• Full Screen Web Photo Browsing With PicLens

    Firefox plugin PicLens from Cooliris provides full screen immersive picture browsing of Flickr and other web sites that support Media RSS. To use PicLens, a user clicks a small translucent icon that appears atop the image of interest once the plugin is installed. The PicLens slideshow interface appears and the user can move from one photo to the next or press play and enjoy the show. A user… Read More

  • Smartphoners Tap Google

    Google tops the list of Web destinations by smartphone users in M:Metric’s April 2007 report. Google held a nine point advantage over the second place Orange in the United Kingdom and a whopping 29 percentage point lead over Yahoo in the United States. United States Company Total Google Inc. 62.48% Yahoo! Inc. 33.54% Microsoft Corporation 33.36% AT&T Inc. … Read More

  • Daily Crunch:Designer Edition

    Fashion Designer: Style Icon DS Announced
    Samsung SGH-F210: Sexy AND Small
    Weiner Dog Accent Lamp
    Ikan Is Set To Revolutionize Your Grocery Shopping Experience
    Shuttle XPC Glamor Series SG33G5 Barebones With HDMI Read More

  • Shifd: A Clever Mobile App From The NY Times

    Mobile application Shifd from the New York Times allows users to easily share any content, from web feeds, listings and maps to personal notes and data, between a desktop computer and a mobile phone. The prototype records presence through an RFID chip placed inside a mobile phone; when a user removes their phone the data is synced through a web interface. The video below explains it far… Read More

  • Good for Yahoo, And Everyone Else Except Last.fm

    Yahoo, as well as Pandora, MTV, Real/Rhapsody and many others are honoring the “day of silence” today in protest of the ridiculous new royalty rates for Internet radio stations. The big music labels have lobbied to get the U.S. government to really stick it to Internet radio stations, when terrestrial radio stations pay nothing to play songs and Satellite providers pay a… Read More

  • U.S. Internet Speeds Stink on Ice Compared to Rest of World

    Like our very own Peter Ha pointed out, do we really need a USA Today article to tell us that U.S. Internet speeds are terrible? According to a report conducted by the Communications Workers of America, U.S. Internet speeds are “pathetic” compared to the rest of the world. Right now, the median U.S. download speed is 1.97 megabits per second; Japan’s is 61 megabits per… Read More

  • Lijit Takes $3.3 million Series B

    Social media search company Lijit has secured $3.3 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Boulder Ventures and joined by existing investors Colorado Fund I (High Country Venture) and Brad Feld. The round brings total funding for Lijit to $4.2million. Lijit’s search service allows readers to search blog publishers’ posts, bookmarks, blogroll, and more from a widget placed… Read More

  • TorrentSpy Crumbles Under The Pressure, Removes Copyrighted Content

    Free-for-all torrent sites like TorrentSpy are under close watch from the music and movie industry these days and a giant, so to speak, has fallen. TorrentySpy has implemented an automated filtering system, FileRights, that removes links to copyrighted material amidst a court order that was filed last year by a handful of Hollywood Studios, which now requires TorrentSpy to track user activity. Read More

  • First iPhone Display

    Peter Ha at CrunchGear has a nice update about the first iPhone display in Seattle. Check it out.
    Then don’t forget to eyeball his amusing post about Apple employees brandishing their iPhones. Read More

  • Friendster Up 40%: More Web 2.0 Cake For Everyone

    Friendster experienced a 40% page view growth rate in May, according to the latest comScore traffic figures published at Venturebeat. Friendster currently sits in 4th place on the list of popular social networking sites, behind MySpace, Facebook and Hi5, but ahead of Tagged.com, Bebo and Piczo. In an age where everyone presumes that Facebook reigns supreme, the question becomes: how is it… Read More

  • 155,000 Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-ons Sold

    The HD DVD camp is getting a boost from the figures that Microsoft released on its ‘biggest-selling’ add-on in the U.S. 155,000 units of the HD DVD drive have been sold since launch and while this doesn’t significantly make a dent in the numbers Blu-ray has put up, it does help their cause in a few different ways. A significant number of Blu-ray playing machines that have… Read More

  • Seagate Announces Two 1TB Drives

    http://www.podtech.net/player/podtech-player.swf?bc=bb0eb150dad14f4c9aeb9810cb8d1999 Seagate announced a 1TB hard drive today, albeit late, but as they say, “better late than never.” The Barracuda 7200.11 and ES.2 revv up to 7,200rpm, cache up to 32MB with an average data rate of 8.5ms. The ES.2 is leading the pack offering consumers a SAS interface along with SATA and is aimed… Read More

  • Skinnyr Joins The TechCrunch Deadpool

    Skinnyr, a weight loss tracking and advice site that competes in the same market as Fatsecret, is on the market. Owner James Thomas told TechCrunch that he is selling the site so he can focus on JamJunky, his social song writing community. According to Thomas, Skinnyr has 1700 users. Revenue is 0 as the service has never been monetized. Thomas is asking for a figure of around $65,000 for… Read More

  • The First Apple iPhone Display Goes Up In Seattle and No, It's Not The One You've Already Seen

    Score one for my homies on the West Coast, the first iPhone kiosk has gone up in Seattle. The display is looping a video of the UI, docks to charge your iPod while you drool over the video and “alarm sticker things.” It’s making our own Matt “Hawt Scoopz” Hickey dance around the store and do his happy dance. If you have them in your town, send us the pics! Read More

  • First iPhone Kiosk Sighting in Seattle

    Crunchgear has a picture of an iPhone kiosk in Seattle – the first picture of the iPhone display, they say. The display includes a looping video of the user interface and docks to charge iPods. Read More

  • Apple Employees Flaunting iPhone In Public

    I realize the picture is blurry, but eye witnesses say this here ‘doofus’ from Apple was caught flaunting his iPhone at a party somewhere in the Bay Area. I’m at this party with a bunch of [company name deleted] people, and this dude from apple is conspicuously busting out his iphone. I really want this week to be over, I really do. Apple Employees Flaunting iPhones in… Read More

  • No End In Sight For DVD-format War

    The DVD-format war isn’t likely to end anytime soon with both sides pulling tricks one after the other. Blu-ray may be leading retail sales and Blockbuster’s endorsement of Sony’s next-gen technology might trick you into thinking they’re leading, but they’re not. Toshiba is counteracting this claim by pointing out that even Blockbuster admits the war isn’t… Read More

  • IOGEAR Mouse Protects Passwords, You From Cooties

    Yep, it’s a mouse. A corded, laser mouse with a biometric fingerprint reader. Oh, and its surface is covered with a Titanium Dioxide and Silver nano-particle compound that contains antimicrobial properties. The IOGEAR Personal Security Mouse with Nano Technology (also known by its far catchier name, the GMEFP1W6) lets you login to a computer or Web site or anything else password… Read More

  • Odds 20-to-1 Someone Gets Trampled for an iPhone Friday

    We here at the Gear are all about the sporting life. We make bets with each other on all sorts of things. I myself, for example, just lost $250 to my co-writer Vince when Paris was released shank-wound-free. You’re welcome, VV. But we’re all set to pony up on the mother of all gadget rackets: betting on the iPhone. Some say it’s bad taste, but reports are saying that BetUS.com… Read More

  • Contest: "Share Your Location" With TeleNav GPS Navigator

    The entries have started rolling in, so it looks like we’ll have a real competition on our hands. Please keep ’em coming. In case you’re not sure what this is all about, we’re running a contest to celebrate the release of the latest version of TeleNav GPS Navigator and the company is donating a Bluetooth GPS receiver and 3 months of TeleNav service for two lucky… Read More

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