• Wireless Plasma TV for Easy Wall Mounting

    A wireless plasma TV? Now I’ve seen it all. In actuality, I have not seen it all but this is the kind of innovation that makes a jaded old gadgeteur like me go from slouching to sitting almost upright in my chair. The Samsung 94 Series plasma TVs feature a power cord and nothing else, enticing you to take the bullet train to Wall Mount Junction. A built-in 802.11n connection… Read More

  • Samsung Launching 3rd Gen Blu-ray Players

    Samsung’s getting set to launch two new Blu-ray players — the BD-P2400 and the BD-P1400. Each player will feature native support for 24 frames per second playback, which Samsung claims will greatly reduce the amount of digital artifacts since movies are also filmed at 24 frames per second. The players will also support 60 frames per second to ensure compatibility with your HDTV… Read More

  • D-Day Sunday For Internet Radio As Court Rejects Royalties Appeal

    The U.S. Court of Appeals has rejected a request to delay the onset of new royalty fees that could wipe out most of the US internet radio industry. The court said that the issues raised by the webcasters did not satisfy its “stringent standards.” The new Copyright Review Board imposed fee structure comes into affect this Sunday, and imposes a per song, per listener charging model… Read More

  • Com One Phoenix WiFi/IP Radio Review

    The methods by which we receive audio content just keep on expanding. In fact, there are so many ways to get free music and Podcasts it’s hard to keep up. And, if you think about it, it’s a wonder that any service that charges for content will be able to keep its head above water. One of the free categories bubbling up is internet radio which gives you incredible flexibility and… Read More

  • HD DVD Outselling Blu-ray in Europe

    The Toshiba-led HD DVD group has just released European sales figures concerning the ongoing battle with the Sony-led Blu-ray camp. HD DVD lobbyists are claiming that their players are outselling Blu-ray players in Europe, three-to-one. These figures are for set-top players only, so Sony’s Playstation 3 sales are not included in these figures. Read More

  • Old Swedish Lady Gets World's Fastest Internet Connection

    Although likely 39.99999 Gigabits more than she actually needs, Sigbritt Löthberg now has a 40 Gbps internet connection. She’s never owned a computer until now but she did give birth to some famous Swedish internet guy. How fast is the connection? She can download a full high definition DVD in two seconds. That would take many, many, many seconds (minutes or hours, even) over your… Read More

  • Welcome To The Social, Now Pay Up Sucka

    In what has to be the worst patent idea ever, is it any surprise that it comes from Redmond? The Zune is an obsolete device and I can say that with confidence because if it were to take off and be a major player then it would have happened in fair Gotham. I’ve only seen a handful of people joining ‘the social’ and I’ve never seen two Zunes in one place. So how are… Read More

  • Pentax Announces Two Easy To Use Affordable Point And Shoots

    Pentax has intro’d two lightweight and reasonably priced point-and-shoots, the Optio M40 and Optio E40. The M40 is a whopper at 8-megapixels and features a streamlined ultra-slim designed metallic body that boasts 3X optical zoom, 4X digital zoom and a larger than life 2.5-inch LCD monitor. Face Recognition and Digital Shake Reduction are two key features that Pentax seems to excel at. Read More

  • Chinese Internet Usage Rivals U.S.

    The Pew research group just released a study (PDF) today outlining the growth of internet users in China today. The study estimates there are 137 million internet users, second only to the US’ online population estimated at 165 million to 210 million. ComScore estimated the entire online population at 694 million last May. Natrually, with a population of 1,321,851,888, they have a… Read More

  • VNC for iPhone

    Here’s an iPhone app for you geeks out there. VNC is a virtual desktop server that simply displays and allows you to interact with any desktop running a VNC server. Well, one version of the VNC program, TightVNC, allows for HTTP access so it’s trivial to then get to your desktop just by visiting your PC through Safari. Viola! VNC! OK, so it’s not earth-shattering. However, it… Read More

  • Buy Your Wii Now Or You'll Wii Wii Later

    If your whiny brat has been asking for a Wii then I suggest you purchase one now in time for the holidays. Or you could be a dirt bag and buy as many as possible and then sell them for a ridiculous amount during the holidays, if you’re inclined to believe George Harrison, senior VP of marketing and corporate comm’s for Nintendo of America. He can’t guarantee Nintendo will be… Read More

  • Nyko Wii Party Station

    I think Nyko is pretty aware of its target demographic. Let’s see: they play games in small groups, hence charging stations for four Wiimotes. Then they have a strange little scoring read-out so one of the players — the one who loves numbers — can keep score. Then it has four white drink cups and a chip dish. Finally, it has a hand dryer. Nyko, in a nutshell, has described… Read More


    I’ve been talking with PatentMonkey’s Cory about the latest breathless report of an Apple patent purporting to describe Zune-like sharing capabilities. Well, we’ve come to the conclusion that these patents don’t mean “Apple will make this iPod tomorrow night at send it to your Grandma’s house by Saturday.” It means that Apple has patented something with… Read More

  • iPods Can Kill

    …provided you’re hiding under a tree in a thunderstorm and, freakishly, lightning hits you instead of the tree and runs down the length of the iPod earbuds and blows out your ear drums and blows up your iPod. I mean, otherwise, you’re fine. Apparently a 37-year-old jogger in British Columbia (is that even a place?) got hit by a bolt of lightning resulting in severe burns. Read More

  • LG Shine Goes Back To Black

    Welcome to another edition of: A Phone We’ll Never See in The US. Our guest today is the LG Shine Titanium Black. The first incarnation of the Shine set the world on fire with its sleek and ‘shiny’ full metal jacket and now LG is hoping douchebags with too much money will spend some more on the hot new color. Of course, the 2-megapixel camera by Schneider Kreuznach… Read More

  • Warner Music Catalog Streaming For Free

    I find it ironic when the big, bad, tough guy music labels go after small-fry music sharing sites like imeem and then they jump into bed with them a couple months later. But it’s a smart move for both parties. Warner Music Group will now share in imeem’s ad revenue while imeem can stream WMG’s entire catalog along with videos to its user base. If you’re one of the… Read More

  • LG KU990 aka Prada Dos In The Wild

    The LG Prada has yet to hit our shores, but a second generation is already floating around the Interwebs with video and photographs to prove its existence. It may not actually be dubbed as the Prada 2, but the KU990 could potentially be the iPhone killer that its predecessor is obviously not. CrunchGear’s interpreter, Nicholas, tells me that the 2-megapixel camera will be upgraded to… Read More

  • Samsung MM-X5: An iPod Dock

    Need an alarm clock? A radio tuner? A CD player? An iPod dock? Well, Samsung’s got you covered with their $199 MM-X5. It also plays back audio from a USB drive and looks like Darth Vader’s bidet. It should be available in October, but you could also just get any of the other 5,000 clock radio/iPod docks out there while you wait. Samsung Unveils MM-X5 iPod Dock/CD Player Combo [Giz] Read More

  • Logitech MX Air Review

    Logitech announced today the MX Air, its newest play at the home theater PC market. The mouse brings a lot of new elements to the market and I’m happy to say that it performs quite nicely. Read More

  • Taco Bell, Avatars, and the Decline of Western Civilization

    When Nero looked out over the ruins of Rome, he must have seen something like the TV Me! promotion from Taco Bell. The Bell, creators of the Fourthmeal and purveyors of food for the stoned, has an open casting call for customers to appear in its co-branded spots during the MTV Video Music Awards. Before you go get your hair done, however, the casting call is for 3D avatars created using Gizmoz… Read More

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