• Apple Store, Dot Mac Are Down

    First things first, it seems: New iMacs, duh, but new iMacs that look something like the old iMacs. But with less of a frame around the screen, and more brushed-metally. Nice stats, too. You get up to a terrabyte of internal storage, up to a 2.4GHz Core 2 Extreme proc, up to 4GB RAM, and ATI’s bringing the GPU with its Radeon HD cards. Not bad. And they’re keeping axing the… Read More

  • Apple To Ramp Up Game Development?

    Historically, Apple and gaming have gone together like oil and water. So it stands to reason that gaming might be the next mighty mountain for Apple to conquer. Announcements at WWDC from EA and id Software hint at the availability of new Apple-flavored games. EA’s supposedly putting out Mac versions of its Madden and Command & Conquer franchises and id’s John Carmack… Read More

  • Google Street View Adds Four Cities

    Google continues to add cities to its Street View maps product that launched earlier this year. You can now view and stroll through high quality photos of most of the downtown areas of San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston and Orlando. Nine cities are now covered – click on the camera icons to dive into the city and see it. Microsoft is working on competing products, but they are not as elegant… Read More

  • Keyspan Announces RF Remote For Windows Media Center

    Keyspan has announced that the RF remote for Windows Vista is now shipping. That’s right, it’s using radio frequency rather than infrared, because it you don’t need to be standing in front of the paired device for it to work, the signal is far greater (up to 90ft) and it functions through walls, but I digress. One more point about RF and we can move on. Because the remote… Read More

  • Road Warriors Unhappy With Mobile Phone Service

    The title of the survey only sounds like it could be the script for a post-apocalyptical film set in the outback. But In-Stat’s recent study “Road Warriors 2007: Love Them or Lose Them” actually has some bad news for wireless operators. High average revenue per user (ARPU) customers in North America are unhappy with their service, but is that really a surprise? Over 60%… Read More

  • Skype 3.5 Steps Up Video Chat

    Skype is introducing a fun new way to video chat with your family and friends with the inclusion of shared video content from sites like Daily Motion and Metacafe. Skype 3.5 for Windows allows you, dear readers, to include videos you’ve downloaded from said video-sharing sites and insert them in your Skype ‘mood.’ Imagine if you will, you’re talking with your buddy… Read More

  • Sony Contemplates Bringing Home To PSP

    Home, Sony’s unofficial Second Life implementation heading to the PS3 this fall, will also, maybe, makes its way to the PSP, in one capacity or another. Maybe. That’s what a marketing head told MTV, that bastion of investigative journalism. The marketing man told MTV, Intuitively, if you take the PSP with you, you would want to take some of Home with you…” So from… Read More

  • Sony Working On New AIBO Possibly

    Yes! I used to have an older Sony AIBO and although many would claim it was a waste of $800, I thought it was the coolest thing since Led Zeppelin. It could do a bunch of nutty stuff that was extremely enjoyable while intoxicated (it did headstands for crying out loud). Now word is that Sony is working on a new version of the previously cancelled robodog. Says Sony’s Masaya… Read More

  • Diner Dash 2 Serving Up This Fall

    Glu Mobile Inc, the publisher that brought you Diner Dash, plans to release Diner Dash 2 around the world this fall. This will be Glu’s third title developed and published with its partner, PlayFirst, Inc., a publisher of casual games. The original Diner Dash went mobile in 2006, and over one million people have been slinging electronic hash ever since. “The Diner Dash franchise in… Read More

  • Garmin Announces Budget Text-To-Speech PND, nüvi 260

    Garmin’s latest entry into the nüvi line of personal navigation devices is low in cost, but fairly full featured. The nüvi 260 can strut around knowing it has text-to-speech capability, which is a huge deal considering drivers should have their eyes on the road rather than squinting at their GPS screen trying to figure out where to turn. Some of you may scoff at this feature because… Read More

  • Lenovo Wants Packard Bell

    PC manufacturer/IBM buyer Lenovo today declared its intent to purchase Packard Bell. So far, not many details are available about the acquisition. Seems both companies would rather not comment on the deal right now. I wonder why… Oh wait. That’s right. No one gives a shit about Packard Bell anymore and hasn’t since 1993. My mistake! Does Packard Bell make anything still? Read More

  • NES Emulator Hits The iPhone

    BITCHIN’! Now you finally have a reason to get an iPhone! Sure, it may not have 3G or Adobe Flash support, but that’s fine. Someone made an NES emulator for the iPhone that actually loads up and works. It’s currently too slow for anyone to play game on it, but that’s not the point. Soon, everyone will be busting out some Bubble Bobble when they’re bored on a bus… Read More

  • Belkin Cushtop

    A few months back I reviewed a little product called the Lapinator. It was a simple product made from 3M Thinsulate. The premise was simple, when using your laptop, the Lapinator was positioned between yourself and your machine. In addition to providing cushioning, it prevented your crotch from erupting into flames under the heat of your laptop. Read More

  • 89% Of America Wants To Ban Texting While Driving

    TEXTING + DRIVING = DEAD MOOSE Driving while talking on your cellphone may have risks involved, but it’s still possible to do it safely via one way or another. However, when it comes to texting and driving, that’s just a bad mix no matter how you look at it. My roommate texts and drives all the time, even when he’s doing 80MPH down the BQE. It kind of freaks me out and I… Read More

  • SF Chronicle Trims Business Section; The Best Are Gone

    We all knew big layoffs were coming at the San Francisco Chronicle, but I had hoped that they’d try to keep at least one of the business/tech writers that is responsible for my occasional purchase of a copy of the paper. No luck. The paper that is losing $1 million per week could fire every journalist it has on staff and still not break even. But that hasn’t stopped them from trying. Read More

  • Stupid Babies: Playskool And Creative Team Up

    Hasbro’s Playskool probably isn’t as “dope” as it was back in the 1990s, but it can still kick out the jams thanks to a new deal with Creative. What does this new deal entail? I’ll let you take a guess. It’s either an MP3 player geared towards toddlers or it’s a flaming motorcycle with the words “EAT MY HELLFIRE” painted on the side. Give up? Read More

  • Drunk Drivers Perceived As Dangerous As Text Drivers

    Are you one of the millions of drivers who can’t wait to send a text message? A survey released today by Pinger, Inc. and conducted by Harris Interactive finds that 91% of American adults think sending text messages or mobile emails while driving is as dangerous as driving after a few drinks. State Legislators across the nation are looking at laws to combat this scourge of the… Read More

  • MP3s In Your Shower: Finally, A Sensible Invention

    I love solutions to problems that don’t really exist, like, say, wanting my shower head to control my MP3s. Until now that was an impossible dream, like the Cubs wining the Series (or even a pennant) or like John losing weight. Impossible dreams, you know? Lo! the shower head with built-in MP3 player. Not only does it control the flow of your water, crucial to taking a shower, but it… Read More

  • Alcatel Unveils Cellphone On The Cheap

    Not every consumer is looking for the latest, greatest iphone out there. That’s why when carriers still give people basic options as far as hardware-selection goes, it’s always a win. I mean, who doesn’t like choice? Those on a budget and living across the pond should peep Alcatel’s new £15 cellphone, the OT-E201. It has a 65k color screen, dual-band GSM, and most… Read More

  • Microsoft Gets Company's Code Certificate Pulled

    Better watch out fellow coders. Make a useful utility for Windows and Microsoft might jump all over your ass for it. LinchpinLabs, an Australia-based company, released the Atsiv utility July 20th for free. It allows users circumvent a feature of the 64-bit version of Vista that allows only digitally-signed code to be loaded into the OS kernal. In short, you can’t go messing with… Read More

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