• Autonomous killer robots to patrol Israel

    Is it possible to write a full post on deadly military robots without making a snarky joke about SkyNet? Nope. The foot soldiers in the future super-computer overlord’s army aren’t the Terminator series robots, but mechanized drones, like the Israeli killer robot its army has just developed, called the Guardium. This isn’t just a remote controlled killbot, though; the Guardium… Read More

  • Sorry, world: No more XM on AOL Radio.

    AOL and XM are no longer friends, right, (the contract expired) so you can no longer listen to XM Satellite Radio via AOL Radio. For us in the promised land of North America, big deal. We can either pony up and get a dedicated satrad, or we can listen online with XM Radio Online. Others outside of the majesty of North America, however, are, shall we say, le screwed. And they’re… Read More

  • Meet HawkEye, the sobriety-determining handheld

    Because police don’t have enough ways to ruin my weekend, a company called AcuNetx (I spelled that right) has developed a device called the HawkEye, a non-invasive device that scans the eyes of drivers to tell their intoxication levels. It’s not meant for field stops so much as checkpoints, which are illegal in many states, and requires a laptop and hand-held device to operate. It… Read More

  • Meebo Closes Big Funding Round

    Web chat startup Meebo has closed the funding round they’ve been working on with investment bank Montgomery & Co., a source tells us. Expect an announcement shortly. The best information we’ve been able to gather says the company raised $25 million or so on a $200 million valuation. Earlier this month they abandoned efforts to sell the company, focusing instead on raising… Read More

  • HUGE meet-up sponsor shout out post: You're our everything

    Tomorrow we welcome those with emailed invites to Red Sky at 47 E. 29th Street between Park and Madison. We’d like to thank our sponsors again. If you got an email for the wait list spots, congratulations. If you didn’t, there’s always next time. See you tomorrow! Hopefully Marvel doesn’t shut us down. After all, Matt Hickey is coming dressed as No-Pants Spiderman.
    Read More

  • MADD: Drunk driving content should result in Adults Only rating for GTA IV

    GTA IV fever is far from over, and the controversies are still pouring in. But for one organization, it’s not the sexual content or graphic violence of the game that they find objectionable, it’s the in-game drunk driving. MADD, or Mothers Against an Average Weekend, released this statement today: Each year nearly 13,500 people die in drunk driving crashes and another half a… Read More

  • Man installs EVDO on his MacBook Air

    When Devin skewered the MacBook Air some time ago, he was summarily insulted and burned in virtual effigy; we all laughed at him in the chat room. Far from being useless, however, one valid criticism against the MacBook Air was that it wasn’t portable enough. How could Apple leave out built-in EVDO, no one said? Rather than complain about, one Jordan Bunnell took the Apple by its core… Read More

  • Zero Punk on Chains of Olympus

    http://update.videoegg.com/flash/proxy.swf?jsver=1.4 Fingering a robot prostitute for all of us. Read More

  • Samsung's new next-gen laptop batteries to HP, Dell

    Samsung’s developed a new battery for small form factor laptops that it’s going to be selling to American PC manufacturers, likely to HP and Dell, according to rumor. They’re using a new technology that gives the battery a 10% longer charge than previous generation batteries as well as a faster charging time. No word yet on if, like Sony’s, the batteries will explode… Read More

  • Free Team Fortress 2 this weekend on Steam

    Valve is having another Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend to celebrate the latest big map release and achievement/unlockable pack. What this means is you get to use a state-of-the-art digital distribution system to play a fantastic game all weekend, for free. It’s super easy and it’s a lot of fun. If you haven’t tried using Steam yet, you’re in for a treat. This is the… Read More

  • Robert Scoble Sell Out Complete

    Update to our January post: Super blogger Robert Scoble, who has argued that having advertisements on blogs destroys trust, added advertisements to his blog today along with a redesign. At least it’s clear now who scratches Scoble’s back – Seagate. One thing I do like – the FriendFeed widget that shows his activity stream and comments from readers. Read More

  • Watercooler's SN Apps for Fans Backed by $4M

    Meet Watercooler, a startup developing social network applications for all the usual suspects – Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, and Friendster – that allow fans to rally around their favorite sports teams and TV shows. The Mountain View-based firm raised a previously undisclosed $4M in Series A funding from Canaan Partners this past September. While it’s been developing… Read More

  • Video: Leopard running on an OQO UMPC

    Finally, a UMPC I’d want. Someone got the idea into their head to install Leopard on an OQO UMPC. It dual boots from Windows to Leopard, and appears to run rather slow, but it does work. I’m not a fan of the MacBook Air, but something like this is what Apple should work on. Read More

  • HP creates atomic memory

    HP Labs has built a “memristor,” a nanoscale component that can store data without power. It is far denser than current hard drives and faster than RAM memory. The components can function in digital model, on/off, or analog mode in which they’re set to a specific value. The unlikely invention of the memristor took about 40 years. It started in the early 1970s when… Read More

  • Going green: So, is biofuel actually in our best interests?

    Using excess or leftover corn as a fuel source sure sounded like a good idea, especially here in the U.S. Let’s get our farmers from, I don’t, Iowa, to set aside a certain percentage of arable land for the production of fuel corn. (The term “fuel corn” may or may not exist, but it should if it doesn’t.) This corn, rather than being used for food, would be used for… Read More

  • T-Mobile announces Pay By the Day

    T-Mobile is now offering $1 per day calling with free T-Mo to T-Mo calls and unlimited 7pm-6:59am calls. The details: Pay By The Day gives customers the wireless value they want without long-term commitments. The new prepaid plan only costs $1 per day for the days the phone is used. In exchange, customers get free T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling all day and unlimited nationwide calling from 7 p.m. Read More

  • Lenovo unveils three new laptops under new IdeaPad brand

    Lenovo today took the wraps off a new line of notebook computers called the IdeaPad. The IdeaPad is meant as a consumer-oriented version of its popular ThinkPad and is meant to go head-to-head with Apple’s MacBook line. The launch consists of three models: the U110, the Y510 and the Y710. Read More

  • Kongregate Gets $3 Million From Bezos: Growing Fast and About To Unleash Its Games on Facebook

    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has invested $3 million into user-generated casual gaming site Kongregate through Bezos Expeditions, his personal investment vehicle. Kongregate CEO calls it a “super angel round,” although technically it is a B1 round (the startup raised $5 million in a round led by Greylock). Bezos Expeditions won’t be taking a board seat. Greer says: If we had… Read More

  • Google releases new iGoogle artist themes

    For those of you that use Google’s personalized home page, iGoogle, you may have noticed that there are now even more options as far as your themes are concerned. Google recently added themes by “world class artists and innovators” like Jackie Chan, The Wiggles, and yes, even Coldplay. iGoogle Artist Themes [Google.com] Read More

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