• BubbleShare, Counting Unhatched Chickens

    We previously reported that Toronto based BubbleShare was in acquisition discussion with News Corp., through their Fox Interactive subsidiary. The initial rumors came out of two Toronto-area blogs (here and here), strongly suggesting that a direct or indirect leak occured directly from the company. One thing we know for certain at this point – the deal with News Corp., rumored to be in… Read More

  • ZVUE 250 Now Available

    Earlier this month I reported on a low-end DAP called the ZVUE 250 that’d be on shelves at Wal-Marts (like how my dad says it). Well today it’s available at Amazon and in select Wal-Mart stores across the U.S. It features a 2.5-inch display that supports video up to 30fps. The player comes features an SD slot and comes with one 128MB card. It’ll play MP3, WMV, WMA (with… Read More

  • The Insect Lab

    If you really want some creepy, awesome shit lying around your apartment, you should check out Mike Libby’s Insect Lab. Based out of Maine, Mike takes insects and couples their bodies with mechanical watch parts and the such. A spider with some cogs and gears in its back is without a doubt the coolest/creepiest thing I’ve seen to date. He’s got everything from spiders to… Read More

  • JLr7: For People l33t3r Than You

    Hey I love intriguing and original design, but on the other hand, I’m nothing if not practical. And as a tech critic, it’s my job to question the validity of products. So when I saw this JLr7 watch I knew that it falls neatly into the realm of products I’d question heavily. Designed by Eri & Eiichi, the JLr7 features a bunch of L-shaped segments that somehow tell… Read More

  • You A Dime Piece Baby

    In honor of Logitech’s 25th Anniversary and DIME, a Japanese entertainment magazine’s, 20th anniversary, Logitech just released the special limited edition VX-RD in a pretty badass blue color.
    The special ‘DIME’ piece edition will run about $90 (VAT included). Logitech DIME piece [AVING] Read More

  • Ministry of Sound Hops On The iPod Case Bandwagon

    If you’re into trance, house, or clubbing, chances are you’re familiar with Ministry of Sound and how big a force it is in the scene. Thus, it comes as no surprise that it’s looking to capitalize on Apple’s popular digital music player, the iPod. Ministry of Sound has released a new iPod Case dubbed the iPod Sound Pocket. It’s $49 and has a built-in speaker, a… Read More

  • BoxWave Introduces New iPod Nano 2G Cases

    If you’re strapped for gift ideas for Xmas and know someone with an iPod Nano, you may want to check out some of the new cases from BoxWave. With just five days left to shop, these affordable iPod Nano 2G cases are great gifts for anyone who’s got/is getting a Nano. There’s the Active Case for $15, a clear, hard-plastic case that’s pretty basic. The Designio Leather… Read More

  • Emerson, IXT Launch Affordable Karaoke Add-Ons

    Looking to do a little extra entertaining for the holidays? Like karaoke? Then you’ll be ecstatic to find out that Emerson and IXT systems are bringing the public a whole host of karaoke add-on products to use with your iPod, DVD player or computer. For example, the $29.95 Handheld Microphone DVD Karaoke Converter with Holiday Party 60-song Twin Pack DVDs (pictured) connects to any… Read More

  • Dunhill Alligator Skin iPod Speakers

    If you have an affinity for things in alligator skin, this might be right up your alley. Luxury men’s goods maker Dunhill will be releasing a special version of the iPod HiFi speaker system wrapped in fine alligator skin. Everything else will be the same as the regular iPod HiFi, so basically you’re paying for luxurious alligator skin and a brand name. Though it’s… Read More

  • Thank You For Smoking…At Your Desk

    Ever get the craving for a cigarette when you’re at your desk? Well I don’t but I’m sure some of our readers do and I’m sure you won’t pull a Chandler and spritz air freshener into your mouth. From Zippo comes this sly lil piece of die-cast goodness. This portable ashtray looks like a mouse and the logo conceals the secret compartment. Apparently this traps in… Read More

  • Amazon Wii and PS3 Lottery Results

    Last night I checked the odds that I’d be able to purchase a Wii—28 to 1. I had thought that was a pretty solid chance. Odds like that are hard to come by in any lottery system. So I logged into Amazon this morning and was greeted by the screen above. Luck was on my side. I was going to get a Wii. I had all my accessories planned out; all the games I’d get. Envisioned playing… Read More

  • Coby MP3 Micro System…huh?

    Coby Korea plans to launch its new portable MP3 micro system, MP-C341, next month in Korea. It’ll be available with 512MB/1GB of built-in memory, has a USB port to download MP3 files, an alarm function to wake you up with your favorite tunes and lyrics on the display (a Clay Aiken song for Blake I’m sure), FM recording, SD/MMC slot and even has an auxiliary jack to connect your… Read More

  • Opera "Trial" for Wii Hitting Wii Shop Friday

    Beginning Friday, you’ll be able to catch up on CrunchGear posts between rounds of WiiSports. Opera just announced that the “trial” version of Opera for Wii will hit the Wii shop this Friday. Best part: It’s free, at least for now (the word “trial” tends to mean price spikes could come at any minute.) So scoop it up while the scoopin’s free.

    Read More

  • Blackjack Battery Update

    Rejoice! Our pal David Ciccone wrote in to tell us that Samsung has dropped a new and improved battery for the Blackjack. It ups the power from 1200mAh to 1800mAh. If you’ll recall, the battery was the only real drawback I could find with the Blackjack. Samsung includes two battery and an external charger with the device, but it’s a bit of a hassle. The new battery adds some meat… Read More

  • Zune Software Update Coming Today

    Harvey at Zunerama sends word that the Zune software will be updated later today. It will enable support for Windows Vista and fix many issues that users, like Biggs and Goldman, have had installing their Zunes. The update will be 22MB. It will be available through Microsoft auto-update and at Zune.net. Zune Compatible with Vista: Today [Zune Insider] Read More

  • NetSuite's Going Public, Looking for $1 Billion Valuation

    NetSuite, the fraternal twin of SalesForce (both companies CEOs came out of Oracle and have similar business models), is preparing to go public next year based on 2006 revenues of about $70 million. The good news is that this could crack open the IPO window for startups again, which was firmly shut in the wake of GoDaddy’s abrupt withdrawl of its registration statement in… Read More

  • Time Calls PS3 a Bust, Names You Person of the Year

    According to the ineffable authority that is Time Magazine, Sony’s PlayStation 3 is a bust. Its verdict: The big story in computer games this year was HOW TO BLOW A HUGE LEAD, by Sony. Its PlayStation 2 was the champ in the last round of the console wars. This time Sony bet on a chip called the Cell and a disc format called Blu-ray. They’re probably awesome, but how would anybody know? Read More

  • Lenmar Bat Paks Will Change The Way You Charge

    Lenmar makes all manner of rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and accessories for consumer electronics. It recently added these here Bat Paks to its lineup. The Bat Paks are two-in-one universal battery packs that are compact and portable, functioning as a charger to recharge portable electronics in addition to being a full-on battery pack. There are three models available for… Read More

  • Snap Image Search

    Search engine Snap launched an image search feature today. The results are no better than that offered by the big guys, but Snap’s unique two column interface is something that some users find to be really cool. The problem with the lack of available photo meta data to assist with queries continues to plague all search engines, of course, leading to less than great results. It will… Read More

  • Secret Agent Man

    Here’s some more goodness from the homeland, Sunyang DNT has just released the Volvox (you don’t know how hard it is for me not to laugh out loud right now). This clever little USB memory stick supports a VoIP camera feature in the mother country’s market. With a USB cable you can adjust the viewing angle and apparently you can even make movies with a few camera adjustments.
    Read More

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