• AOL Gets It Right With Open AIM 2.0 – Embraces Meebo and eBuddy

    AOL is pushing their two year old OpenAim initiative much further this morning with OpenAIM 2.0. There are three key changes of note. First they are now embracing services that they previously tried to stop – multiheaded clients and websites that allow users to access all of the major instant messaging platforms in one place. These are desktop services like Pidgin (open source), Adium… Read More

  • Innovid Preparing Technology for Placing Interactive Virtual Items into Videos

    I had the chance today to chat with Zvika Netter, the CEO and co-founder of a new Israeli startup called Innovid that is working on technology that will empower video content producers to place interactive virtual items into their videos. Innovid has remained in stealth mode up to this point and has only begun discussing its work now that it has raised $3M from Genesis Partners in a Series A… Read More

  • Velocity Finances Generate, A Professional Studio for Online Video Content

    Velocity Investments has continued its roll of putting money into digital media by leading a $6M Series A round for Generate. Generate is a studio with a focus on developing professional video content for the web that, if successful, could be parlayed into shows broadcasted through more traditional methods, most notably TV. Its target demographic consists of so-called “Millenials”… Read More

  • Omniture Unifies Marketing Suite, Adds Video Analytics

    Omniture, which provides tools for marketers to track their online campaigns, is announcing a set of product upgrades today. New versions of its flagship product SiteCatalyst and its search advertising product SearchCenter will be released. In addition to improved user interfaces (apparently five years of usability testing went into the products’ redesigns), the products in… Read More

  • Love Him or Hate Him, Fortune Cannot Make Up Its Mind About Steve Jobs

    Once again, Steve Jobs is on the cover of Fortune magazine. He is there because Apple is the most admired company in America. No, wait. He is there because investigative reporter Peter Elkind wrote a 12-page takedown of his Steveness. It turns out both are true. Jobs is steering the most admired company in America and he is a “reckless” CEO whose “behavior put the… Read More

  • Who will run the show when Steve Jobs retires?

    [photopress:ive_jonathan_a.jpg,full,left]Sure, it’s a little bit of fanboi raving, but the Mac Daily News has a pretty interesting read on the future of Apple should Stevie J decide to step down. The basic gist is that Apple would be fine, it has plenty of smart people who could easily keep things going, but MDN thinks that John Ives, the father of the iPod, should take the helm. Ives is… Read More

  • AMD says, "Hey, we're going to 45nm too!"

    [photopress:amdsp.jpg,full,center] Intel’s not the only processor manufacturer on the block switching from 65nm to 45nm technology this month. AMD held a press event today to let us know that, yes, it too would adopt the 45nm process for its new procs. This makes for lower-power and cooler-running processors, and speed is improved as well. The smaller the “pitch” between… Read More

  • Sierra Wireless announces Compass 597 USB dongle

    [photopress:compas597.png,full,center] The Compass 597 USB dongle is the smallest in Sierra Wireless’ product line. The 597 features a microSD slot and works over an EV-DO Rev. A connection. It also features TRU-Install software that supposedly makes setup easier and is the first in its’ class to include a connector for an external antenna as well as a built-in GPS antenna. It will… Read More

  • Pelican adds iMCruzer case for 24-inch iMacs

    [photopress:iMac_24_IMG_0124_02112008.jpg,full,center] As someone who’s made my share of flights with tons of computer gear, I know good cases when I see them, and there aren’t many people who do it better than Pelican. Pelican has a new case purpose-built for 24-inch iMacs as part of its Case Cruiser line. The box is made or reinforced plastic with layers of shock-resistant… Read More

  • Okami on Wii: a match made in heaven, coming April 11

    As soon as Okami came out, it was showered with praise as possibly the best Zelda-like game on the PS2, but the real question on everyone’s minds was: when is this awesome game going to come out on the Wii? The paintbrush mechanic, while functional with the dual shock, would be a revelation with a wiimote. It was finally confirmed a little while back that this very port would come to… Read More

  • SanDisk working on new Sansa Fuze?

    [photopress:sansa_fuze.jpg,full,left]While it’s not official, SanDisk is getting ready to launch a new mid-market PMP called the Fuze. Aimed at the 3rd generation iPod Nano, the Fuze will be an SSD-based tiny-screen having PMP that appears to have almost all the same features as the iPod Nano, plus an FM radio, but with more storage, possibly up to 16GB. So far, SanDisks PMPs have… Read More

  • Nike and Apple burrow further into the lives of gym bunnies

    As if it wasn’t enough that your Nano was counting your every step through the chip in your Nike+ shoes, now it can track every mile you pretend to bike at the the gym. Ellipticals and such, too. They’re teaming up with 24 Hour Fitness and some Virgin thing to provide machines that track your use, assuming you have the time and inclination to plug your gear into the the… Read More

  • Pepastar paper construction kit

    Here’s another cool tidbit we found in the design hall. This is a paper construction set you can use to create little figures with stars of paper. Although the shapes are fairly basic, the little buggers are pretty cute and very cleverly designed. Think of it as Legos made of paper. Product Page Read More

  • Video: 99 words for boobs

    http://view.break.com/462486 – Watch more free videos Robert Lund is my hero. Read More

  • VUDU XL now shipping, introduces online storage

    VUDU has announced that they are now shipping the 1TB XL. On top of that, they’ve announced VUDU Vault (currently in Beta), which allows you to store your purchased content online instead of taking up precious space on the hard drive. Current owners will get Vault with the 1.3 software update. Of course, you’ll have to pay a little extra to store your content online. VUDU has… Read More

  • Health objects at CeBIT 2008

    Every year at CeBIT they have a special hall dedicated to cool design. This year we found a lot of great medical gadgets including this odd finger prosthesis made of wire and plastic. You’ll also find a hands-free faucet and two baby scales made of balloons. Most of this stuff won’t really effect our daily lives but it’s cool… Read More

  • New entry level MacBook slower than last year's model

    [photopress:gbcmb.jpg,full,center] I remember when the G5 processor came out a few years ago. After the initial hype died down, people realized that it only had L2 cache whereas the G4 it was replacing had L3 cache. Basically, the L3 cache was a big reason why the G4 was the reliable workhorse it was. The L3 cache made it run that much better. A similar thing is now being realized with the… Read More

  • Monetize Your Search Box with PredictAd

    Too often it is still easier to search the entire Web than a single site. In-site search leaves much to be desired in its ability to provide users with accurate search results, let alone assistance in performing more accurate searches. Israeli PredictAd is attacking this challenge head-on by offering auto-complete functionality for search boxes with an added twist: monetizable… Read More

  • Google Offers Secondary Search Boxes

    Google has started offering search boxes within their search results. In the example above, a search box is offered for Amazon. The new service seems to be restricted to larger sites with a slant towards retails sites. Borders, BestBuy and OfficeMax offer the secondary box, as does a search for Wikipedia and The NY Times. On the surface it would appear to be yet another dilution of… Read More

  • Shark deterrent! (Caution: does not work in belly of shark)

    If you’re a surfer in, say, Australia, you may have considered investing in such sharky countermeasures as a Shark Shield or chain mail. Neither is perfect as the latter tends to make you sink, and the former apparently causes the occasional shark to eat it, as evidenced by a recent test in which a 10-foot great white took a bite out of a unit being tested. The maker of the device… Read More

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