• Researchers study locusts to make jumping robots

    If you are wondering why there has been a lot of robot news lately, that’s because the International Conference on Robotics and Automation is happening this week. In my last post you probably remember me talking about killer attack droids, this time I will talk about jumping search and rescue droids. Researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) designed a… Read More

  • Sanyo releases 7 inch digital photo frame in Japan

    Sanyo is offering a new digital photo frame on the Japanese market. The LVF-PF71 is priced at $145 (MSRP). The LCD display is 7 inches in size (480×234 resolution). The frame is compatible with SD and Memory Stick memory cards. JPEGs can be viewed in intervals between 5 seconds and 24 hours. The LVF-PF71 is 325 grams light and sized at 200×20×133mm. Read More

  • Highly Likely Rumor: Twitter Closes Third Round Of Financing From Spark Capital

    Twitter has closed their third round of financing, says Om Malik. He pegs it at a $15 million raise at around an $80 million valuation, but doesn’t know the investor. We (and others I’m sure) have been tracking the same story, and it’s pretty clear the new investor is Spark Capital. A source says Twitter signed a term sheet with Spark Capital a couple of weeks ago, and… Read More

  • The Puppet Interviews Digg's Kevin Rose

    It amazes me that people actually talk to Loren Feldman’s puppet and treat it like a real interview. Example above: this interview with Kevin Rose starts off innocently enough, but goes down hill from there. The only real news value in the story is that Digg’s still working on that recommendation feature. The high entertainment value, including a few seconds about Kevin’s… Read More

  • Get Satisfaction's Ear on the Twittersphere

    When Michael’s internet went down last month, he vented his frustration on Twitter. And lo and behold, Comcast actually saw his tweet, reached out to him, and proactively worked to solve his problem. Comcast is unusual in its embrace of the Twittersphere, however, since it actually has someone dedicated to putting out fires there before they tarnish its brand too much. Not all companies… Read More

  • SpotCrime Keeps You On The Right Side of The Tracks

    SpotCrime is a mashup that plots recent criminal activity onto Google Maps, allowing users to shy away from seedier parts of towns they may not be familiar with. The company has offered a website for a few months now, and has just introduced an iPhone version (annoyingly, you have to manually navigate to http://www.spotcrime.com/iphone.php). Crimes are depicted as small icons according to… Read More

  • Flock More Than Doubles Its Funding

    Flock, the so-called “social browser” built on top of Mozilla technology, has raised $15 million in a Series D round led by Fidelity Ventures and joined by Bessemer Venture Partners, Catamount Ventures, and Shasta Ventures. The round (the company’s biggest) more than doubles its total to over $28 million, an amount that has been gradually raised over the past three years… Read More

  • Startup Camp Is An Awesome Opportunity (And A Back Door Into Foo Camp)

    On Thursday and Friday (July 10-11) before this year’s Foo Camp in Sebastopol July 11-13, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures will be hosting OATV Startup Camp for 6-8 startups. The camp will focus on fundraising, PR and viral marketing, working with investors/directors, and other issues relevant to running a young company. There are a number of discussion leaders that will be… Read More

  • Prague Meet-up Countdown

    We’re fast approaching our super fun CrunchNetwork Prague Meet-up and getting ready for the big night. We’re going to have some surprises coming up so watch this space but until then feel free to RSVP by email or on Facebook. Remember the event is on Friday, May 23, 2008 from 7pm until ?? at Restaurace Zvonařka. The program will be fairly basic but I’m planning an elevator… Read More

  • Wooden mousepad, very fetching

    Like the gorgeous designer keyboards we featured a while ago from this same site, this angled wooden keyboard is very good-looking but pretty overpriced. There isn’t a lot of info there, like what kind of wood it is, the finish, and so on, but I’m guessing it’s varnished pretty well if you’re supposed to be mousing all over it. I like the built-in incline – with… Read More

  • Attention NYC: Wiimbledon 2008 at Barcade in BK on June 7

    Look here, New Yorkers, June 7th in Brooklyn at Barcade marks the second coming of Wiimbledon. Details are far and few between at the moment, but I just wanted to give you the heads up. An open bar will be sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery and Prince is providing a gaggle of prizes along with Brunswick. Registration will open up a week prior, June 2, and will be online with 128 spots. More details… Read More

  • Microsoft Games head Shane Kim prevaricates furiously in interview

    The problem with interviewing smart higher-ups like Shane Kim is they will always say exactly what they mean to say, and you’re never going to pull one over on them, as you might with someone lower down the ladder — like a loose-lipped coder. While he did say a lot of words, Kim essentially refused to comment on everything the interviewer brought up: differential console success… Read More

  • Battle Royale (not so much): iPhone vs Bold

    Everyone knows that I’m not the biggest fan of the iPhone and I usually steer clear of most comparisons because I find them useless. That being said, I’ll reiterate the uselessness of this comparison between the current gen iPhone and RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Bold by the iPhone blog. I don’t even care about the fact that the Bold is the clear winner because we have no… Read More

  • Wall-climbing attack droids on their way

    The non-profit group SRI International is designing a wall-climbing robot to be unveil it at the International Conference of Robotics and Automation. Popular Mechanics has a video of it climbing on a lot of common building materials. The robot uses electro-adhesion to stick to the wall — is the same technology robots are already using to pick up silicon wafers on assembly lines. If… Read More

  • Simpsons ride opens at Universal Studios Hollywood

    A new Simpsons-themed ride opened at Universal Studios in Hollywood on Monday and travel site Jaunted.com seems to indicate that it’s a worthwhile stop on your list of things to do if you’re in the area. The ride itself is a motion-simulated affair “full of major lifts and falls, twists and turns and a little bit of water.” Hit the jump for a video. Read More

  • On the Road to An IPO, Jingle Networks Prepares to Launch A Voice Ad Network.

    Jingle Networks has already captured a six percent market share of directory assistance calls with its 1-800-Free411 service. But, with IPO rumors swirling, that might not be a big enough business. What if Jingle expanded into a voice ad network? I have learned that it is preparing to do just that. Confirms CEO George Garrick: At this point I’d call it the Jingle Ad Network. We… Read More

  • Firefox 3 will be finalized in June, says Mozilla

    Ah, springtime; when a man’s fancy turns to newer, younger, more nimble versions of popular web browsers. Take Firefox 3, for example. It’ll be here “sometime in June,” Mozilla’s VP of engineering, Mike Schroepfer told CNET. Apparently everything’s running relatively smoothly… “We’re in a phase where we’re letting add-ons get a chance… Read More

  • Australian telco to offer free laptops with data service

    Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, as Australian mobile company Telstra will be giving laptops away to business users who sign up for a three-year contract for mobile data service. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “The company has released a new plan for business customers — only those with an ABN — which offers them a laptop and wireless broadband card at… Read More

  • TextFlow's Shiny Document Collaboration System

    A group of Swedes has grown tired of emailing documents around when they need editing help. So they’ve formed a company called TextFlow that’s working on a Google Docs competitor of sorts. Their Flash-based product is still in a very early stage, and there’s quite a bit of discrepancy between what they’ve built so far in private beta, and their vision as laid out in… Read More

  • Verizon pitches standardized early termination fee proposal to FCC

    Good news for those of us who change carriers on a weekly basis: Verizon Wireless (with consultation from other major carriers) and the FCC are negotiating a proposal to standardize early termination fees across the wireless industry, limiting the damage the fees might do to your pocket. The proposal would allow consumers to cancel service within 30 days of the contract (which most of the… Read More

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