• Veeker: Send Video Notes to the World…

    … but does the world want to see them? Oliver at MobileCrunch just got the scoop on Veeker, a video messaging service that allows you to upload an MMS video and then send it to your personal page, your contacts, or the world. Like many proud video/image sharing sites before it, Veeker promises to be a one-stop shop for grainy images of people’s junk. The system works like this… Read More

  • Everex StepNote NC 1500: $500 Green Laptop

    I’ve seen Everex pop up every so often and have rarely been disappointed. They’re an OEM reseller and simply rebadge or repackage nice hardware in their own cases, but this little bugger is on $498 and runs at a cool 1.5-GHz using the VIA VIA C7- M, a low-power chip, along with the VIA UniChrome Pro video engine. While you probably won’t be playing Half-Life 8: Gordon Gets… Read More

  • Kodak EasyShare C875 Review

    In the annals of photography, a few brands stand out as film juggernauts that barely made the jump to digital and, in some cases, died in the process. Leica. Polaroid. Eastman Kodak. How far the mighty have fallen, friends. Leica is aiming for the stars, Polaroid is almost gone, and Kodak, bless its heart, is hanging on by a thread. Has old Kodachrome fallen yet? No, it hasn’t, thanks… Read More

  • Best Buy Gets Into Wii

    Getting ready for the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Wii, Best Buy has put together a huge section to market the new gaming console. If you’ve seen the PlayStation 3 kiosks in stores, you know that the Nintendo Wii section blows it out of the water. It seems as though everyone is really pushing the marketing of the Wii console over the PS3. It’s probably because PS3 will sell… Read More

  • How To Break Country Lock On Xbox 360

    After hearing about all the fun Japanese gamers are having playing Blue Dragon, it’s frustrating to know that we won’t be getting the game anytime soon. So if you’re impatient like me, you might want to try this simple way to get around the country lock that is placed on your Xbox 360. Go to Xbox.com and register a new gamertag, and make sure that the email address you… Read More

  • TIOTI To Combine Legitimate TV, Bittorent Feeds

    There is a bit of buzz tonight about an upcoming TV download service called TIOTI, for “Tape it off the Internet.” It looks to combine legitimate television downloads (we’ve written about providers here) with Bittorent feeds and DVD purchases. It seems to have a nice wrapper, RSS subscriptions to shows, etc. It’s clear that this is a product that people will want to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: The Usual Suspects Edition

    Will the real Squid Vicious please stand up? Face-Tracking Cellphones Coming Soon
    Why You, The Reader, Need This 68 LED Flashlight
    Camera Lemons
    Elecom Releases Bar-Code Reading Mouse
    Squid Vicious Sighting? Read More

  • Odeo Bought Back From Investors

    Odeo as we know it is gone. After announcing itself in February 2005, the company raised a $5 million venture financing with Charles River Ventures and a bevy of angel investors. After a private beta period, the company launched in July 2005. It’s now a little over a year later and Odeo now faces dozens of competitors, including iTunes. Founder Evan Williams has spoken publicly about… Read More

  • Mind Candy "finds" $7M in funding!

    Of late there has been a lot of interest in virtual web worlds such as Habbo Hotel, WarCraft and Second Life, well now you can add a new name to this list Perplex City which combines the real world with the virtual world to create an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) . Today Mind Candy, the UK based developers behind the ARG (Alternative Reality Game) Perplex City, announced they had raised $7… Read More

  • Veeker: An Embedded Player for Mobile Video

    Oliver at MobileCrunch has posted an exclusive first look at the newly launched mobile video site Veeker. The service catches mobile video clips sent by MMS then delivers them to contacts, public and personal pages. A series of short clips can be subscribed to by RSS and feeds of clips can be played automatically in an embedded player on another site. In other words, I record video from… Read More

  • My So-called Second Life event

    I had the good fortune to be invited by NMK to put together a half-day seminar on the phenomena of the new 3D worlds of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) and Virtual Worlds (the main one being Second Life of course). Had I not been chairing it I would have been able to take better notes, and I will try to put something up soon about it. However, as usual there were… Read More

  • Inside Facebook – Read it for Free

    Karel Baloun, one of the first engineers to join Facebook, recently wrote and self published a tell-all ebook on his experiences there called “Inside Facebook.” Early reviews are mixed, although I found the book to be an insightful look at a successful startup from a key insider. The language is rough and unpolished, but the content is going to be interesting to people fascinated… Read More

  • Personalised mobile search engine in beta?

    Web 2.0 Ireland (very much worth a look) has a useful, if bald, profile of Segala, a “certificate authority in Web accessibility and mobile standards compliance”. So that’s nice. However, Segal seems to be working on a personalised mobile search engine called Search Thresher. If someone wants to give me the inside story, get in touch via the usual channels. Read More

  • VCs Open Wallets for Eyespot, Mind Candy

    It’s been a big day for Web 2.0 funding announcements. This morning we posted on Series A closing at $3 million for GotVoice. Now San Diego based online video editing service Eyespot has announced closure of its own first round of funding. The funding was led by Silicon Valley firm Gabriel Venture Partners to the total tune of $3.7 million. VentureBeat appears to have broken the… Read More

  • Upcoming Mashup and Library House events

    I think it was only towards the end of last year that Simon Grice’s etribes-backed panel and networking event started, but it quickly became one of the handful of good places to go and “talk Web 2.0″ in London. It’s no coincidence I guess that etribes relaunched soon after mashup got going. The next mashup event is on 13th December (Wednesday), in central London. The… Read More

  • Alienware MCE PC: Sleek And Powerful

    Alienware is known for building high-end gaming PCs, but don’t expect to be playing F.E.A.R or Prey or any other current 3D game on its new media center. While it features a top-notch AMD 64 FX-62 dual-core CPU, a 1,000-watt amp (yes, its own power amp) and an HDMI output for high-definition video, Alienware went with integrated graphics on this box. I know space is limited in this… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Unboxed

    I’m going to be honest, the PlayStation 3 looks like it can grow arms and legs and destroy my Xbox 360. It is massive. Why Sony decided to use the Spiderman font baffles me, but really, who cares? You can see the console, all the normal wiring and the highly talked about SIXAXIS controller. Check out more pictures after the jump. Read More

  • Social Media Club Initiative on Blogging Ethics

    I am a blogger with a lot of opinions, and because of that I’ve been involved in a number of heated discussions around journalistic integrity and ethics. Mainstream media defines journalistic integrity as a lack of financial interest in the subject matter of their reporting. I think integrity goes far beyond financial interests; in our subjective world conflicts of interest are… Read More

  • GotVoice Takes $3M in Series A Funding

    Web based voice mail management system GotVoice announced today morning that it closed a first round of funding with $3 million from Ignition Partners, Second Avenue Partners and Cedar Grove Investments. One representative from each fund will join the GotVoice board. GotVoice converts your voice mail to MP3 format and sends it to you via email. The company is working on a beta feature that… Read More

  • Music Playing Toothbrush Does Not Make Good Web Video

    WARNING: Do not click on the movie above. You will be subjected to a tossle-headed Chinese man brushing his teeth for 2 minutes. This is not a drill. Exclusive Video: Hasbro Tooth Tunes MP3 Toothbrush [Gizmodo] Read More