• Aw, Heeall Nawgh: SunRocket Burns Out?

    Oh-kayyyy. That’s weird. A couple weeks after a round of layoffs, SunRocket allegedly sent out an internal e-mail today containing the following message… Unfortunately this email contains very bad news. We have just been informed that any and all last ditch efforts to keep operations running as well as a potential sale of the company have not gone through and that SunRocket will… Read More

  • Sprint Releases Two Ninjas

    Sprint and Sanyo are bringing the latest in fashion and wireless connectivity with the announcement of the Katana DLX and Katana II. Katana dos pimps 21MB of storage, a VGA camera, voice SMS and Sprint Mobile E-mail. The DLX ups the camera-antie to 1.3 megapixels, a microSD slot and all the online access you could ask for. Both models feature a power save mode, tethering capability… Read More

  • Analysts See Further PS3 Price Drop Early Next Year

    It’s barely been a week since Sony capitulated to gamers’ demands and market realities by dropping the price of the PS3 by $100. Two updates to the situation: one, like Vince noted last week, the 60GB won’t be staying around past the summer but its price will live on. Yes, industry analysts—who are never wrong—are now predicting that the 80GB PS3 will come down… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: E3 2007 Conclusions

    Well, a week has passed and we’ve had time to consider this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Some two-dozen companies showed off hundreds of games, new hardware was introduced and most attendees probably spent way too much time on shuttle buses or stuck in traffic. So looking back, what worked, what didn’t work and what the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) should… Read More

  • Answers.com Now Owns Dictionary.com

    Question and answer reference site Answers.com has purchased Dictionary.com’s parent company, Lexico Publishing, for $100 million in cash. Lexico can really serve all your lexical needs because it also owns Thesaurus.com and Reference.com. The deal is expected to close later this fall. The deal has some major benefits for Answers.com. In 2006, Lexico generated revenues of $7 million… Read More

  • Windows Home Server Shipping to OEMs Today

    Windows Home Server software is heading to its OEM partners today, according to a post on the WHS team’s blog. Read More

  • Jamendo Gets Cash for Creative Commons Music

    Online music has been one of the most tumultuous categories online. Ever since Napster launched in the late 90’s, the music industry has been scrambling for a new model. DRM was once thought the industry’s saving grace, but consumer frustrations and movements from big players like Apple have reversed the trend. Some are even streaming it for free. Luxembourg-based Jamendo (launched… Read More

  • Marketers Realizing That Second Life Ain't Worth the Trouble

    Yeah… not exactly high-end shoppers Second Life may be headed toward a virtual market crash. Marketers and traditional retailers like the Aloft hotel chain are finding out that SL users don’t necessarily translate to real world customers. (Tell us something we didn’t know.) They’re also finding out that when SL users buy items for use in the online world… Read More

  • Healthline Gets $21 Million and Some New Friends

    Healthline has dipped it’s hand into a $21 million series B financing led by GE/NBC Universal’s Peacock Equity Fund, a joint venture between GE Commercial Finance’s Media, Communications and Entertainment business and NBC Universal. This is on top of their $14 million round last January. The round also includes smaller investments from Aetna Ventures, LLC, Kaiser… Read More

  • ION Audio Releases Two Snazzy Turntables

    iTTUSB05 If you’re not of the old guard of turntable enthusiasts and enjoy the atrocities of USB-powered turntables then ION has what you’re looking for. After all, vinyl has superior sound quality (if you’re into old and scratchy) and with these two, new models you can rip your favorites to MP3, so you can tote them around town. The iTTUSB05 and iTTUSB10 each come with EZ… Read More

  • Intel Goes Extreme!

    Laptop gamers are in for a real treat with the announcement of the Intel Core 2 Extreme X7800 mobile dual-core processor. Both cores will run at 2.6GHz while sporting energy-efficient features for both consumers and manufacturers. It also runs 28-percent more efficiently than previous mobile processors. And for the ultra-geek, the bus-ratio locks have been removed so you can unleash the beast… Read More

  • 68 iPhone Bugs That You Can Try at Home

    Who wants fully reproducible (à la the scientific method) iPhone bugs? Who wants 68 of them? The bugs range from the serious to the “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” None of them are deal breakers by any means, but it’s good to see people sniffing around the infallible iPhone looking for trouble. Besides, if Apple isn’t aware of the bugs, how can it… Read More

  • Billeo Bar for Paying Your Bills Online

    Paying your bills online has grown in popularity. It cuts out the delays and frustrations of mail and about three quarters of US households are doing it. Billeo is officially releasing to their bill pay toolbar to make managing these payments and even online shopping a little easier. The toolbar (IE, Firefox) stores your payment credentials, payment receipts, and reminds you when bills are… Read More

  • Judge Foils RIAA Scheme to Identify Select College Students

    Another setback for the RIAA, another win for the Slashdot crowd. A federal judge ruled that the music industry racket cannot demand discovery ex parte while determining the identity of “music thieves” at the College of William and Mary. This is partly because the judge felt the RIAA was citing the wrong law in its suit. In English that means the RIAA isn’t entitled to… Read More

  • FlickIM: Bored Startup Makes Awesome IM for the iPhone

    One of the first things stealth social internet startup Next3 did with their $1.6 million in financing was to buy every employee an iPhone. It made them painfully aware of the poor state of iPhone apps, particularly IM. So naturally, being hackers, they threw together their own in a week, dubbed FlickIM. FlickIM is an AIM only chat program for iPhone’s Safari browser. It lets you log in… Read More

  • Boom Goes the Dynamite: Gadgetbeach.tv

    Larry King, Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer, Jim Lehrer, Geraldo Rivera — when you think of hard-hitting news from trustworthy sources, these might be some of the names that come to mind (except Geraldo). Well get ready to add one more name to that list: Jessica. That’s right, she only needs one name. And who needs a last name when you’re ready to shake up the state of… Read More

  • Canadians Can Help You Upgrade To Vista, Eh

    Despite what others might say, over the weekend I broke down and upgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate. I hit a couple driver-related snags, but was able to recover no problem. However, while I’ve been testing systems for months now with the OS on it and I know my way around Vista, I was dreading the upgrade. That got me thinking: What would my dad do (who’s pretty tech savvy, but a… Read More

  • DisplayLink + LG, Sending Video Signals Over USB Like It's Going Out of Style

    Sending video monitor signals over USB? No, you’re not dreaming an unattainable dream, but looking at pics of the first monitor here in the U.S. that works over a USB cable. Powered by DisplayLink’s DL-160 chip, the Vista-certified LG L206WU works by connecting to any PC’s USB port. System side software sends the video to the display where the DisplayLink chip does all… Read More

  • Unreal Tournament III Is Hot For PS3

    Sony sure is doing its best to make me eat my words lately. Announced at E3 was the exclusive rights Sony has on Unreal Tournament III until 2008. Microsoft can’t make any claims to the game until then and that’s big shock. It gets even more tantalizing because you’ll be able to run user-generated content from the PC version on the PS3 like maps, skins and other mods. It… Read More

  • iPhone Battery Woes Continue, Status Icon Not Working Correctly

    More iPhone battery woes for your daily “iPhoNe SuxX” fix. It seems that the battery status indicator doesn’t accurately report how much juice the battery actually has left. For this people are calling for Jobs’ head. In fairness to Apple, the problem is just a software one, one that will be fixed in an upcoming software update. Just don’t ask when to look for… Read More

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