• Daily Crunch: Surgical Advice Edition

    Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding, Bananaphone
    Gamers Make Better Surgeons
    LCD + BB Gun = Art
    Running Over the Nokia N76 With a Limo
    Bill and Steve’s Excellent Adventure Read More

  • Mozes SMS Service Raises $5m

    SMS call-and-response service Mozes will announce in the morning that the company has raised $5 million in series A venture funding from Norwest Venture Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners.  The SMS services space is one of the most active we cover and Mozes has a strikingly smart approach to the market. The Palo Alto based company, founded in 2005, offers almost the most… Read More

  • YourMinis Seeks to Relaunch the Startpage

    The already highly competitive startpage space saw an interesting new play tonight when YourMinis.com relaunched with a changed site and a new strategy.   YourMinis is a beautiful aggregation of RSS feeds and web functionality that competes with Pageflakes, Netvibes and a long list of other startpage services.  YourMinis reports having more than 800,000 user accounts but remains well… Read More

  • Look Out MyBlogLog – Here Comes Explode

    A new open source cross-site social networking service called Explode launched today and looks like a very appealing alternative to the now Yahoo! owned MyBlogLog.  Built by UK open-source social network provider Curverider (whose primary product, Elgg, is similar to PeopleAggregator), Explode offers an embeddable widget that links out to users’ respective profile pages on any… Read More

  • Unreleased Consoles That Could Have Been, But Weren't

    While we watch the horizon for signs of a black Xbox or discounted PS3 or any store with a Wii in stock, we’d like to share Techeblog’s list of top five game systems that never made it to store shelves, let alone to gamers brains. Our fave is the Sega Neptune, mostly because it actually looks like it would have been cool (for the time). There are, of course, others. I personally… Read More

  • Latest System Update for MacBooks Includes 3G Drivers for Novatel

    Apple today released a system update for MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops that includes drivers for popular Novatel 3G WWAN adapters, including the current ExpressCard offerings from Cingular and ExpressCard and USB modems from Sprint and Verizon. The updates are installed automagically with via Software Update. When cellular carriers started rolling out their 3G networks, many Mac users… Read More

  • Top Five Vista Annoyances, Courtesy PC World

    Regular readers by now know that I bag on Vista from time to time. It’s true, I do. But I’m the kind of guy who’s main irritation comes from things that could be better, but aren’t. When things (or people) don’t live up to their potential, I get frustrated. Thus my displeasure with Vista. There are some great things in the OS, but overall it wasn’t well… Read More

  • LCD + BB Gun = Art

    http://flash.revver.com/player/1.0/player.swf As much as we love the gear we cover, we still like to see it get abused sometimes. Who hasn’t taken their busted-ass phone and thrown it from a parking garage to see the plastic splash pattern it leaves behind? Yah, we know you have. It has something to do with the pre-teen urge to blow up your G.I. Joes with firecrackers, we think. We… Read More

  • Cnet on Windows Mobile 6: Better, but Not Yet Great

    We make fun of Windows Mobile here at CrunchGear HQ all the time. The clunky, ill-thought-out OS is just not what a mobile OS should be: simple. That being said, Windows Mobile 6, aka Crossbow, is showing itself to be a conscious, formulated upgrade rather than a slap-dash of bug fixes, which is a start. The good folks at CNet put WinMo 6 through its paces and have given it a positive… Read More

  • Bill and Steve's Excellent Adventure

    You remember that party you had a few months ago, where your buddy and his ex-girlfriend both showed up? You know, the ones that don’t ever get along, but they pretended to for your benefit? That’s what May 30 might look like, as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates take the stage together at the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference. But they won’t be discussing a… Read More

  • Rumor: Confabb To Be Acquired By End Of Month

    We’re seeing some smart people create very targeted web applications and flipping them just a couple of months after launching. First was MyBlogLog, which launched in October 2006 and was acquired by Yahoo just three months later for a reported $10 million. Confabb may on an almost identical path. The company, which has created a social network around conferences, launched just three… Read More

  • IReader Uses Semantic Analysis to Summarize Linked Pages

    IReader 2.0 is a semantic analysis and link preview tool that launched today. Syntactica, the company behind iReader, hopes the browser plug-in will bring its technology back to life after a previous incarnation as a search engine was allegedly shut down by Google. If you’ve seen CoolIris, Browster or Snap then you’re familiar with the idea of a browser plug-in that provides… Read More

  • Treo 700wx Comes to Verizon, Finally

    , including support for DUN, a 1.3-Megapixel camera, 128MB of internal RAM (though you can only use 60), and support for full-sized SD cards. We still think that Palm was a little nuts for switching half their lineup to Windows Mobile, but it does have its fans, and in the end it’s partially responsible for keeping the company afloat. In addition, the enhancements Palm made to the OS on… Read More

  • Microsoft's VPC Goes Free

    If you’re looking to run a virtual computer on your computer, Microsoft is doing something unusual for itself: it’s hooking you up free. As of today, Virtual PC is free, but only for Windows users. This is in keeping with Microsoft’s virtualization scheme, which positions software like Virtual PC as test environments and ways to run virtual secure servers within one… Read More

  • Wiitube: Social Networking for the Nunchuck Set

    , so you know it’s got to be good. What’s it all about? What are the two best things in the world of technology today? Obviously it is the Nintendo Wii and Uploading Videos. So why not combine them? Oh, we did, and we got Wiitube! Clearly, niches must be filled, people. Niches must be filled! Site Read More

  • The Full XM+Sirius Announcement Call

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=2086083982842883267&hl=en Here is the entire XM+Sirius earnings call that went out yesterday along with all of the slides. Great stuff. Why does Mel Karmazin love “best-of-breed” so much? Thanks, EarningsCast! Read More

  • The Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge

    Happy Mardi Gras everybody. I’ve pried myself away from our drunken debauchery for a moment to give you an update on our Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge. First of all, let me make some clarifications. Only original workspace pictures will be accepted. With that in mind, please submit more than one picture of your workspace. Multiple shots will help to ensure authenticity and to give… Read More

  • Crook Uses Wiimote As A Weapon

    A crook in Nagoya, Japan was caught stealing an extra Wiimote in a Bic Camera store and was faced with two security guards blocking his escape route. Rather than drop the goods, throw his hands up, and surrender peacefully, the robber pulled a Wii Sports and smacked up the two guards with the Wiimote. The guards suffered broken bones and chest injuries, but that’s nothing compared to… Read More

  • Sling Media Developing Networking Equipment

    It seems that Sling Media is looking to break into the networking business. According to a recent forum post, Sling is working on an 85Mbps powerline networking adaptor called SlingLink Turbo. The device will be used in conjunction with Sling’s current line of Slingboxes and is set to be unveiled on February 27th. A bridge and switch combo is also being worked on by Sling and is expected… Read More

  • Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding, Bananaphone

    Mad4MobilePhones has a cute little article on some unique vintage cellphone kits that include a rotary phone, a banana, and a Zack Morris phone. Take the Bananaphone (pictured above) for instance. This plastic, yet realistic, fruit called Banokia hooks up to a cellphone as a hands free set so you can act extremely serious whilst walking down the street with a banana held up to your ear. The… Read More

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