• Boost Asks "Where You at?" Loopt Answers

    Boost Mobile, the hip-hop-themed pre-paid service from Sprint Nextel, has the tagline “Where you at?” This grammatically frightening phrase now has meaning, as Boost has partnered with Loopt to launch a mobile friend finder. Just download the little Java app to your phone, set permissions, add your like-Boosted friends who’ve done the same and you’ll all be able to… Read More

  • Blackberry 8703e Launched on Verizon

    Verizon’s just launched the BlackBerry 8703e, an EV-DO capable BlackBerry device. The 8703e has your standard BlackBerry software that you either love or hate, and adds capability to tether your laptop to it to act as a modem. The keyboard on the BB is a full QWERTY and not a half-QWERTY, as seen on smaller, candybar-shaped BlackBerries. This will be available for $349.99 with a… Read More

  • Wii To Launch November 10th?

    Wii To Launch November 10th?

    Take this with a block of salt, but the picture you see before you is from a FNAC store in Spain. You see what it says on the last line, there? Yea right next to NEUVA CONSOLA! That’s right, this store believes the Wii will launch on November 10th. But, hopefully, we’ll all find out the truth in the next couple of days anyway, with Nintendo’s trio of press conferences… Read More

  • QTFairUse Now iTunes 7 Compatable

    , with it’s sexy album art features, iPod updaters, and movie downloads. It also disabled QTFairUse 2.2’s DRM stripping abilities. So what did the good people who bring you QTFairUse do? They fixed it, quickly. As of last night, you can now download QTFairUse 2.3, which will strip out DRM with iTunes 7, presumedly including downloaded movies. Kudos to Shame on the QTFairUse crew… Read More

  • New Griffin iPod Accessories Announced

    New Griffin iPod Accessories Announced

    I don’t own an iPod, and it’s very rare that I regret having bought a Creative Zen Vision: M–today is no different. Griffin has announced yet more iPod accessories, and these things are just plain goofy. First up, the iKaraoke. That’s right, now you can dub out the original lyrics of a song with your beautiful voice and broadcast it to the world with the included FM… Read More

  • Splashpower Gives You Wireless Recharging For Your Portable Gear

    toothbrushes charge themselves, by inductance. We’ll save you the Physics 101 lecture and just note that inductance allows you to transfer power via electromagnetism, which means no wire necessary. The one caveat is that only devices that support a SplashModule power receiver can be charged this way. Nevertheless, if more devices support this type of charging, you can have one central… Read More

  • The New iPod Nano Ad: In Color

    Apple’s new iPod Nano ad stresses the fact that it’s in color with streaks of blue, pink and green, not to mention a little silver. They couldn’t very well streak the 8GB black though, so keep in mind there are five different colors, not four, for the updated iPod Nano. People who attended the event yesterday tell us that the bus station ads were already up by the time the… Read More

  • iRiver S10 Is Actually Pretty Neat

    iRiver S10 Is Actually Pretty Neat

    The day after Apple’s big announcement, that showcased several new products, including a new iPod shuffle, comes an announcement from iRiver of their new S10 model MP3 player. It’s about the same size as the Shuffle, but it actually has an LCD screen to display information. It has a capacity of 2GB, the ability to display bitmaps and the capability to play ASF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis… Read More

  • ShoZu 3.0 to launch soon with ZuCasts

    ShoZu 3.0 to launch soon with ZuCasts

    In the world of Mobile Web 2.0 applications, ShoZu has been an early winner. When it was launched last October, it was the first widely distributed application to support Photo sharing directly from the mobile. and promotion on Flickr and other sites gave it an early boost. Cognima CTO Andy Tiller wowed the attendees of Mobile Monday London in March of this year with a live demo of ShoZu… Read More



    Yea that’s right, you too can now protect your most valuable possessions by the most Bond-esque means ever: the laser beam. It also features, secret codes and biometric thumbprint recognition. Feeling safe yet? Yea, well there is a catch. The safe runs on 3 AA batteries and is made of plastic, so if you can’t wait for the batteries to run out so that you can plunder its cache, you… Read More

  • Adam Curry announces the BT Podshow partnership

    Adam Curry announces the BT Podshow partnership

    BT will announce today that is has partnered with the Podshow which is run by the “PodFather” himself Adam Curry, a former MTV VJ and one of podcasting’s inventors, to create the BTPodshow. The PodShow Podcast Network was formed in 2005 by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom. It hosts many popular personalities and shows including Curry’s own program “the daily source… Read More

  • The Hard Drive Is 50 Today

    The Hard Drive Is 50 Today

    It was 50 years ago today, that IBM launched their RAMAC (Random Access Memory for Accounting and Control) 305 and RAMAC 350. The RAMAC systems were IBM’s first attempt to store information on a disk. The original hard drive even had a party Tuesday night in its honor, and the museum that is housing it currently says that they want to restore the RAMAC to working condition. I have no… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: More Snakes on a Plane Edition

    Daily Crunch: More Snakes on a Plane Edition

    Some notable news items from yesterday: Nokia N-Gage
    Europeans Testing Hijack-proof Airplane
    Parrot NOMAD Bluetooth Speakerphone
    Uniden UDC-7M Announced
    It’s Showtime! Read More

  • Skype Video For Macs Launches Today

    Skype is launching Skype Video for Macs today (look for version 2.0 on this download page). Skype Video for Windows has been available since last December. We haven’t gotten our hands on the software yet, but this will not require two downloads like the July beta version, and will hopefully have some level of stability. Now if they could just add a very simple call record feature to… Read More

  • State of the CTIA Union

    State of the CTIA Union

    Hidey Ho. It’s about 3pm in LA right now and we’re winding down from a whirlwind of meetings that started early this morning. Add in the Apple announcements – meh except for the iTV – and the Crunchsters are beat! Read More

  • MySpace: We don’t need Web 2.0

    News Corp. chief operating officer Peter Chernin told company investors today that, “If you look at virtually any Web 2.0 application, whether its YouTube, whether it’s Flickr, whether it’s Photobucket or any of the next-generation Web applications, almost all of them are really driven off the back of MySpace.” MultiChannel News is reporting that Chernin said there is… Read More

  • Penthouse Coming To Cellphones

    Penthouse Coming To Cellphones

    Porn publishing giant, Penthouse, announced today that they will begin offering mobile content throughout the Americas and Europe. This content will include games, editorials, audio and video clips, and (duh) pictures. There will even be a new mobileTV channel for the service. They’re saying that it will become available in the next couple of months. I can’t wait to be riding the… Read More

  • QuickPlayer Update – Mmmm… Video

    QuickPlayer Update – Mmmm… Video

    QuickPlayer Update – Mmmm… Video Quick update on QuickPlayer. The service should be supporting VGA video streaming in the next few months with interestin content from major players including most news channels and ESPN, MTV, and E! Networks. The audiocast quality was quite good but they weren’t ready to show off the video yet. They will roll out streaming video along the… Read More

  • Europeans Testing Hijack-proof Airplane

    Europeans Testing Hijack-proof Airplane

    Engineers in Europe have begun testing a “hijack-proof” airplane that is supposed to be able to pay attention to suspicious passengers, keep track of the plane staff and even steer clear of tall buildings if a terrorist tries to pull that trick again. The program is called Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment (SAFEE) and BAE Systems is in charge of the endeavor. Read More

  • Wiki your photo posters with Tabblo

    Photo site Tabblo made a number of upgrades today to their service that now combines a wiki ethos with a design tool based on general rules of good layout. Tabblo isn’t a traditional photo sharing site; instead of competing with sites you’re probably familiar with, Tabblo makes it easy to import your photos from places like Flickr (and iPhoto or Picasa) and then lets you arrange… Read More