• The HQV HDTV Benchmark Disc

    A true hi-def aficionado knows that just buying an HDTV and then getting drunk with your pals while you watch a Mets game is not the way to go when it comes to buying a new TV. Luckily, HQV shares the same distinctive taste with these HDTV fans and has created a disc in both Blu-Ray and HD DVD format for calibrating a new HDTV. Each disc contains various tests and assessment tools to make sure… Read More

  • Samsung Announces Official Mobile Phones For The Beijing Olympics

    With the Olympics just around the corner, and by that I mean another year, Samsung has announced three high-profile mobile phones specifically designed for the upcoming event. The E848 slider with 2-megapixel camera and 10.6mm of phatness joins the BOCOG network and hopes to boost the Samsung brand in China. Efforts to improve China Mobile will come from the P318 and U308 handsets. The U308… Read More

  • Qualcomm To Save Amp'd… Probably Not

    Will Qualcomm step up and be the knight in shining armor for Amp’d Mobile? Our sister site Crunchgear doesn’t think Qualcomm is eyeing Amp’d, even if In-Stat analyst Allen Nogee thinks it could happn. OK, so Qualcomm already offers MediaFlo mobile TV service to carriers, and it also is the developer of many mobile applications. So Amp’d could prove to be a good… Read More

  • Lazy Dude Makes Program To Keep Laptop From Sleeping

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-1846703595557332132 Alright, so there’s this dude named Brien Schultz, right? This guy is so finnicky, that he doesn’t want his laptop to go to sleep when he moves it around the house. God forbid he just leave the lid open or get a laptop that isn’t from 1997. Anyways, Brien went ahead and created a program that monitors the… Read More

  • Beerbot: It Totally Does What You Want Done Most

    Beer rules. You drink it and chicks become hotter, your wallet empties, and everyone has a good time. But when you add a robot into the mix, you know every party featuring this robot will be a good one. Hence why Beerbot is totally worth the $799 it costs. Made in Japan, this little guy keeps a few cold ones inside his tummy. When you get thirsty, he’ll grab one and will open it for… Read More

  • Samsung Paparazzi Camcorder, VM-X300

    In most cases I wouldn’t brag about getting off or on in three seconds, but Samsung isn’t ashamed or bashful about it and I don’t blame them. The VM-X300 is the latest camcorder from Samsung and the thoughts running through my mind are downright illegal. I’m sure you, folks, can think of many situations where three seconds to turn on and off a camcorder would come in… Read More

  • Sony Updates Bravia Line, Completely Ignores Bratwurst Line

    Sony, in a surprisingly bold move, released some LCD televisions last night to an ravenous audience. The two models, the brushed metal W3000 and the glass-framed XBR4 and XBR5, have full 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 120Hz frame rate. The W3000 comes in 52-,46-, and 40-inch sizes and includes upscaling/cleaning software for nasty input sources. This technology, which Sony apparently calls… Read More

  • JetBlue Uses Google Maps

    Cheap flights and nice amenities. That seems like a decent way to sum up JetBlue. Only now, the company will offer flight-tracking via Google Maps. Yup, you can now log on to Google Maps via screens on the seat in front of you on headrests. Friends can also see where your flight is currently at by logging on to any PC with a web browser and firing up Google Maps. To coincide with the Google… Read More

  • Latest iPhone Ad, Watered Down? Yes

    What’s this now? A new iPhone ad and no one bothered to inform us? Sound the alarm! Apple’s latest dog and pony show (read: ad) shows off the Jesus Phone’s prowess in the web viewing arena. Sweet, I can check out the NYT in all its glory and utilize that awesome multi-touch thingamabob to navigate through pages. The wait is killing me. Read More

  • Dell Leaves LCD TV Business, World Weeps a Great Weep

    Raise your hand if you own a Dell LCD TV. Now, how many hands are in the air? One? Two? Ten? An exaggeration to be sure, but it’s one reason why Dell is pulling out of the LCD TV business and focusing on what brought it to the dance: halfway decent computers sold for Wal-Mart-like low prices. While Dell never actually produced any of the LCD TVs in question itself (it simply slapped its… Read More

  • Sprite Yard Launches as Mobile Social Networking Site

    As a soft-drink brand Sprite hasn’t been quite on the cutting edge of rivals such as Mountain Dew, but the beverage has taken the leap to the always-on mobile community, with a mobile-based social networking site called “Sprite Yard.” This site, which is set up with modules divided into six areas, acts as a mobile portable for users to connect with friends, share photo and… Read More

  • China Mobile Content to Top $21 billion by 2012!

    There is an old saying, “not for all the tea in China.” Well, by 2012, that saying could be changed to, “not for all the mobile content in China.” According to a new study by Juniper Research the Chinese market for Wireless Value Added Services will expand to $21 billion by 2012, up from $15 in 2008. The Asian nation has a lot of people so it comes as no surprise… Read More

  • Mobile Search & Shopping Service from Sprint Nextel

    Sprint Nextel has unveiled their new mobile search and GPS service reports our friends at mocoNews. Called Slifter, this service is offered by GPShopper LLC and lets users locate products in the stores, save items to their shopping list and share the list with friends via SMS. Delivered as a downloadable app Slifter costs $1.99 for Sprint subscribers with data plans. The service draws from… Read More

  • Mobile Content Needs Better Mobile Search

    File it under: they had to say that! More mobile content creates the need for better mobile search services, that’s the findings of a new report from Mobile Entertainment Forum’s Mobile Search Initiative. These findings further suggest that consumer awareness is still low and there is a need for an established industry-wide metrics, plus mobile content could improve in the way of… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: War Games Edition

    CrunchArcade: War Simulations on the Front Line
    Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair: Exactly What It Sounds Like
    Xbox Skillz Good in Warzones
    Pac-Man Debuts on Xbox Live Arcade: Now in High Definition
    Touch Sensitive Paper Read More

  • Jobster Now Offers Pay Per Applicant Job Listings

    Eyebrows were raised when Seattle-based Jobster shredded their business model and moved to free job listings in February. It was a direct assault on Monster, which charges up to $475 per job listing. Many of the commenters in the post discussing the change said it was the last ditch effort of a troubled company. This week Jobster quietly rolled out phase two of the plan, adding… Read More

  • MyLifeBrand Aggregates Social Networking Sites

    MyLifeBrand is a service that lets user’s aggregate social networking memberships and navigate between them from the one place. MyLifeBrand supports Friendster, LinkedIn, Bebo, Facebook, H15, Orkut, MySpace, and TagWorld among others and is working on support for a number of niche social networks including Angling Masters, Navy Seals and Drunk Duck. Users are also able to add their… Read More

  • Incuby: Social Networking For Inventions

    San Antonio, Texas based Incuby is aiming to build a community where inventors can display their inventions to the general public, entrepreneurs and investors. In developing the site, the team behind Incuby have toured the United States meeting with different inventor groups. They found that inventors are tired of the high costs associated with travelling and presenting at trade shows and… Read More

  • Microsoft Expands Table to Whole Kitchen

    Hot on the heels of its soon-to-be-revolutionary table, Microsoft is aiming squarely at the rest of your kitchen, and is set to roll out enough cooking gizmos to make your proverbial ass swim. The idea is called “Kitchen Client.” No, really. The devices in your kitchen will be aware and will interact with Windows Live. You’ll also have a terminal for recipes, calendars… Read More

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