• Get Blown On Facebook

    What is it with college kids and online video challenges? There are plenty of startups catering to this strange video niche/fetish. IBeatYou and Strutta (read our review) have dedicated their entire Websites to this activity. And now Blowtorch Entertainment, the independent movie studio that raised $50 million last November, is getting in on the action with a Facebook app called Blown (and… Read More

  • Blu-ray won't save the optical-disk-mongers trade

    Citigroup analyst Jason “the Flame” Bazinet believes that DVD revenues — and later Blu-Ray revenues, at this point — will fall steadily in the next few years, bucking the growth trend that bouyed the spirits of Hollywood bigwigs for years. He expects total sales to fall to $21.4 million this year and the overall Blu-Ray uptake to remain steady and, sadly… Read More

  • Nintendo Fan Network now free for Mariners' fans

    I’m sitting in the Virgin America gate at JFK waiting for my flight to Seattle and I come across this tidbit of news. I’m both stoked and bummed at the same time. I’m stoked because this is a pretty rad deal for Mariner’s fans and I grew up rooting for them, which explains my hatred for the Yankees, but I’m bummed because I forgot my DS at home. If… Read More

  • Amateur Hour Over At Twitter?

    It doesn’t really matter if Twitter’s Chief Architect Blaine Cook was fired or resigned. The important thing is that he’s gone now, and this gives Twitter the opportunity to hire someone (or a team) who may actually be able to scale the nearly two year old service and keep it live. Cook was directly responsible for scaling Twitter, and he very much failed in his job. A year… Read More

  • Flying.Space.Marines.for.sale

    Flying SPACE MARINES! FLYING SPACE MARINES! FLYING… SPACE MARINES! THAT SHOOT EACH OTHER! FLYING ONES! The manifold wonders of nature are truly bounteous and only $49.99 for two! Read More

  • Twitter Trends: Twist

    The popularity of Google Trends, which lets users compare the relative popularity of words and phrases based on the quantity of search queries on Google over time, is starting to spawn similar services based on different data sets. Facebook now has Lexicon (launched April 15), which shows trends based on Wall posts. Twitter doesn’t have an official in house trends product of their own… Read More

  • MobileHook API Available for Web 2.0 Developers

    Hook Mobile’s MobileHook API is now available for Web 2.0 application developers. Developers will be able to build multimedia from social networking sites, and include photos, video, audio and slideshows. This API provides open access into Hook Mobile’s MAX 2.0 platform that provides Multimedia Messaging (MMS) delivery into wireless carrier networks. “We are embracing… Read More

  • Lightpole Implements Fire Eagle, Helps You Get to Know the World Around You

    Mobile application service provider Lightpole has introduced a beta version of software that expands on its application’s geolocation capabilities using Yahoo’s Fire Eagle. Lightpole provides businesses with a way to distribute content to mobile phone users, mostly regarding information related to points of interest (POIs). Fire Eagle, which launched last month, is… Read More

  • Voice Activated Directory for BlackBerry from Microsoft

    Microsoft’s Tellme subsidiary launched a voice activated directory for the BlackBerry yesterday. Users can talk into the device and say the name of a business, type of business, or keywords like “weather”, “movies”, “traffic”, “map” or “driving directions.” The application then uses GPS to locate the BlackBerry and give out… Read More

  • Privacy Disaster At Twitter: Direct Messages Exposed (Update: GroupTweet Is Likely Culprit)

    Twitter user Orli Yakuel, with 650 followers, had a nasty surprise this morning – her direct messages (private messages between two Twitter users) showed up in her normal Twitter stream (and were subsequently published to her FriendFeed account). Friends messaged her to tell her about the embarrassing issue. At first she tried to delete the private messages and posted the notice above… Read More

  • Want goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle.com? Too Late

    Uptime monitoring service Pingdom has put together a list of thousands of .com domain names owned by Google, based on an analysis of the root zone file. They then verified the most interesting ones with WHOIS information. Does GoogleWarnerbros.com represent a future partnership, or a failed tryout? Googlereligion.com? Why not. Googlepoo.com? Sure. The entire list is embedded below. Some of… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: See Vendor for Details Edition

    Vending machine vends shoes to shoeless Londoners
    NES mod puts NES into NES cartridge
    U.S. bionic eye recently tested successfully in Europe
    One to Three for Five (Seconds): Two chairs, one table
    Project: Double-barrelled elevated composter Read More

  • Viral feature triples HubDub's sign-ups

    HubDub, a fantasy league for designed to monetise news content better for publishers (review), has introduced the ability for users to challenge their friends in making predictions. Here’s how it works: A user sends a challenge to a friend to make a prediction on a particular question. Their friend then gets an email and whenever they complete the challenge they compete on their own… Read More

  • The Ozzie Memo: Software is Dead, Long Live the Web

    After a few years of trying to fill Bill Gates’ shoes as Microsoft’s chief software architect, Ray Ozzie is starting to hit his stride. In a remarkable strategy memo to employees (embedded below), Ozzie essentially shifts Microsoft’s mission from one of creating software for the PC and stand-alone servers to creating an interconnecting mesh between devices and people. He is… Read More

  • ZoomProspector Puts Geographical Data at Businesses' Fingertips

    If Zillow is the best place for home buyers to find information about real estate, ZoomProspector hopes to become the best place for businesses to find information about where they should establish themselves geographically. ZoomProspector aggregates information about various cities and communities – such as labor force sizes, unemployment rates, education levels, venture capital… Read More

  • DotHomes doubles US database

    DotHomes, the UK-based real estate search engine which now covers the US, UK and South Africa, says it has doubled its number of nationwide real estate listings in the US, bringing its database up to two million residential properties for sale and rent. By contrast, Yahoo Real Estate, Roost, Trulia and Zillow (and others) get feeds from brokers and MLS services in the US. But DotHomes reckons… Read More

  • Getting an X-Fi to play nice with your home theater system

    So you have a Soundblaster X-Fi card with SPDIF-out. And a nice home theater system that you want to run your sound through. It’s okay. Everything’s going to be all right. It turns out it’s not so hard. But since this really isn’t my area of expertise, I’m going to let the kind folks over here explain everything to you. Basically, depending on what model you… Read More

  • Twitter! Japan! Ads!

    Twitter Japan launched today at Twitter.jp via a partnership between Twitter and Digital Garage. It’s basically Twitter, in Japanese, with display ads. A sizable Japanese userbase has grown up around Twitter, despite the fact that it is only available in English. So this certainly makes sense. I’d expect support for other languages to follow shortly as well. And since Twitter is now… Read More

  • Facebook Finishes Chat Integration, Makes This Blogger's Life Miserable

    I made the mistake of leaving Facebook open on my desktop as I stepped out for the evening on Tuesday night. I returned to a complete mess of Facebook Chat messages. Some users got access to Facebook Chat as early as April 6. Others trickled in over the following two weeks. But in the last hour a mass of users (all the rest, as far as I can tell) is reporting seeing it for the first time. I have… Read More

  • FastSoft creates a hardware download accelerator?

    This company is advertising a hardware add-on that will multiply your outgoing bandwidth by 10-30x. I’m not sure how much of this is real, how much is PR, and how much is pure snake oil. Check the technology section. They say the speed increase is due to “bypassing the limitations of the TCP protocol.” I’m not sure what they mean by that and that’s about as… Read More

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