• Reader Response Update

    Greetings all, I just wanted to take a moment away from our regularly scheduled programming to give you all an update on our Reader Response Contest. Our grand prize this week is a brand new Samsung Blackjack. That’s not all though. Over the next 10 weekdays, we’ll be giving away 100 copies (10 per day) of M2 Convert for either iPod or PSP. To be eligible, all you have to do… Read More

  • TiVoToGo Gets Cracked, DRM Stripped. TV Actually Set Free?

    I’m not sure what TiVo’s excuse is for not providing non-Windows users, including myself, access to TiVoToGo features. Probably the same one I get from every other company that doesn’t provide Mac/Linux support: There just aren’t enough users. But it’s that kind of attitude that drives people to do things like break DRM. PVRWire has a report of a project… Read More

  • Razr V3xx Passes FCC Gauntlet

    Well if you’re the one person out there who hasn’t yet begun to find the Motorola’s Razr a lackluster device, then you’re in luck. The V3xx has been approved by the FCC for Cingular. It is a quad-band GSM/EDGE phone with 850/1900 WCDMA. The V3xx also includes a 1.3-megapixel camera, MicroSD, stereo Bluetooth and support for streaming audio and video. Nothing to see… Read More

  • Klever Kutter: An End to Wrap Rage?

    If you’ve ever found yourself with bloody fingers clenching scissors and a package that refuses to open, then take a look at the Klever Kutter. It uses non-exposed razor blades and slice unwilling packages any way you want. They’re 1.99 each, but if you buy 500+ you can get them for $1.59 a piece. Whatta deal! Product Page [via Gizmodo] Read More

  • Keyspan's Color iPod Remote, TuneView, Ships

    This is the first time I’ve seen an iPod dock combined with a remote with a color screen that gives you full access over your iPod’s library. Which is cool, especially if you’ve connected this little wonder to your TV/home-entertainment system. And it’s now shipping so you can pick one up for the holidays. Keyspan’s TuneView dock and remote communicate via a… Read More

  • Favorites and Lemons of the Year?

    The Holiday Season (TM) is upon us and we’re getting our workshop ready for your perusal. However, you can help us out by sending in some of your favorite/least favorite gear of the year. Email us at tips at crunchgear dot com with the subject “HOLIDAYS” and we’ll enter you into a top secret holiday drawing. Read More

  • Yahoo Wants Free Reporting

    Yahoo wants you to work for their news site. But you might not get paid. The company announced on Monday that they would partner with Reuters to solicit public contributions to their news service. The new submission page is live but not yet accepting submissions. CNN has been accepting public picture and video submissions for quite a while now but it doesn’t seem to be a significant part… Read More

  • iPhone Patent Application: Ceramic Sasquatch Revealed

    gets hopped on ale and goofballs and spills the beans, bloggers have found the secret iPhone patent complete with the constipated phrasing that makes these such a joy to read. What do we learn from this massive document? 1. A portable computing device capable of wireless communications, the portable computing device comprising: an enclosure that surrounds and protects the internal… Read More

  • Holiday Buyers Guide 2006: Console Gaming

    Don’t you miss the old days when all you had to do was walk into an electronics store, find that one good game and go home happy? With so many consoles on the market, and even more games to choose from, choosing the right console and right games can become a difficult task. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 give you cutting edge high definition graphics, the Nintendo Wii gives you… Read More

  • Bluepulse 2.0 Does Not Disappoint

    Mobile phone application company bluepulse released version 2.0 today to rave reviews on our sister site, MobileCrunch. Blogger Oliver Starr could not say enough about the new platform. “I’ve seen quite a number of mobile applications in the last twelve months and many have been very comprehensive but I do not believe that I’ve seen a single platform that had as many… Read More

  • Weekly Crunch: Desert Oasis Edition

    Honda Embraces Solar Power, Listens to Grateful Dead, Smells of Patchouli
    Japanese Develop Umbrella With Flickr And Youtube Integration
    Meet the Antikythera Mechanism
    Commenter Appreciation Begins Read More

  • Another Crazy Music Model

    eListeningPost is a new music service that allows artists to distribute their songs via a link on a website or by email. The file can be listened to up to five times on any one computer – meaning it can be forwarded to others and they can listen to it five times, too. There are no restrictions on the number of times a file can be forwarded, and if someone likes the song, they can… Read More

  • AskCity Launches. It's Cool.

    We’ve previously named Yahoo Maps the top maps application on the Internet. Tonight we’re not so sure. The new AskCity product, which combines Ask.com’s existing maps product (overhauled last February) with deep local content (information, reviews, etc.) and very good search, will make it our go to source for maps and local business information. Ask CEO Jim Lanzone gave us… Read More

  • Has The Exodus From Yahoo Begun?

    The Garlinghouse Memo last month signaled that change was coming at Yahoo. No senior execs have yet been shown the door, but some people just below those ranks are starting to leave. Michael Marquez, Yahoo’s Director of Corporate Development (shown with Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake) left Yahoo last Friday. He’ll be heading up Digital Strategy, Investments and Acquisitions, under… Read More

  • CNBC Relaunches: Heavy Focus on Video

    As promised, CNBC relaunched this evening after half a year of silence. The site, which focuses on business and investing, will compete with services such as Yahoo Finance and Google Finance, as well as new web content sites like Seeking Alpha, which recently took funding from BenchMark Capital. The goal is to complement the CNBC cable channel, with additional web-only video and other content. Read More

  • Azureus Launches Zudeo For Finding And Sharing Video

    Azureus will launch Zudeo Monday morning, a content indexing site for finding and sharing large video files. The company told TechCrunch on Friday that they would be partnering with 20 major TV and film studios to provide free programs, although they won’t name the partners just yet. Azureus is known for their peer-to-peer applications and Zudeo will build off of that, allowing users… Read More

  • Honda Embraces Solar Power, Listens to Grateful Dead, Smells of Patchouli

    Honda announced recently a full-scale entry into the solar energy market. It has gone as far as establishing a new division called Soltec, whose sole purpose is to tackle the endeavor. Soltec will work on developing the next generation in thin-film solar technology. The films will comprised of a compound made of copper, indium, gallium and selenium (CIGS). Honda issued this… Read More

  • Nokia 6086, Seamless UMA

    Aside from looking damned ugly, the Nokia 6086 actually provides a utility. In addition to being able to communicate over quad-band GSM circuits, it can seamlessly hop to UMA WLAN communications. So if you’re walking around and lose signal but there is 802.11 b/g WiFi available, the 6086 can latch onto that without you ever missing a word. It sounds dubious to me, but I’m willing… Read More

  • Stratospheric Broadband

    Led, by the University of York and funded by the EU’s Framework 6 R&D programmes, the CAPANINA project seeks to energise the development of high-alititude platforms (HAPs) for wireless broadband. For the uninitiated, HAPs are essentially tethered balloons and airships that provide broadband coverage across large urban and rural areas; an airborne rival to WiMAX and 3G if you will… Read More

  • PayPerPost Chronicles Their Amorality

    Florida based PayPerPost just launched a new site called RockStartup, which chronicles the birth (and I hope, ultimate failure) of their ethically-challenged startup. RockStartup seems to be heavily influenced by the movie Startup.com, which tracked Kaleil Tuzman and his team (and multiple girlfriends) through a web 1.0 startup. Some of the scenes in the first two episodes of RockStartup are… Read More

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