• iPhone Dev Team Issues Statement Over Apple Threats

    The iPhone Dev Team is shooting back at Apple and their threats to brick unlocked iPhones. The crack team of hackers developers have promised a tool to restore your iPhone back to a factory-like state in the next week. The following statement has been altered for grammar and spelling. Read More

  • Addlogix Ships First Wireless Codec-Free PC-TV

    Addlogix, ever heard of them? Looking for a wireless solution to beam content from your PC to TV? In that case, check out the InternetVue 2020 Wireless PC2TV Receiver for all your streaming content needs. It works over 802.11 b/g and emulates what’s on your PC to TV. What sets the Addlogix box from others is that it’s fully compatible with all file formats regardless of Codec. Worth… Read More

  • The Juicer

    Last night, my roommates came home with a juicer that they purchased from Target. It looked like a normal juicer, despite the disgusting eggshell coloring it had. Then I heard laughter, a great roar of laughter, from the kitchen. I went out to investigate and couldn’t see what was so damn funny at first. It’s just a juicer! Then I saw something next to the juicer. Is that… Read More

  • Cy-Fi iPod Bicycle Speaker Announced

    This just does not seem like a good idea, but hey, to each his own. MyCyFi Inc. is betting its reputation that its Cy-Fi product will be a hit. It’s essentially a wireless speaker you strap on to your bike’s handlebars so you can listen to your iPod via a wireless transmitter. The speaker itself has all the standard iPod controls so you don’t have to fumble in your pocket… Read More

  • Upek USB Finger Scanner Now Works With Mac

    Fingerprint scanners aren’t exactly new, but they’re still sort of a luxury in that no one I know uses one. Finding one that works on a Mac is slightly harder still. Upek’s Eiko Digital Privacy Manager does work with Macs, bless its heart, hence my writing about it. That it’s only $40 is also groovy. You know the deal: plug it into a USB port, configure the software… Read More

  • Halo 3 Causes Xbox Live To Crap Out

    “GODDAMNIT BRO, XBOX LIVE WON’T LET ME LOG ON! WTF.” According to the official Xbox forums, lots of gamers have been experiencing outages on Xbox Live following the Halo 3 launch. Constant freeze-ups and the inability to sign on are being cited as two of the major concerns that people are dealing with. On Digg, a user said that less than 1000 people were signed on to XBL… Read More

  • Toshiba Gigabeat T400 Rolls Out

    Toshiba has pushed out its first flash-based portable digital media player into the wild with H2C audio enhancement technology, support for WMA Lossless files that are put through a 1-bit digital ampliflier and DCTSC filters. The T400 rocks 4GB of storage for your MP3, WMA, WAV, WMV and the aforementioned WMA Lossless and it comes in pink, blue and orange set on a contrasting black finish. Read More

  • Sanyo Puts 720p HD Video In Your Pocket

    As much as I love my DSLR, I often times wish I had a video camera for multiple reasons that I’m unable to divulge. The only problem is is that they’re entirely way too big or you sacrifice quality of video to have a smaller form factor. Here’s where the Sanyo Xacti HD700 takes the cake with 720p HD video and 7.1-megapixel photos. While I wouldn’t replace my DSLR with… Read More

  • DigitalLife Press Preview: An Evening of Unmitigated Douchery

    Us tech journalists have it pretty hard. We have to go to parties, look at cool new phones, and drink a lot. But sometimes the complex equation of PR toe-licking and rancid fawning breaks down and event coordinators believe we will go anywhere for a papaya mojito. Take the Digital Life Preview party last night. Held so far west in Manhattan that it might as well have been in Newark, the CG… Read More

  • Have A Million Bucks? Buy Some Anti-Piracy Technology On eBay!

    In a rather odd move not normally seen in the business world, anti-piracy company ViralG has put some of its technology up on the digital auction block. For $1 million, you can acquire all of the patents and (I suppose) software that ViralG has developed to combat P2P piracy. This is no joke either, as the company has won awards such as the ICT Prize in 2005. Its client list includes… Read More

  • How Much Is The Huffington Post Worth?

    In other blogging news, the Huffington Post has raised another $5 million (bringing the total raised to $10 million), from existing investors Softbank Capital, Greycroft Partners, and former AOL COO Bob Pittman. That should help the HuffPost (ranked the No. 5 most-linked-to-blog by Technorati) pay its 43 employees and expand even further. Rafat Ali has the details. Anyone know where that… Read More

  • Five PC Gaming Myths

    I’ll admit it. I used to be a PC gamer. I was all about the overclocking, the parts, the upgrades and achieving the best frame-rate possible in Half-Life. In time though, I lost interest and pretty much stopped gaming altogether. ExtremeTech has a list of the top five myths in PC gaming and it’s an interesting look at why some people might not want game on a PC. The first myth… Read More

  • Apples and Amazons: Fun Facts And Pretentious Bands

    Would you rather see boring company logos, or literal nonsense? AmazonMP3 has the potential to not suck, which, knowing all the non-iTunes pay-to-download services, could be a first. It works on any OS, all MP3s are DRM-free (and encoded at a decent 256kbps) and music is available from artists you’d actually hear on the radio—actually, that may be a negative. Support a few… Read More

  • Sling Media Sells Out to EchoStar

    EchoStar’s $380 million purchase of Sling Media once again raises the question of whether a consumer TV-device company can exist as a standalone entity. History has not been kind to such companies trying to break out from the startup field. Akimbo anyone? TiVo has also certainly seen its share of ups and downs (mostly downs). Even the attempts of larger tech companies at combining… Read More

  • Sharp's BD-HDW20: Dual Layer Blu-ray, Dual TV Tuner

    Sharp, that Japanese maker of things, has now added a dual layer, dual TV tuner Blu-ray recorder to its lineup. For good measure, Sharp also threw in a 1GB hard drive. Sure, why not? It’ll carry the BD-HDW20 moniker (a BD-W20 also exist, but has only one TV tuner and can only record onto single layer Blu-ray discs) and should carry a price of around… well, Akihabara lists the price… Read More

  • Mobile Phone Pictures as Art?

    A newly launched social network came to my attention today. The service, Pixophone, allows people to share the photos they took with their mobile phone camera. This isn’t a new idea, but Pixophone is trying to differentiate itself by claiming a more artistic content. Pixophone promises that in the near future it will provide prizes for the best photos it posts. This started me thinking… Read More

  • Hello, TechCrunch

    It was only last week that Michael Arrington announced that I would be joining TechCrunch as co-editor. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a technology journalist hailing from the recently-shuttered Business 2.0 magazine, and before that, Fortune. I’ve been blogging part-time for the past few years at B2.0, writing the Next Net blog. One thing I’ve learned is that to… Read More

  • Think you know Web2.0? Ok. But can you predict Web2.0?

    How good are you at making predictions? Meet PlaytheDay a quiz game that will entertain those who can predict the future. The game is very simple: you need to answer 8 questions related to a future event. If you get 8 answers right in a row you win. There is one prize to win everyday and several series of quizzes in different spaces (celebrity, music, sport, Internet and finance,…)… Read More

  • Mobile Game News 9-26-07

    Each week MobileCrunchArcade compiles the biggest news from the world of mobile gaming. This Week’s Headlines: GOSUB Goes for the Bullseye; I-play Rolls Out Q4 Line Up; Eidos Lights the Way; Castlevania: Order of Shadows Now Available; D3Publisher Developing Connected Games With SNAP Mobile Platform; Artificial Life(like) Top Model; Alltel Customers Can Now Axcess Games Read More

  • Zlango Launches Web Play

    Last we heard from Zlango the company had announced a $12 million in funding from Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners. Today Zlango is announcing its first major foray in the Web space. For those of you unfamiliar with Zlango, the company created a new language based on slightly over 200 icons in categories such as People, Actions, Places and Feelings. The Zlango offering was originally aimed… Read More

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