• Google Video could be headed to Apple's iTV

    Google is reportedly in talks with Apple to allow users of the forthcoming Apple iTV set top box to view files from Google Video on their televisions. The iTV was announced at Apple’s “It’s Showtime” event last week. Set for release in the first quarter of 2007 it will deliver iTunes and iPhoto content from PCs and Macs by wifi to the TV. Though the name is likely… Read More

  • iPod Touchscreen? Rumors Recirculating

    It hasn’t even been a week since Apple’s latest product unveiling and already the rumors of new products are beginning to spin once again. This one is a familiar old tune, remember that touchscreen iPod? Yea, well apparently we’re going to see it by year’s end. On the other hand, there were legions who swore we’d have it several other times this year, so keep… Read More

  • Pioneer Launches Two PDP High-Definition Plasmas

    Pioneer has released two more PDP high definition plasmas in Japan. The two new models include the PDP-607HX (pictured here) and the PDP-427HXD. The plasmas use a new technology Pioneer has labeled “New P.U.R.E. Black Panel” and “New P.U.R.E. Drive II”. The black panel can recreate industry-leading levels of color and the Drive II has a new digital signal processor… Read More

  • Motorola KRZR K1 Unboxed

    Engadget Mobile got to unbox the new Motorola KRZR K1, excited? You should be! The new KRZR K1 has gotten some upgrades including an easier to use key pad (no longer sticking out), light green LEDs for a better visual experience and improvements on the phone’s speaker. Nothing too big, but it’s quite flashy. KRZR K1 [Engadget Mobile] Read More

  • Nintendo Wii Region-Locked

    Nintendo UK General Manager David Yarnton has stated that Nintendo of America was wrong for telling us that the console would be region-free, and that the Nintendo Wii will in fact, be region-locked. Too bad, it really would’ve been great to get Japanese imports the legitimate way. Looks like users are going to have to old school it with the Wii and mod their consoles to be able to… Read More

  • Panasonic Toughbook Video Interview from CTIA

    This is a bit long, but Vincenct from Slashgear was nice enough to film me talking with the folks at Panasonic Toughbooks. Check out my double chin! Read More

  • RSS: It's dead Jim or can we ping it back to life?

    Thursday night I was in Soho, London for the monthly Beers and Innovation event organised by NMK’s Deirdre Molloy. The topic of the debate was “the future of RSS”. On the distinguished panel were Richard Edwards of MyZebra, Peter Nixey from Webkitchen along with Ivan Pope from Snipperoo. In summation, all the speakers unanimously agreed that RSS is great, as did most of… Read More

  • Cable Turtles Wind and Protect Your Cables

    If you’re anything like us gear heads, your workstation is filled with almost a half a mile worth of cables, in one big pile, waiting to help you reenact scenes from the firefighter show on FX. But for just a few bucks, you can grab some Cable Turtles which is a flexible rubber shell around a center spindle, all designed to protect your various ethernet, phone, power, and USB cables… Read More

  • Evergreen NAS is Mac Mini-ish

    devices, Evergreen of Japan has made a NAS with a Mac Mini form factor. The white and silver Mac Mini stylings will enclose an IDE or SATA hard drive – desktop, not laptop – and will have USB 2.0 in addition to ethernet connectivity. This actually looks pretty great for a home NAS that you want to blend in with the rest of your components, especially a certain small computer… Read More

  • The Zune Battery Life: Average

    Compared to the Apple iPod, which got a recent battery bump to 14 hours audio and 4 hours video, the Microsoft Zune’s 12 hours audio and 3.5 hours video just seems inadequate. Perhaps it’s the large, bright screen that’s holding back the juice? Or perhaps it’s the WiFi, or the FM receiver? Either way, the Zune having less battery life than the iPod despite having a… Read More

  • Sony Vaio LA-Series Media Center PCs

    We won’t say this PC looks, or copies, the iMac, because that wasn’t really unique either. All we can say is this all-in-one PC looks pretty slick and should be suitable for a Media Center solution. The screen is 19-inches, which sits in front of the guts of the machine: an Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GB of RAM, 300GB hard drive, WiFi, and web cam. It also ships with WIndows XP Media… Read More

  • NES Controller Alarm Clock

    I can’t remember the last time I put my hands on an original NES controller. Hell, I can’t even remember the last game I played on my NES! Just thinking about it reminds me of long nights roaming the cities in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game. /sigh… The NES Controller Alarm Clock is a limited edition import item from Japan that is modeled to look like the… Read More

  • HP Media Vault – Another NAS For the SoHo

    HP’s entering in the low-end NAS market with its Media Vault, a 300 or 500GB RAID affair. The unit will have gigabit Ethernet, 1.2TB of maximum storage, three USB ports (to achieve that maximum), and a NASA-like front design. The back, however, looks like the back of a Dell PC. Which is great if you’re looking for uniformity in PC-asses, but boring otherwise. Speaking of NAS… Read More

  • BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Hands-On

    The BlackBerry Pearl is for the ladies. It’s slim, sexy, and cool. That’s not to say that boys might like it, but the Pearl, like the Sidekick 3, is designed to break down barriers and include folks who might not think they need a smartphone into the CrackBerry fold. Like the SK3, it’s a fully-featured smartphone masquerading as a cool and stylish toy. Read More

  • Free gigs on the house: Streamload teams with ISP Embarq

    In a likely sign of things to come, online storage company Streamload has signed a deal to provide file storage and automatic backup for customers of ISP Embarq, a Sprint/Nextel spin-off. Embarq customers will now have access to 25 GB of free online storage and a web interface for easy access to stored multimedia files. Larger packages supporting up to a terabyte of storage will also be… Read More

  • iPod and iTunes Competitors are Teaming Up to Fight Apple

    SanDisk, makers of the Sansa players, and RealNetworks, makers of the Rhapsody music store, are teaming up together to ensure their hardware and content work seamlessly together. Before now, the only player to work bundled with a single music store was the Apple iPod. It was this synergy, among various other things, that allows the iPod to become the de-facto champ of portable music players… Read More

  • Cowon iAudio F2 MP3 Player Looks Like a Phone

    The flash-based Cowon iAudio F2 is shaped like a phone, complete with a 3×3 button set and glow-in-the-dark red icons. The player supports WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC, JPEG, and some sort of video playback at 15FPS. The F2 also has a 1.3-inch display, which is even tinier than the regular iPod display, making video sort of just an afterthought. It’s available in 512MB to 2GB sizes, has an… Read More

  • AOL Bringing Downloadable Movies to Viiv PCs

    , as AOL is jumping into the fray with their AOL and Viiv collaboration effort. This deal lets owners of Viiv-classified PCs run an “entertainment platform” to secure the media and download episodes of shows like “Welcome Back, Kotter”, letting viewers see what Travolta was like before he went Scientolocrazy. The reason why content makers are cozying up to Viiv is… Read More

  • BlackBerry 8703e -> Verizon

    It’s a few weeks late to the table, but Verizon has now officially launched the BlackBerry 8703e. It features a 320×240 screen, Bluetooth connectivity and, of course, EV-DO compatibility for mobile broadband access. The 8703e available now for $249 with two year contract or $399 with one year contract. BlackBerry 8703e Now Available on Verizon [Gizmodo] Read More

  • Zune Soon at Wal-Mart: Boon?

    Looks like Wal-Mart is getting ready to sell us the Zune. Not much info – just a “coming soon” graphic – but it looks like Microsoft has these in the pipe and may be ready to ship soon. We’ll keep you posted. Product Page [Wal-Mart via Gizmodo] Read More