• MySpace to open up Facebook-like API next week

    [photopress:myspace.jpg,full,center] Facebook is getting huge. Like, jumbo. And MySpace is losing users to it. Sure, most people on Facebook keep their MySpace profile, but that could change, just like it did with Friendster before it got lame. Part of the popularity of Facebook is due to the genius idea of opening up an API, allowing people to make small in-Website applications, like… Read More

  • Panasonic spits out more point and shoots, the TZ4 and TZ5

    The vital statistics:
    9.1 megapixels (8.1 on the TZ4), 10x optical zoom on a Leica 28mm lens, 3-inch LCD (2.5 on the TZ4)
    It’s got all the usual goodies: in-camera red-eye reduction, a pretty solid optical image stabilization system, face detection, and “constant AF,” which sounds annoying but may be useful — I just don’t want that little mosquito-buzz of a… Read More

  • Hitachi brings e-ink to Japanese clamshells, we hope to see it here soon

    [photopress:14445_large.jpg,full,center] We don’t see too many Hitachi-branded mobiles here in the states, but we might soon see the e-ink technology it used with this new Japanese handset. Eschewing the small, LCD screen most clamshells have on the outside, this W61H instead features large e-ink displays. Sadly, there’s not enough powere here to display new texts, but it allows for… Read More

  • WMG to integrate wireless charging in their smartphones

    That’s cool. Wireless Mobile Group will be putting SlashPower wireless power modules in their smartphones so you can just lay the sucker on a pad and get charged on up. Now if we could standardize these things so all our phones used the same charge station, as well as iPods, rechargeable AAs, etc, that would eliminate a lot of cabling from my apartment. One mouse-pad sized station… Read More

  • EMI will give 3 free songs to NY Daily News subscribers

    [photopress:nydn.jpg,full,right] The New York Daily News constantly plays second fiddle to the New York Post. The Post has the trashiest headlines you’ll ever see and the Daily News tries to play catch up. Not next Sunday! Next week, the Daily News teams up with EMI, the first record label to go DRM-free way back in the iTunes Plus days, and will give away three whole songs out of a… Read More

  • SixApart Offers MT Activity Plugin: This Is Good

    SixApart have launched a plugin for MovableType that offers a similar activity stream service to Facebook and Plaxo, but you get to host it. The Action Streams plugin, like Facebook and Plaxo, pulls your data from other services and lists it on the page, for example blog posts, Flickr photos, Tweets and more. The plugin does rely on having MovableType installed, but is self hosted, meaning… Read More

  • From the cheap + weird files: the iPatch iSight camera lens

    [photopress:ipatch.jpg,full,center]Scared that l33t Haxx0rz are able to watch you through your MacBook or iMac’s iSight camera without you knowing it? Always on your best behavior because you don’t know what they’ll catch? Always wearing clothes around your own damn house just because you’re embarrassed they’ll see your naughty bits? Then it sucks to be you… Read More

  • Google patches Windows Mobile flaw for gMail users

    [photopress:GmailMobile1.jpg,full,right]Use gMail on Windows Mobile? Tired of getting those annoying blank messages with IMAP? Goog’s got a fix for ya, and all you have to do is nothing. Problem solved, back to your business. Google fixes gMail problem [NeoWin] Read More

  • The most expensive cellphone in the world doesn't even do QWERTY

    [photopress:crapface.jpg,full,center]Recently, a friend of mine from Nepal admonished me that if I took 1/10th of the money I spend going out on the weekends for three months, I could buy books, food, and salary for an impoverished school near his home. It made me think about globalism, humanism, and my place in it. But more than that it made me realize anyone who’d pay $1.2 million for… Read More

  • The random endorsement: surround sound

    [photopress:endorsess.jpg,full,right] Big deal, Kennedy endorsed Obama. Today I endorse surround sound and I fully expect sales to increase one million fold. Yes, after a brief hiatus in which I spent my time watching Home and Garden TV and refreshing Drudge every eight seconds, I return today with the endorsements. No doubt many of you don’t give a damn what I think—you have… Read More

  • Amazon Earnings Call Details: Web Services Use Up More Bandwidth Than Amazon.com; The Kindle is a Hit

    Amazon earnings just came out. The company had a strong fourth quarter, with revenues up 42 percent to $5.7 billion, net income doubling to $207 million, and free cash flow doubling as well to $1.4 billion. On the earnings call, there is a lot of concern among analysts about margin pressure next year. Most of the things that tend to interest us here at TechCrunch about Amazon are not yet… Read More

  • Free Alan Moore Swamp Thing PDF: One more thing to allow you to distance yourself from your family

    DC Comics is offering issue 21 of the Swamp Thing (BB says it’s issue #1 but some comic nerds are correcting them) as a free download. Be warned: it’s taking quite a while to download but if you start now you might have a good 4:30 pre-end-of-day gem to digest. Free download: Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Issue #1 [BB] Read More

  • Wireless Wii Nunchuck from Nyko coming next month

    Attention Wii owners, Nyko has announced that the wireless nunchuck will be loosed into the wild in February. The wireless adapter will retail for $20. That is all. Product Page Read More

  • Domino's pursues type-A, control freak demographic

    Want to know what in the hell’s taking the pizza guy so long? Order from Domino’s from now on. You can use the new Pizza Tracker feature to keep an eye on your pizza’s location, accurate to within 40 seconds (which in pizza time is an eternity). You’ll also be privy to your driver’s first name and you’ll be able to rate that driver. But why do drivers… Read More

  • MacBook Air shipping, AppleTV update not so much

    Always one to kill two birds with one stone, Apple has announced the official availability of the Macbook Air and the fact that the AppleTV update will hit “within two weeks,” which is four weeks from two weeks ago when Stevie said it would be out sooner. Not that we’ve been freaking checking all last night or anything, right? Press Release Read More

  • Google and Dell making sweet, tender phone love?

    Dell and Google, eh? They’re apparently maybe, sorta, potentially going to make a phone together. An iPhone rival, to be certain (maybe). The announcement is supposed to come at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona next month even though “Google insiders deny an announcement is due in the near future,” according to Marketing Week. “Senior industry sources” say… Read More

  • Panasonic's Lumix FX35: Classy 25mm wide-angle shots

    Another hour, another Panasonic point-and-shoot. This one has a unique 25mm wide-angle lens with face detection and a ten megapixel sensor. It should cost $349.95 in March and comes in silver, black, and blue. Read More

  • These guys should make the Dragon Ball Z movie

    My faith in Hollywood’s ability to produce good movies based on comic books and/or video games is slowly waning with each craptastic production that hits theaters. However, I have high hopes that “The Dark Knight” (this will definitely be good) and “Iron Man” (trailers look real good) will be kickass. I saw the trailer for “Hellboy 2” while… Read More

  • Serket, formerly Scorpion, launches Reef Diver 2.0

    One of my favorite homebrew watchmakers, Serket, just launched the Reef Diver 2.0, a beefy automatic with a beautiful huge bezel. I loved the original Reef Diver and this new model has added some interesting improvements including a new Sellita SW200 26 Jewel Automatic (it’s getting harder to get ETAs now, unfortunately) and an oversized crown at 2 o’clock. It is 57mm at the bezel… Read More

  • Dell closing kiosks because they're worthless

    Maybe worthless is the wrong adjective, but you have to admit that those kiosks are rather pointless. Today, Dell announced that they will close 140 kiosks throughout the US to focus on direct and retail business. Tony Weiss, vice president for Dell’s Global Consumer business, had this to say: “Moving into retail is a prime example of Dell listening to its customers. Ever since… Read More

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