• Pixsta's ad network for fashion is all about image

    Pixsta is a London-based startup with an image search technology which allows you to browse and search visually. Since launching trials with a handful of partners including Elle’s browse&buy as well as others like the News of The World, it’s now going on the warpath with an image-based advertising network for the online fashion retail market, similar to Google’s… Read More

  • The May 1 Meet-up Ovi Stream, Courtesy of Nokia

    http://www.twango.com/tools/twidgets/ticker.swf?feed=CrunchNetwork.NYCMeetupMay1 http://www.twango.com/tools/twidgets/slideshow.swf?feed=CrunchNetwork.NYCMeetupMay1 Here are some initial shots of the CrunchNetwork May 1 meet-up — an event, I might add, that went off without a hitch. The attendees enjoyed fine beverage, a real Rock Band band made up of members of the Harmonix team, which… Read More

  • Coming to America: Getting visas to do business in Silicon Valley

    One of the parlor tricks I like to perform when starting off any Silicon Valley talk or presentation is to ask the audience to raise their hand if they currently live in the area. Most people raise their hand. I then ask the people who were born in Silicon Valley to leave their hands up. Generally, in a room or say 1,000 people, maybe ten or fifteen still have their hand up. That’s… Read More

  • Recommendation Ventures And IceTV Team For TV Suggestions

    Recommendation Ventures, the company behind social music and video recommendations service Scouta has signed a new deal with EPG provider IceTV to provide intuitive content recommendations to IceTV users. The new service, IceTV Recommendations will be provided to IceTV users as part of the IceTV EPG service. The service allows users to receive personalized suggestions and an opportunity to… Read More

  • eFORCE Global Acquires gBox

    eFORCE Global Inc. has acquired gBox, the music store that allows users to create embeddable “Wish Lists” and buy DRM-free songs as gifts for friends. eFORCE is a provider of professional eBusiness services with a focus on RoI. Under new ownership, gBox will continue to offer its music store and wishlist widgets, which we covered last year. gBox will also begin to offer a… Read More

  • Big Sport On White Space: Won't Somebody Think Of The Wireless Headphones!

    Big sport has come out against Google’s WiFi 2.0 plan by arguing that use of white space spectrum will cripple sporting events by interfering with wireless headphones. The Sport Technology Alliance, representing the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, the… Read More

  • Live feed from the CG Party with Ovi

    http://www.twango.com/tools/twidgets/ticker.swf?feed=CrunchNetwork.NYCMeetupMay1 http://www.twango.com/tools/twidgets/slideshow.swf?feed=CrunchNetwork.NYCMeetupMay1 Thanks to Nokia for hooking us up with this cool Ovi channel for the event displayPres(470,346,”http://www.empressr.com/”,”O8gzGP0mKIU%3d”); Read More

  • May 1 is BASIC day

    On this day in 1964 John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz ran the first BASIC program. Designed to be an easy-to-use programming language for students, BASIC has stood the test of time and is probably the first language many of us mastered in our early geek years. The two also created the Dartmouth Time Sharing System, which is pretty much the basis for every multi-user operating system in existence. Read More

  • Look At Free Music, Look How It Drives Web Traffic To You….

    Free music equals serious web traffic, at least that’s what Coldplay have found with the free release of “Violet Hill” on their website April 29. According to figures release by Hitwise, the Coldplay website shot to the top of the rankings in the Bands and Artists category, with 52% of visits to the site coming via an email sent to registered fans. Exclaim News reports the… Read More

  • News Fiends Can Get Their Fix With Addictomatic

    Rollyo founder Dave Pell is taking another stab at the search engine space with his just-launched news/media aggregator Addictomatic. The site can act as both an RSS search engine for user-submitted queries, or a constantly updated newsfeed for pre-defined topics including politics, gossip, and music. Addictomatic pulls headlines and images from a number of RSS feeds and presents them in… Read More

  • Plasma shipments up this year, but you'll have to go abroad to even notice

    Apparently plasma TVs are no longer the “it” girl of the tech world, at least not here in the Shining City on a Hill. Shipments of plasma panels increased by 53 percent Q1 2008 compared to Q1 2007, but you’re not likely to notice unless you’re in China or Latin America, where plasma is more popular than LCD. Why is LCD more popular than plasma here? A big reason is… Read More

  • AOL, RealNetworks and Yahoo Get $100 Million Bill

    A Federal Court found today that AOL, Real Networks and Yahoo owe $100million to songwriters and composers as back payment for streaming music online. The court ruled on a request from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers to establish reasonable compensation for the playing of their works. Notably ASCAP represents writers and composers and not the record industry, so… Read More

  • Digg Moves to Adopt DataPortability Standards

    The DataPortability Project has gained another adherent in Digg, which announced on its blog today that it has implemented three under-the-hood enhancements. These include implementation and improved support for XFN and hCard, which help other sites access information about your friends on Digg. The site has also added RDF to make its pages more semantic web friendly. Digg joins Facebook… Read More

  • A Widget That Does Background Checks On Plumbers, Painters, Products, And More.

    Khris Loux, the CEO of startup JS-Kit, thinks he’s finally come up with the killer widget. JS-Kit has all sorts of widgets used by blogs and other sites for ratings, reviews, polls, and comments. But the latest one he just launched is not just gee-whiz cute. It’s gee-whiz disruptive. It is called the JS-Kit Advisor. And it will bring ratings and reviews from trusted sources such… Read More

  • Mozy Mac Out of Beta; 50 Free Accounts Available

    Online backup site Mozy is giving away 50 free year-long accounts to commemorate the official release of their Mac backup client. To get yours, send a message to techcrunch@mozy.com that answers the question, “Why do you deserve free backup service for your Mac?” Data-loss horror stories are encouraged. The Mozy team will select the fifty best responses and will email the… Read More

  • Breitling Seawolf Chrono: Truly waterproof

    Most watches are called waterproof but they’re really not waterproof. While most will keep water out if left untouched, if you try to engage the chronograph on most pieces the watch will become unstable and could let water in. Breitling has solved this problem by placing magnets on the pushers — the buttons, basically — and another magnet inside the movement. When you press… Read More

  • BBC develops data mining Facebook app to showcase site's insecurity

    I applaud the Beeb’s white hat hacking of Facebook. (Reminder: for all your black hat needs, look no further.) Whereas the AP was content a few days ago to sound the alarm over Facebook apps using your info for stupid purposes, the BBC hired someone to do some real theoretical damage. What’s most scary about the application developed by the Beeb is that you yourself don’t have… Read More

  • Confirmed! Buy movies from iTunes same day as DVD release

    Yeah, that rumor saying you’d be able to buy certain movies from iTunes the same day as their DVD release was true. Real recognize real. New releases will set you back $14.99, or 1/1000th of a Euro, for a download, while a 24-hour rental costs $3.99. PS, lol @ Bayern Munich. PPS, keep the Blue Flag flyin’ high. Thank you. Read More

  • Epic fail? Blu-ray sales not doing so well

    My brother told me that HD DVD died a few months ago because I hadn’t heard or read anything about the format war, but Blu-ray still ain’t doing so hot. And by “doing so hot,” I mean selling any better than it did when it was still entrenched in the utterly pointless war. From January to February, Blu-ray sales plummeted some 40 percent, only to get a slight bump… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: A bunch of analysts say PS3, Xbox 360, Wii price cuts on the way

    Well-paid analysts in nicely pressed shirts have predicted that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will all cut the price of their respective video game consoles within the year. There’s two reasons for this: one, the U.S. economy continues to limp along like it was shot in the leg by someone who hates economic prosperity and two, the costs of producing the consoles will drop as economies of… Read More

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