• Microsoft Changes Stance On "Vista Capable" Stickers

    Last week, we told you about Dianne and how she was absolutely sick of Microsoft lying about PCs being “Vista Capable” when they really weren’t. Again, just because that $300 eMachines computer has a “Vista Capable” sticker doesn’t mean it’s going to run the OS smoothly or with any cool features like Aero Glass. Well Dianne’s class-action… Read More

  • Sony E Series Walkman DAPs: Like USB Drives That Play Music

    Sony’s got a new line of diminutive Walkman-branded DAPs coming out later this month in Japan. Looking like mere USB drives, these E-Series DAPs max out at 4GB, with models also coming in at 2GB and 1GB. They’re all available in a variety of hip, groovy colors like “black” and “pink” and “blue.” Capable of playing MP3, AAC, WMA and ATRAC… Read More

  • MGM, United Artists Movies Now on iTunes

    Movies from MGM and United Artists are now on the iTunes Store. Apple quietly updated the store last night, adding movies from the studios including Foxy Brown, Mad Max, Rocky, Ronin and my personal favorite, Agent Cody Banks. They’re all still $9.99 and would look terrific streamed from the PC in your basement to your living room’s 60-inch DLP using Apple TV. Maybe now that Apple… Read More

  • An Intervention: It Would Rule If You Didn't Do This to Your Cell Provider, Okay?

    Dear Verizon Wireless and former Cingular customers: While we often share your frustrations and feel your pain, two wrongs do not ever make a right. Yes, you suffer from sub-par customer service with your cell phone provider. No, they don’t seem to care. Yes, there is more they could do about it. No, we don’t think they will. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Underwater Spy Edition

    Donkey Kong – Post-It Note Edition
    iRobot Plunges Into the Depths (of Your Backyard Pool)
    History of Spy-Cam Watches
    DiscEraser: One Swipe For Total CD/DVD Data Destruction
    Patent Monkey: Olympus Wearable Displays for Real Life Gaming Read More

  • Exclusive Screenshots: Spock's New People Engine

    It’s not often we hear about a startup’s venture financing before we see the product, but that is the case with yet-to-launch Spock, located in Silicon Valley. Rumors about their $7 million Series A round of financing from Clearstone Venture Partners and Opus Capital Ventures circulated last December, months before the beta service was planned to launch. I met with founders… Read More

  • PhotoBucket Videos Blocked on MySpace

    Sometime around 10:30 pm PST tonight, MySpace began blocking videos embedded on MySpace pages that originate from Photobucket. This is a major blackout, affecting millions of embedded videos. Photobucket images and slideshows are not affected. Videos from competitors like YouTube are still working fine. As with previous outages, embedded videos work fine until the user makes any edit to… Read More

  • Zune Details Leaked

    Zune Scene is currently running a piece on Zune 2 and the Flash Zune that are supposed to be released later this year. The story goes that a Zune employee was encountered on a business trip and spilled a bunch of details on the forthcoming products that we’ve yet to confirm. If the information is accurate, however, we can expect at least two new products from the Zune lineup sometime soon. Read More

  • HD Video Finally Hits iTunes Store, Sorta, Kinda

    We’ve been wondering about how Apple was going to justify the Apple TV’s ability to stream HD-quality videos from iTunes even though the iTunes store sells no HD content. We figured at some point that Apple would start stocking the store with HD content, and today it has, though not from the source anyone expected. The Washington Post has started uploading 720p versions of its… Read More

  • Big Round For Aggregate Knowledge

    As previously rumored, Aggregate Knowledge closed a second round of financing earlier this year – $20 million to add to their previous $5 million round from Kleiner Perkins and First Round Capital. DAG Ventures led this new round, and Kleiner also participated. The company works with content and ecommerce sites to provide personalized recommendations to page views and/or sales. The word… Read More

  • Five Ways to Mark Up the Web

    In 1999, Eng-Sion Tan and two friends launched Third Voice, a browser plugin that would let anyone make annotations on webpages. The intent was to encourage freer speech on the internet, but many slammed it as “Web Graffiti.” The company eventually shut down. The idea of web page annotation didn’t die with Third Voice, though. New services, each with unique features… Read More

  • The Great Skype Contest of 2007, Day 2

    Hey, kids! Did you find the secret word? Did we “project” it enough for you? Are you “watching” for it? Not sure what I’m talking about? Click here or just read on. Read More

  • Netvibes San Francisco Party: TechCrunch Readers Get Last 50 Invites

    Netvibes is throwing a party for 600 of their closest friends to celebrate the upcoming release of “Netvibes Universe” (look for our post on it soon). The party is free to attend, but you have to RSVP. Netvibes founder Tariq Krim agreed to give the last fifty invitations away to TechCrunch readers. If you’d like to attend, RSVP now at eco.netvibes.com/sfparty/. After the 50… Read More

  • iRobot Plunges Into the Depths (of Your Backyard Pool)

    The crew at iRobot continues to broach into new territories for its household robotics. Now these little automated pool cleaners aren’t anything groundbreaking (we had one way back in the early 90s), but perhaps iRobot manages to do it better, though I can’t envision how. Anyway, the iRobot Verro (that means “sweep” in Latin for those of you who took a useful… Read More

  • Nokia N95 Hands On

    http://s86.photobucket.com/remix/player.swf?videoURL=http://vid86.photobucket.com/albums/k90/crunchgear/April%202007/266b1f22.pbr&hostname=stream86.photobucket.com Nokia, Nokia, Nokia. What are we going to do with you? You’re selling a $749 smartphone without a keypad and a pokey, unintuitive OS with no compelling out-of-the-box functionality. But, despite its definite drawbacks… Read More

  • History of Spy-Cam Watches

    Watchismo has a great and expansive feature covering the history of spy-cam watches. Most of these things are pretty hilarious. Not inconspicuous in the slightest. The favorite here is probably the Tessina. It’s a rather large watch that features a concealed trap door for the lens. What’s notable is that it still uses standard 35mm film despite being the size of a 16mm camera. It… Read More

  • Hot: Palm Develops Palm-OS/Linux Mash-Up Platform In-House; New Devices On Horizon

    . But today Palm has dropped a bomb many have been hoping for but not many expected to actually fall; that it has abandoned the ACCESS Linux Platform and will be engineering its own non-licensed Linux-based OS. Read More

  • Watch Your Network Play Space Invaders

    NetQoS has a little something to bring video game-style drama to the hum drum task of monitoring your system traffic. Their program, Netcosm monitors the traffic flowing across your routers and remasters that data into entertaining clashes of good and evil data packets like the one you see above. The only question is whether your system admin with find it more entertaining to see your system… Read More

  • Mobio Mobile Mashups Go Beta

    Mobio, which we’ve covered previously, is launching the public beta of its mobile application platform today. They’re pitching themselves as a “lifestyle platform” to consumers, where you can access all kinds of data on the go, such as restaurants, weather, and flight schedules. However, to developers, Mobio is a mashup platform, enabling developers to weave together… Read More

  • Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 Hands On

    Epson, one of the big boys in the projector business, loaned me the PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 for a test drive. The Home Cinema is the first 1080p, three-LCD projector priced less than $3,000 ($2,999). That price, in itself is a big deal considering that just three years ago you would be paying more than $30,000 for a 1080p projector. Besides the price, Epson didn’t cut any corners on… Read More

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