• The Wall Street Journal Gets Cozy With Digg

    There’s a new sheriff in town at the venerable Wall Street Journal, and they certainly seem willing to try new things.

    Like the New York Times, the WSJ is now adding Digg buttons to articles. And clicks from Digg get the added benefit of bypassing the paywall. Links are supposedly being added now, although I can’t find any articles that include the digg button yet. The WSJ also… Read More

  • Verizon is bad at correctly quoting data rates

    Wow. Watch this. Sure, kilobits and kilobytes and fractions of pennies can be confusing but this is amazing. You’d think they’d have this information available. This guy asked 56 Verizon operators the same two questions; "What is the data overage rate for the basic 10MB data plan for $29.99?" and "What is the data roaming rate in Canada on the Core Choice 450… Read More

  • Automattic Founders To Take Big Money Off The Table

    It didn’t make a lot of sense when we heard that Automattic, the company that created the WordPress.com blogging platform and oversees the WordPress.org open source project, turned down a $200 million buyout offer. But apparently the investors weren’t ready to cash in their chips yet, and made CEO Toni Schneider and founder Matt Mullenweg a counter offer they couldn’t… Read More

  • Peerflix Hits the Replay Button (Again)—Wants to Become an Ad Network

    Poor Peerflix. It can’t quite seem to figure out what business it wants to be in. The DVD trading site, which already tried to rethink its business last December, has decided that maybe an online swap meet for DVDs isn’t such a great idea after all. Now it wants to become an ad network for movie-related sites. Oh, and it also bought a blog today, TheMovieBlog, for an… Read More

  • Diamond-encrusted gadgets get their comeuppance

    I’ve never been more in agreement with Wired than I am at this very moment. "Everything here is a crap gadget with diamonds glued on it," says Rob Beschizza in his post called The Worst Diamond-Encrusted Gadgets Of All Time. I’d go a step further and make the claim that diamonds don’t belong anywhere near gadgets. Let the gadget itself do the talking. If… Read More

  • Assassin's Creed video review

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=27754 GameTrailers.com has a good video review of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about this game. GT’s basic view is that the game is gorgeous and innovative, albeit a bit repetitive and with a less-than-stellar enemy AI. "Assassin’s Creed breaks new ground but fails… Read More

  • 2 Billion Photos On Flickr

    So the rumors are correct. The picture above, Flickr confirmed via a phone call, is in fact the 2 billionth image uploaded to the site. The photo was taken by “yukesmooks” in Sydney on November 10th with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. It has the beautifully minimalist title “Picture 098.” You can apparently find various milestones by typing in the URL… Read More

  • Bebo's Big Push Into Video

    Bebo is taking on YouTube (and Hulu). Today, it opened up its social network to video partners who want access to its captive audience. Launch partners include CBS, MTV Networks, ESPN, the BBC, Channel Four, BSkyB—Bebo is very popular in the UK—Next New Networks, Crackle, Ustream, Last.fm and JibJab. The partners can keep all advertising dollars from the videos (and from music too). Read More

  • PDAs of our past, it's been real

    Remember PDAs? Those nifty little handheld tablets that let you track appointments and set to-do lists? Yah, we do too, and they seem like an artifact from yesterrday. With the rise of the smartphone, the PDA has become redundant, all of the features you’d want in a PDA are included in the generic smartphone, as well as instant email and Web browsing. The third quarter of this year saw… Read More

  • Zecco Going Strong – Raises $25 million Series B

    We were pretty hard on Zecco when it launched a little more than a year ago. Their zero commission brokerage service raised a number of red flags. In particular, we were worried that they would attract only the very low end of the market. Despite our criticism, the company soldiered on. They’ve built out their trading platform to to get the heavy day traders to use them, and launched… Read More

  • AppleTV getting calendar/contact sync (??)

    Some of the folks at AppleTVSource found some strings pertaining to calendar and contacts syncing for the Apple TV which sounds fairly far-fetched. Maybe you can add your calendar entries on the TV? The Apple TV will inform you when you’re late? Who knows. Rumor and innuendo, friends. Contacts and Calendar syncing coming to the Apple TV? [AppleTVSource] Read More

  • Crunch Network

    Unreasonable Stance: The iPhone is no better than a Motorola RAZR

    It’s been a few months since the iPhone first graced the world stage and I’ve owned mine since September, entering the fray only after the price drop made it worth picking up. So here we are, holidays upon us, and the iPhone — actually, probably the Touch — promising to be a big seller for the 16-to-95 set. Well, friends, I’m going to make a case against the iPhone. Read More

  • Xbox 360 to get $15 downloadable Xbox games

    I own a Wii. I like it. I wish there were better games for it, though. And I wish it did more "stuff" like the Xbox 360 does. As a matter of fact, I may very well be on the verge of purchasing an Xbox 360, albeit unknowingly. If the right deal comes along — like if I could get it for $100 from Amazon.com — I’m almost positive I’d pull the trigger. An… Read More

  • Leaked photos of the Nokia N82

    Well look at that. Early photos of the N82 that’s launching tomorrow. Nokia N82 Press Pics leaked on Nokia site [Unwired View] Read More

  • Panasonic releases rugged-but-light notebooks

    Light AND durable notebooks? Is it possible? Apparently it is. Panasonic’s three new "business-rugged notebook computers" make up the 7 series and include the the T7 tablet replacement, the W7 ultraportable, and the Y7 thin-and-light. They’re rugged, yes, but here’s the kicker; they’re all under 4 pounds. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: USB HDTV tuner for $55

    Hey, that’s a hell of a deal for a USB TV tuner that does 1080i HD and includes an antenna. It’s available at eCost right now for the next two days or until they run out. There are only 2 left at the time of this writing, so hurry. Hurry! UPDATE: Looks like they’ve been replenishing the stock periodically, letting it go down to zero available and then putting more up for sale. Read More

  • Palm Garnet on your Nokia tablet

    Android is out but you’re just not satisfied. You want an ossified operating system that hasn’t seen updated since the dot-com boom cleaned the Palm-pilot-toting CEOs from board rooms around the world. You want Palm’s Garnet on your brand new Nokia tablet. Well, now you can. Click on the vid to see the latest in 1999 technology running in an emulator. ACCESS Garnet for… Read More

  • World of Warcraft Patch 2.3 goes live today: New instance, easier leveling

    Today’s a big day for World of Warcraft fans. Once the servers come back online at around 1:00 pm EST, users will experience the ecstasy that is Patch 2.3. This is one of the bigger patches of late, with several changes and additions, including Guild Banks, easier leveling from levels 1-60 (increased XP, less XP required to level up, etc.), changes to pre-level 60 dungeons and the… Read More

  • Miro Media Player Released; Billed as Open Joost Competitor

    Version 1.0 of the open-source video player Miro was released earlier today. The non-profit company behind Miro has billed its new product not only as a Joost competitor but a purer one at that. You can check out all of Miro’s perceived advantages here, but to sum them up: Miro is open-sourced, DRM-free, friendly to all content creators, connected to all the popular video sharing sites… Read More

  • "I just can't be a college student without Facebook"

    Update (Nick): A Facebook representative contacted us regarding Steven’s issue, we put them in contact, and the problem is resolved. A reader sends a touching email today, complaining that his Facebook account has been deleted for no reason: Dear Michael, I’m a college student at University of Michigan and Facebook has deactivated my account. I’ve noticed, from reading your… Read More

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