• CrunchArcade: One month later, GTA IV still among top pirated video games

    Grand Theft Auto IV is still among the top five torrented video games on Blackcats, the premiere, video game-specific, private BitTorrent tracker. With something like 970 seeders (the numbers fluctuate by the minute it seems) between both the PAL and NTSC version, the game trails only the just-released Race Driver Grid and Enemy Territory Quake Wars. And did everyone beat the game yet? I got up… Read More

  • iRiver L Player: FLAC tested, Muse approved

    Indie cool iRiver is now showing off (in Korea) the L Player, using message board cool Muse’s likeness to promote it. The portable media player has 2-inch LCD, and works with all the dumb file formats you’re likely to find on The Pirate Bay or whatever, including MPEG-4, XVID and FLAC. There’s even OGG support—that must be great news for, like, nine of you. SRS Wow… Read More

  • Samsung Soul slider reborn as candybar, dubbed Soulb

    Samsung has announced the Soulb, which they say contains “all the merits of Soul DNA” in a candy bar form factor. The names an interesting one — though I’m unable to replicate it here without using an image, the trailing b in Soulb is actually written as if it were a superscript, like so: . How would that be pronounced? Soul to the power of b? Soul-bee? Soul… Read More

  • New projector with "template function" to be released

    Today Hitachi announced they will start selling a new LCD projector on the Japanese market on June 10th. The CP-X450J will be available for $3,800 (MSRP) and is Japan-only. It comes with XGA real resolution and a brightness level of 3,500 ANSI lumens. There are 2 component outputs and one SVHS output (no HDMI). The CP-X450J features a so-called “template function”, with which… Read More

  • Apple, Toshiba and Canon most popular Tech brands in Japan

    Apple, Toshiba and Canon ranked highest in an Internet survey conducted among over 40,000 Japanese consumers older than 16 years between October 2007 and March 2008. The results (based on customer satisfaction) were released yesterday by marketing research company GfK Marketing Services Japan. People in this country gave excellent grades to Apple in the field of laptops, desktop PCs and… Read More

  • The final robot frontier: New robots to patrol Antarctica (in search of sunrise)

    Little snowmobile-like robots will soon be patrolling the Antarctic surface, collecting all sorts of data in the pursuit of something called science. The robots, called SnoMote by their Georgia Tech creators, distinguish themselves from previous cold weather robots in how they navigate the icy surface. Rather than depend upon landmarks like rocks or mountains, which are hard to discern in… Read More

  • TypePad AntiSpam, A New Open Source Comment Spam Fighter

    Blogging infrastructure company Six Apart is launching a new free open source product this morning into beta called TypePad AntiSpam. While the product is new, the technology behind it has been used by Six Apart since May 2007 on millions of hosted TypePad blogs. Now they are offering it as a web service for other blogging platforms, too. TypePad AntiSpam is clearly aimed at Akismet, a… Read More

  • Pinch Media Releases Free Analytics for iPhone SDK

    A small and very new startup out of New York called Pinch Media is building tools for iPhone and iPod touch developers. The first of these tools is an analytics offering called Pinch Analytics, released just today for free, that will track an application’s number of unique visitors and active users, as well as how much time those users spend on the app and where they are located… Read More

  • The Next-Gen Web: Browser Storage Support

    The next-gen web is starting to gather pace, as this week MySpace integrated Google Gears, Yahoo! announced their new BrowserPlus product and Google launched a browser-based edition of their 3D Earth product. Technologies and formats such as AIR, Silverlight, JavaFX, Gears, XUL, Web Applications 1.0 (DOM5, HTML5 etc.) allow developers to accelerate beyond AJAX and towards a new generation of… Read More

  • VIA 'Isaiah' chips official, now called 'Nano'

    VIA’s 64-bit “Isaiah” processor, which we’ve reported here and here, has now been made official, taking on the “Nano” moniker. The chip uses a 65-nanometer process, measures 21mm x 21mm, and uses the same socket as existing VIA C7 processors, which should make things easier on OEMs. It’s being pitched for more mainstream desktop and laptop… Read More

  • Trulia Brings Sweet Eyecandy to.. the Housing Market?

    Trulia, the real estate search engine and community, has released Snapshot, a new interactive housing map that is a bit more fun than it should be. Snapshot overlays a Microsoft Virtual Earth map with thumbnails of houses on the market. Each image hovers over its proper location on the map, and users can drag them around to get a better look at the terrain if some houses are too close together. Read More

  • Express Gate instant-on Internet and media access coming to most ASUS notebooks next month

    Starting in June, we’ll see a bunch of ASUS laptops shipping with the Express Gate instant-on UI. The interface was created by DeviceVM and is called Splashtop, although OEMs can apparently change the name to suit their needs, hence ASUS calling it Express Gate. It’s branded as “a light-weight operating system that allows consumers to use their computers seconds after hitting… Read More

  • How Beautiful is Glam?

    Women’s ad network Glam Media thinks it’s worth more than $1.3 billion, reports Matt Marshall at VentureBeat. That’s how much an unnamed suitor is supposedly offering for Glam. But Marshall thinks that Glam will turn it down. The company has raised $115 million, most recently in an $85 million round. Glam runs ads on female-oriented Websites that it says reaches 64… Read More

  • Possible Acer mini-laptop sighting?

    According to UMPCPortal, these may be photos of the Acer Aspire One, a tiny laptop similar to the Eee, except that the first two E’s are replaced with the letters “O” and “N” to change things up a bit. The UI looks non-Windows-y, despite early reports indicating that Acer’s entrant would run XP. The UI shown above could be media center type software, though. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Paris demo spot hits the Internets

    Someone managed to get their hands on the ad spot for Sony Ericsson’s P5 Paris, and the folks over at JustAMP pushed it to YouTube. Details about this QWERTY/NumPad combo slider have been leaking out for the past month. Word is it’ll be made official at Sony Ericsson’s press conference on June 17th. It’s a pretty lookin’ thing for sure, but if it doesn’t let… Read More

  • Startup Roundup

    Moo, which recently moved offices in London, has a new roof (see above), which doubles as a terrace. Lucky them! So in the spirit of other more minor items of interest, here’s a roundup of smaller items from a bunch of UK and Irish startups, in no particular order: • Zebtab has a new channel, iwantoneofthose (IWOOT), the internet gadget retailer. • The Filter has launched some… Read More

  • Rumor: 3G iPhone to be delayed?

    Well, this one is just about as speculatory as it gets: Infineon, who might be supplying the chips for the 3G iPhone, announced this morning that they are seeing less demand for HSDPA chips than they expected from an unnamed project. Analysts are guessing this means the next iPhone has either been delayed, or will launch with lower volumes. Nothing to worry about, iPhone fans. If Steve planned… Read More

  • GTA: NES

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1812127&fullscreen=1 See more funny videos at CollegeHumor I actually don’t recall many ultra-violent games for the NES. Am I misremembering? Read More

  • BenQ T850 8-megapixel is slimmest ever

    BenQ, they of the superlative, announced the world’s slimmest 8-megapixel camera, the T850. It has a 3-inch screen and a “multi-touch” movements like tapping, circling, and swiping. It has a special “Smile Catch” mode (WTF?) and should never be available here, ever. Say “Europe only!” Read More

  • Samsung L870 S60 runs Safari? Nah, just Webkit

    The Samsung L870 has launched in Korea and it appears to be one of the first phones to use Webkit, the backbone of Safari and most open source web browsers. Since it uses Series 60 from Symbian, we can kind of-sort of accept that it uses the S60 port of WebKit but Safari it aint… or is it. PhoneArena has been back and forth with Samsung over this and they’re reporting that Samsung… Read More

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