• Update: Mysterious 12th Application Disappears From iPhone

    Apple reedited one of the iPhone videos to eliminate the so-called mystery application that had everybody talking these past few days. Once again, it’s Macenstein that points out that the 12th icon from the “How To” ad has disappeared, leaving us with the 11 icons that we all know and love. (Though, for whatever reason, 12 icons are still present in the “Never… Read More

  • WWDC Banners Reveal Secrets

    Some crafty photographer over at Roughly Drafted managed to get some key shots inside the WWDC conference before it’s even started. Inside, there are some banners that say “Welcome to WWDC07 Expand your universe.” and “Mac OS X Leopard Rocket fuel for your apps.” Clearly this means that OS X Leopard will be the star of this year’s WWDC. In addition to… Read More

  • The Futurist: We Predict the iPhone Will Bomb

    Until June 29, it’s hard to tell too much about the iPhone, but I can tell you with near-certainty one thing: the product was almost certainly rushed to market before Apple’s engineers would have liked. At MacWorld, Jobs said: “We’re shipping them in June”. Had the phone release date been set in July or August, the entire tech world’s collective red flag… Read More

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Cut Backs

    Those employees who won’t be staying with Nintendo’s marketing and sales teams better think again before they send their resumes to Sony. Reuters is reporting that there will be a few more people out of work in the video game industry soon. Sony is looking to cut jobs in the United States, and is even considering a restructuring in Japan! According to the Reuters story Sony has not… Read More

  • Leaked Interal AT&T Docs Point to More Collaboration With Apple

    Talking points make the world go ’round and, somehow, that Boy Genius obtained internal AT&T documents detailing the wireless provider’s game plan for the iPhone and beyond. Most of the document is simply rehashed stats and specs and marketing speak, but there are a few morsels of information for us to devour. Shall we? Read More

  • MeetMoi Raises Cash To Help People Have Sex

    Are you familiar with Twitter? That “short blogging” site where people post blurbs about random stuff rather than just calling their friends about what a great time their having? OK, good. A company named MeetMoi is looking to turn the Twitter-idea into a dating platform. The company just raised $1.5 million in financing and aims to change the way people date. Read More

  • Download An MP3, Get Expelled

    Universities like Columbia and UCLA have recently come under fire from the RIAA and House committees, and are being pressured into upping the consequences for illegally downloading music. Nineteen universities across America were forced to take a six-page survey, which contained questions such as, “Does your institution expel violating students?”. In the past 4 months the RIAA… Read More

  • Watch Atlantis Launch On Your Mobile

    Mobile space junkies rejoice! Tomorrow’s launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis (still on schedule for Friday, June 8, at 7:38 pm EDT at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida) is being shown on Space.com as well as on Space2Phone.com. By pointing your cell phone’s WAP browser to wap.space2phone.com you’ll be able to watch the ship blast off for the 21st U.S. mission to the… Read More

  • Blogstorm Shows Blogs' Most Popular Posts

    A new site called Blogstorm went live today – it shows basic inbound link stats for blogs based on Yahoo link data. The site also shows how many links more recent posts have generated, and includes several charts. This is a great way for bloggers to see which of their posts are more popular. TechCrunch stats are here. You have to submit your site to them before they track it. The… Read More

  • Dual-Access Computer Case

    Here’s a useful solution for traveling professionals. The Dual-Access Computer Case features a quick access laptop space. It can also store about a weekend’s worth of clothes. Exterior zipper slots are present for files and various other gear. Available now at Magellan’s for $139. Dual-Access Rolling Bag [Book of Joe via Gizmodo] Read More

  • Sprint Now Offering GPS-based Shopping

    Too wrapped up in the Burberry store to even notice the new YSL store a block down? Sounds like you love to shop. Sprint users can get the one up on the hottest deals by giving its new Slifter service a try. Slifter is a GPS-based way to shop via your mobile phone. It’ll track your location and recommend you places near your current location. You can also search for stores by both name… Read More

  • Shakeup at Nintendo

    Things are getting interesting at Nintendo of America Game Informer reports that three key players are jumping ship, and they’re not the only ones. The company’s Sales and Marketing team is set to make the move from Seattle to either San Francisco or New York, and approximately 90% of the of the staff has decided not to go. But the big news is that three key executives including… Read More

  • Windows Vista SP1 Coming Soon(er)

    Apparently Windows can’t keep its big mouth shut. After some digging, a number of sites have found mention of Windows Vista SP1 in Microsoft Downloads, the service Microsoft offers for updates and other big file downloads. What does this mean? Essentially it looks like Service Pack 1 exists within Microsoft’s own confined workspace and that some technical writer didn’t… Read More

  • The HQV HDTV Benchmark Disc

    A true hi-def aficionado knows that just buying an HDTV and then getting drunk with your pals while you watch a Mets game is not the way to go when it comes to buying a new TV. Luckily, HQV shares the same distinctive taste with these HDTV fans and has created a disc in both Blu-Ray and HD DVD format for calibrating a new HDTV. Each disc contains various tests and assessment tools to make sure… Read More

  • Samsung Announces Official Mobile Phones For The Beijing Olympics

    With the Olympics just around the corner, and by that I mean another year, Samsung has announced three high-profile mobile phones specifically designed for the upcoming event. The E848 slider with 2-megapixel camera and 10.6mm of phatness joins the BOCOG network and hopes to boost the Samsung brand in China. Efforts to improve China Mobile will come from the P318 and U308 handsets. The U308… Read More

  • Qualcomm To Save Amp'd… Probably Not

    Will Qualcomm step up and be the knight in shining armor for Amp’d Mobile? Our sister site Crunchgear doesn’t think Qualcomm is eyeing Amp’d, even if In-Stat analyst Allen Nogee thinks it could happn. OK, so Qualcomm already offers MediaFlo mobile TV service to carriers, and it also is the developer of many mobile applications. So Amp’d could prove to be a good… Read More

  • Lazy Dude Makes Program To Keep Laptop From Sleeping

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-1846703595557332132 Alright, so there’s this dude named Brien Schultz, right? This guy is so finnicky, that he doesn’t want his laptop to go to sleep when he moves it around the house. God forbid he just leave the lid open or get a laptop that isn’t from 1997. Anyways, Brien went ahead and created a program that monitors the… Read More

  • Beerbot: It Totally Does What You Want Done Most

    Beer rules. You drink it and chicks become hotter, your wallet empties, and everyone has a good time. But when you add a robot into the mix, you know every party featuring this robot will be a good one. Hence why Beerbot is totally worth the $799 it costs. Made in Japan, this little guy keeps a few cold ones inside his tummy. When you get thirsty, he’ll grab one and will open it for… Read More

  • Samsung Paparazzi Camcorder, VM-X300

    In most cases I wouldn’t brag about getting off or on in three seconds, but Samsung isn’t ashamed or bashful about it and I don’t blame them. The VM-X300 is the latest camcorder from Samsung and the thoughts running through my mind are downright illegal. I’m sure you, folks, can think of many situations where three seconds to turn on and off a camcorder would come in… Read More

  • Sony Updates Bravia Line, Completely Ignores Bratwurst Line

    Sony, in a surprisingly bold move, released some LCD televisions last night to an ravenous audience. The two models, the brushed metal W3000 and the glass-framed XBR4 and XBR5, have full 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 120Hz frame rate. The W3000 comes in 52-,46-, and 40-inch sizes and includes upscaling/cleaning software for nasty input sources. This technology, which Sony apparently calls… Read More

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