• Flickr Goes Multilingual – Now Available In Seven New Languages

    Flickr is launching in seven new languages this morning. In addition to English, the site now supports French, German, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. This comes in response to user demand, says the company – over half of Flickr users live outside of the United States. Still no word on when Flickr will support video uploads, something Flickr co-founder… Read More

  • Sorry, No ZFS In Mac OS X Leopard

    I have some crushing news for you: ZFS will not be the default file system in Mac OS X Leopard. That’s as of today, June 12, 2007, at least. A senior marketing fellow for Leopard said, unequivocally, that “ZFS is not happening,” which flies in the face of what Sun said last week. Leopard is on track to use the HFS+ file system, dontcha know? The real test will be when… Read More

  • Your Truman Show: Organized Life Blogging

    Your Truman Show launches Wednesday with a product dedicated to publishing, rating and reviewing personal video stories. The service is a combination of personal blogging, user-generated video and social networking, delivering users an intuitive interface than enables them to catalog their lives. The “V-link interface” with in Your Truman Show visually connects related… Read More

  • Safari On Windows A Security Risk

    Apple’s newly released Safari Browser for Windows is coming under fire for all the wrong reasons today with separate reports indicating that the browser presents a security risk to Windows users. Thor Larholm has published a 0day exploit that causes Safari to shut down when visiting a site with malicious code. David Maynor at Errata Security claims to have found 6 bugs, 4 Denial of… Read More

  • START MOBILE to Pimp Out Your Phone

    Yo, yo, yo! Independent mobile content company START MOBILE announced today the launch of their new mobile widget, which is powered by XLR8 Mobile’s WapItUp! Mobile commerce platform and will deliver mobile content from any Web site to mobile phones anywhere. This is done through their proprietary commerce system that features a micro-site widget storefront. “The START MOBILE… Read More

  • Fox Soccer Scores Mobile Rights to Premier League

    In America most of us think of soccer as that game kids play, and moms go to watch. Well, at least that use to be the case, as interest in the game the rest of the world calls football is rising. Now U.S. fans of the English Barclay’s Premier League will be able to tune in to catch the long matches with low scores on their mobile handsets. This newly signed deal gives the Fox Soccer… Read More

  • This Rules? Not Really

    If you live in NYC then you rule… at least accordingly the latest ad campaign from Virgin Mobile. Various billboards and other signs praise the various New York neighborhoods. Devised by ad agency Havas McKinney, most find it to be confusing, insulting and overly stereotypical. One ad highlights the “liberal views” of the Upper West Side. I think I want to be sick! I’m going… Read More

  • Pac Man Fever Comes to AT&T Windows Mobile

    Did you spend your allowance at the arcade back in the 1980s? Do you remember arcade classics such as Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga and Dig Dug? If so then here is some news that is better than a Duran Duran reunion! Namco Networks has announced that several of its arcade classics are being made available for AT&T’s line of Windows Mobile smart devices. These smart phone games can… Read More

  • YouTube to Distribute Content to Mobile

    You Third Screen? Is that the future for You Tube? According to AP that’s exactly what YouTube’s co-founder Steve Chen may have in mind. Bringing the video-sharing site to the mobile platform by next year could be the next frontier for the company, but what this means for the YouTube service already offered by mobile carriers such as Verizon and Vodafone is a lot less clear. Read More

  • InfoSpace Unloads Moviso

    InfoSpace has announced that it has sold off its InfoSpace Media Studios (formerly Moviso) to mobile content tech firm FunMobility, reports mocoNews. This isn’t exactly the first sale for the guys at Moviso. The company, which was among the very first mobile content providers, was launched in 1999 and then sold to Vivendi Universal before being bought by InfoSpace in 2003. Under this… Read More

  • Google Integrates Powerpoint Viewer Into Gmail

    Google has started the roll out its presentation platform with the integration of a slideshow viewing feature in Gmail. The slideshow viewer shows Powerpoint presentations within the browser and is accessed via a “view as slideshow” option next to attached ppt files. Google CEO Eric Schmidt formally announced in April that Google was developing an online presentation creation tool… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Roman Bath Edition

    Rome Reborn: Ancient Rome Recreated In 3D, You Can’t Have It
    Janky Japanese MP3 Player Cleans Your Face With The Power of Negative Ions
    Oral B Takes Umbrage at Suggestion that Toothbrushes Can Make You Happy
    Western Digital Increases Storage On MyBook Drive
    Help-Key: What You’ll Use in Leopard Read More

  • YouTube To Test Copyright Screening Technology

    YouTube is preparing to test new video identification technology that will identify copyrighted material as it is uploaded. The test will be held in conjunction with Time Warner and the Walt Disney Company in about one months time. According to Reuters, the “video fingerprinting tools” scan for unique attributes in video clips that identify them as being copyrighted material. Read More

  • Virgin Charter Launches: Private Aviation Marketplace

    Virgin’s most recent new business, Los Angeles based Virgin Charter, launched this evening. The company was founded by CEO Scott Duffy with the hope of modernizing the booking systems for charter aircraft. Virgin’s Richard Branson got wind of the startup, gave the company three times the funding they were looking for and took a controlling interest. The company was renamed… Read More

  • Guess Who Picked Up An iPhone Today?!

    No, it wasn’t CrunchGear, but Walt Mossberg did and he isn’t afraid to show it off. Of all places, he decided to show off the wonder phone at The Chronicle’s Presidents Forum. Yeah, I don’t know what that is either. According to Mr. Mossberg, cell phones are one of the three technologies to be watching at the moment and the iPhone is at the forefront of the revolution… Read More

  • Google Partners With Sina.com

    Google has announced a new partnership with Sina Corp as part of its continued efforts in China. The deal will see Google users gain easier access to Sina’s news content as well as co-operation in advertising and search services. The link-up between Google and Sina brings the total number of major Google partners in China to 3. As reported May 18, Google partnerships in China include… Read More

  • Cross-Platform OpenOffice Worm: Scary Proof of Concept

    A new worm reported by Symantec called “BadBunny” infects computers after the user opens a .odg file. Although the chance of becoming infected by BadBunny is low, its unique cross-platform capabilities put any computer user at risk. Also, the article bashes Macs slightly… I think we all need a little of that after a day at WWDC. OpenOffice worm BadBunny hops across… Read More

  • Is Apple Telling You to Vote Democrat in iPhone Demos!?

    While it’s no secret that Steve Jobs is a lefty, lost in today’s WWDC hubbub of what did and didn’t happen is the idea that Apple might be planting viral lefty political messages on its Website. Case in point is the “Internet Device” demonstration for the iPhone. Read More

  • ESPN Acquires CricInfo

    Leading cricket portal Cricinfo has been acquired by ESPN. The site is considered by many to be the online bible for cricket. Although not popular in North America, Cricket has an audience in the billions with fanatical support across the former British Empire. The purchase by ESPN is said to be part of the push by the cable sports network to broaden its appeal outside of the United… Read More

  • Contest: End The Scourge of Pater Obsoletis, Win a 42-Inch TV

    UPDATE: We’re now voting here for the winner. Please visit and vote! Get out your Sally Struthers wigs, readers, because we’re going to end a major blight on our fair land: Pater Obsoletis. Pater Obsoletis is a wasting brain disease that encourages fathers, fathers to be, and men in general to own, purchase, and use devices which are vastly out of date. We want to bring this problem… Read More

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