• Hey, You Condescending Jerk, No One Prints Emails Anyway

    Apologies, it’s time for a weekend rant. I know it’s all the rage right now to be green. but is it really necessary to put a line at the bottom of every email telling me to consider the environment and not to print it? It was fine when just a few people did it last year (it was a ding against their startup, but didn’t necessarily kill a story), but now a significant percentage… Read More

  • PMA 2008: LowePro Flipside & Fastpack Backpacks

    Lowepro always busts out some stylish backpacks at PMA and this year compact and convenient were the operative words in Vegas. In their slim and urban Flipside line, we like the 300 ($57), a slender, lightweight backpack with enough room for a professional digital SLR body and 80-200mm f/2.8 lens attached plus up to four additional lenses or flash units. One of these packs would be great… Read More

  • Lt. General Caldwell calls on Pentagon to lift prohibition against troop blogging

    [photopress:generalblogging.jpg,full,center] “The public has a voracious appetite for the sensational, the graphic and the shocking. We all have a difficult time taking our eyes off the train wreck in progress – it is human nature…When our Soldiers tell/share their stories, it has an overwhelmingly positive effect.” So blogs Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV, on his… Read More

  • Review: LaserShield Home Security System

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=laser.flv I’ve been putting off this review for a while because I was afraid it would be too complex to install a full home security system. Boy, was I wrong. Read More

  • This is the Kaossilator

    This is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Those of you who know that my birthday is March 17th, you’re now informed of the item at the top of my list. Oh-em-gee! Fun pocket synthesizer [BB] Read More

  • Life under house arrest in China

    Headed out to China for the Olympics? Don’t forget your “I’m being watched by the State Police” T-shirt. Blogger Hu Jia posted this video of him and his wife under house arrest, showing the world how ham-handed — and frighteningly dangerous — a centralized, fearful authority can be. We have a lot of fun over here but it’s folks like these who remind… Read More

  • Sunex SuperFisheye 5.6mm full-circle lens

    Sometimes 14mm isn’t wide enough. Honestly, I don’t need a lens that wide, but with popular cropped-FOV DSLRs like the Rebel XT and Nikon D40, you lose a lot of those precious millimeters so there’s definitely a market for something like this. 5.6mm is insanity though — and as you can see, it covers a lot of real estate. Still, if you’re trying to get the… Read More

  • Upgraded iPods shorting out headphones?

    There are some reports of 500mv of DC current popping up from 1.1 firmware iPod Classics. It seems there is some sort of software problem that makes the devices short out when the iPods are off and causes hissing when they’re on. Anyone experiencing this? Apple’s iPod Classic Could Be Harmful to Your Headphones [TheStreet] Read More

  • Facebook's yearly revenue pales in comparison to Warcraft's monthly

    [photopress:wowfacebook.jpg,full,center] If we believe the numbers that came out yesterday showing that Facebook makes $150 million in total revenue, then we’ll have to question that $15B rating the site has earned. Analysts are now starting to realize what we’ve been saying for quite some time, that people on social networks aren’t there to buy stuff, but to screw around… Read More

  • Spectrum Auction Theory: Watch For A Sneak Attack From The Mississippi Valley

    You know how on eBay, if you really want to win an auction, you have to snipe in your bids at the very end? Well, something very similar may be happening in the ongoing government auction for wireless spectrum. The FCC set up the rules of the auction to try to prevent such last-minute sniping, but some deep-pocketed bidders may have found another way to hold back their true bid until the very… Read More

  • PMA 2008: Gorillapod Go-Go! Suction Cups

    Joby’s Gorillapod products have always been a lot of fun and at PMA 2008 in Vegas they debuted a new accessory for these popular bendable tripods — the Go-Go! (their punctuation, not ours) suction cup. The Go-Go! lets you attach most any small, hand-held device — iPhone, MP3 player, small digital camera — to the tripod for easy viewing. Yes, we know this sounds a… Read More

  • WinMo 6.1 leaked?

    We won’t know if this is legitimate until Biggs touches down in Barcelona for 3GSM or whatever it’s being called now, but a Portuguese site supposedly has WinMo 6.1 at their disposal. Other than being a bit snappier, it also boasts a zoom function on IE that lets you, that’s right, zoom in on a particular section like you would on Opera or Safari on the iPhone. A few other… Read More

  • PMA 2008: New "Flagship" Pro DSLR from Sony

    Already a manufacturer of CMOS imaging sensors for professional digital SLRs, Sony announced this morning at PMA 2008 in Las Vesgas that it too would introduce a pro digital SLR this year. The new digital SLR — which is simply being called "Flagship" at this point — will use a new 24.6-megapixel full-frame "Exmor" CMOS sensor and employ Sony’s in-camera… Read More

  • Motorola to spin off mobile phone unit — or maybe it won't — but it might — maybe

    [photopress:050408_motorola_firstphone_vmed4p.widec.jpg,full,left]Motorola yesterday published a news release stating that, in the interest of shareholders, it would examine a corporate restructuring that would perhaps separate its mobile devices group from the rest of the company. The release doesn’t say it will or won’t, just that it’s a possibility. So, basically… Read More

  • True 5.1 surround sound coming to the Big Game

    That is if you have a Neural–THX AV receiver. In any case, this will be the first time the Super Bowl will be available with true 5.1 surround sound, which is pretty darn hot. If you don’t have a Neural-THX receiver then you’re pretty much screwed. Heh. Not really. You can still experience the ‘game’s soundtrack’ with existing surround sound… Read More

  • Get caught up with LOST online, free, with SurfTheChannel

    [photopress:th_fcdEvangiline_Lilly.AA172.PLT.jpg,full,right]If you watched LOST for the first time last night and were totally, well, lost as to what’s going on, you’re so not alone. It’s a complex show that’s almost impossible to explain to anyone, I know because I’ve tried. You need to watch all the episodes to get caught up. All of them. My friend Viva (yes… Read More

  • NASA beaming the Beatles into outer space

    To mark the 50th anniversary of NASA’s founding and, they’re going to be beaming “Across the Universe,” well, across the universe. They’re using their Deep Space Network to aim the song directly at the North Star, or Polaris to you land-lubbers. They felt it necessary to mention that the song will be travelling at 186,000 miles per second, as if that’s… Read More

  • Navy creates Rail Gun, now working on Quad Damage

    Every step real life takes towards being more like a Schwarzenegger movie is a step in the right direction. I wouldn’t mind being killed by one of these things as long as my gravestone says “RIP Devin, killed by a projectile traveling more than a mile a second.”
    “Record” rail gun test today [Navy Times, video via Wired Danger Room] Read More

  • eDirectree Brings Group Wiki Twist to Social Networking

    A new social network called eDirectree launched today that wants to make it more fun to form groups with people online. eDirectree was founded this past November by Raj Abhyanker, who also founded Fatdoor in late 2006 but left when that startup hired a new CEO. Whereas Fatdoor, once out of private beta, will help neighbors get to know each other online, eDirectree helps people who already… Read More

  • SSBB sells half a million copies, spoiler ahead

    We still have a bit of time before SSBB makes it stateside, but it’s flying off the shelves in Nihon. A reported 500,000 copies have been sold so far (probably more than that), which equates to about 80 percent of the initial batch. And if you want to know how each character finishes the fight then check out the video. I haven’t even watched it because I’d rather find out on… Read More

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