• New Parrot Bluetooth car stereo coming in March

    Another entry in the no-CD-necessary line of car stereos will be showing up in stores this March. The Parrot RK8200 will blur the line between stereo and hands-free car kit, offering stereo Bluetooth (A2DP/AVRCP), 12-key numeric keypad, and iPod, USB, SD card, and analog inputs. There’s also a little compartment behind the flip-down faceplate that you can use to stash your phone… Read More

  • Moneual I*magine barely looks like a media center PC, has really nice external touch screen

    I thought this was another oversized satellite radio home kit from afar. As I got closer, I figured it was some sort of retro bread crisper. Then when I got even closer, I could have sworn it was a big giant container like you use at the bank to whoosh your cash through those magical tubes (only red instead of gray). Finally, I realized it was some sort of PC with wonderful widgets and knobs… Read More

  • Is YouTube Looking At Live Streaming Video?

    http://qik.com/player.swf?streamname=f8abbc55c19b470fa069bbb6e5a308c8&vid=7162&playback=false&polling=false&user=scobleizer&userlock=true&islive=&username=anonymous Scoble’s video of YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley answering the question above isn’t a clear yes in relation to YouTube’s interest in live streaming, but there’s a list… Read More

  • Hands on with Nyko's slew of gaming accessories

    Front Man retails for $59.99 and it’s wireless. I trekked ass from the LVCC to the Hilton to check out Nyko’s line of gaming accessories for the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3. This is what I found. Read More

  • CG's CES Highlights: We talk to Penn Jillette and iRobot's Colin Angle, Fondle the LimePC

    Some of the best posts we made this week involved real “reporting” involving “interviews” and “actually talking to humans” — go figure! Today Matt and Devin sat down with magician and atheist Penn Jillette and I spoke with iRobot’s CEO Colin Angle about the future of iRobot and personal robotics. In hardware news, we took a gander at the LimePC… Read More

  • CG Exclusive: Samsung launches F490, Croix UI phone with touchscreen, sadly Europe-only

    [photopress:F490.jpg,full,center] The uber-hot F490, an Armani-like touchscreen GSM phone with front VGA camera and back 5-megapixel camera just dropped in Europe today for about 500 euros. The F490 has Google Search built-in and uses the Croix UI with haptic feedback and includes a standard 3.5mm jack for audio playback. Expect it on Euro carriers in the next few months and, sadly, not here for… Read More

  • Penn Jillette teaming up with Crackle.com to vlog himself

    After being treated to an interminable 10-minute Sony ad, some guys from the original video site Crackle announced some new shows they were picking up, and then handed it over to Penn of Penn & Teller to explain his bit. It seems they’ve outfitted Penn with a bunch of HD camcorders which he’ll keep around his house and work, and pick one up basically whenever he feels the urge… Read More

  • Hands on with Tannoy i-30, PSP dock

    In a world filled with 1,000s of iPod docks, do we really need another one? 95 percent of them are crap. Pure unadulterated pieces of shat. Single drivers just don’t cut it. I was skeptical going into Tannoy’s suite, but my jaw immediately dropped when the i-30 was fired up. Two 100mm iCT drivers had a full, rich sound that knocked the crap out of Bose’s iPod dock, which… Read More

  • Apple movie rentals rumors intensify, five studios said to be on board

    [photopress:macworldrentals.jpg,full,center] The rumors suggesting Apple would begin renting videos on iTunes appear to be true. Bloomberg today cites “people familiar with the agreements” in a report that claims Warner Bros., Fox, Paramount, Disney and Lions Gate have all signed up to be part of the new service. To be announced on January 15, likely during Steve Jobs’… Read More

  • Fabrik makes backing up data fun, easy

    Besides the launch of their portable SimpleTech mini USB drives, Fabrik also launched Fabrik Ultimate Backup at CES. If you’re like me then backing up can be a tedious pain the arse. I avoid it as much as possible. I just don’t have the time or patience to do it. Well, Fabrik realizes many consumers feel the same way and FUB makes the whole process simple. Read More

  • Silliest of CES 2008

    At any trade show, you’re bound to see some good stuff. This post, however, is not about that; it’s about the most ridiculous things I’ve seen so far here at CES, like the USA-themed piano above in Gibson’s tent. From the gawdy to the bawdy, feast your eyes on these abominations. (More pics after the jump.) Read More

  • Limepc: Little Linux, big possibilities

    The forthcoming Limepc and LimeOS represent the ever-shrinking “motherboard-on-a-chip” concept, allowing fully functional computers to run off of an integrated hardware board that’s smaller than an iPod Nano. The devices should be available in the US by the end of the year and will include varying versions of UMPCs, data-enabled HDTVs, thin-clients, smaller PDA-type devices… Read More

  • Yahoo Tech Ticker: More Details And A Screenshot

    Yahoo’s new technology business video show, TechTicker, is set to go live soon (officially, in the next few weeks, but I’m hearing that some early stuff may come out as soon as next week). The show will be hosted by Henry Blodget (Silicon Alley Insider), Sarah Lacy (Business Week columnist) and Paul Kedrosky and will have 10-20 original segments per week day, focusing on financial… Read More

  • NewsGator Upgrades RSS Readers, Provides Them for Free

    NewsGator has decided to offer all of its RSS readers for free, including the newest versions of NetNewsWire, FeedDemon and NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile. NewsGator Inbox, which has just been launched in public beta, will also be available for free. When Nick wrote about NewsGators’ latest round of funding, he noted that NewsGator’s desktop feed readers can be preferable to… Read More

  • Social Blogging Platform Profy Launches in Alpha

    Today, we get a new blogging platform from Russian/San Francisco startup Profy. Does the world need another blogging platform? Maybe not. But, hey, give the Russians a chance. The more competition, the better. If you want to try it out yourself, we have 100 invites available here (enter “Techcrunch” in the description field). Update: Due to popular demand among TechCrrunh… Read More

  • Microsoft says HD DVD not important to Xbox 360's success, not concerned with Blu-ray's 'win'

    Photo via this woman’s Flickr account. Thanks, person! While Sony and its PS3 may benefit from Warner’s decision to support Blu-ray, Microsoft doesn’t think its HD DVD-playing Xbox 360 will take any significant hit. A Microsoft marketing manager said he doesn’t “think… this has a significant impact on Xbox 360… Read More

  • iMantri to Pair Mentors Up with Mentees

    So apparently it’s National Mentoring Month and a new site called iMantri wants to celebrate by welcoming TechCrunch readers into its private beta. iMantri seeks to match mentors up with mentees using a niche social network that focuses on “goals” and “competencies”. All those interested can go here and use invitation code “imaptc178” to sign… Read More

  • Apple forced to drop UK iTunes prices

    The UK’s greatest music export Facing a lawsuit, Apple said today it will lower prices of UK iTunes downloads, bringing them in line with prices found on the Continent. The European Commission, the European Union’s executive branch, had been investigating whether or not Apple’s policy of charging the equivalent of €1.05 per song in… Read More

  • Amazon's head of consumer electronics names 'excellent' convergence devices

    [photopress:9_12_07_flipvideoultra.jpg,full,center] Amazon’s head of consumer electronics cautions: Don’t let the marketing speak convince you that the Xbox 360 or latest Motorola set-top box is truly “excellent.” Paul Ryder, who’s in charge of CE at Amazon, thinks so-called convergence devices fall into one of two categories: the “capable”, like… Read More

  • ClipSyndicate Videos Now On Truveo, Bebo, Magnify, and Lingospot

    Video clips from local TV news affiliates are making their way onto the Web through a service called ClipSyndicate that’s been in beta for more than a year. The service, which is owned by New York City startup Critical Media, has more than 200,000 archived news clips and adds about 1,000 a day from about 200 local affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, along with video from Bloomberg TV… Read More

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