• Belkin Flips for DVI's

    Now this is what I’m talking about Belkin! They’ve released some nifty devices lately like their Cooling Stand and the Flip DVI-D is definitely at the top of my list of must-haves. Who knew such a simple device could make life so much easier and clutter free on your desk or work area. The Flip allows you to connect all your peripherals in one cozy little spot. If you’re like… Read More

  • T.sonic 820 Go Boom

    Think the MP3 market isn’t already flooded with so many models that your brain starts to hemorrhage from all the choices? Transcend doesn’t think so. Welcome the T.sonic 820 series that feature a whopping 1.5 inch ‘Super Color’ OLED display. The T.sonic 820s have the usual bells and whistles like mp3, photos, video, FM radio and e-books. A feature that really caught my… Read More

  • Amazing Writing Automaton from 1772

    You can have your Legos, Asimos, and Transformers. I’ll take this 100% analog scripting automaton called the Writer. This little ragamuffin was completed in 1772, and its movements are based on the complex clockwork of Switzerland’s Jacquet-Droz. It’s entirely mechanical, and is powered by a wind-up spring mechanism. Caged kinetics was one of the only portable power sources… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Robot Emergency Edition

    OSIM uSurf Not So Owesome
    Rubik’s Cube MP3 Player Concept
    The Amazing Mexican Ball-Dropping Robot
    Emergency Bear: A Teddy For Catastrophe
    Robot Wars: Japanese Style Read More

  • Just How Big Is Google Reader?

    Google’s RSS reader was nothing to write home about when it first launched in October 2005. But the new version, released late last year, has won it accolades and legions of new fans. More than a few people have recently called it the best RSS reader, hands down. But it’s hard to know exactly how popular it’s gotten. Feedburner doesn’t track it yet, so we… Read More

  • MOG Launches Embeddable MP3 Player

    MOG, a great music site that somehow we’ve never covered, is a social networking site for blogging music aficionados. It’s a little bit Last.fm, a little bit iLike, and a little bit something else. The existing MOG service is centered around a bit of software that you download to your PC (Windows or Mac). Like iLike, MOG tracks all of the music you listen to. However, where iLike… Read More

  • Keep an Eye on Shelfari

    Seattle-based Shelfari is a book centered social network that launched last fall. There’s lots of competition in this space, including Library Thing, Listal, Delicious Monster and others. The basic idea is to tell Shelfari all of the books you own, and have an online visual representation of your library. Book fanatics and book clubs are the target audience. Shelfari isn’t as big… Read More

  • Robot Wars: Japanese Style

    The things that come out of this country never cease to amaze me. Robot Wars [New Launches] Read More

  • CES 2007: Dear Diary…M-Audio, The Sands And A Whole Lotta Targus Bags

    After nearly three days of talking to vendors about their products, you start to feel like you’re on a marketing treadmill. But every now and then you hit a meeting with people that are really passionate about what they are doing. And on the second half of day three, January 9, I met with three such companies: M-Audio, CoolIT Systems and Targus. Read More

  • Emergency Bear: A Teddy For Catastrophe

    Emergency Bear gives your kids more than a hug. Emergency Bear gives your kids things he or she will need while running away from the guy in the van that hangs out across the street from the school, like a flashlight, medicine, a first aid kit, and emergency slippers. Yes, in Japan, where Emergency Bear is from, kids need emergency slippers. Emergency Bear! [Rakuten co japan] Read More

  • MySpace is Getting a Little Testy

    There was a mysterious outage on MySpace this morning. It lasted just 2.5 hours, and the site itself performed mostly as it should. All that happened was this: Anyone trying to add a Flash widget to the site, or show an image via an inserted link, or otherwise embed any sort of code, couldn’t do it. Existing widgets worked fine, but none could be added. And if a MySpace user edited… Read More

  • MobileCrunch's Take on Nokia N800

    Oliver at MobileCrunch got his mitts on a Nokia N800 for a whole month and wrote a fairly detailed and expository review of the Internet tablet that would be king. His final assessment? All in all I love this device. I love the convenience, I love the size, I love the instant on/off capability. I think it does many things well and the excitement that I feel when engaged with the… Read More

  • Mossberg on Vista: Best Windows Yet, Awful Purdy

    , be ready for a flood of praise and excoriation. The latest comes from Walthus Mossberg the Great of the WSJ who says: Vista is much prettier than previous versions of Windows. Its icons look better, windows have translucent borders, and items in the taskbar and in folders can display little previews of what they contain. Security is supposedly vastly better; there are some new free… Read More

  • XM and Sirius Merger Thwarted

    I’m as much for avoiding monopolies as the next guy, but this one makes sense to a lot of people who know a lot more about the subject than I do. XM and Sirius had been exploring the possibility of merging, but according to current FCC rulebook, the plural companies can’t become a singular company. That leaves the situation at a standstill until, perhaps, the current rulebook… Read More

  • Belkin Lights Up UPS

    I have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system, and I hate it. Not because it doesn’t work, ’cause it does. I hate it because when the power does go out, I invariably turn the thing off while trying to turn off the alarm it uses to let you know you’ve lost power. Belkin seems to have heard my cries, as its advertising a new UPS (or Battery Backup) that not only has room… Read More

  • Six Degrees Will Help People (and we can make fun of it)

    http://www.networkforgood.org/pca/PersonalCharityBadge.aspx?pcaid=100771 SixDegrees is a new site that urges users to donate to celebrity charities and then place a widget on their sites promoting those charities. It’s not explained very well, and it appears to be little more than a wrapper for Network for Good, a really excellent charity social network. It’s also, of course, a shot… Read More

  • MyBlu Links Your iPod, Mobile

    Who needs iPhone? I have a smartphone. I have an iPod. Currently, they do not talk much. But that could change if I were to pick up a MyBlu, the Bluetooth iPod-to-Mobile Phone dongle. Looking very much like a second-generation iPod Shuffle, the MyBlue clips to your pocket or bag strap, then plugs into your iPod. It then sends the audio from your iPod (via the MyBlue’s own headphone jack)… Read More

  • Google Switch?

    Engadget is running a picture of what it claims could be that much fabled Google phone: the Google Switch. I really have no idea whether or not this is legit, but if you’ll recall a month ago, I ran a piece claiming that Google, HTC and Orange had teamed up to release a phone upon Europe. Could this be that mythical beast? I’m going to venture a guess and say no, but I’ve… Read More

  • Google's Roundhouse Punch to PayPal

    Late last year Google fired a few shots at PayPal when they waived merchant fees at Google Checkout for the rest of the year. Today they hit hard, using their biggest gun to promote the service: the Google homepage. Google has added a link to Google Checkout along with a $10 coupon to use with Google Checkout merchants. Hitwise predicts we’ll see a big spike in Google Checkout traffic. Read More

  • Alienware Unleashes Area-51 m5790 Special Edition

    . As one would expect from an Alienware gaming notebook, this thing is beastly. It features a 17-inch display with 1080p quality. As far as I know, it’s the first Alienware laptop to have the option for an overclocked Core 2 Duo Merom CPU—coming in speeds up to 2.66GHz. The m5790 SE also has ATI Radeon graphics and a Blu-ray option. One of the other more valuable features is… Read More

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