• TwitPlus shares files over Twitter

    TwitPlus is a new Twitter application based on the popular microblogging platform. It is basically a photo, video and file sharing system built on top of Twitter. It also works with secure files. A longer list of features being worked on includes timeline view, mobile access, API, desktop app, integration with Flickr and picture editing. The creator is Dan Field, of ClearMyMail, the UK firm… Read More

  • Best Buy taking your old neglected console trade-ins

    Best Buy will take your old consoles and give you a gift card to use at one of its bajillion locations. The process is fairly straightforward and shipping costs are taken care of by Best Buy, not you. You provide some basic info about the current shape of your console, print the shipping label, and send it off. About a week after the item arrives at the shipping center, you’ll get a… Read More

  • Mystery mouse with a countdown

    There are no details to be found on this interesting-looking mouse other than the fact that it comes out some time next week. I used to think there was nothing new under the sun when it came to mice, but that was before I saw Logitech’s MX Air — so maybe this will surprise me too. Check out the site for a countdown timer and an exciting one-second clip of the mouse shooting… Read More

  • Details emerge about new LG KF-series fashion phones

    Unwired View has some details about LG’s upcoming line of KF-series phones. Apparently we might expect to see the fancy KF750 phone and the KF240 music phone at CeBIT next week. The KF750, pictured left, “appears to be a stylish high end touchscreen slider (above), with a new and interesting take on a navigation touchpad, which is something of a cross between the ones found on… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    Unreasonable Stance: Why travel when you can just Google?

    Welcome to the Unreasonable Stance, where our own Devin takes the minority opinion on a tech matter and defends it with convenient data, spun numbers, fanboyism, and insults until he proves, without a doubt, that those that disagree with him are filthy mouth-breathers.
    Back in the day, it used to be that you grew up on the prairie, ignorant of anything beyond your direct line of sight. Books… Read More

  • Nuvio says Garmin stole Nuviphone name

    Nuvio, a hosted PBX reseller, and Garmin are in a tooth and nail fight over the Nuviphone name. Nuvio is claiming that they are infringing on their business a la Apple Inc. v. Apple Records by selling phones under the Nuvi brand. While any normal person wouldn’t be confused by the two, Nuvio’s customer’s aren’t so bright: “While we would have preferred to settle… Read More

  • The Next Web awards get going again

    The Next Web awards are back again to celebrate Europe’s startups: In collaboration with Techcrunch UK & France, Loogic & The Next Web Blog, The Next Web Conference will be organizing these awards for the second time. Vote for the most Entertaining site; Best Company & social site; Most influential Web Celebrity and Weblog; Rookie of the year and best On-stage Start-up at… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Sprint announces Simply Everything plan

    [photopress:printplan.png,full,pp_image] I was beginning to wonder when Sprint would jump into the fray and now they have. Starting tomorrow new and existing customers can opt for the Simply Everything plan that encompasses just about everything (unlimited voice, data, text, e-mail, Web-surfing, Sprint TVSM, Sprint Music, GPS Navigation, Direct Connect® and Group Connect®) Sprint has to… Read More

  • Dopplr releases new features

    Dopplr has released the “Singapore” version of the site this week. Here are the details from their user newsletter. Two new features stand out: 1. More happy coincidences Dopplr now informs you of “nearby” and “near-miss” coincidences. You can see when someone adds a trip to a place near where you’ll be, and see who you’ll just miss by a day or two. Read More

  • Android amazes stuffy BBC: "I say, jolly good!" says reporter

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&feedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fbbcnewstechnology%2Eblip%2Etv%2Frss&file=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash%2F704168&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fshowplayer%2Eswf Although the rest of the world has already gotten their fill of Google’s up-and-coming phone OS/paperweight the BBC just got an… Read More

  • More Vaporware From Google Health. Just Launch It Already.

    Google’s Marissa Mayer put out another teaser today about its long-anticipated, much-delayed Google Health service. The post on the Official Google Blog offers some screen shots (below) and lays out what consumers can expect. But other than a pilot announced last week with the Cleveland Clinic, there is no mention on when Google Health will actually launch. Meanwhile, Microsoft… Read More

  • Garsh n' Begorrah, my wee bairns! Ireland's O2 gets the iPhone

    ‘Tis their intention ta dry off and then buy an iPhone. Join ’em? Pull a pint and twiddle your muff because Ireland’s O2 will be selling the iPhone (translation: “tha’ bleedin’ iPhone, ye ponce”) at $600 for the 8GB and $750 for the 16GB. For about $50 a month you get up to 1GB of data and the standard SMS and talk times. Don’t be a wee… Read More

  • Nortel Networks Sees Tuff Times

    Nortel Networks, a telecommunications equipment maker, lost $957 million last year and announced another reorganization. To stop the bleeding, the company will cut 2,100 jobs and move another 1,000 jobs from North America to low-wage countries. News of the staff reduction sent shares down 13% to $9.93 a share in New York trading. Several analysts are questioning Nortel’s reliance on a… Read More

  • RFID tag with hologram to prevent costly counterfeiting

    [photopress:hrfid.jpg,full,center] Hitachi and Toppan (no idea who Toppan is, either) have developed an RFID tag that has a hologram on it, which is designed to make merchandise theft as hard as possible. The RFID tag’s signals are encrypted, which should eliminate the threat of a miscreant hanging around and capturing and cracking the tag. As for the hologram, it’s supposedly… Read More

  • Video: iPod touch ad set to make Brendon Benson famous

    Apple’s admen have chosen Brendon Benson as the next artist to become famous because of one of its commercials. The latest iPod touch ad, which aired last night during “American Idol,” features Benson’s song “What I’m looking For.” Several iPods are pictured on a tabletop, each demonstrating a different feature of the player. I grabbed Yael… Read More

  • Speakers Selected for CTIA Wireless Educational Sessions

    The speakers for this year’s International CTIA Wireless 2008 Educational Sessions, which takes place in Las Vegas April 1-3, have been chosen. Approximately 175 speakers will lead discussions on this year’s topics. These sessions will address the most important issues facing wireless carriers, mobile device and infrastructure manufactures, content developers, media companies… Read More

  • Magnify.net Raises $1M for Video Discovery, Broadcasting

    New York-based Magnify.net has raised $1M in a Series A round involving Next Stage Capital, New York Angels, Rose Tech Ventures, Active Angel Investors, Ogden Capital, Gideon Gartner, and Chris Anderson. The company is also claiming to have attracted 30,000 publishers and over three million visitors per month. Each publisher on Magnify.net sets up a so-called channel where they can aggregate… Read More

  • Quintura Releases Site-Specific Search Cloud Widget

    Quintura, a site where you can search the internet with the assistance of a keyword cloud, is releasing a widget that brings the same search cloud to individual websites. Site owners can install the widget (shown below) and the search results will come only from their sites, or from a network of sites if they so choose. Search advertisements will show up in the cloud, and proceeds from… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Robot Vs Q*bert Edition

    Robot soldiers pose threat to human life
    Cool concept: ZEN computing, truly multitouch
    Inexpensive biometric door lock
    Hamster powered generator: It’s real
    It’s Wednesday, time to waste your employer’s money Read More

  • Fav.or.it launches beta to the invited crowd

    Fav.or.it, the RSS reader with integrated commenting (a story TCUK broke), has launched its beta, though you’ll still need an invite to get in while they scale up. With Fav.or.it you can make comments on blog posts from within its reader – no need to click into a browser to the original post. Disqus, the distributed commenting system, will be using the fav.or.it API. So if you… Read More

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