• Video: Introducing Android

    The creators of Android talk about their new open platform for mobile phones and the Open Handset Alliance. Introducing Android [YouTube] Read More

  • Halo and the terrorist mind-set

    Clive “The Garanimal” Thompson doesn’t have a lot of time to play Halo 3 and, as a result, gets killed a lot in Live play. However, instead of giving up and going to play Parcheesi, he’s decided to fight back by becoming a suicide bomber. The typical Halo player’s goal is to stay alive. Clive knows he can’t stay alive very long, so he wants to take down as… Read More

  • Idle hands: Play Xbox Live using your cellphone's data connection

    When you live in the middle of nowhere it pays to be resourceful, like Tom Hanks was in “Cast Away.” Now, let’s imagine Hanks was in the middle of rural America and couldn’t get an affordable broadband connection. What to do? You turn to your cellphone, of course. One guy recently opined on how he managed to connect his Xbox 360 to Xbox Live using nothing more than… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 32" refurb LCD TV with mount for $399.95

    It takes cahones to purchased refurbished electronics but sometimes you gotta live life on the edge. The bravest among you will be rewarded with a 32-inch LCD TV from Westinghouse that features 1080i HD resolution and a free wall mount. You can bask in the glory of the deal you got on this TV for at least 90 days, at which point the warranty ends. The regular price is $429.95 but use code… Read More

  • Big Daddy and Little Sister dancing to Prince

    I wish this video was lighter but these friends who created one of the most complex and amazing-tastic Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen. Click the jump to see them in their full still-photo glory or you can just enjoy seeing a Big Daddy and Little Sister dancing in the murky darkness, waiting to steal your ADAM.
    Flickr Photoset of the Build [Thanks, Nathan] Read More

  • Three new Sony Ericsson phones coming soon?

    Rajat Agrawal over on CellPassion.com apparently has some information about three new phones that are to be announced tomorrow by Sony Ericsson. The W890i will replace the W880i and will come with a 3.2-megapixel camera and “Play Now 4.0 as well as a new version of the Walkman player.” It’ll also allegedly work on 3G networks and feature an accelerometer. Read More

  • Yama hama, that's a lot of video games

    Another Monday morning with nothing to buy with the $11,000 burning a hole in my pock — what’s this??! Over 1700 video games, systems, and accessories on Ebay?! Shipping varies based upon your location but costs can get up around $1500 unless you use the Buy It Now option ($10,979) in which case shipping is free. The first line of the auction makes me sad; “After decades… Read More

  • The gPhone: My Take

    Please don’t hold your breath on the Google Phone announcement: you’ll probably pass out and it won’t have been worth it. Google is set to “announce” a phone project — I hesitate to say product — today, partnering with HTC and Samsung along with a few other OEMs to supply phones with some sort of mysterious Google thing installed. I’m going to… Read More

  • Breaking: Google Announces Android and Open Handset Alliance

    Google just officially announced the Open Handset Alliance to create an open platform (to be called Android) for a Linux phone that can run mobile Google apps and others. The 34 partners include T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel, NTT Docomo, China Mobile, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Qualcomm, Intel, and Google itself. No mention of Verizon, AT&T, Vodafone, or Nokia (which… Read More

  • Barry Diller Uncomplicates His Life—Splits IAC Five Ways

    Barry Diller is finally streamlining his life by deconglomerating IAC. The Internet giant (with quarterly revenues of $1.5 billion) announced this morning that it will break up into five separate companies, each one publicly traded. They will be: —HSN (the Home Shopping Network, both TV and online) —Ticketmaster —Lending Tree —Interval International (a marketplace… Read More

  • MyKinda, Blog Network For Eastern Europe, Launches Amid Serious Drama

    Lee Wilkins, a British entrepreneur living in Romania, soft launched a new eastern-European blog network this morning called MyKinda. The network currently has blogs in just Romania, Bulgaria and Russia, but Wilkins says he’ll be launching in ten more eastern European countries soon, and eventually will cover the whole region. Each country will have six blogs, each one focused on a… Read More

  • Cellphone jammers are a godsend, but they're also illegal

    What I wouldn’t give to disable everyone’s cellphone on the 7 train here. Yeah, I could buy a cheap jamming device, but I’d prefer not to be fined several thousands of dollars just for a few minutes of peace and quiet. That’s the dilemma: do I be a champion for civility by preventing people from SHOUTING LOUDLY into their phones, but would that make me a jerk? (And this… Read More

  • Microsoft adds ESPN programing to Xbox Live

    How about some on demand college basketball on your Xbox? Microsoft and ESPN announced yesterday that Xbox Live users will be able to download ESPN programing, including college basketball, college football and shows like “Madden Nation.” Does that include “SportsCenter” or “Jim Rome is Burning,” I wonder. Shows will be available within 48 hours of their… Read More

  • PCs losing favor in Japan to cellphones, other small devices

    If we generally look to the Japanese to see where electronics is heading, then my days of typing out these posts on a computer may soon be over. PC shipments have fallen five quarters in a row and analysts are now wondering out loud if PCs have a future in Japan at all, having been replaced by smaller devices that accomplish similar tasks. Why use Safari on a MacBook when you can whip out… Read More

  • Zilok Allows You To Rent Anything from Anyone

    The idea is not brand new, and the name sounds like a french guy learning how to say something in English, but the execution is good enough to catch the attention and maybe even take some bet on the future of this french startup called Zilok. They basically offer a service where anyone can rent anything he/she owns to anyone. The service was launched in France a few weeks ago and opens tomorrow… Read More

  • Mozes Extends Web Presence, Adds Voice Capabilities

    Mobile community builder Mozes has been releasing some new functionality over the past couple of weeks that enables users to access their Mozes activity across the web and participate in voice-based campaigns. Mozes is a company we covered over a year ago (and BusinessWeek wrote up recently) that focuses on connecting musicians with their fans using text-based mobile campaigns. Much of… Read More

  • The horrible monster head murderer thing

    A little something to wake you all up this morning. via BBG Read More

  • A Cashless iPhone Society

    Apple isn’t trying to create a communist worker’s paradise but the electronics maker is no longer accepting cash for the popular iPhone. Apple now only accepts credit and debit card purchases at its stores. Carl Marx must be rolling in his dustbin. IDC tech analyst Chris Hazelton says this is the latest example of Apple trying to keep tight control of the iPhone. Apple… Read More

  • Mobile Devices Replacing PC’s Importance in Japan

    Mobile devices are slowly replacing the importance of a PC for Japanese consumers. While businesses may want the latest personal computer, average households are looking to devices like mobile phones and game consoles for entertainment and connectivity. PC shipments in Japan have fallen for five straight quarters, the first ever drawn-out decline in PC sales in a key market. In the second… Read More

  • Hollywood Writers Strike: A Chance For Millions Online To Bloom

    Hollywood film and television writers go on strike today in a move that will slowly cripple the big media production machine. The strike relates to demands by writers for higher residual payments for DVD sales and internet downloads, and follows the breakdown of 3 months of negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The Writers Guild of America last went on… Read More

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