• Arkados brings home automation to the iPhone

    Arkados is a company that makes a pretty nifty set of chips that are often used in home automation products by third party companies, among other things. If you have any kind of integrated sound system or automated control deck than you might be using Arkados’s technology without even knowing it. To take advantage of this, Arkados has released a reference design for making… Read More

  • Arrington and Ross Sorkin Talk About Yahoo On Charlie Rose

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=87760211704934203:144000:725000&hl=en Last night, Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times and our own Michael Arrington appeared on the Charlie Rose Show to talk about —what else?—Yahoo, Microsoft and the non-deal that everybody can’t stop talking about. The segment is embedded above. Michael notes in the piece that… Read More

  • SP3 "checked build" available in ISO form, hope you like 500 meg downloads!

    The Windows Update version is supposed to be about 70mb, but is anyone really in that much of a hurry? This is the slow-cooked chef’s special version as opposed to the pan-sear for the consumers over at Windows Update. You know you like that slow cooked flavor of Service Pack stewed in its own juices. Man, I’m making myself hungry. What are you waiting for? Get downloading! Windows… Read More

  • Neil Young releasing archive onto Blu-ray

    Earlier today at Sun Microsystem’s press conference, Neil Young announced he would be releasing his entire archive of tunes onto Blu-ray. They’ll be released in chronological order and the first 10-disc set will be available in the fall from Reprise/WB Records. Extras like unreleased tracks, hadnwritten manuscripts, videos and other junk will be included on top of the audio… Read More

  • [Updated] Google: Verizon not playing fair with newly won bandwidth

    Google is calling out Verizon to the FCC in regards to the V’s recent win in the 700MHz bandwidth auction. One of the rules the winners have to abide by is the open access portion, stating that the bandwidth the carrier uses would have to be open to any application on any device, not just those supplied by the winner. The Goog thinks that Verizon’s reading of the rule is more along… Read More

  • Zune Marketplace adds NBC content (for the same price as iTunes)

    Devin already gave us most of the details of Microsoft’s new Zune Marketplace yesterday, but with today’s official announcement comes additional information. First, lots of folks, including the AP, are making a big deal about the presence of NBC content on the new Marketplace. You may remember that NBC and Apple went their separate ways last year when Apple refused to cede to… Read More

  • Proporta prepping universal iPod dock

    Umm. I’m perfectly content with charging my iPod by plugging in the cable. I don’t need a dock to do that, Proporta. I don’t understand why you would even come out with one. Seriously. Read More

  • Is Yang Still In Control At Yahoo?

    Here’s the latest Yahoo rumor that we’re chasing: The Yahoo board of directors met earlier today and authorized chairman Roy Bostock, not CEO Jerry Yang, to call Ballmer about re-starting negotiations. In fact, this rumor may have been behind the small rally in Yahoo’s stock today, which closed up 5.5 percent to $25.72 (still down from where it closed on Friday at $28.67). … Read More

  • Resurgent Taliban bans music-playing cellphones in areas of Pakistan

    Guess there’s no VibeTonez in certain parts of Pakistan. A recent crackdown by the Taliban in Pakistan’s tribal regions means that, among other things, men must grow traditional Islamic beards and music must not be played in vehicles or on cellphones. While I’m no moral or cultural relativist, at least people living in the affected areas won’t have to put up with the… Read More

  • Use TwitterFone For Easy Voice-To-Text On Twitter

    Twitter is certainly usable via SMS on a mobile device, but typing messages on a phone is cumbersome. A service that converts voice to text and then posts it to Twitter could be a niche hit. A number of services have launched to allow users to record messages and link to the recording from Twitter (see Twitsay, Twittergram). And services like Jott and Spinvox are providing tools that allow… Read More

  • BlackBerry Niagara has a twin

    Looks like the BlackBerry Niagara is one of two devices with the similar facades. The Niagara is the EV-DO version that’s slated to hit Verizon a year from now and there’s also a 2.5G version dubbed Javelin. Seems pointless to keep making 2.5G devices since T-Mobile’s 3G network should be in full swing by 2009. Specs for both after the jump. Read More

  • Rumor: Nokia's E71 to drop Thursday

    Nokia’s E71 is a big mystery, like my love life: we know it exists, but it hasn’t surfaced yet, and we know it’s coming, we just don’t know when. That being said, rumors are now pointing towards both happening on May 8, just two days away. This is a high-end smartphone with ultra-high-end features, like an autofocus camera, super-fast 3G data, GPS, and WiFi, all in… Read More

  • Microsoft and Hyundai dropping $166m on "Automotive IT Innovation Center"

    Looks like Gates has been sweet-talking the Koreans. He met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to talk about working with South Korean companies, and lo and behold, a multi-million dollar deal emerges shortly after. MS and Hyundai are going to work together on a “music and information system” linking mobiles, car stereos, and presumably GPS units and various other car… Read More

  • HP MediaSmart servers to work with YouTube

    HP’s MediaSmart Connect receiver will soon be able to tune into something called YouTube, displaying “videos” on HP MediaSmart TVs. The “videos” will be full-screen and hilarious, to be sure. The exact date for YouTube-on-MediaSmart, I’m afraid, wasn’t revealed. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Warcraft III, StarCraft now available to download

    Flickr’d. Wow. Blizzard has made Warcraft III (and its expansion, separately) and StarCraft Anthology available for download from its Web site. Both games, originally released in 2002 and 1998, respectively, have won awards left and right. Warcraft III (and the expansion) cost $20, while StarCraft is $15. Mac and PC. Wanna hear a secret? I’ve never played either game. Does that… Read More

  • New LEGO Batman character revealed

    And it’s Two Face. Check out gameplay footage from Warner’s upcoming LEGO Batman after the jump. Read More

  • Non-Psystar PCs running Leopard appearing

    John Biggs has a Psystar. It’s a generic PC that runs OSX Leopard, and runs it well at that. It was roughly $550 shipped, and there’s something that gives one a sneaky feeling when using it, as if you’re getting away with something. The Psystar, though, may be just the tip of the iceberg. Apple Insider points out that there are now other PC clones running OSX, and you can… Read More

  • Mike Ming and Dell: $699 of sexy laptop

    Dell is selling exclusive, $699 Inspiron 1525 laptops “attuned to youth culture” with design artwork by Mike Ming. The laptops come in “Sea Sky” or “Bunch o Surfers” and run Intel Dual Core Pentium with 3GB of memory and a 160GB hard… Read More

  • Video: Rad propeller clock looks cool and dangerous, like me

    What happens when a nerd takes a circuit board, LEDs, and an electric motor? He makes a virtual clock out of said spinning circuit board, and the results are cool, though not something I’d want to put my fingers near. Read More

  • Review: Samsung Access, AT&T Mobile TV

    The Access from Samsung is the more economical choice for those looking to drop some coin on AT&T’s Mobile TV service. The candy bar from Samsung fared much better than the LG Vu in terms of service quality, but its screen is much smaller and the rest of the phone is pretty plain Jane. There’s no Gmail, IMAP or POP support like the Vu. As big as the Access is there’s… Read More

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