• Windows Live – More than an AJAX Desktop

    I blogged my raw, unedited notes from the Microsoft press meeting today real time on CrunchNotes. One of the two major announcements was Windows Live (best viewed on IE of course). Office Live was also announced, which I will be writing about later tonight. Windows Live is a free, ad-supported AJAX virtual desktop. Most of the functionality could be seen in the Microsoft sandbox project… Read More

  • Windows Live and Office Live

    Microsoft is announcing Windows Live and Office Live, both online services, right now (10 am PST) at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. I am publishing my notes and pictures real time at CrunchNotes. Windows Live is “live” at Live.com. Read More

  • Tag Camp Photo Album with Picaboo

    I first heard about Picaboo from Robert Scoble a few days ago. Picaboo is a way to create, share and print photo albums. Picaboo was founded in September 2002 by Howard Field and Kevin McCurdy, and is funded by Kleiner Perkins and Softbank. They launched in May 2005. It only works on Windows right now (although Mac user have built in software for this stuff that works very well already). Read More

  • The Open Source RSS Reader

    I’ve been using Blogbridge for a few weeks now. It’s the first time I’ve seriousy used a desktop application to read feeds – I really like web based readers because there is no software download, compatibility issues, etc., and because many of the desktop readers are not free. But so many Blogbridge fans have emailed me suggesting I try it out that I did. And based on… Read More

  • CourseCafe Adds to the Social Bookmarking Discussion

    CourseCafe is a search and social bookmarking tool for students that the founder, Puneet Gupta, demo’d at TagCamp last weekend. The company is located in Mountain View and is angel funded. At first blush, the question came to mind as to why students can’t just use existing search tools like Google and social bookmarking applications like del.icio.us to handle their research needs. Read More

  • Real Estate vertical search with Trulia

    Real Estate vertical search with Trulia

    Trulia is a vertical search engine for real estate. Pete Flint and Sami Inkinen, Stanford MBAs, founded Trulia in 2004, and just moved their ten person company into shiny new offices in San Francisco. Trulia is currently angel funded. The site launched a month ago with California listings only. Trulia will be rolling out new states (the next one will be this week) in the near future. Like… Read More

  • Speak With Me – Control Your Car by Voice

    I had the opportunity to sit down with Ajay Juneja, the founder of Mountain View based Speak With Me, at Tag Camp this weekend. I had a half hour demo in his car and was completely blown away by what he’s created. You can see pictures of Ajay and his car at my flickr account. What’s so special about his car? He’s layered a proprietary dialog manager, which semantically parses… Read More

  • Blogniscient v. Memeorandum

    Ben Ruedlinger’s Blogniscient relaunched today with a completely new look and feel. An old screenshot of the service is here. Blogniscient is a blog news organizer that, like Memeorandum, uses a propreitary algorithm for determining what’s hot in the blogosphere at any given time. Unlike Digg, which creates news items based on user bookmarking and subsequent voting to determine… Read More

  • Wow! Del.icio.us rolls out more stuff

    In addition to the robust and open search functionality released by Del.icio.us earlier this week, there are at least two additional new features that are worth noting. I also have a few more thought on the search function below. Media Player Del.icio.us has built a media player directly into the site. If you find a link to a MP3 file, a small icon appears to the left of the bookmark that can… Read More

  • Shadows 1.0

    I had an early peak at Shadows while it was still in beta, back in July. Shadows is a Pluck product. Last week, Pluck took the beta tag off of Shadows and released v 1.0. Dave Panos, Pluck’s CEO, gave me a walk through of the new functionality last night. Shadows is a social bookmarking site with good features, and all of the expected bells and whistles. But the reason I like it so much… Read More

  • My New Blog

    I’ve launched a new companion blog to TechCrunch called CrunchNotes. I wrote a longish introductory post describing exactly why it exists (and why TechCrunch exists), but here’s the essence: So, why am I starting CrunchNotes? The main reason is that I find that sometimes, I want to talk about more than just new companies and products. Sometimes I have something to say about… Read More

  • CircleOne Rumored to Launch Soon

    Update: February 5, 2006: CircleOne is now called Prosper. Rumors are flying that a super-stealth BenchMark backed company called CircleOne (also known as p2pcredit) will be launching as soon as this weekend. The domain name, www.circleone.com, is not yet live. If the rumors are correct, the company will be similar to Zopa, a London based company that we profiled in August. Zopa syndicates… Read More

  • More Web 2.0 Humor

    I came across two very funny web 2.0 satires today. Web Two Point Oh! is a site that will generate “a pre-created VC friendly Web 2.0 company just for you!”. My company is “zVodidoo” and my product is “rss-based collaborative document editing via ajax”. I like Richard‘s too – Blinonorati, a “tag-based wiki via flash”. And Russell… Read More

  • Flickr Photo Printing

    Flickr announced that they are now supporting photo printing. They are giving away 10 free 4×6 prints to each user to start. Only people with U.S. credit card addresses can participate for now. Photos can be delivered, or picked up at any Target store with one hour processing. The costs are very reasonable, too. See the FAQs. On a separate note, I’ve been using the Flickr… Read More

  • TechWeb BLOG-X Awards

    TechWeb has opened nominations for its second annual BLOG-X Award. All technology blogs that are published independently of a major publishing company are eligible, and the ten blogs that receive the most nominations by December 9, 2005 will have the chance to win the award. You can nominate up to five blogs. Please nominate TechCrunch if it is one of your favorites. Read More

  • First Screen Shots of Riya

    First Screen Shots of Riya

    Riya (formerly Ojos) will be opening its doors to 10 or so lucky alpha testers tomorrow morning. Riya leverages potent facial and text recognition technology with an intelligent interface to help people make sense of the thousands of untitled and untagged photos that are building up on their hard drives (and on the web). We previously profiled Riya (then Ojos) on August 31, 2005 I went by… Read More

  • Psst…Want in to the Wink Beta?

    Wink is a very interesting new search site that combines traditional search results with del.icio.us and other user generated metadata. We profiled Wink on October 12, 2005 and Michael Tanne, the CEO, gave a demo at our party last week. Wink was also one of the sponsors of our party. Wink is in private beta right now and are dripping in new users a few at a time to test the service. Thousands… Read More

  • Voice Email with WaxMail

    WaxMail is a free voice email service for Outlook from the guys who created Skylook (see our profile here). WaxMail requires a small download and a quick installation with Outlook. From there, all you have to do is click a button to record a voicemail. The sound file is saved as an MP3 and is attached to the email, which can also include text and other attachments. WaxMail is free, although… Read More

  • Kaboodle Launch: Bookmarking + Wiki

    Kaboodle Launch: Bookmarking + Wiki

    Company: Kaboodle
    Launched: October 26, 2005
    Status: $1.5 m in angel funding
    Location: Santa Clara, CA Kaboodle opened its doors this afternoon for an official launch on Wednesday. I met with Manish Chandra, the CEO, earlier today for a walk through and came away very impressed. In addition to Manish, Kaboodle’s founders include Keiron McCammon and Chetan Pungaliya. Kaboodle is a free… Read More

  • VideoEgg News

    VideoEgg is a web-based publishing service that allows users to capture video content from virtually any device and format and publish it to the web. We profiled it on September 21, 2005, just after they launched at DEMO. Michael Bazeley at SiliconBeat writes today that VideoEgg is moving the company from New Haven, Connecticut to Silicon Valley. Michael also reports more interesting news… Read More