• Submit Your Startup to the LeWeb3 Competition in Paris

    LeWeb3, a conference in Paris about Europe’s most exciting new startups, is soliciting applications for a competition they will be holding on the first day of the event in December. If you want to present your startup at the conference, submit an application to LeWeb3 by Monday, October 22nd at 5:00 PM PT. Conference organizers will select 30 companies to present to an audience of 500… Read More

  • Alltel launches MOTOROKR Z6m

    Interested in something other than the iPhone and have Alltel wireless? Check out the Motorola MOTOROKR Z6m that just launched. It’s available for $130 with a 2-year contract and has 20 XM Satellite Radio channels available for your listening pleasure. You’ll also be able to playback music and take pictures and video with a 2-megapixel camera. The Z6m has a dedicated 3.5mm… Read More

  • AmazonMP3's referral program: Get up to 20 percent per song or album

    How does Amazon respond to Apple’s increasing the size, and dropping the price of, its DRM-free music store? By promising you free money, of course. Amazon was quick to point out yesterday that its affiliates can earn up to 20 percent, or up to $1.50, per album or song sold on its AmazonMP3 online music store. (Compare that to the 5 percent that affiliates can make from iTunes.) All… Read More

  • Remember PointCast? Meet Chirpscreen

    One of my earliest memories of the internet comes from elementary school where I remember seeing PointCast shown on our classroom computers. PointCast was a screensaver popular in the mid-90s that displayed news stories pulled in from over the internet. This hot Web 1.0 service died off in large part due to bandwidth limitations and the company’s inability to transition away from… Read More

  • StylePath Wants to Personalize Your Shopping Experience

    Boston-based StylePath launches today with the goal of making the experience of shopping for stylish items, like jewelry and chaises, more personal. StylePath mainly differentiates itself from other online stores by providing a patented system that learns customers’ aesthetic preferences and recommends products that cater to them. The system works by first asking you to rate on a scale… Read More

  • Sony introduces 80GB digital photo album

    Maybe I’m alone on this one, but does anyone actually sit there with a group of people, connecting a device to an HDTV so everyone can view photos on a 42-inch screen? Do feel free to let me know if you do. For those of you who are into that sort of thing, Sony has announced a device that is sure to keep you from sleeping at night until its release. The HDMS-S1D Digital Photo Album is… Read More

  • eBay's Skype Conundrum

    Now that eBay’s Skype write-down has caused it to take a $936 million loss last quarter and founder Niklas Zennstrom is out, the question is what will eBay do with Skype. According to one source, the remaining Skype/eBay management team is holing up in London this week to try to figure out how to actually make money from Skype. (While the business is on track to pull in just over… Read More

  • Nintendo is officially ending NES support

    I may give Nintendo a lot of crap for the Wii, but every other system that company has made is gold sans Gamecube. Now, after 22-years, Nintendo of Japan is officially dropping support for the original NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Gameboy and Gameboy Pocket. After October 31st, if your SNES breaks and you need your Super Scope fix, you’ll have to visit a 3rd-party repair center or just… Read More

  • Microsoft Launches Drag-And-Drop App Builder Popfly

    Microsoft just demoed on stage at the Web 2.0 conference a slick Silverlight application development service called Popfly, which just opened up in beta. Popfly lets anyone, even non-coders, create web mashups without writing a single line of code. It’s all drag-and-drop in the browser (based on Silverlight, Microsoft’s answer to Flash/Flex and Ajax). The demo showed how to build… Read More

  • $400 PS3 ships next month

    We’ve heard plenty of rumors about a 40GB PS3 for $400 a few times, but now Sony is getting all official on us. Come November 2nd, you’ll be able to buy a Playstation 3 for the low price of $399. Need more storage? The 80GB version is taking a dive in price from $599 to $499. Slap another $100 down on a game and a Blu-ray flick and you’re good to go. It’d be nice if… Read More

  • Watch out for password-stealing Skype imposter

    Heads up. There’s another Skype-related virus on the loose. This one pretends to be something called "Skype Defender" and takes on the look and feel of your Skype login screen while trying to get your username and password from you. Most major virus definitions have been updated, so removal shouldn’t be too difficult. You can also search your computer for a file… Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. George Lucas working on ‘Star Wars’ TV show yoshi Please! Please! Stop Lucas before he films again and destroys another positive memory from my childhood! Read More

  • TechCrunch Goes to Boston, Join Us for MeetUp 11

    It’s time for another TechCrunch party (my first as co-editor). This time we’re taking TechCrunch on the road and hosting our first meet-up in Boston with the help of the IDG Ventures Boston. Like our recent event in Silicon Valley, we expect this to be a great networking event and a ton of fun. The first 250 tickets will become available through EventBrite today. Since we… Read More

  • Cyberwar: China Declares War On Western Search Sites

    Further to our earlier story on visitors to Google Blogsearch being redirected to Baidu in China, new reports have surfaced that would indicate that China has unilaterally blocked all three major search engines in China and is redirecting all requests to Baidu. Digital Marketing Blog posts that all requests to Yahoo.com and sub-sites are being redirected to Baidu. Google Blogscoped forums… Read More

  • Social Mapping: Game Not Over Yet

    As Google expands their social mapping features, competitors are regrouping and refocusing. Kleiner Perkins backed Platial, headquartered in Portland, is announcing the acquisition of chief competitor Frappr this morning. Frappr co-founder Kun Gao will join Platial as part of the deal. Platial CEO Di-Ann Eisnor says the combined companies will reach 15 million unique users per month and will… Read More

  • The Daily Show Gets Its Own Website: Colbert Still Better

    Comedy Central will today launch a dedicated website for “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” that is designed to offer fans free video clips from the show. Although it would be easy to mock Comedy Central’s I can’t believe 2004 called launch of free Daily Show clips, the offering is slightly better than it first appears; the site includes 13,000 clips representing… Read More

  • Interwoven Acquires Optimost For $52 Million

    CMS provider Interwowen has acquired New York City based Optimost for $52 million in an all cash deal. Optimost provides web optimization services for clients including Ask.com, Auto Trader, Delta Air Lines, FAO Schwarz, Lenovo, and MGM Mirage. Interwoven said that Optimost’s software-as-a-service model will strengthen Interwoven’s offerings by adding real-time multivariable… Read More

  • edocr joins Scribd, Docstoc in document sharing

    There are two main startups trying to become the ‘YouTube for documents’, notably Scribd and Docstoc. Newly launched edocr, coming out of the UK, does something similar, but with a twist. Edocr lets you upload your document and then allow people to download, share or embed it via a Flash interface on any website. The twist is that while competitor sites tend to allow any old… Read More

  • iPhone Unlocked to Outside Developers

    Apple announced that in February it will make a developer’s kit available to independent software makers. This will make it easier for developers not associated with Apple or AT&T to create games, navigation systems, screen-shot capture programs and other tools for the iPhone. A few weeks ago, the iPhone was updated over-the-air and independently developed software was erased in… Read More

  • Big Anti-Piracy Alliance To Be Launched Friday

    A new joint copyright alliance that includes CBS Corp., Dailymotion, Microsoft, NBC Universal, News Corp.’s Fox and MySpace units, Viacom Inc. and Walt Disney Co is due to launch Friday, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Google is noted as not being a member of the grouping, but in discussions to join. The group will address copyright-related issues including video… Read More

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