• Here Come the Shareholder Lawsuits Against Yahoo

    The inevitable shareholder lawsuits have started to be filed against Yahoo for not accepting Microsoft’s bid. Yesterday, the Wayne County Employee’s Retirement System of Michigan, was the first to file suit. The retirement fund owns 13,600 shares. You can expect more shareholders to pile on board, especially if this thing drags out. In fact, that is not the only shareholder… Read More

  • YouCastr: Live Podcasting For Sports Fans

    If you ever considered yourself a Marv Albert or John Madden in training, YouCastr is the place for you. The site just launched out of a quiet beta. It’s kind of like Ustream or Justin.tv for sports commentary. The site lets anyone stream live broadcasts of game commentary or cut random rants in archived podcasts. Listeners can tune into commentary covering the latest sports games and… Read More

  • Lenovo drops ThinkPad X300 to answer MacBook Air

    If for some strange reason it wasn’t before, thin is officially in as far as notebooks are concerned. At least that’s what seems to be the case with Lenovo as it answers the MacBook Air with the ThinkPad X300. It’s thin, yes, but not quite as thin as the Air (the Air fits in an envelope, the X300 merely fits on top of a newspaper or whatever that is on the left there… Read More

  • Bebo enters the mobile platform wars

    Bebo has signed a deal to to allow its 40 million plus members to produce and share content on their mobile phones. The client application will be provided by Intercasting, which provides the Anthem platform connecting mobile carriers with social networking sites and entertainment companies. Bebo announced yesterday that it had signed a deal with T-mobile in the UK where it also has an… Read More

  • Social net for daredevils wins VC backing

    Bragster, a social network for dares (think Jackass meets Facebok), has closed a $3.5 million Series A round of venture capital funding led by Intel Capital, the global investment arm of Intel Corp. They were joined by angel investor David Frankel through Puressence Limited. Frankel previously invested in companies including GetMeIn and SiteAdvisor, sold to Ticketmaster and McAfee, respectively. Read More

  • Imeem Acquires Snocap

    Digital music wholesaler Snocap, long searching for a buyer, is being acquired by music streaming site Imeem. The price will likely not be disclosed. Snocap was founded in 2002 by Napster creator Shawn Fanning, Jordan Mendelson and Ron Conway. The company raised $10 million from Conway, Morgenthaler Ventures and WaldenVC and did high profile distibution deals with MySpace and others, but… Read More

  • NVIDIA going mobile with APX 2500 cell phone chip

    What say you to the idea of cramming an NVIDIA GeForce chip into your cell phone? It’s coming, and in high definition too. The NVIDIA APX 2500 is an ultra-low power mobile applications processing platform that’s recently been announced at the MWC in Barcelona. The new chipset will basically allow you to (among other things) capture and/or play back 720p movies and take photos at… Read More

  • Half Of All Clicks On Display Ads Are Worthless

    More and more online advertisers are paying on a per-click basis, but who is clicking on those ads and how much are they worth? A study put out yesterday by comScore, Starcom Media, and Tacoda suggests that half of all clicks on display ads (as opposed to clicks on paid search links) are generated by only 6 percent of Web surfers. And these are not a particularly desirable bunch. The… Read More

  • Neo promotional video: Now you can see the small phone move!

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=neo.flv Just converted Neo’s promo video for your wee-phone-loving edification. Don’t say I never gave you nuthin’. Read More

  • TwoFish Announces Micro-Transaction Engine for Games

    A new gaming startup called TwoFish has announced a product called TwoFish Elements that it claims is the “first turnkey solution for powering a dynamic and realistic in-game economy.” CEO Lee Crawford, who has worked on gaming infrastructure for the likes of Yahoo, Sega, Heat.net, and Shockwave.com, says that TwoFish is addressing the biggest opportunity the gaming industry has… Read More

  • The wee Neo 808i: Awful small

    Well this is interesting. As manufacturers make bigger and bigger handsets, Dubai-based Neo is making one of the tweeist handsets known the man. The 808i has a 4-megapixel camera, WiFi, and plays MP3s and MPEG4s. It’s also small enough to be ingested by a Shi Tzu. They should be available in the US shortly, with no carrier mentioned. I suspect this will be an online sales play although… Read More

  • Warning to Microsoft. Think a Yahoo acquisition will play easy in Europe? Guess again.

    If there was any doubt that the European Commission would roll over and play dead when big tech companies come to play in Europe, it must be dispelled today as its offices raided the premises of Intel and some top European electronics retailers yesterday. The EC’s antitrust probe has extended to Media Markt, Europe’s biggest electronic chain, and DSG International, which runs PC… Read More

  • Your Phone is Your Mic: SpinVox Lets Users Talk to Twitter, Facebook, and Jaiku (Europe Only)

    I am convinced that we are going to see a big growth in voice apps that use a mobile phone as a microphone. Today, at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, London-based startup SpinVox announced a new feature of its speech-to-text service that lets users call in their Twitters or send in messages to Facebook or Jaiku. Is making a phone call easier than thumbing an SMS? Depends what kind of… Read More

  • There's still hope for PS2 backwards compatibility

    [photopress:ps22222.jpg,full,center] This month’s Electronic Gaming Monthly has an interview with PlayStation Network director Eric Lempell. Among other things, Lempell wants the world to know that PS3 backwards compatibility isn’t quite dead yet. (The 40GB PS3 killed backwards compatibility.) He says there may be a way through software emulation and other forms of wizardry for all… Read More

  • Video: MacBook Air spotted in Pixar's The Incredibles? (No)

    Did the MacBook Air debut in Pixar’s The Incredibles? No. No it did not. I didn’t know so many people on the Internet were English majors, looking for meaning in things where there isn’t any. Pixar Movies revealing Apple secrets? [9 to 5 Mac] Read More

  • A message to Yahoo! people

    If you’re getting layed-off, let go or leaving for new pastures today/this week, then get in touch. We’d be interested to hear… More on CNet: “One source inside the company said the number was 1,100, which is slightly higher than expected. The layoffs bring the headcount down to about 13,200 employees.” Read More

  • Hands on with GestureTek's camera-based gesture system

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=gesture.flv I lost quite a bit of this video but here’s a look at GestureTek’s EyeMobile system that uses a phone’s camera to create a gesture-based experience for maps and games. It worked really well and could be a way to add interesting interactivity features without adding an accelerometer to the package. Product Page Read More

  • The WGA strike, she is over

    Strike‘s over. Now let us never speak of it again. STRIKE OVER: Hollywood Back To Work! [Deadline Hollywood via Drudge Report] Read More

  • Fear and Loathing in Hyrule

    http://p.castfire.com/Xu7m0/video/7274/bbtv_2008-02-13-002457.flv I could actually use a Power Bracelet right about now. Fear and Loathing in Hyrule: Gonzo vs. Zelda [BoingBoing] Read More

  • Dr. Marty Cooper, inventor of the mobile phone, likes the iPhone

    Engineer and all-round-nice-guy Marty Cooper told some gathered reporters and industry folks that he likes the iPhone… and Samsung and Motorola phones, but for different reasons. He did, however agree that it’s not as good as everyone says but he does enjoy using it. He was talking about the future of mobile and his point was fairly simple: have faith. Things can and will get… Read More

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