• Steve Jobs is a mean, mean man

    http://qik.com/player.swf?streamname=30d766ebf3984b7bab34a4c9b4dbbc60&vid=8984&playback=false&polling=false&user=scobleizer&userlock=true&islive=&username=anonymous Poor Violet Blue! All she wanted to do was take a picture with Steve Jobs and his highness told her she was rude and blew her off. Just so you don’t think she tried to share some… Read More

  • Hear Text News on your iPhone with PimpMyNews

    A startup called PimpMyNews.com has launched a free news application that converts text news into spoken news for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Web-based service can be accessed through the iPhone’s or iPod Touch’s Safari browser. PimpMyNews uses the Internet to find the latest news and converts text into audio that can be listened to on the devices. Audio versions of the news can… Read More

  • YouPorn, We're Coming Up Behind You

    Now that I have your attention, Compete has released a list of the fastest-growing (and fastest-declining) sites of 2007. Some of the fastest growers include Veoh, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Six Apart, and WordPress. Some of the notable sinkers are Bolt, Xanga, Netscape, and Autobytel. TechCrunch has the distinct honor of taking the No. 5 spot in the fastest-growing list, right… Read More

  • Fifth Generation Systems Takes $5.3 Million Series B

    Fifth Generation Systems, the company behind social homepage creator Zude has taken $5.3 million Series B in a round that includes Irwin Lieber and Barry Rubenstein of Wheatley Partners, Persistency Capital, and Gund Investment. Zude offers a “social webpage network” that allows users to create their own personalized webpage from modules that hold personal content or clips grabbed… Read More

  • Powerful Support For Flock. Wait, Nevermind.

    When Netscape announced they were shuttering their iconic Internet browser last month, they recommended to users that they consider moving over to Firefox: “We recommend that you download Mozilla Firefox and give it a try. We know you’ll enjoy it!” (they also gave instructions for migrating from Netscape to Firefox). That makes sense, since Mozilla spun out of Netscape… Read More

  • YouTube's Traffic Marches North, But The Long Tail Keeps Wagging

    New figures released by comScore show that Google’s (mostly YouTube) share of online video has continued to grow, rising to 31.3% of all online video’s viewed in the United States, up from 28.3% in September. Google maintained its dominance over its nearest competitor, Fox Interactive Media (FIM) who remained a distant second on 4.4%, up from 4.2% in September. Notably the top… Read More

  • Wii's Marble Mania makes you a better surgeon

    Regular Joes can use the Nintendo Wii to lose a couple of pounds, yes, but now it looks like doctors can also benefit from a couple of rounds of Marble Mania. A study found that surgeons who played games, specifically the aforementioned Marble Mania, scored as much as 50 percent higher on some little surgery simulator thing. The game is like the Monkey Ball series where you steer a ball around… Read More

  • BitTorrent Clients Are A Security Risk, RIAA Probably Ecstatic

    Popular BitTorrent clients uTorrent and the official BitTorrent client pose a security risk to users. According to a report at Torrentfreak, both clients are vulnerable to a remote denial-of-service attack due to the way they handle user-supplied data. Versions found to be vulnerable so far are the official BitTorrent 6.0 client, uTorrent 1.7.x, uTorrent 1.6.x and uTorrent 1.8-alpha-7834. The… Read More

  • KickApps Publishes API Kit, Adopts Facebook and OpenSocial Platform Standards

    KickApps, provider of “white label” social networking functionality for existing websites, has been making strides to open up its hosted platform to both web and application developers. Webmasters who want to integrate KickApps’ social networking features – such as user profiles, videos, photos, and blogs – typically use the company’s Affiliate Center, an… Read More

  • Fair Use in 2008: What it is, what it isn't

    [photopress:fairuseee.jpg,full,center] The ongoing “he said, she said” debate about copyright over at Bits is more or less what you’d expect: the stuffy lawyer type demonizing anything and everything that doesn’t grant media companies full and unfettered access to sell and re-sell you their junk, and a youngish, cool-looking guy pulling the old “man, what is… Read More

  • Kaltura Partners to Add Crowdsourced Video to Wikipedia

    Crowdsourcing video startup Kaltura is partnering with the Wikimedia Foundation to put its video-mashup technology on Wikipedia. The program, which is starting in beta today, will allow people to create collaborative videos on Wikipedia and other wikis. Kaltura’s video-editing technology allows multiple people to collaborate in creating a video. The addition will eventually make… Read More

  • The Internet!

    Six free emails! Screensaver! Napster! via Gawker Read More

  • A manila sleeve for the MacBook Air

    Pretentious? Have $29.95 lying about? You’re in luck! Product Page Read More

  • Google.org Targets Climate Change, Poverty and Emerging Threats

    Google.org has announced five core initiatives that will be the focus of its philanthropic efforts over the next five to ten years. The philanthropic arm of Google announced $25 million in new grants and investments to initial partners as the part of the core initiative roll out. Google.org’s five initiatives and partners include: Predict and Prevent: supporting “efforts to… Read More

  • Free Lines: Power cables that snap into each other

    [photopress:free_lines3.jpg,full,center] Rather than “put up with” (because it’s so hard to do) a rat’s nest of cables, a designer has come up with a new way to think about electrical outlets. It’s called Free Lines and uses a system of modular blocks and cables to tidy up the whole cabling process. You plug one end into the wall and then snap in as much cable as… Read More

  • Great moments in movie stealing: Netflix and Apple Rentals hacks

    Two hacks came to light last night that enable the overly excitable to grab streaming and rented movies for longer than the alloted time period. First, you can add a bit of Greasemonkey code to Mozilla to download streaming video from Netflix. 1. install the Greasemonkey add-on for firefox. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748. restart firefox after installing. 2. unzip the… Read More

  • Bloglines breaks on div tags?

    This is a quick test to see if Bloglines and other RSS readers breaks on links. Dear RSS reader readers: There should be a link [between these brackets] if there isn’t then there’s something wrong. Is there? Read More

  • FlipStart gets price cut from $1499 to $699

    Remember FlipStart? The brickey, Paul Allen-funded “super compact PC with the form factor that’s proven to work for mobile professionals” that some people thought might never come out before it finally launched last March? The price just got karate-chopped from $1,499 down to $699, making it a relatively affordable option for those of you looking for a really tiny computer. Read More

  • Time Warner trying usage-based billing in Texas

    I’ll be damned, they’re actually doing it. Time Warner will be testing out a pay-for-what-you-use program for its high speed Internet service in Beaumont, Texas. This, based on findings that about 5 percent of the network’s users account for more than half the bandwidth. Here’s the problem, though. What happens when all the high-bandwidth users leave for the… Read More

  • SuperDrive add-on only works with MacBook Air

    In light of the fact that Apple’s “new” Remote Disc technology is looking to be little more than a network drive share, some people might be eyeing the $99 external SuperDrive add-on. Well, guess what? It only works with the MacBook Air, even though it’s a USB drive. Read More

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