• Professor: The iPhone will destroy the Internet!

    I’m an expert when it comes to cellphones and wireless devices of all kinds. I write about them and the technologies they utilize every single day. That being said, I’m no professor. Jonathan Zittrain is, though, and he says that devices like the iPhone are going to be the death of the Internet. It’s easy to say, “No way, they’re innovation,” but he argues… Read More

  • Verizon sues Time Warner over misleading anti-FiOS commercial: See it for yourself

    Cable companies’ ads are typically woeful, but misleading? That’s unthinkable. Or is it? Not if you ask Verizon. And, please, do, they’d love to hear from you. Verizon filed suit today against Time Warner, Internet darling, claiming that one of its ads is a pack of lies. You can see the ad for yourself right up there. Verizon says the ad misrepresents its FTTP service, FiOS… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    CrunchArcade: The Column

    CrunchArcade is a weekly column in which the week’s gaming news, reviews, and other games-related tidbits are collected and augmented for your pleasure and convenience. This week in CrunchArcade: iPhones, controversy, Master Miyagi vs. Pac-Man, and Japanese high-school kids blasting their spirit-brains out in Persona 3: FES. Read More

  • Somebody Greased The Lobbyists: Congress Notices Google/Yahoo Deal

    Interesting news coming out of Washington D.C. today around the addition of Google advertisements on Yahoo search result pages. House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) (pictured) and Judiciary Ranking Member Lamar Smith (R-TX) made a joint statement saying that the deal “further underscore[s] the need for a hearing on the state of competition on the Internet and… Read More

  • Opera tooling Android-native version of Opera Mini

    Regular readers will note that I’m an avid fan of Opera Mini for cellphones. Most phones’ built-in browser sucks, pure and simple. While Opera Mini isn’t as good as a desktop browser, it’s still easy enough to use on a small screen that it’s a no-brainer. When the Goog finally introduced Android, I was impressed. It’s a step in the right direction and… Read More

  • Sprint takes the Treo 755p out behind the wood shed

    If our very own Matt “The Stapler” Hickey got you all hot and bothered about buying a Treo 755p thanks to his review yesterday, don’t bother. Not for Sprint, at least — it’s still available through Verizon, though. Ed “The Windmill” Hardy over at Brighthand noticed that Sprint had removed the Treo 755p from its site, leading him to posit the… Read More

  • David Blaine's going to make the continents magically reunite?

    I periodically check a Blaine fan blog to see if he’s performed any magical madness lately. He hasn’t, but the blogger writes that Blaine is supporting Pangea Day. My first question is what the heck is Pangea Day? Second, how’s he gonna make the 300 million year old puzzle of a landmass fit together? I’ve seen the guy. He’s wiry. For the magically uninclined… Read More

  • $100 coffee? From cat droppings? Sure!

    No, coffee isn’t a gadget per se, but judging by Twitter and what I know about some of the many bloggers out there, a hell of a lot of you need the drink to make it through the day. Don’t see me before I’ve had my first cup ‘o joe, lol! Quite. Be that as it may, would you be willing to pay 50 quid, or about $100, for a cup of coffee? Even if said cup of coffee was made… Read More

  • First good image of Nokia's Tube show up on the Nets

    Here we have it, Nokianauts, the first official image of the Nokia Tube. Is that a forward facing camera I see? I hope so! The Tube, or 5800, is Nokia’s touch-sensitive answer to the iPhone. We’ve been seeing leaked photos for awhile, but now we know that they were right on. We still don’t know much about the device, but one thing we can tell from this image is that the… Read More

  • Final Details For Tonight's Sold-Out PopSugar/TechCrunch MeetUp in LA (For The 2,000 Of You Who Are Coming)

    Tonight’s TechCrunch MeetUp in LA co-hosted with PopSugar is sold out. For the 2,000 of you coming (and 500 on the wait list), here are the final details that you need to know. MySpace will be spinning MySpace Music artists for us all night, they’re bringing in celebrity DJ Perry Ferrell for a special appearance. PopSugar will be making special announcements this evening. And… Read More

  • Video: Halo 3 Ghost Town map preview

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=32669 I bought my Xbox 360 just to play Halo 3, I’ll admit it. I love that game and I love playing it online. I love the terrains and maps, and the new maps for download look great. Here’s a video preview of the badass-looking Ghost Town map that I want to play ASAP. Want to see how it’ll look on your TV? Check out the HD version… Read More

  • Help-Key: How to hack a guitar stomp box for Star Power in Rock Band

    Help-Key is a column I write for CrunchGear that has hacks and how-tos so you can live a better life. I know, I’m an altruist. But sometimes I find someone else’s hack and think it’s better than anything I could come up with. Such is Bashhh’s hack for a Rock Band guitar stomp box. This is an awesome idea and I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first. See… Read More

  • European Parliament objects to plans to kick pirates off the Internet

    Danzig will perform at the U.S. Congress this summer The [toothless] European Parliament doesn’t like the idea of disconnecting pirates from the Internet. Such proposals have been drawn up by the French and British, and MPs have officially voiced their opposition. The relevant amendment to the Guy Bono Report, which has the support of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, in the verbiage… Read More

  • Angie's List Gets $35 Million in New Investment From Battery Ventures

    Everybody’s got an opinion, and if you can collect them together that can be worth quite a bit of money. Angie’s List, one of the largest sites for local service provider ratings, has received $35 million from Battery Ventures, bringing its total funding to $48M. Battery will now hold a minority stake in the company. Angie’s List was founded in 1995, and provides users… Read More

  • Twinkle, the iPhone Twitter client now available

    Twinkle, the Twitter client we talked about yesterday is available. Add “http://www.polarbearfarm.com/repo/” to Installer.app’s feed list and Twinkle away. Looks like MobileTwitter++. Read More

  • Preorder your Canon Rebel XSi, get hugz from me

    The newest iteration of Canon’s Rebel X__ series is available for pre-order. I’m actually considering upgrading my Rebel XT to this model, the XSi/450D because the changes are actually significant (more useful pixels, live view, bigger LCD, etc). However, I’m not really interested in paying for a useless lens along with my camera, so I’m going to go with the body… Read More

  • Homestar Runner, Strong Bad WiiWare games soon

    Nice. I like it. If you’ve been aimlessly drifting about the world wide web for any substantial period of time, you’ve undoubtedly come across (and spent several hours on) Homestarrunner.com — a fantastical world made of wonderful Flash cartoons starring hilarious characters. In June, we’ll see the first of five episodic WiiWare games from the “Strong… Read More

  • Shopflick: Bringing Home-Video Shopping To The Web (Beta Invites)

    It was only a matter of time before someone created an online video-shopping marketplace. Mix together eBay and YouTube and you get Shopflick, a Los Angeles-based startup in private beta that wants to bring the art of video selling to the Web. Sellers can set up shop with their own page highlighting their store and the products they have for sale. Most of the information is presented in… Read More

  • Dell coming to Future Shop in Canada tomorrow

    The Canadians gave us The Kids in the Hall, one of the greatest sketch comedy troupes in the history of North American comedy. It appears that we’re now half-assedly returning the favor, as Dell computers will be sold in all 131 Future Shop retail stores and online at FutureShop.ca, starting tomorrow. Some of the available Dell products include; the Inspiron 1525 laptop, the XPS 1330… Read More

  • Oh. My. God: A true ani-digi mechanical

    A lot of folks won’t quite get the import of this piece but let me tell you it’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen in years. Remember The Difference Engine? Well, imagine if the mechanical computers and Gibson and Sterling were talking about were miniaturized into something the size of one of my nipples. You’d have this Di Grisogono Meccanica DG. It is limited… Read More

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