• Dekoh Delivering a Web Desktop Platform for Applications

    San Jose based company Pramati announced its product Dekoh this week and gave me a look around the application. Dekoh’s goal is to bring the web and the desktop together and to give developers the ability to create applications on top of that platform. Those applications can be shared and deployed anywhere in the network. It’s a lofty goal, and with more flexible desktop… Read More

  • Sony Vaio VGC-RM1 – Blu-Ray Anyone?

    Sony Vaios tend to be really expensive and a bit overpriced, but they’re decent machines and the VGC-RM1 is no exception. For the price of brand loyalty and $3500, you can snag a sweet Vista machine with a Core 2 Duo CPU, 1TB of storage, a 50GB Blu-Ray burner, NVidia GeForce 7600GT, 2GB of RAM, Bluetooth, card readers, a USB jogdial, and a monkey. Great specs, terrible price. I smell me… Read More

  • Steve, DRM, and the Free World

    rails against DRM on Salon this morning, saying that it’s basically a tax against future hardware purchases. The reasoning is fairly simple: the more 99 cent tracks you buy, the harder it will be to get rid of your Zune or your iPod or your FrankoMP3eo 2007. This line of argument is fairly cogent but the article says little new. It is, however, nice to hear from Cory’s other… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Where's That Sound?

    What’s a hard-core gamer or action-movie lover to do about having late-night fragging sessions or Matrix screenings without driving their spouse or neighbors nuts? While there are plenty of consumer 5.1-channel headphones on the market, if you want cans that give you a truly convincing surround-sound listening experience, you’ve got to be a military sonar operator or aircraft pilot. Read More

  • A Glorious Toilet Paper Cutter

    I’m coming to understand the majesty of Intelligent Design. The thesis, obviously, is that many natural things are too complex to be created be the vagaries of evolution, which forces us to believe in a prime mover or creator. Here is another example of intelligent design, for verily how could a stoned college kid from UC-Berkeley create such a masterful system for rolling, cutting… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Femme Fatale Edition

    R2-D2 Trashcan
    DIY Steampunk Keyboard: Brazil++
    Google Running “Office Killer” Trials
    Virtual Sex Shopping in Second Life
    Cell Phone Anklet Read More

  • There is no YouTube Filter; It's AudibleMagic

    After months of intense and very public debate, closely tied to the Google acquisition, YouTube is reported to have licensed copyright filtering technology from AudibleMagic. The San Jose Mercury News cites two unnamed sources as saying that Google will soon unveil filtering technology for YouTube from the leading third party filtering provider, Audible Magic. What does this mean? It means… Read More

  • BRDGen Lets You Burn PS3 Disks Like the Pros

    PS3/Blu-Ray fanboys are frothing over this announcement from BRDGen. The world’s first publicly available PC app to create and/or edit Blu-Ray AND PS3 discs has been released into the wild; BRDGen v1.00 is now available for download. The features that should pique your interest are: Read More

  • The (OCZ) Reaper Is Upon Us

    Fear the Reaper? Normally yes, but not the Reaper from OCZ. The PC2-8500 Reaper HPC has been unleashed and gamers should rejoice. The hoity-toity high performance gaming RAM are clocked at 1066MHz, runs at CL 5-5-5, and comes in 2GB dual channel kits. The Reaper features a new heat sink that dissipates heat via two copper pipes that feed into a compact aluminum fin array. The Reaper also boasts… Read More

  • Nintendo Killing Off The GameCube, World Fails To Notice

    Ohhhh snap! According to an interview that was done with GameDaily, Nintendo’s Perrin Kaplan has confirmed that the GameCube is no more. Kaplan says that Nintendo will not be producing anymore GameCube games or systems, but if people want to still waste their cash purchase them, “the inventory is there.” Big deal? Nah. By the time the GameCube is finished, all titles will… Read More

  • When Eddie Van Halen Meets Design

    The picture you see is part of Yoshihiko Satoh’s exhibit called THE ARMS. Based around the theme of music and guitars, one piece is basically 12 Fender Strats welded together. The kicker? You can actually play this 12-neck behemoth. Imagine if you had a virtuoso for each neck — Allan Holdsworth on one, Eddie Van Halen on another, maybe John Petrucci too. There’s also a… Read More

  • M-Audio Torq Mixlab Digital DJ System Review

    The whole package DJing has most certainly evolved over the years. From the infamous Technics 1200s to Numark’s iPod DJ system, the technique of holding the attention of a dance floor required precise musical knowledge, expert mixing skills, and a sixth-sense of beatmatching. After spending just a few days with M-Audio’s Torq Mixlab Digital DJ System, I’m officially… Read More

  • Virtual Sex Shopping in Second Life

    anything. He kind of chickened out as evidenced by this passage: Read More

  • Black iMacs, Lots of Hardware Refreshes Due from Apple; iMac to Become Just "Mac"?

    If I had a dollar for every time we had to write about a Mac rumor, well, I could afford a new Mac. And if I’m willing to wait a few months, it could be a black iMac. That’s the rumor du jour, according to MacScoop, who’s heard through a cousin’s friend’s dog trainer’s parole officer that Apple is planning a major product update for the aging iMac, which… Read More

  • Cell Phone Anklet

    This is stupider than those belt clips that guys use for their cell phones. I never understood why guys do that anyway. I mean, your pocket is like 2-inches away. Anyway, consider this the equivalent for women. Now they too can wear their cell phones in a ridiculous place: their ankles. Totally convenient too. Just bend over every time you want to answer your phone. No way it’d get… Read More

  • Novatel Merlin EX720 ExpressCard Now Available at Sprint

    I love me some wireless broadband. It’s the greatest thing since, well, WiFi. I’ve said it many times, but I envision a day when people start forgoing landline Internet in favor of comparable wireless Interwebs. Those days are getting closer. WWAN is getting faster and faster and the compatibility spread is becoming more comprehensive. Today the Novatel Merlin EX720 EV-DO Rev. A… Read More

  • Denon Crave-worthy Home Audio Products Leaked

    Home Theater Blog, via CNET’s Crave, has published some leaked details of five new Denon receivers possibly scheduled to arrive starting this summer. Speculation has the receivers being released in two waves, with two high-end models arriving in July and three less-expensive units hitting in September. The top models—the $2,500 AVR-4308CI and $1,600 AVR-3808CI—will… Read More

  • Insider Pages Acquisition May Be Announced Next Week

    Update: See Troubled Insider Pages Acquired By CitySearch
    Insider Pages, a user generated review site for local businesses, has been acquired by a public company, according to sources close to the deal. I also spoke with Insider Pages’ VP Marketing Anne Raimondi, who declined to comment. The company, originally founded by idealab, has faced heavy competition from Yelp and others. Read More

  • Fox Interactive Acquires Ad Optimization Company

    Fox Interactive Media announced this morning that it has acquired the thrillingly named Strategic Data Corporation (Google cache of site). SDC offers ad optimization technology that it claims helps clients “typically see network-wide revenue increases of 50-150%.” Fox Interactive spans a large number of sites from AmericanIdol.com to AskMen.com but is dominated by MySpace. … Read More

  • R2-D2 Trashcan

    Since its release a bunch of decades ago, “Star Wars” has been the ultimate fare of geekdom. Anyone who can legitimately call oneself a nerd has seen the films, probably more than once, and holds at least some of it dear to the heart. Given its status as “The Godfather” of nerd films, it’s no surprise that “Star Wars” based products continue to… Read More

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