• Russia Busts Out A Gem-infused Ubiquam U300 Phone

    Hello. My name Viktor. I help post CrunchGear, yes? My homeland Russia have extremely nice phones. Best provider SkyLink has made deal with Almaz Holding to design amazing phone. The two take a Ubiquam U300 handset (it feature CDMA and EV-DO, no torture) and ahh, how you say, add silver drawing of a mustang using 7.2g of silver. Then they add 29 0.01 carat gems and you done. Only one exist and… Read More

  • Skype 2.5 For Mac Ready To Download

    in the mail and today the Internet-communications company goes and drops a new version of the free app for Mac OS X users: Skype 2.5. The beta’s been around since mid-November, but the final version was officially released today. And aside from a slightly updated look, there’s a new birthday reminder feature and the abilities to send SMS messages to any mobile phone in the world… Read More

  • CNN Calls Gates Out On Vista's Design

    Sometimes you gotta face the music, Billy boy. You know damn well you copied a lot of features from OS X when designing Vista and now CNN is calling you out. Watch this video to see Gates get called out on his own game and go “no no no” as a rebuttal. But according to Gates, Vista has revolutionary features like support for tablet PCs and parental controls. Parental controls? Wow! Read More

  • Samsung FlapCam

    Could this be Samsung’s newest digital camera to hit the market? No but it sure does have a unique design that makes you wonder. The FlapCam from Matthias Lange has all the usual features of a normal digital camera but it does let you fold and fold and fold so you can protect the lens and display from dust and scratches. Read More

  • March Of The Penguins

    These little happy feet have a seizure every time you pump up the jams, well at least their eyes do. You may have your very own fit while watching the eyes twitch around like Vince’s mom’s, so proceed with caution. Four total watts of sound emanate from these penguins and the set goes for around $32. Read More

  • Yahoo's Brand Universe Launches

    Yahoo’s brand-centric sites, announced in November 2006 and dubbed “Brand Universe”, have started to go live. These sites each revolve around a single popular brand – like this one on the Nintendo Wii – and have almost no original content. Instead, Yahoo is taking content from Flickr, Del.icio.us, Yahoo Answers and other Yahoo properties, along with some slick… Read More

  • Technorati's Mysterious Disappearing WTF Product

    Steve Rubel somehow came across a new Digg-like Technorati product called “WTF,” which stands for “Where’s the Fire?” It was briefly live at technorati.com/wtf, but is no longer available. From the screen shots (see below, care of Rubel), it appears to have very similar features as Digg, where users can vote for stories they find interesting and force them higher… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Pink Elephants Edition

    Hipster Double-Wide
    Winos Rejoice! Alcohol From Your Rice Cooker!
    Apple Poops Out Multicolored iPod Shuffles
    Clocky Is Now Shipping! Read More

  • Protect Yourself From Price Drops

    PriceProtectr is a neat new tool that helps you take advantage of guarantees by many online retailers to refund the difference on purchased items if the price drops in the 30 or 60 days following your purchase (example – Best Buy’s policy). Those guarantees are great, but few people go to the trouble of following up and checking on any price changes for items they’ve… Read More

  • Farecast Takes $12 Million More

    For good or bad, venture funds are flowing like it’s 1999 all over again. Seattle-based Farecast , which predicts and guarantees airline prices, dipped its toes in the cash pool for its third round of financing, taking $12.1 million from Sutter Hill Ventures and others. Previous investors Greylock Partners, Madrona Venture Group, and WRF Capital also participated, as well as new… Read More

  • More Color iPod Shuffle Info

    Vince wrote this morning that Apple had released an onslaught of colored 2G iPod Shuffles. Well we’ve got a bit more information for you. In addition to having a bunch of high-res pics of the new orange Shuffle, Apple Insider is reporting that the new Shuffle Colors include a pair of updated earbuds. They are the same buds that have been included with other iPod models for some… Read More

  • Okoro's $4,595 OMS-GX300 Media Center

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/or don't play on their TVs because using a keyboard and mouse on your couch is inconvenient at best. However, with Vista now able to natively handle an Xbox 360 controller it makes a bit more sense to have a Media Center that’s capable of handling graphics-intensive games. And that’s where the $4,595… Read More

  • Hipster Double-Wide

    I was flipping through the Feb. issue of Wired earlier and I came across the Glassic Soho trailer. Now it’s no secret that I’m from the South. That said, I’ve set foot in my fair share of trailers—hell I know more than a few people who live in them. But this model, created by architect and furniture designer Christopher Deam and manufactured by Breckenridge, is… Read More

  • Clocky Is Now Shipping!

    In all likelihood, when you first came across Clocky, it was still just a project from the mind of MIT student Guari Nanda. Now Clocky has grown into a full-fledged product and I totally want one! It works just like a normal alarm clock except that if you hit that snooze button, Clocky is going to roll away from you so that you’re forced to wake up and find it. You can snag one now for… Read More

  • Hot Jugz Personal Shower

    Believe it or not, Hot Jugz is not the name of a porn star from 1983. It’s a personal outdoor shower. It’s comprised of a two-gallon container that can keep your hot water warm and has a shower wand for helping dirty people get clean. It requires no power and can go for sixteen minutes with just a few pumps on the container. There’s a bunch of different models available and… Read More

  • BGR Plays With The Motorola MAXX Ve

    They’ve done it again! Our peeps over at Boy Genius Report got their paws on on a spankin’ new Verizon MAXX Ve from Motorola. Equipped with an auto-focusing 2MP camera and MP3 playback, the MAXX looked like a promising phone until I scrolled down and saw this… Read More

  • LG SV260 Nags And Then Nags Some More

    Seems as though LG’s new SV260 Premium Folder flip phone has some very enticing features only a business person would love. Its Motiquette (Mobile Etiquette) option for example switches to text-only communication for when you’re in those oh-so-very important meetings. The Voice Secretary provides nagging reminders of your next appointment. There’s a TTS (Text to Speech)… Read More

  • Anthrax Guitarist Can't Play His Own Song In GH2

    http://www.dovetail.tv/player.swf?contentId=1606&server=www.dovetail.tv&thumbnailPath=Zen%20Media%20Group%2Fguitar-hero%2Ejpg Meet Scott Ian. You either remember him from the band Anthrax like I do, or you’ve at least seen him doing bits on VH1. Either way, he’s a guitarist and a good one to boot, but when Scotty goes to play an Anthrax song in Guitar Hero 2, things… Read More

  • Belkin Wi-Fi Phone For Skype

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-6338486291606550545&hl=en I’m a little late to the pleasures of Skype-ing, but Belkin was kind enough to loan CrunchGear one of its Wi-Fi phones to use with the service. Setup was easy, just connect to a network (it tells you if there’s an open one to connect to or you can type in an SSID and password for a secured one) and… Read More

  • Apple TV Goodness

    As if you weren’t sick to your stomach with all the Vista hoopla going around today. Here’s a quick vid running you through the Apple TV interface. Woohoo…I think. Apple TV [TechEBlog] Read More

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