• Get a ZoomCloud for your site

    Get a ZoomCloud for your site

    ZoomClouds is from the same (Spanish) guys that brought us Zoomtags. It’s pretty straightforward. Sign up, give it a feed, set some parameters, and get a tag cloud that you can include on the site. Mine’s below. Clicking on a tag leads to a results page hosted by ZoomClouds – example is here. ZoomCloud is similar to TagCloud, one of my very early profiles. Read More

  • Get Ready for PodServe (and more)

    Brian Oberkirch from Weblogswork gave me a demo of PodServe today. If you are a podcaster, or want to be, there are some features that you are going to be really interested in trying out. As I see it there are three important features of note. First, PodServe is a place where podcasters can host their podcasts for free. You simply create a channel and all of your podcasts are included. Read More

  • Zigtag's Personal Knowledge Library

    I almost got a personal demo of Reg Cheramy’s Zigtag tonight…Reg stopped by my house and talked a big game, but ultimately said he wanted to wait a bit before demo’ing his product to me. Zigtag promises a lot – saying “Zigtag will transform how people search, save and share knowledge & information important to them” on the landing page that also asks… Read More

  • Newsvine is Perfect

    Newsvine took the password protection off of its site yesterday and officially launched (my pre-launch post on Newsvine is here). Newsvine combines the best features of a number of companies and products like Digg and Google News with great features like chat and blogging-style comments. The result is a perfect news site (note that new competitors, like spotback (mentioned here) are aiming… Read More

  • Fox Announces Acquistion; Exclusive Video

    Fox Announces Acquistion; Exclusive Video

    During an interview that I conducted at the Under the Radar event this afternoon, Ross Levinsohn, president of Fox Interactive, announced that they had acquired one of the 32 companies that presented at the event. He would not, however, say which company it was. Fox Interactive, a division of News Corp., aquired three companies last year, including MySpace, for a total of $1.3 billion. They… Read More

  • BubbleShare adds Ajax Zoom feature

    BubbleShare adds Ajax Zoom feature

    Toronto based BubbleShare, which may be the best photo sharing site on the web, has released a really cool new Ajax feature that I think is worth talking about. It’s called BubbleZoom, and CEO Albert Lai tells me that it’s inspired by Apple’s Aperture Zooming capabilities. The feature is available on every picture hosted by BubbleShare – simply click on the… Read More

  • Lunch In Israel: six startups, a VC and a blogger

    Lunch In Israel: six startups, a VC and a blogger

    Last Sunday I attended an ad hoc tech lunch in Tel Aviv, Israel to meet six great web 2.0 startups there. Attending were founders from I4giveu, Maxthon, Raw Sugar, Spotback, Triplay and Yedda. Daniel Cohen from Gemini Israel Funds, Ouriel Ohayon (TechCrunch France author) and other tech enthusiasts were there as well. We had a great meal and a great discussion. My pictures from the event are up… Read More

  • Super-Stealth Ether to Launch Tonight

    Super-Stealth Ether to Launch Tonight

    Tonight at midnight the doors open (to beta testers) at Ether, the new super-stealth startup that is wholly-owned by the pay-per-call folks at Ingenio. The concept of Ether is straightforward, but it has a massive back end infrastructure (thankfully Ingenio already had it built). They call it an “ebay for services”, allowing people to charge for advice over the phone (and by… Read More

  • Memeorandum (finally) gets a new look

    Memeorandum (finally) gets a new look

    Gabe Rivera, the founder of Memeorandum, announces a slightly new look for his cult favorite site. Since the September launches, I’ve heard a lot of reactions to the user interface, and the results have been mixed. The usability and functionality are generally appreciated, but the aesthetics are, just a bit too often, reviled. “It’s hurting my eyes” goes the woeful… Read More

  • Solomodels – Ajax Perfection

    Solomodels – Ajax Perfection

    I came across Scottsdale, Arizona based Solomodels today. I’m writing about it because it has pictures of really attractive women on the site it is a textbook example of Ajax, search and social networking. It caters to models, photographers and agents. Founder Hoss Etemad wrote to me to describe the service, and I must say I found it immediately intriguing. Participants can create… Read More

  • Fold.com – Why?

    It’s been just over a month since I wrote about the last Ajax home page, and I thought I’d get through February without writing about a new one. I was wrong. Fold.com has entered private beta. According to the site, “Fold is the Web 2.0 application.” I checked out the beta and Fold.com looks about as good as other Ajax home pages (an API to create third party widgets is… Read More

  • Microsoft Expo Launches

    Microsoft continues to roll out new Live.com services today. In addition to Street-Side, Microsoft just took the protection off of its much anticipated Expo classified listing service. See my previous posts on Expo for additional information and screen shots. Expo is centered on the idea that people will trust others within a group, and so is allowing classifieds networks within groups. Users… Read More

  • Killer New Live.com Service: Street-Side

    Killer New Live.com Service: Street-Side

    Microsoft’s Live.com is launching a preview version of a new service called Street-Side today (link will be live around 12 PST today). Street-Side will augment the Live Local service and give street level views of the entire city. Searches can be made by address or business name, and you can “drive” around the city using the arrow keys. See the screen shot below for a… Read More

  • Maxthon: the browser that rocks

    Maxthon: the browser that rocks

    Maxthon is in my view the best alternative to Internet Explorer. Firefox and Opera are doing a great job (both in product and buzz) but they just don’t catch up with Maxthon. Founded by the very young and brilliant Jeff Chen in 2003 in China (under MyIE name), Maxthon became very quickly popular in Asia (awarded last year in Red Herring Asia ) and all over the world. The big difference… Read More

  • New Feedburner Stats and Features

    New Feedburner Stats and Features

    Feedburner CEO Dick Costolo emailed Richard MacManus and me on Monday to give us a preview of what he calls “broad enhancement to our stats” that are being released later this morning. I’ve had a chance to review the new functionality (screen shot below) and I agree that these changes are both needed and useful. The key change is to give users more information on what items… Read More

  • Edgeio Launches

    Edgeio Launches

    After much anticipation and a period of being available to a private audience the team at Edgeio took the covers off of their creation tonight and launched to the general public. Edgeio takes listings (classifieds) from RSS-enabled sources and organizes them in a central location for users to be able to browse and search. The Edgeio ethos is that content belongs on the edges, and that is where… Read More

  • Exclusive Look At Google Payments

    Exclusive Look At Google Payments

    Google announced last week on their blog that they will begin to facilitate payments on Google Base in the near future. The blog post from Google pointed out that Google are already accepting payments on their video service as well as when users purchase software such as Google Earth and that this will be extended further in the near future. The latest updates to Google Base, which we have… Read More

  • Mabber Mobile Instant Messaging

    Mabber Mobile Instant Messaging

    Mix open instant messaging protocol Jabber with mobile phones and you get Mabber, a new product from a team based in Cologne, Germany. The team at Mabber were early adopters of the Jabber protocol and with the lower mobile data charges in their home country decided to develop an application that would allow mobile users to communicate with each other using the protocol, thus save on SMS costs. Read More

  • Google Pages Released

    Google Pages Released

    Although there has been no official announcement yet Google have released the long awaited and long-rumored Google Pages (which has nothing to do with cloning Larry Page). Pages allows users to create a webpage using an AJAX interface that removes a lot of the ‘pain’ associated with creating pages with HTML and other desktop design applications. If you have some time on your hands… Read More

  • Tangler Untangling Communication On The Web

    Tangler Untangling Communication On The Web

    Over the weekend I spoke to Martin Wells, the founder and CEO of a startup from Sydney, Australia called Tangler. I had a look at the application they have been developing for the last 18 months now which is an instant messaging and communication app that is based around a concept they call ‘instant grouping’. Instant grouping means that any number of people can take part in… Read More