• Apple to iBuzz: Party's Over, Pervs

    Apple is a company notorious for the pep it shows when it’s concerned its copyrights might be misused. The Cupertino team’s law firm is no stranger to cease-and-desist orders that often make them look like bad sports, so it was only a matter of time, really, before Jobs and company got all uppity about the iBuzz, the notorious personal vibrator iPod attachment. The suits have… Read More

  • Vaja Releases New iPod Nano Cases

    So you got your hands on a colorful 2G iPod Nano but need a case? Fear not. Vaja just announced four new cases for the Nano and they look pretty gnarly to be honest. There’s the Classic (pictured above) for $34, the Classic Top for $40, I-Volution Holster for $30, and I-Volution with hook for $45. All the cases can be customized to your liking and are available in over 1000 different… Read More

  • Mobile Device Usage As Annoying As Smoking?

    post suggests that mobile device users have gotten so rude about using their phones, BlackBerrys, Treos, etc. in public and in social settings that it’s as irritating as someone lighting up a cigarette.
    …the smoking analogy is most apt because 20 years ago, a person would have been able to light up in an elevator. Smoking was socially acceptable in all manner of venues until… Read More

  • Verizon Blackens Q for Fifty Clams

    , and Verizon is charging $50 for the privilege of taking part in the masquerade. If Samsung comes out with a silver version of the Blackjack, we’d have ourselves a little chuckle, then we’d head back to the “erotic encounters” section of our local Craigslist looking for posts Vince doesn’t want us to know he made. Motorola Q in Black [Product Page, via Gizmodo] Read More

  • He Said, She Said, Vista Style

    So like Bill and Jim were emailing each other and Jim was all like “I got a new girlfriend,” and Bill is all like “No you didn’t.” And Jim was like “Yeah, it’s OS X. We were at a party and she was all over me.” And Bill is like “Listen, this is 2004 and Windows is stagnant. It’s understandable you’re looking around for… Read More

  • Super Nintendo Meets TiVo, Falls In Love

    It’s almost always a good thing when you can integrate one of the 10 devices next to your TV with another. It saves room and space, and you’ve got a new toy to play with (kind of). A couple guys with a couple of brewskies (There were no girls, mind you) decided to take apart a Super NES and integrate a TiVo unit into it. The Super NinTiVo, as Jason over at Gizmodo calls it, works… Read More

  • Yahoo's "Project Fraternity" Docs Leaked

    Rumors about the possible acquisition of Facebook, usually with Yahoo as buyer, have been around for most of this year. Not that Yahoo or Facebook have asked for this attention, but the media is getting antsy. Robert Young put it best last week when he asked – Yahoo & Facebook: Deal or No Deal?. That is certainly the question of the fiscal quarter. We know that Facebook has… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Wanna Buy a Watch? Edition

    Siemens Crazy Lookin’ Iron Fights Wrinkles, Crime
    Massive Arcade Stick For Wii and GameCube
    Morning Multitasking: Poach and Toast Your Breakfast
    Corsair’s 16 Gigs Of Rubberized Water-Resistant Flash Drive Fun
    2006 Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Geek Watches Read More

  • Google Fixes Yahoo-Copied Splash Page

    At 5:06 pm this evening we wrote that Google had apparently stolen the content and the look of a Yahoo page promoting IE7, even showing the Yahoo toolbar with the Yahoo logo blurred out. Six hours later, Google has replaced the site in question with an entirely new one. This one thankfully shows the Google Toolbar prominently installed. I can only imagine the email strings being fired… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Consoles On The Way

    While initial day-one launch shipment goals weren’t achievable due to early manufacturing issues, those problems have been resolved and we do remain focused on having one million PS3s in the pipeline by December 31, 2006. – David Karraker, Communications Boss of SCEA If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a PS3 without having to camp out overnight of over pay for one… Read More

  • Opera Mini + Creativity = Free Wii

    Want a new Nintendo Wii without paying for it? No problem! All you have to do is tell a story using pictures, post it on your blog, give the link to the Opera forums and have it all done by January 7. The requirements aren’t too bad, either. You have to have a minimum of 10 pictures (20 max) and a title for your story. You aren’t allowed to use any text, so make sure your photos… Read More

  • Startup Cries Foul at Google's New Radio Ads Product

    Voices.com CEO David Ciccarelli is crying foul at part of Google’s new radio ad product, which is in beta testing with select Google Adwords customers. Through partnerships with hundreds of radio stations, Google will offer customers the ability to bid on radio spots, and target ads by geography, station type, listener demographics and time of day. But Google isn’t stopping at… Read More

  • Gotuit SceneMaker Lets Users Tag And Cut Online Video

    Gotuit will launch a social video tagging service on Tuesday that allows users to cut and tag any online video from any source. Gotuit is a video host for online video, mobile video, and cable TV. But unless you’re YouTube, you can’t compete in online video without a new bag of tricks. Contextual cutting and tagging is Gotuit ‘s new trick. “We are launching [this]… Read More

  • Le Web3 the good, bad and ugly.

    (Subscribe to the RSS feed)  It’s day one of Le Web 3. So let’s start with the good. One Thousand people from around the world have converged on Paris. Loic and his team have worked really hard to pull together an impressive list of speakers, sponsors and attendees. Everyone I spoke to last night at the warm up party is hoping the event will live up to the billing and better… Read More

  • Red 5 Studios Aims To Be Pixar of Online Gaming

    The founders of new online gaming company Red 5 Studios are celebrating an $18.5 million round of financing today from Benchmark Capital and Sierra Ventures. Bill Gurley from Benchmark Capital is joining the board. The company previously raised working capital from WEBZEN pursuant to a game development deal earlier this year. Red 5 Studios was founded by some of the key people behind… Read More

  • Wikio Launches Digg-Like Site For U.S., Germany, And Spain

    Wikio, a user-contributed news company, launched Wikio.com, Wikio.de, and Wikio.es at the LeWeb3 conference in Paris today. The three new sites are aimed at the US, Germany, and Spain, respectively. Wikio has been live in France and Italy for a few months. They have 600,000 French users and 100,000 Italian users. In April, TechCrunch France writer Ouriel Ohayon reviewed Wikio and found it to be… Read More

  • Omniture Announces Marketing 2.0 Analytics Tool

    Omniture released an integration analytics tool called Genesis at a two-hour event today at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Genesis was created with over 30 marquee online advertising partners such as Ask.com, Google, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Salesforce. Omniture is an online marketing analytics company. Genesis is a measurement, performance, and integration tool. Integration being… Read More

  • Siemens Crazy Lookin' Iron Fights Wrinkles, Crime

    Man, look at this thing. Never before have I felt more of an urge to iron. The Siemens Slider S5 is being billed as the world’s first automatic iron. No that doesn’t mean it’ll do the ironing for you, but it will take the guesswork out of iron settings. It features a three-position automatic shutoff and a three section hot zone. I don’t really know what that means, but… Read More

  • Google Copies IE7 Promo Material From Yahoo

    Yahoo and Google have personalized versions of the new Internet Explorer 7 browser. Yahoo’s is available for download here, and Google’s version is here. The page layout and content for the two sites is nearly identical, although this may be a simple cut and paste from recommended Microsoft promotional information What’s more interesting is that the screen shots in both… Read More

  • Massive Arcade Stick For Wii and GameCube

    If you’ve been waiting for an arcade stick to come out for the Nintendo Wii, you’re just gonna have to wait a bit longer. There’s only one of these bad boys out right now, and the only place you can find it is eBay. The Wii arcade stick plugs into the Wii via the GameCube port, making it compatible with the GameCube too. Though the GameCube isn’t really of much use… Read More

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