• Linux Now Running On Your 5.5g iPod

    Eureka! iPodLinux has been successfully installed on a 5.5g iPod (Winpods and Macpods, 30 and 80 gig units). The 80GB iPods initially had problems and needed a ‘dirty hack’ because the kernel had trouble mounting the Root-FS. You should bow down to DataGhost and his genius in allowing us to have the penguin on the pod. If you’re unsure why anyone would want Linux on their… Read More

  • The Futurist: Why Digg Is Bad For The World

    Being a sometimes-media critic (in years past, I wrote for the media magazine Editor & Publisher), the effects of news aggregation sites like Digg on news organizations is a topic of constant interest. Not so long ago, the vast majority of our news diet came from a single channel — reading (or listening or watching) a chosen news source. Whether it was our habit to pick up the… Read More

  • How To Be a Fanboy

    As we all know, fanboys are a breed apart, a group of rabid, half-human chimeras that will violently defend their opinions to the death, usually in broken English. To that end, Lore Sjöberg at Wired wrote a guide to being — and fighting off — fanboys. His advice is priceless and very applicable. So how can you bear the proud mantle of fanboy? The first step is to pick a video… Read More

  • Leica's C-LUX 2: 7.2 Megapixels in Your Pocket

    Leica, the camera company you’ve never heard of, will release the C-LUX 2 this May. The 7.2-megapixel point-and-shoot has a 2.5-inch LCD and a 3.6x optical zoom, which isn’t bad at all. It also maintains the familiar Leica styling, which basically means it looks very metal-y. The only other thing worth mentioning is that Leica will implement intelligent ISO exposure control. All… Read More

  • Spore Developer Bashes Nintendo

    Since Blake is apparently taking a cat nap and watching COLT flicks at GDC, I’d like to bring something to your attention. They had a round of talks at GDC called “Burning Mad – A Game Publisher’s Rant.” Basically, a select number of publishers and developers got to scream about whatever they hate. When Chris Hecker of the Spore team got his turn, he went on a… Read More

  • Cingular Is Gonna Lay The Smackdown On Ya Brother!

    Well, sans Hulk at least. Cingular has partnered with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) to create premium content available for wrestling fans. Everything from wallpapers to ringtones to videos will be available. However, getting your fix of Macho Man Randy Savage will cost you a pretty penny. Some videos will be included as part of Cingular’s media service plan while others… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Microsoft Stakes DRM Patent Claims

    across devices and were curious about how much effort they have put into DRM. In early 2001, Apple made a dynamic move signing major labels to deliver legitimate music downloads, albeit with a good amount of restrictions FairPlay. Fair enough, a number of folks at the time thought that DRM was a good way to get the digital party legally started. While iPods sold and Microsoft worked on… Read More

  • Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-G1 Is Company's First to Include WiFi

    Sony’s finally adding Wi-Fi to one of its cameras. The six-megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-G1 is able to tap into 802.11 b/g networks so that users can instantly upload their photos to the Internet, be it Flickr, Facebook or their completely unread personal blog. Better still, the camera can link up with other Digital Living Network Alliance (an industry group that strives to forge common… Read More

  • Dork At Stanford Raps About UNIX Commands

    Not even a minute into this video and I was cracking up. It’s not even because he’s rapping (poorly) about UNIX-commands, it’s that this is the biggest display of geekism ever. The beats are not fresh, the bassist has a frickin’ music stand to read notes off of, and the keyboardist is wearing the most unfashionable glasses to date. Oh, and last time I checked… Read More

  • Zenum Organum Portable Media Player: Looks are Everything

    The Zenum Organum portable media player player makes up for its underwhelming stats and features with its overall aesthetic. In other words, it looks really good. Might you call it iPhone-inspired?. Those features? Try 2GB of storage, 1.8-inch screen and support MP3, ASF, WMA and WAV. Pretty basic stuff, which is why Zenum had to go out of its way to make it all shiny and pretty. It should be… Read More

  • iScape: Viral Douchery

    I was about to go snarkstorm on this product, which is some sort of video player. Now that I look at it, however, it’s abundantly clear that it’s a bit of viral frippery. The real value, I think, is the video which involves a set of dirty, ugly hippies getting all coked up and pressing buttons. Don’t go watch it, however, because, as I’ll explain, that’s exactly… Read More

  • Free Scramby, Porn

    Made you look! The folks at Scramby offered us three free copies of Scramby as well as its suite of audio applications. The first three people who email me at contest at crunchgear dot com with the subject “SCRAMBY” get the download key. Previously: Let Out The Voices In Your Head With Scramby UPDATE – All three are gone. Thanks for entering! Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Domestic Duties Edition

    Reebok: Voltron Edition
    Blink Shot Saves Photos from Chronic Blinkers
    Vacuums that Really Suck!
    GDC 2007 — The Keynote: Sony Gets Its Groove On
    Alarm Clock, Piggy Bank Hybrid Read More

  • New AOL Email Beta Cannot Compete With Google, Yahoo

    A friend of mine at AOL emailed today to suggest I take a look at the new AOL email beta, called Cayman. An overview of the new features was published in late February on the AOL email blog, and the product itself was released last Friday. New and existing users can sign up for the beta at beta.webmail.aol.com. Cayman is admittedly a huge step up from the previous (effectively unusable)… Read More

  • CoRank Launches Twist on Social Bookmarking

    CoRank launches out of private beta this evening. It’s best described as a cross between Digg and Bluedot. It has a Digg-like user interface where users view stories, but by default you are only shown stories bookmarked by other users you’ve added as friends. To see the whole feature list, watch the tour, here. I like keeping track of stories bookmarked by my friends (which is why… Read More

  • Skype Rolls Out Skype Prime: Charge For Calls

    Skype rolled out Skype Prime this evening, a new service that lets people charge for Skype voice and video calls. Users set the fees they want to charge, on a per-minute or per-call basis. Skype charges the paying side via their Skype credit, and then pays the money out, minus a 30% fee, via paypal (Skype’s sister company). Like Ether, which launched last year (and charges just 15% or… Read More

  • Digg Hits 1 Million Registered Users

    Congratulations to Digg, which announced that they’ve had a million accounts registered at at the site (at least ten of which are mine :-) ). This is a 5x increase year over year – In March 2006 they had just 200,000 registered users. In March 2005, less than 50,000. Read More

  • Federated Media Raising More Money, Looking to Sell

    There’s a ton of interesting data included in a new MergerMarket interview with Federated Media Publishing COO Jason Weisberger. The report itself is proprietary research, although a copy was forwarded to us. The company, which sells advertising for a number of blogs and other websites (including TechCrunch), had revenues of $4.5 million in 2006, its first year in operation. Projections… Read More

  • Winerack Wisecracks: Booze + Boobs = Sharing Genius

    Some of you girls out there wish you had larger boobs. We know this, we’ve dated somewhere around 84 of you. Some of you also like to drink booze, even places you aren’t supposed to. We’ve dated you, too. If you’re a little of column A and a little of column B, we have the Winerack. It’s a black bra with sewn-in bladders for wine, beer, vodka, Jager, you name… Read More

  • Alarm Clock, Piggy Bank Hybrid

    I can’t get up in the morning to save my life and I’m terrible at keeping my spare change in one place. This, then, is the greatest alarm clock hybrid gadget my weary eyes have ever seen. The Banclock lacks the snooze button I’ve grown fond of, which actually leads to my demise in the morning. The only way to turn the alarm off is to feed it some change. So all you need to do… Read More

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