• Your Very Own iPhone For Only A Penny

    There you have it. You too can have your very own 8GB iPhone for only one single penny. Gah! This isn’t over. Not by a long shot. Apple iPhone AT&T Brand New In Hand 8gb 8 gb i Phone NR [eBay] Read More

  • iPhone Already on Craigslist: $1,500 for the 8GB Version

    It’s barely even been an hour since the iPhone officially launched but Apple’s wunderphone is already on Craigslist. Some dude in New Hyde Park wants $1,500 for an 8GB version while someone else in Manhattan wants $1,110 for 8GB as well. Hey, if you’re desperate enough, I guess… iPhone on Craiglist [Craigslist] Read More

  • Yep, The iPhone Sure Is Purtty…And, Oh, That's What That Slot Is For!

    Not that you people haven’t found a number of other hands-on videos of the iPhone by now, but here’s one more to add to your collection.
    Read More

  • iTunes 7.3 with iPhone Support Out Now

    Hit that software update button, pal, and get a fresh, clean iPhone-ready version of iTunes. yay! And a surprise after the jump. Read More

  • An iDay Retrospective With Snarky Captions

    Mr. Spike Lee came out to support the Keep A Child Alive foundation. We know he’s just trying to get one himself. Nicholas and I looked to escape the chaos that is the 5th Avenue Apple store in fair Gotham to the more tranquil and pleasant SoHo location. It was everything you could ever dream and want in an iDay. Tons of tourists who have no idea what’s going on, but want to… Read More

  • iCashedIn: iPhones Flood eBay

    No surprise really: iPhone buyers are flooding eBay with their new iPhones with bids starting from $1 and buy it now prices as high as $1500. For those outside of the United States desperate to get their hands on an iPhone, a number of listings offer worldwide shipping; this listing for example posts to Australia for $50. However be aware that the iPhone does not support simcards and today no… Read More

  • CrunchGear's iPhone Coverage Starts Today (Duh)

    Gentle reader, I know you’ve been patient. You can’t wait to see our take on the iPhone (you’ve heard of it, right?), and you’ll get it. In short order, Yours Truly will be live blogging from my favorite local AT&T store with pics and video. In addition, we’ll be reviewing our little friend some tonight, with a glut of information tomorrow. While today is… Read More

  • iPhone Launch at Apple Store in SoHo

    It’s here! Heaven’s gates—the Apple Store in SoHo—opened at 6 p.m. EDT, whereupon a half dozen people at a clip were allowed entry. Peter and I were there and we got to see Spike Lee and heard people say, “Is that Spike Lee?” As the doors opened, hecklers shouted, “You did it! You’re American heroes!” And Peter almost got into a fight with… Read More

  • iPhone Apple Store is Down

    The Apple store is down, and that’s no big surprise. This means we’re in the official launch phase, and I’m going to need a martini. When the store’s back up, you can get an iPhone. Huzzah! Thanks to Dylan the Tipster, as well. Apple Store Read More

  • NYU Supports the Use of Old Ass Computers

    It’s not all touch screens, accelerometers and Google Maps today, my friends. I’m based at NYU’s Bobst library in order to be within shooting distance of the various Apple stores and AT&T stores for today’s festivities. Plus it’s air conditioned. But in my roaming around the library I found these old school computers. Not only have I never seen anything like… Read More

  • 3G iPhone For Europe To Be Announced Monday?

    A 3G iPhone for Europe will be announced Monday, according to an unconfirmed report from Guy Kewney at Newswireless. Engadget points out that Kewney was recently eWeek.com’s European wireless editor and would be well placed to know. The European 3G iPhone is said to be distributed via Carphone Warehouse with Vodafone in the UK and T-Mobile in Germany the European carriers. No word yet… Read More

  • Philly Mayor Left iPhone Line After Being Asked About City's Crime Rate

    The mayor of Philiadelphia was waiting in line for an iPhone when an unnamed man asked him, “How can you sit here with 200 murders in the city already?” Ouch. (And how very John Kerry of him.) The mayor then left the line, tail between his legs and all. The moral of the story? If you’re the mayor of a major American city, maybe, *maybe* you would do well to send an intern… Read More

  • Verizon Goes Crazy and Upgrades Everything to EV-DO Rev. A

    Is iDay over yet? Soon enough we can all go back to our daily lives without having to hear about the biggest flop of all time ever again. If you’re on Verizon, then I feel sorry for you. But you’ll be happy to know that the “nation’s most reliable network” just got faster. Everyone in the country now has EV-DO Rev. A coverage, meaning you can now download… Read More

  • T-Mobile Getting Wi-Fi Curve In September

    I’ve been lusting over the new Blackberrys and the 8320 (aka “Curve 2″) might be the one for me. After my brief stint with a Sony Mylo I’ve become enamored with anything that has Wi-Fi capability. I like to surf the net from my phone because it allows me to alienate myself from everyone else and EDGE bites it, so Wi-Fi is a must for me. Come September, T-Mobile will… Read More

  • The Do it Yourself iPhone

    Thousands of people are eagerly waiting in line to get their hands on the iPhone. However, for those of us tied into long term contracts or who just find the high price tag too much cash to part with, we’ve compiled a list of how to emulate iPhone’s features on your everyday handset. Visual Voice Mail Perhaps the most talked about feature, visual voice mail easily lets you play… Read More

  • Solar Panel Tips

    Now that we’re all burning up coal trying to watch pictures of people standing in line for iPhones, it’s important to remember that there are better ways of generating electricy but not all of them are created equal. Bay Area orgo-aniacs will enjoy this article by Bruce Karney who tells us all you’ll need to know about installing solar panels on your split-level out in… Read More

  • Live From Apple Store NYC

    http://player.stickam.com/stickamPlayer/174323485-1873655 Our intrepid intern Ilya is down at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan shooting live video of people waiting in line. Watch as he watches the folks watching for the iPhone. We might have to change systems in a minute, but until then, here we go. Read More

  • iPorn fer Yer iPhone

    Playboy, always at the forefront of high technology and commerce, has created some special wallpapers for your iPhone. Not much skin in these — they want you to “buy” their “magazine” to see boobs — but it’s important that people understand that even in the dusty halls of Playboy, behind a vaseline-stained skrim and rolls of gauzy curtain material… Read More

  • Canadians Get BlackBerry 8830, TeleNav

    Canadians get all the fun stuff: Socialized healthcare, clean air, provinces and territories instead of states. And now, along with getting the BlackBerry 8830 smartphone, they’ll be getting GPS Nav from Bell, powered by TeleNav GPS.
    We just so happen to be giving away free service right now if you’d like to test out the wonders of TeleNav’s GPS service on your Blackberry. Read More

  • FTC Weary of Net Neutrality

    Say goodbye to Net Neutrality, folks. The FTC just released an NIE of sorts, detailing the whole history of Net Neutrality and why, ultimately, the agency does not support the concept. Yes, our glorious leaders in Washington have decided that it’s a good idea to let The Market decide what’s best for all of us. All bow before the Invisible Hand. The FTC came out against Net… Read More

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