unreasonable Stance: Touchscreens are just a fad Cory I bet you’d change your stance if touchscreens had boobies.
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  • Twenga Gets €2.6 Million For Product Search

    3i has invested €2.6 million in shopping search engine Twenga. Similar to other shopping search startups, Twenga is a meta search engine for products from online merchants. Twenga’s search results include user reviews and images on top of the usual price comparisons. There are a ton of shopping product search engines out there right now. It’s a crowded space and to… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Sony Vaio VGN-SZ650 thin and light notebook

    This notebook replaced my Macbook. I feel no personal shame. This one is lighter, has a better graphics card, and has a much longer battery. I have nothing against Apple, the Macintosh product line, or the City of Cupertino and I quite like my iPod Touch. But I’m a PC kid. I can’t shake it, despite numerous flings with Macbooks, Mac Minis, and various G3/4/5 desktop… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Supple leather chair for $129, shipped

    Office Depot has a very swank-looking $300 office chair with a $100 instant discount and another 35% off with coupon code 85088692 at checkout, bringing it to just under $130 plus tax with free shipping. It’s made from "soft, supple leather". How can you resist? Everyone loves supple. Alas, it’s only designed for 3-5 hours of use per day, which makes me wonder how much… Read More

  • CG Holidays 2007 Recommendation: Get thyself some HDTV!

    Oh yah! Yesterday was December 6, 2007! That means that Comcast has added several new channels to its HD lineup, including History Channel HD! That is so awesome! Here, in the photo above, we see a still from tonight’s Tuskegee airmen documentary. Those guys kicked ass. Yes, that is my TV. Yes, I got a good deal on it. Yes, you can get the same deal now if you’re diligent in… Read More

  • CNET Provides Branded Widgets, But Who Will Use Them?

    CNET Networks, the parent company for CNET.com, MP3.com, TV.com, GameSpot and several other web destinations, has released a set of widgets for embedding their videos on non-CNET websites. The widgets are well-designed and currently available for BNET, CHOW, CNET.com, GameSpot, and TV.com. Whichever the source, they show some branding, a video clip, a selection of other video clips, and an… Read More

  • Edgeio To Shut Down – In The DeadPool

    Edgeio, a company I co-founded in 2005, had a final board meeting this evening and made the decision to shut down operations of the company. We are putting it into the TechCrunch DeadPool. Edgieo first launched in February 2006 after a beta period. The company raised a small angel round of financing, then in October 2006 closed a $5 million Series A from Intel Capital and Transcosmos. The… Read More

  • Wikipedia Sued For Nazi Sympathies

    There’s been no shortage of stories lately alleging that Wikipedia moderators have fascist tendencies, but a new case goes one step further. A German politician has filed charges against Wikipedia alleging that the worlds most famous UGC site promotes Nazism. Katina Schubert, a deputy leader of the Left Party (Die Linke) told reporters that she had filed the charge on the grounds… Read More

  • SmugMug Automatically Scales Photos and Video, Supports High Definition Video

    SmugMug has released a set of new features that further cements itself as a first-rate photo sharing website. The first of these constitutes just a user interface upgrade, but a very attractive one at that. SmugMug realizes that users often change the size of their browser windows – and switch between devices with differently sized screens – so it has implemented dynamic resizing… Read More

  • Breaking: American Airlines to offer Wi-Fi service next year; takes lead as first totally not-crappy airline

    We got a tip that something cool is about to hit. I keep saying that the “no electronic devices on airplanes” thing is crap, and American Airlines, it seems, is seeing my point of view. Starting next year, transcontinental 767-200s will be equipped with Wi-Fi and broadband access via Aircell, who has a similar deal in place with Virgin Airlines. The technology has been around… Read More

  • CrunchGear this Week

    The strange days of post-thanksgiving excess and crushed consumers are over. Of course, that means that the pre-holiday rush has begun, and CG’s holiday recommendations are coming fast and furious. But there’s been some controversy: old man Dvorak trashed the OLPC, our own Peter Ha alleged that the PS3 “stinks,” , and also that Leopard should die, causing an influx… Read More

  • CG Holidays 2007 Recommendation: Optomo DX625 HD video projector

    Don’t let my 37-inch LCD HDTV fool you. When you want a real cinematic experience, there’s something special about watching it projected. For Tuesday night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I watched it in HD on a 60-inch whiteboard, as projected by a Optoma DX625 HD video projector. The picture was crystal clear, and bright as you’d want. The projector itself fits… Read More

  • Do you remember this Apple ad from 1990? Of course not!

    So, Dr. Macenstein introduces a Mac Chick of the Month that’s usually very tantalizing and something I certainly look forward to every month (my fave), but today he received a photo from one of his readers that’s purported to be the first Mac Chick, circa 1990. The ad is showcasing the Mac Classic and a very not unattractive model. Does anyone remember this or is it fake? Update… Read More

  • LimeJuice's Mobile Social Network: It's Easy, And So People May Use It

    Stealth startup Hyphen-8 has been beta testing their new mobile social network called Lime Juice in San Francisco since October. Using your phone to create or enhance real world interactions is a killer application, but no one has cracked the nut yet. The reason is that the network is useless until it achieves a critical mass of users who are online and using the application via their… Read More

  • The Blog Council: Bad Or Inspired Idea?

    “A professional community of top global brands dedicated to promoting best practices in corporate blogging” have formed The Blog Council, a “forum for executives to meet one another in a private, vendor-free environment and share tactics, offer advice based on past experience, and develop standards-based best practices as a model for other corporate blogs.” Initial… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Box Set

    I’m sure most of you grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes and December 31, 1995 was a sad day as its run ended after 10 glorious years. My brother and I both collected C&H and I’m positive they’re stored somewhere in our parent’s house, but those were paperback and I’d much rather have a hardback copy. Why not surprise a fan with this box set or introduce a whole… Read More

  • Top Ten Star Wars Tattoos Ever

    I love Star Wars more than just about everything, including the bad parts (most of EpI, duh). And I’m always a fan of Star Wars tattoos, though I lack any of my own. I mean, that Darth Vader helmet on your forearm looks cool now, but will haunt you when you run for congress, ya know? Anyway, in the spirit of the Yoda above, I give you Flesh of the Force’s top 10 most awesomest… Read More

  • Forkchops – What I want for Xmas

    Not often do kitchen utensils make the rounds of gadget blogs, but when my friend showed me these Forkchops, I was all like, “OMG! WTF!” because I have to have them right now. I eat a lot of asian food, including food from the Indian subcontinent. I love noodles and chicken that’s been cut for me. I’m that lazy. And I eat it with chopsticks so I don’t look like what… Read More

  • Apple shuts down Asian iPhone sellers

    Insert John Pinette joke here. Electronics retailers in Asia are now receiving notices from Apple advising them not to sell unlocked iPhones or face a $1,000 fine. According the Straits Times, retailers received a sternly-worded email from Apple legal advising them that selling “parallel” handsets with the SIM lock disabled is illegal and will result in litigation. It seems… Read More

  • Rumor: Dreamcast 2? Why, when Dreamcast is still the best?

    Sega filed for some patents back in August that are looking suspicious. Flash memory cards? I don’t remember Dreamcast brand flash cards – though they did have the amazing VMU, the world’s first (and last, probably) combination Game Boy and memory card. To be honest, there really isn’t much of a chance this is happening – it’s down to the big three now, and… Read More

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