• You are a thief. How does that make you feel?

    The big record labels are getting brazen. Really brazen. Today marks the opening of the first trial between the RIAA and a person it says illegally downloaded music. The problem for the RIAA is this person, and by person I mean damned hero, has decided to fight back. The RIAA has acted like a bully in most cases it’s pursued so far, so it’s great to see someone taking a… Read More

  • What do you think of the Zune 2?

    Now that you’ve had some time to digest everything, what do you think about the Zune 2? I like my first generation Zune, but it’s difficult to manage because I don’t have a PC and I’m not about to run Boot Camp or Parallels for it. In most instances I like it over my iPod, but I have the first photo iPod and that’s obviously ancient compared to the Touch iPod. Read More

  • Social Investing Site Covestor Now Collectively "Manages" $100 Million

    Call it social finance. A bunch of investing sites, from MarketWatch and Motley Fool CAPS to Cake Financial and Social Picks, let investors create fantasy portfolios and track their performance. The idea is to compete against each other, celebrity investors, and the overall market. The best investors, whether pros or schmoes, rise to the top and collect a following. It’s the… Read More

  • New Palm OS delayed, again

    Come on, Palm! First you fold the Foleo, which broke Doug’s heart, and now you’re delaying your new OS until the end of next year! The new OS is purported to allow Palm to unveil a slew of new products including a device similar to the Foleo. This can’t be good. Not one bit. Palm admits new OS 18 months away [The Reg] Read More

  • Rumor: iFones could adopt Intel processor

    The boys in the far east are spilling the beans that Apple is considering the adoption of Intel’s Moorestown MID processor for the next run of iPhones. Intel revealed a Moorestown-based MID product with functions similar to Apple’s iPhone at the recent Intel Developer Forum (IDF) San Francisco. The Moorestown platform is expected to launch in 2009 and Apple is considering developing… Read More

  • BlackBerry outage?

    Reports are trickling in that BlackBerry users in New York and Washington are experiencing, yet, another outage with the typical message ‘blackberry data connection refused’ popping up when users try to access e-mail. Anyone? Research in Motion (RIMM) Blackberry data connection refused in New York and Washington [Blogging Stocks] Read More

  • A few more Zune details [Update, again, again]

    So I just got off a call with Microsoft regarding the Zune and we have a few more details for you. Read More

  • Review: Bose Computer MusicMonitor

    What’s insanely small and costs way too much? A diamond. What else? Bose’s new Computer MusicMonitor desktop speakers — but they sure are shiny with their silvery aluminum finish. Bose cleverly combined two ingenious ideas and added a little DSP magic to make what are quite possibly the finest speakers of their size. Of course, all that science costs money: These tiny… Read More

  • The old "I don't know where this porno came from" defense alive and well

    Here’s a tip: If you’re a State Representative about to lecture high school kids on, well, anything, and you’re planning on using a Powerpoint deck on your thumb drive, it’s probably a good idea to delete all the porn off of it, as some computers will automatically play back images as a slideshow. Just so you know. Also, denying the porn is yours isn’t a very… Read More

  • Zune Social: Discover what music your friends like, then buy buy buy

    I’m probably in the crowd Let’s chat about the Zune Social, Microsoft’s music-centric social networking (Isn’t “social networking” redundant? When are you “anti-social networking”…) deal. Before we get too far along, know that you don’t actually need a Zune to participate in Zune Social. It’s like this: when you play a song on… Read More

  • Video: Bill Gates explains why the Zune 2 is ::thumbs up::

    Hey, you know what’d be great? If Bill Gates told us why the Zune 2 is good. I gotta say, that Wi-Fi music sync features is pretty clutch. Hopefully this will force other companies to get on board the Wi-Fi Express. Video: Bill Gates talks about Zune 2 [Zune-Online.com] Read More

  • dotMobi Advisory Group to Help Developing Countries

    As mobile phone use in developed countries reaches the saturation point, the developing world is looked to for new markets. These countries have unique problems developed ones don’t. To help overcome these obstacles, dotMobi Advisory Group (MAG) announced the creation of the Mobile Internet in Developing Countries task force. The goal of the task force is to bring valuable new… Read More

  • Guitar Hero 3 gets 16 new tracks

    Activion is pulling out all the stops on Guitar Hero 3. They’ve just announced 16 more tracks for the guitar wielding rock fest. I just wish I didn’t suck at it so much because Sunshine of Your Love by Cream is the shiznit. The Sonic Youth, Dead Kennedys, White Zombie, Aerosmith (!), Bloc Party, Disburbed and The Killers (why? wtf!) have joined the stacked lineup. Hit the jump for… Read More

  • The most delicious wrist-rest yet

    This is a wrist-rest for your PC keyboard that looks like a baguette. It is not delicious though, because it is made out of foam. To be honest, I’d rather the baguette be real so that if I got hungry during a Kara raid in World of Warcraft, I could just rip off a chunk, pull some meats and cheeses out of my desk and make a sandwich. Can you feel the meat? Can ya, can ya feel the… Read More

  • Flexiscale launches on demand hosting

    Flexiscale, a new hosting on-demand computing service aimed at Web 2.0 startups, launched in the UK today. It will compete with Amazon’s EC2/S3 service. The move is significant because there is currently only one other on-demand, ‘pay as you go’ hosting solution in Europe aimed at startups, which typically offer free services to begin with and thus need hosting which is… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Premium hackity hack

    Anything proprietary burns my biscuits. Lately it’s been Samsung phones and the multiple cables I need for charging and headsets and whatever else. The Xbox 360 and its proprietary business is a crock as well, but it’s the best console out there and M$ is losing money over every console sold. You can’t really blame them for trying to make a few bucks here and there. Read More

  • Toshiba announces 30-inch OLED TV by 2009

    Toshiba isn’t about to let Sony get the upper hand in the television market. Yesterday, Sony announced an 11-inch OLED TV that is only 0.3-inches thick, has a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and costs $1745. Considered a huge leap in technology, now other companies are scrambling to get on the bandwagon. Toshiba is claiming that by 2009, a 30-inch OLED TV will be available for purchase, ready… Read More

  • At Future of Web apps today

    If you’re at the Future of Web Apps conference in London today look out for me (Mike Butcher, TechCrunch UK & Ireland) as I’ll be hanging out and looking for things to write about. My contact details are here. We’re also delighted to have Mike Arrington, TechCrunch editor-in-chief and founder, over here too. This morning he appeared on a morning panel and he’ll… Read More

  • Human LCD Displays

    http://www.liveleak.com/player.swf?autostart=false&token=453_1191345802 Who needs the jumbotron at the big game when you have a ton of die hard South Koreans cheering their team on? View in amazement as an audience waiting for a soccer match produces multiple graphics and effects using only clothing. The process required the fans to wear special jackets with multiple colors in… Read More

  • Seven Steps to Graphing Your Facebook Strategy

    This guest post is written by Dave McClure: startup advisor, angel investor, PayPal alumnus, and Master of 500 Hats. Dave is organizing next week’s Graphing Social Patterns conference on Facebook, covering many of the topics and companies mentioned below. He’s also a rookie instructor for a new Stanford class on Facebook apps, and an unapologetic Facebook Fanboy and social… Read More

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