• Nintendo Wii Sells Over 1,000,000 Units

    PlayStation 3 may have Cell processing and high definition graphics, but what it doesn’t have is more sales than Nintendo. The Nintendo Wii has sold over 1 million units in 2 weeks, selling more than double the amount of PS3s sold. Of course there aren’t nearly as many PlayStation 3s as there are Nintendo Wiis, but hey, that ain’t our problem. Nintendo Wii Sells Over… Read More

  • Gifttagging Widget Helps You Get Gifts You Actually Want

    Last Christmas my dad gave me “Love Smart” by Dr. Phil. It was horrifying. This year, I am taking the necessary steps to make sure something like that never happens again! I started with UK-based Gifttagging.com. We covered the company in April in comparison to MyPickList. Gifttagging has a new widget that installs two icons in the toolbar. One lets you tag any page, sending the… Read More

  • Yahoo Gets Trashed By Users

    Yahoo took a beating by users angry over the new Yahoo TV product in the comments to their own blog post announcing it. Even a former head of Yahoo Entertainment, Erik Schwartz, chimed in with his own bashing and suggesting that Yahoo has lost its way. Sal Taylor Kydd from Yahoo was active in the comments as well, responding to complaints and later giving a status update on changes that… Read More

  • Guitar Hero For Rich Kids: Gibson Rolls Out All-Digital Axe

    Gibson is rolling out the HD.6X-PRO, an “all-digital” version of their classic Les Paul guitar. The coolest part of it seems to be the multiple outputs. In addition to an SLM output that spits the sound of all six strings out of one amp at the same time, and a stereo output for splitting the strings between two different amps, its also got a “Hex” output that splits… Read More

  • BenQ Uses 9/11 To Push New MP3 Player, Spell Incorrectly

    Rojas over at Engadget brought to our attention that BenQ is pushing its new MusiQ MP3 player with background images of the World Trade Center. Aside from being a distasteful use of the disaster, BenQ apparently also has some beef with Webster’s Dictionary, because the last time we checked, “believe” isn’t spelled “belive.” In fact, look at that silly… Read More

  • Matt/CG Shout-out on Geekbrief

    We’re huge fans of GeekBrief.tv with Cali Lewis and were thrilled – thrilled! – that our own Matt Hickey got a full-bore shout-out from the selfsame organization. Head on over and get their videocast. They’re great. In fact, a buddy of mine loves Cali so much he named one of his Jack Russells after her. Not sure what that’s supposed to suggest about the dog or… Read More

  • Parrot Intros Bluetooth-Enabled Digital Photo Frames

    Digital photo frames with WiFi are so Wireless 1.0. The new hotness? Bluetooth photo frames. Pair your favorite camera phone photo, and send it directly to the frame. The photograph travels through the Blue ether to the frame, where it is displayed for all to see. We can’t wait until this gets hacked. Imagine a frame that randomly grabs photos from the phones of unsuspecting passersby. Read More

  • Another Day, Another RAZR

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/HSDPA model headed to Cingular. It just cleared the FCC, so it's now only a matter of time. Moto was nice enough to favor this RAZR with a 1.3-megapixel camera, microSD, stereo Bluetooth, and dual cameras for video calls, so you can pretend you're on G.I. Joe while looking even lamer because you bought a… Read More

  • Wii Component Cables Hands-On

    A few days ago, we had come across in game screenshots of a Nintendo Wii using component cables instead of the bundled composite cables. Today, my Wii component cables finally arrived, so I was able to see the difference myself. As I had mentioned in the previous post, the biggest problem I had with the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was the blurry text, and there’s a lot of it… Read More

  • WikiMatrix Allows Side-By-Side Wiki Comparison

    Like it or not, wikis are a dime a dozen these days. So when (and if) it comes time to choose one, WikiMatrix is a good place to start. It’s a site that allows you to compare any and all wikis on the market in a side-by-side grid. WikiMatrix has over 100 wikis to compare. The wiki designers maintain the information on their listing because, as WikiMatrix founder Andreas Gohr puts it… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Archaeology Edition

    Kleenex Pillow: A Pillow with Kleenex!
    Meet the Antikythera Mechanism
    Game Ready Heals Your Pain
    LumiGrams: For the Ladies
    Goodbye GameBoy, We’ll Miss You Read More

  • Ok, Now I Get JPG Magazine

    JPG Magazine relaunched last month with a new business model: Get users to upload photos to their website, and then have the community vote on and rank photos. The winners are published in a bi-monthly print magazine and get $100 plus a free one-year subscription. It took me a couple of weeks to get over the fact that they are actually printing a magazine, on paper, just like people used to do… Read More

  • A Big Hug to Our Sponsors and Readers

    Thank you readers for your support and creating the vibrant community and insight that often plays out in our comments. Also, thank you to our sponsors, who write our paychecks every month and make TechCrunch possible: If you have a moment please express your opinion in this survey for a sponsor, Symantec. DoubleClick – DoubleClick has ten years’ experience in teh online… Read More

  • Dish Network to Unveil DVR Video Archiver, Piss Off Networks

    So it seems our good friends at EchoStar are all set to piss off some networks. To that, we say “Kudos!” They’re set to announce a DVR archiver that will let users of certain Dish Network DVR models create a “virtually unlimited” library of saved shows. No clue if the shows will be on a local hard drive or some external server. Look for this at CES, but who knows… Read More

  • Intel Says, "Standards, Schmandards", Goes for 802.11n

    Intel’s yet-to-be-released Centrino Pro chipset (AKA “Santa Rosa”) is set to feature the draft 802.11n version of WiFi, even though it’s not an official standard. This puts Intel in good company with its partner Apple, who’s been using this strategy for a couple months now. Read More

  • Kleenex Pillow: A Pillow with Kleenex!

    Why didn’t we have one of these when we had that cold last month that knocked us on our collective ass? The Kleenex pillow is not for wiping your snot-holes, but is a regular pillow with a built-in Kleenex dispenser. After blowing your sick into the tissue paper, what you do with it is up to you. Maybe you need a garbage-can/end-table combo, we dunno. The point is, no more reaching a… Read More

  • Halo 3 Public Beta

    Alright at risk of being tarred and feathered, I’m going to venture another Halo 3 story. I know I erroneously reported a couple of weeks ago that Halo 3 was about to drop, but it seems we didn’t get our wires crossed by much. On Dec. 4, Bungie and Microsoft will launch a public beta signup for the massively anticipated title. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, the beta is… Read More

  • BenQ MusiQ

    Just when you thought manufacturers had tapped the forms of potential MP3 players, BenQ comes along and turns our perceptions on their heads. The BenQ MusiQ MP3 player is exactly what it looks like, an MP3 player in the shape of dog tags. The player uses a built-in microSD card slot. It includes the MusiQ player and a special dog tag. There is one called “magic bean” for the… Read More

  • Meet the Antikythera Mechanism

    You can take your Treos, iPods, Laptops, HDTVs, xBoxen, PSPs, and Cellphones and forget them. Do you know where they’ll be in 100 years, or even 10? No way. How about in 2156 years? Yah, that’s what we though. That’s because these gadgets, no matter how practical and ubiquitous, are things we rightly take for granted, they’re the state of the art. None of them are ahead… Read More

  • Razer DeathAdder Strikes

    You might remember the Razer Death Looms Near campaign that we mentioned a few weeks ago. The page had a few questionably relevant verses from Dylan Thomas’ famous villanelle “Do Not Go Gently Into That Goodnight” and it said to check back on Dec. 1. Well, today is the 1st and Razer has delivered the information as promised. The new product is the DeathAdder gaming mouse. Read More

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