• CrunchDeals: Guitar Hero III (Wii) for $64.99

    Amazon’s got a Gold Box deal on the Wii version of ‘Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock’ for the next two hours or so. It normally goes for $89.99 but you can grab it for $64.99 until 5:00 PM, Eastern time or until they sell out — whichever comes first. Run! Here’s the link: Gold Box: New Deals. Every Day. Read More

  • Why oh why does OpenDNS keep telling me Facebook is 'down'? It's not!

    For whatever nerdy reason I switched over to OpenDNS about a month ago. Actually, no. The reason was because I was tired of seeing that stupid Time Warner Road Runner every time I mistyped a URL or whatever. Well now OpenDNS refuses to load several pages, including CrunchGear and Facebook. What gives? I go to the main site and it says everything is up and running, yet I try to visit the… Read More

  • DIY SLR stabilizer, total cost: a dime

    http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/1041948/1_image_stabilizer_for_any_camera___lose_the_tripod.swf Got a piece of string, a washer, and a screw? Then you’ve got a sweet camera stabilizer. With stuff like this and the Poor Man’s Steadicam, electronic image stabilizers and expensive stationary setups are being given a run for their money. The homebrew solution above seems to be suited… Read More

  • Where Are All The Google Data Centers?

    Google’s data infrastructure is massive and spread across the world. All that Web crawling, indexing, and searching takes enormous amounts of computing power, not to mention everyone pounding away at Gmail, Google Apps, Blogger, Google Reader, and every other project dreamed up at the Googleplex. But where are all of these data centers and how many are there? Google doesn’t… Read More

  • Sweater Friends pilot: What do you think?

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&file=http%3A%2F%2Fcrunchgear%2Eblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash%2F&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fshowplayer%2Eswf Read More

  • The petrol-powered PC. You know, just because.

    At nearly $110 a barrel, it only makes sense to use oil to power a PC. That’s exactly what some Russian guy did, hooking up a headless PC to his car’s engine for great glory of Russia. Read More

  • Ooma not failing, is fine, don't worry

    Ooma, everyone’s favorite box that offers free phone calls and looks cool, isn’t failing, at least according to a tip by Pat Phelan of Cubic Telecom. Trying to get further info. The company, backed by Ashton Kutcher, looked like it was going under last week according to a post by Valleywag. I’ve tried the service and it works well enough. It basically offers seamless free… Read More

  • Live CrunchGear podcast today at 1:00 PM, Eastern

    Join us for our inaugural live podcast on BlogTalkRadio.com at 1:00 today. We’ll be talking about the Nokia Tube, the CrunchGear meet-up in New York on May 1st, Blockbuster’s upcoming set-top box, and more. You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link. Read More

  • BFF call for help: Cool Blackberry apps?

    Ryan writes: I’ve posted a lot of comments regarding my fanboydom towards the blackberry. Other than the large amount of MAPI calls made to an exchange server I see nothing wrong with a blackberry on a BES for any business user, technical or non technical. That being said I’m once again carrying a crackberry after two years with a Q, I’m very excited about it and am totes… Read More

  • CrunchNetwork Meet-up Update: More spots, bigger venue

    With the excitement brewing about our CrunchNetwork Meet-Up on May 1 in New York, we’ve decided to slowly open up RSVPs to about 200 more people in the expectation that we’ll have a bigger venue picked by the middle of next week. Sponsorships are lining up quite nicely and we look forward to some amazing giveaways and a bunch of cool demos at the show. That said, pop over to… Read More

  • The Smellphone

    Matching smells with media has been tried in the past. There were movies that provided the audience scratch-and-sniff packets, and some experimentation with smell-o-vision. Neither became popular and the idea was dropped. But it seems the Japanese company NTT DoCoMo is giving this idea new life. New mobile phones from the company will be equipped with fragrance cartridges that release… Read More

  • VooZoo: Paramount's attempt to sell $1 movie clips. Oh, and alluding to terrorism is a perfectly acceptable way to sell clips, I guess.

    Paramount, the oldest movie studio here, is willing to sell you video clips of its Very Important movies for $1 a pop, minimum. “VooZoo,” which rhymes with “Hulu,” which rhymes with “piece of shit,” is an online service (right now, a Facebook app and on there.com) that tries to outdo YouTube by charging you for the privilege of keeping the… Read More

  • Microsoft planning its own retail stores?

    Have you guys ever heard of those Apple Stores? Apparently they’re quite popular. Microsoft is apparently planning its own store, similar to the Apple Store except it’ll probably be called The Microsoft Store or VistaHaus or DirectX Direct-2-U. I thought it was doing all right with its MicroCenter stores but it turns out that MicroCenter isn’t even owned by Microsoft! What… Read More

  • Associated Press Makes Urgent Video Distribution More Efficient

    The Associated Press Online Video Network (OVN), a joint project between the AP and Microsoft, has implemented a new syndicated video feature that will allow AP affiliates around the world to easily share content with each other’s websites. Members are able to selectively choose which affiliates will be allowed to use their media, and receive a portion of the revenue earned on these… Read More

  • Big in Japan: Never-ending bubble wrap

    Who hasn’t spent the better part of an hour popping bubble wrap, at age 20? Exactly. The Japanese have come up with a toy that constantly fills and re-fills bubbles in a sheet of bubble wrap. No doubt insanity ensues. The toy, “Eternal Poppety-Pop,” only costs about $8 and delivers thrill after predictable thrill, not unlike the movie Iron Man, I assume. Wanna hear what a… Read More

  • Gartner sez Windows is a big fail-boat

    Gartner, whose business it is to write lines like “For Microsoft, its ecosystem and its customers, the situation is untenable,” believes that “for Microsoft, its ecosystem and its customers, the situation is untenable.” Essentially they find that Windows is so full of junk code and accreted features that it will soon collapse under its own weight. For example, while… Read More

  • Microsoft Live Maps Drinks Google Maps' Milkshake

    Last night, Microsoft pushed out a ton of new features to Windows Live Maps, including a face-lift to some of its 3-D cities (Las Vegas, Dallas, Denver and Phoenix), the ability to export your collections to GPS devices and GeoRSS feeds (which means I can make custom maps for my Dash GPS), support for 3D-map video tours, better directions and traffic information, and also one-click directions… Read More

  • IBM develops new memory that holds 100 times more data than current memory

    Thanks to IBM scientists—who says Intel does all the heavy lifting these days?—we may soon have portable devices that can hold more than 100 times more data than they currently do. The comparison that’s been thrown around is, imagine an iPod with a 500,000 song capacity. (The iPod classic holds 40,000 songs.) Nirvana, I agree. IBM’s calling the new type of memory… Read More

  • CrunchWord Puzzle!

    Here’s the latest CrunchGear-themed crossword puzzle. You can find the answers to the clues spread throughout this week’s posts. Enjoy! CrunchWord Puzzle for Friday, April 11th Read More

  • 'Wayne's World' AMC Pacer up for auction on eBay

    It’s not the actual, actual car from the movie but it was “built by Paramount as a prop for the Paramount Kings Island ride, Stan Milenkos.” So it’s at least somewhat legit. The Buy It Now price is $7,999.99 and bidding is currently just over $2,500. The car itself is a 1976 AMC Pacer with 25,565 miles on it. It’s located in Columbus, Ohio which, incidentally… Read More

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