• Legos can make things besides spaceships

    Not to sound like an old fart, but back when I was a kid we had to figure out how to build guns out or Legos ourselves, using rubber bands and gearing them for torque and speed. But today’s lazy youth can actually buy a book of blueprints on how to make guns, catapults, cannons, and laser rifles, with step-by-step instructions. Where will that leave the youth of today when the class… Read More

  • The Unreasonable Stance: New Laptops Are Exclusively For Suckers

    Enjoying that Macbook Pro? Having a good time with that sweet Vaio? Too bad you got screwed over – because new laptops are for suckers. I’m rocking a G3 Powerbook right now, and I probably get more done than you do. Because in the end, it’s all about the guts, and laptops have been slow since day one. Can you think of anything your laptop does right now that a laptop from… Read More

  • Wakoopa Launching "Alexa" For Desktop Apps

    We first wrote about Wakoopa when they launched in April. It’s a downloadable program for application addicts that tracks the software or games you use. We called it a Last.fm for applications, alluding to the program’s tracking and recommendation system similar to audio scrobbling. While there are obvious privacy concerns (addressed here), over 17,000 people have signed up for… Read More

  • Toshiba's new laptop goes both ways; It's a candy mint and a breath mint

    I know at least two people who’ve recently bought laptops with Windows Vista pre-installed who returned them that very day. When we realized what a PITA installing XP can be on some of these new laptops (with new hardware and unknown drivers, etc.), it was the only thing left to do. Toshiba, it seems, feels our pain, as the new Satellite T31 laptop that just debuted comes with recovery… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Samsung BD-P1400 1080p Blu-ray player is CHEAPer [Update]

    Watch out, Toshiba and HD DVD. Samsung’s 1080p Blu-ray player is incredibly cheap at just $300 $270 from Amazon. The BD-P1400 features HDMI v1.3 and Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD. 1080p and 24Hz output ensure you get the finest quality picture and DVDs are upconverted to 1080p. You also get five free Blu-ray discs. Amazon Read More

  • Exclusive: Western Digital sets the record straight on DRM fiasco

    I just got off the phone with Western Digital’s Director of Marketing for MioNet, Brian Miller, and I picked his brain about some of the DRM backlash going around. Read More

  • Boeing's laser gunship set to fry us all

    I’m currently debating whether I should feel safe or frightened knowing that Boeing’s Advanced Tactical Laser has been successfully installed on a C-130H. The high energy chemical laser was completed on the 4th of this month in New Mexico at Kirtland Air Force Base. The entire system weighs an astonishing 12,000-pounds. Testing of the system along with a demonstration will… Read More

  • Apple sells, like, no Apple TVs and is all like "Shut up!"

    Apple was all like “We’ll sell 1 million Apple TVs!” and everyone was all like “No way shut up!” and Apple was all “Yeah, way.” So now that they only sold 400,000800,000, they’re all like “What? I didn’t say a million. I said like 800K, tops” and everyone was “You’re so stupid” and Apple call its mom to pick it… Read More

  • Facebook Stirring Up Anger For Disabling Accounts

    As if Facebook didn’t have enough to worry about, now it may have a growing customer service problem on its hands. Facebook members whose accounts have been disabled—some with good reason, some not—are increasingly frustrated with the company’s opaqueness when it comes to trying to figure out what they did wrong. They find that their accounts have been turned off… Read More

  • It's conspiracy day: Man who invented water fuel cell mysteriously poisoned (years ago)

    Continuing with Biggs’ “down with Big Oil” mantra from earlier today, check out this suspicious (and yes I know, old old old) video that I originally heard about on Opie & Anthony. It’s a news report of a man who supposedly invented a water fuel cell capable of powering all sorts of vehicles. The catch is, he was mysteriously poisoned before he get his device on… Read More

  • Cambridge, MA police to use 2-way text-a-tip system

    In June, the city of Boston set up an anonymous text-a-tip line for its police department, allowing people to send text messages reporting suspicious behavior and crimes-in-progress. Now the neighboring city of Cambridge is developing a similar system for its own police department but will add an outgoing alert option that allows the city’s residents to subscribe to alerts issued by… Read More

  • iTunes Canada to get TV shows

    Hey, [insert Canadian slur here], now you can download [funny Canadian show title], [funny Canadian show title], [funny Brazilian show title], and Grey’s Anatomy right to your [Canadian slang for penis] or laptop. You can watch NHL games, some CBC content, and [funny situation involving Canadian wildlife and a Canadian film star’s mother or girlfriend] on a steppe outside of… Read More

  • NBC joins the Fanfare

    After the fallout between NBC and Apple earlier this year, I wondered what was going to happen with NBC’s bevy of hot content. You can’t tell me Chuck, Heroes, The Office and Life aren’t good shows. I like to torrent said shows on occasion if I miss an episode, but that becomes tedious at times and a pain in the butt if I download the wrong one. Yes, I know that I can watch… Read More

  • Nicholas' guide to giving gifts this holiday season

    The one and only, PVD. Don’t worry, the pic is relevent. What’s the most exciting part about the holidays? There aren’t any, unless you’re 7-years-old and get oodles of presents under a dangerously dry tree or metal pole or some other object. Like, who wants to go through the stress of talking to your relatives about what they want? The only smart way to do is to hand… Read More

  • Sony's ad for Gran Turismo 5 is refreshingly easy to follow

    Skateboard Pete[r Ha] (yes, a delicious take-off of Pharrell’s nickname) is notorious for his hatred of recent TV adverts, but I don’t see how he could hate this one for Gran Turismo 5. It’s pretty straight forward: family walks into an electronics store, kids want TV and the game which the father thought was real life footage. He then freaks out because it’s so… Read More

  • Contest: Help us, help you get Rock Band [Update]

    The fine folks from Gamerscore are giving us and you, dear reader, the opportunity to win a copy of Rock Band. Who knew they were having so much trouble getting copies for themselves. So here’s the deal. We, CrunchGear, need to win this contest so that we can give one of you the game. Now you can’t directly enter the contest, but you can help us win, which will in turn help you win. Read More

  • Apple to buy Nintendo, Dell, Adobe, a can of soda, three comic books

    After discovering that Apple has $15 billion in cash just lying around, Ars Technica decided to take lots of drugs and suggest that Apple could be in the market to quite possibly buy Adobe, TiVo, or Nintendo. This is about as possible as Disney buying Exxon but heck, don’t let our cynical understanding of mergers and acquisitions stop you from imagining the wonderful iTiVmacbookphones… Read More

  • Samsung Sammy unboxes the Blackjack II

    Sammy, the “internal Samsung mascot,” enlists two lovely ladies to help him unbox the Blackjack II, available from AT&T. Coup de craw! Read More

  • Porn biz cracking down on piracy (no pun intended)

    It wasn’t a question of if, but when huh? The porn industry is finally sick of losing money to piracy and is starting to crack down on sites like PornoTube, which has just had a lawsuit filed against it by Vivid Entertainment Group. Read More

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