• Major Zune Announcement on Monday!

    Big news coming out of iLounge about a new Zune being announced on Monday. That’s not a typo, folks. I did say iLounge. Details about what might be coming out of Redmond are skimp, but rumors have been going around about a flash-based Zune for some time. Nothing to lose sleep over, but we’ll keep our ears to ground anyway. New Zune on Monday? [iLounge] Read More

  • Second Life: Europeans Outnumber Americans 3 to 1

    If Web 2.0 is a bubble of hype, then surely Linden Lab’s Second Life is the shiniest bubble of them all. Companies from IBM, CNet, Reuters, American Apparel, Coldwell Banker and many more have established their presence in the metaverse, but a new study of Second Life finds that the expenditure may be wasted. comScore reports that not only are there more Germans actively using Second… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Just Married Edition

    The AudioFile: Gadget-On-Gadget Love
    Coach Signature Stripe iPod Case
    Ole! Cinco De Mayo Dip Tray Commemorates Mexican Victory, Cheese
    Car Costumes Make This Cynic Sick
    Give Your Momma A Zune Contest Is Over Read More

  • Ask: Is the Algorithm Working?

    It’s Friday night in London. You’re out on the town with some friends at the local pub, drinking some beers and the call of nature beckons. Making your way to the restroom you’re confronted with advertising that tells you that 75% of online information goes through one company. On the other side of the Pond, a soccer mom makes her way along the New Jersey Turnpike, passing a… Read More

  • Rescue Time: Automated Time Management meets Web 2.0

    Time Management as a distributed concept is not new, from long corporate training days with free lunches (the lunch often being the highlight) through to earlier software packages, and even through to today, with a wealth of Web 2.0 options focusing on providing the user with the tools to better manage their own time and that of team members. Whilst I’ve been a user of a number of… Read More

  • Belkin Supports Boobs

    Belkin announced today the launch of two products benefiting the fight against breast cancer. It has pledged 10 percent of the proceeds from a new pink iPod nano Sport Armband and the “Hope” Remix Metal Nano case. Belkin will give a minimum of $100,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The items will be available on May 6 for $30 each. Here is your opportunity to wear pink and not… Read More

  • Portable DirecTV Unit Available Now; Includes Power, TV

    I live in an apartment. It is a nice apartment with great views of most of Seattle, from the Downtown all the way up to the U-District and even the Freemont Bridge. Sadly, like many apartment dwellers, I’m limited to cable TV. My building has strict rules against DirecTV-style mini dishes. The manager says it’s about decor, we think it’s more to do with the heft discount… Read More

  • Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N100 Review

    Smaller, lighter, better, is the mantra for the new category of ultra portable multi-function GPS devices. While portable GPS systems aren’t new, manufacturers are expanding the category by cramming in new features. Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N100 certainly fits that bill, if only somewhat. The difficulty is providing a feature-set that appeals to a broad audience and a user interface… Read More

  • Windows Media 6 Upgrade Now Available for T-Mobile Dashers

    Just a quick note: If you use a T-Mobile Dash you should head over to the T-Mobile WM Upgrade page and download the free Windows Mobile 6 package. While it doesn’t fix all of WinMo’s issues (it’s still Windows), it goes a long way to make it more usable and intuitive. And it’s free. We like free. Make sure to do a sync and a complete back up of your Dash, because… Read More

  • Google In Talks To Acquire SimplyHired

    Rumors surfaced today that Google is in discussions to acquire job search engine Simply Hired. Trip Chowdry, a research analyst at Global Equity Research first spoke about it, and the story was then picked up by Alarm:Clock. I spoke with Simply Hired president Dion Lim, who confirmed that there is “lots of interest in us” from a number of parties but would not comment directly on… Read More

  • CrunchGear HiFi Reader Response Closes

    Today is the day — for selecting the winners of our CrunchGear HiFi Reader Response contest. The two lucky very lucky winners will each receive a brand new Sansa Connect courtesy of SanDisk. And so, without further delay, the winners are: Read More

  • Mighty Apple, Inc. is Most Innovative Company of the Year Says BusinessWeek

    Now that I know I can’t say anything bad about Apple, it gives me great pride to say that BusinessWeek just proclaimed Apple the most innovative company for the year 2007. All hail Steve Jobs, who makes only $1 in salary per year because he’s so generous. With the iPod now having achieved “Q-Tip”-like penetration and a streaming media solution (which have never existed… Read More

  • YouTube to Start Paying Certain Users for Their Videos

    Pass Google’s vigorous test and you might start getting paid for all of your uploaded YouTube videos. Everyday users, perhaps even including Internet super megastar lonelygirl15, stand to benefit from a program that Google hopes will encourage users to upload more and better clips to the site. For once, the creators of user-generated content will be compensated for making all these… Read More

  • FYI – We Didn't Really Aquire F***edCompany

    I just want to make it clear that we didn’t really acquire FuckedCompany last month. It was just an April Fools joke. I thought making statements like “there just isn’t anything left to invent” would be a sign that we weren’t serious, but we continue to get emails asking how the deal is coming along, and today we noticed that the merger is starting to pop up… Read More

  • Overhear.us: Corporate Gossip 2.0

    If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had your fair share of bad managers and misdirected corporate initiatives, leading to grumbling around the office. It’s hard to tell the person signing your check that they’re the problem and not all of us can garner the same press attention as Brad Garlinghouse’s Peanut Butter memo. Y Combinator startup Overhear.us wants… Read More

  • AT&T/Cingular Says No Deep Linking. Whaaa!?

    Remember the Web as it was in the 1990s? We were all getting our feet wet, figuring out how it was going to work. This is part of what makes the Web so powerful, the fact that it’s always evolving. One thing that keeps the motor running is unrestricted linking. You can link to any story on this blog, and we can link to any story on your site. We don’t have to like what you link to… Read More

  • Ole! Cinco De Mayo Dip Tray Commemorates Mexican Victory, Cheese

    Cinco de Mayo (The Fifth of May) is a Mexican celebration which commemorates the victory of Mexican forces led by General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin over the French occupational forces of Mexico. What a better way to celebrate this holiday than with a heated nacho tray? The tray is $18.74 from Target and will keep your nachos and dip warm. Nacho lovers will love the electric Chip and Dip tray… Read More

  • WSJ Says Microsoft/Yahoo Deal Not Happening

    After a frenzied morning of hype and speculation around a rumored $50 billion merger between Microsoft and Yahoo, the WSJ is now saying (its fifth article today on the topic) that the deal isn’t happening, largely because of Yahoo disinterest. The article also contains good comparison stats of the three companies: Read More

  • Top Five PSP Mods That Don't Involve Throwing It Out

    Check your calendar. Yes, it’s a Friday, also known as “we need a list of something”-day on the Web. Today’s, care of TechEBlog (they’re good at these lists), is the Top Five PSP Mods. While I say the best PSP mod is the one where you throw it in the garbage and hate yourself for paying full price, apparently there’s a few other ones as well. This one… Read More

  • Breaking: Packard Bell Still in Business, Making GPS Units

    I was supposed to write about these nifty GPS units just announced by Packard Bell, but in researching my story I came across something more noteworthy: Packard Bell is still a company. Formed in LA in the mid 1920s, PB became notorious in the late 1980s through the late 1990s as manufacturer of the crappiest PCs in the world. Indeed, Packard Bell started the trend eMachines would later take… Read More

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