• Alarm clock with color-coded weather forecasts perfect for people who leave the house once in a while

    Looking to impress your dinner guests but can’t afford a Chumby? Why not show them you sorta mean business with this colorful weather forecasting alarm clock? If the display is red or orange, better pack your speedo because it’s gonna be a bright, sunshiney day. Pink or turquoise and you’ve got some clouds in your future. Purple or green means rain or snow, respectively. It… Read More

  • New CrunchBoard Up and Running

    We’re pleased to announce that we have launched a new version of CrunchBoard powered by Personforce. There are already several new positions posted by highly visible Web 2.0 companies. Digg has posted listings for VP of Business Development and Business Development Manager. JibJab is looking for a Ruby on Rails Software Engineer, a Web Designer, and a Senior Systems Administrator. And… Read More

  • Mustek announces digital photo frame that doubles as an alarm clock and so much more

    I hate my alarm clock as I’m sure most of you do too. I’m still not sold on digital photo frames and I think it’s safe to say most you aren’t either. I only know one person who owns one. But what would you say to a digital photo frame that’s also an alarm clock? What if it had a calendar, indoor temperature gauge and MP3 player? I sure as heck would want one of those. Read More

  • ClearChannel begs gov't to help it keep making money by stopping sattelite radio

    Wow ClearChannel has been working behind the scenes in a rather unsavory way to prevent the XM-Sirius merger from happening. I know ClearChannel is “evil” because it killed local radio years ago (I ask, who still listens to local radio, and why?), but its reliance on the government to protect its business is silly. Since when was it the… Read More

  • Atari launches Alone In The Dark: Central Park site

    Remember Alone In The Dark? If you do, you might already know that a new version called Alone In The Dark: Central Park will be released for the PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC on June 2nd. Or if you’re like me, you’ll have remembered playing the original game but have had no idea that a new version was coming out. At any rate, there’s a site called CentralDark.com that’s… Read More

  • Microsoft will OWN GTA IV launch, says VP of MGS [Update]

    Wired.com has a great and in-depth interview with Microsoft Game Studios CVP, Shane Kim. When asked how Microsoft would ramp up efforts to do battle with Sony in Europe, Kim had this to say: “Making sure that we own the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV from a platform perspective is really important. So how do we work with our partners there? I think it really is about marketing, right? Read More

  • Knee brace can generate power for small gadgets

    Here’s a great idea for a wearable convergence device. It’s a knee brace that generates enough electricity to power smaller gadgets like cell phones, MP3 players, portable GPS systems, and even “a motorized prosthetic joint or an implanted neurotransmitter,” according to the PhysOrg.com web site. The brace was developed by the University of Michigan and “works… Read More

  • Writers strike over says ex-Disney CEO

    [photopress:strikeovermaybe.jpg,full,center] The writers strike could be over. Ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner has been quoted by CNBC and others as saying, “It’s over. They made the deal, they shook hands on the deal. It’s going on Saturday to the writers in general… A deal has been made, and they’ll be back to work very soon.” Rumors of a deal had been… Read More

  • Video: Engineering students control robot with Nintendo DS

    Some French students have figured out a way to use the Nintendo DS to control a small robot. The above video shows someone controlling the robot by using the touchscreen, by tilting the DS and by using Pictochat. Longtime readers will know that I think robots, in all their forms, are silly, but this I like. Today these kids are screwing around with robots and handheld video game systems… Read More

  • A Radical Option For Yahoo: Out-Open Google

    Yahoo is between a rock and Google. As Yahoo’s board decides today whether or not to accept Microsoft’s $44.6 billion offer to buy the company, we’ve argued that it really only has two choices: accept the inevitable and go with Microsoft, or outsource search to Google. Both, are in their own way, admissions of defeat and riddled with potential problems. There is another… Read More

  • Discs of Tron gets dated for XBLA

    It’s been about 10 months since we first told you that “Tron” would be coming to XBLA and I completely forgot about it as I’m sure most of you have done. Today, Disney announced that Discs of Tron will be available on the 13th of this month. Details of the game can be found here. The forum is now up and running as well. Don’t forget to hit the former link for a… Read More

  • Newman two-in-one smooching heart MP3 player

    Awww, will you look at that? Brought to you by a company named Newman (not to be confused with Newman, left), it’s two halves of a heart-shaped MP3 player exchanging a tender kiss. You and a loved one could exchange your own tender kiss before work, split the MP3 player apart, and each listen to your half on your separate trains. Then when you get back home, reattach the two MP3 players… Read More

  • China’s Handset Shipment Growth to slow this Year

    Handset shipments from manufacturers based in China grew greatly in 2007, moving 229 million units for the year. This growth is 76% over the 2006 numbers of 130 million handsets shipped. According to iSuppli Corp this growth rate will slow down dramatically in 2008. It is predicted that around 274 million units will reach the market from China, which means a growth of nearly 20%. These… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $100 credit with the purchase of a Playstation 3

    Seems pretty straight forward. A Blu-ray player that will never get dated and a console that will likely stay on store shelves for years to come. Might as well. Click here Read More

  • Microsoft wants Windows Mobile on Nokia phones

    [photopress:n95wm.jpg,full,right] From what I understand, Nokia cellphones are among the best out there and Windows Mobile is among the worst mobile OS’s out there. So it totally makes sense for Microsoft to put pressure on the Finnish corp to release Windows Mobile phones. Microsoft wants Nokia to move in order to extend “synergies.” And for no reason, here’s the… Read More

  • Activision makes tons of loot in '07, 2008 looks even better

    It was a good year for Activision thanks to strong sales of Guitar Hero III and Call of Duty 4 through the holiday months, which helped rake in $1.48 billion dollars. As their fiscal year comes to a close next month, what can we expect from Activision Blizzard? For one thing, the Tony Hawk line is getting a major overhaul because they now have a legitimate contender from EA’s Skate. Read More

  • Samsung finds some Soul with latest Ultra Edition handset

    Joining Samsung’s ever popular Ultra Edition series is the Soul, which is an abbreviation of “The Spirit of Ultra.” Everyone wants to appeal to the fashion forward or style-conscious consumer these days and admittedly the phones are getting much prettier, but do you really have to say that’s who you’re targeting? Hate to tell you, but the Soul will only be… Read More

  • Online ad rates in the UK are plummeting. This model is broken

    According to a recent opinion piece on E-Consultancy, the online marketing community, with vast amounts of online advertising inventory available due to the rise of broadband, increased competition, dropping response rates and a limitless supply page impressions, many online media owners – and that includes web startups trying to sell advertising – are seeing their display… Read More

  • Motorola attempts to blow minds with new WiMAX hardware and a poor man's Keanu Reeves

    Hell yeah. This guy knows the score. He’s standing in the middle of a busy metropolitan street as debris blows around behind him. Debris uprooted by Motorola’s super-fast WiMax devices, no doubt. How very green of you, Moto. Thrill to the speed of the “CPEi 750” WiMax router with data and VOIP ports, run wild with the “200” PC card for notebooks, and sit… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Timbuk2 'Commute' bag for $40 at REI

    Hey-o. Looking for a new computer bag? This Timbuk2 number is $60 off. It’s available in black or “moss” from REI for $39.83, down from $100. These are popular bags so I’d not expect to see them last long at this price. Timbuk2 Commute Computer Bag [REI] via dealnews Read More

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