• Chinese Facebook Clone Xiaonei Raises $430 Million

    Chinese social networking site Xiaonei has raised $430 million in funding from Softbank, according to a report from VentureBeat. Xiaonei was founded in December 2005 by Qinghua University graduates Wang Xing, Wang Huiwen, Lai Binqiang and Jacky, then was acquired by Oak Pacific Interactive in 2006 for an undisclosed sum. As of November 2007, the site was said to be the most popular social… Read More

  • T-Mo's big 3G roll-out is voice-only? Pretty weak, guys

    Why even bother rolling something out when its primary purpose is not present? It’s be like releasing a car without wheels, or a console without games (oh wait, Sony did that). But that is exactly what T-Mobile is doing: the first phase of the rollout, however long it may be, will only be using the 3G network for voice. You’re stuck with EDGE for data. Well, if you’re… Read More

  • Time Warner thinking of selling Time Warner Cable

    In an earnings call today Time Warner reported that it was planning to spin off its Cable holdings, “under the right circumstances.” No specifics were noted but Time Warner Cable is obviously bolted on to the weak AOL and TW media holdings and not quite the best fit for a media company in the first place, synergy be damned. TWC had a $771 million in profit last quarter, which is… Read More

  • The young, the aged to use Samsung charging stations

    Two ladies lookin’ to get their charge on. Samsung is pleased to announce the addition of charging stations in the LaGuardia and Orlando Airports and what better way to show off their huge, penis-shaped chargers than by featuring underaged girls and their grandmother rocking out to some free power, straight outta Seoul.
    “At Orlando International Airport we continue to look for… Read More

  • Crytek dropping PC exclusivity thanks to piracy

    In an interview with PC Play Magazine, when asked about the current state of PC gaming, Crytek president Cevat Terli said: “We are suffering currently from the huge piracy that is encompassing Crysis. We seem to lead the charts in piracy by a large margin, a chart leading that is not desirable. I believe that’s the core problem of PC Gaming, piracy.  To the degree PC Gamers… Read More

  • GTA IV vs. Iron Man: It's on this weekend

    We talked back in March about how all of you nerds spending your time on GTA IV could mean a lull in sales for the opening weekend of Iron Man. Besides spending your weekly allowance on a $60 DVD, you’ll also likely be holed up without food or water, to engrossed in virtual drunk driving to go out and see a movie. This weekend we’ll find out. Iron Man opens on Friday nationwide, and… Read More

  • Sharp to sell really thin TV with wireless HD, candy buttons

    Sharp is partnering with AMIMON — who I believe was the god of thin crust pizza in ancient Roman mythology — to offer wireless HD streaming to its ultra-thin TVs. The X-series TVs come in 37-, 42-, and 46-inch screen models and work with an optional transmitter unit. We’re taking a meeting with these folks to figure out what exactly this technology will and will not do. Read More

  • Xobni Walks Away From A Microsoft Deal

    After negotiating over the past few weeks with Microsoft and signing a letter of intent to be acquired, e-mail startup Xobni has walked from the deal, according to a source close to the negotiations. The deal would have been a natural for Microsoft, which was offering to buy the two-year old startup for somewhere in the $20-million range. (The company has raised less than $5 million so far… Read More

  • And the award for best new company name goes to…

    There’s a company in the UK called SuperMario Plumbing and Heating. The owner, Mariusz “Mario” Gruzka, though likely not Italian, could perhaps pass as a real life version of the Mario that most of us know and love. He’s no Captain Lou Albano from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show (remember Zelda Fridays?), but he’ll do. There’s some loose talk going around… Read More

  • Microsoft Says They'll Pay More

    Microsoft is leaking that they are willing to increase their Yahoo bid to as much as $33 per share, up from the original $31/share offer. That original offer, which included payment in Microsoft stock, has fallen in value to just $29.12/share. This is a surprise since Microsoft has previously stated they wouldn’t increase their bid. Analysts largely expected them to either walk from the… Read More

  • Sony DAV-F200: Small footprint home theater

    STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION. That’s one way to describe Sony’s new Bravia home theater setup, the DAV-F200. Another, less boisterous way to describe it is by calling it what it is: a virtual surround sound, um, home theater setup. While “virtual” surround setups have gotten better over the years (so says one of the guys who calls into Leo Laporte’s radio show… Read More

  • Mirrors on the Moon? Those craaazy scientists!

    I’m all in favor of far-reaching, ambitious projects like the colonization of Mars and stuff, but covering the Moon with mirrors to increase the chances of aliens seeing us? I’m more than a little skeptical. Aside from the very idea being totally insane, it’s a ridiculous notion that it would help aliens find us. Any alien race that has the power to contact or visit us… Read More

  • Autonomous killer robots to patrol Israel

    Is it possible to write a full post on deadly military robots without making a snarky joke about SkyNet? Nope. The foot soldiers in the future super-computer overlord’s army aren’t the Terminator series robots, but mechanized drones, like the Israeli killer robot its army has just developed, called the Guardium. This isn’t just a remote controlled killbot, though; the Guardium… Read More

  • Sorry, world: No more XM on AOL Radio.

    AOL and XM are no longer friends, right, (the contract expired) so you can no longer listen to XM Satellite Radio via AOL Radio. For us in the promised land of North America, big deal. We can either pony up and get a dedicated satrad, or we can listen online with XM Radio Online. Others outside of the majesty of North America, however, are, shall we say, le screwed. And they’re… Read More

  • Meet HawkEye, the sobriety-determining handheld

    Because police don’t have enough ways to ruin my weekend, a company called AcuNetx (I spelled that right) has developed a device called the HawkEye, a non-invasive device that scans the eyes of drivers to tell their intoxication levels. It’s not meant for field stops so much as checkpoints, which are illegal in many states, and requires a laptop and hand-held device to operate. It… Read More

  • Meebo Closes Big Funding Round

    Web chat startup Meebo has closed the funding round they’ve been working on with investment bank Montgomery & Co., a source tells us. Expect an announcement shortly. The best information we’ve been able to gather says the company raised $25 million or so on a $200 million valuation. Earlier this month they abandoned efforts to sell the company, focusing instead on raising… Read More

  • HUGE meet-up sponsor shout out post: You're our everything

    Tomorrow we welcome those with emailed invites to Red Sky at 47 E. 29th Street between Park and Madison. We’d like to thank our sponsors again. If you got an email for the wait list spots, congratulations. If you didn’t, there’s always next time. See you tomorrow! Hopefully Marvel doesn’t shut us down. After all, Matt Hickey is coming dressed as No-Pants Spiderman.
    Read More

  • MADD: Drunk driving content should result in Adults Only rating for GTA IV

    GTA IV fever is far from over, and the controversies are still pouring in. But for one organization, it’s not the sexual content or graphic violence of the game that they find objectionable, it’s the in-game drunk driving. MADD, or Mothers Against an Average Weekend, released this statement today: Each year nearly 13,500 people die in drunk driving crashes and another half a… Read More

  • Man installs EVDO on his MacBook Air

    When Devin skewered the MacBook Air some time ago, he was summarily insulted and burned in virtual effigy; we all laughed at him in the chat room. Far from being useless, however, one valid criticism against the MacBook Air was that it wasn’t portable enough. How could Apple leave out built-in EVDO, no one said? Rather than complain about, one Jordan Bunnell took the Apple by its core… Read More

  • Zero Punk on Chains of Olympus

    http://update.videoegg.com/flash/proxy.swf?jsver=1.4 Fingering a robot prostitute for all of us. Read More

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