• New Duncan Brothers 'Assassinz' video

    "That’s my buddy. Buddy ‘Buddy Bones’ Bones. Yeah, it’s the worst name I ever heard but he was a damn good assassin." via Boing Boing Gadgets Read More

  • Court Victory For Music Labels Won't Save Their Industry

    The music industry won the first file-sharing case to go to trial yesterday when a jury found a Minnesota woman guilty of 24 counts of copyright infringement. The $222,000 verdict comes to $9,250 for each of the 24 songs at issue. Perhaps this is how the industry hopes to keep the price of music from going down to zero. The music industry is hoping that this out-sized verdict will make… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bathtime Again

    Candle-like USB drive holder design, more than meets the eye
    Shampoo? Check. Conditioner? Check. iPod? Check.
    Mannequins in motion
    Belkin eyes PC gaming market
    Domino PCs! Read More

  • Stixy: Free-Form Collaboration and File Sharing Spaces

    The internet ought to have made it dead simple to share files long ago. But for some reason, I still scratch my head every time I want to send a batch of photos or a collection of documents to a non-technical friend without resorting to email (which is not a dead simple solution in my book). That’s why I get excited when I see companies like Stixy attempting to make file sharing not only… Read More

  • Plaxo + LinkedIn + iPhone = Brilliant

    TechCrunch has been hard on unified address book provider Plaxo in the past, and probably with due cause, given their previous spam promoting ways, but I am now reevaluating that view based on Plaxo Sync. I wrote about Plaxo’s improved Sync features back in June; although it sounded good I didn’t really have cause to use it then. Confronted with a “how do I sync various… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. The old "I don’t know where this porno came from" defense alive and well JohnS If he had been republican, there would have already been a Senate hearing, a resolution introduced, full page story in the NYT and the LA times… Read More

  • China Blocking RSS Feeds

    The Chinese Government has added a blanket ban on all RSS feeds, according to a report at Ars Technica. There have been reports previously that Feedburner feeds have been blocked, but to-date information delivered by RSS feeds has generally gone uncensored, providing Chinese viewers information that would otherwise be blocked if attempting to visit a regular webpage or blog. A quick test… Read More

  • Congressman Barrett: It was my son's porno. No, really!

    Yesterday we brought you news of State Representative Matt Barrett from Columbus, Ohio, whom was giving a Powerpoint presentation to a group of high schoolers when porno popped up on the projector. Oops. Turns out the Congressman’s son had borrowed the flashdrive and was responsible. So I ask you, CrunchGear readers, is this the truth? Or political BS? I personally think it’s true. Read More

  • The Next Internet Millionaire: Inspired Programming Or Lame Sales Front

    There’s been a fair bit of talk over the last month in online marketing circles about e-book salesman Joel Comm’s latest venture: The Next Internet Millionaire. For those not familiar with Comm, his business started from he is best known for selling expensive ebooks advising people how to make money from Adsense, and then later like a lot of people operating in this space, he… Read More

  • BD+ copy protection makes "Fantastic Four" unplayable on certain Blu-ray players

    The new BD+ copy protection found on “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” and “The Day After Tomorrow” seems to be screwing up playback on a couple Blu-ray players, including those made by Samsung and LG. Users are reporting that the Samsung BDP-1200 and LG BH100 straight up refuse to play the discs and that the Samsung BDP-1000 is having a hard time playing… Read More

  • Tailrank 2.5 Launches. It Still Falls Short

    Tailrank founder Kevin Burton notified us that version 2.5 of his news aggregation site has launched, as well as a new version of the engine behind it called Spinn3r. We’ve taken a look at the new site, and in our opinion it still falls short of being a useful application. We’ve been a bit harsh on Tailrank over the last few months, even suggesting that it may be time to deadpool it. Read More

  • Bad News: RIAA wins its first court case

    This is the kind of story I don’t like to write, but sometimes you have to do things like this. It’s my sad duty to inform you that our birdy in Duluth just msged me to say that the verdict is in on the RIAA vs. Jammie Thomas trial. Regular readers note that we’ve been following this trial, as it’s the first suit by the RIAA to make it to the trial phase. The judge… Read More

  • Contest: E-mail me and win today's free Starbucks-iTunes song [Update]

    Who wants to win today’s free Starbucks-iTunes song, “Night of the Iguana” by Joni Mitchell? It’ll save you a trip to your local Starbucks and the $14.80 it costs for a small coffee. Very easy—first person to e-mail me at nicholas at crunchgear dot com (I don’t want spam lol!) gets the secret download code. I go to Starbucks pretty much every day around 7 or… Read More

  • Zune 30 for $100, thanks Woot!

    With the announcement of the new fleet of Zune’s the price of the aged version begins to fall. A lot. The player is still great and will receive all the fancy new functionality in the form of a software update that includes syncing via Wi-Fi. Woot just released a special hush-hush deal in which they are selling a limited number of factory refurbished units for only $100, that means you… Read More

  • Candle-like USB drive holder design, more than meets the eye

    I’m sure you have like two or thee USB drives at this point (“perhaps more than that, Nicholas”) and rather than throw them in a drawer somewhere, why not plug them into this imaginary holder? Yes, if it ever were to materialize, you’d be able to plug up to five USB drives into this holder. It’s also fairly decorative: once a drive is plugged in, that candle… Read More

  • Social Video Company, Mesmo.TV, Raises $900,000 of Series A Funding

    Private Equity HUB today uncovered that Mesmo.TV, a social video bookmarking service and provider of a very popular Facebook application, has secured over half of a $900,000 round of Series A financing. Mesmo.TV’s Davin Miyoshi informed us that Aydin Senkut’s Felicis Ventures, Mike Maples’ Maples Investments, Naval Ravikant’s The Hit Forge, and Georges Harik participated… Read More

  • Gears of War heads to PC on November 6: Not your father's port

    Gears of War will be released for the PC, including Vista, on November 6. It turns out the game isn’t merely a port. In fact, the Gears guy with the highlights in his hair—CliffyB to message boarders—says the game was pretty heavily reworked for the PC. You know, a tremendously modified engine, support for mice, keyboards, 360 controllers, light sabers, etc. Basically, take… Read More

  • Zipidee Wants To Be THE Marketplace For Digital Goods

    In 1995 eBay sold a laser pointer online and kicked off the online marketplace for selling physical goods. As networks improved in the intervening years, the idea of what can be bought and sold online has grown to include digital goods, such as music, e-books, and videos as well. Zipidee wants to be a market for those digital goods, and is expected to launch some time in the next… Read More

  • Apple Fairy: high-def AppleTV content coming soon

    According to the Apple Fairy, close relative of the Fat Nano Fairy, there’s gonna be a pretty substantial update to iTunes sometime this month that’ll help to bring AppleTV back from the teetering edge of extinction. Apple has apparently placed a gargantuan order for more AppleTV units in anticipation for the upcoming “iTunes HD” or whatever it’ll be called. The… Read More

  • Nokia Mosh: What the feck is it?

    We were the first to drop the ball on Nokia Mosh a few weeks back and I didn’t pay too much attention to it because I figured it to be another social networking site. I picked up on it because they were poking fun at Apple and attempting to lure folks burned by the price cut to check it out. Well, I’ve spent a bit of time tinkering with the site and sat down with George… Read More

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