• AT&T Name Games

    The commercial with the hook from that Oasis song says AT&T is the new Cingular, or Cingular is the new AT&T? It is hard to keep track. But it is more or less a moot point, because as our sister site at Crunchgear is reporting, AT&T is going to use the launch of the iPhone to push the official name change. With the launch of the iPhone next month AT&T is going to drop the… Read More

  • RealEditor Says "MySpace Ripped Us Off"

    RealEditor is a MySpace profile editor that was created by Jay Elaraj and Dave Maestri, two Freewebs developers, in their leisure time. It caught the eye of MySpace President Tom Anderson, who wrote to the founders in March. He complimented RealEditor and asked them if they’d be willing to come work for and/or sell the software to MySpace. The co-founders declined. But they had a bit of… Read More

  • Dangers of Wi-Fi Should be Reevaluated, Possibly More Harmful Than Previosuly Indicated

    W-Fi could be a lot more dangerous to children’s health than previously thought, says a British health agency. The guy behind the call to arms, Sir William Stewart, points to evidence that shows signal strength from a Wi-Fi router at a distance of one meter is stronger than a cellphone tower’s at a distance of 100 meters. Or, in something I like to call “English,”… Read More

  • Phozi: Bringing a Photo Booth Experience to MySpace

    Phozi is an image hosting service that offers a Japanese style photo booth experience to the online MySpace generation. Online image hosting is far from new. It’s a crowded market place with not a lot differenting one service to another. Phozi hosted photos that can be displayed on MySpace and all the usual social networking and blogging services. Photos can be uploaded directly or can… Read More

  • Cellphone Warning System for Lightning in the Works?

    They say lightning never strikes twice in the same spot, and even that were true it’s only going to keep you safe if you knew where lightning actually hit. A better way of playing it safe when you’re outdoors on the golf course and caught in a sudden thunderstorm is to know when lightning is heading your way. Nokia has proposed a warning system that could alert you to take… Read More

  • Don't Like Girls? Make an AppleTV Render Farm!

    Those guys over at AwkwardTV are really good at what they do, don’t get me wrong, but I’m pretty sure they just have a lot of free time on their hands and I’m going to guess that partying with chicks is at the bottom of their list of priorities. User Professafresh has successfully setup an AppleTV render farm using OS X’s Xgrid technology. Though Xgrid is geared… Read More

  • Casio Introduces EXILIM Zoom EX-Z1200

    Today, Casio stopped counting megapixels. It today decided that overkill is a the new black and with this newly found idea comes the EX-Z1200. This monster packs the ability to shoot photos at a rediculous 12.1-megapixel resolution. Features include Casio’s image-stabalization technology, 3X optical zoom, the latest EXILIM Engine, version 2.0, a small, thin design, and movie mode. Read More

  • This Electronic Go Board Game Might Be Fun If It Weren't Fake

    Amazing. Incredible. Amazing. These are just some of the words I’ve heard describe this electronic Go board that’ll never come out in real life. The design is nice enough, with the board being comprised of a bunch of OLEDs that change into the appropriate playing piece as the game unfolds. And, get this, the board actually rolls up for easy transport. Well, in theory because, you… Read More

  • Spiderman Gets BSOD

    Poor Spidey. All he wanted to do is use his computer in this Megabloks set. But unfortunately, when he went to open Word 98, he got the infamous blue screen of death. Perhaps if Spiderman had chosen a more reliable OS for his supercomputers, such as Linux or OS X, he’d be able to get his computer working so he can go kick Venom’s ass. But alas, he’s stuck trying to pull off… Read More

  • Contra No-Death Speedrun

    This video of a guy playing all the way through Contra is a speedrun no doubt, but still, I give him props for taking the time to play it and make it through Contra all the way. I mean playing the original NES version with the Konami Code is hard enough, but trying not to lose a single life without the code? Pure madness. Either way, xxxxRothxxxx has some serious NES skills. Hit the link below… Read More

  • The 7 Best Religious Gadgets

    JesusPan You know those people who find the face of Jesus in their grilled cheese sandwich and sell the holy melt on eBay for $20,000? Well here’s your chance to hit the big time in the religious pizza market. Bake a pie using this pan and every bite will be a religious experience. [JesusPan] Read More

  • Quadruple-Play From Verizon

    Telecommunications Industry News is reporting that Verizon Communications has announced plans to offer quadruple play telecom services, which would include voice, broadband, Intenet and wireless in a single package. This four services assault would allow Verizon, which is currently the second largest incumbent telephone operator in the US, to gain an advantage over cable operators such as… Read More

  • FROG Interface

    Want a new homepage for your mobile handset or other portable device that makes it easier to get to the mobile Web sites you use the most? Hop over to FROG, where you can add direct access to mobile Web sites to your phone. This new homepage is free, and offers customizable links and colors. Users register online at GetFrog.com, and do the initial set up from a PC, selecting which sites… Read More

  • V Cast Mobile Expands to Eight Cities

    The Verizon Wireless V Cast Mobile TV service has expanded to eight additional markets, reports Telecommunications Industry News. The wireless TV service launched in 20 markets on March 1, and major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Philadelphia can now tune in to see programming. Currently the service, which is based on Qualcomm’s MediaFlo tech and costs $15 for… Read More

  • Hear It N' Get It Developer Gets Funding

    Opus Capital Ventures has provided Hingi with $3.5 million in the first round of funding, reports mocoNews. The Israeli mobile apps developer has created a service called “Hear It N’ Get It,” which can be used to identify broadcast music and let users download related content, including ringtones and MP3 tracks. Users can send an SMS with the name or a short-code of the radio… Read More

  • FuelFinder Helps You Find Cheap Gas

    As gas prices continue to soar with the arrival of summer, finding cheap gas is going to get harder and harder. Driving around is basically counter-productive. So before you drive around the block hoping to find a cheaper price, try looking up for affordable fuel on your mobile phone. FreeMobileFuelFinder.com can help you save money during your next fill-up. This national service is now… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel Goes Unlimited

    Long talkers can soon gab it up without the worry of going over in their minutes, as Sprint Nextel extend its unlimited voice and data plan. WirelessWeek is reporting the carrier is now extending this plan to three new metropolitan markets including Philadphia, Tampa and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Two plans are available and include one for $120 a month, which includes unlimited voice, text and… Read More

  • Google May Launch Mobile Service In UK

    We’ve heard from a good source in the mobile industry that Google may be preparing to launch its own branded mobile network in the UK in the next few weeks. If our source is accurate, Google will become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) via a deal with UK mobile phone company O2. We’re hearing that there will be no physical stores for the service, and that signups and… Read More

  • Dell To Make Tablet PCs By Years End

    Dell has gone and done it. They’ve confirmed the rumors that they’ll be delving into the tablet PC market. Now I could go and give you the details, but I think Jeff Clarke will do a better job. Besides his funky colored shirt makes me giggle and I know it’ll make you LOL too. Direct2Dell [via Gizmodo via jkOnTheRun] Read More

  • Last100 Launches: New Blog From Read/Write Web

    One of the blogs I read religiously is Richard MacManus’ ReadWriteWeb. It has been a source of quality anaylsis and thinking on the new web for years, and has been around far longer than TechCrunch. That’s why I’m very happy to see RWW launch a new blog called Last100, to be edited by veteran writer Steve O’Hear. O’Hear will continue to write his ZDnet blog on… Read More

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