• iLife integration on iPhone?

    I’m not so sure what to make of this, but a MacDailyNews reader came across a placeholder page in the iLife guided tour section specific to the iPhone. Now there isn’t any real substantiating evidence to spark any wild and erroneous rumors, but it’s all in the URL and a QuickTime video is evident although it’s missing for now. Am I going to have to take back every… Read More

  • HTC Phoebus hits FCC, looks just like the Juno [UPDATE]

    A new HTC device dubbed Phoebus has breezed by the FCC and surprisingly it looks a lot like the HTC Juno, which we broke a few weeks ago. Some of the features on the Phoebus are strikingly similar to that of the Juno and I’m inclined to believe that’s what it is. Specs reveal it to be a GSM 850/1900 handset with a 2-megapixel camera. There isn’t a whole lot more to be… Read More

  • Motion sensing bike lock encourages thieves to steal cars instead

    The University of Portsmouth has just unveiled a $13,000 system to help protect your crappy bike. Obviously, a bike is hard enough to replace to warrant such an extravagant security measure. The system requires a special bike rack and a motion sensor on the vehicle itself. It is then engaged via a text message to the security office. Once motion is detected the system sets off a silent alarm… Read More

  • Knight Rider making a comeback Transformers style, wtf?!

    If you haven’t already realized this I loves me some comic bookish TV shows and movies. My previous Transformers and Iron Man coverage should make that quite apparent. Although, I didn’t post the Iron Man trailer because everyone else at CG thought it was lame, but here’s the link in case you missed it. Man, this coffee is making me all sorts of antsy (Note to self: no… Read More

  • SonyDrive surprise?

    Umm…yeah. The SonyDrive site has a big secret, but I have no clue what it is. I don’t even have any witty guesses as to what it could be. What the f*ck is it?! Whoa. Sorry, folks. Coffee tends to make me fly off the handle. I have to stop looking at this or I’m liable to go crazy. Any guesses? SonyDrive Japan Read More

  • World's smallest EV-DO Rev. A modem dongle

    Novatel went ahead and released a new USB EV-DO dongle on Verizon and Sprint. The Ovation U727 is the world’s smallest dongle and features an integrated microSD slot. Those are pretty much all the details you really need. Road warriors will probably appreciate this more than most because they know how much real estate previous dongles take up near the ports. My AirCard 595U is one… Read More

  • Four mystery phones appear on Verizon's Website [UPDATE]

    It’s common knowledge round these parts that Verizon probably has the best coverage, but their devices have been so-so. Oh, who am I kidding? The phones available on that network are about as atrocious as their customer service and rate plans. But their device lineup is certainly shaping up to take on the likes of T-Mobile. Well, actually, every major service provider is getting a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Wire Act Edition

    Destroy all phones: Portable GSM phone jammer
    DIY Jacobs Ladder is a shockingly fun time
    Messy Cable Madness
    The DIY community needs to get a clue and wake up
    Visa Micro Tag Keychain Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. CrunchRumor: HD DVD version of Transformers will be transformable, whatever that means Paul G I wonder if it will transform into a good movie. Read More

  • School of Everything quietly launches alpha site

    School of Everything, designed to connect anyone who can teach with anyone who wants to learn, has quietly launched an early public alpha version of its site. The site is set up to serve the thousands of people in the UK who now work as independent, self-employed teachers. Co-founder Mary Harrington told me via email: “We’ve tested it out with some teachers and learners… Read More

  • Review: Sony VGN-SZ650N/C thin and light notebook

    The VAIO SZ6 series is a relatively new addition to Sony’s notebook line. I picked up the VGN-SZ650N/C model, which features a 13.3" screen, carbon fiber casing, long battery life, dual graphics cards, and a hybrid hard drive with 256mb of built-in flash memory. Looks good so far, but how does it perform? Read More

  • My Stint on the Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy Show

    There are a couple of wacky, wacky guys out in Atlanta who put on a health and fitness show every Thursday evening. After weeks of missed connections, I finally got to sit in on one of the tapings and even got to say a few words on gadgets I used on the road to finishing my marathon. Take a listen. They guys are hilarious and I even mention Yoda. It sounds like I’ll be on every other week… Read More

  • The DIY community needs to get a clue and wake up

    I came across this particular post on BoingBoing today and got kind of pissed off. A lot of DIYers are defending the 19-year-old MIT student, Star Simpson, who last week, walked into Boston’s Logan International Airport with this odd homemade electronic device on her sweatshirt. Understandable, but there’s something called social responsibility that applies to us humans. Read More

  • CrunchRumor: HD DVD version of Transformers will be transformable, whatever that means

    I’m not sure where I heard this rumor, but if you’re a Transformers fan and you’re set up for the whole HD DVD experience then take heed for this may pique your interest. So ya know how the menu bar pops up from the bottom or you could throw it up on the side? It’s not as customizable as it should be, right? Well, this random rumor that I seriously don’t know where… Read More

  • New HTC Touch, better than the old HTC Touch

    When the first one was released a few months back everyone went crazy for the small form factor, innovative touch interface, and slow as hell processor. The new Touch Slide improves on the non-slide model by adding a BlackBerry Pearl-like sliding QWERTY keyboard, 3G data, and the industry standard 400mhz Qualcomm processor. The device is slightly thicker now but the keyboard and faster… Read More

  • Gmail vulnerability porks your inbox

    Looks like everyone with a Gmail account has something new to worry about. The unreleased, proof of concept vulnerability discovered by some security specialist can set filters on your inbox to block and/or automatically forward any email you receive. Weak. Although the threat is labeled as serious at the moment, don’t worry. Google patches up vital holes pretty efficiently and there are… Read More

  • CrunchGear in Japan

    Hey, guys. I’ll be in Tokyo for CEATEC next week. If you’d like to meet up for some sake and iPhone fondling and/or Web 2.0 talk, please drop me a line at john @ crunchgear.com. My schedule is still kind of up in the air but I hope to have an evening free for karaoke. See you soon! Read More

  • Rumorrrr: GameStop to stop selling Core Xbox 360, new version on deck?

    Rumor has it that GameStop—a small chain of mom and pop video game stores—will no longer stock Core Xbox 360s once the current supply dries out. Further still, managers have been told by Mr. and Mrs. GameStop to remove any and all signage relating to the Core. There was a rumor floating around during the summertime suggesting that MDOLLARSIGN was planning to scrap the Core… Read More

  • Xoom Raises $20 Million Series E

    International payments processor Xoom has raised $20.29 million Series E in a round led by DAG Ventures and joined by previous investors Fidelity Ventures, New Enterprise Associates and Sequoia Capital. Xoom’s international payments platform allows users to transfer money to overseas accounts; think Western Union without the excessive fees, and you can use funds in your PayPal account… Read More

  • N64 controller mod, or cheap way to smoke?

    I like to keep things “real,” so let’s get it out of the way right now: this kid is probably smoking cannabis out of a Nintendo 64 controller. Don’t give me that, “it could be tobacco” nonsense, either. He doesn’t look a day over 14, and smoking tobacco out of a pipe (especially a pipe that looks like a cheap St. Marks bowl) doesn’t enter into… Read More

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