• Why Yahoo's Panama Project Is Important

    Business week has a long article about Yahoo’s Panama project and why it may not have the positive financial impact the company is hoping for. Yahoo’s goal for Panama is to make their pay-per-click advertising program more efficient at extracting dollars from advertisers. The details aren’t important, but the basic idea is that the highest bid on a keyword doesn’t… Read More

  • Something Funny is Going On At Pageflakes

    There’s an odd story developing that involves Pageflakes, a customizable Ajax home page product, and FeedBurner. BoingBoing was first to report this after noticing that their RSS feed count went up substantially from Pageflakes. Over 2 million RSS readers were counted from that service alone. It appears that someone may have set up some sort of bot to create Pageflakes pages with… Read More

  • The Wikisearch Screenshot Isn't Wikiasari, So What Is It?

    A couple of days ago I posted a screenshot of what I believed to be an early version of the new Wikiasari search engine that Jimmy Wales has been talking about. Our source was good, and I went with it. But Wales is saying that the screenshot has nothing to do with the project, in a comment to that post and also on the Wikiasari page on Wikia (since taken down, but screenshot is here). The… Read More

  • In Search of the Valley

    In Search of the Valley is a documentary about Silicon Valley that was released last month, and I highly recommend anyone interested in valley culture get a copy. It tracks three Brits (Steve O’Hear, Fleeta Siegel and Selwyn George) on their visit to Silicon Valley in September 2004, where they visited historical startup sites and interviewed a ton of people (Steve Wozniak, John Warnock… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Christmas Sonnet

    Game Systems, By Hook or By Crook
    Philipp Goedicke Want games that unused gift cards [1] cannot buy?
    Since lotteries don’t work [2], give this a try:
    This week impressed us with an old-school heist [3].
    So go to Flippid [4] for a spy device [5],
    A tiny camera [6], a cell-phone-scope [7],
    A Gerber knife [8] in case you lose all hope.
    A solar charger [9] might do you a favor.
    For longer… Read More

  • Marketing Posing as Video Games: A Look Back

    The news that the mega-cheap Burger King-sponsored 360 games just matched the sales mega-seller Gears of War brought up memories of marketing-disguised-as-games of years past. In this special X-Mas story, we’ll take a look at a pair of my favorite ghosts of agenda-filled games for ye olde NES, so you can get searching on eBay now. Click the jump to see them… Read More

  • Ways PR Agents Piss Off Journalists, and a Few Companies That Do It Right

    In a perfect world, the best products would get lots of press coverage, and the crappy ones would be lucky to find a spot in Sky Mall. Unfortunately, the product placement dance is a bit more complex than that, and companies hire PR staff for a reason. I’ve been in the tech writing business for years, and have booked or placed products in magazines, on network TV, blogs, and dozens… Read More

  • Clocky The Rolling Alarm Clock Throws Tantrums To Get What It Wants

    As if all the screaming kids at every store with some sort of retail product this holiday season weren’t enough, Clocky the rolling alarm clock (wasn’t that the name of a Capt. Beefheart album?) gives you one chance… ONE CHANCE… to get out of bed. Fail, and it literally zips across the room to some Cheney-esque undisclosed location and squeals until you get up and find it. Read More

  • Merry Christmas!

    I hope you’re all having a great Christmas morning and I hope you got all the stuff you asked Santa for. After an all-day cleaning binge yesterday, I think my place is finally ready to accommodate the throngs of guests I’ll have later. What did you all get? Comment with details! Anyway, I won’t ramble. Merry Christmas and all that fun stuff. Read More

  • A Year Later: The Companies I Wanted To Profile (but didn't exist)

    It’s Christmas today, and there is very little actual startup or technology news happening. So I took a look back at a post I wrote a year ago titled “Companies I’d like to Profile (but don’t exist)” to see how many of the ideas turned into actual startups or products. It turns out many of them are now out there in the world, standing the test of users. Others, not… Read More

  • Reader Response: Holiday SPECTACULAR

    Oh sleepy day. I’ve been cleaning my house half-awake, listening to downtempo. I hope you all are more prepared for the holiday onslaught than myself. So before everything hits, I wanted to take advantage of the Christmas Eve lull to formally announce the next installment of Reader Response, our Holiday SPECTACULAR edition. We’ve got a lot of good stuff for you all this week. Read More

  • ComicVine, A Place For Superheroes

    If StyleDiary ain’t your thing, my guess is ComicVine could be right up your alley. The site is from the same CNET veterans that created the car social network, Boompa, which we profiled back in June. ComicVine has a very similar interface as the very well designed Boompa. ComicVine is user generated, wiki-like content. Every superhero has his or her own page, with basic bio information… Read More

  • Wikia To Launch Search Engine: Exclusive Screenshot

    Update 12/25/06: Jimmy Wales says this isn’t a Wikiasari screen shot. So what is it? The Times reported earlier today that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is planning to launch a new search engine next year, to be called Wikiasari. He’s clearly aiming for Google. He says: “Google is very good at many types of search, but in many instances it produces nothing but spam and… Read More

  • Gov. Jeb Bush's Official Portrait Features Blackberry

    Governor Jeb Bush, brother of our current prez, today unveiled his official gubernatorial portrait, which happens to include his trusty Blackberry. Jeb is a power user, from what we can tell, and would often respond to emails from his constituents personally. We salute him for that, and for his acceptance of modern personal technology. While the phrase “sign of the times” is… Read More

  • Dell Pushes Gaming Technology Further

    If you’ve been waiting for something different in gaming PCs to come along by the end of the year, you may be in luck. Dell has got a little teaser up for its new Black Ice (whatever it may be) on its newly designed XPS website, and all it says so far is: Technology like you’ve never seen. Black Ice is coming, exclusively from Dell. Gizmodo guesses that Black Ice is a liquid… Read More

  • Burger King Games Match Gears Of War Sales

    Remember when I said it wouldn’t be a big surprise if those Burger King games for the Xbox 360 sold like crazy? Well, it happened. The games have been out for a little less than a month, but they’ve already hit the 2 million mark, meaning they’ve hit Gears of War status. Sure they’re cheap and there’s three of them, but c’mon, 2 million copies? I… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Return to Cookie Mountain Edition

    Hey Fatty, Put Down The Cookie And Go To CalorieKing.com
    MobiBLU Announces The Cubisto
    Release Your Inner Rick Wakeman: Roll-up USB Keyboard
    Christmas Story Leg Lamp
    ezGear Announces ezEars SX50 Read More

  • Women. Clothes. Style. Ugh.

    There’s a trend emerging on the Internet, and it isn’t pretty. Well, it is pretty, but it’s bad news for those of us with absolutely nothing to add to the conversation. Those of us without a sense of style. I’m the kind of guy who thinks the protagonist in The Devil Wears Prada looked better before she started dressing in the latest styles and became popular with… Read More

  • Will Lickety Ship End Differently Than Kozmo?

    New startup LicketyShip, the Kozmo-like ecommerce service that delivers goods within a couple of hours of ordering, is counting on this holiday season to make a name for itself. The company, which we first noticed back in January, launched in September, but they’ve recently gotten a lot of mainstream press attention and are offering $9.99 delivery up through Christmas Eve. So while the… Read More

  • Reader Response: Festivus Week Concludes

    It’s over! Seven days of tenacious commenting; seven days of you readers scrambling for a chance to win a Nikon D40 camera kit. We’ve already given away a bunch of SanDisk Cruzer flash drives as part of our Reader Response Festivus Week, but I imagine today is the day you’ve all been waiting for. So who gets the D40? Read More