• Zune Originals up and running, steer clear of the Tattoo Series

    So, I just took a quick look at the Zune Originals site and the Artist Series looks great. I may just have to cave in and get one because they’re that cool. The Tattoo Series is a different story. I’m so happy they didn’t include any tribal designs because I’d just barf, but it’s nothing special. It’s all crappy tattoo flash that you’ll find at the… Read More

  • Photo frame adorned with RAM is pretty, geeky

    It’s not a digital frame but it’s plenty geeky. I just showed this to the little lady and she’s not on board with having this item in our house so maybe some of you can get a little joy out of this photo frame made out of old sticks o’ random access memory. The best part about it being non-digital and made with old crap-ass RAM is that it’s cheap. Like $15, cheap. Read More

  • "Mad Probz" plague Moto Sidekick Slide, yo

    Mad probz and other shizz are surfacing with this piece of hardware, my nizzle It has come to Boy Genius’ attention — and, in fact, Mr. Peter Ha’s as well — that the Sidekick Slide by Motorola is causing mad probz and is shutting down at inopportune times including during calls to your shortie and while messaging your peeps. While the Sidekick Slide might be mad hot… Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #257

    Download We had an amazing night Sunday night on Ustream. Geoff Smith twittered that he was on and working in his studio. I twittered that people should stop by, and we wound up having an amazing ones and zeros party. If you don’t want to miss the next one, subscribe to my Twitter or Pownce feeds. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but if I was, I’d probably be all over… Read More

  • Drive Erazer erazes your drivez

    Police pounding down the door? Cyborg monkey spies crawling through the drain pipes? Ninjas threatening your babies? Erase your drive with the Drive Erazer ($99.95).This eraser is completely self-contained and even powers the drive as it erases. It takes about two hours to erase a 250 gigabyte drive — not too good if the zombies are coming for your data but good enough if you just want… Read More

  • Soviet TV case mod: Be happy you've got today's TVs

    Not too long ago, this Soviet-era wooden TV was the 1080p, 70-inch plasma of its day. Now it’s computer case mod, sitting casually atop your desk like a proud worker. Honor it. Case Mod: Soviet-Era Wooden TV [Boing Boing Gadgets] Read More

  • ZeroHouse concept: totally self-sufficient for a cleaner environment

    ZeroHouse represents an effort to have a house “go green.” Conceptually, at least. Solar panels generate electricity that can last up to one week, provided you live in an area with sufficient sunlight. Gravity pumps replace traditional electrical pumps, sending 2,700 gallons all over the house from bathroom to kitchen to water slide room. ZeroHouse is so green that it… Read More

  • What's the Point?

    If you find yourself asking that question a lot, here is a new Website for you. The Point is a social and consumer activism site that just launched yesterday. It brings a new twist to online grassroots campaigns. Anyone can create a campaign—to raise money for a political candidate or cause, to lobby a corporation to change its ways, or to organize neighbors to fix up a park. But… Read More

  • Disney Mobile Turns to Japan

    Disney plans to end its U.S. mobile phone service in December and to compensate will turn to the Japanese market early next year. The company is hoping that the demand for its online content will be able to compete in the world’s biggest market of third-generation phones. Disney will use local mobile phone carrier Softbank Corp’s network. The two companies have plans to develop… Read More

  • Alltel Wireless to Launch Parental Controls Application

    Alltel Wireless has partnered up with Bytemobile to create the Alltel Parental Controls application, which will be available free of charge beginning in February 2008. This application will allow parents to filter inappropriate sites that may contain pornography, gambling, weapons or violence. This service will be available to both pre-paid and post-paid accounts. “Through our… Read More

  • Box.net Releases OpenBox Platform for Integration of Web Applications

    Online storage provider Box.net is announcing today the launch of OpenBox, a platform for developers to integrate their web applications into Box.net. The platform, once rolled out in full by December 5th, will enable web developers to create “service actions” on Box.net that allow users to easily load their files into 3rd-party web applications. These service actions will also… Read More

  • E*Trade Heading To The Deadpool?

    Shares in online broking firm E*Trade fell by over 50% Monday on speculation that the company may file for bankruptcy protection due to exposure to bad debt as part of the wider sub-prime mortgage crisis. E*Trade is a granddaddy amongst online service providers, having been found in 1991 by TradePlus as a e-stock broking service for users of America Online and Compuserve. The company boomed… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bathroom Rock Edition

    Customizable Zunes are wicked cool
    Spaloo installation video: The good, the bad, and me on the toilet
    “Tommy Lee stabbed my Powerbook:” Real-life rock star tales
    Pink bathtub flower plug turns purple when water is nice and warm
    Tested by Guinean schoolchildren, XO laptop makes a difference Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Android Demo: Wowzers pji Sergey sounds like a Russian Chris Walken… Android needs more cowbell!
    Read More

  • More Misplaced Glam Exhuberance

    Ad network Glam got a glowing review from Jeff Jarvis today. And he’s not the only person out there that likes them – word is they closed the big round of financing they’ve been trying to raise, at a $450 million valuation. I mentioned that they were raising money in an August post. In that post I heavily criticized the company for trying to claim it was the largest womens… Read More

  • I, For One, Welcome Our Android Overlords

    As we reported yesterday, Google has released the software development kit for its Android operating system for mobile phones.The above video accompanies the launch and the $10 million apps contest. Admittedly Sergey Brin is soo wooden he might be trying to impersonate an android, but ignore the intro and look at the demonstrations of what Android can already do. Now pretend the iPhone… Read More

  • Kongregate Wants You To Quit Your Day Job (And Make Games)

    Paul Preece was a British game developer. That was, until he created Desktop Tower Defense. In two months, he developed a game that’s been played over 15 million times and brought in thousands in advertising. Paul Preece has since quit his day job and teamed up with David Litsky of FlashElementTD to run his own gaming startup. Flash gaming site Kongregate is encouraging more people to do… Read More

  • An Ad Network Powered By Martha Stewart

    America’s favorite white collar criminal homemaker Martha Stewart has launched her own online advertising network. Martha’s Circle is “a collection of exceptional lifestyle sites and blogs handpicked by Martha’s editors” with the obvious focus on lifestyle and cooking sites. The network covers 20 million ad views a month and features sites such as Hostess with… Read More

  • gOS PC Sells Out: People Like A Google Focused PC

    The gPC, the computer system with the Google focused gOS operating system that went on sale November 1 at Walmart for $200, has sold out in less than 2 weeks*. The minimum spec PC has received positive reviews from Walmart customers (here) with plenty of 5 star ratings. As we noted in our review of gOS November 4, the system may well be a sign of things to come. Rather than offer a desktop… Read More

  • Long-Form Video Gaining Viewers on the Web

    When it comes to Web video, short clips under three minutes still make up the vast majority of what people watch. But as the quality of video improves, more people will be willing to sit and watch streams of half-hour sitcoms, hour-long dramas, and maybe even entire movies. Already, there is some anecdotal evidence of this shift. Move Networks—which powers the media players and… Read More

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