• French Mobile TV Delayed Until Summer 2008

    Citizens of France won’t be won’t be watching TV from DVB-H on their mobile phones this fall. While the launch of broadcast mobile TV was planned to kick off this autumn in time for the Rugby World Cup, a conflict between French mobile operators and broadcasters has led to a delay. Recent complications, which have resulted in a stand still over the business model will likely push… Read More

  • Silicon Valley Could Use A Downturn Right About Now

    Silicon Valley is paradise for geeks, and people flock here from all over the world to be part of something very special. When I speak at events here one thing I often do is ask people in the audience to raise their hand if they live in Silicon Valley. Usually 80+% of the people raise their hand. I then ask them to leave their hand up if they were actually born here. Only a few hands ever… Read More

  • CBS/ WallStrip Deal Confirmed

    Investors in WallStrip publicly confirmed Monday that the video blog has been acquired by CBS. The story was first broken by Jossip May 13 and we confirmed the deal the same day with a purchase price of $5 million. As previously reported the buy was focused on acquiring the talents of WallStrip host Lindsay Campbell. The purchase price has not been publicly confirmed; however the investor… Read More

  • Legless Chihuahuas Prove Google Hot Trends Not So Hot

    Google has launched a new addition to its growing lineup of…well everything, Google Hot Trends. Google Trends takes the idea behind Google Zeitgeist to the next level. Instead of providing weekly details of top Google searches, Google Hot Trends provides similar data daily and goes as far as providing “hot” search results via state, city and country. The data though… Read More

  • Fare Tracker Yapta Launches Public Beta

    Yapta, which went into private beta a month ago, had a bad day today. The company’s Pioneer Square office in Seattle caught fire this morning. CEO Tom Romary’s car got a flat tire. And, unsurprisingly, it rained. But Yapta is celebrating anyway, because they just launched the public beta of the service. The fire was a problem, Romary says. But they were able to move all employees… Read More

  • Panasonic Lumix FX100 Goes Buckwild With 12-megapixels

    Panasonic unveiled the latest Lumix today and it’s a whopper. The FX100 may be small in size, but the 12-megapixel, 28mm wide-angle Leica DC lens with 3.6x optical zoom and f/2.8 tells a different story. A cool feature I like is the High-Speed Burst shooting mode that picks off eight frames per second. It also boasts the ability to snap HD pictures and records 720p video at 15 FPS. Read More

  • Spy Drone Takes Off In The UK

    If you’ve played GRAW 2 then the drones that are being deployed in Merseyside, England shouldn’t come as a surprise. What was once utilized by the military is now being used by law enforcement to help catch criminals. It will also be used to monitor traffic and investigate illegal firearms operations. The “spy drone” is capable of taking images from 500m above, can… Read More

  • Change.org 2.0: Harass Politicians and Fund Their Opponents

    We covered the social activist community Change.org when they first launched back in February. The site is one of a few philanthropic startups tailoring the latest web features for non-profits and politics. It is a social networking site that serves as a resource for researching and organizing groups around social and political causes, called “Changes”. Changes are a place for… Read More

  • Better Clouds, Wind Coming to Second Life

    Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life, has announced the acquisition of graphics technology from Windward Mark Interactive. Linden Lab will acquire WindLight, an advanced atmospheric rendering technology; Nimble, a realistic 3D cloud simulator; and associated intellectual property and interests. Once the acquisition is complete, Linden Lab plans to open source the technology and integrate… Read More

  • LCD Panel Prices Hit Bottom Indicating Standard Price Points; or, Now's the Time to Buy That HDTV

    If you’re one of the millions of American’s waiting for just the right time to pounce on that flat panel LCD TV you’ve had your eyes on, now’s the time to strike, according to Wired and iSuppli. The market prices of the LCD panels, which are at the heart of any LCD TV, have hit bottom and are starting a rebound, meaning they’re not likely to get any cheaper. This… Read More

  • Apple Prepped to Kill Off 17-Inch iMac?

    Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: Apple, as we know the company today, can trace it’s recent successes (and, truly, failures) to one single model of Macintosh: the iMac. When the inexpensive all-in-one was introduced in 1998, shockwaves of lust were felt across the PC ecosphere. And with the Internet blossoming, this was the perfect time to market to first-time computer buyers. Read More

  • MyBlogLog Back On TechCrunch

    We’ve re-embedded MyBlogLog onto TechCrunch – we removed it a few months ago due to spam and reliability concerns. After repeated promises by founder Eric Marcoullier and Yahoo (which acquired the company) that the service was stable and spam was under control, we’ve decided to give it another try. I like the widget, which shows recent visitors to the site and builds out… Read More

  • Windows Vista SP1 Coming Soon

    Are you ready for some Vista Service Pack 1 hotness? It does, in fact, exist, folks. So don’t think I’ve gone crazy. At the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference a PC was shown running the service pack, “Windows Build 6001 Service Pack 1, v113.”, and the crowd went absolutely buck wild. I think. In any case, the service pack has been spotted and now we wait for… Read More

  • Lawmaker Votes for Talking-While-Driving Law, Breaks Law, Causes Accident, Makes Us Chuckle a Little Bit

    We’re filing this one under “cruel, humorous irony.” State Senator Carole Migden is a crusader for public safety, it would seem, voting for a measure to fine people for talking on their cellphones while driving, because that’s far more dangerous than, say, tuning the radio or eating, explaining why those activities are still perfectly legal. Imagine how red-faced she… Read More

  • Criticize How Much It Costs To Run Vista Decently and Get Beaten Up By Readers

    If you don’t have anything nice to say about Windows Vista then don’t bother writing about it. That’s the general consensus on a certain post on eWeek’s Microsoft Watch. One of the writers over there recounted a story in which his sister bought a Sony Vaio laptop with Vista installed that had a Windows Experience Index score of 3.3—considering the laptop cost… Read More

  • Zooomr Mark III: New Features, Better Look

    Zooomr has launched its latest version, Zooomr Mark III today with over 250 additional features, enhancements and upgrades. The photo sharing company headed by the just turned 19 Kristopher Tate provides a range of appealing features including unlimited storage. Previous TechCrunch coverage here. 9 months in the making, we can’t possibly list all the changes, but we can focus on the… Read More

  • Who Should Be Rewarded For Their Firefox Contributions?

    Open source is all well and good, but what should happen to all the money that’s generated in its creation? A very good question, and one the New York Times tackled today. Told against the backdrop of a failed presidential campaign and the spirit of the grassroots movement, the article looks at the success of the Mozilla Foundation and its Firefox Web browser. The non-profit… Read More

  • Sprint Expands Unlimited Pilot Plans

    Use Sprint to the MAXX? If you live in San Francisco, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Tampa, or Philadelphia (booh yah!), you’re now eligible to take part in Sprint’s unlimited plan trial. The unlimited plan costs $120 a month and gives you unlimited voice, texting, and data use. Need a PC card thrown in there too? For $150 you can get PC card access thrown in there are well. Some would… Read More

  • ZDNet Wants You To Review Products, Will Let You Keep 'Em

    Do you want to be a part of the glamorous world of technology writing? I mean, who wouldn’t? Beginning this week, ZDNet is giving you the chance to become a Deputy Product Tester. Every week, ZDNet will pick at least one person to do a hands-on test of a product of the site’s choosing. Afterward, you get to keep the product (so long as you’re based here in the U.S.). Should… Read More

  • LG Cuts Plasma TV Production, Focuses On Smaller Sizes

    There’s something rotten in the state of LG. It seems the Korean manufacturer is having some trouble offloading its plasma TVs, with sales last February down some $35 million compared to the previous year. To be fair, it does appear to be a general trend in the TV industry, with LCDs being cheaper to produce at larger and larger sizes. (It used to be that LCDs larger than 42 inches… Read More

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