• Asus Eee PC 900 100 percent confirmed for early May: Yes, there's multi-touch

    Some more details for you Eee PC followers. The Eee PC 900, which we mentioned a few times already (score one for multi-touch rumors turning out to be true), has now been officially unveiled. I think the Pope First, the bare stats: 8.9-inch, 1024×600 resolution display; 12GB or 20GB hard drive (depending whether you opt for the Windows or Linux version); and 1GB RAM (which, incidentally… Read More

  • Bad parenting solved with SMS

    Actually, not really, but Samsung commissioned a survey that basically says that parents who text are closer to their kids. The video is pretty dopey, but maybe we can all text our Moms on Mother’s Day. Unless our Moms work in Shanghai running a brothel. She probably doesn’t want to hear from you. At least mine doesn’t. Read More

  • Last Call for CrunchNetwork Sponsorship Opportunity

    We’ve almost finalized our May 1 CrunchNetwork event in New York and we’re looking for some hale and hearty sponsors, either cash or giveaways, to keep our readers drunk and happy. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about your product or service to a cool and plugged in group of people and you will be mentioned in every CG and TC post leading up to the event. Then… Read More

  • Maybe Mac clone maker Psystar isn't real at all?

    It’s looking more and more likely that the Psystar-produced Mac clone is a scam, surprising people who figured that out within four seconds of reading the initial reports. The Guardian, in a journalistic coup, did a little Google Mapping and telephone calling last night, discovering nothing but dead-ends and run-arounds. And now Gizmodo, the gadget guide, sent one of its readers to… Read More

  • Yum, self-digesting corn creates delicious ethanol

    First of all, I think it should be said that the whole corn-as-fuel idea is a red herring when it comes to alternative energy. The corn industry is a bloated mess and throwing the demands of widespread biofuel use into the mix would probably push it beyond the breaking point and make for some really weird corn politics. That said, if the process of fueling some things with corn is made easier… Read More

  • Windows XP available on HP Mini Note by mid-May

    That HP Mini Note? Yeah, it’ll be available with Windows XP, the preferred Windows OS of, oh, I don’t know, pretty much everyone I’ve spoken with. Some sleuthing by Laptop mag turned up the goods, discovering that XP will be available as a pre-configured option by mid-May. That’s just one month from now, and a few weeks after the Vista and Linux models launch. Remember… Read More

  • IMAP Support Disappears From Gmail [Updated]

    It appears that Google has pulled support for IMAP, although it’s unclear whether this is a temporary decision, the result of a bug, or a permanent change of policy. Google first rolled out support for IMAP in October. IMAP allows email users to manage their email using alternative clients (such as the desktop app Thunderbird or Mail) without creating copies of their messages, as… Read More

  • Here's a new one: You should pay to rip your own CDs

    Get this. It turns out that various parts of the music industry are very, very greedy. I know, I was shocked too! The Music Business Group (the UK’s version of the RIAA, basically) is proposing that music creators and rights owners should be entitled to profits from anything that facilitates you ripping a CD to your computer — anything used for “format shifting,” as… Read More

  • Meet Carlos, the flammable legs-only robo hobo

    I don’t get it and I don’t want to get it, but here’s a robotic something-or-other that pushes a shopping cart around while on fire. Exactly. Carlos’ inventor says… “Robotics are often used in environments which are considered dangerous to humans. Deep sea exploration, nuclear cleanup and volcanism are some of the ‘higher profile’ adverse… Read More

  • Soocial Makes Plaxo Look Lame (Beta Invites)

    Okay, making Plaxo look lame isn’t that hard. But as Plaxo has been groping around the past year trying to turn itself into a social network to attract a buyer (cough, Comcast), a little startup in the Netherlands called Soocial has been building a kick-ass contact management service that syncs all of your contacts between your desktop, cell phone, and a growing list of Web services. … Read More

  • Verizon Wireless XV6900 (HTC Touch) now available

    The HTC Touch is now available through Verizon Wireless, although it’s called the XV6900 which we can all agree sounds much, much cooler. It’ll set you back $299 for the device itself and then you’ll enjoy paying at least $80 per month for data service and 450 anytime minutes, which you might find to be an absurd amount for voice and data service. I know I do. Oh, you can… Read More

  • Women more likely to give passwords for chocolate? Yeah, but did they offer the men guilt-free sex?

    Ok, so I have taken the bait, but I am slightly stunned by today’s “PR masquerading as a legitimate survey” from Infosecurity Europe that says women are four times more likely than men to give out their passwords in exchange for chocolate. Now, let’s try to not go into the whole caricatured, stupid “debate” about women supposedly doing anything for chocolate. Read More

  • Don't shoot the messenger: Microsoft internal promo video about Windows Vista is hard to watch

    Here’s what appears to be a Springsteen-inspired internal promotional video about the awesomeness of Windows Vista that may or may not be floating around Microsoft, allegedly leaked by one of its employees. No telling whether or not this is legit, but the video seems almost polished and cheesy enough to have come from inside a corporation of some type, unless someone really went to a lot… Read More

  • Valleywag Fires Writer Who Criticized Valleywag

    Apparently everything and everyone is fair game at Silicon Valley gossip site Valleywag. Or, almost everything. Write a post criticizing Valleywag itself, and two weeks later you’re out of a job. Writer Jordan Golson is the person who finds himself out of work, possibly based on a single critical post about his employer. His post, written on April 1 (but not an April Fools joke)… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Samsung UpStage for -$50

    Time for a new phone? Howsabout the Samsung UpStage? It’s not the newest kid on the block, but it has two screens, plays music, and it’s pretty small. Here’s a video review by our own John Biggs from about a year ago. He seems unusually upbeat, which is a good sign. Here’s a quote, “How do I like it? I’ve been using it a little bit.” Anyhoo… Read More

  • Will TheFunded be good or bad for Europe?

    London-based venture capitalist Paul Fisher today blogs (partly in response to my tweet) that TheFunded, a largely US site which rates VCs on their performance, will ultimately be as tough for entrepreneurs as for VCs. He contends that entrepreneurs will “read the funded.com and either believe it to be truly representative or treat it as proper advice. This is very far away from the… Read More

  • CNET UK reviews Asus Eee PC 900, gives it an 8.7

    Good news for those of you waiting for the Eee PC 900 to be released; it looks to be a winner. CNET UK’s Rory Ried took a look at it and gave it an 8.7 out of 10. He liked the bigger 8.9-inch 1024×600 resolution screen, the built-in 1.3-megapixel camera, and the wide-aspect multi-touch trackpad, and the full one gigabyte of RAM. The keyboard apparently hasn’t changed at all… Read More

  • Google Finally Takes Urchin Out Of Beta

    For those Urchin fans out there, Google has lifted the beta designation from the Website analytics software that it acquired back in March, 2005. The technology behind Urchin is also what powers Google Analytics, but Urchin itself remains server-installed software for companies that want to keep it behind their firewalls. It costs $3,000 and, um, Google Analytics is free. Google made no… Read More

  • Look Out Twhirl, Alert Thingy Adds Twitter Support

    Alert Thingy, the FriendFeed desktop application that launched just three days ago, just launched v 1.2 of the service, with Twitter support. In addition to viewing FriendFeed data streams and posting directly to FriendFeed, users can now also post directly to their Twitter account as well. Users cannot directly view Twitter streams through AlertThingy, although they can get that information… Read More

  • When Everyone Talks About Weakness At Google, Wall Street Buys the Stock

    Later today Tomorrow when Google announces its first quarter earnings after the markets close, we are finally going to find out whether all the sturm und drang about Google’s seemingly-flat growth of clicks on search ads is a bad as everyone thinks. Already, Wall Street is bidding the stock up more than 2 percent in midday-trading in the hopes that it was oversold this past week on fears… Read More

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