• Nielsen Now Tracks Your Cellphone Habits

    You may already be familiar with Nielsen, the company that tracks and monitors TV viewing habits. Only they don’t want to be known for just that anymore. No, they want a piece of that sweet, up and coming cellphone business. So it purchased a company—Telephia—in order to track and monitor cellphone use. With Telephia’s technology now its own, Nielsen will be able to… Read More

  • Five Nintendo Exclusives Coming From Midway

    I know the PS3 and Xbox 360 users are going to be crushed to find out that Midway will be making five of their hot hot upcoming games just for Nintendo systems. Two of the titles, Cruis’n and Game Party will be exclusive Wii titles, while Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders and The Bee Game are for the Nintendo DS. See? You’re… Read More

  • Apple Retail Stores Are Having A Sleepover

    Apple is beefing up security for ‘iDay’ by mandating that the store manager and one other poor bastard sleepover Thursday night. They’ll be napping between the stock room and Genius Bar. I sure as heck wouldn’t stand for that. I’d demand overtime and a nice expense account for the night. The Apple stores will open at 10 a.m. on Friday and all the madness can… Read More

  • Blu-ray Camp Cheats To Win The War

    It’s become perfectly clear how Blu-ray will squash HD DVD and win the ‘war.’ They’re going to be giving away five free movies as a promotion in Q3 when you purchase a Blu-ray player or PS3. I don’t think HD DVD can afford to let this one slide (though they ran a similar promotion a while back). They’ve got 60-90 days to turn things around or they’ll… Read More

  • TechCrunch Readers Can Join Swaptree Now

    I just posted on the Swaptree private beta and upcoming launch. You can actually join right now, and there are no limits on signups. Just go to swaptree.com/techcrunch.htm and follow the instructions. Let me know what you think. Read More

  • For Your Refreshment: "The Nothing to Do With iPhone" Tag

    Tired of iPhone coverage? Want a safe haven? Click here to read stories with nothing to do with the iPhone. CrunchGear: Always Thinking of You, Our Dearest, Cutest, Little Reader. Read More

  • IT Ads Throughout History (OK, Just the 1980s)

    ComputerWorld has rounded up a number of old-timey computer ads touting $12K 80MB disk systems and some sort of new thing called E-Mail. “Your mailbox is the terminal on your desk. Punch a key and today’s correspondence and messages are displayed instantly.” Wow-mazing! It’s been years since I’ve really enjoyed a technology ad — probably not since the Viao… Read More

  • Hands On: Nikon D2Xs

    CG got a brief hands on with Nikon’s new, high end, DSLR at Digital Experience yesterday. This bad boy is going to run you about $4,600. Here are some of the key features in case you haven’t read up on it yet. – Continuous shooting at 5fps at 12.4 megapixels, 8fps at 6.8 megapixels
    – Image sensor with 12.4 effective megapixels
    – 11-area auto focus system
    Read More

  • Verizon Knows Where You'll Be Friday Night

    Verizon: Come to our party or we’ll shoot this dog. You’ll be standing in line for the new LG VX 9400 multimedia and TV phone plus some kind of music kit with 2GB memory card for only $99, right? That’s why all of the New York area Verizon stores will be open late on Friday night in anticipation of the hordes who will be beating down their doors hunting for a phone that is… Read More

  • Microsoft Attempts Another Low-Cost PC Solution for India

    AMD and Microsoft, two great tastes that taste great together, are teaming up to sell a new PC, the IQ, in Bangalore and Pune, India for about $513. The PCs run Windows Vista Basic — no flying windows for you, kids — and Works along with some test prep and English learning programs as well as an MSN IQ Education Channel. The PCs will be distributed by Zenith… Read More

  • Logitech Introduces Carl Zeiss Webcams

    Logitech today announced two new webcams that each incorporate hot Carl Zeiss lenses. The QuickCam Pro 9000 (above) is true 2-megapixel cam intended for desktop use, while the QuickCam Pro for Notebooks incorporates the same features into compact and portable unit that includes a tripod. Both of the units carry a price point of $99 and should be available soon. I had the opportunity to look… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Peer Patent Review Starts, Goes to SecondLife

    In the past two weeks, Peer-to-Patent has opened up a USPTO approved project allowing an open review of pending patent applications. Registered members are encouraged to read through the patents available and provide opinions on prior art and obviousness that can then become part of the PTO Examiners review of non-patent references. Today, Peer-to-Patent announced that they have taken a space… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Greetings, readers. The Best Commenter Ever has been MIA for the past few days but now it will be up daily at about 9PM EST. Thanks for your great comments, they have been increasing in quality and we are really grateful that we have such an active readership. Anyway, ProfessionalGun earned the first spot after telling us what he thought about Apple fanboyism. We agree. Cheers to that, Nicholas. Read More

  • Raymarine: Boat Equipment For The Cribs Set

    Sure you’ve got a GPS onboard your boat (you HAVE a boat, right?), but chances are your yacht is missing a satellite-fed HDTV and digital fishfinder. I recently caught wind of the produce line from New Hampshire-based Raymarine, which makes pretty much everything you need to make your fishing tugboat into something Cribs-worthy. Highlight: a wearable pendant that goes “Beep… Read More

  • The Futurist: When Gadgets Become Emulators

    On Friday, as the entire literate world knows, Apple will release the iPhone to much hoopla. And when the mix of the unemployed and the wealthy who could wait in line on a workday to finally get their hands on their $600 box of hype, they’ll find that, for the first time, “iPod” no longer merely refers to their pocket-sized MP3 player, but also to a software program… Read More

  • SimpleWeather Makes Time's Top 25 Websites

    How quickly they grow up. Our little Vince Veneziani’s website, SimpleWeather.com, made it to the top 25 websites Time magazine’s editors can’t live without. How cool is that? Little Vince thought up SimpleWeather while trying to make some granny porn and wanted to see what the weather was like in Boston — a real hotspot when it comes to granny porn. The resulting… Read More

  • SwapTree, Back From The Dead – In Private Beta

    I was sure trading site Swaptree had been abandoned. After a flurry of press about them over a year ago, they went very quiet. Potential investors told me they’d just stopped returning calls completely. My own emails went unanswered as well. They had the smell of death about them. But it wasn’t so. It turns out Swaptree had merely gone quiet and was focused on building out the product. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Love and Death Edition

    Bye-Bye Nextel
    HD DVD Dead By Fall 2007
    MizPee: What It Sounds Like
    Baja Motorsports 70cc Dirt Bike Review
    Roundup: Apple iPhone Reviews Read More

  • Pay to Humiliate Your Friends on Monster Dare

    There’s a subset of viral video sits that have been popping up focusing on verticals. One of the more recent entrants was the comedy site Funny Or Die, which made waves when Will Ferrell’s short sketch “The Landlord” exploded across the net (over 36,539,017 views). Monster Dare joins DareJunkies in bringing dares to social video. The idea is a bit like a softer version… Read More

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