• The Ghosts Of Web 1.0 Are Being Acquired: AllBusiness.com Sells For $55 Million

    The ghosts of Web 1.0 have risen from the dead and are being acquired. Beliefnet was acquired by News Corp yesterday and now Dun & Bradstreet has acquired another Web 1.0 survivor, AllBusiness.com, for $55 million. AllBusiness.com was founded in 1999 as a business information service targeted primarily at small businesses. The original company was acquired by NBCi in March of 2000 for… Read More

  • Jack Tretton on PS3's first year: "there were missteps"

    So its been a little more than a year since Sony dropped its big mother of a console on the world; what does SCEA’s CEO have to say about it? Well, “the biggest disappointment” was the launch, when Tretton says they were only able to tap about a fifth of the demand at the launch date with their 200,000 consoles. He maintains that they are looking at an extremely long (10… Read More

  • Photo Editing On Flickr Goes Live

    Flickr today launched photo editing tools via a previously announced partnership with Picnik. Details are on the Flickr blog, but its pretty straightforward. Click the “edit photo” button above any of your stored photos, and Flickr launches the Picnik editor without forcing you to leave the site. When you are done editing you can save the photo or, if you are a Flickr Pro user… Read More

  • Rumor: Eee PC to officially support Windows next year, with 3.8 Million unit sales target?

    Asus thinks it’s going to sell 3.8 Million Eee PCs next year. While that’s a grand notion, it might actually have some substance. According to an anonymous leak, Asus is in talks with Microsoft on adding official Windows support to the sub-sub-laptops, and Intel wants in on the action as well. But even with the “help” of Windows, is 3.8 Million a likely number? No. A… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Helio's Ocean

    . Peter has one as well, and he’s just as nuts for his. I’ve said before “screw the iPhone”, and I mean it: it’s not there yet. But the Ocean is. It has all the phone features of the iPhone, but does them all better. Google maps, just like the iPhone, but with GPS. Do you know how handy that is? A great weather app via Accuweather, a decent built-in Web browser, and… Read More

  • Google To Take Choice Away From Humans, Er, Advertisers

    At Google, the algorithm rules. Don’t question the algorithm. It knows what you want better than you do. That goes for advertisers as well. Case in point: Google is dropping a feature on AdSense that places an “Advertise on this site” link in the ads that Google spreads across the Web. You’d think: Who better to pick which sites to advertise on than the… Read More

  • What I want for Christmas is my own private Chuck E Cheese

    Or, at least, an adult approximation. Some of my fondest memories from childhood are from birthday parties at places like this – if not Chuck E Cheese then Funtasia, Funplex, or later Gameworks. Nothing to do but cruise around, waste money on games, drink Dr. Pepper, and listen to terrible music. Of course, in my private Chuck E Cheese, things would be a little different. Read More

  • Ad Age reporter Matt Creamer tries SEO to fix his own brand

    The bald SEO agent strikes again! Do a search for your name in Google. What comes up? I’m a lucky duck and I only share my name with a Tasmanian “writer” and a London Assembly Member, neither of whom have much Google juice. Matthew Creamer, on the other had, had a problem. He shared his name with a bunch of people who were not Ad Age editors and they definitely got more… Read More

  • LA Times Takes A Stake In Mixx

    The LA Times has taken a stake in social news voting site Mixx. Virginia based Mixx launched into private beta in September and has been gaining positive reviews, with Michael Arrington noting recently that the site had been gaining “refugees” from Digg. The company has a strong pedigree with founder Chris McGill having previously been the General Manager of Yahoo News and more… Read More

  • iPhone browser count rockets past WinMo

    I guess people can’t be having that hard of a time inputting web addresses on that fiddly keyboard, because the total people browsing with an iPhone has passed up the years-old WinMo for an impressive 0.09 percent of the browser market. Just below the iPhone, Windows CE accounts for 0.06 percent, and just above it is Windows ME, amazingly enough, with 0.43 percent. This could change… Read More

  • High Definition Video Coming to Hulu, Samples Available

    Hulu, the joint online video venture between NBC and News Corp, has given private beta testers a sneak peak at the high definition video that should soon be available on the net more ubiquitously now that Flash supports the H.264 video codec. Hulu currently provides only nine trailers in high definition as a sampler, including ones for Jumper, 27 Dresses, Hitman, American Gangster, and… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Konami arcade game for $320 with code

    Is it just me or has Linens ‘n Things really been getting aggressive with gadgets and whatnot? I mean aggressive in a good way, too. Take this "full size" Konami arcade game, for instance. Why not forgo the car payment this month and pick this thing up instead? I put "full size" in quotes because the cabinet stands at just over five feet tall and the size of that… Read More

  • I-Doser: How does this thing work? I want to float!

    On What.cd? yesterday, a freeleech torrent was uploaded containing a bunch of I-Doser FLACs. Now, call me ignorant or whatever, but how do I get these things to work reliably? I tried following the directions as best as I could—turn the lights out, relax, have a good pair of headphones, etc.—but I simply couldn’t get anything to happen. I tried the Lucid Dream and Hand of God… Read More

  • Report: Apple bought a truckload of LED backlights, to be used in sub-notebook?

    There’s a story in today’s Digitimes that claims Apple has placed an order for 13.3-inch LED backligt units, known on the street as BLUs. What could Apple be doing with a bunch BLUs, say, maybe, putting the finishing touches on a Damn Small notebook? (That’s what I’m hoping for. I’ve been without a notebook for seven months now… I missing going into… Read More

  • Microsoft keyboards' secret radio codes deciphered

    Some fellas over at Dreamlab took it upon themselves to apply a packet sniffer to one of Microsoft’s RF-based wireless keyboards, the Wireless Optical Desktop 1000 and 2000. They found that unlike bluetooth devices, which have pretty strong encryption, the only thing they ran into with the RF keyboard was “a simple XOR mechanism with a single byte of random data” – and… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Kodak EasyShare V1253

    The promise of the Kodak’s EasyShare V1253 is immense. As the world’s first compact cam with a video capture function that can pull high-def (that’s 720p, and no I’m not counting those Sanyo products), this could represent a rare case of digital convergence that carves out an entirely new niche. Read more… Read More

  • Reviewing the Unknown Contest: Congratulations to BFFs LittleRedRyanHood and jaxim

    Whether it’s a detailed and intelligent alaysis of the Zune or a liveblog of Lindsey Lohan in The Parent Trap, our CG BFFs are providing great content every day. Guys – email me at john @ crunchgear.com with your preference of iPod Classic or Zune 2. First come first served, so get cracking. Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Xbox 360 Elite, HD DVD player

    As if you didn’t see this one coming, folks. For the holidays I’m recommending the Xbox 360 Elite and the HD DVD player add-on. The Xbox 360 is hands down the best on the market. The titles are all there and a 120GB drive ensures you’ll have plenty of room for extra content. The matte black finish alone is worth the extra dough. And the PS3 stinks! Well, not really, but I have… Read More

  • Forrester Research finds some consumers like the green

    Like all things, any "green" product will enjoy success when it costs less yet does more than its competition. I’m all for using products that consume less electricity but that’s more because I hate paying my electric bill and wish it was lower each month. One of the great promises of green products is that they save people money over time. Not all of them do, though. Read More

  • Exclusive: Technorati Relaunches To Focus On Core Blogging Audience

    Technorati has a brand new CEO, and he’s been busy in his short time with the company. Today Technorati is relaunching, with a new core focus on bloggers. Last week I saw a demo of the new products, which CEO Richard Jalichandra and VP Engineering Dorion Carroll say reflect the company’s re-dedication to their core audience: bloggers and advertisers. Technorati Front Page The… Read More

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