• How cold is your beer? Coors Light knows.

    You’ve all seen the Coors Light bottles with the color changing mountains by now, but if you haven’t then you’ve been living under a rock or you like warm beer. I hear there’s a heat wave in NYC and I’m not looking forward to coming back to that tomorrow, but at least I know my beers will be cold since the mountains will be nice and blue. The plastic bottle… Read More

  • Nintendo planning USB devices for the Wii

    Nintendo of America just posted a job opening on its website for a “Software/Hardware Tester”. Among the job’s responsibilities was creating a plan to bring USB devices to the Wii. It was reported that the job posted 3 days ago on Nintendo.com, but when I went there today I couldn’t find it. At this time Nintendo has not publicly mentioned that is has plans to bring… Read More

  • Vizio is not in the wrong over MPEG-2 patent, says Amtran

    Amtran, the Taiwan-based, majority shareholder of Vizio who happens to be the biggest manufacturer for the US-based brand is adamant that royalties for the compression technology had been paid for. In fact, the licensing fees had been paid to MPEG LA between Q4 of 2007 and Q1 of 2008, says Amtran. Read More

  • New Firefox Mobile concept video looks amazing

    If there was ever any doubt that Mozilla could pull off something amazing with Firefox Mobile, this video pretty much stomps all over it. Aza Raskin, head of user experience for Mozilla Labs, put this user interface concept demo on his blog this morning. Simply put: it rocks my face off. Their idea for how to handle tabs just about annihilates everything we’ve seen from other mobile… Read More

  • What are you getting the old man for Father's Day?

    I’ve been giving this a lot of thought in the last few weeks and I’m not sure what to get my dad. The parentals don’t need a TV because they just got a 52-inch Samsung plasma, so that one is out the door. Although, he might want something for the office. This 32-inch Westinghouse 720p, W3223, set isn’t too shabby and for $699 that’s not a bad deal. Heck, I might… Read More

  • 60 inches of this ridiculous ethernet uber-cable costs $500

    Oh dear, oh dear. I’m surprised the description doesn’t mention that your signal is being accelerated by being bathed in snake oil. It lowers my estimation of the human race’s worth when anyone can actually be foolish enough — or simply rich enough — to buy something like this. Ultra-high-end solutions like this are regularly mocked. Audiophiles can’t tell… Read More

  • For digital TV switch, man upgrades half-century-year-old TV

    If you’re one of the dozens of Americans thinking about finally upgrading to a digital TV when the Big Switch comes in February of next year, you might want to consider a conversion kit. They’re cheap, and the government is giving a $40 coupon to those looking to switch over. And if you’re wondering if your current TV is compatible, it is. In fact, this enterprising UK… Read More

  • New Scandal At MediaMax Gives Us Excuse To Embed A Video Clip From The Office

    MediaMax, a perpetually controversial San Diego based startup, says we need a social network around paper products file sharing. More on that in a minute (as well as a relevant video clip from The Office), but first a note on a new scandal brewing. In the past few weeks, we’ve received a number of complaints about MediaMax, the troubled file storage site that lost vast amounts of its… Read More

  • Bionic Woman, 50, is faster, better, and stronger than your mom

    At the end of this month, after 20 years of operations, all of Eileen Brown major joints except her right elbow will be man made. She has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since she was in her 20s; now 49, she hopes to get her new replacement left hip before her 50th birthday. She had this to say when he got her right hip replaced: “Most people are stuck in bed for about two weeks… Read More

  • Griffin prepped for iPhone 3G with four cases, more to come

    They might not be new in the product line, but Griffin is prepared with redesigns of their popular Wave, Nu Form, Elan Form and Elan Clip cases for the iPhone 3G. All cases are priced at $24.99 except the Elan Form, which is priced at $29.99. All cases will be available on the Griffin site by end of the month. Apple stores will be stocked on July 11. I think I like the Nu Form the most. Read More

  • Snow Leopard won't support PowerPC Macs

    Snow Leopard, or OS X 10.6, went out to developers at WWDC yesterday, and one glaring aspect that worries some is the fact that 10.6 is made specifically for Intel-based Macs, meaning that G5 won’t run it. In fact all PowerPC-based Macs are left out in the cold. This was bound to happen, though, as Apple’s switch to Intel processors has been complete for many months now, but this… Read More

  • ‘Strong Bad’ Wii gameplay video, it’s coming to PC too

    http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/x5qtox Back in early April we took a peek at “Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People” that had just been announced for Wii Ware. It appears that the game is going to be available for the PC as well and there are a handful of demo videos over at the Telltale Games web site. There’s a “playable” demo, too (sort of). As… Read More

  • LicketyShip: Founding CEO Out, Ditches Business Model To Focus On Couriers As A Web Service

    When Lickety Ship launched in late 2006 to deliver ecommerce items to purchasers within four hours of checkout, I asked if it would end any differently than the ill-fated Kozmo, which burned through $280 million in capital before a spectacular flame out in 2001. Kozmo didn’t charge for deliveries, and people would jokingly buy a packet of M&Ms or other small item and have it… Read More

  • Sprint to reorganize rate plans this weekend

    Sprint users are getting new plans, or so says the Internet. The carrier is restructuring its plans to be simpler and make more sense. Basic plans will give you 450 or 900 minutes for either $40 or $60. $10 gets you the same plans with texting allotments. Or you can pay $90 for 900 minutes and unlimited texting, talking, and data, or get the $99 plan that has unlimited everything. Pretty… Read More

  • Handy: modular 2.5" front port thing with USB ports, card readers, drive slot

    Now here’s something I could use. My computer’s front looks good, but it only has the optical drive bay at the top and two ports at the bottom — why not make it pretty and functional? Brando USB has these handy front port modules available with swappable bits in case you decide you need a 2.5″ drive bay more than a multi-reader. Front port things have been around… Read More

  • WordPress Security Issues Lead To Mass Hacking. Is Your Blog Next?

    Due to its popularity as a blogging platform, WordPress has become a prime target for hackers looking to take over blogs for search-engine optimization (SEO) of other sites they control, traffic-redirection and other purposes. Recently there have been a spate of automated attacks which take advantage of recently discovered security vulnerabilities in WordPress. To date, WordPress has been… Read More

  • Smibs Brings A New Take On Business Networking

    Smibs, a new business startup out of Canada, has just launched in private beta. The site is a combination between a business network, dubbed SmibsNet, and an application platform. The site plans to launch its public beta in July. SmibsNet is comparable to other business networking sites like LinkedIn in that it allows users to view the past experience and skill sets of prospective… Read More

  • Canon 1000D/Rebel XS in-depth preview

    The new entry-level DSLR from Canon is about to debut (as we mentioned earlier), and its merits are being seriously considered by the photo sites and magazines out there. After all, it offers a fantastic value, but so many cameras do these days that it’s hard to recommend it when you can spend a couple hundred extra and get a Rebel XSi or a nice Nikon. Most people going for entry-level… Read More

  • New AUV called Seaglider arrives from iRobot

    Your Roomba’s getting a new big brother, though this one’s not for the living room. The company behind the robotic vacuum cleaners announced today a new product called a Seaglider, which is an autonomous submersible robot designed for a number of underwater uses. The robot has a range of hundreds of miles and can stay at sea for months at a time if need be. This way it can collect… Read More

  • Take-Two considering getting into micro-transactions, in-game ads

    I feel for the poor publishers, really I do. How to make the big bucks when so many games A: suck and B: cost millions to produce? Some have taken refuge on the rock of microtransactions. From a penny to a couple bucks, publishers and developers have found that sometimes people will shell out a little cash for a little something extra in-game. Nobody’s really nailed it down, yet &mdash… Read More

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