• Counting the Google Millionaires

    In the 1990s, we loved to tally up the number of Microsoft millionaires. Now, it’s Google’s turn. The New York Times cites estimates that there are 1,000 Google employees whose stock grants and options are worth more than $5 million. So there are more than 1,000 Google millionaires, including Google’s former masseuse, Bonnie Brown. And anyone who joined a year ago is… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Light Drive Edition

    Look at the pretty lights
    Demonoid is dead, reincarnation imminent
    Pedal your way to a fully-charged laptop
    Smart cars coming in January. Would you buy one?
    Kane & Lynch: When swag almost causes a heart attack Read More

  • Last Batch of Tickets for TechCrunch Meetup 11 in Boston

    Going, going, gone. We are releasing our final batch of 250 tickets for the November 16 Boston MeetUp co-hosted with IDG Ventures Boston. That’s this Friday, Boston readers. Judging by the last couple of rounds, you have about an hour to snatch these up. There will be lots of startups demonstrating their products, and great networking with area entrepreneurs, VCs, corporate and… Read More

  • Wired Covers DanceJam Without Trashing M.C. Hammer

    I wrote about DanceJam last week, disclosing that I was an investor and saying I’d be linking to other coverage of the startup. Wired just posted a good overview of the company, which was founded by M.C. Hammer, Geoffrey Arone and Anthony Young. In the article they mention an issue that has been bugging me – that some people have suggested that we only included MC Hammer as an… Read More

  • Google In Talks With Simon Fuller

    Google is in talks with the creator of the Spice Girls and Pop Idol (US incarnation American Idol) about a ” joint venture that could change the way TV is watched over the internet” according to The Guardian. The deal could involve Google either hosting or creating original content. The report suggests that Google and Fuller have been in negotiations for about a year, with… Read More

  • Why Are Founders and Execs Leaving Second Tier Social Networks?

    Employees generally don’t leave hot startups. They lose some or all of their stock options, and they also lose the resume value of being associated with a startup brand. And that’s doubly true for executive level employees. When an exec leaves a startup it isn’t necessarily news. But in the last couple of months we’ve seen two execs leave high profile second tier… Read More

  • Intel's Penryn: Ready to go, but will it meet the hype?

    Penryn is hitting the streets. The 45 Nanometer procs are promising to be the “biggest leap forward” in processor design in almost 40 years. Or so they say. We really hear this type of hyperbole from Intel every couple years. That being said, this might be the one time it’s accurate. Intel’s chips are in production now, and while no street date has been officially… Read More

  • CyberHomes Emerges From Beta, With Claims of Better Real-Estate Data

    Even as the housing market goes south, real-estate Websites continue to soldier on. On Tuesday, after a year in beta, CyberHomes will launch officially and join a crowded field that includes Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and Realtor.com. “Even as the housing market has slid,” argues CyberHomes CEO Marty Frame, “the audience online is at an all-time high and growing. I think the… Read More

  • AOL Gets Into Q&A Business, Acquires Israel's Yedda

    I first met Yedda founders Avichay Nissenbaum and Yaniv Golan during a trip to Israel in February 2006. The company, which hosts a question and answer service that is similar in some ways to Yahoo Answers, launched later that year. Tonight they’re announcing their acquisition by AOL. Terms are not being disclosed. The current plan, says Yedda, is to keep the company as an independent… Read More

  • CompUSA selling 80GB Zune for $1,113.07

    Looks like CompUSA has been selling the 80GB Zune 2 for some time now and for $1,113.07! It’s probably a typo and I doubt that people would spend that much money on a Zune, but it’s pretty funny when retailers make such bloopers. They’re sold out online so who knows. It’s not a typo. CompUSA will sometimes put the release date as the price in items that haven’t… Read More

  • iJustine is dead!

    http://black20.com/b20.swf?vID=294 Oh noes! Read More

  • Startup Weekend's Most Recent Startup: Skribit

    Andrew Hyde’s Startup Weekend, born out of the TechStarts event this last summer, has been busy. The company goes from city to city, organizes developers to spend a long weekend deciding on a new business idea and then building it. Everyone who shows up is a founder, and everyone has equal equity in the new thing, whatever it ends up being. More than a few dustups have occurred in… Read More

  • Today's Fun Google Will Acquire ______ Quiz Question. Answer Starts With S And Ends In T

    Rich Tehrani over at TMCNet is reporting that Google may be looking at buying mobile phone network operator Sprint. Although it would be easy to scoff at the rumor (and it’s still very much in the unlikely bracket) as we know Google’s ambitions have no bounds. America’s 5th largest company is already trying to buy mobile spectrum in the United States, and is considering a… Read More

  • Amazon's 'Customers Vote' back for the holidays

    Wow, it IS the most wonderful time of the year. In my self-centered quest for survival over the past however-many months, I completely forgot about Amazon.com’s Customers Vote thing. Products will be revealed this Thursday, the 15th. I can’t wait. Remember last year when you could buy an Xbox 360 for $100? Madness. Wonderful, beautiful madness. Hold on to these moments… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Call of Duty 4 PC version for $39.99

    I was flipping through the Sunday circulars today and happened across this little gem from Circuit City. This is a pretty cool game and if you’re already a fan of the Call of Duty series, it’d make a good addition to your collection. Circuit City has it for just under $40, which is $10 less than most other places. If you haven’t played it yet or aren’t familiar with… Read More

  • Exclusive: 500 Free GoodBarry GoodBusiness Invites For TechCrunch Readers

    GoodBarry GoodBusiness aims to make “ecommerce easier for small business owners” with a package that includes website creation, lead management, email marketing, online shopping, blogging, and business analytics in the one system. See our review of GoodBarry GoodBusiness here. We’ve got free GoodBusiness invites for TechCrunch readers. The first 500 readers get 3 months… Read More

  • Can You Clone Tangler For $1,500?

    We’ve praised new hosted forum startup Tangler on a number of occasions – most recently calling it the bleeding edge in new discussion board/forum startups. Apparently someone else likes it too. Someone in Turkey is willing to pay up to $1,500 to anyone who can “clone Tangler.” But don’t go too far – the listing also states “do not steal tangler.com… Read More

  • PayPerPost's Latest Gimmick – SocialSpark

    PayPerpost, which has renamed it’s parent company IZEA, says they’ll be launching a new social network in January 2008 called SocialSpark. Bloggers and advertisers (the company says they have over 85,000 bloggers and 11,000 advertisers) will create profiles. Users visiting the site will then “browse the public profiles of advertisers and bloggers along with their… Read More

  • Microsoft Wants To Create The Next Flickr

    Does Microsoft want to create the next Flickr? Their job advertising certainly suggests it does: Come make Windows Live the best place to share your digital memories! Heard of Flickr? YouTube? How about. Mac? This role will work across the new Windows Live division with teams like Spaces, SkyDrive, Messenger and Hotmail to construct a winning strategy for Microsoft in photo and video sharing. Read More

  • Google Being Sued Over Database Architecture

    Google is being sued by Northeastern University and a start-up run by an associate professor over allegations Google breached a patent relating to the way Google pulls data from its databases. The suit, lodged in the patent friendly US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, alleges that Google misappropriated a 1997 patent that relates to a method of breaking database queries… Read More

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