• Behold the decline and fall of the technical age: the scrolling LED tree ornament

    It’s official in my book: technology has become so cheap that it can’t help but be tacky. You may take this art deco scrolling LED ornament as an example of this. It has a matrix of LEDs around the outside and scrolls wishes of Xmas cheer to boost your Yuletide spirit. And get this: it’s called “Seasons Readings”. Get it!? If this isn’t an excuse for a… Read More

  • Chip Clips: Stocking Stuffer for your geeky girlfriend

    Attention, ladies of Seattle: If you’re walking around wearing these, and I see you, we’re getting married right then and right there. Computer chip hair clips! [Etsy, via 7 Gadgets, via Shiny Shiny] Read More

  • Rumors say Best Buy is sitting on tons of Wiis, playing keep away

    We think people who camp out overnight for electronics (even the iPhone) are dumbasses in general, but Best Buy is looking to force them to do just that, it would seem. Word is the biggest of the big box retailers is sitting on a glut of Wiis, keeping them from the shelves, and is planning on a few door buster sales in the coming weeks. Why they’re doing this we’re not sure… Read More

  • Assassin's Creed selling like hotcakes

    Ubisoft makes killer games and there’s no doubt about that so is it any wonder that Assassin’s Creed is boosting the French publisher’s sales outlook for 2007-08? It’s sold more than 2.5 million copies in under four weeks and Ubi expects to sell at least five million, which is two more than they expected. Really, Ubi? You didn’t think it was going to sell that well? Read More

  • Cisco completing purchase of WiMax provider

    We’ve been talking quite a bit about WiMax lately, and that’s because there’s been a lot of movement in that technology lately. Cisco’s in on the act, finalizing its acquisition of Navini, a WiMax network operator, which it hopes to leverage in developing countries. Almost every bit of information on the Internet comes to you across Cisco hardware at some point, so it… Read More

  • Intel Crams WiFi, WiMAX and DVB-H Into One Chip

    Intel announced today that it had developed a single chip to handle signals for WiFi, WiMAX and DVB-H. The chip measures just 24-millimeters^2 and consumes only 79mW. While DVB-H is more or less irrelevant in the States, this chip could still be significant. And considering the capability to stick three radio receivers onto one die, Intel could feasibly rip DVB-H out and add some wireless… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Maxtor OneTouch external drives

    turned me onto the Maxtor OneTouch 4, and I must say it’s the most excellent external drive I’ve ever owned. Though there are drives with much higher capacities than mine’s 120GB, the OneTouch is great for mobile users as it uses USB bus power to work, no stupid power cables to schlep around. In a perfect world, everything would have bus power, it’s cheaper, and easier… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Crumpler's Brazillion Dollar Home

    <img src="http://old.crunchgear.com/wp-content/pbucket/20. Isn't that what they always say? Yeah, it irritates the feck out of me, too. I was in the market for a camera bag a little while back and I figured I'd just grab one of Crumpler's 'buckets' and drop it into my Barney Rustle Blanket. It was perfect, I didn't have to spend a whole lot of money on a… Read More

  • Apple prepping new Cinema Displays as an early Xmas present?

    If something disappears from the Apple store, it’s usually because there’s an upgrade right around the corner, and so we’re guessing it will go with Apple’s cinema displays, which have disappeared from the Apple store’s main page. You can still browse to them, but they’re no longer on the virtual end cap as they were before, a clue signifying an upgrade… Read More

  • Rummble opens slowly, with Facebook app first

    Mobile social network startup Rummble launched a Facebook application today. People still can’t sign up direct from the main site as it remains in closed beta, but by adding the FaceBook application they can. Beta testers can signup when they load the app. This allows them to share their favourite places with friends. The mobile site is at http://m.rummble.com. Why is Rummble doing is… Read More

  • Helio Player hits the street

    With all the hoopla swirling around the new YouTube client for the Helio Ocean, we forgot to mention that the new Helio Player for the Fin, Heat, Drift, and especially the Ocean. The player is an iTunes-esque media management program for PCs that allows you to more easily sync up music, videos, and photos with your Helio phone. It also features an iTunes like music store, though the selection… Read More

  • Best startups this year?

    I’m prepping a post about the best tech startups this year. I’ll be dividing it into three categories: UK, Irish and European (as in, continental Europe). The idea is to look at both web and mobile startups which are doing interesting things. As part of my research I thought I’d ask TechCrunch UK readers for your thoughts. Obviously I’m sure you’ll agree that… Read More

  • O'Neill ensures skiiers, snowboarders will never get lost

    The Europeans always get the cool gear before everyone else and it pisses me off. Take, for example, the O’Neill NavJacket. Not only does it include a GPS module to help you get back to that snow bunny, it also has an integrated display on the sleeve and audible instructions that are pumped through the hood. Pretty good, eh? Wanna know what else it can tell you? How about the speed… Read More

  • MAXRoam secures high-street distribution

    Irish telecoms startup Cubic Telecom, which launched the MAXroam SIM card aimed at roaming travellers, has struck a distribution deal for the UK and Ireland through the high street electronics chain Maplins. MAXroam uses local, in-country numbers, effectively making all global calls local calls. Customers are given a local number in their home country and another local number in the country… Read More

  • Palm drops monster update for Treo 680; IM, PTT, other acronyms added

    Regular readers will know that I’m a big supporter of the Palm Treo line of smartphones. They’re a good mix of form factor, usability, and price. They do all the things you need a smartphone to do, and they have lots of amazing games. And if you’re a user of a Treo 680 on AT&T, today is an early Xmas, as the much anticipated software upgrade just hit. And this… Read More

  • Author HD DVDs with your Xbox 360

    Microsoft has released a handy little program for people who don’t want to buy those multi-thousand dollar HD DVD authoring workstations. I don’t think there are too many people making HD DVDs who can’t afford them, but this is a useful little thing anyway. Basically, you hook up your 360 to your PC, and the HD DVD Emulator you just installed lets you test for conflicts… Read More

  • Bebo launches open apps platform

    Bebo is opening its site to outside programmers to encourage the development of third-party applications. It’s Open Application Platform launch last night coincided with the announcement of partnerships with more than 40 developers to date who have created applications from music and movies to gameplay and photo sharing. Among the many US partners are European startup success story Last.fm. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: NBA 08 (PS3 version) for $29.99

    Hey look! That’s a really good deal for a PlayStation 3 game, right? It’s NBA 08, featuring basketball! Never mind that GameSpot.com said that it’s "better than last year’s game, but it’s still not worth playing." That’s just a figure of speech for "it’d be worth buying if it was under $30" or something similar to that. Makes a… Read More

  • Mobile Browser Showdown: N95's Opera vs iPhone's Safari. Winner: Opera

    There has been some dispute over the speed of the browsers on these next-gen phones. N95 users say that the 3G connection makes all the difference, iPhone users say EDGE is just fine when you’ve got a great app like Safari. As it turns out, they seem to go at about the same speed in their natural habitats, but when you throw a 3rd-party browser into the mix, it’s all over. Opera… Read More

  • NVIDIA adds one more graphics card to your rig

    Sure, why not? NVIDIA’s just announced 3-way SLI and is now one step closer to having your entire case filled with video cards. According to the company, "Now hot, new, graphics-intensive titles, such as Call of Duty 4, Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and Unreal Tournament 3, can be played at the highest resolution possible, with all the graphics… Read More

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