• Newton 2.0?

    Excuse me while I cram this chunk of salt down my throat. Now that we’ve put that out of the way lets chat about the return of the Newton. AppleInsider has some insider info that a team of engineers has taken the multi-touch technology and is busy working on Newton 2.0 or has been for the better part of the past 18 months. During that time the project has sputtered due to the iPhone, but… Read More

  • Digital Life Quick Beers

    If you’re in town for Digital Life this week, drop us a note in comments with your real email in the comment. The CG guys will be out in force so maybe we can meet up for a quick beer during the show. Read More

  • MTA Planning Cellphone and Wi-Fi in New York Subway, Will Attempt to Decrease Booger/Seat Ratio In Meantime

    Well this is a hot little bit of news. Transit Wireless LCC is working with the MTA to add cell and Wi-Fi connections to 277 subway stations throughout New York, which will bring the system well into the 20th century if not the 21st. This is not free, mind you. Transit Wireless and the construction company will pay the MTA about $46.8 million — a paltry sum — for the pleasure… Read More

  • ISP Shuts Down Hacker's Site After Apple's Lawyers Make A Fuss

    Apple’s rabid lawyers really need to take a chill pill. What’s the fuss over a guy wanting to download the code on a busted iPod Touch? He just wants to run 3rd party apps. “Martyn” was planning on downloading and publishing the code onto a secure area of his site so that he and other hackers could take it for a whirl, but before he was able to do so Apple came down on… Read More

  • AmazonMP3's Watermarks Are Nothing To Be Concerned About (Yet)

    Let’s not jump to conclusions, privacy hawks. Word on the street is that the MP3s Amazon now sells contain watermarks. The thing is, the watermarks—so far—only have information where the file was purchased and downloaded from. The record labels apply the watermarks to the files and Amazon has little say over that. There’s nothing in the watermark that says… Read More

  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-501 Review

    I know I’ve called Bluetooth headset users tools before, but that’s because I’m a jerk and this is the perfect place for me to call people names. I keed, I keed. Just to be clear I think the tools are the ones who keep their headsets on when they’re obviously not going to be getting any calls like on the subway. It’s not cool looking anymore. You don’t look… Read More

  • Last.fm wants bands to use Web tools

    Last.fm, the social music site sold to CBS in May for $240m, is launching a PR campaign in the guise of an initiative to get unsigned and independent bands using online tools to build their careers. The campaign title and dedicated blog – nowformaband.last.fm – is inspired by punk fanzine Sideburns’ call to action in 1976 – “here’s three chords, now form… Read More

  • 1,000 Docstoc Invites for TechCrunch Readers

    Docstoc, a startup aiming to be the YouTube for professional documents, is giving away 1,000 invitations to its private beta to TechCrunch readers. Redeem your invitation by going here and entering “TC40″ into the “invitation ID” field. The first 1,000 readers to do so will get in; dawdlers will need to request an invitation using the form on Docstoc’s… Read More

  • InfoBar 2 Announced For Japan

    Mobile phones are my thing. It’s typically the only thing I really lust over and I’m not a fan of the iPhone. I actually think it sucks donkey dong, but whatever. The AU Infobar 2 is the oddest thing I’ve seen, but it’s so weird that I want one. The candybar has a 2.6-inch OLED screen, built-in One-Seg DMB tuner, a 2-megapixel camera with auto-focus, GPS, stereo… Read More

  • Ad-targeter Wunderloop wins customers

    In deal news, wunderloop, a specialist European tech firm in targeting ads based on user behaviour and content, has won 10 new customers. The roll-call is: AOL (UK), Bild.T-Online in Germany, Orange (NL and E), Webads (NL), Ilse Media (NL), SBS TV (NL), VNU/BP (NL), Imnetworks (NL), Tutto Gratis (I), and Tradera in Sweden, an eBay group company. Wunderloop has an behavioural ad and content… Read More

  • Gateway One Looks A Lot Like…

    Everyone is taking design cues from Apple and it’s rather apparent when you look at other high-end products. Am I right? Of course I am. If you think I’m wrong then you tell me the Gateway One doesn’t resemble an iMac. The One is encased in metal at just 3.6-inches deep with a 19-inch widescreen LCD. Its plethora of features isn’t ground breaking, but it’s nice… Read More

  • Halo 3 and the Best of Humanity

    Halo 3 has been available for over 24 hours now and it’s difficult to turn anywhere without seeing something written about it. It’s generally your standard “Halo 3 will make Microsoft $1846183746387461863″ fare in the media and from fans its “ZOMG HALO 3 IS THE BEST THING SINCE JESUS.” In the interest of culling the fold of useless comments, I’ve… Read More

  • MSN Video's New Look

    MSN Video just upgraded its video search page. It sports a new user interface that lets you search videos and watch them at the same time on a split screen. Search happens on the left, with search results popping up as thumbnail images.  Video consumption happens on the right, in a bigger window. The way people watch video on the Web is evolving fast, and Microsoft is trying to keep up… Read More

  • Watch Transformers On Blu-ray

    If you’re the proud owner of a PS3 or any other Blu-ray player and you’ve been pining over the fact that you won’t be able to watch Transformers or any other HD DVD flick then you’ll be happy to know that someone has provided you with a video guide on how to convert HD DVD to Blu-ray without losing picture quality or having to re-code. The video is crappy quality… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Beyond Halo 3

    Microsoft called yesterday the biggest day in the history of entertainment, and after months of hype and anticipation Halo 3 finally has arrived. But what if shooting aliens and playing as an iron-clad warrior isn’t exactly your thing? Let’s face it, playing as the socially awkward Master Chief for 11-20 hours might not be everyone’s idea of the perfect gaming experience. Read More

  • Piczo launches new features to stem decline

    In the UK, teen social network Piczo’s market share is dropping like a stone. Can new features allowing it to target advertising based on how users decorate their profiles stop the rot? According to Nielsen//NetRatings yesterday, Piczo has lost 40% of its unique users since December 2006 and has only 3% active reach as against Facebook and MySpace’s equal 20% and Bebo’s 14%. Read More

  • iPhone Dev Team Issues Statement Over Apple Threats

    The iPhone Dev Team is shooting back at Apple and their threats to brick unlocked iPhones. The crack team of hackers developers have promised a tool to restore your iPhone back to a factory-like state in the next week. The following statement has been altered for grammar and spelling. Read More

  • Addlogix Ships First Wireless Codec-Free PC-TV

    Addlogix, ever heard of them? Looking for a wireless solution to beam content from your PC to TV? In that case, check out the InternetVue 2020 Wireless PC2TV Receiver for all your streaming content needs. It works over 802.11 b/g and emulates what’s on your PC to TV. What sets the Addlogix box from others is that it’s fully compatible with all file formats regardless of Codec. Worth… Read More

  • The Juicer

    Last night, my roommates came home with a juicer that they purchased from Target. It looked like a normal juicer, despite the disgusting eggshell coloring it had. Then I heard laughter, a great roar of laughter, from the kitchen. I went out to investigate and couldn’t see what was so damn funny at first. It’s just a juicer! Then I saw something next to the juicer. Is that… Read More

  • Cy-Fi iPod Bicycle Speaker Announced

    This just does not seem like a good idea, but hey, to each his own. MyCyFi Inc. is betting its reputation that its Cy-Fi product will be a hit. It’s essentially a wireless speaker you strap on to your bike’s handlebars so you can listen to your iPod via a wireless transmitter. The speaker itself has all the standard iPod controls so you don’t have to fumble in your pocket… Read More

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