• Forget the eBay Exit, Sell on Web2.0forSale

    Steve Poland, a regular contributor at TechCrunch, has just launched a new website for selling web 2.0 related websites called Web 2.0 for Sale. People are also invited to list programming code, prototypes, domain names, or other related products/services. There is some overlap with VentureBoard, another excellent resource. Websites are becoming cheaper and more modularized, making them easier… Read More

  • Finetune Launches Apollo Desktop Player

    Social music site Finetune (profiled here along with competitors) launched their Apollo-based desktop music player this evening. To use it you must download and install the Apollo runtime on your Mac or PC, and then install FineTune. Links to both are here. After installation, you can run the Finetune web service on your desktop, outside of the browser. The player has been around in beta for… Read More

  • Salesforce Says Hello To Microsoft Sharepoint And Other New ECM Competitors

    Salesforce released a new content management platform this evening, called Apex Content. It allows customers to build applications around unstructured “documents” such as office documents, HTML, audio/video and email files and then integrate those applications into other Salesforce applications. The technology behind Apex Content was originally developed by Koral Technologies… Read More

  • Real Pix of Real Xbox TID For Real

    Using an analog joystick to type out “LOL U R TARDD” on your Xbox to your buddy across town sucks. Vince earlier today clued you in on Microsoft’s remedy to this situation, the QWERTY TID for Xbox. While it looks cool as a product render, you’re a gear head, you like photos of physical, tangible gear, so here’s some porn for ya, gearperv. Pictures of text input… Read More

  • Rumor: Red Zune to Include Exclusive Sports Content

    . What got my attention was the whispers we’ve been hearing about some sort of “sports package” for the Zune. When I pinged Cesar over at Zune Insider Friday night, he said he couldn’t talk, he was off the clock. No problem, if I can’t get info via the official channel, I’ll just see what I can get from my network of MS spies. And I landed something cool. Read More

  • Anti-Piracy WinDVD Patch Looms

    Pssst, hey, video pirate, come here. I got a tip for ya. See, it seems that Corel, maker of the InterVideo’s WinDVD software, is pushing a mandatory update for the program. They don’t like the fact that you’ve been using it to rip Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs and bypassing the AACS protection. They’re here to put an end to your game, see, and your vid-ripping ways. And… Read More

  • Real Life Link Shield Deflects Nerf Weapons, Girls

    This one goes the cosplayers in the audience (you know who your are). It’s a full-sized replica of Link’s Hylian Shield. Manufactured by True Swords, its been designed to parry the mightiest of blows from you foe’s Styrofoam weapons. And when you’re not using it for preventing your throat from getting slit feel safe in knowing that it’s keeping a constant vigil… Read More

  • Trashing TechCrunch: Time To Vote For The Winners

    Update: The three winners have been selected. Glad to see people getting creating by, among other things, starting Facebook groups to get more votes. The winners are A Sucker is Born Every Minuteā€¦, Techcrunch, Go Back to the Basics, and Trashing TechCrunch. If you are the writer of any of those posts, please email me (see About page) with your contact information and proof of blog… Read More

  • 'Gears of War' Multiplayer Update

    . In addition changes to the game’s multiplayer, several other tweaks have been implemented as well: VGA Cable Support: Monitor resolution widths greater than or equal to 1280 now render as letterbox. In particular VGA users running at 1280×1024 will now see the game in full 720p (1280×720) resolution in letterboxed form. Adjusted Assassination Multiplayer Gametype: Leader… Read More

  • Music Labels Looking Forward to WiMax, Profits

    We know WiMax as the 4G standard that will eventually supplant the current 3G wireless technologies. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and it’s being deployed now. While faster download speeds are good for you, the user, it’s the music labels and content providers who have the drool on their collective chin. The concept that made the Internet so popular a decade ago was the idea… Read More

  • Wow, That's A Lot of iPods

    It took just over five years, but Apple has sold its 100 millionth iPod. iTunes is keeping up its share of the bargain, too. 2.5 billion songs, 50 million TV shows and over 1.3 million movies have been purchased through the service. Other interesting statistics: 4,000 iPod accessories have been created, and more than 70 percent of 2007-model US automobiles offer iPod connectivity. See our… Read More

  • Introducing CrunchGear.com/Gear

    We here at CrunchGear understand your pain. You’re an early adopter, you have loads of junk lying around, and you need somewhere to buy and sell cool gadgetry without the hassle of scammers and spammers. Introducing CrunchGear.com/gear. This new service uses Edgeio’s classified ads serving technology to propagate your CG/gear listings all over the Interweb and costs $2 per item. Read More

  • HD Video Sales Still Slow

    This data might be a little biased — it was commissioned by Sony — but according to a Nielsen VideoScan Blu-Ray is outselling HD DVD by 9 to 2, with only The Departed in the HD video top ten. Among the numbers revealed: as of March 18, VideoScan put the cumulative number of Blu-ray titles sold since the format’s inception at 844,000 units, versus HD DVD at… Read More

  • Timex TX: Takes a Licking, Doesn't Look Like a $9.99 Drug Store Watch

    Watch geeks, rejoice. That vaunted name in timekeeping, Timex, is creating a new line of high-end, $500 watches. The 300 series has a perpetual calendar, the 500 series has a second time zone, and 700 series has a stopwatch, second time zone, and compass. They will also be introducing mechanical watches for the snobs out there. This is really a great move for Timex. Citizen and Seiko are… Read More

  • VideoGames > Girls

    Do you like your Sixaxis more than sex? Resistance rather than human companionship? SuperNES instead of showering? Well, here’s a video for you along with a clever little riff on Doom II being like a horrible ex-girlfriend. How dating my ex was like playing DOOM II on nightmare mode [Mingle] Read More

  • Lone, Crackpot Inventor Gets Big Military Contract for Helihovercraft

    In the annals of sci-fi and, in fact, history, it’s the lone inventor, toiling away in his basement, who discovers amazing insights and is ignored, tragically, by the general public. Luckily, Geoff Hatton got the word out before aliens/zombies/ninjas could attack the President. Hatton’s project, a hovercraft/helicopter platform that can fly at an almost unlimited height and offers… Read More

  • Lacoste Gets Jiggy With The Second Life Crowd

    First off, forgive me for saying the word Jiggy. Now, apparently this game/Second Life/whatever you call it is getting really big. One of my favorite clothing companies, Lacoste, has struck a deal with Linden Labs to create a virtual modeling contest. Alligator & Co. are looking for 100 “remarkable” avatars to appear in Second Life and model Lacoste clothing. Six of the… Read More

  • Akimbo Courts PC Users, NHL Fans

    Most video-content companies are concentrating on getting their stuff off your computer and onto your TV. Akimbo was already on TVs, however, and is now working on getting that content onto your PC. The company announced today that its Internet video-on-demand service will be available next week in beta release for Windows XP and Vista-based PCs. Akimbo already made it possible for users to… Read More

  • Stink-free Durian

    A Thai scientist has invented an oderless variety of durian, an Asian fruit famous for possessing an odor so nauseating that its banned from many hotels, airlines, and even the Singapore subway. Durian newbs often describe the fruit as smelling like dirty feet, an unwashed locker room, or dead cat, but aficionados swear by the distinct smell and even claim to grow to like it. This is… Read More

  • Kids and Gaming: A Daddy's Perspective

    It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know what your kids look like? Clive Thompson is a pretty cool guy. He covers tech without dumbing things down and he has a kid, so I can relate to his musings on video gaming and the little ones. He basically says, along with Brian “Grandpa” Crecente of Kotaku, that games are like movies — let the wee ones only watch video games with the… Read More

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