• iTunes Movie Store Coming

    is reporting that Apple will be adding $14.99 new releases and $9.99 back catalog movie downloads to their already hep and happening iTunes service… and it’s happening this month. A little bird also told us that a major player, either Sony or Universal, is now ripping their entire back catalog – from 1999 onwards – to digital. The compression algorithm is a huge secret… Read More

  • Live College Football Comes to Mobile ESPN

    streamed live to their handsets. This is in addition to the scores and news already provided with the service. ESPN has deals with several conferences, so chances are (if you’re one of the dozen or so Mobile ESPN customers) you’ll be able to catch your favorite team in action, if you have one. While streaming live content to handsets is nothing new, it’s good to see ESPN… Read More

  • Six Degrees Update: They're All In

    I’m going to go through them right now and figure out the winner of the Q. Then we’ll vote on some of the more creative ones. Read More

  • Onkyo Launches New 1080p Receivers

    Onkyo Launches New 1080p Receivers

    Onkyo makes some great stuff. If I weren’t always on the verge of financial ruin I’d probably get myself one of these. Anyway, the TX-SR674 and the TX-SR604 receivers feature a bevy of high end features and is aimed at mid-level home consumers. Both receivers have two HDMI inputs and 7.1 surround or multichannel sound. They each have Audyssey 2EQ for automatic acoustic calibration… Read More

  • Nokia 5200 and 5300 Images

    Nokia 5200 and 5300 Images

    Mobile Scraper has managed to scrounge up a couple of pictures of the shells of the forthcoming Nokia 5200 and 5300 phones. As you can see the images leave a lot to be desired, but they do illuminate a bit of what we can expect from these forthcoming models. They’re each supposed to feature 1.3MP cameras and, judging from the shells, will support MP3 playback via those dedicated… Read More

  • TiVo Series 3 Unboxed!

    TiVo Series 3 Unboxed!

    JJ at PVR Wire has gotten his grimey hands on a brand new TiVo Series 3 HD DVR. And just to rub it in, he’s posted a slew of pictures of the unboxing. No new information here, but if you have a thing for packaging, or you just want to drool a bit, it’s worth a looksie. TiVo Series 3 Unboxed [PVR Wire] Read More

  • Intel Could Cut Jobs

    Intel Could Cut Jobs

    CNET reports that Intel will likely cut thousands of jobs as part of a bid to increase company efficiency. Paul Otellini, CEO of the Santa Clara based chipmaker, is expected to make the announcement within the next week. The mass layoffs stem from the results of an internal audit dating from April of this year. The cuts are expected to affect as much as 10 percent of Intel’s 100,000… Read More

  • CrunchGear's Back to School Cheat Sheet

    CrunchGear's Back to School Cheat Sheet

    September is here and maybe you or someone in your household–you know, the kid upstairs with the headphones who listens to that demon hippity-hop music?–might be in the market for some back to school technology. Here’s a quick rundown of our favorite picks from the past few months. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Sketchy Details Edition

    Daily Crunch: Sketchy Details Edition

    Here are some interesting bits of news from yesterday: Is HP Eating Apple’s Karma?
    Syringe Shaped USB Thumb Drive
    Dreamcast Watch
    Rolling Robot iPod Dock
    Forbes’ Most Wired Cities Read More

  • Microsoft's PR agency admits it doesn't "get" blogs!

    Microsoft's PR agency admits it doesn't "get" blogs!

    Tom Foremski has written a post on Silicon Valley Watcher about Waggener Edstrom UK boss, Paul Abrahams, admitting he doesn’t get the value of blogs.  I feel a Gerald Ratner moment coming on.     Basically Paul Abrahams, heads up the sizeable UK office for Waggener Edstrom, Microsoft’s long standing PR firm and advises Microsoft on many strategic aspects of its Public… Read More

  • iTunes To Have Movie Downloads This Month

    Rumors have been swirling for weeks (see here and here) that Apple will soon be selling full length movie downloads on the iTunes service. This morning, Business Week is stating, based on unnamed sources, that the service will launch by mid-September. And adding color to the story: WalMart is pissed off. Apple is pushing for, and apparently getting, $14 wholesale movie prices on new releases. Read More

  • Microsoft Cries Foul At Stolen Interface

    Microsoft Cries Foul At Stolen Interface

    Microsoft Expo’s project leader, Garry Wiseman, wrote a blog post earlier today criticizing Sina, one of China’s largest search engines, saying “Sina.com steals our design and graphics”. The post highlights the similar look and feel of Sina’s new classifieds site to a previous release of Expo, including the identical color scheme and a pushpin image that appears… Read More

  • Comeks mobile comics

    Comeks mobile comics

    Comeks is a great Series-60 application that lets you take camera phone images and enhance them with comic-book like artwork, speech bubbles and other effects. You can then assemble these images into a comic strip which can be MMS’d (or saved back into phone memory for upload to your favourite photo-sharing site). I first saw Comeks in action when one of its creators demo’d it to me… Read More

  • Six Degrees of Crunchation: Houston, Problem

    If you’re having a problem emailing me your photos, please post them somewhere – Photobucket, your own site, etc. – and email a link to john at crunchgear dot com or AIM me the link at johnbiggsny if you’re still having trouble. Thanks, guys. Read More

  • Skype 2.6 Beta available

    Skype 2.6 Beta available

    Skype has just released version 2.6 of its web phone software as a public beta. So what’s new?  The new version makes a big deal of Skypecasts which I have not really taken too so far. The new ‘Live’ tab lists imminent events about to start, which could be anything from language lessons to dating services. Hopefully I can also filter the skypecasts or turn it off… Read More

  • MySpace driving more retail traffic than MSN search

    New Hitwise findings indicate that MySpace sent more US traffic to online retail sites last week than MSN search, the third largest search engine on the web. That’s big news, as it’s tangible evidence that youth oriented online social networking is a market driver of serious proportions. The Hitwise report puts Yahoo! as the source of 4.69 percent of traffic to online retail… Read More

  • On the Nth Day of Christmas, There Shall Be 360s

    On the Nth Day of Christmas, There Shall Be 360s

    Eurogamer TV had an opportunity to talk with Microsoft Europe boss Chris Lewis at the Leipzig Game Conference last week, and apparently, Lewis had some great news to tell all of our moms. After the disaster that was the 360 launch (I found myself at 3 different Target stores before 9 AM), this year’s holidays seem to be under control. When asked if Microsoft would be ready for this… Read More

  • Flickr has taken the #1 slot in the UK

    Flickr has taken the #1 slot in the UK

    Hitwise UK is a great site for keeping track of global as well as UK web trends.  They have just posted about Yahoo! Flickr once again becoming #1 website, in the Hitwise Photography category, based on share of UK visits. It seems softporn search queries has something to do with the sudden rise in Flickr traffic? “In the past three months, whilst Flickr’s market share of… Read More

  • Two New BenQ Cameras Hit the Streets

    . Both cameras have advanced digicam features like automatic exposure control and shake-correction. They can also output in 16:9 mode, which is cool in that “well, OK” kind of way. Throw in 3X optical zooms and 2.5-inch LCDs and the cameras start to look pretty enticing. The ISO 1000 mode will be sufficient enough for those photos you take in the bushes outside of her house… Read More

  • Wii Madden '07 Video Surfaces

    Wii Madden '07 Video Surfaces

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve been excited about playing Madden 2007 (and all the other sports games) on the Wii since I first saw the controller. So, when I saw this video on YouTube, I kinda came close to wetting myself (alright that’s not funny, I have an incontinence problem. Yes I’m on medication. Just drop it OK?). I’ve heard a lot of rumblings about… Read More