• Blu-ray is not dead, says THX

    The headline on my previous post regarding an interview with THX chief scientist Laurie Fincham was misleading. Fincham doesn’t actually state that Blu-ray is dead, rather, just that optical media, in general, is on a slippery slope. Here’s what THX PR Manager Graham McKenna had to say, “THX recognizes the quality and benefits that the Blu-ray HD format brings to the home… Read More

  • Phishing Scam Targeting Facebook Users

    We’ve had two separate reader reports of a Phishing Scam targeting Facebook users. The scam involves a notice appearing on the wall of user profiles as a message from a friend, saying “Hey, I got a new facebook account. Im going to delete this one, so add my new profile” then with a link that appears to be a link to the new profile. The actual link goes to a URL on… Read More

  • All About Linux 2008: Five cool devices running embedded Linux that you aren't using

    [photopress:five1.jpg,full,center] As previously mentioned in this week’s Orientation, Linux is not limited to just desktops. It’s far reaching, actually. Not that you’d have a Terminal app on it or anything, but you could. Some of you may have a mobile phone running Linux and you probably don’t even know it. The most popular phone in the world runs Unix. Read More

  • Little By Little, Google Docs Gets More Office Like

    Google has replaced function tabs on Google Docs with drop down menus. Spotted by the ever vigilant Philipp Lenssen, the new drop down menus join the new Google Docs Toolbar added in February. Combined the service now looks more and more like Microsoft Office (pre 2007) and is no doubt being implemented by Google to make the service more familiar to Microsoft Office users in its push to grow… Read More

  • The random endorsement, All About Linux 2008 edition: Open Source Software

    [photopress:endorse032608.jpg,full,right] Continuing with this week’s festival do Linux, I’ll be endorsing open source software today. Not so random, no. Only software that’s free as in freedom has been considered; freeware that I can’t futz around with the source code, not that I would know what to do, rightly, was ignored. Devastating, yes. This endorsement is a twofer. Read More

  • Two new speakerdocks from iHome look very nice

    [photopress:ihome2.jpg,full,center] The people at iHome make some of the more attractive iPod accessories around. There are a gazillion docks out there, but most are made from cheapish plastics and look like a cyborg threw up. The iH69 speaker system from iHome does not. The attractive, slim stereo speakers feature a dock for your favorite iPod and include a minimalist remote control. These… Read More

  • Xbox Live owners getting content re-licensed to new Xboxes

    [photopress:xbox_360_red_ring_of_death.jpg,full,center] The Consumerist is reporting that Microsoft is making good on re-licensing downloadable content for Xbox 360 owners who got replacement machines. Finally. At issue is the fact that the Xbox Marketplace’s content is tied to each Xbox’s serial number. When you make a purchase the Marketplace checks your serial number and generates… Read More

  • AT&T's Pogo Web Browser

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&file=http%3A//blip.tv/rss/flash/782432&feedurl=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/rss/&autostart=false&brandname=CrunchGear&brandlink=http%3A//crunchgear.blip.tv/ Just got a chance to see AT&T’s latest product — a web browser called Pogo. That’s right: the folks that brought us the iPhone and… Read More

  • Verizon pushing FCC to treat all TV suppliers equally

    [photopress:fiostv_multi.jpg,full,center] Verizon’s petitioning the FCC to make it easier for customers locked into cable monopolies to leave in favor of similar services offered by ISPs, such as Verizon itself. Verizon, AT&T, and others offer TV via data, an alternative to cable, and Verizon feels that customers much jump through too many hoops to switch as it is. In essense… Read More

  • Review: WowWee Flytech Butterfly

    It flies like a real butterfly! I was actually quite surprised at the build quality on this thing. Usually these sorts of things blow into a million pieces on the first day but the Flytech butterfly withstood quite a few crash landings during our trials. The dog also bit it a few times, which is usually the kiss of death for toys like this. Read More

  • Motorola's new mobile TV more than just a boob tube

    [photopress:MobileTV.jpg,full,center] Motorola today announced its latest mobile TV, the DH02. The portable handset offers a 3.5-inch touchscreen that plays back video at 25 frames per second and includes PVR and timeshifting capabilities, as well as microSD for playing back downloadable content, GPS with maps, and HSDPA for 3G data. Really, its more like a PDA with video playback, but if… Read More

  • For your protection: Pentagon okays development of new radio system

    [photopress:newpentrad.jpg,full,center] The Pentagon would like you to know that it has approved the development of a new type of radio system to be used in our future weapons of war. It goes by the acronym-friendly name Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS, not to be confused with JSR) and will be developed by either Boeing or Lockeheed Martin, which has “who would have guessed?”… Read More

  • Via teams up with Nvidia to form Nviadia, or Nvivia, or possibly Nvoltron

    The graphics giant and the chipset maker are going to be working together just as Via is launching a competitor to Intel’s Atom chipset. The Isaiah chip is tiny and low-power, providing an excellent alternative to Atom for smaller form factors like UMPCs and small laptops. Nobody knows exactly what the terms are on this agreement because Via and Nvidia are being hush about it. Not sure… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Zero Punctuation does it again, this time to the Wii

    http://update.videoegg.com/flash/proxy.swf?jsver=1.4 I hate me some Wii, but Zero Punctuation is usually able to review Wii games without completely upsetting anyone but the most wankerish fanboys. This one is about Zach & Wiki, an adventure game. Read More

  • Sony promises crapware-free computing by the summer

    Pocketables is reporting that Sony will offer all of its PC and laptops with “Fresh Start” um… installed? Uninstalled? For those who don’t remember, “Fresh Start” was Sony’s acceptance that its laptops and PCs were so loaded with crapware when the came from the factory that they were almost unusable. Business buyers could opt to get a “Fresh… Read More

  • Claim: This is the world's thinnest 256MB SSD

    [photopress:FSD56GC25H.jpg,full,right] Super Talent Technology claims that this solid state drive (SSD) is the world’s thinnest, with a capacity of 256MB. Does that really matter to us in any practical sense? Probably not, no, but it’s always fun to look at these “most/biggest/bestest” deals. The FSD56GC25H (easy to remember!) can double as a SATA hard drive thanks to… Read More

  • Analyst: Take-Two's rejection of EA was improper, un-ladylike

    Wedbush Morgan, an analyst firm that likes to analyze and comment on things, says that Take-Two is making a mistake in spurning EA’s advances. $26 per share is a good deal, they say, and the company isn’t going to be any more valuable after the release of GTA IV, which they assume was the reason behind Take-Two’s unwillingness to sell. EA is getting serious now and trying… Read More

  • Asus eee PC 900 rocks some multi-touch

    The new Asus eee PC 900 — not the potential touchscreen model — ended up on the FCC site today and it’s looking good. One interesting point: It has a multi-touch trackpad, something that will definitely make the anti-Apple fanbois happy. It looks very similar to the original eee, but expect improvements, including a possible 8 hour battery, in the future. Read More

  • AT&T Is Working on Its Own 3D Browser (Pogo). What Are They Thinking?

    It takes either a very brave or very foolish company to enter the browser wars. But that is exactly what AT&T is doing—in a small way. I was just shown a demo for Pogo, a 3D browser based on Mozilla that is in private beta (we should be getting invites in a couple weeks). It is a project that comes out AT&T’s business development group and Vizible, a Toronto-based… Read More

  • Skullphone shows up on LA digital billboard

    You know I love me some skulls. LA-based artist Skullphone fooled some folks into thinking he had hacked into 10 Clear Channel billboards in LA, but CC clarified and said he paid to get himself up there. It only ran for two days. Anyone in LA see it in person? via Laughing Squid Read More

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