• PayPal Mobile Launches – And It's Awesome

    PayPal has launched its mobile payment platform, called, of course, PayPal Mobile. Oliver Starr at MobileCrunch had the scoop and was also slashdotted an hour ago. This spells trouble for existing mobile payment provider TextPayMe. PayPal’s solution is fully baked, easy to use, and has some great features that take this beyond a way to text your friends money. To use the service, click… Read More

  • Plaxo: Now With Less Evil

    Plaxo tends to bring on strong negative emotions in people. Frustration. Revulsion. Dismay. The reason so many people hate Plaxo? Those of us who aren’t customers, which is the vast majority of everyone, get multiple daily emails from those few misguided souls who’ve chosen to sign up for the Plaxo Spam Service (my name, not theirs). When you sign up for Plaxo, they make it… Read More

  • Netvibes to Announce Seed Financing Today

    Netvibes, a very popular Ajax home page product that I said was a Web 2.0 Company I couldn’t live without, will announce seed funding by Index Ventures, Marc Andreessen, Pierre Chappaz (founder of Kelkoo and Wikio) and Martin Varsavsky (founder of Jazztel, Ya.com and Fon). The size of the round was not disclosed. Over a million home pages have been created on Netvibes, and the service… Read More

  • Yahoo Music – From the Desktop

    Yahoo Music – From the Desktop

    One of the key new features of Windows Vista and IE7 is something called Sidebar, which is a gadget platform. This will allow Live.com gadgets to be used right on the Windows desktop.I wrote a little bit about this after attending a Microsoft event called Search Champs in January. Yahoo Music has very quietly released an Ajax gadget for Sidebar that will allow user to play Yahoo Music right from… Read More

  • VOIP Yahoo Messenger Launches Tomorrow

    VOIP Yahoo Messenger Launches Tomorrow

    This has been coming for a long time, but starting tomorrow (March 22) you can download (if you have a Windows machine, that is) the new Yahoo IM client with full inbound and outbound VOIP capabilities. That means that, like Skype, users will be able to receive call from, and make calls to, any normal telephone (standard telephone service is often referred to as “POTS”). Screen shot… Read More

  • Checking Out eSnips

    Israeli startup eSnips relaunched today with a new look and substantial feature upgrades. I did not have a chance to meet with eSnips during my recent trip to Israel, but CEO Yael Elish and VP Marketing Efrat Moshkoviz visited silicon valley a couple of weeks ago and i was able to get a demo. It’s hard to categorize eSnips. We looked at it as part of our review of online storage… Read More

  • More Consolidation in Internet TV Space

    VideoEgg, a service that allows users to take video from virtually any device, transcode it to Flash and upload it for viewing on websites (see our posts on VideoEgg here) will be announcing the acquisition of Popcast in an hour or so. This news follows yesterday’s announcement by Internet TV company Brightcove that they have acquired Seattle-based metaStories. Look for more development… Read More

  • Riya to Launch Today

    Riya to Launch Today

    UPDATE: Riya is not launching a public beta today, but is sending out emails with credentials to people who’ve signed up for the alpha. In a few days Riya will be opening up registration for everyone. More on their blog here. Rumors are buzzing today that the long awaited, almost acquired photo facial recognition service Riya should be moving out of private alpha and launching a public… Read More

  • Google Finance – Lots of Flash & Ajax

    Google Finance – Lots of Flash & Ajax

    The rumor is that Google internally tested Google Finance through two full versions before releasing it today, and the extra attention shows. This is a great looking product overall. And they’ve taken things at least a step further than Yahoo Finance in its current form. The included information is similar to Yahoo Finance for public companies (stuff that can be scoured from public… Read More

  • Brightcove Acquires metaStories

    Jeremy Allaire’s still-in-beta Brightcove is announcing the aquisition of Seattle based metaStories this morning at 8 am EST. This looks like a good match. Brightcove is focused on “Internet TV,” or creating an Internet outlet for media producers. Heather Green at Business Week calls it “distribution feeds to micro-audiences”. MetaStories, on the other hand, has… Read More

  • TalkCrunch Podcast: Reid Hoffman & David Hornik

    We just posted the second podcast episode of the new TechCrunch Network podcast site TalkCrunch. Nik and I spoke to Linkedin CEO Reid Hoffman and August Capital’s David Hornik about the past, current and future of social networking. Listen to the podcast here, or subscribe to the feed in iTunes or your favorite feed reader. Episode 1, “Google Calendar v. The Competition” is here. Read More

  • Skype + Outlook = Skylook

    I first wrote about Australia-based Skylook back in August when they released v. 1.0. It’s a plugin for Outlook that ties Skype very nicely into email. They’ve continued to innovate to stay ahead of Skype’s own Outlook toolbar product. And while Skylook isn’t free, it has a number of great features, including presence (see who’s online from Outlook), integration… Read More

  • Firefox 2.0 Alpha Released

    An early alpha release of Firefox 2.0 has been quietly released. I don’t care if it is an alpha, it has to be more stable than v.1.5. I’ve downloaded it and its working swimmingly so far on my Mac. In fact I am writing this post with it. The only problem so far is that it is incompatible with a screen grab plugin that I like to use. Firefox 2.0 is also available in Windows and… Read More

  • Supernova 2006 – Featuring the TechCrunch New Company Showcase

    Kevin Werbach’s Supernova is always a great conference, and this year it’s going to be even better – I am partnering with them to put on a new startup showcase during the conference that will feature ten of the hottest new companies on the web. Supernova 2006 will be held June 21-23, 2006 in San Francisco. Want to Present at SuperNova? If you would like to be one of the… Read More

  • Web 2.0 Time Tracker: 14Dayz

    Web 2.0 Time Tracker: 14Dayz

    14Dayz is a Netherlands based company that is still in private beta, although I’ve had a chance to test it out. It does one thing, and well: time tracking. It allows multiple project, categories and subcategories, and multiple users. Reports can be viewed in the browser, or exported in excel or pdf format. Pricing isn’t cheap. There is a free unlimited version that is restricted to… Read More

  • The Power of Digg

    Digg is only a year and a half old, but it is already a significant social force that moves massive attention and traffic around the Internet. As has been noted for some time, it has been steadily closing the gap in alexa comparisons with Slashdot, and now has more than 800,000 average daily visitors. For further comparisons, check out digg vs. dot, a site that looks at crossposts on Digg… Read More

  • Use Co.mments to Track Blog Conversations

    Use Co.mments to Track Blog Conversations

    At first blush, Assaf Arkin’s Co.mments looks like a competitor to CoComment, the tool that allows you to track comments you’ve left on blogs (see CoComment reviews here). But in reality it’s quite different. Co.mments reminds me the most of a sort of highly specialized blog bookmarking tool, focused on keeping all of the posts that you want to track (including comment… Read More

  • DabbleDB Update: Demo Video Available

    DabbleDB Update: Demo Video Available

    A week ago we reviewed a very cool application, DabbleDB (review here). They are still in private beta at the moment but there have been a lot of requests from people wishing to use the service. While we weren’t able to convince the guys to let the flood of people in, but we were able to grab a screencast demo of their application. The demo video demonstrates what I saw while using… Read More

  • 9cays Taking The Pain Out Of Group Email

    9cays Taking The Pain Out Of Group Email

    9cays is a group email application developed by the folks at alien camel. 9cays makes it simple to start a conversation between a group of people – the conversation can be viewed and managed via their web application. Think of it as Google Groups light – groups can be created on the fly, and quickly disposed of when done. If you don’t wish to signup to the service, you… Read More

  • Windows Live Shopping

    The domain for Windows Live Shopping is now live, notes Microsoft’s Iam McAllister, a program manager on MSN’s shopping platforms. No word yet on when the service will launch, but it will be a very large platform for retailers and buyers once it does. Windows Live Shopping, along with Expo and MSN Shopping, is part of MSN Marketplaces. Additional information on their activities… Read More