• A La Mobile Takes $6.75 Million Series B

    San Ramon, CA based a la mobile has taken $6.75 million Series B in a round led by original investor Venrock. Under the deal, Venrock managing partners Ray Rothrock and Tony Sun join the a la mobile board. a la mobile was the first company to offer a complete package of applications based on Google’s Android mobile phone operating system. a la mobile is aiming to build a “bold… Read More

  • BlogTV Goes Mobile

    Live streaming video service BlogTV is now offering its live shows on mobile phones. The new mobile site from BlogTV m.blogtv.com offers live streaming to most mobile phones without the need for a plugin (I’m presuming it’s flash based, because it doesn’t work on my iPhone.) BlogTV claims that their mobile streaming services is the first of its type available for mobile phones. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bargain Hunter Edition

    Matt Hickey endorses the Col-Pop
    Cupertino meets deep space with Star Trek engraving
    Don’t feel like buying a MBA then rent one instead
    Rumor: Penryn chips invading Dell, possibly Apple very soon
    The Unreasonable Stance: HD DVD will be triumphant Read More

  • Decision Time For Yahoo

    The dust is settling on Microsoft’s $31 per share offer to acquire Yahoo, and the options left open to the company are fairly well understood at this point. There will almost certainly be no White Knight or other buyout offer coming to the table – the sorry state of the debt markets is assuring that. Yahoo was hoping for a competing bid, any competing bid, if only to boost… Read More

  • Google To Challenge Baidu In China With Free Music

    Google is set to challenge China’s largest search provider Baidu by offering free legal music. The success of Baidu has long been credited to the search engine providing music search from its front page, but much to the lack of amusement of record companies, the music found by Baidu is nearly all pirated. Baidu fronted a Chinese Court in December, and won the day with a ruling that … Read More

  • Liveaps page builder – invites ahoy

    UK-based Liveaps has a drag’n’drop page webpage builder currently in private beta prior to a launch late Feb/early March. Think online Dreamweaver for creative peple who want to build a site visually. In addition to the drag’n’drop web page builder it has tools supporting text, images, lines, shapes, hyperlinks, multimedia files, and html widgets. The back-end has… Read More

  • Lunarr: Collaboration System of the Future or Reproducible Feature?

    The lasting power of many web services is hard to gauge, especially when those services are at an early stage and require users to adjust some of their most ingrained habits. Lunarr is a service going into private beta that promises to put an end to the habit of emailing documents back and forth to collaborate. Its creators want to simplify collaboration by placing documents within the web… Read More

  • Google Expanding Africa Presence

    Google is expanding its presence in Africa, in what locals are suggesting is part of a move by Google to “realign” its growth strategy part in response to Microsoft’s takeover offer for Yahoo. Google is currently advertising or has employed staff in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria and Senegal, and is expanding its Africa head office in Kenya. AllAfrica reports… Read More

  • The US army's open source woes

    I don’t think anyone thought that converting an entire military-industrial complex to Linux would be easy. Well, now we know for sure it’s hard, and it seems that they forget to check whether their new free and open-source-based systems would play nice with their Windows-based legacy software. Apparently they chose Linux for their new multi-billion-dollar program because they… Read More

  • Numobiq Raises $4.5 Million A Round To Prove That The Network Is the Cell Phone

    If mobile software startup Numobiq had a slogan, it might be “The network is the cell phone.” Founded by three veterans from Sun Microsystems, it wants to bring sophisticated applications to the simplest cell phones by keeping all the complexity in the network. CEO Mark Young and marketing VP Kenneth Lui both held key positions on Sun’s Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition… Read More

  • A gift for you

    [photopress:caption0205_1.jpg,full,center] I’ve been trying all day to find a story that would let me use this image, but I couldn’t find anything that fit, and it’s late on a Tuesday, so anyone reading now deserves it. Read More

  • Facebook Now Supports LinkedIn Style Friend Suggestions

    Facebook has quietly added the ability for users to recommend friends to other friends, a social networking feature that comes straight from LinkedIn. AllFacebook suggests that the new feature is Facebook recommending friends to users based on common friend sets, and yet in context the feature is listed along with the toggle for receiving emails “when someone..” suggesting that this… Read More

  • Nuvifone videos now available

    Last week when Nicholas, John and I were at the Garmin press conference they showed us a couple of videos with the Nuvifone in action. Well, as “in action” as you can get since the units were probably running simulations. In any case, the following videos will give you a better understanding of what the Nuvifone is capable of. Read More

  • AT&T exchanging recent 8GB iPhones for 16GB iPhones

    Just a note, recent iPhone owners: if you purchased your iPhone within the last 30 days, you’re good to go for an exchange. Just bring yours in, with all its gear, and your receipt, you walk out with a 16GB iPhone. Then swap the SIM, sync it up, and you’re golden. You can thank us later. Read More

  • Why we don't have a Grand Theft Auto movie, and why it sucks

    [photopress:gta3.gif,full,center] The very first time I played GTA3, all I could think about was what a rad, anti-social movie it would make. The first-person story was complex enough to be fun, and fun enough to be complex, if you follow. And then there were rumors that it was in the works. And then it wasn’t. Variety has a good summary of why we don’t have this wrong… Read More

  • Canaan Partners Raises a $650 Million Venture Fund With an Eye Towards India and Israel

    Whatever fear has taken hold of the public markets, it has not yet trickled down to venture capital. Canaan Partners today is announcing its eighth fund—a $650 million early stage venture fund with an international bent. Some of Canaan’s Portfolio companies from past funds include DoubelClick, Match.com, SuccessFactors, Tremor Media, Lending Club, and Blurb. In addition to… Read More

  • Hands on with Aliph's offensive Jawbone Bluetooth headset

    I’ve finally gotten around to taking the Jawbone BT headset out of the box and over the next few days I’ll see what all the fuss is about. I’m going to struggle with this review since I poke fun at everyone who wears a headset. But I have the sense not to wear it on the subway unless, of course, I’m trying to hit on some ladies. The streets of NYC are probably the… Read More

  • Turn any iPod speaker dock into a Bluetooth speaker dock

    [photopress:NEWS_12621_cac54083ab5692c934f78aedb5166cdb.jpg,full,center] This is a cool little adapter for those of you who actually use your musicphone for music (there are a few of you, yah?). There really aren’t many docks for musicphones, at least as compared to iPods, so this little Bluetooth adapter turns any iPod speaker dock with a dock connector into speakers for musicphones… Read More

  • VW Space Up! Blue: the one concept car I really, really want

    I know the Space Up! Blue from VW was announced last Fall, but this is the last time it will be seen in the US and I got the chance to take a look up close. For all intents and purposes for CG we’ll focus on the interface, which was eerily similar to Apple’s slew of touch screen devices. The monitor in the center is 7-inches of touch screen goodness. It utilizes proximity sensors… Read More

  • The Unreasonable Stance: HD DVD will be triumphant

    Welcome to the Unreasonable Stance, where our own Devin takes the minority opinion on a tech matter and defends it with convenient data, spun numbers, fanboyism, and insults until he proves, without a doubt, that those that disagree with him are filthy mouth-breathers. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy. Well, maybe I am. But that’s… Read More

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