• Snipperoo focus' on Widgetisation

    Last week I was in Manchester at NW StartUp 2.0, co-presenting with Ivan Pope from Snipperoo whose company I have been tracking for sometime now. Ivan spoke about how he sees widgets changing the way we interact with the web and about how his new company Snipperoo has developed a new universal tool for managing widgets. “Our aim is that the Snipperoo system works with all the web widgets… Read More

  • Mama Mio

    This week, BBC News is running a series of stories on the Future Of TV – of course, YouTube, IPTV, mobile TV, BitTorrent and other forms of online TV figure a great deal in these articles; the UK is notoriously namechecked as the source of between 10 and 25% of all TV piracy. It’s fair to say that one of the consequences of Web 2.0 is the increased bias of binary content… Read More

  • BitTorrent Raises $25 million, Bram Cohen is History

    Om Malik posted a rumor today regarding a new BitTorrent financing and possible ouster of CEO Bram Cohen. We did some independent digging and have come up with what I believe is accurate based on multiple sources and a leaked document: BitTorrent has raised a $25 million Series B round of financing from Accel Partners and previous investor Doll Capital Management, bringing the total capital… Read More

  • LouderVoice one to catch at Le Web 3.

    LeWeb 3 is nearly closed for registration but one company going is LouderVoice an Irish startup that has just launched its prototype alpha version today. “After a short delay, we had our prototype Alpha walkthrough today and it really is a humdinger. The current plan is to have the Beta of the prototype ready just before Le Web 3. If it is looking good and there is any interest, I may do… Read More

  • Firefox Summit 2006 and TV Flicks

    A few weeks ago, Firefox contributors from around the world met at Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View, CA for the Firefox Summit 2006. Below is a link to the Agenda and Proposed Sessions. Sadly I couldn’t go but last week I met Ian Hayward of Glaxstar - UK developers of Firefox add-ons (Yahoo’s delicious add-on) and the organiser of the Firefox party, which I will be going to… Read More

  • TrekStor Vibez

    TrekStor is a German company that is just starting to make inroads here in the States. They’re offering two models with a rubberized scroll wheel and an amazing look. These are hard drive based with 8GB or 12GB and actually look like contenders for the Coolest MP3 Player trophy that I saw at the sporting goods store last week. Availability and Price Slated to ship in December, the 8GB… Read More

  • WAYN heralds the new wave of location

    With the news that Wayn.com has secured $11 million from British VC fund Esprit Capital Partners to fuel its expansion, it appears “location” is the new wave in social in networking. We’ve seen it invade the verticals of music (MySpace), eateries (Yelp) and shopping (Crowdstorm). Now, where you are and who you are is as important as what you like. They will also be looking at… Read More

  • Bebo creates a new "discovery" homepage.

    Social Networks really came to the fore in 2006. Millions of people have created profiles and in many cases they have created multiple profiles on multiple social networks. I must admit I don’t use any of the consumer social networks, just LinkedIn if that counts and my own blog. But what comes next with social networking; more friends, more pageviews, more widgets?
    Well the answer… Read More

  • CrowdSpirit – crowdsourcing consumer electronics

    Over the last couple years, the rise of remix culture has begun to penetrate hardware design and consumer electronics. The emergence of SQUID Labs, O’Reilly’s MAKE community, Neil Gershenfeld’s Fab, open source projects like the TuxPhone and Greenphone coupled with the decline of companies like Sony, have all contributed to new possibilities in opening the design and… Read More

  • Lightsaber Maker Gets Sued For Selling Pirated Replicas

    Lucasfilm Ltd., filed suit today against William Osburn and his Maryland-based company High-Tech Magic, in an attempt to shutter his business of making and selling lightsaber replicas.
    “When companies like the defendant in this case try to make a profit by confusing fans and flagrantly violating our trademark rights, we have to take action,” said Howard Roffman, President of… Read More

  • TiVo Solves Ad Skipping?

    Studios have had a problem with TiVo since the service showed up earlier this decade. The main point of contention has been the fact that TiVo gives users the ability to easily skip advertisements. This drives advertising costs down because advertisers are less inclined to spend big bucks when potential consumers can just gloss right over their plugs. TiVo will begin offering next week small… Read More

  • Pewter Wine Aerator

    I’ve seen the demographics and I know CrunchGear readers are a class bunch. So when I saw this Pewter Wine Aerator, I immediately thought of you all. Just put the aerator into the mouth of your favorite decanter and pour. It is designed to cut decanting time by causing the wine to cascade over its body. The model shown is called the Octopus, but it also comes in Puffer Fish and Sea… Read More

  • Walmart Bundles Digital Downloads With Physical DVDs

    Wal-mart sold an option for a digital download with the purchase of the “Superman Returns” DVD when the movie went on sale today. This is the store’s first foray into the digital movie business. According to CNN, 40 percent of all DVDs sold in the U.S. are sold at Wal-Mart. But so far, the company has left online movie sales to others. It seemed the big retailers were… Read More

  • Bad Idea #3,565: RWC NeoTune Headphones

    Wow, the person that green-lit the production of the $43 NeoTune Headphones should be fired toot sweet. I’m all for the elimination of cords, but putting an iPod nano dock on the side of a set of bulky full-size headphones is not the way to do it. And I’m pretty sure if you walked down the street of a major metropolitan area wearing these, it would result in pointing and… Read More

  • Go Retro with Vinyl-Lookalike CD-Rs

    One of the best things about the gadget world is the current trend of making the new old again. If the old-school look for your headphones looks a little lonely, you should consider adding these CD-Rs to your life. They look like old 7-inches, complete with real grooves on the surface, but they act like regular 700MB CD-Rs. Sure, you’re going to pay a premium for these fancy discs… Read More

  • Extend Wii's WiFi Range

    We know how it goes. You wait in line, punch preteens, and eat those nasty mall pretzels until finally your shiny new Wii is in your hands. You get it home, set it up, are all ready to really tackle the world of console online gaming, then pow! You realize your WiFi connection isn’t powerful enough to reach your living room from your mom’s basement. Lucky for you, we’ve got… Read More

  • Wal-Mart Confirms Video Download Service

    package. With the purchase of the “Superman Returns” physical DVD, Wal-Mart said customers can also choose from three video download format options — $1.97 for portable devices, $2.97 for PCs/laptops, and $3.97 for both portable players and PC/laptops. This is actually a fairly good idea – simple, easy to understand, and it allows folks to grab the video before they get… Read More

  • Gears Of War Xbox 360 Case Mod

    Gears of War is a third-person action game from Unreal developer Epic. The game features top notch graphics and game play that includes a giant gun with a chainsaw attached to it. That said, the game has easily picked up millions of fans, and it’s no surprise someone has already made a kick ass case mod for it. If I were Microsoft, I’d pay off whoever made this case mod and… Read More

  • Nintendo Wii: Graphical Difference With Component Cables

    The Nintendo Wii has some serious problems when it comes to graphics on a HDTV, especially when it come to text. Since The Legend of Zelda doesn’t have any voice overs, the game requires lots and lots of reading. This becomes difficult when using the bundled composite cables to hook your Wii up to a HDTV. Textures look undefined, text is blurry and the world itself doesn’t look so… Read More

  • Siemens Goes for Eight

    Not much is known about this display from Siemens other than the fact that it uses eight LCDs. That and the fact that I absolutely must have it. So if anyone from Siemens is reading along, go ahead and have it delivered. You know where to find me. That’s One Large Computer Monitor [Neatorama via Born Rich] Read More

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