• Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding, Bananaphone

    Mad4MobilePhones has a cute little article on some unique vintage cellphone kits that include a rotary phone, a banana, and a Zack Morris phone. Take the Bananaphone (pictured above) for instance. This plastic, yet realistic, fruit called Banokia hooks up to a cellphone as a hands free set so you can act extremely serious whilst walking down the street with a banana held up to your ear. The… Read More

  • SMS to be $67bn Industry by 2012

    A report from Portio Research is forecasting SMS revenues to reach $67 billion. The increase is mostly attributed to an expected increase in mobile subscriber base from 2.61 to 4.81 billion, sending 3.7 trillion messages. The Asian markets are expected to grow the fastest, comprising 50% of the subscriber base by 2008. SMS accounts for approximately 75-80% of carrier’s non-voice plan… Read More

  • Those Chinese Love Them Some Texting

    If you thought your high school girlfriend sent a lot of SMSs, wait ’till you see what China is predicting. The Xinhua news agency said Monday that it expects over 14 billion text messages to be sent during the Lunar New Year. Keep in mind, this is just during one week! China Unicom and China Mobile have both adjusted their networks to compensate for the increase in traffic. Plus, with… Read More

  • Running Over the Nokia N76 With a Limo

    The boys at MobileBurn ran over a Nokia N76 just to see what would happen. The result? Not a scratch and nary a crack. Pretty cool. Read More

  • TXTDrop.com: Free SMS

    In the spirit of AllCallsForFree or whatever that latest Iowa free international number is, TXTDrop is offering free SMS calls. No catch, just a little added tag at the end of the message advertising the service. There’s even an OS X widget and the mandatory Web 2.0 logo. Give it a go — while its still free. Web Page Read More

  • Union Square Ventures funds Adaptive Blue

    Semantic web Firefox plug-in provider Adaptive Blue announced today that the company has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Union Square Ventures.  The company’s product, called Blue Organizer, is a tagging and search tool with an incredible array of features and a focus on parsing the semantic meaning of web pages it interacts with.  Union Square Ventures is most well… Read More

  • Wiiminder, Tabbed Browsing For The Wii

    The internet channel on the Wii always leaves me wanting more. Who browses the web with multiple windows open or from one site to another? That is so 2004! That’s where Wiiminder comes in and makes your porn web browsing somewhat enjoyable. Wiiminder Read More

  • 419 Scammers Find the Parrot is Deceased

    I’m not sure how many folks are falling for 419 scams anymore — there are plenty of other scams out there that are working considerably better right now — but one scambaiter got his scammers to act out the Dead Parrot sketch. Quite funny. 419 scammers tricked into re-creating Dead Parrot Sketch [BoingBoing] Read More

  • Palm on the Block, Nokia In the Running

    Like the late, great Compaq, Palm looks like it’s going to be subsumed by a bigger company in the next few days. Rumors abound regarding a possible purchase by Nokia, although Motorola is also in the running. What does that mean for us? Probably Symbian-based Treo-esque devices or, heaven forefend, Windows Mobile or Palm devices coming out of the Finnish giant. The only real precedent… Read More

  • 3X DVD Launched: Kinda HD, But Not

    3X DVD is a red-laser DVD standard that works on HD DVD players but uses standard DVD discs rather than the more expensive HD DVD disks. The discs, which are now available, offer AACS copy protection but transcode video to VC-1 or AVC and lower the resolution to 720p, not bad, but definitely not great. This sounds sort of like the VCD standard — popular with pirates but not with anyone else. Read More

  • Viacom Gets Joost Up

    You may remember that last week, Viacom demanded that YouTube pull 100,000 copyrighted videos own that belonged to the media giant. Turns out, it wasn’t just because some guy uploaded an old Hall & Oates video, rather Viacom has decided to go with Joost instead. That’s right: Joost users will be able to enjoy programming from networks like MTV, Comedy Central, and… Read More

  • Gamers Make Better Surgeons

    A study appearing in the Archives of Surgery has found a strong correlation between gaming skills and strong surgical skills. Surprise, surprise. After looking at 33 doctors at the Beth Israel Medical Center, the study’s authors discovered that those who played video games did better at 36-hour surgical skills test. They also proposed that video games are a great way to train brain… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Knight Rider Patent by Subaru

    . Last week, Fuji Industrial/Subaru, received the latest patent for an automatically controlled, GPS guided car. Subaru is joined most notably by Volkswagen in this field, and we take a quick look at autonomous vehicles on the news of Stanford’s formal statement that they are in for this year’s DARPA Grand Challenge. Read More

  • Kevin Rose at FOWA: DIGG Adopts OpenID

    Kevin Rose, speaking here at the Future of Web Apps conference in London, just announced that Digg will adopt the OpenID decentralized digital identity platform. Don’t expect this right away though – adoption will begin “later this year” according to Rose. It’s definitely time to declare OpenID a winner and the hope for a single-sign on world a reality. This Digg… Read More

  • Trulia and Mashery Launch Real Estate Search API

    Real estate search company Trulia announced the availability of its new API this morning as well as two interesting mashup examples made possible by that API. Outside developers will now have access to the company’s real estate data and aggregate user search data. To demonstrate the types of things made possible by the API, the Trulia team made available two interesting mashups they… Read More

  • A Quick Call for Help

    I’m running a marathon in June. I’m taking part in Team in Training, a part of the the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and they offer training and support during the ordeal/sporting event to volunteers who agree to raise money for them. They’re also flying me out to the marathon site, in San Diego, and will probably transport my body back to Brooklyn when I cross the finish… Read More

  • VideoEgg Hits 3 Million Uploads

    VideoEgg and its content delivery network Akamai Technologies have announced this morning that the two companies have passed 3 million video uploads together.  Akami provides the webcam capture and video uploading service for users of some AOL sites, Bebo, hi5, Piczo, myYearbook, Dogster, Tagged and others.   VideoEgg says it’s now serving 15 to 20 million video streams each day. … Read More

  • LG Shine 2.0, Now With 3.5G HSDPA

    The Shine has yet to launch in the US, but LG is already in the works on the next generation of the popular phone. The KU970, as it’s being dubbed for now, won’t get an exterior makeover, but we will still see some new features under the hood. My Czech is a bit rusty, but it seems the Shine 2.0 will have 3.5G HSDPA, a VGA camera for teleconferencing and who knows what else. Can… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Self-Image Edition

    Windows Vista: 75% of Reviews Mention OS X
    Laser Comb: FDA-Approved. Snake Oil?
    Delete Erase, Low Tech—Way Cool
    This Toaster Is So Metal, It Has A Skull AND Crossbones
    Cellular Plant Communicator
    The Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge Read More

  • Viacom to Sign Deal with Joost

    Two weeks after Viacom ordered Google to take down more than 100,000 allegedly copyrighted videos from YouTube, the media giant is about to sign a content deal with Joost, the Wall Street Journal is reporting tonight.    Joost, the P2P online television service soon to launch from the founders of Skype, is purportedly aimed to challenge traditional TV networks more than it is… Read More

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