• Whisher: Metered Wi-Fi made easy

    I’ve been meaning to post about Whisher for a few months now but life has always gotten in the way. The company is based in Barcelona and they showed me their beta code back in February. Now, however, they’re ready to go live. Whisher is essentially a metered hotspot system. You use their plug-in and see various hotspots on the screen. Instead of seeing an encrypted hotspot… Read More

  • Blodget: "New Blackberry is dum"

    While I tend to agree that RIM’s OS is definitely showing its age, Henry Blodget is totally down on the new 9000 interface with its iPhon-esque UI and, well, Blackberry-esque keyboard and lack of touchscreen. Again, this phone is not for skinny-jeans wearing hipsters. It’s for straight-leg khaki-wearing business guys who won’t shut up about cars and golf. Therefore… Read More

  • Analyst: Spam is a real life arms race

    I hate, hate spam and fully agree that spammers should, after being convicted, be torn apart by a pack of BigDogs, drawn-and-quartered style. Spam is now 15 years old, and over 90% of communications on the Internet are spam. Mark Sunner, chief analyst at online security firm Message Labs, likens fighting spam to an arms race, and in a sense he’s right: every time the spam fighters make… Read More

  • Don't buy your TV converter just yet, grandma

    Since January 1st you’ve been able to request your free $40 voucher for a digital-to-analog converter for grandma’s old CRT TV. Well, Crave is saying don’t act so fast. You still have plenty of time and market logic states that you’ll get a better converter for a lower price over the next year or so. Right now the choice is rather limited — I’ve seen a… Read More

  • Circuit City installation techs destroy customer's Honda, refuse to pay full damages

    I drive a Kia Spectra that I just love. I bought it brand new 2004 and one of the first things I did was have an iPod adapter kit installed for the car stereo. I’m an iPod guy, and I want to take my songs with me always. I took it to Circuit City and while the install was fast, they messed up the facing on my dashboard, so now it just sort of hangs there. They told me there was nothing… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Top Ten Video Game Ninjas

    For as long as ninjas have existed, kids (and secretly adults) have been pretending to be them. I personally was a ninja for Halloween three years running. But because not all of us are sneaky and murderous, sometimes the only way to get that ninja feeling was to grab a controller and get shuriken-ing. Bear in mind this is not a list of the top ten ninja games, but a list of the killer… Read More

  • Why We're Suing Facebook For $25 Million In Statutory Damages

    When I started TechCrunch nearly three years ago it was meant to be little more than a hobby. I love startups, and writing about them was fun, not work. But since then this hobby has grown into a real business. We have a number of full and part time employees that need to get paid every two weeks, and advertisers/sponsors that we owe a certain level of professionalism towards. We’ve… Read More

  • Star Wars nerd goes overboard to make awesome collector's page

    I must admit that I had quite a massive Star Wars collection as a kid. I loved it, and obsessed with figures I didn’t have, sometimes even driving hours to track down second hand stores where Amamaman was rumored to exist. But this guy is just nuts. He’s indexed his entire collection on this amazing Flash-based Webpage for easy browsing. It’s extensive, and his design is… Read More

  • Review: Falcon Dust-Off Keyboard Quiver

    [photopress:scaled.IMGP6601.JPG,full,pp_image] I’m not a PC gamer at all. I think the last game I played on a PC was my freshmen year in college when the Internet connection was blazing fast and everyone on my floor was into Unreal Tournament. Yeah, pretty sure that was the last I played a game on a PC. But there are millions of gamers out there and tons that are professional. I… Read More

  • Google Launches Future Search

    Google Australia launched Gday today, a new search engine that allows users to search a day in advance of real time: Google spiders crawl publicly available web information and our index of historic, cached web content. Using a mashup of numerous factors such as recurrence plots, fuzzy measure analysis, online betting odds and the weather forecast from the iGoogle weather gadget, we can create… Read More

  • Question: Is eBook piracy the next big P2P problem?

    Just when the recording industry is getting comfortable with the idea of digital downloads for music, piracy and all, along comes a new breed of online copyright infringement: that of digital books. Those fantastic eBook readers like the Kindle and that thing Sony wants us to like are a blessing for us bookworms, but it could be a headache for authors. As DRM is circumvented and copies of… Read More

  • RecommendBox – new private social network for recommendations

    RecommendBox, a new site where friends can share recommendations, launches today. The site allows friends to make recommendations and request recommendations in categories like books, movies, places, clothing, music, restaurants and services. Now, before you say ‘haven’t we seen that somewhere before?’, here’s their pitch: Their idea is that while there are a lot of… Read More

  • Whisher: Metered Wi-Fi made easy

    I’ve been meaning to post about Whisher for a while but they just launched some nice beta software so it seems like the right time. The company is based in Barcelona and they showed me their alpha code back in February. Now, however, they’re ready to go live. Whisher is essentially a metered hotspot system. You use their plug-in and see various hotspots on the screen. Instead of… Read More

  • Ping.fm Centralizes Status Updates, But Is It Enough?

    This morning I checked out Ping.fm, a fairly new service in the social network aggregation space that lets you update your status on several sites at once. So I can submit “Mark is brushing his teeth” to it and both my Facebook friends and Twitter followers will see the message. The site, which is currently in private beta, launches a new iPhone version and WAP site today (1,000 of… Read More

  • Cellular's brave "meh" world: CTIA 2008 predictions

    As we quick approach zero hour for CTIA this year, let’s look at what we can expect from the big boys in the months to come. This week’s trade show, CTIA Wireless, is the “business” head of the CTIA hydra and where most of the big handset announcements for U.S. carriers happen. Notice I italicized U.S. Because of our backward and Soviet-style carrier system here in… Read More

  • Displaylink beta drivers for OS X

    I’m not sure exactly what the draw is to USB displays, but I guess for some people it’s pretty handy. If you can get daisy-chaining to work, it could be nice, but there are data bandwidth issues when you’ve got a lot of information going over that cable. In any case, they’ve released a beta driver set for Intel Macs and “even” MacBook Airs. Thing is, it… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Circuit City discounting HD DVDs by 50%

    TG Daily is reporting that Circuit City has begun spring-cleaning on HD DVDs by offering them with discounts up to 50 percent. Can anyone confirm this? Read More

  • ikordo cancels all meetings [Falco]

    ikordo, a UK web application for arranging meetings between busy professionals, is to cease trading (i.e. Falco*), along with parent company Volutio. The information I have is that despite much interest from potential investors – one of which I understand to be Eden Ventures – Volutio was unable to secure a further round of investment. Prior to ikordo’s launch last year… Read More

  • The iPhone is finally coming to Canadia. Or not. Or it is.

    Usually we like to write posts that have some sort of certainty about them, “iPhones have multitouch!” or things of that nature. For this, we cannot, as the point of the article is the unknown nature of the iPhone in Canadia. Everyone sort of assumed it would go to Rogers, as Rogers is Canadia’s only real nationwide GSM provider. But if that’s the case, it should… Read More

  • Adobe joins Linux Foundation

    The Linux Foundation announced today that Adobe has joined the Foundation and that AIR (AIR runs and creates Web apps that run both off and online) will roll out onto Linux platforms shortly if not already. The newest member to the Foundation wants to help Linux become a leading platform for Web 2.0 technologies and rich Internet applications. “Adobe’s decision to join the LF is… Read More

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