• Totally Unbiased Magazines At CES 2007

    Oh yeah. Totally. We swear. Read More

  • Sling Media Announces SlingCatcher, Adds Palm OS Support

    Sling Media announced this morning that not only would it be producing a version of its SlingPlayer software for the Palm OS, but that they’re releasing an entirely new product: The SlingCatcher. What is SlingCatcher? Sounds like a jacked up SlingBox. From the release: “The SlingCatcher includes both standard definition and high definition AV outputs to connect to a TV including… Read More

  • Dumbest Ad Yet At CES 2007

    Came across this ad this morning in the CES mag we got delivered. Apparently OmniMount thinks that channelling Justin Timberlake’s music is the key to getting people like us to stop by its booth. To quote the ad: “I’m bringing sexy back (yeah!) Them other mounts don’t know how to act. (yeah!) We’ll pass. Thanks, but no thanks. Read More

  • JWin iLuv Bluetooth Audio System

    JWin today announced their iLuv i199 Bluetooth audio system. As wireless music device, you can stream your iPod, radio, CDs, or whatever via Bluetooth to a set of wireless speakers or headphones. JWin uses its BluePin wireless audio transmitter/receiver to receive music from your device and then transmits music over a Bluetooth connection. You can stream music from your cellie to the iLuv. I… Read More

  • Second Life Goes Open Source – Should It Be Non Profit, Too?

    Second Life made their client software open source today, sparking near rapture among its hard core users (see comments to their blog post). The first two paragraphs of the announcement talk a lot about about the inevitability of destiny. And they mention Second Life in the same breath as Mosaic and Mozilla. I’m a Second Life fan, but sometimes the hype gets to be a little too much. At… Read More

  • Nokia N800: Uber-Brief Hands On

    Sorry about the size of this video, but we lost some of the footage so all we have is Blake fondling the N800. We have a meeting with the Nokia folks a little later so we’ll get a nicer look then. Until then, drool, baby, drool. Read More

  • What Does Markoff Know?

    Just saw an article by John Markoff on a potential “mobile computer” to be announced “tomorrow” by “Apple” at “MacWorld.” He’s couched it in so much mystery that it almost seems that he knows something — but then again. What say ye? Industry executives and competitors believe that Apple has developed the first of a new generation… Read More

  • OQO 02 Video Hands-On

    A quick look at the OQO’s 02 handtop Vista PC. Compelling? Quite. Read More

  • Scoble, Others, Visit With Bill Gates, Vista Begins to Kick Ass

    http://www.podtech.net/player/podtech-player.swf?bc=3F34K2L1 Lots of Vista/Microsoft news today including the addition of IPTV to the XBox Dashboard and the launch of Windows Home Server along with technology like SideShow which adds Media Center functionality to small devices like remote controls. We’re going to try to track down a few hotnesses for you in the next few hours, but it… Read More

  • Roxio Steps In To Make TiVoToGo For Mac A Reality

    You may have read about this already, but there is now a legit way to get TiVoToGo on computers running Mac OS X. Yes, it’s true. Mac users can now experience the excruciatingly long transfers of recorded video to their laptops and desktops that only Windows users have been able to have until now. Though none of that’s the fault of Roxio. Roxio does an excellent job with the… Read More

  • Alienware Area-51 m5790 Special Edition

    CES hasn’t yet gotten full swing, but the Pepcom event was tonight and there were several items of interest. I’m a little stretched for time at the moment, because I’m exhausted and about to pass out, but I wanted to make a quick blurb about one of the new Alienware laptops being launched later this week. The Area-51 m5790 Special Edition is the first Alienware laptop to have… Read More

  • OQO 02: It's Alive

    So the OQO 01 didn’t float your boat… how about EVDO + wireless and a new design and keyboard. Add on Vista and potentially we have a winner. It’s still pretty expensive — $2,000 for a basic configuration — but it runs quite quickly and is extremely attractive. Here’s Dynamism’s take: As everyone was sort of expecting, the much anticipated OQO 02 has… Read More

  • Pharos GPS Phone 600 Hands-On

    We got a close look at the GPS Phone 600, the latest unlocked phone from GPS maker Pharos. The mapping software was quite exact — it placed us in the Nevada desert, apparently — and the phone was actually slim and well-made. An interesting addition to this year’s GPS phone line-up. Read More

  • Sonos Now Plays Microsoft DRM'd Songs

    Later today Sonos will announce that their home music devices will now support Microsoft DRM’d music. That means music from AOL Music Now, MTV Networks’ URGE, Napster, Wal-Mart, Yahoo! Music and the Zune Marketplace will all play on the Sonos devices. Users have been able to play music from Rhapsody since September – meaning that all major music services except iTunes are… Read More

  • TechCrunch Weekend Roundup – Including Lasers

    If you missed the weekend posts, here’s a summary of what we wrote about. The CrunchGear guys are coving CES and MacWorld. While I was droning on about dying startups and the possible Web 2.0 Bubble, Oliver at MobileCrunch was playing with a really cool laster pointer (see image). I have no idea what it has to do with “mobile” but I want one. Other posts over the… Read More

  • Netgear Drops HD Set-Top Box for Wireless Streaming

    Netgear has beaten Apple’s iTV to the punch with its Digital Entertainer HD media receivers. The set-top boxes work much like the soon-to-market iTV, finding media on your network of PCs or Mac’s wirelessly and allowing you to play it all back on your home theater system. Though not compatible with iTunes downloads, the system can play back most other media formats, including… Read More

  • Big Layoffs At Insider Pages

    Silicon Valley based Insider Pages, one of the many user review sites that have sprung up in the last couple of years, has reportedly laid off 2/3 of their total staff recently. The news is coming from companies that are interviewing former Insider Pages employees. The company, which is funded by Sequoia, Softbank and idealab, seems to be unable to keep up with the growth of competitor Yelp… Read More

  • A Look at Yahoo's Vista Messenger

    Late last week I got on the phone with Matthew Skyrm and Joshua Jacobson of Yahoo for a demo of the new Vista optimized Yahoo messenger that will be unveiled at CES. Overall we are impressed with the product from a design and user interface point of view, although there are no feature additions of note. The new messenger has taken advantage of Vista’s new Windows Presentation… Read More

  • Cingular Debuts Treo 750: UMTS, Windows Mobile 5

    this past fall, was an instant hit with business minded users, as it’s Palm’s first GSM Treo running Windows Mobile 5. Read More

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