• Mario Enters Anger Management

    As a child, nothing frustrated me more than trying to find the negative worlds in the original Super Mario Brothers game for the NES. I just couldn’t get the technique with the blocks and the ducking and the jumping right. Sigh … all those sleepless nights. However, If I had these Mario-themed foam stress relievers, perhaps I would have turned out more well-adjusted. Available for… Read More

  • CD Punch Destroys Your CDs And DVDs With Ease

    I’m sure one time or another you accidently burned Wedding Crashers to a DVD-R so you could watch it over your friend’s house. What you didn’t know is that the MPAA was tracking you and now has a SWAT team sent to your house to take you into custody. How could you possibly destroy the evidence quickly enough to knock years off your sentence? With CD Punch. CD Punch is a… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Sony GripMote in the works before the Wiimote?

    on a Hand-Held Computer Interactive Device which details the controller. Read More

  • New Revenue Stream For Bloggers: TextMark SMS Alerts

    TextMarks will announce a new product tomorrow that allows publishers to charge people to receive breaking news and other information via text messages. It’s available now under a new “monetize” tab on the home page of the site. To use this, a publisher signs up for a TextMarks account and chooses a price to subscribers (either $4.99 or $9.99 per month). Readers subscribe to… Read More

  • PhotoShow Goes Social With New Version

    The company SimpleStar released a new version of its PhotoShow product Friday and brought the popular photo and video sharing service up to speed with a number of developments pioneered by early adopters you’re more likely to have read about here on TechCrunch.  The service now supports the social sharing and online categorization that’s typical of other media sharing services… Read More

  • Find Yourself with TeleNav Finalists

    The contest has been closed for awhile now and I want to say, good stuff from all of you. You’re all winners, but only one of you is getting the TeleNav GPS Receiver with three months of service. Anyway, we’ve now had some minutes to sort through the entries and have narrowed it down to a set of three finalists. Voting will run until 12 noon EST on Sunday And without further ado… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Weirdo Home Theater Edition

    Sub-Spacial Holograms
    Back Yard Home Theater
    Groovy Speakers for The Island
    Find Yourself with TeleNav Finalists
    The AudioFile: A Day In the Life of an iPod Read More

  • Rumor: Smaller, Re-Designed Mac Pros on Horizon?

    , I now bring you news from Loop Rumors regarding Apple’s new Mac Pros. According to the rumor-specific site, Apple has plans on a brand-new Mac Pro series, leaving the G5-era “cheese grater” casings behind for smaller, top-venting units that are exceptionally speedier. Will these be the new 8-core Pros we’ve been hearing about? It’s a good bet, as… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless Launching Justin Timberlake Channels on V Cast

    JT-themed V Cast channels for your handset. No, really. Read More

  • Newest Flash Tools on Display at Photobucket

    The latest Flash photo/video/sound editing tools that we mentioned last week are now enabled at Photobucket for premium users, and will go live for all users in March. Geoff Baum at Adobe confirmed that these tools are not yet available anywhere on the web except for Photobucket. The new tool allows PhotoBucket users to mash up photos, video and stock music files into a single slide show/video… Read More

  • Down2Night Launches Mobile Nightlife

    The guys over at Synapse Life (a productivity suite) released today a new mobile nightlife service called Down2Night. Down2Night lets you use your cell phone to post and receive notices of events that are going on at your favorite local venues. Seattle is the first city covered by the service. We covered Movoxx earlier, but their SMS service is for nightlife deals instead of coupons. Read More

  • Down2Night: Vote for Your Nightlife

    The guys over at Synapse Life (a productivity suite) released today a new mobile nightlife service called Down2Night. Down2Night lets you use your cell phone to post and receive notices of events that are going on at your favorite local venues. Seattle is the first city covered by the service. In contrast to a mobile coupon service like Movoxx, which pushes their nightlife deals to your… Read More

  • Cringely on Apple TV's Hard Drive: Hello, P2P!

    It was Disney exec Bob Iger who dropped the bomb back in September that the Apple TV (then iTV) had a hard drive, something we didn’t expect from a set-top box. The ability to watch downloadable media on a TV does not need an hard drive, so why does it have one? PBS’s Cringley, always a source of interesting conjecture, thinks he knows. Apple wants to turn your living room into a… Read More

  • AllFreeCalls Shut Down

    AllFreeCalls has been taken offline after a flurry of legal action by a very pissed off AT&T. The AllFreeCalls service allows people to make international phone calls absolutely free by exploiting a FCC regulation that provides kickbacks on incoming calls to rural phone companies. Users first call a phone number in Iowa and then call out to any of dozens of countries from there. The user… Read More

  • Sub-Spacial Holograms

    Michael Keferl at CScout Japan writes about a new Japanese device called the Sub-Spacial Communication Pod that claims to project 3D character holograms for users to interact and communicate with. The device sounds a little far-fetched, but the pictures look somewhat credible. The holograms will be in stereoscopic 3D without the need of special glasses and users can interact physically with… Read More

  • Back Yard Home Theater

    With an arctic blast that has gripped much of the country it is a little hard to think about watching a movie under the stars, but now is a good time to start planning. If you have a decent sized backyard, and the funds to pay for it, Cal Spas can help you create the Ultimate Outdoor Theater. This system features a marine-grade, anti-fog, anti-glare 63-inch LCD HDTV with twin subwoofers… Read More

  • Cingular's iPhone Pricing Leak: Fakiest Fake that Ever Did Fake

    Gizmodo has the scoop on Cingular’s particular pricing for plans compatible with the upcoming iPhone. Ok, not really, they’re right in calling this total donkeypucky. Not only is the layout atrocious, but the writing is that of a third-grader (we know, we hire them here). Take, for example, this tasty quote: There are also plans that don’t require a credit check allowing you… Read More

  • Cisco Grants Stay of iPhone Execution

    Today was supposed to be the iPhone trademark’s Judgement Day for Apple, as Cisco had set a February 16 deadline for Apple to respond to its lawsuit regarding the name. In a move that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside, Cisco has given Apple a five-day extension to February 21, at which point the two giants will hopefully have reached a “mutually beneficial agreement.” For… Read More

  • Dell Pays Tribute to Digg with New IdeaStorm Site

    In what could be an interesting sign of things to come industry wide, Dell today launched a customer relations site called IdeaStorm.  Users can submit product and feature requests, policy changes or whatever else they care to share with the Dell community.  Those submissions are then voted on Digg style.  Dell’s move follows just one day after Yahoo! unveiled a similar… Read More

  • The Book of Nintendo

    Embarrassed to play your Nintendo DS in public? This leather-bound Nintendo DS case will fool curious onlookers into thinking that you’re just reading a book—albeit sideways. Available in Japan for now, this accessory might not be as cool as the Hori Privacy Filter for the PSP, but it’s one small step toward making sure that you stay secretly entertained no matter how boring… Read More

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