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  • Rumor: Next-gen Eee PC to sport touchscreen

    Asus President Jerry Shen said the next-gen Eee PC would not have a touchscreens in January, but panel makers in China are telling otherwise. Sometime in Q2 a new Eee PC will be launched with a resistive touchscreen, but why would anyone want that? I don’t go poking the screen on my laptop so why would I want to do that on the Eee? The touchscreen panels are said to cost Asus an extra $10. Read More

  • Feast your eyes on the the world's lightest phone: Modu

    The Guinness Book of World Records has named the Modu mini phone “the lightest mobile phone in the world.” The phone, which we saw at MWC this year, weighs a mere 1.4 ounces and is .3 inches thick. Modu received a $100 million cash infusion last week. The phone, as you’ll remember, works as a standalone mobile device or fits into different “jackets” that… Read More

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 to be released on the first day of CTIA

    I was told recently that Windows Mobile 6.1 would be released very soon, but I wasn’t given an exact date. Screen shots made the rounds in February if you’re keeping track. Pocket-Lint, on the other hand, has it from a source close to the matter that Microsoft will unveil WinMo 6.1 on April 1. Makes sense. We’re still a little unsure about what new features will be in 6.1, but… Read More

  • Programmer's bed

    For those long, long nights spent programming your bubble sort comes a clever bed/desk combo that might be problematic if you fall through the bottom of the bed and onto your desk. It costs a mere $3,650, twin mattress included. Great for future college students and those guys who wear capes in the CS department and flirt with the desk attendants who are oblivious to their existence. Product… Read More

  • Robotic cockfighting at the Robo-One Championships

    http://www.reuters.com/resources/flash/includevideo.swf?edition=US&videoId=78870 Here’s something everyone can enjoy; intricate robot fighters bobbing, weaving, and punching. It’s the twice-yearly Robo-One Championships in Tokyo. The most recent tournament played host to 112 robots ranging from your standard karate-bot to the more interesting chicken robot named… Read More

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  • Jott.com review

    This morning I got my mytreo.net Newsletter and despite the fact that the page anchors don’t work in Gmail, I read (skimmed) the first paragraph and decided to try the service they were promoting, Jott. The link in the email took me to a Palm page with a longer article that I didn’t actually read and no quick and easy way to get to what ever Jott was going to make me do to use… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Tom Clancy MMO is a go

    Ubisoft recently acquired the rights to author Tom Clancy’s name and they’re going forward with an MMO. It’s unclear how much Ubi was paying in royalties, but the acquisition is estimated at EUR 60 million. Ubisoft expects they’ll be saving themselves EUR 5 million a year with the rights. President of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot had this to say, “Having no fees… Read More

  • Teach/your children well/that they live in a constantly monitored police state

    Remind the wee ones that they’re never alone with Jennifer Lew’s plush security camera! The piece, made to illustrate an NYT story even includes a little mouse to, you know, symbolize the role of the PC as a stalking aid. It’s comforting yet vaguely unnerving at the same time, just like Grandpa! Plush Surveillance Camera By Jennifer Lew [DaddyTypes] Read More

  • 'Rock Band' for Wii up for pre-order on Gamestop

    I have a Wii and an Xbox 360. I currently own Rock Band and all the accoutrements for the Xbox 360 but I’m intrigued by the fact that on the Wii version, according to IGN, “the instruments will work wirelessly directly with the Wii console,” because the cord situation tends to get a little out of control sometimes with the Xbox 360 version. However, you know what’s… Read More

  • Nokia’s Mobile Rules! 08 Gets Buzzd

    If you are looking for a bar with a mechanical bull, a club with 80’s cheese metal or the best fish taco restaurant in town, you may want to use the mobile service buzzd. Buzzd is a location based mobile entertainment service that provides real-time information for bars, clubs and restaurants. Buzzd will even let you network with friends and strangers who have a similar interest in… Read More

  • Samsung's Anycall Haptic phones beg for your sweet caress

    There’s nothing I enjoy more than waking up to a new phone from Samsung that will never come to the US. $%#*6!!! Launched today in SK are the Anycall Haptic phones, SCH-W420 and SPH-W4200, that both feature a 3.2-inch display, 2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, a full Internet browsing experience and DVB-T. What’s most surprising about the Anycall Haptic handsets are the 22 kinds… Read More

  • VZW offering 50MB of data for $39.99/month

    File this away in your “Meh” folder if you like but Verizon Wireless is offering 50MB of EVDO data for $39.99 a month. That might work for some people, but I’d think it’d be pretty easy to blast through 50MB and, according to MobileBurn.com, going over will cost a cool 99 cents per megabyte. If you’ve got no better uses for $40 and just need to hop online in a… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: MS enforcing Xbox LIVE Terms of Use

    Microsoft is on the prowl for cheaters on Xbox Live. Those who have been known to tamper with their Gamerscore or Achievements are probably waking up to a horrifying discovery. Their accounts have been reset to zero and they’ve been publicly labeled as cheaters. Yikes. Major Nelson Read More

  • Wikio walks out to a sticky wicket

    Wikio – which has launched a UK version – is a news portal featuring a search engine scouring press sites, the blogoshere and product listings. Think Google News meets Kelkoo meets Digg. But before I go on, at this point some disclosure is necessary: Ouriel Ohayon, editor of TechCrunch France [Update, Feb 2008: Ohayon is no longer editing TCF] and also a VC himself, is a… Read More

  • Liveblogging the OpenSocial.org Conference Call

    The conference call is about to start. Let’s see what they have to say beyond the original announcement earlier today of Opensocial.org. Here are my notes: Wade Chambers from Yahoo kicks things off. Yahoo has been impressed by OpenSocial so far. Feels OpenSocial is rapidly developing and has a lot of potential [obviously not there yet, though]. Joe Kraus, director of product development… Read More

  • Video: Microsoft's vision of healthcare in the future

    This would be so convenient and awesome, but I wouldn’t want to see the BSOD when picking out my meds. JK JK JK Read More

  • Defection Watch: Google's Director of Social Media Decides It's More Social at Facebook

    If you are the director of Social Media at Google, wouldn’t you rather be working at Facebook? That is what Ethan Beard decided to do. The Google executive turned in his resignation last week and will be joining Facebook. There he will join other ex-Googlers, such as Facebook’s new COO Sheryl Sandberg, CFO Gideon Yu (formerly YouTube’s CFO) and a slew of others. Both at… Read More

  • Microsoft: MS Office on iPhone? It could happen

    Fortune is reporting that Microsoft may be eyeing the iPhone as a potential outlet for their software, including Office applications and voice control for Apple’s iPhone. “It’s really important for us to understand what we can bring to the iPhone,” Tom Gibbons, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Specialized Devices and Applications Group, told Fortune on Monday. Read More

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