• Stickis Launches Syndicated Web Annotator

    Stickis, which we covered briefly back in October last year is launching its service this afternoon. Stickis, at first glance is a FireFox and Internet Explorer plugin much like other web annotation programs, such as Fleck, Diigo, and Trailfire. Stickis does do the webpage “sticky note” annotation of these programs. However, Stickis is not just about marking up a single page. It… Read More

  • Nintendo Won

    I was wrong about the Wii. It is a great console. It will be the market leader this season – probably not in 2007, though – simply because it is on a different console trajectory than the 360 or the PS3. It is small, cheap, and available. Kids will “settle” for it when they can’t get the PS3 and that will drive Nintendo into a strong fourth quarter. That said, the… Read More

  • Apple Killing Off 15-inch Macbook Pro?

    An interesting find today as we stuck our hand blindly into the Apple rumor box – it seems that Apple may be doing away with its 15” model of the Macbook Pro. The reasoning behind this poppycock is that the price of LCDs has fallen so much, the price difference between 15” and 17” is miniscule enough to offer 17″ displays at a 15″ price. To add fuel to the… Read More

  • Best Website Ever: IFixit.com

    . We baby-proofed the house with these magnetic child locks that use a huge magnet to open an internal release. I picked up the magnet then grabbed my aluminum PowerBook G4 12-inch. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had picked up the laptop and the magnet in the same hand. I heard a delightful crunch and the hard drive started gurgling. Oops. Read More

  • Nike Amp+: Sweet Bluetooth Remote For Your Wrist

    We love slipups and early product news obviously, so we almost pissed ourselves with glee when we heard that a new Nike product had been leaked. This one is better than yesterday’s rubbish and is wearable on your wrist instead of your back. The 2007 Men’s Health guide lets it slip that the Nike Amp+ is on its way. From the article: Playlist miscues can ruin a run. That’s… Read More

  • Verizon Censoring Youtube Content On VCAST

    Big surprise here folks: Verizon is going to be censoring Youtube content when it brings it to VCAST in late December. For that $15 a month you shell out for VCAST, (which, truth be told, isn’t too terrible a service), you get “selected and approved videos that have the broadest appeal and highest entertainment value.” Oh hell yeah, videos of mentos and diet coke and cats… Read More

  • Pink Zunes Surface At Random

    Seems that about 100 pink Zunes have escaped into the wild and are popping up in boxes across the nation. The only way you’d know you were getting one though is if you looked really carefully at the box because there’s a small disclaimer printed somewhere on there. Just when you thought you were getting that macho-man black Zune, you could be getting a pink Zune instead. Ouch. So… Read More

  • Presto: It's for Printing!

    A new service has launched that aims to bring the joys of receiving emails to the Luddite horde. Presto uses a special printer designed by HP. The printer hooks up to a regular phone line, no need for broadband, and automagically prints emails that come to a unique users@presto.com address. Now the first thing I questioned was how the system avoids spam. Well to circumvent this obvious… Read More

  • Video Tour Of OLPC Interface

    A video has popped up on Youtube that showcases the features of the $100 laptop designed for One Laptop Per Child. To be honest, I was expecting a dismal, bare Linux interface that would have a high learning curve. This video disproves my theory entirely, showing that a $100 laptop can kick ass. The tour shows off a chat client, web browser (no URL bar though…weird), word processor, and a… Read More

  • Case Mod: Peter Parker's PC

    Pictured above is a case mod that would bring a tear to Aunt May’s eye. The CoolerMaster case mod features Spidey’s chest piece on one side and his mask (hung upside down, of course) on the other. When the chest piece side is removed, you can see the interior of the PC through a glass cut out, along with more Spidey decals. The PC lights up red (instead of the traditional blue of… Read More

  • Nintendo Sells More Than 600,000 Wii Systems

    Long before the launch of the PlayStation 3, Sony had announced we would be seeing 400,000 consoles on the day of its release. Nintendo, however, didn’t give out a clear estimate of how many units we would see sold on launch, all we knew is we would see 4 million consoles worldwide by the end of the year. Nintendo has now given us the numbers, stating that 600,000 Wii systems were… Read More

  • What Will YouTube Be Like On Your Mobile Phone?

    YouTube and Verizon have partnered up to bring video clips to the mobile phone. The feature will launch in December as part of the Vcast $15 per month service. Verizon customers will be able to view “select” video content, as well as post videos from their mobile phones. Given that most mobile-generated content, videos or photos, lives and dies on the mobile phone, this may be a… Read More

  • How to position Second Life to your Clients

    I’m still astonished how quickly Second Life has mainstreamed, Duran Duran gigs aside, there’s a surprisingly rapid corporate adoption of virtual presences by the likes of IBM, Reuters and American Apparel. Recently I learned that Theakston is also seeking to establish a virtual pub in SL! Linden Lab’s creation is giving rise to a interesting secondary economy of real… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Rainy Day Edition

    JBL Spyro Speakers Hands On
    Hey Fatty, Hit The Treadmill Before You Wii
    Japanese Develop Umbrella With Flickr And Youtube Integration
    StealthPlug: Covert Sex Toy Or Guitar Accessory?
    Wii Works With Candles Read More

  • "I don't believe it" but BT Vision to go live on Monday.

    BT announced today that their IPTV solution, BT Vision will finally launch on 4th December which nicely coincides with the recent announcements about the rollout of BT’s 21CN network in Cardiff. As yet BT have not announced their pricing strategy for BT Vision, but given Sky’s lead in the home entertainment market and their announcement today of Sky Anytime (previously Sky by… Read More

  • Presto: Because Computers Scare Old People

    A silicon valley startup called Presto has quietly launched a new service aimed at people who don’t currently have Internet access, but want to be able to receive emails and photos from loved ones. It combines a special printer produced by Hewlett Packard with a web service that sends data to the printer over a normal phone line – no need for internet access or a… Read More

  • Microsoft Focuses On Reducing Production Cost Of Xbox 360

    You have to look at the economics. You have to ask the question, over the life cycle, who has the cost advantage? Who can price most effectively? Who can reach the price points quicker? That has a huge impact on what gets driven. Because we were out there first, we have a bigger installed base of consoles. We can drive down the manufacturing curve sooner and faster. And because we designed a… Read More

  • Nyko's New Charger Grips For PSP

    If you’re like me and have serious problems holding your PSP in your hand while trying to watch a movie, you may want to check out Nyko’s new Charger Grips. Other than offering a more comforting experience while you use your PSP, the Charger Grips will give you an extra 1.5x of play time, along with the ability to hold the PSP steady without hitting the bumper buttons while… Read More

  • Zemble Your Friends To Text Spam

    Zemble publicly launches Tuesday morning, after a week of letting the founders’ family and friends test it out. Zemble is a social networking site that allows users to text message en masse from the browser. Competitors in this space include Dodgeball and Twitter. TechCrunch has been following multi-person SMS for a long time but Zemble believes they have something new. Users create… Read More

  • ViTrue: User Generated Ad Video Gets New Investors

    User-generated video sharing site ViTrue, Inc. has come some reputable new investors, including Ron Conway, one of the original investors in Google, often called the “Godfather of Silicon Valley.” Last month, the company announced a major Series “A” round of funding from Comcast Interactive Capital and Turner Broadcasting – although they could only say it’s… Read More