• A Macworld apology

    On behalf of the CG crew, we apologize for the mix-ups during the keynote. Keynotes are hard to cover and we experienced a perfect storm of site failures, database errors, and “No, you can’t stream live audio” directly from folks at Apple, all in the matter of two minutes. Hopefully some of you enjoyed our reduced HTML page and were able to see some great images. Next time we… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live: The Macworld 2008 Steve Jobs Keynote

    Unadulterated feed of the entire keynote. Thanks for tuning in. Read More

  • Apple's stock dives during Macworld keynote

    [photopress:apple_stock_chart_115.png,full,center] It looks like Wall Street isn’t too impressed with what Steve Jobs has showed off today. Apple’s stock is down some 8 percent today, trading at $170.41. What’s up, Wall Street? I mean, I have my own reasons why I’m disappointed with the announcements, but I’d like to know what The Street’s problem… Read More

  • Why Apple's Time Capsule is good but Time Machine is still weak

    I’ve never liked the idea of Time Machine – I back up the things that are important to me on my own schedule, and I know where it all is and how it works. Time Machine strikes me as a black box that utilizes my CPU and hard drive in a mysterious and inefficient way. Furthermore, laptops are basically left out of the party. Time Capsule is a great solution and while I still… Read More

  • Pirate Bay faces deadline but plans a long fight

    Swedish prosecutors have sent 4000 pages of legal documents to Swedish BitTorrent tracker, The Pirate Bay. However, the group is unbowed. Even if convicted they plan to appeal all the way up to the European Court. Sweden, where the uber-file-sharing Kazaa originated, has a populus known for not caring a jot about file-sharing laws or copyright. Indeed seven members of the Swedish… Read More

  • MacBook Air: The world's thinnest notebook

    [photopress:TEMP_Image_2_4.jpg,full,center] Here she is, the Mac laptop that had us all buzzing these past few weeks, the MacBook Air. What is it, exactly? And what’s with the Air monkier? • She’s really, really thin. Like, 0.16 inches thin at the thinnest point. It fits inside an envelope. I’m staring at my credit card. • It’s got a 13.3-inch widescreen, LED… Read More

  • iTunes Movie Rentals: $3.99 new releases, 24 hour rental period

    The iTunes Movie Rental Store, rumored for so many weeks, is real, as Mr. Jobs just announced. Here’s what’s up. • Every major studio, including Sony, Warner, Paramount and Universal, has signed up. So much for them hating Apple. • New releases hit the Rental Store 30 days after their DVD release. • Rentals last 24 hours, You have 30 days from the time of purchase… Read More

  • Apple TV, take 2: No PC required, HD movie rentals, Dolby Digital sound

    [photopress:imgp4584.JPG,full,center] Apple TV has been a bust thus far, but Apple hasn’t given up on the concept yet. Here’s what Jobs just announced during his MacWorld keynote. • It’s a free software update. No having to buy Apple TV V2 or anything. • Most importantly you no longer need a PC/Mac to use Apple TV. You’ll be able to rent movies, including… Read More

  • Facebook leads the rise of social nets in UK, but niche players have a window

    Even as The Guardian was busy associating Facebook with a CIA plot yesterday, back in the world of its average UK users Facebook continued its inexorable rise. According to Hitwise and Experian today, Facebook accounted for one in every 50 UK Web visits in the last month of 2007, with its market share peaking on Christmas Day (I assume this was people updating their status to say… Read More

  • Google Developing Mac Version Of Picasa, Due To Be Released This Year

    Google’s Picasa photo management software is often regarded by many (particularly Windows users) to be the best basic image editing and management software on the market. Although a desktop app it’s crucially a conduit to Picasa Web Album’s, Google’s challenger to the Yahoo owned Flickr. I was struck this morning as to how prominent the Picasa logo on Google banners… Read More

  • Listen to Pandora Internationally with Global Pandora

    Update: It appears as though Global Pandora has been shut down since this post went live…deadpooled until further notice. I haven’t been able to test it myself, since visitors from within the United States are redirected to Pandora itself. But a new site called Global Pandora (recently written up by TechCrunch France) apparently allows you to access Pandora from anywhere in the… Read More

  • Germany's Hello2morrow wins investment for Java tools

    Euro News: Hello2morrow, a toolmaker for large scale Java projects, has received investment from mic AG, a listed German early-stage tech investor, which took a 25% stake. Hello2morrow has plenty of customers, many of which are reseller partners, and its tools are used in several open source distributions, reports Alarm Clock. Read More

  • Exclusive: Watch The Full Steve Jobs Keynote On CrunchGear

    We didn’t have live audio but we did get the full Stevenote video stream, available for your edification over on CrunchGear. Now you too can play the Macworld 2008 Keynote Drinking Game (TM)! Read More

  • Webnode launches with amnesia

    Euro News: Czech startup Webnode appears to have been on mars for the past few years as it is launching a Web site building tool, ignoring moves by some little-known players called Google, WordPress, Six Apart and others. Granted, Webnode compares itself to Weebly and Google Page Creator but claims to do more along the lines of Ning’s drag and drop functions and widget integration. Free… Read More

  • Twitter Fails Macworld Keynote Test

    Many Twitter fans have become very much used to following big events via Twitter, its immediate nature and 140 character limit provides key points of what exactly is going on. Unfortunately for Twitter users, Twitter completely failed during Steve Job’s keynote address at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. From the floor I thought it may have just been my internet connection, but for… Read More

  • Fabrik Acquires G-Technology, Expect 2008 Revenues of $200+ million

    Fabrik, a storage hardware and service provider, announced today that they’ve acquired G-Technology for an undisclosed amount. G Technology sells external drives that focus on high performance for rich media. Their products are focused on Mac users (thus the announcement today in conjunction with Macworld). G-Technology is also releasing a couple of new products today, including a 1 TB… Read More

  • VC 2.0 over in Europe? It barely began.

    Overall venture capital investment in Europe fell last year, but investment in “Cleantech” rose. The news suggests that VCs are moving away from investments in Web 2.0 technology startups towards higher growth investments related to the boom in environmental technology. However, given that there were so few Web 2.0 related deals from European VCs last year anyway, the sector is… Read More

  • Macworld 2008 Keynote: Walt Mossberg is here

    If Uncle Walt is here, then something AMAZING will happen. Read More

  • The Music Industry's Going to Love This: Desktop Client for SeeqPod Released

    A new desktop application called Songbeat has been released that allows you to search the web for MP3s using Seeqpod technology, stream those MP3s, and even download them. Seeqpod, which we covered alongside Skreemr and Songza, is a search engine for MP3s that are hosted across on the internet. Whereas with Skreemr, you can actually click on a link to download a track, SeeqPod only displays… Read More

  • Video: How the RIAA/MPAA tracks your BitTorrent downloads

    Use BitTorrent to, cough, illegally download music, movies, games and whatnot? If you do, you might want to watch this video, which explains how tracking agencies (the companies the **AA hire to track your downloads, often leading to a letter from your ISP saying you’ve been caught) do what they do. It’s fairly informative and will tide you over until the MacWorld three ring… Read More

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