• Virgin Digital Goes Under

    In a move that surprised many, Virgin has shut down Virgin Digital, which is a Windows Media-based iTunes-like clone. Subscribers will still have access to purchased tracks, but only until the end of the month, September 28 to be exact. It may be coincidence, which I don’t think it is, but that is also the iPod Touch’s launch date for the UK. There isn’t even a reason for… Read More

  • Chat With Mark Zuckerberg At TechCrunch40: The Video

    One of the highlights of the TechCrunch40 conference last week was when I had an opportunity to sit down with Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. We talked for 45 minutes about some of the big projects Facebook has launched over the last year – including the launch of the News Feed in 2006, the Facebook Platform, dealing with user abuse by third party developers and much, much… Read More

  • 1GB Then And Now

    To your left is a hard drive from IBM with a total capacity of 1GB. To your right is an SD card whose capacity is equal to that of the IBM drive. That’s what 20 years of advancement will get you. Awesome. via Digg Read More

  • Canadians Get New XM Channels

    My friends to the north! Rejoice! XM has graced you with several new channels that will surely make sports enthusiasts smile. Here are the 10 new channels you’ll be getting this week: Radio Disney (ch 115) ESPN Radio (ch 140) ESPNEWS (ch 141) IndyCar (ch 159) ATN-Asian Radio Pac 10 Play-by-Play (ch 193) (ch 237) NHL Play-by-Play NHL Play-by-Play (ch 238) NHL Play-by-Play (ch 239) Big… Read More

  • Tech Worker Falls Into Vat Of Acid, Father Finds Remains

    If a man dies and he works in a circuit board factory, it’s news in the world of technology. Poor 18-year-old Fernando Jimenez Gonzalez was working at a circuit board factory when he became overwhelmed by the toxic fumes he was stirring. The sulfuric acid was so strong, it caused him to faint and fall into the vat, thus destroying his body and flesh in horrific detail. It gets worse though. Read More

  • Leopard To Exclude Legacy Apple Systems?

    Your 800MHz G4 tower won’t be very useful this time next year. When you go to install Leopard on your system, you could be greeted with a nasty error message. Seems Apple has updated its minimum system requirements for Mac OS X Leopard to a 800MHz CPU or faster. That means if you’re still top-rocking a G4 PowerPC Mac, it’s time to get an upgrade. Not only will you get Leopard… Read More

  • Halo 3 Just Wants You To Believe

    Advertisements for games usually consist of lame music, a few seconds of actual game play and clips that look nothing like the game in any way. Am I right? Halo 3 is clearly a cut above the rest and after watching these two ads you’ll understand why this game is going to be the hottest thing since Paula Abdul’s last video. I’m so psyched to finish the fight! Read More

  • MySpace Launching Mobile Site

    Aren’t you happy there’s MySpace Mobile? Though I don’t use it anymore, MySpace was once quite the place to pick up chicks on a Wednesday night when all I had was a bottle of cheap vodka and a nice shirt. Now if things are dull at the bar, I can whip out my cellie to use MySpace Mobile, which was launched today by News Corp. Apparently half the world is shocked that the… Read More

  • Blyk launches ad-supported mobile network

    Blyk, the mobile virtual network operator offering free phone call minutes and messaging in return for sending customers advertising, launches in the UK today. Renting airtime from France Télécom’s Orange network and targeting only 16-to 24-year-olds, the network will target the ads based on a detailed profile customers will fill out on their website. It’s ironic timing. MySpace… Read More

  • 40GB PS3 Closer To Reality, May Ship With Backwards Compatibility

    The 40GB [tag]PS3[/tag] is pretty much confirmed. Reports from Asia, that mythical land, suggest [tag]Sony[/tag] has gone with Foxconn to manufacture the 40GB entry level PS3. There’s speculation that Sony will have to drop a few odds and ends from the PS3 in order to make the expected $399 price tag. Would you buy a PS3 sans USB ports and/or without backwards compatibility? An… Read More

  • I'll Jack You: Super Mario 64 Completed In 6:47

    I was never the type to try a speedrun of a Mario game and this video is living proof as to why. Super Mario 64 was always a huge pain when it came to getting every star, every level. But thanks to some glitches (there’s tons in this game), the player was able to get past certain doors and entryways with only one star total. Six minutes later, the game is finished, Peach is saved and… Read More

  • An 8-Year-Old and His OLPC

    The One Laptop Per Child project has a noble goal: to digitize the developing world. You can now buy your own OLPC as long as you buy two — one for yourself and one for a needy child. Well, Laptop got their hands on one and they not only reviewed it, they gave it to an 8-year-old who pronounced it “fun.” The device, called the XO, exhibited quite a few problems but was… Read More

  • Your VoIP Calls Are Being Tapped

    There are only so many ways you can avoid advertisements online these days, but that’s about to change if you’re a VoIP user. Silicon Valley-based The Pudding is implementing an ad structure that’s similar to that of Gmail using speech recognition software that listens in on your conversation and picks out key words that will trigger relevant ads to show up in your web browser. Read More

  • VeriSign’s Mobile Banking Now Utilizes ClairMail Platform

    VeriSign, a company which operates digital infrastructure services across voice and data networks, announced today that it will tap into ClairMail’s 2-way mobile customer interaction platform for VeriSign Mobile Banking Solution. This agreement is only one part of a global technology alliance between the two companies. VeriSign sees that the world’s financial institutions are… Read More

  • And The Halo 3 Reviews Trickle In…

    Tomorrow is September 25th and at midnight, hundreds of thousands of gamers will flock to stores to purchase Halo 3, the year’s most anticipated title. But unlike the general mass of Halo fans, myself and others enjoy reading reviews first before plunking down $60 of our hard-earned cash. Luckily, the reviews are starting to come in and the consensus is that Halo 3 is the coolest thing… Read More

  • Starbucks To Give Away 1.5M Songs Per Day Next Week For Wi-Fi iTunes Launch

    You didn’t think Starbucks would quietly launch the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store (which launches October 2), did you? The coffee giant will dole out, for free, 1.5 million songs per day (or 50 million in total… my bad), but only from select artists. Think Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and the other “safe” artists the store promotes. There’s a noticeable lack of 2Pac… Read More

  • ThePudding: Targeted Advertising Comes to Phone Calls

    ThePudding provides free, PC-based phone calls to anywhere in the US or Canada. The big catch: computers in Fremont, CA will eavesdrop on and analyze every word of your conversation so they can serve up advertisements tailored to the topic at hand. Users initiate a phone call simply by visiting ThePudding’s website (currently in private beta) and entering a phone number into the browser. Read More

  • Good Morning, Starshine: The Best Spam Comment Today

    Our site gets a few hundred comments per day and the overwhelming majority are spam. Well, I just spotted a charming “recommendation” from a spammer inducing us to share our hot business ideas. Go ahead through the list and see which one doesn’t quite fit. Hey, I was wondering if anyone here has a habit of coming up with cool business ideas out of nowhere, but never got around… Read More

  • Online Streaming Of TV Shows: Get Used To It

    The TV networks have found their newest cash cow: online streaming of their TV shows. Hope you didn’t get too comfortable downloading shows from iTunes and the like because, as FT finds out, the networks will be throwing all their weight behind streaming, where they can embed ads, to the detriment of downloads. The networks’ biggest concern vis-a-vis streaming was that… Read More

  • Fox Interactive Media Launches Free Mobile MySpace

    Need to check your MySpace page while on the go? Need to check someone else’s MySpace page while on the go? Doing a big of MySpace surfing has gotten a tad bit easier. Fox Interactive Media has announced that MySpace Mobile is now in beta and will be available to consumers this week with a wider FIM rollout planned in the coming months. And it will be free to use. Of course you’ll… Read More

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