• Seesmic Announces $6 Million Series A Round

    Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur wrote a long blog post about his $6 million Series A round of funding today (I am an investor in this company). Most of the round was taken by Atomico (founded by Skype’s Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis), and rounded out with a long list of angel investors. Much of this was reported late last year. This is Loic’s fourth or fifth startup, but his first… Read More

  • MySpacers Will Love This AddHer Widget Thingy

    http://addher.com/battle.swf?profileId=110 Anyone who’s ever visited HotOrNot and clicked on pictures for hours will be a perfect user for AddHer. Users (women only at this point, look for AddHim soon, say the founders) upload a photo of themselves and create a widget that can be embedded on MySpace or another website. The widget shows the user plus another randomly selected woman and… Read More

  • "Post to MySpace" Button Released for Easier Sharing

    MySpace is now providing an easier way for publishers to help users spread their content virally. They’ve set up a “Post to MySpace” button that essentially just runs a snippet of JavaScript that sends some content to a user’s MySpace profile page. The snippet takes four parameters: a title, some content, a URL, and the location in the user’s profile page to post… Read More

  • Plaxo's Buyer – Not Facebook, Not Google. Likely Comcast

    Plaxo finally got bought, say valley whispers, and blog after blog have speculated incorrectly about who the buyer might be (first Facebook, then Google). Finally, someone may have gotten it right – Valleywag is saying that Comcast is the buyer, for $175m. That makes sense based on what we heard earlier today, too: that one of the cable players bought them, for something just under the… Read More

  • Yahoo Makes Its Case in Letter to Shareholders

    Yahoo has just released the following letter to shareholders outlining its reasoning for rejecting Microsoft’s offer to buy the company. In it, CEO and co-founder Jerry Yang emphasizes Yahoo’s strengths as both an online destination and an advertising network, and argues that Yahoo is better off going it alone than combining with Microsoft. He states: “The global online… Read More

  • Lily Allen's MySpace says she got a free MacBook Air

    [photopress:2003638115.jpg,full,left]We credit the lasses at Shiny Shiny with the scoop, but it appears as if one Lily Allen, the only pop princess I actually kinda wanna make out with, has a MacBook Air, and we do not. It’s ok, though, I’m man enough for a full-sized MacBook Pro, and the Air seems perfect for Lily. She sadly doesn’t say much about it other than it’s… Read More

  • SD card readers for gauche Japanese girls make me want to vom

    [photopress:AD_MRCMR_1.jpg,full,center] ADTEC have lost their collective mind, releasing new SD card readers that can be customized — no, Bedazzled — by fingernail artists to make personalized works of electronic, tacky art. They’re big in Japan, but you know this kind of crap is going to make it across the Pacific sooner rather than later. Pimpable MicroSD Card Reader… Read More

  • PageOnce to Put All Your Online Accounts in One Place

    Personal content aggregators are nothing new. We recently covered the latest of many services that consolidate your social networking activity into one place. But PageOnce, a company that was on this year’s Israel Web Tour, wants to become the one stop shop for all your web-accessible accounts. The site is still in private beta and working to expand the number of account types that… Read More

  • The random endorsement: Nifty little Mac apps

    [photopress:endorse021308.jpg,full,right] Back to tech today. Well, software. Whatever. It was raining hard and windy and I dropped my umbrella in a garbage by accident earlier. I’m not kidding*. Today I’m giving a “shout out” to some the smaller Mac apps that make my life a little easier. Small apps, not the big obvious ones like iTunes or Firefox. Aurora, Unison… Read More

  • Chinese Stealth Startup Qifang Wants to Bring P2P Lending to the Mainland

    Peer-to-peer lending is coming to China. This morning I interviewed a Chinese-American entrepreneur living in Shanghai named Calvin Chin working on a stealth P2P lending site for Chinese student loans called Qifang. (The name, which translates to “bloom,” comes from the Chairman Mao quote, “Bai Hua Qi Fang”—”Let a hundred flowers bloom.”) … Read More

  • GTAIV will be multiplayer on every platform

    [photopress:gtaiv.jpg,full,center] GTAIV is one of the most anticipated games of 2008, no doubt, so any news is important, but this is just rad on so many levels. According to Rockstar, ya know, the guys making the game, every platforms’ version of the game will be multiplayer capable. We’re not sure what kind of content the multiplayer version will have, but it definitely sounds… Read More

  • Proposed law would make Internet traffic interference illegal

    [photopress:ccastt.jpg,full,center] More Comcast fallout for your Wednesday afternoon. The ISP told the FCC yesterday that, yes, it does slow down Internet traffic for the greater good. The corp recently updated its TOS to reflect the fact that it shapes traffic. So that, in and of itself, isn’t new or exciting. The blowback that’s developing is, however. A bill will be introduced… Read More

  • Some Apple TVs reverting to YPrBr after "Take Two" install

    [photopress:purpleappletv.jpg,full,center] There are reports of people getting a “purplish” screen after installing the “Take Two” update for the Apple TV. Don’t worry, it’s just your Apple TV reverting to it’s default video output mode. It’s sending YPrBr to your TVs RGB input. Go into the settings, change it to RGB, you should be all set. Read More

  • GumGum Launches New Image Licensing Platform

    GumGum launches an ambitious new project today – a new platform and business model for licensing content on the Internet, beginning with images. Image piracy runs rampant on the Internet, of course. Blogger Perez Hilton was sued for stealing images of celebrities, and we’ve had (ridiculous) charges leveled at us as well. And don’t forget the recent Lane Hartwell… Read More

  • Buddy Beacon expands beyond Helio to other carriers, iPhone, and Facebook

    [photopress:sluttypeter.jpg,full,center] One of the most-hyped, if under-used, features on Helio phones is the Buddy Beacon. Using the phones’ integrated GPS, you can use it to update your friends as to where you are, and request they do the same. The downside is they all had to be Helio members. But Helio sold Buddy Beacon to uLocate, who’s expanding the application to Sprint… Read More

  • Michael Bay knew Blu-ray was gonna win all along

    [photopress:tf3.jpg,full,center] Just a friendly “told you so” from Michael Bay to all y’all. Bay, whose movies have brought perpetual peace to Earth, was a vocal proponent of the Blu-ray format, so much so that he threatened to walk out of Transformers 2 if Transformers was only released on HD DVD, a statement he later retracted. Said Bay, “Am I thrilled? It really… Read More

  • KnockaTV May Be Heading To The DeadPool

    Israeli startup KnockaTV looks to be in serious trouble. If this article in the Globes is correct, 21 employees went without salaries in January and the company is ₪1.2 million in debt (about $300,000). We first wrote about KnockaTV, which was founded by the same team who founded Mirabilis (ICQ), in August 2007 (Mirabilis was sold to AOL in 1998 for $407 million). They went into private beta… Read More

  • DRM cripples 'repaired' Xbox 360, can no longer access paid for content

    Flickr’d Microsoft, DRM and the non-working Xbox 360. It’s like a Tom Clancy novel. A Kotaku patron, Kevin, has his Xbox 360 red ring of death on him last November. Fair enough, it happens. So he contacted Microsoft, which then arranged for his console to be repaired. A little while later a repaired Xbox 360 arrived in the mail. Read More

  • Events update

    I’m sure there are many other events happening, so ping me if you think you should be added to this list: • The Thinking Digital conference in Newcastle on 21-23 May is a new annual event where 400 delegates gather to take part in an exclusive conversation about technology, ideas and our future: “Thinking Digital conference will take on an eclectic range of technology-based… Read More

  • Here Come the Shareholder Lawsuits Against Yahoo

    The inevitable shareholder lawsuits have started to be filed against Yahoo for not accepting Microsoft’s bid. Yesterday, the Wayne County Employee’s Retirement System of Michigan, was the first to file suit. The retirement fund owns 13,600 shares. You can expect more shareholders to pile on board, especially if this thing drags out. In fact, that is not the only shareholder… Read More

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