• Weebly Goes With YCombinator

    Weebly, the best of the Ajax site creator crowd, has taken funding from YCombinator and is opening up an API for outside developers, reports VentureBeat. YCombinator is best known for founding Reddit, A Digg-like site which was recently acquired by Condé Nast. This is a company that we initially passed on writing about in the late summer due to bugs, but we took another look in November and… Read More

  • MyPunchbowl Joins the eVite Gunners

    Just in time for the SuperBowl season, Boston-based MyPunchbowl is inviting everyone to check out their new eVite competitor. For a while eVite has been seen as a ripe target for competition as users continue to complain about constant reminder email turning the service into eSpam. There’s a list of services already lining up to take on the dot com veteran in all their Ajaxy glory. Read More

  • What Does a Deleted Blog Post Tell Us About NBC's Social Networking Strategy?

    We’ve said this before – it’s always the deleted blog posts that get the most attention. In this case it’s a blog post by Sab Kanaujia, VP of Digital Innovation at NBC Digital Media. On December 26, 2006 he wrote a long post on his blog outlining NBC’s vision for social networking. Sometime After January 9 the post was removed, although a cached version is here (and… Read More

  • Flikzor Could Get Viral In A Hurry

    Building a business on the back of MySpace is now a proven business model, and some MySpace parasites with traction (albeit no actual revenue model) are starting to raise big money. The key to success is creating a viral product, and slowly leaching traffic off to your own site. Flikzor, a new video comment product that Mashable found, does both well. It is currently in limited beta with a… Read More

  • Findory Put On Life Support

    The last time we wrote about Findory was over a year ago. Ironically, it was to note that they had turned cash flow positive. Today, founder Greg Linden said he’s going to stop development of the site and put it on “autopilot.” Findory is a personalized newspaper. It looks at stuff you tend to like to read, and compares that to others’ tastes, and presents customized… Read More

  • Steve Jobs Shows Off The Real iPhone

    We got tips from a reliable source that indeed, the 4GB version of the iPhone will hold “2 billion songs”. Read More

  • Imitation Is King: iPhone Skins Appear For WM 5.0, Palm OS

    Looks like people are already attempting to imitate the iPhone. A Windows Mobile skin that resembles the iPhone’s interface has been released but quickly taken down thanks to Apple’s crack team of lawyers. There’s also a version for the Palm OS that’s still up, but you better grab it quickly before it gets pulled. You can score it here. Apple Bullies Bloggers, Again… Read More

  • Napster Buys AOL Music: What's Next?

    Napster is one of the oddest companies. It is a deeply unprofitable startup trying to grow a business, and with a huge war chest of cash. We have the rare ability to see deep into its financial situation because it is publicly held. Napster sells music subscriptions and the odd DRM’d download. Pay $10 per month and listen to any of the music in their library. This is a tricky, low… Read More

  • Apple Bullies Bloggers, Again

    Apple has a history of using lawyers against bloggers. There was the now infamous Think Secret lawsuit, which may have had merit. But they also engage in clearly superfluous, bullying tactics as well. In August we received a letter from Apple’s lawyers demanding that we remove an embedded YouTube video showing features from OSX 10.5. We felt this was an extreme position to take –… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: AOL Online Music Sold to Napster

    In news yesterday, AOL shed more of its business by announcing that they are selling their online Music NOw business to Napster. Napster, surprisingly, has a few patents in their pocket, while our analysis of AOL shows that they had very little to offer other than customer accounts making the low-valuation of $43 per user as compared to Napster’s $328 logical. Yeah, but does Napster have… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Naptime Edition

    The Futurist: Reading The Apple Tea Leaves or… What the iPhone Tells Us About The Future
    Multi-Touch Ala iPhone
    The AudioFile: Wireless Waves Read More

  • Engadget: 10 million Page Views on iPhone Day

    Jason Calacanis, the former CEO of Engadget’s parent company, Weblogs, Inc., told me earlier today that the site had nearly 10 million page views on Tuesday when they covered the iPhone announcement – ten times their normal traffic of a million or so page views per day. Engadget, the top ranked blog on Technorati, can no longer really be put in the same pack as other big blogs. Read More

  • Memory Infinite's USB Naughtiness

    These bendable USB drives from Memory Infinite link up together once one gets full via the male-female ends. So feel free to link em together to make one huge USB drive…nerds. :) USB Lovin [Sci Fi Tech via Yanko Design] Read More

  • Will the iPhone be a Serious Business Device?

    I had a long debate yesterday with James Joaquin, the former CEO of ofoto and one of the founders of When.com, about whether or not the iPhone will be just a toy or a serious business device. I think it is. He remains unconvinced. I dug up the video below which gives a pretty good demo of some of the office type applications on the device. From what I know so far, I think it is going to be… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Wireless Waves

    . File this under “will the speculation ever end?”: I think Microsoft will ultimately be the big winner, though not with the Zune as we currently know it. Read More

  • Multi-Touch Ala iPhone

    An oldie but a goodie if you haven’t already seen it in the spirit of all this iPhone business the last few days. Mutli-Touch Read More

  • The Futurist: Reading The Apple Tea Leaves or… What the iPhone Tells Us About The Future

    From my absentee perch, the best I can gather is that CES this year seems a bit… underwhelming, shall we say? Chock-full of evolutions, this year´s gala seems notably free of true revolutions. Of course, the biggest bomb came from newly-rechristened Apple, Inc., where the they-finally-did-it iPhone is lurking just over the horizon. Within this device lies a number of clues as to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Goop Edition

    Non-Newtonian And Ferro Fluid?!?
    DocuPen is Mightier than the Mere Scanner
    Taking a Spin with the PC
    Mac Found In Temple Ruins Of The East
    iPhone Is Too Cool For School Read More

  • Complicated Laws = Free Calls

    I’m still trying to figure out how this works, and by the time I do the service may be gone. Regardless, Iowa based AllFreeCalls is letting people make phone calls to many foreign countries for free. Or rather, for the cost of a call to Iowa. You call the AllFreeCalls phone number, which is 712-858-8094, and at the prompt dial 011, the country code you are calling and the number you wish… Read More

  • Google: Snag? What Snag?

    In December we reported that Google’s much rumored foray into radio advertisements may be significantly delayed because Google didn’t have access to enough radio airtime for advertisers to test the product. We also reported that Google was working on a deal with CBS Radio to get access to more ad space. Earlier today, Merrill Lynch Analyst Jessica Reif Cohen said that Google was… Read More

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