• The New AT&T: American Tracking & Takedown

    AT&T is to begin working with the RIAA and MPAA in a concerted effort to track down and punish AT&T internet users who download pirated music and movies. According to the LA Times, AT&T have decided on the move after beginning to sell pay-television services, apparently they now see their interests as being more closely aligned with Hollywood than their millions of customers. The… Read More

  • Awesome Make/Hack: Wiimote PowerGlove

    We like the Wii here at CrunchGear. It’s Nintendo doing right what it did wrong with the ill-fated PowerGlove and the U-Force: making motion control real. That being said, anyone who’s seen The Wizard knows that at one time the PowerGlove was the coolest thing we’d ever seen. It was the Holy Grail of video gaming, as it had the ability to make us look like not-too-dorky cyborgs. Read More

  • Spartan DX: Come for the DNA Testing, Stay for the iPod Nano

    DNA testers have historically been clunky devices saddled with heavy instruction manuals and even heavier price tags. I had a girlfriend who used to run DNA tests things and it looked like she was making espresso with one of those eagle-topped coffee makers. So what would you say about a standalone device that looks like a VHS tape rewinder and costs $15K? If you’re a biochemist… Read More

  • eBay Stares Down Google And Wins

    Not much commentary is needed on this one. Here’s what happened: eBay doesn’t allow merchants to use Google Checkout to settle eBay transactions. Google invited eBay online sellers attending eBay Live! in Boston this week to a party that they called the Google Checkout Freedom Party. eBay decides to pull all U.S. advertising on Google. Google backs down, cancels the… Read More

  • Moto SCPL: Thinner Than the Hollandaise Sauce at a Vegan Potluck

    We’ve heard of the SCLP from Motorola before. Word on the Web was that it was to be the thinnest and lightest Moto yet, while still offering next-gen features. That, though, is all we knew about it. Until today, when Boy Genius posted some seriously hawt spy pics of a prototype. It’s thin. Think Kate Moss Coke Binge thin. The SCPL is to the SLVR what the KRZR is to the RAZR: a… Read More

  • The Worst 007 Gadgets?

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Agent 007 is any geek’s hero. He always gets the girl and he gets to play with all sorts of gadgets that we could only dream of. Granted those gadgets aren’t real or even feasible in most cases, but they still kickass. I’d love a surfboard to store all my…wax and maybe a beer. In case you haven’t noticed it’s been a… Read More

  • SanDisk Sansa Shaker Review: You Know, For Kids

    Don’t want your music-loving 8- to 11-year-old running around with an iPod? SanDisk targets “tweens” with its new Sansa Shake — a kid-friendly player that stores music on Secure Digital memory cards and runs on one triple-A battery. Best of all, it’s pretty darn cheap, at just $39.99, including a 512MB SD card. Older kids may not be impressed by the… Read More

  • Pater Obsoletis: You Guys Came Through and Dads Everywhere Are Happier

    We didn’t get very many entries, but the entries we did get were great. Hit the jump for the videos and to vote for the best and technologically dullest Pater in existence. We’ll close voting on Friday at 12pm EST so the winner can tell Pops the good news. Read More

  • eTar: A Guitar For Internet-based Music Making

    Budding Claptons should keep their eyes on the eTar, a sort of Internet-based guitar that’s designed to be used with the upcoming eJamming music service. The eTar, which will make a real life apperance at a design fair in Britain in July, has all the features of a real guitar like strings and a volume control knob. You’re supposed to use it in tandem with eJamming, which lets you… Read More

  • Apple Reps Told They Can Knock $100 Off The iPhone's Price?

    Today’s tasty iPhone rumor comes to us by way of Consumerist, the Web log that keeps your rights as a consumer close to its heart. It appears that if you order an iPhone over the phone (is that irony?) and show some haggling skills, Apple reps have been told they can knock $100 off the purchase price. You have to show ganas (the English term escapes me) in buying the iPhone and not call… Read More

  • Sprint UpStage Paints The Town Red

    The Samsung UpStage has caused quite a stir since its March debut on the Sprint network. It’s the best selling music phone and Sprint’s leading Power Vision handset, so in return it’s getting a brand new paint job. Everything else on the dual-sided phone remains the same. And no it is not apart of Bono’s Red initiative, although, it could be. It’s still $99 and… Read More

  • Halo 3 Beta Ends, Bungie Back To Work

    Hope you got your Halo 3 beta on because Bungie has now shut it down. (I logged a good three minutes myself.) ::Frown:: Bungie will now go back to its lair for the summer to fix bugs, clean up code and improve the game as best it can. The game launches on September 25, just a little more than three months away from now, accompanied by limited edition controllers and Xbox Live… Read More

  • Microsoft Adding Additional Heatsinks To Fix Faulty Xbox 360s

    Microsoft is finally doing something about some of the technical problems that plague the Xbox 360. A hardware revision was spotted “in the wild,” as they say, showing an additional heatsink near system’s GPU. A cooler GPU should help solve some of the problems that users have been complaining about pretty much since the system’s release. What’s still unknown… Read More

  • Google Bows To Privacy Concerns, Shortens Length Of Time It Keeps Search History

    Google bowed to privacy “activists” today by announcing that it will decrease the amount of time that it keeps track of Web searches. It used to keep a log for two years, but now that’s been shortened to 18 months. The move is in response to European Union-lead concerns that the it was unnecessarily hoarding customer information. Apparently, people don’t like the idea… Read More

  • XM, Sirius Cite 'Diversity' To Promote The Proposed Merger

    XM and Sirius are trying to merge (or hadn’t you heard?) but have encountered a lot of resistance in both the government and the press, to say nothing of legions of angry, everyday consumers who are also opposed to it. So the companies bought an advertisement to show just how “diverse” their support is. To see it… Read More

  • Blizzard Employee Lets Kid Design Game

    Next time you load up World of Warcraft, you may have a newfound understanding for all those players running around trying to get gear. Blizzard employee Rob Pardo watches his 7-year-old daughter play on her 54 Warlock and gets a better perspective of the game. Says Pardo: Playing games with my daughter is great because it really allows me to see what is fundamentally fun about game mechanics. Read More

  • iPhone Research: Who Exactly Will Wait In Line For One?

    Professional researchers (that is, not fake ones like us) put together a little survey to see just who would be willing to wait in line for an iPhone come June 29. Not surprisingly, you’ll see a whole lot more guys in line than girls, with 72 percent of men saying they’d wait in line, compared to only 28 percent of women. You’re also more likely to find young guns there than… Read More

  • GameStop Offering Limited Edition Halo 3 Accessories

    Want to be that kid? Ya know, the kid who reserved Halo 3: Legendary Edition and paid for it in full to ensure that he would be the first one on the block with it. Oh, you do? Then you’ll be happy to know that GameStop is ready and willing to sell you a bunch of limited edition Halo 3-themed gear. Come September 4th, you can purchase a pretty sweet looking Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with… Read More

  • BitPim Hits Version 1.0: Use It To Add Wacky Ring Tones and Modify Other Cellphone Data

    Here’s a smart little piece of open source software to start your Wednesday. BitPim is used to modify CDMA cellphone data—you know, things like ring tones, wallpaper, address books, alert sounds, videos, etc. It just hit version 1.0 and I recommend you check it out, especially if you’re a Verizon Wireless user like me. VZW likes to gimp its cellphones like nobody’s… Read More

  • A Sad, Sad Day In Science

    I awoke this morning refreshed, ready to work and take on the day. As I sat down and browsed the news, my heart began to sink. I discovered that Mr. Wizard had died. Yes, my beloved Mr. Wizard, whose show was on at 5am every weekday, has passed away at the age of 89 and is now in better place. I feel like a part of my childhood will always be missing now. Also known as Don Herbert, the Wiz had… Read More

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