• Treo 750 Starts Showing Up At Cingular Stores

    Some Cingular employees must have been overjoyed this weekend. Seems Treo 750 demo units started showing up in a few Cingular stores recently. Is it the same thing as the Vodafone version? Yes. Are all the features still the same? Yes. But do we care because we’re fanatical geeks? Sadly, yes. It’s still looking good and has a “Q4 release date,” but with only 13 days left… Read More

  • Release Your Inner Peeping Tom With A Cellphone Telescope

    Allow me first to mention that if you have a cellphone and use it to take pictures, chances are you know that anything farther away than 5 feet is going to look like a big ol’ blur. Luckily, now you can snag this mini Mobile Phone Telescope to grab great shots of friends far away, distant locations and people undressing in their bedrooms at night. Yes, we know that people may actually… Read More

  • Myspace And Cingular Get It On

    Peace Helio users! Catch ya later! Looks like you’re no longer the only wireless provider with a MySpace deal. Cingular Wireless and MySpace have teamed up letting its wireless customers access their profiles on the social-networking site while on the go. You and your 15-year-old punk girlfriend with pink highlights can check your profile, make comments, upload pictures from your phone… Read More

  • Brando Adds Electric Shaver To Its List Of USB Products

    This is all very simple and very strange. With a spare USB port on your computer you can power/recharge damn near anything, granted you have the appropriate cable. Electronics-vendor Brando seems to be hunting down every single USB-powered device it can find, including this electric razor. Pretty straightforward: Plug the razor into a USB port, charge it up and shave stuff. I’d go… Read More

  • Samsung SCH-W531 in FCC Limbo

    Keep your eye out in the future for the Samsung SCH-W531. Aside from looking like it could blend in with a couple of Sub-Zero fridges, this phone has some decent features you might not catch on other Samsung models. It features dual-mode GSM and CDMA, a camera and video capture, Bluetooth, the ability to act as a mass USB storage device, and an HTML capable web browser. It can even handle… Read More

  • Zune's Secret Shutdown Extends Battery Life

    For those of you that have gotten your hands on a Zune (Zuners) here’s a tip from Web site Zunerama about getting a little extra juice from you new mobile media player. It’s all in how you shut the device down. Instead of holding the pause/play button down till the screen goes dim, try holding down the down button on the directional pad along with the Back button at the same… Read More

  • LG DA70 All-in-One TV

    Looks like LG is working it’s way back into the home entertainment market with the first product in their TV-PC series. Tagged the DA70, it was launched yesterday in an enticing all black 26-inch LCD television with PC functions letting you watch Family Guy reruns while surfing the net for the newest and greatest stories from the Crunchgear team. Equipped with an Intel Celeron M430 CPU… Read More

  • Digg Breaks Away From All News Focus

    Later today, Digg, which just celebrated its second birthday, will release a number of new features. The primary release is the first content area of the site that isn’t news-focused. Users can now Digg their favorite podcasts (feeds and individual episodes). The podcasting homepage will list the most popular podcasts by category (comedy, gaming, health, etc.). Their aim is for Digg… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: iSonnet

    Editor’s note: We at CrunchGear think our readers deserve something a little more than just a bland rundown of last week’s announcements, rumors, product launches and reviews. So on Monday mornings we’ve enlisted the help of Philipp Goedicke to write our recaps to complement Bryce Durbin’s illustrations. Fans of National Public Radio’s weekly news quiz show… Read More

  • BluOynx Mobile Content Server

    Agere Systems has announced the BluOynx Mobile Content Server, a device that aims to un-tether users from PCs and stationary storage devices. The BluOynx server is a small portable server that is controlled via cell phone. It is about the size of a credit card and supports USB, Bluetooth and WiFi. The server will come in capacities ranging from 1GB – 40GB. Read More

  • Linksys Debuts iPhone VoIP Devices

    So you might recall some mutterings last week that implied that an iPhone would be announced on Monday. Well as I said the other day, there will be an iPhone announcement tomorrow, but it’s not from Apple. No, it’s actually from someone completely different. Linksys will announce Monday morning the addition of two new phones to its iPhone product line. It has launched seven… Read More

  • I Spent Sunday Evening Playing kdice

    kdice is a free multiplayer online game that is similar to Risk, and I’ve just wasted an entire evening playing it (and mostly losing). It was created by Ryan Dewsbury using the Google Web Toolkit and has a Flash interface. Ryan also created gpoker, an Ajax Texas holdem poker game and one of the first applications built with the Web Toolkit. We covered gpoker here back in July. kdice is… Read More

  • Amazon To Sell Wii and PS3 on Tuesday

    Last week we broke a story that Amazon would soon have many more PS3 and Wii units up for grabs. We didn’t know the date at the time, but it’s been confirmed: the systems will be available on Tuesday. But there is a catch. If you want one of these highly elusive systems, you have to head over to Amazon now and sign up for the system you prefer. People will be chosen by lottery… Read More

  • Areae Aims to Merge MMOG & Web 2.0

    A new stealth startup called Areae is starting to come out of hiding and talk to the press. There is little concrete information on what they are doing, or when they’ll launch. But it is clear that they are creating one or more virtual worlds that aim to bring web 2.0 ideals into the online gaming world (or perhaps its onling gaming ideals into the web 2.0 world). Either way, the… Read More

  • Death from Above: WowWee Dragonfly

    Holy crap this looks cool. WowWee, makers of the popular Robosapien, are preparing to take to the air with the Dragonfly. The Dragonfly is a radio controlled device doesn’t seem to have any AI, but what it lacks in brains, it makes up in flight. That’s right, the Dragonfly is capable of impressive duration flights. It’s able to fly for about 15 minutes on one charge. Sure… Read More

  • Google and Orange Readying GPhone?

    As much of the tech world prepares for a mysterious iPhone announcement, speculation has started to swirl regarding a possible Google phone built by HTC with service provided by Orange. According to a report released today by The Observer, Orange executives recently made a trip to the Googleplex to start hammering out details of the jointly branded device. Read More

  • Commenting Issues

    If you’re posting comments and they’re not showing up, do not panic. They might have hit the moderation queue were one of the crack editors will free it into the wild shortly. This is to avoid “hot sexy russians ladies” from appearing on the sidebar over on the right. Read More

  • V for Vista, Baby: David Pogue is a Cheeky Monkey

    David Pogue is going to get a nasty letter from Microsoft PR on Monday! He’s a bad, bad man for suggesting that Vista and OS X have glaring similarities. I’d embed the video here, but the New York Times is very Web 0.5, so go ahead and visit David’s little travelogue of the specific points where Vista and OS X diverge. Good stuff. Video Read More

  • $920 Pink Zune On eBay

    David Ciccone found a fancy pink Zune on eBay. Fair enough — some underfed member of the Zune design team needs a little extra money so he/she decided to sell their Microsoft Billmas present. But get this: it’s now selling for $920 on the ‘Bay. Clearly the invisible hand of the market is at work here. Brown, black and white are so passe at this point that only pink will do. Read More

  • PayPerPost Does Something Right

    PayPerPost, a marketplace for advertisers to pay bloggers to write about their products, will make a significant policy change on Monday: Bloggers will now be required to disclose that they are being paid for their posts. This looks to be at least partially due to recent moves by the FTC to force word-of-mouth advertisers to disclose any financial incentives to promote products… Read More

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