• PatentMonkey: Sony PS3 Down, Kicked with More Litigation

    Sony PS3 has to work through a couple litigation suits and can now add the PS3 cell processor to the list. Sony is on the receiving side of a litigation suit that claims that the PS3 infringes an almost 20 year old patent (via the magic of continuations). Parallel Processing Corporation, which claims to be International Parallel Machines exclusive licensee, claims rights to US patent 5056000. Read More

  • Altoid Mod: Built-In Rogue-like Video Game

    Every once and a while we’ll see some sort of Altoid container mod: one that has a built-in MP3 player, one that controls the weather, one that alerts you to approaching nerds, etc. This mod, created by one Greg Sanders, houses the video game Dungeons of Doom, an off-shoot of the classic Rogue. (Not that I’ve played it, but that I recognize its classicness, to invent a word.) A… Read More

  • Wall-Mounted Music Art: 'On'

    So this is crazy. “On” is a wall-mounted oscilloscope of sorts that, for only $8,200, will turn your wall into… well, not a work of art per se, but something neat to stare at when you’re having a good time. Once you turn “On” on, its bars will rise and fall in tandem with whatever sounds it picks up. The micorphone that picks up the sound can be altered to… Read More

  • Romanian eBay Scammer Exposed, Threatened

    There’s a great article over on dslreports.com about the innerworkings of a Romanian eBay scamming operation and how one victim got his revenge. A handful of resourceful eBay users were able to track down the ringleader and warn would-be victims to stay away from the phony auctions. One Russian user wasn’t so lucky, however, and ended up getting bilked out of $2,000 — his… Read More



  • The Fuzz Cracks Down On Video Game Pirates In 16 States

    The Feds raided several homes and businesses yesterday looking for pirated video games and the devices that permit video game piracy. You know, mod chips and the like. (Glad they didn’t catch me back in 2002, lol.) No names or associations were announced by the Feds, but 32 warrants were executed in 16 states. Apparently, this was part of a year-long investigation into the insidious crime… Read More

  • The Hitachi DZ-BD70A Camcorder Does FullHD Onto Blu-ray Discs

    Hitachi’s DZ-BD70A is the first HD camcorder that can record 1080p video, now dubbed “FullHD” for some silly reason, onto a Blu-ray disc. One disc nets you around one hour of FullHD video. The camcorder, which also functions as a plain jane digital camera, has an SD card slot for storing such photos, up to a resolution of 4.32 megapixels. And if you’re still getting by… Read More

  • Microsoft Office For Mac Delayed Again

    It’s no surprise Microsoft isn’t a fan of Apple. So it makes perfect sense that Microsoft Office for Mac was pushed back from Q3 2007 to January 2008. The decision comes not from tired programmers who need a vacation in Orlando, but instead from Microsoft’s MBU or Mac Business Unit. Reasons cited include making sure that the software released is of “quality”… Read More

  • Yelp API Released

    Local review site Yelp quietly released an API today to allow third parties to access much of the content and features of the service. The API allows a number of input requests. Applications can retrieve business review and rating information for a particular geographic region/location, display reviews and pictures for a business or businesses, pull up business information based on a phone… Read More

  • Sony Issues Digicam Recall

    Give one to your bratty kids Let’s hope you didn’t buy one of Sony’s popular Cybershot cameras lately. The company is issuing a recall on 416,000 Cybershot DSC-T5 cameras sold in the US, Europe, China, and Japan. Apparently the outer casing could warp and form sharp edges, which in turn would cut your hands. Ouch. Hit up Sony to see if your camera is affected. Sony… Read More

  • Hudson Entertainment Makes a Big Blast

    Today Hudson Entertainment announced that Gravity Blast will be available for all major BREW and Java handsets. Based on the space arcade game you’ll be tasked with repelling an alien invasion. “Mobile gaming fans are looking for new gaming experiences, not just sequel after sequel, and we are pleased to showcase a game like Gravity Blast,” said John Lee, Vice President of… Read More

  • Free Phone Calls: Why Pay For Something If You Can Get It For Free?

    Cheapskates that we are, people are always trying to find deals, like, say, being able to make phone calls for free. Yes, that works. Over at the Times, David Pogue bravely looked at several services that offer, in one way or another, free phone calls. Skype we already know, so who cares. But there’s three other services that seem neat: Jajah.com, T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home and… Read More

  • Sousaphone Hero A Flop For Activision

    Already suffering after spending years making crappy games, Activision takes yet another hit on its ego with the release of Sousaphone Hero. The Onion reports that “despite a catchy 1890s soundtrack”, the game only sold a paltry 52 copies. The game was released after the success of Guitar Hero and its sequel, Guitar Hero 2. Why would no one buy this game? You can choose cool… Read More

  • Hooks On Light Switches!

    Some dude from Die Electric created light switches with hooks for your coat. It’s supposed to make you think about how much electricity you use, yadda yadda. I’m American. I’m going to use a ton of electricity until I die. Deal with it. Looks to me like when I hang up my jacket, the power in my room will go out. Genius! Non-electric housewares that use your plugs and… Read More

  • Google In Talks With Cellphone Carriers, Manufacturers

    With the FCC 700MHz auction looming over our heads, Google has been talking to various cellphone carriers about carrying Google-customized handsets. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have all be contacted about the deal and no word yet on whether anyone is considering it, although Deutsche Telekom (T-Mo Germany) is considering the proposal. As for manufacturers, only LG has been contacted, which… Read More

  • This Is A Really

    Good gadget review video. I’m sure you feel like this every time you watch John in his BRASIL shirt. Crappy Gadget Reviews [YouTube] Read More

  • Dateline Investigates iPod Thieves, Calls Them 'i-Jackers'

    NBC’s Dateline decided to stop catching predators for a moment to catch “i-Jackers,” or iPod thieves. I saw most of the program last night, after host Chris Hansen promoted it on O&A, and was absolutely shocked to see who the thieves were… The premise of the investigation was simple: a Dateline producer’s son had his iPod stolen, so this epidemic must be exposed. Read More

  • Don't Copy That Floppy: Pirate Gets Sentenced

    I was going to go on some huge Cory Doctorow-esque rant about how being arrested for piracy is a waste of resources for law enforcement, how the fines are rediculous, etc. Then I saw that this dude did CAMs of movies like ‘Cars’ and ‘Monster House’ and ‘Firewall’. Those are some terrible ass movies, so you know what, maybe it’s good he’s in jail. Read More

  • The Song Remains The Same: Zeppelin Coming To iTMS

    Ramble on! Been using other online music services lately? iTunes Music Store just not floating your boat? That’s OK. Apple sucks every once in awhile, but now there’s reason to come back to Jobs & Co’s beloved cash crop. Led Zeppelin will be releasing “Mothership”, the ultimate collection of tracks from everyone’s favorite stoner band. The hits will… Read More

  • SMS Forum Disbands

    This week the SMS Forum, a non-profit organization devoted to the developing and promoting SMS to benefit the wireless industry, announced it will be disbanding. The group will take down its Web site by the end of this year. Originally founded as the Short Message Peer to Peer Forum, the group changed to SMS Forum and had been going strong sine 2001. Since its founding, the SMS Forum… Read More

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