• Nintendo Possibly Worth More Than Sony

    Over the weekend, a lot of reports hit sites like Digg saying that Nintendo was now worth more than Sony in terms of market value. Looking at the numbers, it still seems Sony is ahead with 6.64 trillion yen versus Nintendo’s 6.3 trillion yen. With the extremely popular Wii and DS systems selling like hotcakes, it’s no wonder why Nintendo is doing so well. As fantastic as this… Read More

  • PSP Has Untapped Power, That's Why It Stinks: WipEout Dev

    It’s no secret that Sony’s PSP isn’t quite the hit the company had wanted it to be. Now, you can blame the unqualified success of Nintendo DS as why the PSP hasn’t taken off, or, like the director for WipEout Pulse, you can blame lazy developers. Pulse recently called upon PSP developers to do more with the system—it can play MP3s right out of the box, so why… Read More

  • Soundpedia: A Decent Pandora Substitute For The Rest Of Us

    Soundpedia is a legal Singapore based music sharing community offering a music streaming service that provides a decent Pandora substitute to users outside of the United States who can no longer use Pandora, along with the United States itself. Soundpedia comes with the usual array of Web 2.0 music sharing functions. The site helps users discover new tunes and share them with friends. Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Toybox Edition

    Chumby: We Want One, So Do You
    BlackBerry Curve 8300 Review
    Transformers Fan Costumes: Creative Dorks in Disguise
    Creative Zen Stone Plus: 2GB iPod Shuffle Wannabe
    Pleo Now Available For US Pre-order Read More

  • Google Reader Suffers Down Time

    Google Reader, the market leading RSS reading platform according to some reports, appears to have suffered from technical difficulties resulting in feeds not refreshing from around 11pm US PST Sunday. Reports on the Google Reader user forums would confirm the issue. Google Reader itself is still accessible, all feeds imported into the system before this time remain readable; it would appear to… Read More

  • Photobucket Launches Media Plug-in 2.0

    Photobucket has announced the launch of Photobucket Media Plug-in 2.0, an enhanced version of its free image and video hosting plug-in. The new plug-in gives users of participating web sites the ability to search for billions of publicly stored photos, videos and images from Photobucket’s extensive library, along with access to their own content from existing Photobucket media accounts… Read More

  • New Version Of Plaxo Launched: More Sync More Often

    Plaxo has announced Plaxo 3.0, a new version that builds on its multi-point sync product by offering improved sync options as well as a feed-style people tracker. Automated “multi-way sync” under Plaxo 3.0 includes Google Calender, Microsoft (Outlook, Outlook Express, Vista Mail, and Hotmail), Yahoo (Mail and Calendar), Mac OSX (for Address Book, iCal, and iPhone), AOL (AIM and… Read More

  • What AT&T Retail Employees Will Be Doing On June 29

    I know everyone is sick of everything iPhone, but we’ll do our best to refrain from posting every little tidbit of news this week. But I can’t promise anything because manufacturers seem a tad scared to release anything this coming week. This here leaked document describes a few of the duties that retail employees will be given on launch day. The only reason I’m bothering to… Read More

  • All The Leopard You Could Ask For

    http://admin.brightcove.com/destination/player/player.swf Stacks Like many of you, I’ve chosen to refrain from downloading the leaked Leopard Beta because I’d rather wait for the full-fledged version to be released before pirating it. (DISCLAIMER: We do not endorse piracy!) Anyways, the demo given at WWDC just didn’t whet my appetite and I’m sure most of you will agree. Read More

  • Xerox Enters Search Market

    Xerox announced its entry into the search market this week with FactSpotter, document search software that is claimed to go beyond conventional keyword search. FactSpotter is text mining software that combines a linguistic engine that allows users to make queries in everyday language. FactSpotter looks for the keywords contained in a query along with the context those words have. According… Read More

  • Google To Acquire GrandCentral

    Google is in acquisition discussions with telephone management startup GrandCentral, we’ve learned, and we have a high degree of confidence that the deal has actually been closed. We are trying to nail down the acquisition price. Just last week I flagged this company as the most exciting startup we’re currently tracking. The basic idea around GrandCentral is “one phone number… Read More

  • Domain Sellers Party Like Its 1999

    The domain after-market is nearly as old as the internet itself. From domain and typo squatting through to legitimate ownership, the market for domain names has risen and fallen in line with the overall market. 1999 was regarded by many to be the peak of Web 1.0 and likewise 1999-2000 was the previous peak of domain sales. News June 21 that Business.com is on the market for $400million shone… Read More

  • LinkedIn To Open Platform In Response To Facebook

    LinkedIn is moving to provide API’s that will open its platform to developers in response to Facebook’s rapid growth. Dan Farber reports LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman saying that the move will occur in the next 9 months. LinkedIn helped define the professional networking space, and yet today it faces the real risk of long term irrelevance as Facebook becomes the social networking… Read More

  • Chumby: We Want One, So Do You

    Less than 1 year ago a startup called Chumby began handing small squeezable Internet-ready devices at the Foo Con in Sebastopol, Cal. Recently, they have begun prepping the final version, which features some updated specs and features. This small alarm-clock-type thing packs a 350MHz CPU, 32MB RAM, 64MB flash ROM, Wi-Fi, 320×240 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD, speakers, audio output, microphone and… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: NEC Gets Cell Phone Smart File Downloading Patent

    Apple notes it is the only player one of two players in WiFi enabled smart phones offering expanded reach when cell coverage is, well, not so good. This week, NEC was issued a related patent on wirelessly downloading files by selecting between cellular or WiFi networks reminding us that the iPhone is going to launch with so many cool features, and will most happily step on some toes in… Read More

  • Revision3 Raises $8 million From Greylock

    Online video site Revision3 has raised an $8 million second round of financing, according to a source close to the deal, bringing the total capital raised to $9 million. Our understanding is that Greylock led the round. Greylock was also the primary investor in Revision3’s $1 million first round of financing. News startup Digg, which shares founders Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson with… Read More

  • Insane Laptop: Alienware m9750

    Looks like Alienware will never stop out-doing itself. This bad boy comes packed with up to two 512MB GeForce Go 7950’s using SLI and a slew of Core 2 Duos to pick from. Other options include a pair of 200GB HDD’s in RAID 0 for a total of 400 gigs of media-storing power. The 17-inch 1920×1200-resolution LCD is also sure to impress. Integrated b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth 2.0… Read More

  • Apple Has A Sense Of Humor

    Check out this image from Cupertino’s newest OS, Leopard. Looks like it popped up when the user tried to connect to a Windows share. Can you spot the funny? We can only imagine the stifled giggles that were brought on by this screen shot. Windows share as seen by Mac OS X Leopard [via Digg] Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Hai readerz, 1nce agen it is tyme fer teh be$t commenturs. Johnal ‘s thoughts on the format war put him in first. Good job man, did you get that TV yet? As far as I can tell, the focus was never really on whether this would have a huge impact on revenue derived from HD DVD rentals. Read More

  • Chumby: One Year Later

    Chumby is a small, wifi-enabled linux hardware device is designed to be hacked and changed by its owners. The device has a 350MHz ARM controller, 32MB SDRAM, 64 MB Nand Flash Rom, a 320×240 3.5 inch touch LCD screen, two speakers, audio output, a microphone, and two USB ports. Chumby also has a squeeze sensor. All of this is housed within a soft, sqeezable shell about the size of a… Read More

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