• Mysto: Exclusive first pics

    What’s small and slim and super-secret? The Helio Mysto. Just tore open the box. Review and video to come. Read More

  • iPhone = Smartphone

    Matt Hickey, the west coast’s James Bond, disagrees with me. He doesn’t like Pearl Jam, he supports street vendors and he doesn’t consider the iPhone to be a smartphone. Hickey is clearly a boob. What makes it not a smartphone? I asked him. He went into some cyberpunk rant about it not integrating with corporate Exchange servers, not having Office support and not supporting… Read More

  • OS X funnies: It's the little things

    I had a problem syncing my iPhone to iCal. Basically it wouldn’t let me clear out the syncing cache and I suffered many a missed appointment. So I did some searches, standard stuff, but gave up after a while until today. I did another search and found an Apple forum mention of a quick fix to completely clear out SyncServices, the thing that handles all syncing. It tells you to run a… Read More

  • Apple to produce Intel Silverthorne-based UMPCs?

    The first incarnation of UMPCs was a doomed concept. They were clunky, unattractive boxes that were difficult to control and slow on performance. It was a losing situation for anyone unfortunate enough to be involved with one of the devices. As the platform evolves, however, it’s beginning to look more versatile. AppleInsider is reporting that Apple plans wide support of… Read More

  • Touchscreen Blackberry: Myth or Legend?

    Rumors have been swirling for months about this mysterious cryptogadget, the rumored Blackberry 9000 series. Does it have a touchscreen? Do its specs exceed the iPhone’s? Well, some patent documents filed show a slide-out QWERTY keyboard hiding under a fat touchscreen display that rivals or exceeds the dimensions and pixel count of the iPhone, which currently sports the sexiest… Read More

  • Sanus Systems has a strange way of advertising home theater furniture

    It’s a particularly silly day for us here at CrunchGear, as is any day when you find out that one of your close friends had a rather successful career in amateur pornography. (We’re all very proud of him, believe you me.) But that photo up there for Sanus Systems, that may well win the prize for strangest CES advertising we’ve seen yet. It’s just that we’ve never… Read More

  • Confessions of a Jango Junkie

    It’s been a little over a month since we reported on Jango and a lot of exciting things have been happening. Their stable of music has expanded, though it still needs a bit of work, but we’re willing to bear with it as their catalog improves. Since their public launch in November they’ve enlisted 180,000 registered users and 750,000 listeners who have created over 1.5… Read More

  • Bill Gates invests in Mexican brewery

      Bill Gates now owns 3-percent of the world’s second-largest Coke bottler and Mexico’s second-largest brewery. I say good for you, Mr. Gates. Cascade Investment LLC, the asset management firm that Gates owns, recently purchased almost 11 million shares of Monterrey, Mexico’s Femsa. Femsa has a soft drink unit (Coca-Cola Femsa), a beer subsidiary, and a retail unit… Read More

  • Tesla Asks Investors For Another $40 Million To Start Its Engines.

    Would you drive a beta? That’s not the name of a new car. It’s how Elon Musk characterizes the first version of the Tesla electric sports car that is due to come out in the next few months. Musk is Tesla Motors’ chairman and biggest investor. He tells Earth2Tech that a transmission snag is going to cost another $40 million, on top of the $100 million already poured into… Read More

  • Perez Hilton Bitch Slaps YouTube

    Hell hath no fury like a celebrity gossip scorned. Celeb-blogger Perez Hilton is <a href=through with YouTube. “Fuck you, YouTube. Fuck you,” he says in a farewell video posted—where else?— on YouTube. Hilton, who was one of the original partners selected to share ad revenues with the site (a program that was recently opened up) found his account temporarily shut… Read More

  • Edgeio Assets Acquired By LookSmart

    The auction of Edgeio’s assets is complete, and Looksmart is the winning bidder. They’ve acquired most of the assets of the company for $280,000. I spoke to Patrick Chapman, LookSmart’s director of corporate development, briefly after the auction closed this morning. He says its too early to say what they’ll do with the assets, but they’ll likely issue a press… Read More

  • In the age of big screen plasmas, do you still go to the movie theaters?

    Who bothers going to the movie theaters anymore in the age of 60-inch plasmas and Dolby TrueHD? I ask because Peter and I just had a brief to-do in the chat room: I saw the “I am Legend” DVD screener last night (if you’re reading CrunchGear, I assume you know where to find it), which shocked Mr. Ha. Wouldn’t you rather see it in the theater?, he asked. No. No I would not. Read More

  • Wii "rain check" is just a receipt

    Merry Christmas, kids! A commenter just visited GameStop to pick up his red hot Nintendo Wii rain check. What did he get? No special card, no fancy case. Just a piece of ragged paper. Wii Rain Check – REALITY: NO CASE; NO CARD; just a register receipt!!! Unlike reported at all the sites, I just purchased my raincheck from my local GameStop store in Wilson, NC and all I got was a… Read More

  • Guy with Zune: Read this

    Which Zune are you? The one no one bought? Hey, guy with the Zune. All of the tech blogs are posting this in hopes that you’ll see it and download it. It’s basically a Zune diagnostics tool to fix USB and wireless sync problems. I know you don’t have a computer, but just in case you get one, this will help you out a lot. If you see the guy who bought the Mylo, tell him… Read More

  • Prisoners, meet the body orifice security scanner

    Acronyms are fun. In light of that fact, I’m pleased and honored to tell you about the BOSS. It stands for body orifice security scanner. It’s an almost-$13,000 security chair being tested in UK prisons to deter the smuggling of cell phones. Read More

  • Photology Makes Sorting Through Photos A Snap

    If you are going to insist on still making client-only software, at least put up a Flash demo on the Web. That is what startup Enoetic just did, with this
    slick demo of its Photology software for organizing and searching through your digital photos. The downloadable software, which costs $29, only works on Windows, but the demo is set up to show how the software works using about 9,000… Read More

  • Make in-flight Cell Calls with Air France

    Air France is experimenting with cell phone calls on a limited number of European routs. Passengers can send and receive short messages and send and receive e-mails if the phone supports Internet access. At first, travelers won’t be able to make or receive voice calls because of issues with other passengers. Air France hopes to allow voice calls within three months in a way that… Read More

  • DemystifyingDigital.com: New & Easy Point & Shoot Digital Cameras

    DemystifyingDigital is a feature written by Dan Havlik, editor of DemystifyingDigital.com Ok, face the music. You’ve procrastinated too long and it’s time go get a last minute gift for everyone on your list. If it’s people you really care about — friends, family, loved ones — get them a digital camera. There are those who like laptops and those who lean towards… Read More

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl intro video

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=29155 *Picks jaw up off the floor and changes boxers. I grew up playing the NES and my favorite game other than Tetris was this robot baseball game, which I’m unwilling to Google at the moment, but after the NES I didn’t really touch any consoles for a few years. I jumped to the Sega Genesis and rocked Sonic like no one’s… Read More

  • The X Prize: It's not just for space cadets

    Most of our readers should be familiar with the X Prize and its space travel initiatives. The first of which in 2004 awarded $10 million to a private sector team funded by Microsoft’s Paul Allen for reaching suborbital space. And now it’s offering $20 million in conjunction with Google for the first team to land on the moon. What many (myself included) might not know, however, is… Read More

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