• Review: Krups BeerTender

    http://p.castfire.com/Xu7m0/video/8666/bbtv_2008-03-11-183048.flv Not since Das Boot has one film gotten everything so right. via BBG Read More

  • Animoto Rocks (Automatically Turns Your Photos Into a Music Video Slide Show)

    http://widgets.clearspring.com/o/46928cc51133af17/47d804cf2a603f89 What can I say? I’m a music video genius. Check out my latest MTV-worthy video above. It took me, oh, about five minutes to slap together. Actually, it was all done for me by a startup that is getting a lot of buzz called Animoto. The New York City startup recently won an award at the South by Southwest conference… Read More

  • Review: ZTE C88 for MetroPCS

    When choosing a cell phone, you look at price and features with the former being the biggest player, right? Ok, calling/data plans are also a big deal, but most consumers just want a cheap phone regardless. That much we can agree on. But what happens when you don’t want to deal with one of the larger carriers and you’ve got MetroPCS in the area, a carrier that offers unlimited… Read More


    Ok, maybe I’m not that excited but Take-Two/Rockstar is planning to release Bioshock 2 and another “major” sequel in 2009. Folks are postulating it will be Max Payne, which I kind of dug back in the day. How about the The Legend of Kage 2, guys. I love the trees! Massive sequel planned after GTA IV [CaVG] Read More

  • Dear People Who Make Horse Catheters and Want Us to Write About You: Cory tells you how to send us links

    Good old Cory Doctorow. Is there anything the man can’t do? He makes fiction, babies, and blog posts with reckless abandon and he has a nice soft head, like the head of a wee chick but a wee chick that can beat your ass in a conversation about Net Neutrality in a second. Anyway, InformationWeek hired Cory to tell the PR world how to submit links. His main suggestion? Send a link with… Read More

  • Geeks.com selling $70 iPod Touch knockoff

    I just received an e-mail from Geeks.com inviting me to “Touch the Future of Portable Entertainment” with this $70 device that looks an awful lot like my much more expensive iPod Touch, which I foolishly assumed was already the future of portable entertainment. So how does this thing stack up, spec-wise, to the iPod Touch? Read More

  • Acer announcing new 'Blue' notebook concept today

    In a little over five hours, Acer will be announcing a new notebook concept called “Blue”. I’d expect this to be along the lines of a UMPC or ultraportable notebook. If it is a UMPC of some type, it’ll be interesting to see how it differentiates itself from other UMPCs on the market. Acer president Gianfranco Lanci told me last September that Acer wasn’t planning… Read More

  • Yahoo To Join OpenSocial in April, Microsoft Groans.

    Following previous reports that Yahoo is talking to Google about joining OpenSocial, we are now hearing that the decision has been made and that it will be announced in April. OpenSocial is Google’s social-networking platform that is a response to Facebook. Yahoo has been sitting on the sidelines of the fight between Google and Facebook for the hearts and minds of developers, and with… Read More

  • New Street Fighter character 'El Fuerte' spotted

    I’ll be honest; the last time I played Street Fighter was on the SNES, so I’m admittedly out of touch with what’s what as far as world warriors go. That being said, a new Street Fighter IV character’s been spotted in Famitsu magazine. His name is El Fuerte, which is Spanish for “The Fuerte,” if memory serves. Breaking: New Street Fighter IV Character Leaked! Read More

  • LG Glimmer available on Alltel tomorrow

    Hey, guess what’s coming to Alltel tomorrow? If you read the headline of this post and guessed “the LG Glimmer,” you are correct. The Glimmer features a slide-out keypad and a touchscreen, plus a 2-megapixel camera, MP3 player, GPS, 128MB of internal memory (expandable via MicroSD), 3G data speeds, and is compatible with several of Alltel’s Axcess apps like… Read More

  • DIY: Electronic Post-It

    I loves me some DIY projects, but a difficulty rating of hard by the folks at PopSci for the electronic Post-It note has me thinking twice about taking on this 7-hour endeavor. Or I could just nut up and do it. Anyone else interested in making one? Build It: The Electronic Post-It Note [PopSci] Read More

  • Don't pirate: Cops will make you drink own urine, sleep on shoe

    If the threat of making Madonna go hungry weren’t enough, CD pirates in Arkansas are now locked up in solitary and forgotten for four days. [For] four full days, Adriana Torres-Flores was locked away and forgotten in 8 1/2-by-9 1/2-foot cell in the Washington County Courthouse, with only a metal table, two benches and a light bulb that never went out. She had nothing to eat or drink. Read More

  • iPhone firmware 2.0 decrypted, jailbroken, and certified

    Coming soon to the iPhone: The rotating teapot program! iPhone firmware 1.2 AKA 2.0 has been completely jailbroken and decrypted and the phine pholks at the iPhoneDevTeam have figured out how to spoof the developers certificate that you need to run applications. What does this mean? It means you’ll probably have a red hot unlocked iPhone the moment 1.2 drops, not after. There are… Read More

  • 69 uses for Duct Tape

    I typically use duct tape to patch holes on my surfboards when traveling, tying people up or making wallets like the guys at db clay. Who knew there were 69 different techie uses for it. Check out the full list at Virtual Hosting. Read More

  • VoIP for Small Business from BT

    BT and partner RingCentral will offer an Internet-based phone system in Great Britain that’s easy for small and medium sized business to configure and maintain. U.K. businesses will get a 0844 or 0844 main phone number, and calls can be routed to up to 50 extensions. RingCentral’s software will allow businesses set up their own phone system with a professional feel without needing… Read More

  • Bubble wrap popping WiiWare title

    This is the only reason I would/will buy a Wii. Bubble wrap popping adapted for WiiWare [Siliconera] Read More

  • Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 gets dated

    It’s been slated for a March 28th launch in Japan, but still no word on when the US or even Europe can expect the gloriousness of shooting 1200fps. *sigh* Press Release Read More

  • YouTube: The Platform

    (Update: Comment from YouTube added below). In case there was still any doubt that Google wants to use YouTube to host all the video on the Web, it’s announcement earlier today to broaden its APIs makes it clear that is its goal. Once again, instead of making it easier to search videos elsewhere, Google is making it easier to host videos on YouTube. Except that the new APis allow people… Read More

  • Next New Networks – $15 million From Velocity Interactive Group And Goldman Sachs

    Goldman Sachs and Velocity Interactive Group have put another $15 million into the online TV site Next New Networks, the company will announce shortly. The company, which launched in January 2007, had previously raised $8 million from Spark Capital, Saban Media Group, Pilot Group, and Bob Pittman. All the previous investors put more money in and Jonathan Miller from Velocity Capital was already… Read More

  • Faster Network Technology from Nortel

    Nortel Networks will soon launch new technology that allows telecom companies to quadruple the capacity of their networks. This will help with the data intensive requirements that Internet video, high-definition programming and mobile video phones demand. Nortel is North America’s largest maker of telephone equipment. It will launch optical technology that delivers speeds of 40 gigabits… Read More

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