• Greylock Partners Invests In Stealth Search Engine Cuill

    We got (at least) one thing wrong when we wrote about super-stealth search startup Cuill last week. We said we believed the company self funded after searching for venture capital. But we now have it from two solid sources that they actually raised a $4 million Series A round from Greylock Partners, with partner David Strohm taking a board seat. Cuill, which was founded by husband and wife… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Best Buy Midnight Launch Locations For Halo 3?

    Truth be told, I’m terrible at FPS games. I’m either camping or unloading a clip in the general direction of the opponent. Maybe it’s because I spent more time studying and/or chasing tail in college than getting stoned and playing Halo, Unreal Tournament or Counter Strike like my friends, but Halo 3 makes me want to invest a few good hours every day so I can at least… Read More

  • Google Gains A Big Enterprise Ally

    Google is yet to finalize its office suite (powerpoint is on the way), but it now has a major ally in distributing it to big enterprise customers. CapGemini, who control a million or so enterprise desktops and are one of the largest IT consulting businesses, will offer Google Apps to its clients. Google Apps include services such as email, calendar, word processing and… Read More

  • Sony Officially Announces Rolly, WTF Is It?

    SONY ROLLY PROMOTIONAL VIDEO Umm. Yeah. I’m not really sure what to think about Sony’s newest audio player, Rolly. It seems like a novelty item rather than a hot new product I’d want to buy. Essentially, Rolly plays music and ‘dances’ around to the beat or what you’ve programmed it to boogie down to. It reminds… Read More

  • Sunday Night Timewasters

    So you have a few precious hours left before it’s time to hit the sack and get ready for the nauseating day ahead. Refreshing blogs repeatedly in the hopes of an update isn’t helping much, and aside from old Fresh Prince re-runs there is nothing on TV. Yeah. Anyway, here are a few games which kept me from writing this up for the past two hours. Enjoy. Read More

  • The Gizmoz/Taco Bell Ad

    http://www.gizmoz.com/newsite/widgets/partner/tacobell//tacobell_intro_theEnd.swf The ad above, featuring people who applied to be in it via a special Taco Bell/Gizmoz contest that ran last month, was played at the MTV Music Awards this evening. The ad is sort of standard mainstream media stuff complete with carefully diversified (sexually and ethnically) winners, but it’s a great… Read More

  • Anti-piracy The UK Way

    While I was in London I caught an episode of The IT Crowd and I have to say that it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in quite some time. The show is about the IT department in some London based company and I’ve been searching for episodes to watch, but haven’t found any yet. Hopefully this short clip conveys just how funny this show is. Has anyone else seen this show? Read More

  • Time Warner Invests In Video Ads Startup ScanScout

    ScanScout, a Boston startup oft described as providing “AdSense for video”, will announce this morning that it has received a strategic investment from Time Warner. The size of Time Warner’s investment has not been disclosed. However, CEO Doug McFarland claims that many of the benefits for ScanScout will come from the connections and opportunities created by its partnership… Read More

  • Pantech C810 Appears On Amazon

    It seems as though Amazon has been the culprit of many product leaks in the last few months and now we’re privy to the Pantech C810. Details are practically non-existent from the Amazon product page, but we do know that it’s a 3G device running on Windows Mobile 6.0. The QWERTY slider smartphone is priced at $179.99 with free shipping from Amazon. Hey AT&T, it might be a good… Read More

  • Bazaarvoice Closes $8.8 Million Series B

    Bazaarvoice has closed $8.8 million in Series B funding in a round led by Battery Ventures with Austin Ventures and First Round Capital also participating. Battery Ventures General Partner Neeraj Agrawal has joined Bazaarvoice’s Board of Directors as part of the deal. Texas-based Bazaarvoice provides white label Amazon-like editorial recommendations for products to other companies. The… Read More

  • Leaked: Pictures Of LG VX10000

    Check out these pics of the rumored replacement for Verizon’s enV. Wait, what’s that… Does it slide and flip open? Crazy. Looks somewhat like the crazy lovechild of an LG Chocolate, and Helio Ocean. The device has a nice sleek plastic front that seems to be all touch sensitive. No word on the release date yet but hopefully it’s sooner than later. Further Leaked Shots… Read More

  • AllPeers BitTorrent Plugin Preview For TechCrunch Readers

    UK/Prague based peer to peer file sharing startup AllPeers has launched a sneak peek of their latest release candidate (0.7) just for TechCrunch readers (available here), which includes a fully functional BitTorrent client. AllPeers is a Firefox plugin that lets you easily share files amongst your contacts, using BitTorrent to speed their progress. Although AllPeers started out as a peer to… Read More

  • Plastic Dating Cards? This Clearly Isn't Going To Work

    Any time you try to bridge the real world and the Internet, it’s going to be tough work. When you mix in a questionable business idea and a really poorly designed site, you’re probably heading for the Deadpool. Enter UK based First Move, which just emailed us. It’s a dating site where you create a private profile. You then buy black or hot pink credit-card type cards that… Read More

  • Microsoft Launches Babel Fish, I mean Windows Live Translator

    AltaVista (now owned by Yahoo) has had the Babel Fish translation service since the late nineties. The service, which is powered by a French company called Systran, takes bits of text and translates it from or into any of twelve languages. Entire web pages can also be translated by entering the URL. A few blogs today have noted the quiet launch of Windows Live Translator, which appears to be… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    Is Steve Jobs Sick Of The Cell Phone Industry Already?

    I haven’t been privy to the private conversations of Steve Jobs, but listening to his keynote the other day, it’s difficult not to pick up on at least some antipathy the man seems to hold towards the entire mobile phone industry. “Steve Jobs’ entire keynote was a series of middle fingers directed at AT&T and their carrier brethren,” says Sascha Segan, lead… Read More

  • Zune 2 On October 16th

    The guy over at iwantapinkzune.com isn’t an official source however this dude seems to be pretty sure that the Zune 2 will be out on October 16th. Obviously, bloggers are the most credible people on the internet so we are now fully expectant of a release on said date. Unfortunately for Microsoft no one will really care about any releases on the 16th what with everyone being out… Read More

  • MySpace: Sidekick Launch Event October 16th?

    Based on some MySpace snooping, a Sidekick launch event might be just around the corner. DJ AM –the guy who played at the last two launches– has listed a private shindig for T-Mobile on his page which is leading people to assume that it will be the unveiling of some sexy new hardware. This isn’t exactly the most exciting rumor but who cares, those are some purdy… Read More

  • Will Joost Address The Copycats?

    The Joost look and feel is being widely copied by others, even before the company officially launches. Last week the second Joost look-alike popped up: DNAStream. Like the first Joost clone, created by Paul Yanez, it basically appropriates the Joost look and feel and presents it in a web browser through a Flash interface (Joost itself is available only as a download). Unlike Yanez’s… Read More

  • Search For Steve Fossett Expands To Amazon's Mechanical Turk

    It’s been five days since adventurer Steve Fossett disappeared in the Nevada desert. So far, searchers have found half a dozen previously unknown crash sites, but no sign of Fossett’s plane. Earlier we reported that his friend Richard Branson was using Google Earth to try to located him. Amazon is now involved as well, and has set up a Mechanical Turk project where volunteers can… Read More

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