• Microsoft-Yahoo Battle Getting Expensive. Should Microsoft Give Up?

    Ever since Yahoo rejected Microsoft’s $31 a share offer to buy the company, the two sides have been gearing up for a prolonged fight over Yahoo’s fate. Microsoft is preparing to try to unseat Yahoo’s board members in a proxy battle that could cost as much as $30 million (which is still cheaper than raising its bid). Yahoo, for its part, amended its severance plan to cover… Read More

  • When will Sprint announce their unlimited voice plan and how much will it be?

    So three of the four major carriers in the US have announced unlimited voice plans for $100 and everyone is waiting to see what Sprint does. Don’t expect them to announce a $100 voice plan though, thinks UBS analyst John Hodulik. It’s going to be much cheaper than that if Sprint really wants to compete with the big dogs and gain some customers. Read More

  • 'Wii Fit' coming May 19, just in time for going outside

    Man, this Wii Fit thing’s sure taking it’s time getting here. The Wall Street Journal is reporting a release date of May 19 here in the US, which should be just about the time that people start going outside to exercise. It was released in Japan on December 1 of last year and went on to sell more than 250,000 copies in the first week at roughly $75 a pop. The game… Read More

  • Great moments in product packaging

    I received this disk sample last year and I reused the sleeve to store some Windows disks. What I didn’t notice until this morning was the excellent spelling job on the front of the sleeve. They need a dictoinary! Read More

  • Sailor Jerry + Rock Band = my dream life

    As the resident tattooed freak at CG, I feel inclined to inform those of you with Rock Band that you’ve got some great Americana included besides those classic rock tracks you’ve been jamming to the last few months. Being able to tattoo your band members in the game isn’t anything new, but do you know any of the history behind some of the tattoo flash that’s available? Read More

  • Openads Now OpenX; Former AOL CEO Jonathan Miller Joins As Chairman

    London-based startup Openads has changed its name to OpenX (see TechCrunch UK for more) and former AOL CEO Jonathan Miller has joined as chairman. OpenX is an increasingly popular open-source ad server (we use it here at TechCrunch). Since his departure from AOL, Miller has become quite active in the startup world as an investor and board member. He is a partner in the Velocity… Read More

  • Everex CloudBook delayed again until mid-March?

    Those of you waiting for tomorrow — when the Cloudbook is supposed to be available at fine retailers like Walmart — might want to prepare yourselves for a longer wait…again. Already delayed to begin with, the Everex Cloudbook has been, you guessed it, delayed again. First it was Chinese New Year coupled with OS refinements and now it’s snow. Snow. Snow is delaying… Read More

  • Intel, MS, Dell, AMD join forces to fight forces of darkness, forced to play through tutorial and kill 50 rats

    Dress Barn? Make a left turn at the Soul Reaver. It’s right on the corner there, next to the Taco Bell. In ancient times a sword was forged called MS/Intel, a sword that channeled gamers into a standard platform for games that, like it or not, forced a massive and lucrative upgrade cycle almost every six months. Now the Necromancers from within Microsoft and Sony (Nintendo wants to be… Read More

  • Vivendi’s Zaoza Launched Today

    Vivendi launched its new Internet music, ringtone and videogame provider Zaoza today. The service costs 3 euros a month and is expected to attract 500,000 subscribers by the end of the year. Vivendi owns the world’s largest record company, Universal Music. The company also controls France’s number two phone operator SFR and Macoc Telecom, and the pay-TV group Canal Plus. “This… Read More

  • Sony A820 8GB/16GB Walkman has The Bluetooth built-in

    [photopress:sonya820.jpg,full,center] New Sony portable media players for your viewing pleasure. The NW-A820 series was just announced in Japan, where it’ll be released on March 20. (No release date for the U.S. has been announced. Sony hates us.) Two versions have so far been spotted, a $350ish 16GB model and a $260ish 8GB model. Now, then, what does it do? First, what it… Read More

  • Space phones: One with every jet-pack

    The British National Space Centre (Motto: “Well, we’ve got as far as Modbury but it’s a start.”) and NASA are announcing plans to create a mobile network on the moon. This means you will no longer be able to escape the inexhaustible chatter of some jackass — albeit a jackass clad in a space suit — about how that “Ho Regina totally played… Read More

  • Sonic booms recorded as Space Shuttle Atlantis breaks sound barrier upon re-entry

    Here’s something for all you space nuts out there. I happen to be in Naples, Florida visiting my parents and I was able to catch Space Shuttle Atlantis breaking the sound barrier just as it flew overhead on its way back to Kennedy Space Center. You’ll hear the booms about three quarters of the way in on the above video. There are two booms, one when the nose of the shuttle enters… Read More

  • Yahoo Search Wants to Be More Like Google, Embraces Hadoop

    Yahoo is following in Google’s footsteps again in search. Today, it is shifting a crucial part of its search engine to Hadoop, software that handles large-scale distributed computing tasks particularly well. Hadoop is an open-source implementation of Google’s MapReduce software and file system. It takes all the links on the Web found by a search engine’s crawlers and… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Rock Band for $35

    Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but this one is limited to Xbox 360 owners and it’s sans instruments. However, it’s still cheap for just the game itself and there’s free shipping. You just need to figure out the drum kit situation and you’re good to go. Deal News Read More

  • AT&T and T-Mobile Return Fire: Sprint Takes Aim

    MobileCrunch reported yesterday that Verizon’s new unlimited calling plan could start a price war in the U.S. mobile market. Hours after the announcement by Verizon Wireless, both AT&T and T-Mobile returned fire with unlimited calling plans of their own. Consumers should be happy but stock holders of the telecommunications companies may become a little gun shy. Verizon’s $99.99… Read More

  • Floating lamp: Balloon with built-in LEDs

    [photopress:floating_lamp2.jpg,full,center] Every one of y’all needs to petition the designer of the floating lamp, a balloon with an LED base. Fill her up with helium and you’ve got, yes, a floating light. Since the balloons follow all the laws of physics, you can expect them to last only so long before they fall back to the earth. Probably the best thing I’ve seen in a… Read More

  • GenieTown Launches To Tackle Local Services

    Palo Alto-based Genie Town launches this morning. They’re trying to crack the local services nut – a huge market, but one that a lot of the big guys are eyeing, too. The company says they are addressing the long tail of local services. The GenieTown site allows local service providers (plumbers, dentists, whatever) to put up a web presence. Users looking for providers can find… Read More

  • Blist Secures $6.5M for Cloud Database Software

    Blist, a browser-based database management application, has raised $6.5M in Series A from Frazier Technology Ventures and Morgenthaler Ventures. The company launched in private beta at DEMO this year, although we first covered them this past November. In addition to this funding announcement, Blist is also rolling out data importing, sharing, and charting features. The new charting… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Chocolate Rain Edition

    Fake gecko skin could heal your guts
    MP3 player for infants: Just what growing brains need
    Unboxing the Swiss chocolate iPhone
    Microsoft giving away Zunes
    Chumby available for purchase Read More

  • Mozilla Messaging Thinks Email Is Broken

    Mozilla officially launched its new Thunderbird focuses spinoff Mozilla Messaging yesterday with David Ascher as CEO. Mozilla Messenging begins with the proposition that e-mail is broken, with its goal being to fix it. Writes Ascher: Email and other forms of internet communications present us with a paradox. The stunning proportion of our days spent communicating online clearly indicates that as… Read More

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