• HP iPAQ hw6920 Shows Up Oct. 31 At Cingular

    No less than five wireless technologies are hosted within the bowels of HP’s latest iPAQ, the hw6920, and Cingular customers will be the first to use every last one of them. On October 31 you’ll be able to get them from Cingular Wireless’ B2B sales organization for a paltry $359.99 each for business customers with a two-year contract and qualifying voice and data plans. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Chicago Mob Edition

    Daily Crunch: Chicago Mob Edition

    Here are some highlights from yesterday’s posts: The Al Capone MacBook: Stylish Two Tone
    Oregon Scientific Action Helmet Camera
    Bottle-Top Camera Pod Keeps Your Camera Still So You Don’t Have To
    Samsung SCH-V900 Has a Sexy Red Dress
    MacBook Pro: Now Core 2 Duo-er Read More

  • Mike Butcher joins Techcrunch UK!

    Mike Butcher joins Techcrunch UK!

    I am really pleased to announce that Mike Butcher is joining me on TechCrunch UK & Ireland to be the new editor. For anyone who has read this blog for the last 10 weeks, you will know that I am an empassioned technologist and entrepreneur but I am not and never have been a professional journalist. Together I believe Mike and I will be able to better meet the demands of the TechCrunch… Read More

  • World Wide Web Consortium Releases First Version of GRDDL Specification

    World Wide Web Consortium Releases First Version of GRDDL Specification

    The World Wide Web Consortium today announced they have forged an important link between the Semantic Web and the Microformats communities of which anyone reading this blog will know I have a great deal of interest. With “Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages“, or GRDDL (pronounced “griddle”), software can automatically… Read More

  • Yahoo Bookmarks Enters 21st Century.

    Yahoo Bookmarks Enters 21st Century.

    Yahoo is unveiling an entirely new Bookmarks product this evening at new.bookmarks.yahoo.com – new interface, new back-end, the works. A screencast created by Yahoo developer Tom Chi is here which gives an excellent overview of the service (Chi also created the background music for the screencast). Compare that to the existing Bookmarks product (screenshot is here) and it’s clear… Read More

  • Digg Does The Acquisition Dance With News Corp.

    Digg Does The Acquisition Dance With News Corp.

    San Francisco-based startup Digg has been in recent acquisition discussions with a number of companies, including News Corp., according to multiple sources close to the negotiations. However, the company was unable to land an offer in the price range they’re looking for – at least $150 million – and will likely close a Series B round of financing instead. It appears that… Read More

  • iLike Brings Free Indy Music to iTunes Recommendations

    ILike is a new iTunes plug-in that will launch tomorrow and leverages free music from independent musicians at GarageBand.com to supplement its otherwise typical recommendations. ITunes plug-ins are becoming increasingly common but music recommendations are particularly frustrating if you have to either pay full price for a song or launch another application to get it. Integration of free… Read More

  • TechCrunch UK Event Calendar

    TechCrunch UK Event Calendar

    As promised I have taken on board the feedback from my last post on this subject and looked into the various ideas around maintaining a TechCrunch UK calendar of events. The easiest was to create a Wiki here on TechCrunch UK but it also meant everyone had to come to this site in order to update their information about their event which seemed a little drachonian to me. Of course people… Read More

  • Hey Seattle! Come See Band of Horses, Free Tonight, Courtesy Zune Insider

    live tonight at the Showbox downtown. There is a limited number of tickets, so the first 90 people who email yours truly at the address below with “Band of Horses” as the subject will be on the list. The show starts at 8:00 and is 21 and over, so please only email if you’re of age. One name per email, please. The deadline to sign up is 6:30 PST. It’s a great band and… Read More

  • The Al Capone MacBook: Stylish Two Tone

    What do you get when you combine a white MacBook and a black MacBook? Then Two Tone Al Capone MacBook. A Flickr user sreindl.net has a black MacBook that had a keyboard problem. His local Apple store removed the black keyboard, but didn’t have a black replacement in stock. So, in the spirit of usefulness, they replaced it with a white one as a loaner until a black one could arrive. Thus… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Brings Use To PSP

    PlayStation 3 Brings Use To PSP

    If you own a PSP, you’ll finally have a use for the failing portable device. As I mentioned earlier, PlayStation 3 will feature PSP support via WiFi, letting you access downloaded content on your PS3 with your PSP. Gamer’s Day in San Francisco showed a little preview of what we could expect: The PS3 console had the trailer for the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale, already… Read More

  • Zopa (re)launches now its bigger than Basildon?

    Zopa (re)launches now its bigger than Basildon?

    Zopa, the peer-to-peer borrowing and lending exchange, has just (re)launched its website. The most interesting change is the new system of visualisation for members using custom avatars which seems very Habbohotel to me. Try it out for yourself on their home page. Click on the “I’D LIKE TO MEET” filter and select your options. The site then highlights and circles… Read More

  • Google's Choice of the Word "Eureka!"

    As an addendum to our coverage of Google’s new Co-op customizable search product that launched yesterday – Google officially announced the news on their blog today with a post titled “Eureka! Your own search engine has landed!” I wonder if Shashi Seth and R.V. Guha, the authors of the post, intended to incorporate part of the name of one of the primary existing players… Read More

  • The New Mozilla Recommended Add-ons List: The Winners and the Losers

    In anticipation of the imminent release of Firefox 2.0, Mozilla has relaunched its “recommended add-ons page” this afternoon. (Update: FF 2.0 has officially launched.) The page lost its beta status and gained a picture of a flaming motorcycle (see below). Out goes the old list of 11 recommendations and in comes a new list of 20. The lists are quite different and there are… Read More

  • Mydeo (re)launches and thankfully it isn't another GooTube wannabee.

    Mydeo (re)launches and thankfully it isn't another GooTube wannabee.

    Mydeo is an online video streaming service, primarily aimed at consumers and/or SMB’s, that might have slipped under your radar. Today they are launching a newly redesigned service which promises to offer an improved user experience, a new pricing model and better performance to boot but let’s be clear Mydeo is not another gootube wannabee. Unlike YouTube, Mydeo gives you the… Read More

  • Oracle Linux: Finally Introduced Tomorrow?

    This isn’t strictly gadget news, but it’s big nonetheless. Larry Ellison, holder of the only Silicon Valley ego larger than Mr. Jobs at Apple, is set to drop Oracle’s Linux bomb on the Earth tomorrow at the Oracle OpenWorld in San Fancisco. Oracle is the 800 pound gorilla of the database world, with offices in 145 countries. Ellison himself was at one point Forbel’s… Read More

  • The 12GB, $129 Zippo-looking USB Drive

    Eschewing the normal NAND memory in favor of an old-fashioned mechanical HD, the Monster Drive from US Modular is a different breed of thumbdrive. With roughly the same size and looks as your standard Zippo, the Monster packs 12GB of storage into a slick stainless steel shell. Coupled with the blue LED on the end to display the reading and writing of data, you have something that looks… Read More

  • Sprint Lights Up Revision A EV-DO in San Diego, Starts National Tour

    Good news, San Diego. You’re the first city in the nation to get a taste of Sprint’s Revision A EV-DO. That is, if you’re a subscriber and have a Pantech PX-500, Sierra Wireless Aircard 595, or one of the Novatel data cards, in which case you have to do nothing, as your upgraded automagically, and for free. This gives Sprint’s customers even faster access to its… Read More

  • BOB Will Turn Off Your TV

    BOB Will Turn Off Your TV

    Back in the old days, my mom was around to shut off the TV when I was watching too much. She also used to tell me to stop using the computer for so long because I would hurt my eyes. Sadly, those days are gone and I now live in Chicago, one lone hippie on the banks of Lake Michigan. This means that when I get home after work, I turn on my TV and plant my laptop firmly into my lap. Usually… Read More

  • New Olympus Slim Camera Is Hott

    New Olympus Slim Camera Is Hott

    Olympus Korea showed off yesterday its new Mju-730 model. The new slim camera boasts a 7MP lens, 3x Optical Zoom, “One Touch Perfect Fix” function, and a Simple Mode for novice users. What Olympus didn’t announce was price or availability. Add in that nice-looking, large LCD screen and this camera could be a pretty big hit with people that want a cool-looking, effective… Read More