• Leopard WWDC Beta Leaked Then Quickly Un-Leaked: Apple Playing Hardball?

    Apple appears to have used its goons to prevent the unauthorized leak of the newest Mac OS X Leopard beta, build 9A466. Jerks. Someone posted the beta onto the Oink BitTorrent site on Thursday and within six hours “ninjas got to [him].” Users on various Internet sites have taken that to mean that Apple’s lawyers had contacted the leaker, forcing him to kill the torrent. That… Read More

  • Danger/Motorola Zante aka Slide aka Sidekick 3.5 Details Emerge

    A few more details on the latest Danger device have trickled through and hit the Giz. Remember the Sidekick RAZR X PowerPoint slides that made the rounds a while back? This could possibly be the device I’ve been waiting for, but I thought that about the Sidekick 3, too. Sidekick 4 this is not, but, rather, another ‘interim’ device (iD ring a bell) until the Real Deal Holyfield… Read More

  • eBay To Go, Make Myspace More Annoying

    The eBay Developers Conference in Boston this week inspired the creation of some cool apps that bring eBay into the Web 2.0 era. For example, this Flash-based eBay portal can be embedded into social-networking profiles and blogs. It can be customized to include single auctions that come with the standard price, bids, time left, feedback and high bidder. Or you can select from three… Read More

  • Leopard Available for Pre-order On Amazon

    Ever since Macworld I’ve been frothing over Leopard and WWDC definitely didn’t help my obsession either. I daydream about Stacks, Spaces and Time Machine. My behavior is quite strange, but I just can’t help it. Anyways, October is a long ways away, but Amazon is willing to help out your cravings with pre-orders for the greatest OS EVER. Are you excited yet? Amazon Read More

  • YouTube Mobile Launches

    YouTube just launched a new service optimized for mobile devices. A few days ago we mentioned how the Gen-5 Archos players are the only mobile devices to play flash vids smoothly. Maybe this will give Archie a run for its money. The new YouTube Mobile site is mostly xHTML and requires a pretty beefed up data plan, it also supports uploading videos via MMS for the three vBloggers out there. Read More

  • iPhone Launch Details Emerge

    Well, well, well. We now know why Apple and AT&T are launching the iPhone at 6 p.m, but frankly, it pisses me off. All AT&T stores will shut their doors at 4:30PM to take shipment of iPhones. Apple is really keeping the wraps on these bad boys until the very last second. This is going to cause so much chaos. Wouldn’t you agree? A few other tidbits about launch day tell us that… Read More

  • Latest iPhone App Helps You Find Gas

    Looks like more people are pushing out products for the device no one has yet. The latest app for the Jesus Phone apparently finds gas stations based on zip code and reports them back with prices and directions. We completely support the development of new applications and encourage everyone to keep coding these things, but come on. Why not wait for the darn thing to come out first? Gas.app Read More

  • Crumpler Beer For Bags, One More Day To Go

    Do you see all the beer? I love Stella Artois! OK, everyone, you have until Sunday to get your derriere to either of the Manhattan Crumpler stores to trade in some beer for bags. It’s first come, first serve. Don’t forget about the bitchin’ party on Sunday night. We’ll partying balls at the Highline Ballroom. You won’t want to miss it. Read More

  • Apple Bluetooth Headset Gets FCC Approval

    I completely forgot about the Bluetooth headset that was announced along side the iPhone back in January and I’m sure most of you have forgotten as well. The good folks at the FCC approved the headset on Thursday, but details are just as limited as they were when we were first introduced to the slim headset. Let’s face it, folks. The chances of any of us getting a hold of an iPhone… Read More

  • Baresite Makes Every Site Mobile

    There’s a debate raging over how traditional Web sites should be viewed on mobile devices. We’ve been hearing that many users aren’t happy with the options provided by Novarra, which we posted about earlier this week. This is an issue we’re going to monitor very closely. So today we heard from BareSite.com, and despite the name it isn’t a mobile porn site. Read More

  • CTIA: Text To Save Lives

    In case you missed it this past week was National Wireless Safety Week, and the CTIA-The Wireless Association, and the wireless industry, wants to remind Americans that texting can help save a life. The Wireless AMBER Alert initiative is a good example of how text messages can be used to help others. “Last year, 158 billion text messages were sent in the U.S. alone, which is up 95%… Read More

  • YouTube Remixer: Edit Videos Online At YouTube

    YouTube has officially launched YouTube Remixer, a new service that allows users to edit their videos from within YouTube itself. The new feature is powered by Adobe Premiere Express and supports insertion of graphics, text and audio as well as overlays and in-video transitions. YouTube Remixer is nearly identical to Photobucket’s Remix tool; both are powered by Adobe. This isn’t… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Villifying Edition

    Master Chief, David Drunklehoff Style
    The Handmade Guns of Chechnya
    Facebook: How Complicated Has This Site Become?
    Boston Wants To Stop Crime With TXTs
    Two New Walkman Phones, States Are SOL Read More

  • Refurber: DIY Advice

    Refurber is a new social and reference website for the Do-It-Yourself crowd from Perth, Western Australia based Vibe Capital, makers of parenting site Minti. On Refurber, users are able to share advice on a wide range of home improvement related topics. Content throughout the site is user generated with articles being tagged, rated and commented on by the greater community to encourage… Read More

  • Embedded Joost Will Change The Market

    Reports that Joost is now talking to hardware vendors about embedding Joost into set-top boxes and televisions will change the market as we know it. While Joost is generally now regarded as the leader in the television over internet, the market for watching television on a computer remains limited. Sure it’s nice for a lark or good for an occasional break, but as Microsoft has proven… Read More

  • Add TechCrunch To Your Facebook Profile

    The guys at PDG+creative created a TechCrunch application for Facebook. Nothing fancy, it simply adds the titles of the last ten TechCrunch headlines to your profile. Get the TechCrunch Facebook app here. Read More

  • Cool New Stuff At Dynamism

    One of our favorite online tech stores just got a shipment of awesome crap for everyone to get their greasy mitts on. This includes the famous HTC Touch, a new UMPC on the cheap, an ultra-portable Toshiba, and some birds that chirp when you pet them. Dynamism Hit the jump for a few pics and links to the products. Read More

  • The Rise Of The Prosumer

    Mark this word in your mental diaries: Prosumer. The word is a combination of producer and consumer that perfectly describe the millions of participants in the Web 2.0 revolution. It’s not a new word, but it’s a word that will become the norm in the coming years. It’s already being used by companies such as Sony to describe users of video cameras. Earlier in the week… Read More

  • Lawyers Sue Lawyer Ratings Site

    Lawyer ratings site Avvo is being sued by lawyers unhappy with negative ratings. The complaint on behalf of Seattle lawyers John Henry Browne and Alan Wenokur says Avvo is deceptive, unfair and violates state consumer protection laws. It would be easy to call irony on this one, but in reality it sits far better with clichés including when you dance with the devil and when you play with… Read More

  • The Long Tail Is Getting Fatter

    Three separate news stories involving numbers this week caught my eye. iLike announced it has now has 6 million registered users and is now adding 300,000 new users a day. Apple’s Safari browser for Windows has now had 1 million downloads. Finally SpaceTime, a 3D browser we reviewed June 5 passed the 100,000 download mark. All three may not seem obviously related, but there is something… Read More

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