• Microsoft Attempts To Overtake JPEG, Almost There

    Microsoft’s HD Photo file format is one step closer to being accepted by JPEG. The standardization of HD Photo or JPEG XR will make certain that software, display, printer and camera companies will be able to develop products on a consistent basis and ensure interoperability across all products and platforms. Developed by Microsoft’s Core Media Processing team, HD Photo will focus… Read More

  • Remember Webvan? So Does Amazon

    Check out Amazon Fresh – a new invite only service from Amazon that looks eerily similar to the quintessential 90’s Internet flameout, Webvan. The new service promises speedy at-home delivery of groceries, including fresh produce, at “competitive everyday prices.” It’s available only in Seattle currently, and has not been officially announced. But at least one… Read More

  • Thank You Readers And Sponsors

    Thank you all for your continued support. Here’s a quick blurb from each of our current sponsors: Wallhogs – Wallhogs makes semi-adhesive vinyl posters of whatever images you’d like, ranging from your own family photos to cutouts of full-sized football players. If you came to TechCrunch 9, you would have seen WallHogs’ stickers denoting the spots for each of the… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Back on the Gridiron

    It is hard to believe it is August already. That means summer will soon be turning to fall. Kids go back to school, the weather gets cooler and the leaves change color. But most of that doesn’t matter to a lot of guys, because fall means football season. But in the world of video games you don’t have to wait until September for the kickoff. The games are already here! This week… Read More

  • AA Picks AirCell For In-flight Wi-Fi

    In-flight Wi-Fi seems to be all the rage these days. Lufthansa is bringing sexy back Wi-Fi back and Qantas is joining the fray, but when will domestic airlines quit quibbling about giving us food and blankets to realize there’s money to be made in Wi-Fi? Huzzah! American Airlines has pulled their head out and teamed up with AirCell to bring Wi-Fi to passengers next year. Read More

  • Illuminate, Incapacitate Your Enemies For Under $30

    Not only does the Dragon Fire 650,000 Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun instantly turn a would-be mugger into a whimpering puddle of burning pee, but it also has a built in LED flashlight! I might pick one of these up just for the sheer convenience of being able to kick some ass in a barfight during a power outage. I’m a little concerned about the reliability of something that’s dropped… Read More

  • Acer Introduces Aspire Series To North America

    Acer announced today that the Aspire series will make its NA debut with the 5920 and 4710. The 5920 is touted as a multimedia ‘powerhouse’, which is largely due to the Empowering Technology coupled with the Acer Arcade software suite. The HD DVD notebook has a bright 15.4-inch wide display thanks to CrystalBrite, which is marketing jargon for optimal brightness in all lighting… Read More

  • Rock Band Wins Top E3 Award: Huzzah For Innovation

    ¡Viva la Rock Band! The expensive rock & roll band simulator won the Game Critics Award for best game at E3, beating out the likes of Derivative Shooter 42 and Mario & Luigi: The Golden Years. It’s a victory for something called i-n-n-o-v-a-t-i-o-n, something that, save for the Wii, hasn’t been seen in video games for quite some time. I wonder how Activision feels… Read More

  • Shakespearean Insult Gum: Bubblegum and Old Timey Insults

    Finally, something I’d actually buy, in addition to this rockin’ book: Shakespearean Insult Gum. Reading some of the bard’s works, you’ll notice that he peppers each play with some rather raunchy insults, insults that I love repeating to my friends like a complete and lonely loser. $3 gets you a seven-book case, each with two gum balls. One insult, and the resulting… Read More

  • Hearsay Alert: AT&T Hiding iPhone From Its Customers

    Several MacDailyNews users have reported that AT&T stores have been hiding the iPhone from the public, keeping them in stock rooms unless specifically requested in the event of a sale. Why would AT&T do such a thing? Some have suggested that since AT&T doesn’t get as big a cut from iPhone sales as it does other cellphones—when asking to see the iPhone, some customers… Read More

  • Lufthansa Bringing Back Wi-Fi In 2008

    German airline Lufthansa is making a concerted effort to resurrect the Connexion service that Boeing killed off last year. Connexion was a Wi-Fi service available on 60 of 80 long-haul planes to business class passengers. If you’re unfamiliar with Connexion then I don’t blame you because it never took off stateside and was widely available in Europe and Asia and select flights to… Read More

  • PS3 Goes DVR In 2008

    Me: Santa, I’d like a PS3 for Christmas. Santa: I thought you hated the PS3. Me: Well, I did but Warwick Light, head of marketing for Sony in New Zealand, has made an announcement that’s making me eat my words. You see, Freeview is a free digital television and radio provider in NZ and Sony is hoping to support their terrestrial digital broadcast service by March 2008. Santa… Read More

  • GoFish Dropping Bolt, Share Price, and Ad Rates

    Amidst a falling share price GoFish has dropped its $30 million stock trade for Bolt.com. The deal was also meant to help Bolt pay its settlement with several music labels, including Universal Music. GoFish had initially celebrated the acquisition in their April 10KSB report as increasing distribution for their “made for internet” (MFI) video shows. The combined sites were expected… Read More

  • Sony Announces Gold Trimmed Pocket Bit Mini USB Drives

    Sony has announced a duo of Vista ReadyBoost pocket bit mini USB drives. The USM-HX series is available in white or black with 1 and 2GB capacities. Sony is attempting to attract the rich with its gold trim, but we all the rich are too busy snorting coke, crashing cars, and blaming the other kid for all their foibles. The drives are equipped with file encoding software, virtual expander… Read More

  • Cretors' Popcorn Makers. Yup, We've Gone There.

    Now for something a little more off beat… (as if CG as a whole isn’t off beat as it is) Cretors’ popcorn makers! Yes, replicate all the annoyances of public movie theaters—full of noisy kids, sticky floors and sound systems less optimized than the ones you have at home—with an honest-to-goodness concession-style popcorn maker. Cretor has several models to choose… Read More

  • The Fat Person Detecting Chair: Sweet Justice

    Fat people are totally annoying, right? All fat and out of shape, getting in my way and taking up sooo much space on airplanes. Just enough already. That’s why this chair from—where else?—Japan makes me so damn happy. When normal, good people sit on it, the chair radiates a light blue. When good ol’ Fatsington McFatperson sits down, the chair glows red. Red like the… Read More

  • Extremely Happy Feet: Disney Acquires Club Penguin For Up To $700 million

    Club Penguin, a social network/virtual world that has been on the market for some time, was acquired by The Walt Disney Company and announced today. An earlier deal with Sony fell apart over valuation and Club Penguin’s policy of donating a substantial portion of profits to charity. The company, which launched in October 2005, has 700,000 current paid subscribers and 12 million… Read More

  • Canon Updates Firmware For EOS-1D Mark III

    If there are any EOS-1D Mark III owners in the audience then please take heed on this firmware upgrade. If the errors on the Italian and Chinese menu screens put you into a fit of rage then immediately upgrade to v1.1.0. I’m not sure who would get annoyed with the camera not starting up properly when the battery is inserted, but this alleviates that problem as well. The look of images on… Read More

  • Keyspan Announces USB Server

    Keyspan has announced they’re shipping the USB 2.0 Server. The server is compatible with Macs and PCs to allow access to two USB devices over a LAN or Wi-Fi. It serves as a USB print server and extender. It’s compatible with virtually any USB-enabled device like a digital camera, printer and scanner among many other things. You can even remotely monitor ink and paper levels. Read More

  • MeeMix: A New Breed of Music Personalization is Born

    Tel-Aviv based MeeMix launches its beta program today. Like Pandora, MeeMix is a community music/Internet radio service for the 15-35 demographic. The idea being that any user can create a highly personalized, taste-based music channel with minimum fuss. The major differentiation between MeeMix and Pandora or Last.fm is the way it goes about forecasting personal taste. Typically, there are… Read More

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