• Massage pants seem to be exactly what they sound like

    There’s a temptation we bloggers have to resist, and it’s called “going for the easy”. That’s when you write about something, say these automatic massage pants, and try to resist going for the easy joke, in this case it would be something about a “happy ending.” I won’t be making such a joke. Instead I will point out the features of the pants… Read More

  • Socrato Crowdsources Test Prep Materials

    Socrato is a Massachusetts-based company bringing test preparation materials online so they can be distributed and used more effectively. The team behind Socrato started off by loading all of the site’s content manually, including sample questions for the SAT and Massachusetts state tests. Realizing that it would be much easier grow its collection by crowdsourcing, it has built a… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    CrunchArcade: Need for Creed Edition

    This week on CrunchArcade, your weekly roundup of gaming news, commentary, and downloads: Assassin’s Creed on the PC, Aerosmith on consoles, achievements in TF2 and indie developer Cactus in a zip file. Read on, bold CrunchReader. Read More

  • Video: Kids who don't play video games are at risk

    http://www.g4tv.com/lv3/21264 Yah, I knew playing video games was good for me. This is a good watch, intelligent and well thought-out, and I agree with every word. Read More

  • And the winner is…

    Admittedly, asking who should be the next director of future media and technology for the BBC in an online poll was a slightly flippant move. However, the results are kind’ve interesting – even though they probably say more about the TechCrunch audience than anything else. So the winner is Ian Forrester of BBC Backstage who has a sizable Geek following (perhaps accounting for… Read More

  • Microsoft Acquires Farecast For $115M

    Rumors about the acquisition of Farecast are accurate – in a very brief blog post CEO Hugh Crean says they’ve been acquired by Microsoft. SeattlePI, which first broke the rumor last week, says the price tag was $115 million. While the two companies are an understandable fit given their proximity and partnership over MSN Travel, SeattlePI reports that Farecast entertained… Read More

  • LoveFilm merges with Amazon's DVD rentals

    In an expected move, the UK’s Office of Fair Trading has greenlighted the merger of LoveFilm and Amazon’s UK rental operations, giving the merged entity control of about 90% of the online DVD market. It also bring in the and German DVD business. The OFT said LoveFilm had no incentive to degrade its service as there is plenty of competition in the video market, especially from… Read More

  • Cuill has Irish roots

    It turns out that Cuill, a stealth search engine company which just raised $25 million in a Series B round (taking its pot to an estimated $38 million), was founded by Tom Costello from Louth on Ireland’s east coast (says PaidContentUK). He started the company with his wife Anna Patterson, ex of Google. The company is based in Menlo Park in Silicon Valley. Cuill claims to be able to… Read More

  • Vienna latest city to ban cell use on trains

    For awhile I live in Olympia, WA, and commuted to Seattle every day. I know, I’m an idiot, but I did it the smart way and took public transit. One leg of my daily trip involved a train ride, and the last car in the train was a designated “No Cell” car; phones off, no calls, no texts. I never went near it, but I can understand the sentiment. Austria, too, is getting in on the… Read More

  • HDTV's cost 60% more in South Korea, but not for long

    You’d think in South Korea, with their 4G networks WiBRO, ExTCY, and other next-gen technologies that they’d have affordable HDTVs. They don’t. The problem is SK is a fairly small market when compared to the US. The TVs are essentially the same as the ones we have here, but they have to be Korean-ized, meaning new software, labels, and other things just for the Korean… Read More

  • Why turn everyone in your mom's 1968 high school yearbook into cartoons? Because it's there, man

    This isn’t really gadget related, no, but I appeal to everyone’s geekish and nerdly enthusiasm for a project such as “Excelsior 1968” wherein Robot Johnny’s John Martz quite simply turned over 1,000 students in his mom’s 1968 yearbook into cartoons. He’s selling the finished product for seven dollars. You can see every single page on Flickr if… Read More

  • Stupid video: Kid gets himself caught in claw game machine

    This video supposedly shows an Australian kid stuck inside one of those claw games you find at malls and bowling alleys. Conveniently, or perhaps suspiciously, the news report doesn’t explain how the lad got stuck in their in the first place. But, thank God, someone was there to record the dramatic rescue using their cellphone. The kid gets out safe and sound. Remember, if it’s on… Read More

  • Pinhole cameras created from the things they are made to shoot

    Here’s an interesting series of installation and photographic art that (as usual IMHO), when stripped of the preposterous artist’s statements, is quite beautiful and interesting. Wayne Martin Belger creates one-off pinhole cameras/objects d’art which are meant to reflect the things he is using them to photograph. The cameras are an interesting fusion of sculpture and… Read More

  • Amazon Web Services Rolls Out Red Carpet Support

    What’s the first thing Amazon does to counter the launch of Google App Engine? Makes sure its current customers are happy just where they are by providing two premium tech support packages. AWS users can now pay for either a silver or gold level of support. Both packages offer “fast and predictable response times, an unlimited number of support cases, and personalized support from… Read More

  • Chill Stick beer quiver holds a six pack, my heart

    I betcha one of these would fit quite nicely into a golf bag. Maybe load her up with some barley pops and let’s get going. The Chill Stick costs a measly $11.98 — a pittance compared to what six beers in a cooler would cost you on almost any golf course. It’s made of neoprene, which is basically God’s gift to beverage enthusiasts and it comes in assorted colors that… Read More

  • Sweet custom-built large-format film cameras

    The benefits of medium- and large-format film are still substantial for things like portraiture, landscapes, and anything that requires enormous prints. When your film or plate size is 8×10, you’re looking more "megapixels" than you can count, basically, since 35mm is scanned at perhaps 4000 horizontal pixels before you start getting no increase in detail. This guy is… Read More

  • Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car looks phenomenal

    In preparation for the release of the new Ghostbusters game this fall, here’s a sweet-looking Ecto-1 car that’s been put together by Vivendi, the game’s developer. The actual car used in the films was sold for a pretty penny at auction, so this newly-built one might just be the next best thing. Hit the jump for a few more photos. Read More

  • Armani and Samsung go at it again for luxury HDTV line

    Giorgio Armani is getting together with Samsung again, this time for a TV, and it looks pretty good. The pair has already put out a high-end cellphone that we liked, so another partnership seemed likely. It’s a 46-inch LCD screen in 1080p running at 100Hz, which means a super-clear picture by any measure. A 52-inch version is coming soon as well. Sadly, it’s only for the Korean… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: PS3 GTA IV to require 5-minute hard drive install

    The PS3 version of GTA IV will require a five-minute install. While five minutes isn’t a big deal, especially given how long we’ve already waited for the game, there’s bound to be the “I don’t like being forced to do anything” crowd. That said, most of the crowd on CVG seems to be cool with the install, especially if it helps with things like pop-up and… Read More

  • Voltron episodes come to Xbox 360

    I was really more of a Transformers fan, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get my Voltron on. They were giant transforming robots after all, even if they were lions. Fans of the ’80s show can now download episodes from the Xbox Live Marketplace to watch on their TVs. They’re in standard definition, but they’re cheap: only 160 MS points, which is about $2. Read More

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