• Google Declares Jihad On Blog Link Farms

    A major Google page rank update has punished large scale blog link farms and similar sites indulging in heavy cross linking by dramatically cutting their Google page rank scores. There is some suggestion that the changes may be related to the sale of text link ads, but at this stage this is not backed by evidence, and a range of sites I checked that are selling text link ads were showing no… Read More

  • Japanese Women Fight Groping with Mobile Application

    For years Japanese women have endured being groped while in large crowds. Packed commuter trains are notorious prowling areas for men who feel the need to sexually assault random women. According to Tokyo police, 1853 men were arrested for groping passengers on Tokyo trains in 2005. But the harassment on trains is thought to be much higher because many women are too embarrassed to report… Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Tickle Me Elmo 2 Jameson When the invasion comes, your kind words about the Elmo Overlords will not be forgotten. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Carnivore Elmo Edition

    Police shut down OiNK BitTorrent site
    Tickle Me Elmo 2
    PatrolBot brings you your beer, warns of intruders
    Hands on with the Blackjack II
    CTIA SF 2007 Read More

  • Porn Set Free: Age Record Keeping Deemed Unconstitutional

    Creators of porn websites have been set free of onerous confirmation of age record keeping laws, after the Unites States Court of Appeals found that the law requiring the keeping of these records was unconstitutional. Previously, porn websites hosted in the United States had to keep records confirming that all performers shown on their sites were of a legal age. More recently there has been… Read More

  • TasteBook Launches With Lots Of Help From Condé Nast

    New startup TasteBook launches on Wednesday morning, with a lot of help from Condé Nast: an investment from their Internet unit (CondéNet) as well as a partnership with Epicurious, a Condé Nast property. TasteBook is a service that lets users take their favorite recipes from partner sites (starting with Epicurious) and create printed cookbooks that are delivered to them and/or friends. Read More

  • Trusted Opinion Takes $1.3 Million Series A

    Recommendation based social network Trusted Opinion has raised $1.3 million Series A, although the investors are not being disclosed (we did ask). Palo Alto based Trusted Opinion offers community based product ratings and recommendations in a social networking setting. The focus is on friends recommending things to friends, such as movies and DVD’s. The company added support for… Read More

  • BOOMj.com Acquired By Time Lending California

    Social networking site for old people BOOMj.com has been acquired (or merged into: they say both) by Time Lending California, a company that engages in “direct mail marketing for mortgage companies” as well as real estate loan brokering and real estate sales. Under the deal, the OTCB listed Time Lending will change its name to BOOMj.com Inc. George Pursglove, President and… Read More

  • Gmail Apparently Enabling IMAP Support

    The folks over at Download Squad have stumbled across persuasive evidence that Google is adding IMAP support to Gmail. While the option to use IMAP has not showed up in my Gmail account yet (or any other bloggers’ for that matter), they point to this Google help center page, which confirms the speculation. We’ve been tracking new Gmail features for some time; IMAP was the final… Read More

  • JackBe Raises $9.5M, Provides Mashups for the Enterprise

    We don’t often cover enterprise news, but JackBe has built an enterprise-oriented business on top of a very Web 2.0 concept: the mashup. And apparently this strategy has been working out well for them – they just raised $9.5M from Harbert Venture Partners and Core Capital Partners, as well as from existing investors Intel Capital, Darby Technology Ventures and Blue Chip Venture… Read More

  • Gnarley: FunnyOrDie Extends Into Extreme Sports

    Will Ferrell’s FunnyOrDie video startup is spreading its wings with a new site: ShredOrDie, focused on extreme sports and hosted by pro skateboarder Tony Hawk. ShredOrDie will seek to mix extreme-sports and celebrity culture in a manner similar to FunnyOrDie’s blending of comedy and celebrity, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Initial site content include Hawk interviewing… Read More

  • Transformers busts all HD-DVD sales records in less than a week

    We’re not sure if this is telling of how good the film is, how much geeks are into it, or of the state of high-def disc formats, but in less than a week on the market, Transformers is now the best selling HD-DVD title of all time. In less than a week. Now that’s a dubious achievement to be sure, as we’re not even sure HD-DVD will be around in a year (fingers crossed), but it… Read More

  • iPhone re-virginizer released, iFuntastic now works: God, these guys are good

    Another day, another iPhone hack. This one returns your iPhone to its pristine, pre-1.1.1/AnySIM/hacked state, allowing you to upgrade slowly and methodically to 1.1.1 and unlock your iPhone sans drama. Amazing work. Oh, and popular Jailbreak/modding app iFuntastic now works with 1.1.1. Anything else you guys need? Maybe an iPhone finger condom? Download Page via TUAW Read More

  • Yappd Didn't Last Long. DeadPool.

    When Twitter-clone Yappd launched two months ago, we wrote “Here’s a me-too service that won’t last long” and “yet another hopeful young gun enters the space with little to differentiate itself except the addition of a photo to your status messages.” We may not always be right, but this time it was sort of obvious – the world doesn’t need yet… Read More

  • iPhone better than ground control, National Weather Service

    Readers at FlyerTalk are outraged at the new iPhone commercial featuring a pilot who uses his iPhone to check the weather and inform the control tower that things were clearing up and he should be able to fly. I’m actually getting kind of tired of these “real person” ads, actually. Not sure why, but they don’t sit right with me. Oh well. Now you’ll know what… Read More

  • Another site busted by the Brits. It makes you proud

    What is it with the British Police? Suddenly they seem to be channelling the RIAA and Hollywood’s militant tendency. Various news outlets are reporting that the world’s largest BitTorrent site specialising in pre-release music has been shut down today after raids by British and Dutch police. OiNK has 180,000 members and released more than 60 major albums this year, often weeks ahead… Read More

  • CTIA SF 2007: What is going on?

    Ok, folks, I’ve been wandering aimlessly for the last few hours and don’t have much to show for it. There isn’t much in terms of hardware (Blackjack II was the biggest announcement) unless you get your rocks off on external modems. There aren’t even any booth babes! It’s mostly apps touting a new way to view your e-mail, watch TV, get on MySpace or something else… Read More

  • Tivo Expander support, other fun in new Tivo update

    Remember yesterday I clued you all in on a mysterious “Tivo Expander” Best Buy leaked on their site? It’s useful now, with Tivo pushing out a service update that allows Tivo HD owners for the first time to take advantage of external storage media. Very handy indeed. In addition, the update allows for Tivo-to-Tivo sharing and better support for portable devices. If you’re… Read More

  • Judy's Book To Shut Down. Yelp Is The Last of The Local Review Sites Still Standing.

    We just got word from Judy’s Book founder and CEO Andy Sacks that the Seattle startup will be shutting down operations, and most of the staff of twelve was let go today. The company had raised a total of $10.5 million over two rounds of financing. Judy’s Book started off as a community driven review site for local businesses, but changed it’s focus in 2006 when the… Read More

  • Videojug poaches UK Web veteran

    It’s interesting that UK-based Videojug, the ‘how to’ video website, has attracted the likes of Nancy Cruickshank, the high-profile head of Hearst Digital, to become its global chief executive. Videojug founder Dan Thompson will move into the chairman’s seat. Videojug has 30,000 ‘How to’ and ‘Ask the Experts’ video clips, which it shares with… Read More

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