• Think you know Web2.0? Ok. But can you predict Web2.0?

    How good are you at making predictions? Meet PlaytheDay a quiz game that will entertain those who can predict the future. The game is very simple: you need to answer 8 questions related to a future event. If you get 8 answers right in a row you win. There is one prize to win everyday and several series of quizzes in different spaces (celebrity, music, sport, Internet and finance,…)… Read More

  • Mobile Game News 9-26-07

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. This Week’s Headlines: GOSUB Goes for the Bullseye; I-play Rolls Out Q4 Line Up; Eidos Lights the Way; Castlevania: Order of Shadows Now Available; D3Publisher Developing Connected Games With SNAP Mobile Platform; Artificial Life(like) Top Model; Alltel Customers Can Now Axcess Games Read More

  • Zlango Launches Web Play

    Last we heard from Zlango the company had announced a $12 million in funding from Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners. Today Zlango is announcing its first major foray in the Web space. For those of you unfamiliar with Zlango, the company created a new language based on slightly over 200 icons in categories such as People, Actions, Places and Feelings. The Zlango offering was originally aimed… Read More

  • Global Grind: Ajax, Finally, For The Hip Hop Demographic

    The global hip-hop community: twenty four million people between the ages of 19-34, from a range of nationalities, ethnic groups and religions. Their collective spending power is $500 billion annually in the U.S. alone. Naturally, there are lots of online properties dedicated to Hip Hop culture. And now they have a customizable Ajax home page, too. New York based global Grind launches this… Read More

  • EchoStar To Buy Sling Media

    I love me a SlingBox. And so will millions of Dish Network subscribers if this works out like I hope it will. The satellite TV provider is buying the privately-held place-shifting wonders to the tune of a cool $380 million. Of course, EchoStar is no stranger to partnering with smaller companies that make great products. About a year and a half ago they teamed up with Archos for some mobile… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Land of Wind and Ghosts Edition

    Mimico Halo Mimobots Are Here!
    Wind Powered Lantern Lights The Way
    MP3 Player The Size Of a Credit Card, Wow!
    BenQ Announces Slim, Touch Screen, Point-and-Shoot
    A Chessboard For Night Owls (Because It Glows) Read More

  • You Be The VC: Reality Programming Comes To Venture Capital

    You Be The VC is a new competition from New York based Bang Ventures that brings an American Idol style popular voting format to seed capital raising. Wannabe startups put forward their startup ideas to an expert panel, and then the best of those ideas are presented to the public for voting. The top three companies win $15,000 each, Boston Office space and incubation services.The model is… Read More

  • RealNetworks to develop socnet around games?

    Casual gamers – moms, dads and senior citizens – are the mainstream of the gaming world. So it’s interesting that RealNetworks could be looking to foster community around its RealArcade property, following reports today that it is acquiring NYC-based online casual gaming site Gametrust for somewhere in the region of $50 million. The company, which has already raised nearly… Read More

  • T-Mo Unveils The Sidekick LX

    As a Sidekick fanboy, I’ve been diligently waiting for Sharp/Danger to produce a Sidekick that doesn’t make me regret switching from the SK2 to SK3. I’ve seen the Sidekick LX and it’s the best incarnation I’ve seen. Not only is it thinner than its predecessors, but the screen is much larger and brighter thanks to Sharp’s AQUOS LCD. The camera remains the same… Read More

  • MySpace Blocking Mobile Users In Australia

    Mobile internet access is hot at the moment, from the iPhone through to T-Mobile’s New Sidekicks (maybe not so hot, but you can see CrunchGear’s coverage here), so you’d think MySpace would be providing unfettered mobile access to its user base? Wrong. In Australia, mobile phone users not using the Optus mobile network have been blocked from accessing the new MySpace mobile… Read More

  • T-Mobile Officially Announces Sidekick Slide

    About a week ago, we got to sit down with T-Mobile and play with the Sidekick Slide, Sidekick LX and a few other upcoming devices. Unfortunately, due to an embargo, we couldn’t utter a peep – until today. The Sidekick Slide will be available October 24th, in case you somehow didn’t know, and will cost $199 with a two-year contract. It’s the first time Motorola has tried… Read More

  • Demand Media Takes $100 Million Series C

    Domain holding company Demand Media has taken $100 million Series C funding in a round led by Goldman Sachs that included 3i Group, Generation Partners, Oak Investment Partners and Spectrum Equity Investors. The new round takes Demand Media’s total funding to the rather extraordinary figure of $320 million and values Demand Media at $1 billion. Demand Media is primary a domaining… Read More

  • Piczo Zone: Better User Profiling Through Viral UGC

    Social network Piczo has released a new feature into private beta: Piczo Zone. It’s being tested by a small group of users now and will be released generally in a few weeks. What is it? Product Evangelist Keith Crowell says its a way for users to decorate their profile pages in much the same way as teenagers decorate their rooms – with posters, music, etc. Users take (or… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Yes, Virginia, Some Halo 3 Discs Are Defective Ian Cavnar Man, Zac Effron has an awesome life; he gets to hang out with Master Chief *and* bone Vanessa Hudgens. Read More

  • Todays Takeover Rumor Bought to You By Google And Sirius

    The Motley Fool is running a story on a rumor that Google is considering a takeover offer for US Satellite Radio provider Sirius. The merger between Sirius and XM has yet to be approved by Federal Regulators and hence Sirius would become a takeover target if the merger failed. Google is still seeking more inventory for its Adsense for Radio program; hence buying Sirius would provide it with… Read More

  • Sugar Publishing Acquires ShopStyle

    San Francisco based Sugar Publishing, a social network and group of women-focused blogs that we’ve covered since late 2006, is announcing the acquisition of ShopStyle, an ecommerce site, this evening. The price is not being disclosed. Sugar says they will integrate shopping into editorial via widgets that allow readers to buy items directly. Combined, the company’s claim 5… Read More

  • Expect Failure From Hulu: NBCU Chief

    The first positive points we’ve awarded to Hulu come for pure honesty with George Kliavkoff, NBC Universal’s chief digital officer telling a crowd at OMMA New York Monday that they should expect failure from Hulu. To be fair, as much as the headline quote alone is worthy of at least a couple of links demonstrating how the bridesmaid service has failed already, in context… Read More

  • Demonoid Down, For Now

    Our favorite torrent site is no more, at least for today and tomorrow. Demonoid, the previously fully-private torrent catalog and tracker is down, according to reports at TorrentFreak. Trackers have not been responding for over 24 hours, and the site is completely down. Demonoid was the second largest tracker online, after ThePirateBay, and has seen its fair share of legal threats and… Read More

  • Vonage Ordered To Pony Up $69.5 Million To Sprint

    That’s gonna leave a mark. Apparently Vonage infringed upon six of Sprint Nextel’s patents, which is a big, expensive no-no. Sprint will receive $69.5 million plus 5 percent of Vonage’s future revenue. Earlier this year, Vonage lost a cool $58 million, plus 5.5% future royalties to Verizon. That now seems somewhat tame. All told, that brings the grand total to $127.5 million… Read More

  • Yes, Virginia, Some Halo 3 Discs Are Defective

    AP photo of the star of “High School Musical 2” and Zac Effron How do you like that—some Halo 3 discs are, in fact, defective. The limited edition’s tin packaging doesn’t securely hold the disc in place, causing it to slip and slide inside. Hence, scratched, defective discs. Microsoft hasn’t said how many discs are scratched, nor how many it expects to… Read More

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