• Non-Newtonian And Ferro Fluid?!?

    My roommate just showed me these two videos and it tripped me out soooo much I just had to show you guys. Whether you’ve seen them before or not be amazed! The first is a pool full of corn starch and the second has to do with magnets. Edit: I’ve added a third video that has something to do with Sulfur Hexafluoride Read More

  • iPhone Is Too Cool For School

    While I was exploring MacWorld 2007 in San Francisco, I finally ventured into a little area where the iPhone slumbered in its own little case. After fighting through the crowd of golems and hobbits to get closer to the phone, I finally got to take some close up shots of the sexiest cell phone I’ve ever seen. Everything on the iPhone looks top notch, but can anyone say smudge/scratch central? Read More

  • DocuPen is Mightier than the Mere Scanner

    Here is something we wish we had during the show: the DocuPen RC800, a portable color scanner. This full-page scanner will let you copy text and graphics (like those big heavy press kits) faster than Harry Potter can wave a wand, or at least so says the company. The battery-operated device can scan a full page in about four or five seconds and store up to 100 pages in memory. A Universal… Read More

  • Taking a Spin with the PC

    Many gamers already sweat WAY too much, but that’s more from bad hygiene than actually from physical effort exerted during gameplay. While the Wii will get your fat ass off the couch for a change, to really feel the burn there is the PCGamerBike, a mini exercise bike that connects via a USB connection, and can be used with various PC games. It is actually meant to be an integral part of… Read More

  • CES Post Show Thoughts From a Tired Writer

    For many of us the best part of being back from CES is that it is now the longest amount of time until we have to go back to Las Vegas for another CES. That’s not to say that the show isn’t enjoyable, but as with any trade show it means a lot of work, too much walking and too many things to see – many of which will likely never come out. Here are a few thoughts on CES… Read More

  • What If Google and Yahoo Switched Designers?

    Steve Bryant at GoogleWatch shows what the ultra clean Google user interface might look like if they did things the Yahoo way. Not a bad job, and very funny. Read More

  • Mac Found In Temple Ruins Of The East

    OK, so maybe these two little gems weren’t found in ruins, but they might as well have seeing as how Mac case mods as extravagant as this one aren’t seen too often. While I was venturing the Moscone Center North Hall for the MacWorld Expo, I ran across these two bad boys at a MacMod booth. The people working there were selling this “Necromac II” at an auction. At the time… Read More

  • Will JotSpot Relaunch Next Week?

    Google sent an email to JotSpot customers notifying them of an upgrade being rolled out over the next week. JotSpot has been closed to new customers since they were acquired by Google in late October 2006, and there has been no word of when JotSpot might be relaunched. While the email (copied below) doesn’t say that JotSpot will be relaunching to new customers, it doesn’t make… Read More

  • Second Founder Leaves Flock

    There are rumors that Geoffrey Arone, the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of silicon valley based Flock, is leaving the company to become an Entrepreneur in Residence at Bessemer Venture Partners (one of the original Flock investors). The other co-founder, former CEO Bart Decrem, left Flock late last year. Flock recently replaced Decrem with a Yahoo veteran, Shawn Hardin. No word on who… Read More

  • Best In Show: LG's Swinger

    LG’s dual format DVD player was awarded best in show at CES. Find out who else won at CNET. Read More

  • Takeoffs and Landings

    Our CES Vegas adventure is coming to a close. Vince succeeded in his goal of vomiting at every major casino on the strip. Biggs acquired a new nickname: Mumbles. Goldman learned what a kick to the face feels like. And I stayed sober enough to keep the three of them out of jail. We’ll be flying around for most of the day, so posting will be sporadic, but we’ll be back to normal… Read More

  • CellSwapper, An End To Endless Contracts

    comes CellSwapper, a service that lets you transfer cell contracts to desiring parties. The service is particularly useful since essentially every phone now comes with an oppressive two year contract. The service takes advantage of the termination clauses that allow users to end their service if they can find someone willing to take on the remainder of the contract. It also lets the… Read More

  • Amazon To Dabble More in Customization?

    I heard from two independent sources this morning that Amazon, eager to expand their customized product suite after their 2005 acquisition of CustomFlix, is in acquisition discussions with young Seattle-based startup ImageKind. ImageKind, a 14 person company launched just last August, is a site where artists can upload their work and sell custom framed prints to others. Like CafePress and… Read More

  • Blue Screen Of Death In Your Car? AOpen and Mitsubishi Say Yes!

    AOpen and Fortune Motors (Mitsubishi’s lil guy in Taiwan) have jumped into bed together to give you the first Car PC. The Car PC comes jam packed with a Celeron M360/915 chipset, a 40 gig HD, GPS, GMA 900 graphics card, 512 MB RAM, DVD player, Windows XP and support for DirectX 9. The Blue Screen of Death is exactly what I need to cure my road rage. Mitsubishi plans to launch this in the… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Still Life with iPhone Edition

    Golla – Inexpensive, Fashionable Bags From Finland
    Axiotron Demos ModBook
    IOGear Digital Scribe Lets You Write With Ease
    Apple iPhone FAQ
    Keep Death from Beheaded Pretty Flowers via USB Read More

  • If You Copy Digg, At Least Thank Them

    go2web2, normally an even tempered blog, points out that new startup SuperGu copies everything about Digg except their name and goes off on them a bit. And to add insult to injury, they say it was “inspired by Meneame, Del.icio.us and Reddit,” ignoring Digg completely. The screen shots do look just about identical – SuperGu hasn’t just copied the Digg idea but the look… Read More

  • The Latest Jobs At CrunchBoard

    We launched the CrunchBoard job board in August, and people seem to be getting quality results for their listings because they keep coming back. CrunchBoard customers include Apple, AOL, MySpace, NBC, CNET, Motley Fool, and lots of funded startups. Listings have come from 12 U.S. states and 8 countries. Here are some of the recent jobs on CrunchBoard: VP of Marketing at Sampa in Redmond… Read More

  • CellSwapper: Swap Into a New Phone

    TechCrunch just posted on a really interesting service, CellSwapper. They’re a New Jersey based service that lets users change their cell plans early without the $250 fee by swapping plans with someone else. It’s a brilliant idea that gets rid of the bane of most mid-contract cell phone users. It operates like an eBay for cell contracts, with some financial incentives for the… Read More

  • CellSwapper Solves A Very Annoying Problem

    New Jersey based CellSwapper is a cool service that came at just the right time. The site, which calls itself “the eBay of cell phone contracts” takes advantage of the fact that all U.S. cell phone carriers have clauses in their contracts that allow users to get out early, without the early termination fee that can range up to $250 per phone, just by transferring your account… Read More

  • MyBlogLog Got Spammed (and so did we)

    Michael Jensen shows that it is quite easy to spam MyBlogLog (recently acquired by Yahoo), and he used TechCrunch as the guinea pig for his experiment. We, like many other blogs, display the MyBlogLog widget (right bottom sidebar), which shows recent visitors, along with their photo, to the site. All he did was create a new account with the advertising he wanted included as the image. He… Read More

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