• Sharp to sell Phones in China Starting Around June

    Sharp Corp. will start selling cell phones in China before the Beijing Olympics are scheduled to start. Sharp will target the high-end buyers in China’s vast market. Kyocera Corp. withdrew from the Chinese market this month, so Sharp will be the only Japanese company selling handsets in China. Chief strategist of the equity management department at Daiwa SB Investments, Soichiro Monji… Read More

  • An Alexaholic Moment: Visual Search Engine ManagedQ Gets Snapped

    This morning brings another cautionary tale for anyone trying to build a Website or a business using data from another site. Visual search engine ManagedQ is broken right now because it took images of Websites from another visual search engine, Snap, without permission. (See screenshot above). Sound familiar? Alexaholic (now Statsaholic) ran into similar trouble with Amazon a year ago… Read More

  • Zen and the art of permanent iPhone apps

    DF has a great discussion of permanence or “running in the background” in iPhone apps, showing us that even the applications that look like they’re running in the background will occasionally poop out due to memory or processor constraints. For example, Mail and Safari can hang out behind other applications, but the moment something needs them they’ll quit, leading… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurb 40GB Apple TV for $199

    If you’d like to jump into the Apple TV game for under $200, Apple’s online store has refurbished 40GB units going for $199, which includes free shipping and a one-year warranty. That’s $30 off of the price of a new one, so that may or may not be a good deal depending how you feel about refurbished stuff. Refurbished Apple TV with 40GB drive [Apple Store] via dealnews Read More

  • India will not Ban BlackBerry at this Time

    Rumors that India will ban Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry service were quashed by the top official in the telecoms ministry today. Security agencies are concerned the service poses a risk because emails sent using the device cannot be traced or intercepted. “There is no question of banning at this point,” Telecoms Secretary Siddhartha Behura told reporters on the… Read More

  • Get a FireEagle invite while they're hot

    I have TEN Fire Eagle invites to give out to the hot new location-based application from Yahoo’s Brickhouse ‘skunk works’. To get one, comment on this post with a decent explanation of why you think location-aware web applications are going to be big (I’ll pick the best). These are also one-time invitation codes and can’t be reused. To find out more about… Read More

  • Think you can do a better job on the iPhone? Get a job, ya bum!

    Apple is looking for a someone to work on iPhone interface design in Cupertino, California, which, contrary to popular belief, does not know how to party. The position requires a B.S. in Interactive Media Design or Graphic Design, two years of software visual design experience, fluency with Photoshop, and the ability to handle three dimensional interfaces in real space using microlasers a… Read More

  • Get Forkd – a social network for recipes

    Forkd is a new site all about recipes as the social object which users share, store and network around, mining the new vogue of niche social networks which are fast appearing. Once signed up it’s pretty easy to add recipes to your profile, and glean ones you like from other members. Now you can also blog your recipes to your Blogger or WordPress blog.
    The founders are foodie Jared… Read More

  • Wake up with the 'glo Pillow'

    Good morning CrunchGear readers. Can I get you some coffee? Maybe some gadget news from around the Internet? Take your time getting up — let’s just ease into our Friday here, hmm-kay? How’d you sleep last night? I like the idea of the glo Pillow and I think I sleep lightly enough that this would be able to wake me up on its own without needing to rely on an alarm clock as well. Read More

  • Microsoft Picks Up Another Ad Startup: Rapt

    Will Microsoft’s hunger for advertising startups sever be satiated? Even as it continues to pursue the big Yahoo merger, it keeps picking up small startups to fill out its advertising software business. A couple weeks ago it was micro-segmenting software startup Yadata (for $20 to $30 million) . Today it is Rapt (the price was not disclosed). Rapt offers Web-based… Read More

  • CrunchWord Puzzle!

    Here’s the latest CrunchGear-themed crossword puzzle. You can find the answers to the clues spread throughout this week’s posts. Enjoy! CrunchWord Puzzle for Friday, March 14th Read More

  • Justin.TV Teams With Qik For Live Mobile Streaming

    Justin.TV will today start offering live mobile streaming to its users via a tie-up with Qik. With the new service, Justin.TV users will have a option to stream from a mobile phone directly from their control panel without the need to have a Qik account. The integration is seamless, and the only difference in the video feed will be a Qik logo somewhere on the screen. Qik has grown rapidly… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Road Ball Edition

    robuCAB: People-movers à la française
    Sing-a-Song Microphone: make your kid do the work so you can retire early
    Solar panels from SRS install like normal asphalt roofing
    Top 11 Geeked-out art cars
    Help-Key: How to really jailbreak your 16 or 32GB iPod Touch for 1.1.4 Read More

  • FriendFeed Is This Years Twitter, But Why?

    If you haven’t been keeping up with the noise, FriendFeed is the hot startup of the minute. The service launched to the public February 25 and announced $5 million in funding at the same time. The concept of FriendFeed is simple enough. You add disparate accounts across blogs and social networking services, and Friendfeed aggregates them so friends can follow what you’re doing. Read More

  • MyBlogLog Founder To Launch New Startup Gnip With $1 Million In Funding

    MyBlogLog founder Eric Marcoullier sold his company to Yahoo in January 2007 for an estimated $10 million. He left Yahoo in July 2007. Eric is now preparing to launch a new startup, Gnip. Details are scarce for now – Marcoullier isn’t saying what the new startup will do other than a hint on the site itelf – “Web 2.0 Infrastructure,” and a message that the service… Read More

  • AOL On A Bender – KickApps May Be Next Acquisition

    AOL, a company that is supposedly on the block themselves, seems to be on somewhat of an acquisition bender lately. In addition to a number of smaller purchases like Yedda and Goowy, and not a day after the announced $850 million acquisition of Bebo, rumors are popping up that AOL is preparing to acquire yet more companies in the coming weeks. The next may be KickApps, a service for… Read More

  • Polaroid's taking its instant biz digital

    [photopress:polaroid_zink_w606.jpg,full,center] Polaroid is staying in the instant photo biz with the ZINK printer. Keep it in your pocket, and when you’ve got an image you want to print, just send it to the tiny printer from your camera to have a regular-sized, sticky print in just under a minute. If you’re old school, you can shake it while it comes out. It connects via USB… Read More

  • Solar panels from SRS install like normal asphalt roofing

    Convenient, but possibly less efficient than a system that follows the sun. This is probably a good idea for those with good exposure who want to integrate solar power from the beginning. The good news is that it looks and installs just like regular tile-y roof (but bluer), the bad news is it’s almost certainly extremely expensive. SRS Energy [via Treehugger] Read More

  • Good news for cetaceans: nets no longer have to be invisible to sonar

    Thousands upon thousands of whales and dolphins are killed every year by fishing nets because the strands of the nets are invisible to their sonar. Take that, evolution! But seriously, it’s a major problem and various things have been tried to alleviate the damage. The latest idea is to use these basketball-sized acoustic reflectors, which as you might guess reflect sonar signals very… Read More

  • Top 11 Geeked-out art cars

    [photopress:floppy3.jpg,full,center] Slippery Brick has compiled a list of eleven awesome geek cars. My fave is the Floppy Disk Car, which I see puttering around Seattle often. I love it. 11 awesome geek-themed art cars [Slippery Brick] Read More

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