• TwittEarth Makes Twitter A Global Experience

    Twitter visualizations are nothing new, but they always provide a great way to waste some time. The newest, TwittEarth, is eye-candy at its finest – a mesmerizing and mostly useless diversion that sticks you in space and whips you around the globe to see a new geo-located tweet every ten seconds. Tweets are accompanied by small, goofy icons that remain static on the map, eventually… Read More

  • Six Apart Launches Ad Network, Moves Into Services

    Six apart is launching an advertising network for blogs and will begin offering professional services (design, implementation, development, optimization) after acquiring New York based creative agency Apperceptive (this was correctly guessed by Cameron Barret in a Friday post (see comment 156) asking for readers to tell us who they thought Six Apart acquired). Advertising Network – Six… Read More

  • New HTC device(s)?

    So Mobile-Review.com forum member deuxani posted the image to your left and asks whether or not the bottom row of HTC devices have all been announced. Most are recognizable right off the bat, but Into Mobile points out that the device in the lower left corner seems like the odd duck. Thoughts? Maybe this is what we’ll see at the HTC event next month in London. Is it the Dream? Read More

  • Skype to offer unlimited international calls for $10

    Despite the nasty rumors going around about eBay selling Skype, the VoIP provider is poised to introduce an unlimited international calling plan that will cost $9.95/month. The 34 countries included are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and most of Europe. This new plan will, of course, include calls to domestic land-line phones and… Read More

  • UserVoice Offers A Better Way To Take Customer Suggestions

    http://www.viddler.com/player/56df0f97/ UserVoice offers a hosted way to harness the innovation and ideas of customers and potential customers that replaces email. San Francisco based UserVoice improves the signal-to-noise of user opinion by allowing the moderation of the ideas of one person against the opinions of the many. UserVoice allows users to voice opinions, suggestions, and complaints. Read More

  • Rentoid Wants To Be The Place For Renting Anything

    Rentoid offers an eBay style variety of items, but with one distinct difference: the items are only available for rent. The Melbourne, Australia based startup launched in beta last year and has slowly been growing its user base as it adds features and signs distribution agreements. Items for rent can be searched by type of item and location, and social tagging by members in… Read More

  • Video: High Tech Noon for your weekend enjoyment

    It’s not sweded, it’s remixed, and it’s amazing. This is High Tech Noon, High Noon re-imagined digitally with a teleporting cyborg theme. You’re welcome. Read More

  • Mollom May Soon Offer Serious Competition To Akismet

    Mollom is a new blog spam prevention tool that’s shaping up to be serious competition to Automattic’s Akismet, the current market leader. Belgium based Mollom was founded earlier this year by Dries Buytaert, the founder and project lead of the Drupal project and Benjamin Schrauwen, a Post-Doc researcher at Ghent University and Machine Learning expert. Mollom automatically… Read More

  • Man builds rad trimaran sailboat in yard, now it's stuck there

    We’re all for DIY, sometimes when you want to do something right you have to do it yourself and all that. You should plan ahead though. Don’t be like this Brit who spent five years hand-building a dream yacht only to find when it was completed it was too large to move from his yard. Oops indeed. The trimaran yacht looks badass, sure, but until he can afford a crane and truck… Read More

  • Skype Co-Founding Engineers Invest In Pet Social Network

    Ambient Sound Investments (ASI), the investment company established by the four co-founding engineers of Skype has invested $235,000 USD in United Dogs and Cats Ltd, an Estonian startup that offers localized social networking sites for lovers of dogs and cats. UnitedDogs.com and UnitedCats.com offers traditional social networking tools such as blogs, profile pages and photo sharing to pet… Read More

  • Video card upgrade for Mac Pro carries $100 premium over actual card price

    What the hell? I’m all for modularity and being able to upgrade components individually in a powerhouse computer like the Mac Pro, but $279 for an 8800GT? The card you’re getting is fully $100 cheaper on the street even for a good brand like XFX or PNY (nice deal there). Reminds me of the infamous Xbox 360 hard drive markup. I know many people will gladly pay a premium for… Read More

  • Who Are The Top Tech Bloggers?

    We’ve been analyzing historical TechMeme data to dig a little deeper than the leaderboard information on the site that shows top blogs over the trailing 30 days. Mark McGranaghan and I are slicing the data in a number of ways and will publish it shortly on CrunchBase. For now we thought we’d show a teaser – below are the top 100 tech bloggers/authors, based on the total number… Read More

  • TeachStreet Emerges To Help You Find The Best Yoga and Cooking Classes

    Amazon and JibJab Alum Dave Schappell will launch his newest startup, TeachStreet, sometime tomorrow. They will also announce a first round of funding: $2.25 million from Madrona Ventures, Bezos Expeditions and a number of angel investors. The company, a sort of Yelp for real world classes (cooking, dog obedience, music lessons, ballroom dance, foreign language, golf, yoga, etc.), allows… Read More

  • Sources: Microsoft Signs Letter Of Intent To Acquire Xobni

    Two independent sources tell us that the Microsoft/Xobni deal is moving along and that Microsoft signed an acquisition LOI in the last week. I have not yet been able to track down the price, but a previous offer of sub-$20 million was supposedly rejected by Xobni. Bill Gates has publicly complimented the service, calling it “the next generation of social networking.” Xobni… Read More

  • VC Deals In Charts (Q1 2008)—Welcome To The Slowdown

    Here are some slides from Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the National Venture Capital Association illustrating the trends in venture capital deals last quarter that Duncan mentioned yesterday. (Click on them for a bigger image). The overall amount venture firms invested dropped both year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter to $7.1 billion (less than any quarter in 2007, but still above the level… Read More

  • WebMission Day 1: The flight

    So, the WebMission trip to take 20 startups to visit Silicon Valley got off to a flying start. All 29 of our party turned up on time for the flight, which took off on time as planned. Astounding. The ten hour flight to San Francisco was notable only for the vaguely 1970s feel of the 747, helped by those overhead TV screens which have seen better days. But moving around to avoid deep vein… Read More

  • Business IT Online improves importing

    UK-based small business software startup Business IT Online has released an improved import feature to complement Plaxo’s import widget, enabling premium members to import any CSV file with contact information (including header row or not) into contacts list. They previously offered the service, but it was limited.The startup offers integrated online business software for small… Read More

  • Packed House At Y Combinator Startup School

    Today marked the fourth year of Y Combinator’s startup school, and judging by the overflowing auditorium that persisted throughout the event, it was a runaway success. A crowd of over 650 developers, writers, and entrepreneurs packed Stanford’s Kresge Auditorium for a chance to pick the minds of tech-industry greats. The annual event gives members of the startup community… Read More

  • Yeah, that's a clock

    This may look like a weird modern art piece, but it’s a actually a clock. The little white “matchsticks” move around and form words that spell out the time in plain English. Unfortunately, it will only tell you the time in hours, so it’s probably not the most useful clock in the world. Currently, the designer, Christiaan Postma, has made no plans to produce the clock. Read More

  • PayPal to block access to site for Safari users over phishing concerns

    Would all Web browsers considered safe by PayPal please take one step forward? Not so fast, Safari. PayPal is planning on barring usage of its site by browsers that don’t include Firefox-like anti-phishing features in the near future. This would include Safari and many older browsers, effectively giving Firefox and Internet Explorer the only real access to its site. Many other… Read More

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