• BSA Offers $1 million Reward for Pirates, New CG Contest Announced!

    While we here at CG don’t condone piracy, we’re always trying to find new and interesting businesses and individuals who might pirate video games and applications. To that end, we’re offering a special CrunchGear Medal of Piracy Honor, available to any and all companies or individuals who make their living by pirating software or use pirated software within their organizations. Read More

  • Forza 2 Car Painting Feature Abuse: Some People Have Too Much Freedom

    Forza 2 is a 360 game that lets you build and paint your own cars and race them within the game. Fair enough. Unfortunately, some gamers have taken it upon themselves to create Nazi-themed roadsters and other patently racist crap. While everyone has a right to free speech, stuff like this just ruins the 360 experience and breeds ignorance and contempt. I don’t think they should censor… Read More

  • AT&T Says It's Fixed All iPhone Activation Glitches

    As you know, several people ran into problems activating their iPhone over the weekend, including our very own Matt Hickey. AT&T now says that it’s fixed the problem, one that affected approximately 2 percent of all iPhone buyers. (Or, doing a little math, about 10,000 customers.) AT&T attributed the activation problems to the large volume of people trying to simultaneously… Read More

  • Amie Street Celebrates First Birthday: Free Music For TechCrunch Readers

    Amie Street, one of our favorite new music distribution services (SellABand is up there, too), turns one year old today – we first wrote about them last year a couple of weeks after launching. Amie Street’s business model is dead simple – Artists upload their music for download on the site. Users download songs, with the starting price at free. When downloads pick up for… Read More

  • LG to Get YouTube

    Later this year, select LG phones will allow users to shoot and upload video directly to YouTube. Of course we all know that video shot on cell phones spells quality. Did I say ‘quality’? I meant ’empowerment.’ LG has also come to terms with both Google and Yahoo for their email services plus Google Maps and Yahoo Messenger. Check with your carrier to find out which… Read More

  • Google Makes FeedBurner Services Free

    FeedBurner has ceased charging for two premium features following their acquisition by Google in May. FeedBurner Stats PRO, a service that provides detailed statistics including subscriber numbers, item clickthrough tracking, podcast downloads and aggregate item uses amongst other features, becomes free. FeedBurner MyBrand, a service that allows users to control the URL of feeds is now free… Read More

  • iPhone Vulnerabilities: The Password is "Dottie"

    Hackers and security researchers have already found a nice collection of vulnerabilities in the iPhone, including an overflow issue in Safari that could allow unsigned code to infect the phone. The best vulnerabilities, however, are the two passwords found in the firmware that let applications run as root: Among the advances made to date, hackers have discovered the password the iPhone requires… Read More

  • A Way To Improve Digg's Data

    Richard MacManus writes about one of his frustrations with Digg – poorly created links that don’t give do a story justice. Once a particular link is added to Digg, there is no way for the submitter or anyone else to edit and improve it. Sometimes this is done negligently or in a desire to post first; sometimes it is done maliciously to effectively block a story on Digg. Either way… Read More

  • GrandCentral Acquired By Google: Please Don't Take Away My Free Really Good Voicemail!

    My family is a GrandCentral family. We’re all like “Hey, honey, GrandCentral me!” and my wife is all like “I just GrandCentralled your mother. And your son just GrandCentralled in his diaper.” That’s how we roll. We love the service, which is part secretary, part answering machine, and part forwarding service. Check it out. When I signed up, they were giving… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Local.com Proudly Announces Patent for "Enhanced Directory Assistance"

    Local.com (NASDAQ: LOCM) announced today the issuance of a patented technology for paid search results provided in response to a request for directory assistance. The company hopes to tap into mobile and voice application paid search market using a pay per referral model. Local.com says this complements its recently received location based search technology. Details, and a bit of commentary… Read More

  • MobilePet myPhone: Virtual Pets For the iPhone

    Mobile gaming portal Cellufun has launched its newest game, “MobilePet myPhone”, a virtual pet game for the iPhone and other mobile phone users. MobilePet myPhone allows users to care for, play with and feed a virtual pet. Users must keep the virtual pet from getting sick, from feeling neglected and must “avoid visits to the virtual computer store for repair”. Read More

  • LG To Develop YouTube Phone

    Korean electronics giant LG has signed an agreement with Google to develop a YouTube focused mobile phone. LG said the model would allow users to upload, view and share video clips without the need to use a computer. The 3G phone will be offered first in Europe in the second half of this year. Apple received a lot of attention earlier this year when they announced a deal with Google to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Wee Small Hours Edition

    Bombin’ And Taggin’ With Light
    Frank Sinatra To Host Sirius Show
    Second GTA IV Trailer: Yup, the Game Will Be Good
    Handle-It Begs You To Geek Out Your MacBooks
    The Great Outdoors: A Bright, Scary Place Read More

  • Immersion Brings VibeTonz To Nokia Devices

    Immersion has announced a long-term partnership with Finnish mobile phone giant, Nokia. We’ll soon see VibeTonz tactile feedback systems (sort of like force feedback) on future Nokia devices. As the world’s largest mobile device manufacturer, Nokia, is in a favorable position to bring all sorts of cool features to mobile games, music playback and the whole mobile device experience. Read More

  • Sharp Announces Five HD Recorders

    Following the announcement of the new G-Series AQUOS LCD TVs Sharp has also announced five digital TV tuners that come in 250GB (DV-ACW72), 500GB (DV-ACW75) and 1TB (DV-ACW80) capacities. The top-of-the-line ACW series has two digital tuners, one analog tuner, two USB ports for photo transfer, HDMI and support for supports EPG (Electronic programming guide). The low-end AC series comes in… Read More

  • BakeSpace.com: MySpace For People Who Like Cooking

    BakeSpace.com is a social networking site for people who like cooking. The self-funded California based company aims to provide a virtual kitchen online, a place where people gather to “cook, talk and hang out”. BakeSpace.com allows users browse, share and swap recipes, stage their own live cooking demonstrations and seminars, upload food photos & videos and be inspired by… Read More

  • myCharger Powers Your iPhone, iPod and Other Mobile Phones

    Traveling tech geeks will understand the anguish I go through when I travel with all my gadgets. It’s bad enough that I travel around with three phones, a laptop, an iPod and digital camera, but add the chargers for all that and it ends up being a complete clusterf*ck and the few extra pounds make a big difference. The Tekkeon myCharger might not reduce the weight and clutter altogether… Read More

  • Canon Announces Pint-sized Portable Printer

    If you’re one of those annoying photographers who hangs around tourist spots offering to take people’s pictures for ridiculous prices, then you’ll certainly be interested in Canon’s latest portable printer. The pint-sized SELPHY CP740 printer spits out 4×6-inch lab-quality photos in less than a minute. It also includes automatic red-eye reduction, a 2-inch color… Read More

  • Zoho Launches Facebook Application

    Online office suite provider Zoho has launched a Zoho Facebook application. Zoho for Facebook allows users to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations from within Facebook. Support includes the ability to view and edit all existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations (both personal and shared) from Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show. Whilst Zoho on Facebook will expose Zoho to a… Read More

  • Allofmp3.com Is No More

    Collapsing under pressure from the US and the possibility of scraping any chance that Russia has to join the WTO, music download site Allofmp3.com has closed up shop. Customers were greeted with your typical “site is down for maintenance” message, but a former employee has spilled the beans and confirmed its closure. The ‘nail in the coffin’ came from Visa and… Read More

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