• Dutch Startup Libersy Gets €1.2 Million For Distributed Booking Service

    Libersy, an Amsterdam-based startup that we first covered in March 2007, closed a €1.2 Million round of financing this week. Investors include Shamrock Ventures, Value Creation & Company, Reof and Technofonds Flevoland. The company had previously raised €400k in a series of angel rounds. Libersy, along with competitor Genbook, provide an easy, embeddable booking solution for small… Read More

  • Palm's millions lost due to stalled Windows Mobile smartphone?

    Last week, Palm announced Q3 earnings, and the news was a disappointing loss of millions. While that’s not necessarily news, Palm blamed the loss on a failure to launch a certain highly anticipated product. Palm wouldn’t, though, say what it was. We did a little digging, and two separate sources at Palm opted to stay mum when we asked if it was the rumored WinMo 6 Centro for… Read More

  • Mobio Releasing Recipes Application, Makes Grocery Shopping A Breeze

    GetMobio is a cellphone based application platform that brings a lot of advanced applications to non-smart phones. They’ve been releasing a steady stream of new applications since launching earlier this year. They have applications for movies, trivia, cheap gas, and more. Now they’re releasing a recipe app that makes it easy for those not blessed with an iPhone to find meals while… Read More

  • PlayStation emulator for iPhone/Touch

    Ummmm… yeah. No thanks. My fingers don’t move that way, really, and I think I’d rather not be touching the Buster Brothers as I try to move them around and around. Give me a few more motion activated games like 15 and I’ll be happy, but please keep your PS emulators to yourself, iPhone programmers. [psx4all NEWS] Playstation has arrived on the iPhone and iPod Touch! Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: ViewSonic 22-inch Widescreen LCD

    If there’s one thing I learned when I willingly put myself into the corporate rat race is that the amount of real estate you have on your desktop monitor is key to being productive. I shudder when thinking about doing work on a single 17-inch monitor. I cringe when I visit my roommate at her job and see she’s still using one. I first saw the multiple monitor setup when I was working… Read More

  • ASIMO now serves cocktails!

    http://www.liveleak.com/player.swf Ok, now I’m finally ready to love ASIMO. The robot can now team up with other ASIMOs and serve me drinks. Yes! Get me three, please, Honda, please! It’s Xmas, and I’ll need Egg Nog, ASIMO can bring it to me! And he doesn’t spill, and if he does, he cleans it up, and won’t feel degraded! I’m going to stop now! Honda Demos… Read More

  • Iran builds supercomputer with illegal AMD chips

    Oh, wonderful. Apparently Iran has used 216 AMD processors to build the largest supercomputer in the country. AMD immediately responded by saying that it’s never shipped anything to Iran due to the big fat embargo the US has that prohibits exports to Iran. The computer system will be used for weather research and forecasting, according to Iranian scientists. Iranian Scientists… Read More

  • Legos can make things besides spaceships

    Not to sound like an old fart, but back when I was a kid we had to figure out how to build guns out or Legos ourselves, using rubber bands and gearing them for torque and speed. But today’s lazy youth can actually buy a book of blueprints on how to make guns, catapults, cannons, and laser rifles, with step-by-step instructions. Where will that leave the youth of today when the class… Read More

  • The Unreasonable Stance: New Laptops Are Exclusively For Suckers

    Enjoying that Macbook Pro? Having a good time with that sweet Vaio? Too bad you got screwed over – because new laptops are for suckers. I’m rocking a G3 Powerbook right now, and I probably get more done than you do. Because in the end, it’s all about the guts, and laptops have been slow since day one. Can you think of anything your laptop does right now that a laptop from… Read More

  • Wakoopa Launching "Alexa" For Desktop Apps

    We first wrote about Wakoopa when they launched in April. It’s a downloadable program for application addicts that tracks the software or games you use. We called it a Last.fm for applications, alluding to the program’s tracking and recommendation system similar to audio scrobbling. While there are obvious privacy concerns (addressed here), over 17,000 people have signed up for… Read More

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