• PS3 Box: As Big As Your Head

    Apparently the PS3 comes with cinder blocks, because how else can you explain what they could be hiding deep inside that cardboard case. As PS3Land writes: From the looks of the box, you may need to bring a friend to help carry your PS3 home! I wouldn’t let my friends touch my new PS3. They’ll steal my console like they stole my bike. Edit: Clearly Biggs has a mammoth head if it is… Read More

  • BitTorrent To Pre-Install Software On Electronics

    Illegal downloading just got a good bit easier, L.A. Boy Scouts Be Damned. Software maker BitTorrent has signed a deal that will enable it to pre-install its software on electronic devices. The first companies to go along with this are Asustek Computer, Planex Communication and QNAP Systems. If all goes according to plan, and the RIAA and MPAA don’t intervene some time soon, BitTorrent… Read More

  • Holiday Portable Media Player Guide: What's Right for You?

    There are loads of PMP choices—not all of them from Apple—that are worthy of being carried around and fondled as you go about your day. What’s right for you may not be right for the businessman who commutes two hours, or the athlete who burns more calories sneezing than you do the entire day. We know you don’t fit into any one “demographic,” but we… Read More

  • No plans? Meet New People via Activities

    No plans this week? Or, ever found yourself with an extra ticket to a concert or sporting event, but didn’t have anyone to go with? In the past, your solution was wading through Craigslist postings or calling all your friends. Well now there are two web-based services that allow you to find others to do things with — Who’s Going and MatchActivity. Who’s Going is the… Read More

  • Weekly Crunch: Excitebike Edition

    Here are some stories from the past week, including John’s trip to Korea: Sudoko Toilet Paper: You Know You’re Thinking About It
    Leica M8 Goes Digital, Expensive
    T3 Scooters Wants Cops To Dump Segway
    The Device
    CrunchGear in Korea: Hello from Sunny Seoul Read More

  • Le Web 3 is now open for registration!

    Loic Le Meur [France's most influential blogger] has just opened the registration for Les Blogs 3, which I have been eagerly awaiting and he has even given it the new name of Le Web 3. Why the change? Well Loic explains that he wanted it to be more general than just blogs. “We had 450 people from 25 countries last year, we expect 1000 bloggers and key Web2.0 players this… Read More

  • AOL's to do list: Dump ISP, buy EU sites, embarrass CPW

    The other week TechCrunch’s Sam Sethi posted the rather pithy paragraph: “Carphone Warehouse have taken the cost headache away from AOL UK and paid AOL for doing so. Equally they now send those very same AOL UK customers back to AOL plus CPW’s own broadband customers and again CPW pay for the privilege of having them sign up to AOL services.” This pretty much summed-up… Read More

  • Google Links Blog Search to Google News

    Some time over the weekend Google put links to Google Blog Search on the front page of Google News and at the end of each news search results page. This minor change is just the kind of integration of services the company has said it was going to focus on; something Sergey Brin might call a feature not a product. It’s liable to increase the market size for the whole blogosphere… Read More

  • Microsoft Office Roundtable v. Polycom

    Microsoft is releasing a new hardware device, called Microsoft Office Roundtable, in mid 2007. It will integrate with Live Meeting (Microsoft’s WebEx competitor) and allow for very easy plug and play video conferencing – just plug it into any computer that has Live Meeting or Microsoft Communication Server. The device will retail for $3,000. This may be less of a competitive… Read More

  • Lego PC: A Guided Tour

    Ari Levine, a very well-spoken young man, walks us through his water-cooled Lego PC. The video is a bit dark, but he shows us all we need to know. Read More

  • Crayon Claims To Be First SecondLife Company

    Virtual reality service SecondLife must be loving all of the positive press it’s receiving lately. After raising another $11 million in funding earlier this year (bringing their total to $19 million), they celebrated their third birthday and recently announced their 1,000,000th user registration. Putting the recent database hack aside, SecondLife is clearly hitting its stride. A… Read More

  • Midwest Startups Unite for Second TECH cocktail

    The second TECH cocktail rocked Chicago on October 12 at the Gramercy. TECH cocktail – highlighted previously on TechCrunch – is a quarterly event co-hosted by Eric Olson and Frank Gruber that focuses on better connecting the local technology community. The second event attracted more than 350 guests: a mix of bloggers, podcasters, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, developers… Read More

  • Microsoft Office RoundTable: An Answer to Costly Teleconferencing?

    The Microsoft Office RoundTable is a table-top device that provides synchronized voice and video conferencing. What’s cool is that from a video perspective, it produces “a 360-degree, panoramic video of side-by-side images of everyone who taking part in the conference.” The system can then identify and spotlight the individual who is speaking so that one receives prominence… Read More

  • L.A. Boy Scouts Giving Copyrighted Material The Respect It Deserves

    OK, so I’m an Eagle Scout. I have a suspicion that at least a couple of our readers are, too. It is with that spirit that I am sad to write this story. The Boy Scout Council in Los Angeles has begun a new program to award Scouts a “Respect Copyrights” activity patch. Guess what it’s all about and who helped come up with the concept? According to the article… Read More

  • SpaceShipOne Mystery Solved

    Late last night I posted on a rumor that Google had acquired SpaceShipOne and was putting it in building 43 at Google HQ in Mountain View. More information started coming in immediately from commenters. One reader emailed to tell me Larry Page is on the Board of Trustees of the X Prize foundation (SpaceShipOne won their challenge), establshing a connection. But other commenters sent in… Read More

  • Sudoko Toilet Paper: You Know You're Thinking About It

    Sudoku toilet paper is exactly what it sounds like: toilet paper with that insanely popular sudoku game on it. So, instead of reading Maxim as you do your ungodly business, you can do math puzzles, provided you keep a pen on the back of your toilet. And if you do indeed keep a pen there, we’d like to know why, seeing as how you’d never heard of this product before today. Is it to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Minor Surgery Edition

    Here’s an overview of interesting stories from Friday: In2Games Fusion Controller
    Freedom V Wireless Guitar Controller Review
    iPod Turns Five, Competition Still Looking for Killer
    CrunchGear in Korea: Samsung Anycall Studio Read More

  • Scrybe Could Set a New Standard In Office Apps

    Jason Clarke found a great new startup today called Scrybe. It hasn’t launched yet, but they’re using YouTube to showcase the product (see video below). More companies should do this – it gives the company a way to show everyone exactly what their product is all about and control the messaging during the crucial pre-launch stage. Scrybe looks to be a unique online… Read More

  • If You Use PhotoShop, Check Out Paint.net

    If you use Photoshop regularly, check out the just released version 3.0 of Paint.NET (download it here). It is 3.6 MB download that handles most of the basic (and many of the advanced) functions of Photoshop. It’s free, and even better it loads in just a couple of seconds on a newish Windows PC. I tested it, and it does everything that I need – if it was usable on a Mac… Read More

  • Getting Down To Business: YesNoMayB

    We’ve covered the best new dating sites, and even the most popular gay male dating sites, here on TechCrunch. But none of these sites capture the speed and simplicity of speed dating, where you meet a bunch of potential mates in a short period of time. South Africa-based dating site YesNoMayB nailed it. Forget all the long, detailed profiles and complicated algorithms for figuring out… Read More