• Acquisition for Clipmarks

    New York based Clipmarks, a del.icio.us-like social bookmarking service, may have been acquired by Forbes. We have no information on the size of the transaction, but my guess is that it was on the very low side. The service allows users to bookmark all or a portion of a web page and annotate it. It is then shared with the community and popular new bookmarks are “popped” to the top… Read More

  • Real Life Power Glove Senses Shape, Heat

    The University of Tokyo has developed a robotic hand capable of transmitting feeling back to its human controller, in effect taking cybersex virtual reality and remote scientific exploration to a whole new level. Users wearing the glove will be able to sense the shape, temperature, and stiffness of objects. It’ll eventually be used to shop online and even shake people’s hands remotely. Read More

  • Awesome Pair Of Night Lights

    Hey, your kid needs gadget advice too! Check out these awesome nightlights from Fred Flare. For $12 you get a pair of lights that will make any kid more excited than Pixi Stix. One bulb glows purple and has plasma rays like those balls you see at Spencer’s Gifts. Very exciting. The other bulb resembles a wacky hairdo and is made from a blue light and fiber-optic cables. It also looks… Read More

  • TeleNav Now On HTC Advantage

    My family recently caught the GPS bug, probably because they’re tired of hopping onto MapQuest every time they go farther than the local mall. They ask me which models/software I’d recommend and I throw out all the big names, including TeleNav, which can now be found on the HTC Advantage (TeleNav v5.1, to be exact). All the standard TeleNav rules apply here, including the $9.99… Read More

  • Sole Mio, No Recharge-O

    The Sole Mio is a solar-powered wireless mouse currently being developed by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. I can’t tell if it’s Bluetooth or RF (maybe they haven’t gotten that far yet) but it uses about 20mA of electricity while you’re using it and it holds 300mAh when fully charged. I like the idea of a solar-powered mouse, but it’s… Read More

  • KDDI au Triple LCD Concept Phone Makes You Say Wha?!

    The Actface from KDDI au in Japan has one of the craziest interfaces known to man. The three LCD screens alone would make anyone giddy, but it does the strangest thing when you press the keys. Details are pretty slim on the Actface. Plus, it’s a concept phone and it remains to be seen if this will make it into consumers’ hands. Au Triple Screen Phone Still Lacks Something [Oh Gizmo] Read More

  • Unroll Your Own Portable Lighting System

    If you’re one of the tens of people who need portable lighting solutions, you’re going to love the Lampada Metro Roll-Up Lighting system. The lights start out looking sort of like a roll of duct tape and are unraveled into a Pringles-like translucent tube that emits weak light. If you would use this, please let us know how or why. I’m not ragging on them, I’m… Read More

  • Thug Life: The Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy

    Waiting for the American justice system to run its course can be boring and tedious. If you’re looking for a little something to do while you wait, why not buy your dog a Michael Vick chew toy? It runs for $12.99 (shipped) and the proceeds will apparently be donated to local animal shelters. Unfortunately, it’s claimed to be very durable. Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy [VickDogChewToy.com] Read More

  • Intense Debate Soups Up Your Blog Comments

    Colorado-based startup incubator TechStars has launched their second company today, Intense Debate. We covered TechStar’s first company, MadKast, earlier this week. Intense Debate is a souped-up blog commenting system that adds a lot of features for publishers and commenters alike. Installing the plug-in on your blog (WordPress, Blogger, and TypePad) adds threading, comment analytics… Read More

  • Apple Loves Inappropriate Comparisons: iMac VS. Dell XPS 410

    Apple, being not too subtle when it comes to saying, “Our competitors couldn’t design an attractive-looking computer if their lives depended on it.” Industrial designer fight! But, like Josh just pointed out, isn’t the Dell box expandable? How about we compare a penguin and a bald eagle? I mean, they’re both birds… iMac Design [Apple] Read More

  • More Safety Help From Nissan: Accident Prevention System

    It’s not just drunk driving that Nissan wants to eradicate, but reckless driving in general. A new system that’s set to debut before the end of the year will help drivers avoid accidents. The system takes into account the distance between your car and the car in front of you, velocity and the presence of evil spirits. For example, if you quickly take your foot off the gas pedal… Read More

  • Apple Store Back Up: New iMacs, iLife '08, iWork '08

    Well that was quick. The Apple Store has returned, bringing with it new toys for us to covet. Up top are the three new guys sure to get all the attention—the new aluminum iMacs, iLife ’08 and iWork ’08, complete with Numbers, the Microsoft Excel killer. The Mac mini is still with us; Apple hasn’t killed her off yet. No new iPods or no new MacBooks, nor even a price drop. Read More

  • Fujitsu Launching $500k+ Display

    That’s right. Fujitsu is launching the Super Frontech Vision LD series and bigger is certainly better in this case, but I have to question the sanity of anyone shelling out $531k on a non HDTV. Said individual can stand behind any douchebag Vertu Cobra owner who will deflect any and all questions about compensation. The displays are not being positioned for the consumer market, but a… Read More

  • LG Colorholic Does Something, No One Cares

    LG is launching a new line of mobile phones geared towards women in 14 different colors. The Colorholic is a slider with the usual suite of applications like an appointment book, text-to-speech messaging and an MP3 player. I really think LG nailed this one with the wide variety of colors because girls love it when everything matches. Wait. Who am I kidding? No one here cares about the phone. Read More

  • Inteset Adds Combo Blu-ray+HD DVD Drive To Its Media Servers

    “Shoot, I should’ve gone with Blu-ray.” “Wow, HD DVD is much better than I thought…” Torn between which high-def format to support? Like LG before it (and Samsung sometime in the future), Inteset has devised a way to watch both! formats on the same device. Both its Maximus and Denzel media servers will play Blu-ray and HD DVD discs, thanks to a little… Read More

  • Megavideo: Does It "Beat" YouTube?

    Megavideo, a new online video sharing site based out of Hong Kong, has YouTube in its sights. In a video on its homepage, the company claims to best YouTube for ten reasons: Video publishers can earn money through a rewards program Publishers can also earn money through AdBrite in-video advertisements Users can move the playback position to anywhere in the video The website supports… Read More

  • Apple Store, Dot Mac Are Down

    First things first, it seems: New iMacs, duh, but new iMacs that look something like the old iMacs. But with less of a frame around the screen, and more brushed-metally. Nice stats, too. You get up to a terrabyte of internal storage, up to a 2.4GHz Core 2 Extreme proc, up to 4GB RAM, and ATI’s bringing the GPU with its Radeon HD cards. Not bad. And they’re keeping axing the… Read More

  • Apple To Ramp Up Game Development?

    Historically, Apple and gaming have gone together like oil and water. So it stands to reason that gaming might be the next mighty mountain for Apple to conquer. Announcements at WWDC from EA and id Software hint at the availability of new Apple-flavored games. EA’s supposedly putting out Mac versions of its Madden and Command & Conquer franchises and id’s John Carmack… Read More

  • Google Street View Adds Four Cities

    Google continues to add cities to its Street View maps product that launched earlier this year. You can now view and stroll through high quality photos of most of the downtown areas of San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston and Orlando. Nine cities are now covered – click on the camera icons to dive into the city and see it. Microsoft is working on competing products, but they are not as elegant… Read More

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