• Online Gaming Pulled In $3.8B Last Year: That's A Lot of Gold

    OK, in case you need numbers to justify your several hundred hour WoW investment, here we go. Online Video games now generate more cash than other forms of digital entertainment including music and video. So I guess that makes you/us cool in the eyes of… well, someone, probably. Such games made $3.8 billion last year and are projected (by Strategy Analytics, a company known only by those… Read More

  • Back to School 2007: Real College Student™ Advice from "John L"

    In which our correspondent describes his daily activities at “school.” My favorite electronic gear is probably my sidekick. I really like to have the internet handy wherever I go, and the keyboard on it is unparalleled. I have always wanted to check out the Helio Ocean, but the plans are more expensive, and you can’t multi-task as well as the sidekick. In addition i really… Read More

  • Back to School With CrunchArcade

    School is back in session. And whether you’re in junior high or working on that post-graduate degree in “trying to avoid the real world,” you need to dedicate some time to your studies. Sure Halo 3 comes out later this month and that’s going to require some serious attention on your part. But too much gaming and your grades are going to suffer. Instead use games to… Read More

  • Microsoft To Watermark DRM-Free Music?

    In what actually appears to be a decent middle ground, Microsoft has patented a method for digitally watermarking audio files with information that uniquely identifies the content creators and original purchasers. If implemented correctly (i.e. unobtrusively) this could be a good step in separating full-fledged pirates from honest consumers who are fed up with how infuriating it is to try to… Read More

  • Opera Mini 4 Beta Hacked for Helio's Ocean! Again! With Full QWERTY Support!

    This is the best news I’ve heard yet this week. But then it’s been a crappy week. Anyway, the ninjas of Heliocity with the help of a samurai named gmonk63 have hacked out a version of Opera Mini 4 for the Helio Ocean with full landscape and QWERTY support. While this might not sound like Earth-shattering news, it is to those of us who enjoy using what is arguably the bestest… Read More

  • Accounting Company Sues Forum Owner Over Criticism

      Whirlpool, a popular Australian broadband news site is being sued by accounting software company 2Clix after messages left in the broadband site’s forum criticized the value of the software. <sarcasm>Harsh</sarcasm> comments such as… “The software became such a problem that we threw it out recently … We stuck with it for over two years but in the end… Read More

  • Windows Vista Crippled By WGA (Again)

    Buyer beware of WGA Getting around Microsoft’s stupid Windows Genuine Advantage verification process is easy, but not for everyone. Those who pirated Vista and are using an illegal key will have to remain diligent in keeping their hacks up-to-date, but for the rest, expect a new kind of OS experience. Says a local Microsoft rep about pirated copies of Vista: “Good afternoon, as… Read More

  • Palm Announces Treo 500V With WM6

    Ooooh! Palm has officially come out and announced the Treo 500V on Vodafone. Available next month, the device features Windows Mobile 6 and has 3G/UMTS for fast web browsing and, well, IMing and watching your Slingbox. Vodafone customers in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the UK and South Africa will all be able to choose between either the glacier white or charcoal… Read More

  • Wikipedia: 2 Million Article Milestone

    Wikipedia had its 2 millionth English language article written on September 10th, the company says. The two millionth article was on El Horminguero, a Spanish language television show. Wikipedia user Zzxc wrote the article. Wikipedia, founded in January 2001, is six years old. Read More

  • Rez Coming To XBLA In HD

    This is probably the best news an Xbox 360 owner could ever get. Due out in Q1 of next year is an HD version of the smash puzzle game Rez. It’ll be a nice port of the Dreamcast version of the game and is tentatively being called Rez HD. Word is that it will have 5.1 surround sound and will be available on Xbox Live Arcade only. All you need now is a full blotter of LSD and some bongos… Read More

  • Flip Video Ultra Camcorder Makes Love To YouTube

    Now I don’t know about you, but shooting video in VGA-quality doesn’t exactly make me excited. Still, when you consider the amount of crappy low-rez videos on YouTube, the Flip Video Ultra seems a bit more interesting. Costing only $149 for the 1GB version and a mere $30 more for a 2GB version, this camcorder made by Pure Digital has a flip-out USB plug and can upload video directly… Read More

  • Multi-Language Image Search Tool Released By University

    PanImages is a new search project coming out of the University of Washington that allows users to search for images in their native language and receive far more results than with traditional search. Emerging search engines such as Like.com allow searches via image queries, but are far from becoming mainstream. Most image search today is conducted by an analysis of the metadata around the image. Read More

  • Apple Unveils Logic Studio and MainStage

    Apple continues its streak of releasing new products this time with an updated piece of software, Logic Studio. An upgrade to Logic Pro, you now have a single-window UI that allows for total music production with the power of Logic Pro 8. Included is Soundtrack Pro 2, which allows for seamless post-production (Soundtrack really shines at this) without a cluttered interface. You’ll also… Read More

  • Rock Band Bundle Guitar Will Be Wired For Xbox 360

    It has now been officially confirmed by Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos. Rock Band‘s bundle pack will come with a wired guitar for the Xbox 360 and a wireless version will ship for the Playstation 3. Talk about a burn! PS3 owners will get wireless guitars, while Xbox 360 owners will have to separately purchase a wireless guitar controller if they so desire to have one. All other instruments… Read More

  • Yahoo wins Bebo ad deal

    Yahoo! is to handle advertising for the UK and Ireland sites of Bebo, one of the largest social networks in the world. This is the the first such deal for the portal giant which until now had failed to get an advertising foothold in the rapidly expanding social networking arena. Yahoo was previously rumored to be in talks to acquire Bebo for $1 billion in May, so they clearly came to a… Read More

  • Back To School 2007: Really Good Cellphones

    The temperature is dropping and the sales are starting. It can only mean one thing: It’s time to bid farewell to your family and head off to school. Whether you’re a bio major, fashion design major, or even a business major, you can be sure that you’ll need a cellphone to survive the next four years. Now chances are some organization or your parents hooked you up with cash… Read More

  • Collector's Edition Slinky Still Sucks Without Steps

    Everyone loves a Slinky, it’s true. Once a childhood classic, the Slinky can produce hours of fun for little kids with a flight of steps. So when your grandpa’s 79th birthday rolls around in December and he starts bitching to you about how great Chesterfields were to smoke, hand him a Collector’s Edition Slinky to shut him up. It’s packaged in the original 1945… Read More

  • iPhone Unlock GUI Now Available

    OK. I’m done. Enough. No more iPhone stories for the rest of the week. Our contest, needless to say, is pretty much toast. I rarely get excited about technology anymore — it’s one of the dangers of doing this job day in and day out — so I’m extremely happy to note that this whole process from start to finish actually gave me a rush. Watching these guys &mdash… Read More

  • Pre-order The Orange Box, Get Into Team Fortress 2 Beta

    In the late 1990s, there was a game called Half-Life that I bought. Aside from being the best FPS of all time, the game also included the popular mod Team Fortress Classic. TFC was just the kind of mindless violence you needed. Demolition men blowing shit up, Medics poisoning the other team, and those god damned snipers that used to chill out on 2fort. Conc jumping anyone? Now you can get… Read More

  • Robodance: Like Riverdance, Less Irish

    Robodance a system that lets you control WowWee robots over the Internet using your voice. At its core it is a piece of speech recognition software that can send messages via IR to the robot. Adding on a camera — this one attached using masking tape — allows potential Evil Masterminds to watch over their lair while at the dentist or church. It actually looks quite fun. Click… Read More

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