• Sweet designer keyboards are stylish and unreasonably priced

    Looking around the accessories section of this site I found this series of keyboards (gold, green creepers, lotus print, bunnysuckle(?), flowers) that look totally amazing. The description of each calls the keys "handmade," which says "sweatshop" to me, but that’s nothing new. All that matters is how good it looks. These designs would make for amazing gifts for a… Read More

  • CrunchGear This Week: Sweater Friends and Seattle Mini-Meet-Up Tomorrow

    The last few weeks have been chock full of gadget news. We spotted the costumes from the latest G.I. Joe movie and almost got sued for posting them. Then we had an interview with the head of Psystar talk to us about their $399 Mac clone that is winging its way to our office right now. This week is also Green Week at CrunchGear and we’ll be posting great features about helping the… Read More

  • Citizen Review: Warrior Wolf King XXtreme

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docid=1273710426836052926&hl=en When J Rob won the Citizen Reviewer contest to review the Warrior Wolf King XXtreme, I was a bit trepidatious. First, this guy is a drunk! Second, he wouldn’t move his Ford Focus from off our lawn! Was this the guy to review such a hi-end piece of hardware. My fears were assuaged, however, when he send us… Read More

  • The Enterprise Social Network, Auto-Generated And Visually Mapped

    Making social networks work inside companies is a difficult task. Who wants to update their “status” to tell everyone what they are working on, or have to tag things manually? We’ll do that for our friends on Facebook, but for our co-workers on the terrible ‘knowledge management’ system the company installed? Not so much. But the space is hotting up. BEA… Read More

  • Do game companies read your message board posts?

    Matt Drudge? How great would it be if game companies took your message board posts seriously, incorporating your constructive criticism into the creation process? Great great, or just great? Either way, 1UP has good news for you—game companies do read message boards, and often take the insane ramblings quite seriously. The piece, sardonically titled “Chairman of the… Read More

  • Hilarity: Google StreetView of kid falling off his bike

    This is definitely one of the funnier things I’ve seen on the entire internet. Hop on over to Google Maps and enjoy a shot-by-shot account of a kid falling off of his bike. It almost seems like the StreetView car scared the hell out of him as it drove by. I hope the kid’s okay and I’d like to thank him for being hilarious. Google StreetView via Switched Read More

  • Golden Secrets golden, garnet-studded wiener shows the woman married out of convenience you are thinking of her

    Are you a prince in a booming petro-state? The CEO of a major manufacturing conglomerate? Does your wife (or wives) miss you when you’re out cheating on her with a Thai ladyboy? Then have we got a dildo for you. This golden schlong is studded with read garnets – or pearls – and costs $1,990. Best of all each once comes with a special silk purse to simulate the actual dry… Read More

  • PIRP: Low cost multi-touch for the masses

    Esteban and his partner Javier sent us this demo of a $20 multi-touch screen they built as a thesis project. It’s quite cool. This one is a few inches across and can sense multiple inputs and even pressure. He writes: Javier Jorge and me started with this project one year ago for our thesis. We are Computer Engineer students at the “Facultad de Ciencias Exactas Fisicas y… Read More

  • CrunchGear/TechCrunch Meet-up in Prague, May 23

    Just a note to say that there will be a CrunchGear/TechCrunch Meet-up in Prague on May 23 with some giveaways and lots of good Czech pivo. I’m organizing this with Czech entrepreneur Jack DeNeut along with his site Nelso.com. We expect to hold it at Restaurace Zvonařka but we haven’t finalized the location. You can sign up on Facebook and watch TC and CG for more updates. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Some kid playing GTA IV live on Justin.tv!

    http://www.justin.tv/widgets/jtv_player.swfWatch live video from sculay’s channel on Justin.tv Want to see some British kid playing Grand Theft Auto IV 100 percent LIVE? Yes!! The soon-to-be-sued young man set up a Justin.tv feed of himself playing a pirated copy of the game. He’s pretty hardcore about it: full audio, takes requests in the chat room (“Turn on… Read More

  • Want to shower with your PSP? Good for you, man

    I’m not going to harp on anybody for having a “problem” just because they can’t put down their PSP for five minutes once a week to clean themselves. More power to those of you who think a waterproof sack for your portable gaming device is a good idea. All you’ll need is roughly $12 and a strong to quite-strong command of the Japanese language so you can order one… Read More

  • Shake hands with the i-LIMB

    A new prosthetic hand is being tested in Germany right now that has individual movable fingers that are nimble enough to type on a keyboard. It’s also sensitive enough to pressure that one using it can pick up a styrofoam cup without crushing it, something not possible before. It’s still in the prototype stage, but the company behind the hand, Touch Bionics, is now looking for… Read More

  • Create Your Own YouTube, Pray You Can Make Money

    “YouTube sold for $1.6 billion. How much will you sell yours for?” That’s the over-optimistic hook being used by StartYourTube to entice people into setting up branded video sharing sites on its white label platform. StartYourTube does exactly what the name implies. You can go onto the site, create your own “tube”, customize it with colors and graphics, mask it… Read More

  • CondeNet Tries To Blogify Concierge.com By Buying Two Travel Blogs (SFO Media)

    Just as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft regularly by startups to fill in gaps in their technology or business, media companies may be starting to do the same on the content side. Today, CondeNet (the digital arm of magazine publisher Conde Nast) bought SFO Media, which operates two travel blogs: Jaunted and HotelChatter. The first is a travel guide and the second is a hotel-review blog. The… Read More

  • The British Are Coming… Back Soon

    Along with a bunch of other European firms exhibiting at Web 2 Expo this week (including 20 from Ireland) were a group of 21 UK startups selected from over 100 applicants by TechCrunch UK, working in conjunction with the UK government. Announced in March, the trip was dubbed WebMission and most of the firms had never visited the Valley before. So I thought I’d give you a heads-up about… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone sold out across UK, no new stock expected

    Word swirling around the Internet is that in the UK, iPhones are getting scarce. Most locations are sold out and have been told not to expect any more stock. This happens to a product when it’s about to be replaced, like say with a 3G version of Apple’s handset. A quick call to a local store here in the states showed plenty in stock and no mention of a limited time frame. So is this… Read More

  • Apple launching new iMacs next week

    Our good friend, GeekSugar, has the inside scoop that Apple will announce new iMacs next week. Details are skimp, but the iMacs will more than likely see proc and HDD upgrades. We’re 99 percent sure this is legit based on her previous scoop surrounding the MacBook Pro upgrades a few months back. Read More

  • Forbes: Netflix + Xbox on the way

    Peter Ha is visiting us here in Seattle this week and will be at our reader meet-up tomorrow night. Last night, we rented Batman Begins in HD on my Apple TV and watched it with a few of my friends. I no longer go to Blockbuster to get videos, I get them from the Internet, and more signs are pointing to you doing that in the future as well. We’ve talked about the rumor that Netflix would… Read More

  • Honda's Asimo robot will conduct an orchestra next month

    Asimo, Honda’s adorable robot that braved sniper fire in Bosnia several years ago, will conduct a special session of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra next month. The ‘bot will boss around Yo-Yo-Ma and the rest of the DSO while they perform “Impossible Dream” on May 13. The stunt is supposed to create awareness of robots in art, while at the same time encouraging… Read More

  • Cassette MP3 player works in your car or on its own

    I remember seeing a prototype (or something similar) of this kind of device maybe a couple of years ago and thought it was a pretty good idea. For those of you who have old cassette decks (or new ones, even) in your car but have gone all digital as far as your music is concerned, this might be a doodad worth looking into. It’s basically a cassette tape that holds an SD card loaded up… Read More

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