• Connecticut Sues Best Buy

    We all know Best Buy sucks. That’s just common sense. But did you know that Best Buy has been trying to scam customers into paying higher prices for crappy electronics? Last month, Best Buy was caught trying to make customers pay higher prices via an in-store Internet site that was similar to BestBuy.com. Now the state of Connecticut has filed a lawsuit against the company, stating that… Read More

  • Nintedo's Bars are Bigger Than Microsoft's and Sony's

    John may hate the Wii (don’t mind him, he’s just going through a mid-life crisis), but as you can see here, Nintendo’s bars are bigger than the other guys‘ bars. Bigger bars = more gooder. Now, We May Speak [Penny Arcade!] Read More

  • HP Working On HDTVs With Direct Movie Buying

    With more and more people buying HDTVs, demand for HD content is increasing ten-fold each month. While HP may not care about printers so much anymore, it’s definitely working hard in the television sector. A new concept called HDTV 2.0 is on its way and the technology isn’t far off to support it. Essentially, the goal is for future HDTV sets to have an Ethernet or WiFi Internet link… Read More

  • Music Vortex Speaker: When Water Ripples Attack

    This speaker, the Music Vortex, didn’t even win first place in the contest it was entered in, making it a loser. Apparently, the judges weren’t impressed with the “brand new music experience” that it promised, nor the little puddle of water in the middle that ripples in response to the deep bass. The knob in the center controls the volume while the blue hue, in all… Read More

  • Samsung E210 Looks Pretty

    Part of Samsung’s Ultra Edition II lineup, the Samsung E210 is a really pretty flip-phone that slightly resembles a Motorola KRZR. But looks can be deceiving my friends, as the E210 is a basic, entry-level phone from Samsung. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find tri-band GSM, microSD, a 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, USB, and a 65k color OLED screen. Doesn’t sound too bad… Read More

  • Google, She Is Dying

    I dig Robert Cringely. He’s essentially a conspiracy buff with a brain and likes to predict stuff that will happen with Apple, Microsoft, and the big boys in his PBS columns. So this one is a doozy. He’s basically looking at Google and saying that with all the PhDs hanging around making great business ideas, Google will soon hemorrhage talent out onto Sand Hill Road. Read More

  • Coca-Cola Cherry Zero Reviewed

    On an especially hot day like today, you’ll probably want to cool off and have a refreshing beverage. But which should you choose? A soda? A bottle of Jack Daniels? Here’s my take on the new Coca-Cola Cherry Zero soda. I’m normally a Pepsi-man, but this worked out “surprisingly” well. Read More

  • Nick Arcade: Best Game Show Ever

    Not only is it Friday here at CG , but it’s Memorial Day weekend Friday and we’re feeling a little silly. So here’s the Nick Arcade intro in all its majesty. Old school Nickelodeon FTW. Nick Arcade Read More

  • CrunchGear Really Exciting Edition: New Sanyo Spotted!

    Hey Sprint users! I hear you guys get some really cool phones for your service. Like, ya know, the Sanyo Katana? That phone rules! There’s even better news though, ’cause guess what just showed up on the FCC’s website? It’s a new version of the Katana, complete with features like Bluetooth, a bigger external display, a 2.5mm headphones jack, and an internal antenna. Read More

  • Sound Opinion: Headphone Showdown

    Given the widespread use of iPods and other portable music players it would seem that headphones are mostly used so as not to disturb others. And while that is one purpose for these direct to your ear mini speakers, headphones can just as easily be used to block the ambient noise around you, and more importantly to provide rich full quality audio when large speakers are unavailable. Of… Read More

  • EU Set to Investigate Google for Its Data Mining Operations

    In a few separate maneuvers, European officials are beginning to look at Google and its hoarding of personal data. The European Union’s beef with Google stems from the search giant’s policy of keeping personal data of its users for two years. The EU wants to know just why Google needs to keep data for such a long time. Me, too. Read More

  • Facebook To Add Mobile Video Uploads

    Lots of news this week from the Facebook front, including a post over at mocoNews that the social networking site has announced Facebook Platform. This app should allow third-party development of applications with Facebook, including Video. This will let users share personal videos between friends within the site, well also now allowing the creation and sending of video messages to and from… Read More

  • Vivendi to Launch European Mobile Entertainment Portal

    French multimedia giant Vivendi could soon be launching a multimedia Web site for the third screen, reports Les Echos. The company has set up a new unit, Vivendi Mobile Entertainment with the goal of developing this new portal, which is being compared to Myspace or YouTube, and will offer music, video, film and game content from Vivendi and other partners. The service will be a paid site, and… Read More

  • When the Robots Take Over

    Where is your God now, people? This is Joey Chaos, a robotic head made by Hanson Robotics and when the shizz hits the fan, it’s bots like Joey that will have us up against the wall while an army of Roomba’s smash our feet and ankles and, when we fall to the ground, the robotic ice weasels will come. Anti-robot sentience legislation now! Read More

  • The AudioFile: The Expandable Revolution

    My favorite trend in MP3 players and music-phones is the inclusion of a slot for a ridiculously tiny microSD card. There’s just something really cool about taking a 2GB memory card out of my LG Chocolate phone and putting it into my SanDisk Sansa e280. But high-capacity memory cards also have the potential to resolve thorny issues related to digital music sharing — especially… Read More

  • Google Calendar Goes Mobile

    Need to check your calendar on the go? Well if you use Google Calendar you’ll be able to check on your events and maintain your schedule from your mobile handset via WAP. The good folks at the Google Calendar team have realized that more people have mobile phones than computers, and now you can visit calendar.google.com from your phone to get see what you have planned. It works just like… Read More

  • Reminder Via Twitter

    “What was it I suppose to remember to do?” If I had Twitter I probably wouldn’t be forgetting right now. I could use the Twitter bot, which they’re calling “timer” to send me a reminder. The way this works is that you send a message and you’ll be send a reminder at the time you desire. This uses SMS to remind you of important upcoming events, such… Read More

  • Digg API Visualization Contest Delivers Apollo Powered Applications

    The Digg API Visualization Contest held to celebrate the launch of the Digg API is now in its final stages with 10 shortlisted candidates. Four of the ten finalists are Abode Apollo based applications, remarkable for a platform launched just over 2 months ago. The four Apollo based finalists: D’Lite is an Apollo application that utilizes Digg’s API to retrieve data, information… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless Helps For Safe Travel

    Verizon Wireless is offering some aid to travelers this summer. Verizon is offering several add-on options to ease your summer travel plans when you hit the road, including the VZ Navigator, a GPS-enabled Get It Now app that transforms the handset into a navigation device. VZ Navigator is available for $9.99 for unlimited monthly access or $2.99 for one-day use on select Get It Not-enabled phones. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: New Times Edition

    How Much Longer Can Newspapers Survive?
    Sony’s Flexible, Full-Color OLED Display
    Hearbeat Indicator Mouse: It Could Save Your Life If It Weren’t Just a Concept
    Where’s My Jetpack?
    Cheap Plastic For Your Phone’s Ass Read More

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