• Socialtext Launches Unplugging Capability

    Socialtext, a corporate wiki tool, released Socialtext Unplugged today at the LeWeb3 conference in Paris. It is
    an unplug icon that lets users work on their wiki even when they are not connected to the Internet. While still online, users can click the blue Unplug icon, which will then download a selection of wiki pages so that those pages become available offline. Once a user comes back… Read More

  • Metacafe Traffic Dips, Acquisition May Have Stalled

    The rumors around a possible Metacafe acquisition continue to swirl around silicon valley, with Yahoo or Microsoft being considered the most likely acquiror, at a $300 millionish acquisition price. Another potential acquiror is a rumored industry consortium looking to buy its way into the space. We’ve gotten confirmation from a number of potential acquirors that the company hired… Read More

  • Weekly Crunch: Street Scuffle Edition

    The Best (and Worst) Console Game Innovations Ever
    Your Baby Wants Nipple Adapters
    Name That Chiptune: The Growing Niche of 8-bit Music
    New Nonlethal Weapon Reconsiders the Thresholds “Nonlethal”
    Child’s Play Charity: ‘Tis the Season Read More

  • Scoopt endorses Flickr for Citizen snaps

    Scoopt, the self-styled “citizen journalism picture agency”, will now allow Flickr members to tag their images with the keyword ‘scoopt’, enabling Scoopt to push tagged images to their media outlet buyers. Scoopt will also encourage buyers to use Flickr as a commercial image resource. Scoopt founder Kyle MacRae said the new feature makes sense as “there’s… Read More

  • TechMeme Opens Archives

    Popular blog news site TechMeme launched archives of its various technology, politics, baseball and celebrity gossip sites this morning. The new sites show a “river of news” display of news headlines over the previous five days. Founder Gabe Rivera told me earlier today that he also plans on including links to older archives as well in this format. This is also an alternate view of… Read More

  • Yahoo! closes London mobile div in push for Go

    What lies ahead for Yahoo! and mobile? It sounds like Yahoo! Go for Mobile will be given a big push, now that Yahoo! is downgrading its SMS messaging services in favour of services which run over the mobile data network. The evidence has come in the form of the closure of Yahoo!’s mobile division in London. In the last couple of months about 15 or so people, mostly engineers in the… Read More

  • Another niche Wiki, this time a green one

    Here come the niche Wiki launches. Following on from JobberWiki, the career information resource site that anyone can edit, comes Tiptheplanet.com (quoting): Tiptheplanet is a project to create a green wiki website that encourages discussion and the generation of tips that benefit you and the planet – From tips for individuals about staying happy and healthy to tips for… Read More

  • New York Times Surrenders To Social News

    The New York Times has decided to let users post stories directly from their site to Digg, Facebook, and Newsvine. As of Monday, the paper will embed links to all three sites to most of their online stories. The new link will not be embedded into stories used on the paper’s premium content site, TimesSelect, staff blogs or wire stories. This seems like a begrudging move for The Times… Read More

  • Marshall Kirkpatrick Joins SplashCast

    SplashCast, an online media publishing company, has informed us that former TechCrunch writer Marshall Kirkpatrick will join the company as director of content. Kirkpatrick reviewed the service in November. He will now be responsible for SplashCast’s overall media strategy. “For the past few weeks I’ve been planning on working independently but the combination of… Read More

  • Talkster Launches Presence-Based Service For The Enterprise

    Tonight, Talkster launched a beta of a new presence-based communication platform in the VoIP market, with a focus on the enterprise and aim to connect callers by alias regardless of their device. Talkster is similar to services like Jajah, Rebtel, Hullo, ConnectMeAnywhere, and Fring in that it uses VOIP to make cheap (currently free) long distance phone calls. But those services are highly… Read More

  • New Service Keeps You In The Loop

    Being kept “in the loop” usually means you want to receive information but not necessarily exchange it. A company called Loopnote allows people to stay in the loop on any given topic by subscribing to one-way information updates. Loopnote launched in public beta today. It is a service that allows users to join groups and receive regular information updates from the moderator of… Read More

  • Jott to Convert Cell Phone Calls to Text

    Seattle based Jott will launch its new voice to text product sometime this week. It’s very simple – a user calls a specific phone number and leaves a voice message along with a recipient or recipients (an obvious use for Jott will be for people to leave themselves quick notes). The voice message will then be converted from voice into text and delivered via email or SMS. The… Read More

  • M2 Convert Winners: Day 05

    I know, I know, I’m a slacker. These should have been announced yesterday. Sorry. Please forgive me, etc. OK, now that that’s out of the way, I have the fifth installment of M2 Convert winners. Here are the winners from Friday: Read More

  • Hammacher Schlemmer 150-Country Travel Adapter

    I’m not sure how old this 150-Country Travel Adapter is, but it’s worth noting. It’s quite compact and allows for simultaneous charging of AC and USB. Plus it has a built-in surge protector. The adapter is configurable to work throughout Europe, Australia, Africa and the Americas. It’ll set you back $29.95, but its utility seems more than worth it. 150-Country… Read More

  • Apple Takes to Friendly Skies

    Apple has announced that it has struck deals with Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United to provide seamless integration for iPod on flights. Starting in early 2007, iPod owners will be able to plug their devices into seat adapters that will charge their players and play video on the seat displays. So that the next time you fly, you might be subjected to your… Read More

  • Pimp Your Pictures

    Since we’re on the subject of messing around with media today, I’ll also point out PikiPimp, a new service that lets users quickly create pimped out versions of pictures and them embed them on other sites or download them in fairly good quality. I think the one I did is much more creative than Steve or Orli’s, but you get the idea. I’d make one of these for… Read More

  • Add Text Bubbles To Videos

    Brand new Israeli startup BubblePLY has created an easy tool for adding text or link comic-book style bubbles to videos from popular video sharing sites. Tell it the link to a video on YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe and others, and then add your own content. The video is saved and can be shared via a link or embedding on a web page. See the demo here, and an example is here (there seems to… Read More

  • MyBlogLog adds MySpace support

    As 2006 closes in, my favorite web service of the year is MyBlogLog. Despite Yahoo! acquisition rumors a few weeks ago, the company is still privately-held. If I were in the web M&A business, they’d top my list along with music social networking service Last.fm. MyBlogLog has built the next generation social networking service. If Friendster/MySpace/etc are v1.0 of social… Read More

  • Google Adds The Geographic Web To Earth

    Google has added some new layers to Google Earth. The new layers are part of what is now called the “Geographic Web.” The Geographic Web is a mashup of content from Wikipedia, the Google Earth Community, and Panoramio, a geographical photo sharing site. As you zoom into a specific location, you can see place marks of points of interest, user-generated photos, and selected… Read More

  • NBA, Jabra, and T-Mobile Shoot Hoops Together

    A lot of people are REALLY into their sports. Sports are your personal way of showing off the pride and compassion you have for your hometown. So if you’re looking for a Bluetooth headset and love basketball, then you’re in luck! T-Mobile is offering a new promotion along with the NBA where subscribers purchasing the Jabra BT 160 Bluetooth headset, can customize it with the logo… Read More