• Get Alerted For Your Auctions

    If you’re an eBay user, you already know that the final minutes can be the hardest part. Is someone going to jump in and snipe, will you have to put in a last second bid, and do you really want to pay THAT MUCH for that used Rolling Stones concert T-shirt from 1971? And don’t get me started about realizing you’re at dinner and the auction is going to end! The only feeling… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless Files Lawsuit Against Telemarketers to Mobile

    Verizon Wireless said it filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Trenton, N.J. against several Miami-based companies and individuals for leaving pre-recorded messages in Spanish through an unwanted and illegal telemarketing campaign. The defendants: Mega Travel Inc., Mega Travel, All Star Market Corp., Chile Insider Corp. are Miami-based agencies conducting travel-related… Read More

  • Turn Any Phone into an iPhone

    Apple fanboys aren’t the only one’s getting giddy over the iPhone. Opera has released a 4.0 beta browser (as we just reported) with 100% more iPhone, commercial parody and all. The new browser brings the iPhone’s surf and zoom web browser to even the humblest handset. More than 15 million people already have Opera installed on their handsets, according to their press release. Read More

  • Mobile Games Insider Show

    A handful of stakeholders in the $3.3 billion mobile games industry have gotten together to organize an event to gather movers and influencers in the space. Digital Media Wire, I-play, Nokia and Qualcomm will host Mobile Games Insider on July 10 in Santa Monica, CA. The afternoon event’s goal is to explore the $3.3 billion mobile games industry and highlight the opportunities. It will… Read More

  • Opera Mini 4 beta Now Available

    Opera Software is about to enter a new Dimension. The company has just released the beta version, codenamed Dimension, of their Opera Mini 4 mobile Web browser. This new version features a zoom option, based on the original Opera feature introduced on the mobile browser for the Nintendo Wii. “We are excited to share the beta with the fast-growing community of Opera Mini users,”… Read More

  • Alltel Execs Take the Money and Run

    With the Alltel acquisition by Texas Pacific Group for $26.3 billion underway, execs of the regional cellular carrier are reportedly taking their $2 billion payout and go home, to their very nice homes, according to Service Employees International Union found at behindthebuyouts.org. A release issued by the watchdog group for responsible corporate governance practices says five of the… Read More

  • QUALCOMM Unveils New 3G Handsets with 65-namometer Chipsets

    Three new handsets using the newest 65-nanometer (nm) chipsets are now commercially available, and more than 40 additional models using this new technology will be released from QUALCOMM this year. The company has announced this significant milestone in semiconductor process this week, and these new models offer greater power efficiency, slimmer form factors and greater support for high-speed… Read More

  • Online Classifieds Arrive on the Third Screen

    Scanning the classifieds in the paper is so last millennium, and even scanning online is last year’s news. Soon you’ll be able to search for used tennis rackets, sub-lets and other hard-to-find items via your mobile phone. Gumiyo and edgio announced a new partnership to bring online classifieds to the mobile space, and this will commence with edgeio’s real estate section… Read More

  • Flat Rate Mobile Data Plans, Not so Flat

    This month Vodafone in the U.K. announced it would offer flat-rate data plans to its subscribers. I have seen Vodafone’s director of new business development Frank Boulben speak a handful of times this spring, and he can’t stop talking about how the service will encourage mobile Web usage, and says it’s an industry breakthrough because the Vodafone price point beats some of… Read More

  • New Site "Jumps" Into The Application Creation Space

    Just over a year ago DabbleDB launched, allowing people to create quick database driven applications with very few programming skills. Since then we’ve seen Zoho Creator, WyaWorks and Coghead launch their own competing applications. Salesforce AppExchange is arguably also a competitor, as are a number of other build-your-own-apps like Yahoo Pipes, Teqlo and Microsoft Popfly. This is… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: More Disc Shredding Edition

    The Rideable Vacuum Cleaner: Yes, We Wish It Were Real, Too
    Transformers Fan Costumes: Creative Dorks in Disguise
    Novint Falcon Now Shipping. No Really. It is. Promise.
    Disc Eraser Video Review
    Help-Key: How To Enjoy Your Gear Without Being a Douche Read More

  • YouTube Goes Local With 9 Country Specific Versions

    YouTube will launch nine country specific versions of YouTube today. YouTube local versions will be available for Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the U.K, complete with relative country specific domains such as youtube.fr and youtube.jp. The new sites include fully translated site content and will eventually deliver country specific popular content. The… Read More

  • Digg Gets Real Threaded Comment System

    An upgrade overnight has seen the introduction of “real” threaded comments on Digg. The new comment system includes proper tiering, response per comment and improved visual navigation. The upgrade did not roll out without a hitch, Digg founder Kevin Rose posted that the new upgrade caused an outage and that at least temporarily, Digg was rolled back to its pre-upgraded… Read More

  • Babe + Pie Throwing Machine = Xbox Commercial?

    “Let’s play beautifully, Xbox”? I don’t get it, Microsoft Japan. Maybe, just maybe, you meant to say, “Let’s play nice.” I’m not too sure, but I’m glad my Mom is in town to translate for me. She says it means something to the effect of not playing dirty, which makes sense after watching the video. Beautiful girls don’t really like pies… Read More

  • Video Of Unlaunched AOL Products

    http://us.video.aol.com/player/launcher?pmmsid=1928146&autoplay=0&ar=us_en_video_408x406_snag The video embedded above shows a preview of the unlaunched new MyAOL suite of products by Frank Gruber, myAOL product manager and former TechCrunch contributor. We covered one of the products, their upcoming feed reader, earlier this month. Other products in the suite include a… Read More

  • Nokia 7900 is a Big Faker

    I enjoy waking up to news about the hottest new Nokia phones to hit the market and even the boring one’s put a smile on my face once in a while, but this morning was horrendous, right? Luckily some German fanboys found pics and specs of the latest L’Amour handset, the 7900. It has a funky symmetrical pattern that could, possibly, make you dizzy if you wave it in front of your… Read More

  • Virtual Worlds Are Fun, Sky Is Blue

    Mitch Kapor, chairman of Second Life-operator Linden Lab, delivered the keynote address at the Virtual Worlds conference on Friday, speaking on the benefits of virtual education and training, which includes providing an environment in which trainees can fail safely. Although it is an obvious setback that people don’t gain any real-world experience from learning to do their job via… Read More

  • Introducing the NetVibes CrunchGear Universe

    NetVibes is a really cool RSS/widget service that lets you make a drag-and-drop environment with plenty of AJAXy goodness. The nice folks at NetVibes gave us our own “Universe,” a customized home page where we can show folks what we love. Included on the page are some Flickr searches, a few RSS feeds from competing Web sites and lots of orange. Check it out. CrunchGear Universe Read More

  • Motorola Q9M For Verizon Wireless: Hands On

    Boy Genius Report has some of the very first pictures of the new Q. The Q9M brings back the popular scroll wheel and has miniSD for expansion. It is slightly thicker than its GSM counterpart, but features the same great keyboard and slightly rubberized body. Not much has changed other than some slightly altered plastic around the edge and cool new Home screen. Its Curve-like looks, make it… Read More

  • Kevin McCloskey of MobileAware: "Who put Vodafone in charge of mobile content?"

    Last week we posted about the recent announcement by Vodafone that it would be utilizing a transcoding application from Novarra for better viewing of traditional Web sites on mobile phones. Since that time, there have been numerous responses that “this transcoding process reduces every Web site to the lowest common denominator.” And more importantly some industry watchers have… Read More

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