• Gears of War To Push Xbox 360 To Its Max?

    Epic, the game developer behind Gears of War, is also the company that convinced Microsoft to put 512MB RAM into the Xbox 360 instead of 256MB. Epic claimed Gears of War simply would not function without 512MB RAM. Preston Thorne, Gears of War QA manager has stated multiple times that Gears of War pushes the Xbox 360 to its limits. So the big question in our minds is, is Gears of War really… Read More

  • Simply Hired, Now for Senior Gay Mothers Who Love Dogs & the Environment

    Simply Hired, which is partially funded by Fox Interactive, is a great job search engine that continues to do well against arch-rival Indeed.com, which is backed by the New York Times. On Monday Simply Hired will announced another specialty search engine, this time for 50+ year olds. This adds already existing search engines for dog, mother, environmental and sexual orientation friendly… Read More

  • MobileYouth virtual meeting in Habbo Hotel.

    To promote the launch of mobileYouth06 – part two, Wireless World Forum and the mobileYouth06 team holding their first ever virtual mobileYouth networking event in the popular youth hangout – the UK branch of Habbo Hotel! Helen Keegan the organiser of Swedish Beers and Innovation, the host of several carnival of mobilists and founder of beep marketing has been blogging about this… Read More

  • Update on TechCrunch NY Event: Wait List Opened

    The 450 slots we opened up for the TechCrunch New York party on November 16, 2006 were sold out in about four hours. We know a certain number of people won’t show up, so we are now opening up a wait list for additional guests. Here’s the cool thing – you can still get into the venue, BED, just by being on the wait list. Wait list guests will have access to the rooftop, which… Read More

  • Maya's Mom Raises Angel Round, Launches

    Palo Alto based Maya’s Mom is a sort of Yahoo Answers plus Facebook, for parents, that we previously announced back in April. The site went live yesterday and already has fairly deep content. Other companies are addressing the parenting/family social network opportunity as well (we’ve covered Minti, Famster and FriendsForFamilies). But Maya’s Mom is focused on allowing users… Read More

  • Is ZebTab RSS for the masses?

    Recently I wrote about the need for RSS to evolve, primarily to start giving back value to the commercial RSS Publishers and to further simplify the RSS experience for non-technical readers, which I feel is vital if the size of the RSS market is to grow beyond just the technically minded minority (us) who are just fine and dandy with our desktop “rivers of news” style RSS… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Roadside Assistance Edition

    Here are some of yesterday’s highlights: Foot-Pump-Action Jump-Starter
    Yamaha’s Fuel Cell Scooter Ready To Roll
    Axxen’s Egg-Like Speakers
    From the Vaults of Stupid: Bulletproof Textbooks
    O’Neill H3 Campack Is The Coolest Backpack Read More

  • Angel Pitch an entrepreneur matching agency?

    One of the hardest things to do in the UK is to raise seed capital to get your new startup idea going. If you want to raise £1m+ it’s probably easier to find VC’s who are prepared to invest in you. Philip Wilkinson of Crowdstorm (nee Kelkoo UK) recently blog’d about this equity gap. “It was noted that the UK has a distinct lack of visibility with so called Angel… Read More

  • Google Alerts Adds Blogs to News Search

    I got an email this afternoon notifying me that there was a new post on the official Google blog, but the blog was down. Now that it’s back up we can read that Google is expanding its popular Google Alerts service to include blog search. At the end of last week blog search was linked to Google News and these two changes are going to work together to expose all the more readers to… Read More

  • Skype founders to launch Web TV

    There is something very schizophrenic about the way the TV world and the Web world are both converging and diverging. Reuters is reporting that the founders of Skype plan to launch advertising-supported Internet television shortly. Code-named Venice, the project will “bring quality TV programmes for free to consumers” said Skype co-founder Janus Friis. Presumably this will be… Read More

  • Foot-Pump-Action Jump-Starter

    It seems we’re on an alternative-fuel-source-for-transportation theme here, but we promise it’s all coincidence. That won’t stop us, however, from showing you, the reader, this FreeCharge Weze. It’s a foot-pump-operated dynamo for jump-starting your car or boat or Frankenstein’s Monster, but maybe not aircraft carriers, airplanes or Blake’s libido. Use… Read More

  • Yamaha's Fuel Cell Scooter Ready To Roll

    Yamaha is set to debut a new pseudo-125cc fuel cell-powered scooter at this week’s International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition in Yokohama. The scooter has a secondary Lithium Ion battery that charges from the main Hydrogen fuel cell. If Yamaha puts the little bike into production, it would be the first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle on… Read More

  • Rimax Mystic PMP + VOIP Chimera

    We know, there’s nothing worse than laying awake at night, unable to sleep do to nagging questions you can’t resolve. No, not the “Lohan used to be so cute, WTF happened!?” one, but the “What if my PMP also featured VOIP?” Rimax answers your nighttime prayers with the new Mystic MP4, MP3 and VOIP phone. With a 1.5-inch screen and up to 2GB memory, this… Read More

  • Apple's New iPod: Touch Bezel, Not Touchscreen?

    Let’s make it three Apple rumors in a row. The single most iconic part of the iPod, apart from its original white color scheme, is of course the clickwheel. The juxtaposition of the circular clickwheel below the squarish screen adds attractive dimensions to the simple device and is without a doubt partially responsible for the iPod’s success. But it would appear as if Apple is about… Read More

  • eBuddy Announces 5 Million Euros from Lowland Capital

    Web IM service eBuddy announced its first round of funding today, taking 5 Million Euros (about $6.25 million USD) from Lowland Capital Partners. Both eBuddy (formerly known as e-Messenger) and its funders are from the Netherlands. The company says it has 35 million users worldwide including 4 million mobile users. Founded in 2003, they say they are now adding more than a million and a… Read More

  • Apple Hides 802.11n in New MacBook Pros

    Apple seems to like the not-yet-official 802.11n WiFi standard, as its secretly packing it into both the latest iMac and now the spankin’ new Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro. Not that you can use the fancy new hardware, though, as OSX doesn’t recognize it as anything but a standard 802.11g card. We’re pretty sure that as soon as it becomes an IEEE standard protocol, that will… Read More

  • Rumor: Apple May Release 8-Core Mac

    It’s only been a couple months since Apple released the Mac Pro, which features two 2.66GHz dual-core Intel Xeon “Woodcrest” processors, but now rumors are floating around that Apple is preparing to release a new computer that will feature a total of eight cores. If the new eight-core Mac does release, it will probably feature two of Intel’s quad-core Xeon… Read More

  • Axxen's Egg-Like Speakers

    Axxen’s digital audio player speakers feature compatibility with any DAP (hooray for non-iPod users), an SD slot and a USB port, allowing connectivity to a PC or Mac. The design is pretty innovative, the two little speakers connect to each other to form one futuristic-looking egg. In the center of the egg you will find a control center with the normal pause/play/fast-forward/rewind buttons. Read More

  • Samsung to Dump WinMo, Symbian, Linux in Favor of Home Brew Smartphone OS!?

    OK, we’re taking this with a grain of salt, but just a little tiny one. Our little birdie, who is in the know on smartphone OSes, sent us a tip concerning the idea that Samsung, the company responsible for many of the feature-rich yet slim phones across the country, is working on something totally new and totally awesome. So says the source, who goes on to assert that Samsung will be… Read More

  • Miglia Wants Your Mac To Be A DVR

    Miglia, makers of the wireless VoIp solution for Macs, has come out with another Mac device. And this one is pretty dern cool. The TVDuo turns your Mac into a fully-functioning DVR. It contains two tuners and is compatible with the DVB-T standard. Pricing has yet to be announced, but I’d expect it to be affordable and worth it. This could really come in handy when Apple announces those… Read More

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