• Daily Crunch: Tagger Edition

    Bush Presidency Countdown Keychain: How Many Days, Minutes, Seconds Left in Office
    AKG K 701 Hands On: Sickest Headphones Ever
    Transformers: Robots in Your Shoes
    Your Mom Wants a Pink Zune
    1GB Bottle Opener Read More

  • Adobe Open Sources Parts Of Flex Platform

    Adobe have announced tonight, via Robert Scoble and the ScobleShow that they are opening up the Flex platform under a Mozilla Public License (an Open Source license). Flex is a group of technologies (much similar to .NET or J2EE etc.) that provides a more programmer-friendly development environment for Flash, rather than a graphics-driven environment that Flash was associated with. Previously… Read More

  • Mozy Goes Mac – First Really Useful Mac Hard Drive Backup Solution

    Mozy is in the news again after announcing a huge enterprise deal with General Electric last week. Today they’ve pushed a Mac version of their desktop backup solution for consumers. I’ve been using it for a week, and it’s extremely good. Previously Mozy and competitor Carbonite were excellent ways of backing up Windows based hard drives. Both are very reasonably priced at… Read More

  • Ballmer on Zune Phone, Moon Landing: Poppycock!

    , we told you Microsoft was working on some sort of phonish, Zunish system or device that would play music and maybe let us watch a little CSS dancing around — they’re SO cute — on our phones. Well, Steve Ballmer just confirmed that it won’t be an actual device. Instead, it will be a piece of software. But as long as he’s throwing the possibilities out there, he… Read More

  • Stockpickr Acquired By TheStreet.com

    In January StockPickr announced an investment stake and partnership deal with TheStreet.com. It looks like both sides liked the deal; this evening TheStreet.com announced that they acquired the company. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Stockpickr is one of a few new startups in the financial markets space that we’ve been tracking. See our coverage of SeekingAlpha, Zecco, Motley… Read More

  • Bush Presidency Countdown Keychain: How Many Days, Minutes, Seconds Left in Office

    Our current president is an unpopular president, there is little debating there. Because of this situation, some geniuses have put together these little digital keychains that countdown the days until a new president is sworn in. It’s not for everyone, but we know some of you are rubbing your hands with glee. While hatred for the Commander-In-Chief is at an all time high, you must be… Read More

  • 1GB Bottle Opener

    Summer’s coming. That means outdoor beer drinking. I, however, have limited pocketspace in my pants. Thus, I’m all about convergence. When someone comes out with a USB flash drive into a bottle opener, I will be a happy man. Oh, hey, look, I’m suddenly happy. The Popdrive is just what I need: a combo 1GB USB thumbdrive and a bottle opener. When one of your enterprising… Read More

  • GrandCentral Mobile Goes Live, But Don't Tell Anyone

    I’m not supposed to tell you about this because it’s still pretty hush, hush, but I love you guys so I’ll let this one slip. The mobile version of GrandCentral has been quietly released. Take it for a spin from your mobile phone, but don’t expect it to work from your computer. It hasn’t officially been announced, yet. So, what’s so special about the… Read More

  • Multi-Purpose 16th Century Gadget Watch

    Regular readers of CrunchGear will know that I’m all about convergence, the idea that one device can really be more. It was a major theme at the end of the 90s, the idea being that we’d watch TV on our computers and visa versa, something we’re just now beginning to explore. Currently, we’re seeing lots of gadgets that have sub uses. But it’s not new. Indeed… Read More

  • Need Accessories For Your iPhone? Boxwave Has You Covered!

    The iPhone is still months away from launching, but that doesn’t mean accessory companies will be waiting till then to cash in on the buzz. One such company is Boxwave and boy do they have a slew of products ready to go. Now you just need to work on getting your mitts on an iPhone when it launches…good luck with that. The list of items is very comprehensive and includes screen… Read More

  • Your Mom Wants a Pink Zune

    Mother’s day is coming (May 13, FYI), and we’re going to help one of you nerds make her happy. No, we’re not going to help you move out of her basement or introduce you to a real, live girl so she can finally have grandchildren and believe you’re straight. We’re going to give something to give to her. With help from Cesar over at Zune Insider, we’ve got… Read More

  • New HTC Smartphone Headed to Sprint

    Sprint is getting serious on the smartphone action with the addition of the PPC-6800. A replacement for the aging 6700, the HTC Titan-based device is a WinMo 5, QWERTY sliding powerhouse. Like BoyGenius, we would have like to have seen it shipped with WinMo 6, but an upgrade should be available soon. The phone’s packed to the gills with fun, including a 320×240 touchscreen, WiFi… Read More

  • Laptop Looks at Verizon's VX8700: Shiny + Metallic

    While it’s not branded as a member of the Shine family, there’s plenty of bling surrounding the VX8700 from LG on Verizon. The phone has a brushed metal case, but a very slim, RAZR-like form factor. On the front of the camera, you’ll find a 2-Megapixel camera that actually takes decent quality snaps. Inside is a large 320×240 color display, almost smartphone like. Read More

  • Infocase Always-On Macbook Bag Hands On

    The Infocase Always-On Macbook Case in all its glory! I recently purchased a new Macbook and I’m loving it. Like all my precious gadgets and toys, it’s important to keep them protected. Infocase was kind enough to send me their new Always-On Macbook case to spend some time with and I must say, while it certainly keeps my laptop protected, does it have all the features… Read More

  • GrandCentral Mobile Is Live

    Telephone management startup GrandCentral launched a mobile version of the service yesterday, although they have not announced the product yet. The mobile site is available at grandcentral.com/mobile. It will not load properly from a desktop browser, but it works just fine from all the mobile devices I tested. I assume they are blocking normal browsers to keep it quiet until the official… Read More

  • Transformers: Robots in Your Shoes

    Our friend Convoy here — the shoe, not the the girl — is the latest partnership between Nike and the Transformers. Convoy is basically a shoe that transforms into a robot, which is pretty damn dopey by anyone’s standards. Clearly, someone out there will want a shoe transformer, but I’m not sure it’s me.
    How much for this piece of Transformericana? $22 on… Read More

  • GrandCentral Launches Mobile Version

    TechCrunch just announced the release of GrandCentral Mobile. GrandCentral helps you manage all of your phones from one number by letting you forward calls, create personalized caller greetings, screen calls live, record your calls, and manage your voice mail from a single account. GrandCentral mobile, now lets you do that on the go. The new version is not a downloaded application, but… Read More

  • Vonage, Safe for Now, Needs Your Help

    Har dee har har It is rare for us to be nice to astroturfing efforts by major corporations, but as a happy Vonage user for a number of years, I’ll bite. Vonage was just granted a stay just as things looked bleak and can stay in business.The company, needless to say, is angry. They’re expressing that anger through a new site, FreeToCompete, which they’re using as a first step… Read More

  • AT&T Launches ExpressCard, USB AirCard, Road Warriors Tickled Pink

    AT&T/Cingular customers received a bundle of good news this morning with the introduction of the Option GT Max 3.6 Express and the much anticipated Sierra Wireless 875U USB AirCard for the 3G network. So, road warriors on the orange thingy network with empty ExpressCard slots can now do their business anywhere. AT&T currently offers no Mac support for the GT Max 3.6 or 875U, but… Read More

  • Scribd Rocking Along, Rumored Financing

    It looks like Y Combinator funded Scribd, a “YouTube for documents” is close to closing its first round of financing, possibly from Redpoint Ventures. Om says this is done; our sources say it will close next week. The rumored valuation of more than $10 million is very high, although the current trend is for entrepreneurs to take big money when it’s offered. We’ve… Read More

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