• Jemima Kiss buys an iPhone

    Ohh, Jemima. How we love thee. Although all we’ve ever seen of you is your byline and small image, shown here, and we only just heard about you last week, your smiling visage and Cockney rhyming slang — we think that’s what it is — are so refreshing in this sea of pale, pasty men with large bums. We’re so happy that you finally bought an iPhone. Welcome to the… Read More

  • Customizable Zunes are wicked cool

    I think I’m beginning to understand the whole You Make It You thing, but I could be wrong. I think it’s very cool that MS is taking the laser engraving beyond some stupid text like Apple does, but you’re really not making it you, per se, when you’re using graphics from 18 different artists that includes 27 unique designs. Wait. No. That’s pretty damn cool and if… Read More

  • Android Demo: Wowzers

    Did he say ‘oogle’? Download the SDK here. It’s so easy to build an app and play Sudoku! Watch the other videos after the jump. Read More

  • Spaloo installation video: The good, the bad, and me on the toilet

    Note: the failure of this install was not Spaloo’s fault — our contractor messed up installing the toilet itself along with the electricity and his failures did not allow me to wash my bum correctly. You cannot believe how much I wanted to install this. I think what I’ll do is install it in the new bathroom we’re putting in here in my attic. I was really crying at… Read More

  • Microsoft mulling direct-to-Zune downloads?

    Microsoft apparently intends to purchase a French mobile music service company called Musiwave, according to Electronista. The technology would be implemented into "Microsoft’s more portable hardware and software services, including Windows Live, the Windows Mobile OS for smartphones, and the Zune media player." Read More

  • Rumor: Google to acquire Sprint, a bad case of dandruff, some flatware

    Hrmmm… so they’re saying that Google will buy Sprint. While this is as likely as the Pope buying up a chain of dry cleaners in Wisconsin, there might just be some truth to this wild, inaccurate rumor. Some guy who covers the space says: So do I think Google will make such an acquisition? Maybe. If the search leader is going to bid on wireless spectrum it may make more sense to just… Read More

  • Google's '$10 Million Android Developer Challenge'

    Thinking about looking into developing something for the upcoming Android platform? Google has announced a $10-million jumpstart to things in the form of "cash prizes ranging from $25,000 to $275,000 to developers whose applications are picked by a panel of judges." Now’s your chance to get out of Encino and make a better life for yourself. You can do it! Everyone believes in you. Read More

  • How video reviews should be done: Boing Boing Gadgets' take on the Fujitsu LifeBook U810

    Ah, the video review, staple of know-it-all bloggers (and old men trying to stay relevant) the world over. Unfortunately, nine times out of ten they stink on ice: awful production, lack of enthusiasm for the product, general why-are-you-wasting-my-time-ness, etc. By and large they’re not good. Skip them. But don’t skip this one. It’s Boing Boing Gadgets’ Joel… Read More

  • Momail launches UK service

    Stockholm-based Momail, a free consumer-focused mobile service that lets you read and answer your emails from your mobile conveniently and cheaply, launches in the UK tomorrow. The site essentially acts as a gateway, optimising emails before delivering them to your phone. It does this by keeping track of 2300 phones across 450 features including screen resolution, screen size, pixel depth… Read More

  • McCain Embarrassed by Yahoo’s Actions in China; Also Calls Google To The Mat

    Next up in our series of interviews with 2008 presidential candidates: Senator John McCain. The recording is below and is also available at TalkCrunch. McCain’s campaign made no stipulations on the questions I could ask (and they didn’t even hold this against us). He spoke frankly and clearly outlined his position on a number of key technology issues: China, H-1B Visas, Net… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Helio Ocean now $99, so is unlimited everything

    I love my Ocean. Matt lives and dies by the Ocean. It’s a great phone and does everything one needs. Well, not everything. It doesn’t get Matt laid or anything, but I think you know where I’m going. Maybe you’re already with Helio and you want some friends to migrate over because you’re a greedy bastard and want the free months of service. I wouldn’t blame you. Read More

  • Zune 2 review roundup

    This guy needs to get laid. Does it suck? Will it kill the iPod? Will you buy one? Do you care? The general consensus seems to be that Microsoft is at the cusp, but they’ve fallen short once again, though, it’s a vast improvement over the first gen Zune. It takes Microsoft a bit of time to catch up, but once they do, I think the Zune will be a worthy opponent. We’ll see how… Read More

  • 'Make Digital Easy' author says HD DVD is 'better product'

    Yet another “HD DVD wins, Blu-ray stinks” article made the rounds this weekend, only it’s from a guy whose opinion actually means something (I think). Don Lindich, whose “Digital Made Easy” books—I don’t know—make digital easy, says HD DVD is the better value right now. An abundance of cheap players, increased studio support, Wal-Mart support… Read More

  • New-ish Sony eBook reader apparently mangles PDFs

    So close. I’ve been eyeing eBook readers for a while now. I really can’t see myself spending $300 on one when I have gadgets like the Nokia 770 and iPod Touch that are capable of handling similar tasks and more. However, the E-Ink technology is pretty cool and the 7,500 page-turn battery life that Sony suggests is intriguing. According to Gordon Meyer over at 43 Folders, the… Read More

  • 1.1.2 Jailbreak released

    So, how about those Mets. They were robbed, right? So we had some lasagna last night. I made it with these freeze-dried noodle things. You just put the noodles in the ‘zagna and cook it up. They actually become soft like regular noodles and you don’t even have to worry about cooking them and putting them into the dish. It was really easy. Also, they have a 1.1.2 firmware jailbreak… Read More

  • New Mac/PC Ad: Don't give up on Vista

    Oh, those silly guys who are Macs and PCs on the TV. They’re always quibbling, but you know they really love each other. I bet John Hodgman and Justin Long go out drinking after the shoots and sometimes, just sometimes, they look across the table at each other and there’s something there, something dark and forbidden — they feel Boot Camp. Apple Read More

  • Newsflash: Working for Google early on makes you rich

    This lady’s name is Bonnie Brown. She’s a skillionaire. She wasn’t always rich, though. Back in 1999, she was making $450 a week as a masseuse for Google, which at that time had 40 employees. Boy oh boy, Google must have known it was going to be huge to hire a masseuse for only 40 people. The last company I worked for had over 300 people and there was no masseuse and no free… Read More

  • EU Regulators to Tackle Large Telecoms

    The European Commission is expected to create a new regulatory body that it hopes will spur telecommunications competition in Europe with the goal of reducing costs for consumers. This new body will have the power to separate telecommunication networks and access providers. It is believed that the large companies that now control these aspects of European telecommunications retards growth… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: White, black Zune for $90

    I know the brown Zune’s suck so here’s your chance to get a white or black refurbed Zune for only $90. That’s cheap, people. Jump on it before they sell out, which I’m sure they will in a matter of hours. Woot Read More

  • "Tommy Lee stabbed my Powerbook:" Real-life rock star tales

    When you’re navigating the rock and roll jungles with the wildest of rockers, your gear needs to be able to stand up to the elements. And to overzealous groupies. It’s a challenge that bestselling writer Anthony Bozza knows well. A former writer for Rolling Stone, Bozza was the first national journalist to cover Eminem. In addition to the former Marshall Mathers, Bozza also… Read More

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