• NYTimes Article Reverberates Through Yahoo; Who's Their Next CEO?

    When blogs and regional newspapers trash Jerry Yang it’s one thing. But when the New York Times does it, people really notice. Public lynchings like this are few and far between from that bastion of traditional journalism. Yesterday’s article by Joe Nocera, titled “Oh Jerry, It’s No Longer Your Baby” was a stinging condemnation of Yang. It’s presented as a… Read More

  • Arrington Talks Yahoo/Google/Microsoft

    Mike’s been busy this week, breaking the news of the Yahoo/Google deal and then expressing one or two opinions on Yahoo’s business judgment as well. If you’re still unsure about how he feels about the deal, check out the clip below where he talks to Gabriel Slate on local San Francisco station KRON4. http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/1274171299 Read More

  • Pre-order special collector's edition Blu-ray Iron Man now

    Iron Man Exclusive Trailer
    http://lads.myspace.com/videos/vplayer.swf Amazon isn’t revealing what’s so special about the collector’s edition of the greatest comic book movie ever made, but the pre-order is up for $27.95. No word on when it will ship. I hope it’s by summer’s end. Read More

  • Nokia E71 pictures surface in white

    Is that really a Nokia? It looks so good. Yep, that’s the E71 smartphone in the flesh. No clue when it’s being launched, but I have a feeling it should be sometime soon. In the meantime let’s enjoy the pics. Read More

  • Video: Hacked Wii balance board used in WoW

    The same German nerds who hacked the Wii Balance Board to work in Google Earth have managed to make it work in WoW. Be amazed. Nerds. Read More

  • Why Kyte.tv will kill Qik and Flixwagon in cell phone video space

    The post below is written by Robert Scoble, a top blogger and the founder FastCompanyTV. Robert has been one of the earliest adopters of cell phone video, which offers the ability to stream live to the Internet, with the primary tradeoff being relatively poor video quality. He’s extensively tested all of the major emerging services in this area, including Kyte, Qik and Flixwagon… Read More

  • Microsoft doesn't think Xbox 360 brand loyalty affected because of red ring of death

    Flickr’d What number Xbox 360 are you on? I’m on number two—thanks red ring of death!—but apparently Microsoft thinks I’m cool with that. In an interview, the head of Microsoft’s entertainment division said Microsoft’s data shows people still show a brand loyalty to the Xbox 360 despite being on their second or third console. It speaks to the fact… Read More

  • Acer ‘One’ reviewed: Gets 6 out of 10

    Pocket-lint.co.uk has a quick review of Acer’s new ‘One’ ultraportable, giving it a so-so 6 out of 10. The reviewer cites cheap-feeling build quality, awkward track pad and mouse buttons, and frustrating operating system navigation as the main dings against the device. On the bright side, the machine’s three cell battery is good for a little over two hours of battery… Read More

  • Our Home Town

    About noon Friday here in California, I happened to click on a Summize tab substituting for Twitter’s Track functionality and monitoring the use of my Twitter screen name. Someone named Scrabo had tweeted “Rumor here at NBC is that Tim Russert passed away”. A minute later another: “@stevegillmor Brokaw getting ready to go on air.” Turning on NBC, then MSNBC, then… Read More

  • Windows Vista installed on Asus Eee 1000H

    Cameron over at TweakTown.com got Windows Vista Ultimate up and running on the new Asus Eee 1000H. The Windows Experience rating is a lowly 1.0, held back by the graphics card, but the system seems to otherwise work. The installation apparently only took about 30 minutes. Bonus points for using AC/DC in the video. Read More

  • No tethering options for new iPhone

    iPhone Atlas is reporting that “AT&T will not be offering tethering capabilities for the iPhone 3G,” as in, you’d have to buy a separate device altogether to use as a 3G modem via Bluetooth or USB. I’ve no doubt that some enterprising individuals will figure out a way around this, but the point is that AT&T should at least offer the option, even if the company… Read More

  • AOL Radio heads to iPhone: Tunes into radio stations by calculating where you are

    AOL Radio, yet another reason to consider getting an iPhone next month. AOL developed an application—it won an Apple design award—for the iPhone that lets users tune into AOL Radio either using 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi. The app, when used in an iPhone 3G, calculates where you are using GPS and automatically tunes into the closest CBS station. So yes, almost as simple as a regular radio… Read More

  • XBMC for Mac OS X continues to mature, gives Front Row much needed competition

    Flickr’d Formerly named Xbox Media Center, XBMC made the original Xbox useful long past its sell-by date, and it’s now been ported over to Mac OS X. Well, it’s been available for OS X for some time now, but yet another beta was released a few hours ago. That latest version, 0.5b8, can be found here. Now, you ask yourself, “Just why would I use XBMC on my… Read More

  • Hey Microsoft, How 'bout We Do That First Deal You Offered?

    The devil is in the details, and the details of the Yahoo-Google search advertising deal reveal the desperate, possibly neurotic state of Yahoo these days. Quite simply, it looks to me like Yahoo is effectively paying Google off to step in and (1) keep Jerry Yang, Sue Decker and the current board of directors in power, and (2) avoid a desperation deal with Microsoft for as long as possible… Read More

  • Orgoo To Offer True Webmail To Existing Social Networks

    Social networks are, first and foremost, vehicles for personal expression and interaction. But for all the wall posts, direct messages and pokes, one means of communication is conspicuously missing: email (Yahoo understands this, if little else). Apart possibly from the phone numbers you keep on your mobile phone, there is no better electronic indication of your social graph than your… Read More

  • Technorati Confirms New Financing; New Business Focus Coming

    Blog search engine Technorati, which was simultaneously pitching a sale through Montgomery & Co. as well as a new venture round, raised $7.5 million in a fourth round of financing according to a regulatory filing. Investors include Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Mobius Venture Capital and FG Incubation. I spoke with Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra this evening, who confirms that a venture… Read More

  • Upcoming Conferences From Our Sponsors

    Stay out the summer heat and get into these cool summer conferences. Supernova starts this Monday. It’s June 16-18 in San Francisco, CA. TechCrunch readers automatically receive a $200 discount here. Come join TechCrunch as we co-host the Mobile Connections forum with Kevin Werbach Monday at 5:15 pm at the Mission Bay Conference Center. Sun Microsystems is hosting an Open Source… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Friday, the 13th of June, 2008

    Today’s Top Posts: Could politics be holding up the XM-Sirius merger, now 450 days later? New Eee PC models get US pricing, starting at $599 CrunchDeals: Rock Band for PS2, $100 at Amazon Two children being treated for cellphone addiction CrunchWord Puzzle! Palm Centro now available on Verizon Wireless The Dark Knight edition Nokia 6205 goes on sale June 15: All sorts of movie… Read More

  • FCC Chairman hints at federal regulation of cellphone industry

    Stopping short of coming out and saying the FCC would start regulating cellphone company early termination fees, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin did publicize ideas for how such regulations would work. I’ve met Kevin Martin and he’s a very intelligent man, though I normally disagree with his ideas. This one, though, I love. Right now carriers are free to come up with any fees they… Read More

  • Upcoming two-part controller from Sony sounds nothing like wiimote

    Sure, motion detection is in the future for games on all platforms. It was expected after the success of the Wii that there would be belated follow-ups by Microsoft and Sony (we won’t count the Sixaxis). Of course, they will say how they’ve been thinking of it all along, and their approach is totally unique. I wonder if Sony is even going to try the usual lines when it comes out… Read More

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