• Picture this – LinkedIn adds profile photos

    On Friday LinkedIn plans to allow profile photos on its business-focused social network, in a move which reflects its increasingly international focus. It’s taken four years for LinkedIn to add photos, when every other social network has done it forever. The site for business professionals has always kept a conservative, business-like tone. But although it says the decision has been… Read More

  • Twitter Adds Tracking Feature

    As mentioned last week, Twitter has now launched a new mobile tracking feature. Users are able to subscribe to alerts based on keywords, for example a subscription for “NYC” will result in a user receiving copies of all tweets that mention NYC. To turn the tracking service on users should IM or TXT “Track search term”. From there users can IM “whois… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. How To Get 83 Miles To The Gallon JP Are you sure this wasn’t a viral for Homelite leaf blowers? Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Futurist: Will Human Laziness Burst The Web 2.0 Bubble?

    At first, the Web was simple. It was a world so full of static pages with useless information that a GIF of a dancing hamster or (god forbid) baby could turn into an overnight sensation. It was an era so enthralled with its own existence that its purveyors, creators, and financiers never really asked if it was sustainable until it was too late. And, as we can all learn from South Park, without… Read More

  • Someone Please Tell John Biggs He Has The Wrong Press Credentials

    We totally laughed at John’s expense at Digital Life today. Last night there was a press event called ShowStoppers, totally unrelated to Digital Life. Similar stuff, sure, but completely different show. Someone noticed that all of our Digital Life badges were different: I have “Crunch Gear,” Vince has “CrunchGear,” Peter has “CrunchGear.com,” Blake… Read More

  • Nokia Releases 3G N95 Into The US

    Been waiting for the Nokia N95 with 3G? Well, the wait is now over. Nokia released the unlocked N95 into the wild today. In case you’ve forgotten what all the hubbub is about then check here for details. Otherwise, if you’re lucky enough to have a Nokia store in your town, which means you live in NYC or Chicago. Get ready to pony up $700, though. Yikes. Product Page Read More

  • NewerTech Intelligent Battery Charger/Conditioner Review

    Over the course of the year since I’ve had my MacBook the battery life has plummeted each month regardless of whether or not I calibrate the battery. I’m not whining about it, but less than two hours doesn’t leave me with enough time to do anything if I’m working somewhere without an electrical outlet or when I’m in a foreign land and forgot my adapter at the… Read More

  • NEC Presents Tilting Widescreen LCD

    Not that this announcement from NEC should take anything away from the rumored Dell, but it’s a gorgeous looking monitor that’s 24-inches of widescreen, tilting madness. The LCD2470WVX joins the MultiSync 70 line and shuffles on up to a resolution of 1900×1200 with support for HD ratios via an HDCP-compatible DVI-D port. The display is rated at 400cd/m2 with a 1000:1… Read More

  • Firstlook: Slingbox SOLO

    Sling Media will formally announce tomorrow morning its new Slingbox place-shifting media device — an announcement that will come fresh on the heels of the proposed EchoStar buyout of Sling Media. Dubbed the SOLO, the new unit will fit between the starter AV unit and the high-end Pro model. The ambition of this new device is to deliver higher quality features for a more reasonable… Read More

  • Halo 3 Breaks Records

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering all the hype and diehard fanboys who’ve been waiting a few years for it to come out, but Halo 3 did the unexpected and eclipsed Spider-Man 3 for the single biggest US entertainment history launch with estimates of $170 million. The previous record was held by Spidey who garnered $151 million over its opening weekend. Think about that for… Read More

  • Apple Supports Breast Cancer Research With Pink iPod Shuffle

    I wasn’t aware that Apple was doing anything to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, but it doesn’t surprise me, though. The pink Shuffles have surfaced at Target stores across the country. This particular one was captured in Santa Maria, CA and includes a $15 iTunes store gift card, but it’s still $79! Anyone else seen a pink Shuffle at your local Target? We… Read More

  • Voodoo Envy M:152 Rocks Santa Rosa

    Check out the tramp stamp on the red head! The Voodoo M:152 Envy was officially announced today and it’s sort of, kind of worth looking at. It features the latest Intel Centrino Duo processor aka Santa Rosa, a 15.4-inch WSXGA+ 1680×1050 resolution screen, and a fingerprint reader. It’s also sporting a 2-megapixel camera and weighs a mere seven pounds with an NVIDIA GeForce… Read More

  • Google Plugs Google Web ToolKit For iPhone

    Google has plugged the Google Web ToolKit demonstrating an iPhone specific version of Google Reader. The iPhone Reader combines the Google AJAX Feed API with a user interface geared for use on the iPhone. Google’s Research Actualization Engineer Bob Vawter said that the primary take-away from this project is to say ” The Google Web Toolkit can be used to create applications that… Read More

  • Truphone Demos First Ever VoIP Over Wi-Fi Call On The iPhone

    This video is with a Nokia device and iPhone. Not the actual demo given between two iPhones. And John Biggs’ head has exploded. What’s cool about this is that you don’t need a SIM unlock so no worries about bricking your phone until Apple gets pissy enough to do something about it. Calls are 100 percent IP-based seeing as how they go from one iPhone over Wi-fi to the… Read More

  • Dell Launching Fancy 20-inch LCD Tomorrow?

    A hot Dell rumor? Oh yeah, baby. The word on the street and by street I mean the Interwebs is that Dell will launch a brand spanking new LCD tomorrow at 12PM Central Time. The SP2008WFP will be the first flat panel monitor with an integrated webcam (2-megapixels) and mic. The 20-inch widescreen display will not only take pics and video, but it’s rumored to do fancy tasks like remote… Read More

  • Yahoo Podcasts Joins The Deadpool

    Yahoo Podcasts, a comprehensive podcasting search, directory and listening service that launched in October 2005, is closing at the end of October, a fraction past its second birthday. There is no official word from Yahoo as to why the site is shutting, aside from a message at the top of Yahoo Podcasts that reads “Yahoo! apologizes deeply, but we will be closing down the Podcasts site… Read More

  • Nike Develops Sneaker Exclusively For Native Americans, Helps Their Health

    Before you immediately discount this next post—a post about sneakers—hear me out. Nike, for the first time in its history, has designed a sneaker for a specific ethnic group. For Native Americans, the sneaker—the Nike Air Native N7—was designed to address health problems commonly found in the Native American community, like obesity and diabetes. Compared to the… Read More

  • Transformers USB Flash Drives: Somewhere Doug Aamoth's Head Just Exploded

    My love affair with Transformers will never die nor will my abhorrence of USB flash drives so I guess this is a good compromise. If you’re an Autobot then you get the shaft with only 1GB of storage while those dastardly Decepticons get 2GB. It’s really not fair that the good guys get screwed over like this. They’re pricey for what they are, but any fanboy would willingly… Read More

  • Newton 2.0?

    Excuse me while I cram this chunk of salt down my throat. Now that we’ve put that out of the way lets chat about the return of the Newton. AppleInsider has some insider info that a team of engineers has taken the multi-touch technology and is busy working on Newton 2.0 or has been for the better part of the past 18 months. During that time the project has sputtered due to the iPhone, but… Read More

  • Digital Life Quick Beers

    If you’re in town for Digital Life this week, drop us a note in comments with your real email in the comment. The CG guys will be out in force so maybe we can meet up for a quick beer during the show. Read More

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