• MotionDSP Improves Grainy Video for Military, You

    MotionDSP Improves Grainy Video for Military, You

    While many of us try to take video and images with our cameraphones or webcams, the resulting footage is rarely usable and suffers from a great deal of anti-aliasing and generally messy pixels. MotionDSP has solved that problem by using special algorithms to “recreate” lost data in real time, thereby bringing almost useless low-light and compressed video into tight… Read More

  • Skype and Philips Get Busy, Ditch Computer

    Skype and Philips Get Busy, Ditch Computer

    Philips announced this morning the addition of the Skype certified VOIP841 to its product line. We’ve already seen a couple of these new Skype devices, but the gravity of their introduction is only now becoming apparent. Like the USRobotics USR9631 that we saw yesterday, the VOIP841 can function completely autonomous of a computer. Users are able to sign up for Skype service directly… Read More

  • NEC Drops Two New Versa Laptops, Featuring Added Security

    , the M360 and the M160. NEC is promoting these as having the “perfect balance” between performance, flexibility and security, though I don’t see anything outstanding. They both have integrated biometric fingerprint scanners, but there’s nothing new there. The M360 has an optional port replicator with it’s own biometric scanner, but that seems rather redundant. Read More

  • Is HP Eating Apple's Karma?

    that if , in light of its recent successes, could HP be attaining Apple-like mojo? He makes a few very good points, and positions that against Apple’s rough month. It’s a well-thought, if not brief, read into how fortunes can change swiftly in this industry. With Apple’s battery recall, settlement with Creative Technologies and recent stock option irregularities, it would… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Copious Notes Edition

    Daily Crunch: Copious Notes Edition

    A selection of noteworthy news stories for your perusal: HORNMASSIVE Sound System
    Table of Free Voices
    Protect respect your disks with new DVD condoms
    Aiptek MyNote Digital Notepad
    ViewScore.com: Review Aggregator Read More

  • Startup Uses Military Tech to Fix Low Res Video

    Startup Uses Military Tech to Fix Low Res Video

    Motion DSP is creating a simple web based interface that will significantly enhance low resolution camera phone video into surprisingly high quality stuff. It started off in 1998 as a U.S. military funded project at UC Santa Cruz. In January 2005, Professor Peyman Milanfar, the primary researcher behind the technology, co-founded Motion DSP. The company compares multiple frames in a video to… Read More

  • BT Business gets blogging.

    BT Business gets blogging.

    ITWeek are reporting that BT Business has launched a new blog to give firms information and advice on how to build their online presence, and provide a channel for feedback and interaction with its experts. Three experts from BT together with blogging expert Ian Fenn will contribute regularly to the blog, which aims to cover topics including web site design, how to reach customers online… Read More

  • Tesco is fast becoming the new WalMart.

    Tesco is fast becoming the new WalMart.

    The supermarket giant Tesco, today announced it was launching on the 6th September, a non-food home shopping service called Tesco direct, which it promises will end the misery of waiting in for deliveries all-day. The supermarket giant promised quicker delivery and shorter and more reliable slots than are currently provided by other high street retailers. It’s other direct-to-home… Read More

  • Coull Vlogger [Interactive Video] links to Google AdWords.

    Coull Vlogger [Interactive Video] links to Google AdWords.

    Bristol based Coull have two very “cool” applications to help brand owners create their own user generated video portals and interactive video content. Coull vlogger is the first application which is their unique all-in-one video blogging solution. It provides end users with a basic video editing capability in conjunction with a video uploading option to a hosted whitelabel… Read More

  • Fedafi offer an easily managed RSS business solution for everyone.

    Fedafi offer an easily managed RSS business solution for everyone.

    Fedafi is a Glasgow based, UK company – pronounced fee·da·fi (‘fi’ as in hifi)  – aims to democratize RSS by making it possible for anyone to create, manage, market and track valid RSS and Podcast feeds, as part of their business strategy. Fedafi is a self-funded startup with just two people right now. Fedafi hope to grow their business by providing the… Read More

  • Faces.com stands apart in social networking

    Faces.com stands apart in social networking

    Faces.com is a social networking site from Australia with an emphasis on multimedia sharing. The site has been up for several years but has recently undergone a relaunch. Faces allows users to create their own site (like Myspace) or “widgetize” the data (photos, music, etc.) for placement on other sites. Uploaded audio files are placed in playlists called TuneFeeds that can be… Read More

  • Aiptek MyNote Digital Notepad

    The oldest form of data entry on the planet is handwriting. We learn it before we learn to type. It’s not as efficient as a keyboard, but it can be done anywhere on about anything. (Don’t believe me? Check out any alley in Midtown, NYC.) Handwriting has become a viable option with PDAs and tablet PCs using virtual ink and handwriting recognition to transcribe what you’re… Read More

  • On the Future of Non-Exploding Batteries

    A manager I once knew had an axiom: if it’s got a cable, it’s not really a gadget. As our portable devices get more and more powerful, the consume more and more energy. And technical advances have made formerly usable levels of power performance unacceptable–my first Powerbook, for instance, got around forty-five minutes of usage on a full charge… when it was brand new. Read More

  • Table of Free Voices

    Table of Free Voices

    Located in Berlin, The Table of Free Voices is the fastest, most high-tech table in human history. The table jas a camera and a microphone built into each of its 112 places, allowing the responses of each individual to be recorded and saved as an individually searchable audiovisual portrait. The Table of Free Voices is 124 feet in diameter and is basically a big supercomputer. The lead… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Continues to Develop PlayNow

    Sony Ericsson Continues to Develop PlayNow

    Sony Ericsson plans to further develop its PlayNow service, which is currently only used to listen to and download ringtones. The spokesman from the Japenese-Swedish group did not give any details on how the service will be changed, or when the changes will occour, saying simply: We are developing the PlayNow service further, it is part of our bigger music strategy. As the prices of phones… Read More

  • HORNMASSIVE Sound System

    HORNMASSIVE Sound System

    The HORNMASSIVE sound system can project sound from up to 1km away, making it a great addition to musical festivals around the globe. The mobile sound system is made up of a gigantic 2000-watt steel and aluminum horn, and weighs in at a massive 2-tons, all powered from a commercial 12” speaker driver. The sound system functions as an audio input station, where users can plug-in and… Read More

  • Samsung LN-S5296D 52-inch LCD TV With 1080p

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/VGA inputs. The audio system is SRS TruSurround XT, with a pair of hidden speakers along the edges. This unit will be coming later this fall, but if the specs really are to be believed, LCDs may finally be catching up to the old CRTs in terms of image quality and black-levels. 52-inch samsung lcd flat hdtv due within a… Read More

  • ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 Integrated Intel Graphics Chipset For Laptops

    Gamers and performance enthusiasts balk at the mere mention of “integrated graphics”, and rightfully so. But the Radeon Xpress 1250 is “Vista Ready” and will handle Vista’s Aero Glass GUI features with no problem, meaning it should be powerful enough to run your games at least at a playable framerate. Radeon Xpress 1250 is the first Intel-based chipset to… Read More

  • RAZR Breaks, Motorola Gets Trounced

    RAZR Breaks, Motorola Gets Trounced

    Consumerist has a great exchange between the owner of a broken RAZR v3i and the Argentinean tech support team shuts her down immediately, offering to only replace it for the low-low fee of $175 – until she takes her case to the FCC, the FTC, and the Florida Attorney General’s office. The result? A new phone at no extra charge and a great AIM conversation with Consumerist’s… Read More

  • ViewScore.com: Review Aggregator

    makes a lot of sense. . The site then crawls the web – namely a few major review sites – and grabs the pertinent scores and information.
    Read More