• General public can now purchase Chumby

    Surely you remember Chumby, the adorable little widget monster who has been in development for well over a year. If you’ve been waiting to get one into your living room, you can now do so thanks to the new Chumby store that has opened to the public. For $179.95, you can get a Chumby in pearl white, basic black or latte tan coloring. Heck, you even get a free set of Chumby charms for… Read More

  • Skype To Launch Own Mobile Phone

    Skype is planning to launch its own mobile handset this month, following in the footsteps of Apple, and the all but confirmed mobile phone from Google. According to BusinessWeek, Skype will offer the handset in conjunction with 3 Mobile in “late October” in Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, and Australia, with the 5 remaining 3 Mobile terrotories to follow. For anyone who has ever looked… Read More

  • Baidu Hijacking Google Traffic In China

    Google has done it hard in China. Confined to acting within both local laws and US copyright laws it has failed to take the lead in a market that will have more broadband users that the United States in the next 12-18 months. The NASDAQ listed Baidu dominates mainland search, in a big way due to its thorough indexing of illegal music and video and related search capabilities, a service that… Read More

  • Lost in translation?

    Don’t they mean Bone Me Boots? Read More

  • I'm in the mood for a phone or sushi

    The Anycall Studio in Seoul is the place to go and check out all the latest phones Samsung has to offer. It’s a no pressure situation because they don’t sell any products there. It’s just meant to be a hands-on store so you can see each model is capable of. Head on over to play the claw machine and attempt to win free prizes or get help with your phone should you have any… Read More

  • Samsung's World's First phones

    Anyone own any of these? Read More

  • Sorta Hands-on with Samsung's cute Yepps

    Here they are. Nothing new and nothing we haven’t already covered, but I thought I’d snap a few pictures of them anyway. Read More

  • Samsung's PIP, 3D mobile phone

    When I first posted about the B710 there wasn’t a whole lot about it that made me think it was worth mentioning other than a quick blurb. I mean, sure, the PIP is cool, but I didn’t think it was THAT cool. After seeing it in person yesterday (and unknowingly a few days before since it’s my Uncle’s phone), I’ve certainly changed my mind. The ability to watch a… Read More

  • Counterstrike: Murdoch, DeWolfe Announce MySpace Platform and New Privacy Controls

    Rupert Murdoch and MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe announced some of their plans around the MySpace Platform (rumored since last week) this evening at the Web 2.0 conference during a Q&A with John Battelle. The platform is clearly a response to, and will eventually largely mirror, the Facebook Platform, which launched in May and has led to the creation of thousands of third party… Read More

  • Automattic Acquires Gravatar

    Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and Akismet, has acquired blog avatar provider Gravatar. Gravatar offers a “globally recognized avatar,” a 80×80 pixel avatar image that follows users from weblog to weblog, appearing beside their name when they comment on gravatar enabled sites. Automattic’s Matt Mullenweg wrote on the Gravatar blog that Gravatar was facing… Read More

  • HP's Tabblo Inks Web-To-Print Deals With Disney, Flickr, and Others

    Hewlett-Packard wants you to print as many digital photos and other content from the Web as possible. To that end, it bought Boston-based startup Tabblo last spring because of the software it developed to ingest any Web content on one end and spit it out in printable form on the other. Today, Tabblo announced a bunch of deals it’s been working on since it was acquired, including… Read More

  • New, tiny MacBook Pros this Month? Probably not

    There’s a rumor flying around the Interwebs that on Leopard Day, October 26th, Apple would be launching an ultraportable MacBook Pro. As the rumor goes, it’d be in the form factor of a MacBook, but have all the MacBook Pro professional-grade hardware. We’re saying it’s total horsecrap. While the MacBook Pro (like the MacBook) line is due for an upgrade (especially… Read More

  • Circular LCDs on the way

    I’ve got a friend who’s obsessed with roundness. Spheres in 3D, and perfect circles in 2D. He’s all up in my grill about it being natures ideal shape, blah blah. He’s going to flip when I tell him about the new circular LCD displays Toshiba/Matsushita has developed. These aren’t really for computers, they’re for more bric a brac consumer products, but we… Read More

  • BTW, Live Search 411 Is Taking On GOOG 411

    Telephone directory service has gone through a massive upheaval over the past year. Jingle Networks was able to take about 6% of the market and a patent with their Free 411 service. However, what started with Jingle Networks has exploded to a wider field of competition including heavyweights like Google and AT&T. But now, rather unceremoniously, Microsoft has finally gotten into the mix… Read More

  • Nokia's Latest Pocket Computer (the N810) as Mobile Platform

    Nokia officially announced its latest pocket computer, the N810. It’s got a full slide-out keyboard, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, the works, and is due out next month for $479. Nokia has more like this coming. It now thinks of the phone as a computer, and its goal is to sell it not just to geeks and early adopters but to the mass audience as well. The N810 is its latest step in that direction. Read More

  • App-Camp 2007 to Facilitate Discussion about Open Platforms this Saturday in San Francisco

    We are sponsoring an event hosted by VideoEgg called App-Camp 2007 that will take place this Saturday in San Francisco. The event is not a conference but a more casual gathering like BarCamp where attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the impact of open platforms like Facebook on consumer behavior. Developers, media, and marketers will also discuss the business opportunities created… Read More

  • AT&T throws us yet another Curve (sorry, sorry)

    Those of you who’ve been sitting on an AT&T upgrade and waiting for your dream Blackberry to arrive, today is your day. The 8310, aka another Curve, is now available at your neighborhood AT&T store. Or should be, at least. My local store here in Seattle hasn’t received their stock yet, but are confident it’ll be in today. The Curve has been a strong smartphone so far… Read More

  • VOIP over social networks threatens telcos

    Today’s announcement that MySpace’s 110 million active users will be able to make free calls using Skype-enabled version of MySpace’s IM client will set the cat amongst the telco pigeons everywhere. MySpace users will be able to make calls using MySpaceIM without needing to download any additional Skype software or even to sign up for a Skype account. Revenue from premium… Read More

  • Even Free Can't Compete With Music Piracy

    There’s been a lot of speculation over the future of the music industry and the conversation has begun to shift from “Can they sell DRMed music” to “Can they sell music at all”. Last week Radiohead ran one of the biggest tests of legally distributed free music by letting users name their price for “In Rainbows”, their latest album. However, free… Read More

  • XXX Image on Motorola Phones?

    We’re not jumping to conclusions here, but it sure as hell looks like there’s a great big dick on the analog phone on newer Motos. It might have been snuck in by some trickster in the UI department, or it might just be a random coincidence. We’ll let you view the clock yourself and be the judge. The best part? The positioning of the word “Tools”. Ha! Motorola… Read More

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