• The Nikon D3 Designer, Way Up Close And Personal*

    The recently announced Nikon D3, I’ve been told, should do a decent job of shaking up the professional camera market in Nikon’s favor when it comes out in November, a topic I’ll address in a separate post a bit later. During the press conference, Nikon revealed that the digital SLR (rangefinder?) was designed by the one and only Giorgetto Giugiaro, a crazy old Italian… Read More

  • Wis.dm Takes $5 Million

    Social bookmarking service turned Q&A style site Wis.dm was taken $5 Million in a round led by North Bridge Venture Partners. Wis.dm was founded by uDate founder Martin Clifford. North Bridge’s Michael Skok will join the Wis.dm board as part of the deal. Wis.dm provides a simple yes/no question service which aims to avoid long answers to life’s most elusive questions. Wis.dm… Read More

  • TimeWarner's Road Runner Service Couldn't Possibly Be Worse

    OK, I’ll come right out and say it: TimeWarner’s Road Runner broadband Internet connection is the worst I have ever used. Here I’m paying around $100 each and every month for cable TV and an Internet connection, yet as soon as I launch Transmission on my iMac my Internet connection slows to a crawl. If this doesn’t resolve itself, I may have to consider switching… Read More

  • ContraStream To Join Social Music Sites

    If you are into the social music scene, bookmark ContraStream, a new music discovery engine, and go back to it on September 3 when they launch. The site promises to help users find good music quickly. Artists upload indie music and others vote on it Digg-fashion to push the good stuff to the top of the site. It is at least somewhat similar to iJigg, which also lets users vote, Digg-like… Read More

  • Virtual World of Warcraft Plague Studied by Real Scienticians

    Any of you hardcore WoW fans will recall the “Corrupted Blood” plague that was introduced in the world of WoW a couple of years ago. It was essentially a spell cast by a high-level boss that caused afflicted players to lose a certain number of hitpoints every few seconds until dead. The thing is, the spell was viral: if a player got too close to another player, that second player… Read More

  • YouTube In The Spotlight For Hosting Racist Material

    YouTube is in a spot of bother in Germany for hosting Nazi related material uploaded by users. Clips include scenes from the 1940 Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda film Jud Suess and music videos from German far-right rock band Landser. A German parliamentarian was quoted as saying that YouTube hosting these films “amounts to aiding and abetting incitement of these people.” The display… Read More

  • Help-Key: Fake Photoshop the Fat Nano™ in Five Minutes for Apple's Lawyers

    Right now there are many people on Digg claiming that the image we’ve been using of the forthcoming iPod Fat Nano™ is a Photoshop job. They would be right. They’re crying foul, but we never said it was anything but a fake, as we had to have something to show what the new Fat Nano™ will look like, since Apple’s legal guys told us we had to pull the leaked pics we had… Read More

  • Fancy Bluetooth Headsets From Nokia

    Besides the aforementioned Nav system, Nokia has announced two Bluetooth headsets to suffice your…Bluetooth…headset needs. The BH-902 (pictured above) and BH-903 both have an OLED display and boast eight and 15 hour talktimes respectively. The 902’s display alerts you to MMS or SMS messages. If you don’t want to look like a tool then be sure to use the included… Read More

  • CG Exclusive: HTC Insider Confirms Existence of the Google Phone

    Get ready for the next bout of xPhone madness. A HTC insider sent us a tip this weekend about an upcoming gPhone coming out of Taiwan that should launch Q1 2008. Google is currently assessing over twenty HTC models and refining its final handset design and will create a special version of Google Maps, compatible with built-in GPS, and compatibility with Gmail and the calendar app. There is… Read More

  • Street Fighter Coming To N-Gage

    Nicholas already filled you in on the haps with the N-Gage, but he forgot to mention that Capcom is developing games for the Finnish handheld. So you better dig up that N-Gage from the bottom of your desk drawer because you know Street Fighter and Mega man are going to kick much ass. Press Release Read More

  • TorrentSpy Now Blocks U.S. Users From Accessing It

    TorrentSpy, one of the more popular public BitTorrent Web sites out there, has started blocking U.S. users. Once U.S. users search for something (I searched for “music”) or try to navigate its directory, you’re greeted with a nice little message telling you that because of an “uncertain legal climate” and “apparent tension” between US and EU privacy… Read More

  • Nokia Takes Over Your Ride

    Today Nokia announced the 500 Auto Navigation, which does everything you’d expect an in-car navigation system to do like giving you directions (duh), screening and making phone calls and serving as your entertainment system. The 500 makes navigation easy with turn-by-turn directions that include street and city names as well as POI. There’s even a Traffic Message Channel Service… Read More

  • Updated Gamepark GP2X Due This Fall

    The GP2X series of open source portable gaming devices will include the new GP2X F-200 this fall. Notable updates include a touch screen and a redesigned D-pad. The main draw of these Linux-based portables is built-in emulator support, allowing you to play games from systems including NES, MAME, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, SNES, and Atari Lynx. Read More

  • MyLiveSearch Not As Completely Useless As I Expected

    I’ve been beating up on MyLiveSearch for months now. The startup promises to create the first real time search engine, where results are indexed literally as the search is conducted. It all started back in May when the unknown startup got big press in Australia as a search startup that “Google is keeping a close eye on” (with no supporting evidence whatsoever). WebProNews… Read More

  • And Japan's Vending Machines Are Better, Too

    Ah, Engrish Yes, another Japan > USA post from me. This time, vending machines. At the average vending machine here in America, you’ll find the usual assortment of candy and soda and potato chips, each healthier than the last. Over in Japan, yes, you’ll find that stuff, but you’ll also find coffee, ice cream and various health drinks with funny names… Read More

  • Japanese Automatic Beer Pouring Machine: Homer Simpson Would Be Thrilled

    In addition to their fantastic planes, trains and automobiles, the Japanese brew some fine beer. Also, breaking news, the Japanese also know a thing or two about creating electronics, gadgets, robots, you name it. So when I saw this automatic beer-pouring machine I knew I had to write about it when I got back. Read More

  • 12-Sided, 360-Degree Speaker Concept: Please Be Real One Day

    An industrial design firm would do well to hire the folks responsible for the Quasar 12-sided speaker. Because of its groovy shape, the speaker can blast sound toward all 360 degrees. Read More

  • OMG, The Zune Logo Flipped Around Looks Like A Naughty Word

    Too funny. Look what happens when you flip the Zune logo around. It looks like anus! Man, the Internet is filled with jokesters. Too funny! Happy Monday [The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs via Cult of Mac] Read More

  • New Yahoo! Mail Adds Text Messaging Feature

    Before Gmail came along, I used an innovative e-mail service called Oddpost which, back in 2002 when it was released, was one of the coolest applications of JavaScript this side of the Rio Grande. Well Oddpost got purchased by Yahoo! in 2004 and the underlying technology lent itself to what is today Yahoo! Mail. Read More

  • Who Wants to Buy a Virtual World?

    If you felt a little green with envy when Disney bought juvenile virtual world Club Penguin for $700 million in cash and earn out, this could be your chance to grab a piece of the virtual pie. WhuddleWorld, Inc., creator of eponymous online hangout for kids WhuddleWorld, was forced to shut down in April after running out of money. The team of five that built WhuddleWorld over the last year and… Read More

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