• Build Your Own Car (If You're Living In Japan)

    Now we know why cars in Japan are cheaper; people build cars as a hobby! Or at least that’s what Mitsuoka Motor is betting on. The auto company has released the K-4 micro car kit. This is a real, working mini-car that is about eight-feet long and comes in an old-school sports car design. You assemble everything on your own (to an extent) and after about 40 hours of work, you’ll… Read More

  • Adobe CS3 Pricing, Availability Leaked: April 20 and July 1, PhotoShop is $649

    Adobe will host a lavish New York City event tomorrow to announce that they’re announcing the pricing and availability of Adobe CS3, which includes a version of PhotoShop that natively runs on Intel-based Macs. (If you haven’t had the pleasure of using PhotoShop on an Intel Mac consider yourself lucky.) Too bad Amazon just leaked all of the pertinent info. The top of the line… Read More

  • Clocky: The Unboxing

    Though I did an extremely brief “video overview” of Clocky on Friday, I thought I’d share with you a few unboxing pictures since Clocky has fantastic-looking packaging. It should also be noted that Clocky only costs $50, not $60. Oh! And I used Clocky as an alarm clock this morning. The result? Me getting out of bed and having to crawl under my desk to shut off the… Read More

  • Griffin Updates iTrip For 2G Nano

    Hot on the heels of Proporta’s new Wireless FM Transmitter comes Griffin’s updated version of the iTrip. Designed to work with the 2G iPod Nano, the iTrip is looking smaller than ever and features a mini USB port for charging the iPod without having to remove the iTrip itself. Updates also include the ability to choose which station you’d like to use on-screen and… Read More

  • Dragon's Lair Coming To Blu-Ray

    When the word “Laserdisc” comes to mind, I think of three things: Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace, and failed technology. Luckily, nostalgic fans of the animated Dragon’s Lair will be excited to know that it will be coming back in the form of a Blu-ray disc. Come April 9th, you’ll be able to leap over pits, fight dragons, and walk through dark corridors in HD with… Read More

  • Gamestop's Shoddy Customer Service

    Alex over at Joystiq tells an interesting story about a Sunday-drive to Gamestop where he tried to purchase God of War II. When Alex entered the store and asked for a copy of GoW2, the employee behind the counter asked if a reservation had been made. When he replied “No”, the employee at the Gamestop walked over to the display wall, grabbed a case, opened it, and stuck a copy of… Read More

  • CG/CTIA Smack Down: 6 Hours Left

    on their site. The site offers a limited number of products at a deep discount. The Smack Auction reduces the price over time, but only until supplies run out. If you don’t buy before they’re out, you’re stuck. The key is to time it and buy just before you hit that magic, hidden number. The fine folks at Jellyfish are planning to offer phones and laptops at a considerable… Read More

  • Apple TV OS Leaked Over The Weekend

    You give a dog a bone and he’ll come back with a copy of the Apple TV OS you know. Basically, over the weekend, someone discovered that Apple TV is running a stripped-down, modded version of OS X. Big surprise, right? Now we’re not sure how, but someone created a disk image of the Apple TV OS and threw it up for download. Of course by now, the link is down and this guy is about to… Read More

  • Frickin' Motorola LAZR Beams!

    All I want are some frickin’ lasers! Is that too much to ask? Motorola’s newest handset is making the rounds under the LAZR moniker with limited details. What we do know is that it runs a Linux OS, has 512MB on-board memory and Motiquette. If the RIZR wasn’t enough to hold your RAZR appetite at bay then maybe the LAZR will do the trick. Who knows if the LAZR is even the… Read More

  • Helio Ocean: Don't Call it a Messaging Phone With Keyboard and Keypad

    Hot on the tail of the Helio Heat comes the Helio Ocean. This messaging phone, aka the Pantech PN-810, folds out to a keyboard in messaging position and slides to reveal a keypad in phone position. It runs Helio’s own UI and plays MP3s and Windows Media files. So what’s that keyboard for? Well, it supports POP/IMAP mailboxes as well as IM along with GPS and Google Maps. Sidekick? Read More

  • Build Your Own Justin.tv With Ustream

    Justin.tv launched a week ago, and is rising steadily in popularity. It’s a simple idea – the site shows live video of Justin, who lives in San Francisco with his buddies and spends his time meeting with local startups and personalities. At any given time hundreds of people are watching and chatting real time on the site. Just this moment, at 2:46 AM PST, 126 people are watching… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Weird Guest Edition

    Doctor Who Is Calling?
    Have You Found The Easter Eggs In Google Homepages?
    Understanding Games Teaches Us How Games Work
    Chapit Helper Robot Reminds You of How Lonely You Are
    Go Against The Grain: The Sand Time Watch Read More

  • Zimbra Desktop To Launch: Full Offline Functionality

    Zimbra will announce a new offline client application, Zimbra Desktop, later this week. It will allow Zimbra users to access and use Zimbra’s email and other office applications, in the browser, when offline. I spoke withZimbra Co-Founder and CEO Satish Dharmaraj about the history of the company and the new Zimbra Desktop product this morning. Listen to the podcast at… Read More

  • Popuri: Lots of Stats For Any Site

    If you want to see quick statistics on a website, check out newly launched Popuri. You’ll quickly see Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, number of backlinks on Google, Yahoo and Live.com, Technorati inbound links, del.icio.us bookmarks and number of bloglines subscribers. You can also see whois information on the domain. Some of the data isn’t correct (del.icio.us and bloglines on… Read More

  • Sprint UpStage: Flippy, Man

    We’ve been seeing rumors of the Sprint UpStage aka the flippy Samsung M620 phone with a phone on one side and an MP3 player on the other and now have word that it’s going to be called the UpStage and will be available come CTIA. We’ll probably have some good hands-on action with this in Florida, but from my experience with it in South Korea, I can say that the form factor… Read More

  • MC at CTIA Wireless

    I’m headed to Orlando tomorrow for CTIA Wireless. If anyone is looking for me, you can bug me at john @ crunchgear.com or call me at 6468270591. For those so included, CrunchGear and Jellyfish are holding a smack shopping event to coincide with the festivities. What is this “smack shopping” you ask? The site offers a limited number of products at a deep discount. The… Read More

  • Off to CTIA Wireless

    I’m off to Sunny Orlando tomorrow to check out CTIA for CG and MobileCrunch. If you’re in town for the show, drop me a line a john at crunchgear dot com or call me at 6468270591 for some red-hot cellphone conference drinking action. Otherwise, look for oodles of coverage next week and, with any luck, no downtimes. Read More

  • Whew!

    OK. We’re back in the saddle. Chris at MediaTemple discovered that a file was loading that should have been loading and essentially tearing the site down completely. I should have thought of it when the back end was speedy but the front end was a mess, but we amateurs always look in the least likely places and leave the obvious problems for the pros to find. Read More

  • Race To Build The "Distributed Bookings" Platform For Services

    Real world services become much more efficient when paired with Internet-based search and booking platforms. Today, event venues, hotels, airlines, restaurants and other businesses can build their own booking applications with software from various vendors. And OpenTable has done a good job creating a bookings portal for restaurants. Skype Prime and Ether are two good services that let… Read More

  • It's Still Very Early, But Scribd Looks Like A Winner

    We reported on the launch of Scribd, the “YouTube For Documents” a little over two weeks ago. The site drew a significant amount of traffic at launch. Unlike most startups, though, that traffic didn’t just vaporize after a day or two. 100,000 or so unique visitors come the site daily. 12,000 documents have been uploaded to 8,600 unique accounts (35% anonymous). The team says… Read More

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