• WeeWorld: South Park Style Avatars Designed By Girls And Big Business

    UK startup WeeWorld is offering a avatar focused social networking service that is doing some great numbers. WeeWorld is pitched as the “world’s first multiplatform visual identity” and offers a personalized Web experience that can be used across IM, blogs and social networking sites. WeeWorld users design a WeeMee, a customizable avatar that gets its own space, and embeding… Read More

  • Leaked: Photos of the cast of the new G.I. Joe film in costume!

    What you see above you is a leaked photo of Dennis Quaid as General Hawk from the forthcoming G.I. Joe movie, and I must say, he looks very much like the Flint of my youth, but he’s General Hawk. It got me pretty excited. We’d seen Snake-eyes before, and he’s badass indeed. Then I saw Marlon Wayans as Ripcord and Rachel Nichols as Scarlet, and I got really excited, they… Read More

  • Onkyo launches three new attractive full home theater systems

    Onkyo today dropped a trio of home theater in a box set-ups, and they’re fairly affordable, full-featured systems. The HT-S3100 is your basic 5.1 home theater system with capacity to hand HDTV via component inputs. Up to three hi-def devices can be displayed on your HDTV, switched automatically. It also has plenty of standard analog inputs for your legacy gear. The HT-S4100 is the… Read More

  • Mortal Kombat vs. DC has no blood or fatalities, to be renamed Playskool Kombat

    Apparently the latest entry in the venerable Mortal Kombat series will feature “little to no blood” and no fatalities, according to one of the developers. Now, I understand they don’t want you punching Batman so hard he explodes, but in that case why did they put Batman in a Mortal Kombat game? Why not Street Fighter vs. DC? That seems a bit more appropriate. Well, since… Read More

  • Report: eBay Says It May Sell Skype

    eBay has gone on the record saying that they will sell Skype if they fail to find ways of using Skype to support its core ecommerce business. Richard Waters at the Financial Times got the scoop directly from eBay’s CEO John Donahoe: “What we’re testing this year are the synergies,” Mr Donahoe told the Financial Times this week after Ebay reported its latest earnings. Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Back Burner: Things we didn’t post this week

    A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week. ShowerPAL.US Hi,
    Will you be interested in selling ShowerPAL.
    Please visit http://www.showerpal.us for more information.
    Thank you.
    Sid Rizvi Read More

  • HP Upline? More Like HP Downtime

    HP’s new online storage service Upline has been having quite the growing pains over the past few days. We’ve heard that the service’s web interface went down several days ago, although the backups continued to function. But as of yesterday, everything appears to have gone down except for the telephone support, which doesn’t provide any information beyond an assurance… Read More

  • Psystar's phones are ringing, nobody's answering

    So today I was supposed to have a phone call with the president of Psystar, the makers of the not-a-Mac that can ship with Leopard pre-installed. Our call was at 1:00 west coast time. I hadn’t heard from him, so I called the number at 1:15 (4:15 in Miami, where Psystar is located) I was given yesterday for him and got a message that “Psystar is now closed,” but I could leave… Read More

  • Ning Worth Half A Billion Dollars

    Social network platform Ning joined Slide in the Half Billion Dollar Club by raising $60 million (after banker fees) on a $500 million pre-money valuation. Like Slide, Ning used influential investment bank Allen & Co. to represent them in the deal. Venturebeat broke the story based on a perusal of SEC filings, and we’ve confirmed it with Ning co-founder Marc Andreessen. “We… Read More

  • AT&T exec: The Tubes needs a $55 billion plumber

    AT&T says that without heavy investments in hardware and networking from companies like itself, the Internet will be a series of clogged tubes by 2010. While that’s perhaps hyperbole on some levels, he’s right: as the number of people and devices that use the Internet increases, as well as the size of the data payloads people use, the Internet is going to reach capacity. To make… Read More

  • Dial Plus Fetches Information As You Talk

    Dial Plus is a new service in public alpha looking to provide cellphone users with instant access to data relevant to the phone numbers they call. Upon dialing or receiving calls from businesses, users are presented with directions, business hours, and/or menus. During personal calls, the service fetches contact profiles from social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. At first glance, the… Read More

  • Samsung wants you to use your hands

    Samsung has filed a patent for a phone that is operated with only your hands, but not on the phone. The idea is that you move you hand around and form gestures in the air to control the phone. The patent states that the hand movements would be captured in the phones camera and then translated into instructions for the phone. As interesting as this technology is, it is only a patent, so who… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang Now Part Of TechCrunch Network

    Journalist Steve Gillmor was a podcasting pioneer – In 2004 he began recording conversations with leading tech pundits about the issues of the day and posting them on IT Conversations. The show, which he called the Gillmor Gang, was picked up by Podshow in 2005, but a legal dispute led to a breakup in 2006 and the shutting down of the show, despite its huge popularity. Last year… Read More

  • Mandatory, yet contentless Xbox Live update imminent

    Other than some under-the-hood code to prepare for the big spring update, there are “no other changes or enhancements in this update…in other words no new features.” And what of the vaunted spring update? “At this point we have nothing to announce.” Why would they even release this update now, when they have nothing to say? Why not release the update and the… Read More

  • Atom-sized transistor is world's smallest

    Made from graphene, scientists in the UK have created the world’s smallest transistor. Size? Oh, say, about the size of an atom. The transistor, which could totally change the way electronics are made, is just one atom thick and 10 atoms wide. Again, it’s made from graphene, which, apparently, is a significantly better conductor of electricity than silicon. “We believe we… Read More

  • Do you speak Nerdic? Probably, yes!

    If you read CrunchGear regularly, you know what a dongle is, what a mobile is, and what a torrent is. Congratulations, you speak Nerdic. According to the Telegraph, anyway, that’s the name of the language of modern technology. Modems, WiFi, and other words make up this secondary language. We personally think it’s a stupid name, we like “Virginglish”… Read More

  • Reebok + Allen Iverson + Zune = Answer XI Zune, Special Edition

    If you like the Zune, sneakers, and Allen Iverson, then we’ve got something for you! Reebok is releasing a special edition Allen Iverson pair of sneakers called the Answer XI Zune. The freaky sneaks come with a special 8GB Zune with custom artwork to match the shoes, and it’s loaded with special Allen Iverson content, whatever that is. Only 60 will be produced, and we’re not… Read More

  • The 3G iPhone may look 'radically different'

    Most of you are probably sick of all this “3G iPhone is coming, no wait it’s not… no wait it is!” but the (UK) Times has some new info the whet your appetite. In reporting on the difficulty Apple is having selling the iPhone in Europe, which jibes with reports from earlier today, the Times reports that many Europeans are waiting for the 3G version of the phone. In… Read More

  • Maybe a little raw meat to protect your iPod?

    Ewww! Or yum?? This raw meat iPod protector comes from Japan and carries the Kobe Beef-like price tag of $68. That’s a hell of a lot of money unless you really, really, really like steak. Or raw meat. I really, really like steak, but that’s only two “reallys” so I’ve been priced right out of contention by that $68 figure. Too rich for my blood, although that… Read More

  • German Startup Community Makes Us Proud Once Again: Freundefeed

    You haven’t arrived until your web application has a German clone, it seems. Web innovation in that country too often distills down to “copy/paste innovation.” And now, Freundfeed, which doesn’t appear to be a joke. Not only is it a ripoff of the FriendFeed name, they also use the same logo. The service hasn’t launched yet, but I’m willing to make an… Read More

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