• Reebok: Voltron Edition

    I initially thought these were Reebok’s answer to the Nike Tranformers, but sadly I was mistaken. I thought it inappropriate to post these since they have nothing to do with technology or gadgetry, but I know our readers remember and love Voltron. Regardless, just take a moment and imagine what it would be like to have these fly kicks come together and form Voltron Force?! The five… Read More

  • Vulcan FlipStart In The Wild

    James Kendrick from jkOnTheRun gives a thorough review of the soon to be launched FlipStart. The unit James had was equipped with a Pentium M 1.1 GHz processor with 512 MB of RAM, a 30 GB hard drive, Windows XP SP2, integrated EV-DO, and a web cam. The FlipStart, for those not in the know, is essentially a mini PC that costs $2,000 and will be launched next month. The FlipStart is definitely not… Read More

  • Blackberry Daytona Caught On Tape

    I present to you dear readers, the Blackberry Daytona, live and in your face! Watch closely because it says “8800 Series” and previous reports slated it as an 8300. Daytona [via New Launches] Read More

  • Verizon And Sprint: Making Our Lives Better Part Deux

    In a less than surprising move, Verizon and Sprint are following AT&T’s lead and announced plans to allow customers to control their DVRs via mobile phone. Launching next week, Verizon customers will be able to program their TiVo sets for a monthly charge of $1.99 a month, which will work on more than a dozen models. Keep in mind TiVo customers can already program shows they want… Read More

  • Hang Timer Times Your Hang Time, Playa

    There was a kid in my high school who thought he was good at basketball. He was not. What he was good at was making the “Jordan Face” when he’d go for a lay-up, tongue out and everything. But no matter how much we told him that he sucked, he was convinced he was just like Mike. We didn’t have the Hang Timer in 1991, instead, sadly, we had Hammer Time. But if we had… Read More

  • Yahoo! Go for WinMo

    Yahoo! Go for Mobile is now available — in gamma version — for Windows Mobile devices. This version includes everything the Symbian folks are already crowing about including email, oneSearch (Yahoo’s mobile search product), photo sharing, and RSS/news ticker-type feeds. Check Yahoo’s mobile site for more information on compatibility but if it runs WinMo, it probably… Read More

  • Sprint EX720: My New BFF

    My intention was to review the Sprint EX720 EV-DO Rev A ExpressCard as a comparison with the Merlin XU870 HSDPA ExpressCard. Both cards are manufactured by Novatel, so the playing field is leveled. Couple that with the fact that I’m traveling all over the States for the next several weeks, and I think we’ll have the purest comparison possible. I still intend to do that, but… Read More

  • This Week in CrunchGear

    Even with our team scattered to the four winds, CrunchGear is still pumping out the hits. Have a busted iPod? Matt Hickey has the cure. Want OS X Leopard? It’s on its way. Want to know what happens when you’re Tasered? Our Seth Porges offers a fascinating look at the litigious — and dangerous — world of stun guns. Finally, want to make yourself sound like Mickey Mouse… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Rampage Edition

    iGo Desk For Snooty Apple Folk
    ImageExpo Mega Phone: Man-Sized Phone, Man-Sized Fun
    Anti-Terrorism Weapon Doesn’t Kill, Makes You Puke
    South Park’s Good Times in HD
    Home Theater Watch: Where a 1.5-inch Screen Means “Theater”
    Verizon Sales Rep Dishes on Contracts Read More

  • Sharpcast Expands Sync Platform With Photos v1.0

    If you work or play from multiple computing devices – laptops, desktops and/or mobile phones, Sharpcast can be a killer productivity tool and an excellent way of keeping all kinds of files syncronized. In a very basic sense, it’s like IMAP for all your files. Sharpcast came out of beta and released a 1.0 version of their photo synchronization application today. Sharpcast Photos… Read More

  • Apple iLaunch (humor)

    In a jab at Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ ability to capture the world’s attention every time he announces a new product, the Onion reports the introduction of the new Apple iLaunch in an article titled “Apple Unveils New Product-Unveiling Product.” The iLaunch is a product that will “revolutionize the process of unveiling new products throughout the world.” This is… Read More

  • Google Desktop 5 Released: Search Improved

    The beta release of Google Desktop 5 was just announced on the main Google blog as well as the Desktop blog. A complete overview of the new and existing Desktop features is here. The most important change is that users now have the ability to preview files in search results directly in the application or browser, which is a time saver. They’ve also upgraded security and redesigned the… Read More

  • The Much Needed Beer Calculator

    If you want to know exactly how many kegs of beer, pounds of ice and number of cups you need to get everyone at your party hammered, give Kegulator a whirl. Tell it how many guests you are having, use their Ajax slider to set how drunk everyone will get, and the site will spit out the supplies necessary to achieve your goal. If you’re Canadian, use Beer Hunter afterwards to figure out… Read More

  • Google Answers to Rise From Dead?

    Yahoo Answers is the undisputed leader in the Q&A space, vanquishing Google Answers to the DeadPool late in 2006. But now, a number of researchers who previously worked on Google Answers have started their own new service: Uclue. The team has also posted on the TechCrunch Forums looking for people to help out with the project. Like Google Answers, people asking questions are charged. The… Read More

  • Treo 680: Now Featuring More Boring

    or Motorola, we also get news that the popular Treo 680 is now available sans camera. Why would anybody want a Treo without a camera? Because it’s safer in some corporate environments, that’s why. In many corporate settings, like, say, the RIAA, the ability to surreptitiously snap and send photos is a nightmare that keeps security-minded types up at night. But with the modern… Read More

  • GDC 2007 Day 2: Planted in the Press Room

    The second day of GDC is underway and there are panels galore. None of which are particularly relevant to the CG shtick. I’ve planted myself in the press room and am attempting to update the site as the server smokes and flames and sputters toward oblivion after getting two front page diggs. My highlights yesterday were small, but interesting. There is little in the way of gadget… Read More

  • iSoundSpa iPod Dock: Wake Up to Sounds of the Ocean

    iSoundSpa represents the next evolution of iPod docks, that is, the unholy combination of an iPod dock and an alarm clock. Yes, it will charge your iPod while it’s plugged in. Yes, it has a built-in radio. No, it won’t dismantle the Taliban. It does, however, have six “soothing” nature songs that you can wake yourself up to, including “ocean” and… Read More

  • Anti-Terrorism Weapon Doesn't Kill, Makes You Puke

    Who cares about CeBit, GDC, PMA and CTIA when this year’s Navy Opportunity Forum for small businesses has weapons that shoot invisible wall-penetrating beams that make people dizzy and puke? My flight and hotel reservations are booked! Read More

  • South Park’s Good Times in HD

    While I’m never going to complain about South Park, the animated series does seem to be an odd choice for an HD download on the Xbox Live service. While typically hilarious, it isn’t exactly like the show is known for the most stunning graphics, but today fans will get to download a true classic of an episode, and possibly one of the best looking ones too. The fun-packed… Read More

  • Wii Want Our Wii

    Wii Line Circa Summer 2006. Now it’s worse. Love it or hate it, the Wii is the most popular console out right now and Nintendo has some ‘splaining to do. The Wii launched last year yet people still have to line up outside Best Buy for hours and sell their kidneys to get this bundle of fun. Kotaku threatens violence while Nintendo America’s Reggie Fils-Aime says: We work with… Read More

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