• CrunchGear Week in Review: Whodunnit Edition

    Weiner Dog Accent Lamp
    MizPee: What It Sounds Like
    iRiver Mplayer: The Mickey Mouse DAP
    Baja Motorsports 70cc Dirt Bike Review
    Parrot PARTY Portable Boom Box: Cue “Ain’t No Party” Jokes Read More

  • iPhone has a $250 – $300 Million Opening Weekend

    Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster is estimating Apple sold half a million iPhones from 6 p.m. Friday through the close of business on Sunday. With the devices going for $500 to $600, that’s around $250 to $300 million in cash changing hands, depending on the mix of 4GB and 8GB units sold. With margins on the device in the 20-50% range (probably closer to the lower end), that leaves… Read More

  • HD DVD Makes Big Moves

    Toshiba is certainly making big moves to ensure that the next-gen DVD war is far from over. I’ve been curious about the built-in internet connections on HD DVD players and now the answer is so clear. Freedom– a Japanese animated feature – was released early last week and a few hidden gems allowed consumers to download a HD trailer for another movie, alter menu styles and… Read More

  • VideoCounter.com: Count Views On Multiple Video Sites

    VideoCounter.com allows users to track how many times their videos are watched each day across multiple online video hosting sites. Using VideoCounter.com is simple. Users simply sign up for a free account, enter the videos to be tracked and VideoCounter.com does the rest. VideoCounter.com provides the number of times a video have been watched daily and statistics on the number of times a… Read More

  • Wishpot: Social Shopping Goes Mobile

    Social shopping site Wishpot went mobile this week with a product that seeks to extend social shopping to the bricks and mortar world. Mobile support with Wishpot allows users to save and share all “interesting things” they find by sending a text message or picture to Wishpot from their mobile phone. When online, users can later view saved items, research prices, view ratings… Read More

  • Breaking: UMG Will Not Renew iTunes Contract

    Not much info on these HOT SCOOPS, but Matt Drudge is reporting that Universal Music Group will not be renewing its iTunes contract with Apple. This means that the iTunes Music Store is going to lose a lot of tracks and customers will soon follow. With the iPhone just released, I’m sure Apple is going to beef up iTMS promotions but this could pose a major setback for everyone, both Apple… Read More

  • Jajah Targets iPhone Users with Application

    There’s a growing list of companies lining up to port their application to the iPhone’s Safari browser. Jajah is the first to bring their VOIP client to the new iPhone. iPhone’s standard contract isn’t cheap ($60 – $100/month). If you want to make international calls, you’d have to pay an extra $3.99/month and around 23 cents a minute for a call to the UK. Read More

  • Kevin v. Evan

    So I’ve had a week now to play around with Pownce, Kevin Rose’s (the founder of Digg, pictured left) newly launched Twitter killer. Twitter, which launched a year ago, was obviously used as the initial inspiration for the Pownce. They both allow users to sign up, add friends, and broadcast quick notes to people. The main differences: Twitter is mobile-ready, allowing users to… Read More

  • Bloops! First Anti-iPhone Rants Rolling In

    After months of hype and our own iPhone Love Parade AKA last Friday night, the first iPhonian complaints are starting to hit our tips box. First up, Mike: Hello and good afternoon, I just thought you might find it interesting that on the day after one of their biggest product releases Apple has decided to make unavailable their entire technical support department. I was wondering why they chose… Read More

  • AT&T Hangs Up on Business Customers

    Reader Jaci writes: I have eagerly awaited the release of the iphone. Read every article, watched the tv spots…waited with great anticipation for the new gadget that was going to be the most revolutionary product ever. As a loyal PC user for years, it is only through the ipod that I have come to accept Apple products in my life. I made sure to be on of the first people buying an… Read More

  • Google Faux Pas Retracted

    I’m betting that Lauren Turner’s job duties at Google will no longer include blogging. Yesterday she wrote an anti-Sicko (Michael Moore’s new movie lambasting the U.S. health care industry) post on the Google Health Advertising blog, and encouraged health care companies to look to Google advertising as a way to spread their counter-message. That didn’t go over so well… Read More

  • MyThings Tracks Your Things

    MyThings is a service that allows users to create an online portfolio of valued belongings. We reviewed iTaggit earlier this week; MyThings operates in the same space. Both provide personal asset management although MyThings is the more extensive offering of the two; MyThings took $8million from Carmel Ventures and Accel Partners in May 2006 and the funding shows. MyThings offers a integrated… Read More

  • Google vs Michael Moore

    In an interesting move, Google has come out against controversial documentary film maker Michael Moore’s latest documentary “Sicko” in a post titled “Does negative press make you Sicko?“. Lauren Turner of the Google Health Advertising Team writes: “While legislators, litigators, and patient groups are growing excited, others among us are growing anxious. Read More

  • iPhone Gets Put Through The Wringer

    Many of you, myself included, probably thought the iPhone wasn’t up to the challenge of daily use and abuse. The glass screen just screams scratches galore, right? PC World put their iPhone to a scratch and drop test. I think the results will astonish you because I sure didn’t expect the results they received. Read More

  • Everyone's Gunning For YouTube

    The focus and experimentation on IPTV is switching away from watching short clips on YouTube to watching full length shows on downloadable TV applications like Joost, Babelgum, Veoh TV , Netflix (which now has a Silverlight application) and others. YouTube continues to grow, but people are not looking to find full length TV shows there. That isn’t stopping the competitors from trying to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: iPhone Thump Edition

    Get a Free iPhone Condom if You Have an iPhone
    iPhone Accessories Aren’t Nearly as Exciting as the iPhone-Proper
    iPhone Madness Hits San Francisco: Clowns!
    Steven Levy Is Asked “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth”
    The AudioFile: Jacking Off the iPhone Read More

  • EXCLUSIVE: Transformers Footage from Last Night's Screening

    An anonymous tipster has given CrunchGear exclusive leaked footage of Transformers. We’re not sure where he/she/it got the footage, but it’s plain as day. This is the real deal. The lengthy video was taken at the end of the major battle scene and includes Bumble Bee, Megatron and Optimus Prime. The short snippet is the very end of the movie with Optimus Prime. The audio track is… Read More

  • Eventstreaming: The Seed Of A Revolution

    An interesting thing happened during yesterdays iPhone launch and it wasn’t just observing Robert Scoble’s mastery of self promotion (in a good way of course). Thousands of people* who were not lining up for an iPhone, be that because they simply weren’t interested in doing so or as in my case were unable to due to geography, experienced the highs and lows of iPhone day… Read More

  • They Have iPhones In Seattle, Too?

    There’s no raining on iDay! No raining! A high-end product launch just isn’t a high-end product launch without getting the point of view of the man-on-the-street. So I’m doing just that. Watch this spot throughout the evening as we upload YouTube video live from the scene in Seattle, where NW nerds are lined up to be the first in line to get The Thing. And if you’re… Read More

  • Your Very Own iPhone For Only A Penny

    There you have it. You too can have your very own 8GB iPhone for only one single penny. Gah! This isn’t over. Not by a long shot. Apple iPhone AT&T Brand New In Hand 8gb 8 gb i Phone NR [eBay] Read More

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