• Ok, Wait, Le Backup: iPhone Not Coming to France's Orange Afterall? Huh?

    I’m going to write this whole post without making a pun about Apples and Oranges. The point is, though, that we’d heard that Orange would be the French carrier for the froggy version of the iPhone. Orange had planned on announcing the partnership, and later did. Here’s the stickler though: Apple and Orange had never actually settled on the economics. They’re apparently… Read More

  • Creative Zen Review

    Creative’s Zen line of media players hasn’t stolen much thunder from the iPod, but it has been more successful than many. The latest, dubbed simply the Creative Zen, is a flash-based player that does video on a 2.5-inch screen and rocks a full-size SD card slot. It’s not bad-looking, and it resembles the Zen Vision in many of the right ways. But its boatload of features… Read More

  • Caption This: Howard Stern and Peter Ha

    When I look at the big grin on Peter’s face, I think ________________. Read More

  • Digital Life Cruceified: Lord of the Rings Online

    As Cruce Wayne and I went around the showroom, I asked what kind of tech he was into. Video games seemed to be Cruce’s forte, so we made our way over to Lord of the Rings Online and got a little demo going. The game is the only MMORPG for the LotR trilogy and works closely with the Tolkien estate to ensure the content in the game is of excellent quality. Read More

  • The Podcast Network Signs John Cleese For Video Podcast

    The Podcast Network (TPN) has announced the signing of English actor, writer and comedian John Cleese for an exclusive video podcast series titled “Headcast.” Cleese describes the show as “a somewhat humorous, somewhat more thoughtful, [a conduit that] gives me a chance to sound off in my old age.” A free version will be made available over the next few months on… Read More

  • Jajah Now Does Click To Call For Anyone

    Jajah will be officially announcing their click-to-call buttons on Monday. The buttons, which let people call the owner for free and anonymously, have been quietly in private beta over the past year. They are also taking on international calling card services and Jaxtr and Jangl, who already have click-to-call offerings on social networks and dating sites. The call buttons are available to… Read More

  • Digital Life 2007: The Mascots

    I have no idea why Popeye and Olive Oyle were at Digital Life, but Pac-Man was repping Namco and looked really happy to be walking around in a hot mascot suit all day. After the jump, Popeye and a dirty elementary school classic. Be warned though, Popeye’s chin looks like a pair of balls, so it may be a little NSFW if your boss is a testicle connoisseur. Read More

  • Novint Falcon Hitting CompUSA

    Hey, everybody! Remember that 3D touch game doohickey we told you about a few months ago? Yeah know, where you can feel shapes, textures and weight. Well, if you’ve been waiting-and I know you have been-hit up your local CompUSA store beginning October 8th and pick up a Novint Falcon game controller. There’s a super exclusive Limited Edition Novint Falcon Bundle for $239 that… Read More

  • Digital Life Cruceified: Meet Cruce Wayne

    Our buddy John from M-Audio shows Cruce Torq Mixlab Today marked the start of the Digital Life convention in NYC. Once a year, us journalists are forced to trek all the way over to 12th Avenue to the Jacob Javits Center so we can cover products we’ve known about for months. It’s not exactly fun for us, but for the general public, it’s the experience of a lifetime. Read More

  • Nickelodeon's NPower Lineup Of Electronics

    Last night was the Showstoppers event, which is usually pretty lame and filled with cruddy vendors. However, last night was an exception. The guys behind the event must have finally realized that using the aging Copacabana as a venue was a bad idea and instead chose to host the even at the new New York Times building. Read More

  • Erector SpyKee: Erector

    Nikko and Erector just launched the Spykee Spy Robot, a Johnny-5-esque little fellow that recharges itself and includes a webcam and MP3 player all in a clever little package. It costs about $299 and lets you watch your family remotely, ensuring that your domicile will be safe from robo-phobic burglers. It reacts to motion so when someone pops in for a visit the SpyKee can email their picture… Read More

  • iPhone Firmware Update May or May Not Brick the Hell Out of Your iPhone

    I’m a Digital Life right now so I can’t test my hacked, smacked, and cracked iPhone, but Gizmodo has a great thread about the iPhone unlock and the vagaries of the new firmware which includes the Wi-Fi Music Store and a few other improvements. As far as I can tell there are no issues with the upgrade, but who knows for sure. At least we know that the original FUD wasn’t quite… Read More

  • Disney Mobile Shuts Down, Goofy Cries Bitter Tears of Regret

    As you may have heard from your Fairy Godmother, Disney Mobile is now kaput. The service is essentially dead and your phone, complete with Minnie, Mickey, or Wee Heinrich, a misguided pre-war character that didn’t win Disney many friends in the international community. What does this mean for the poor folks who bought the phones? Well, they’ll reimburse you and/or you’ll still… Read More

  • Google Acquires Mobile Platform Operator Zingku

    Google has entered an agreement to acquire “certain assets and technology” from mobile platform operator Zingku. According to Zingku: Our service is designed from the mobile phone, outward, allowing you to create and exchange things of interest ranging from invitations to “mobile flyers” with friends in a trusted manner. On the mobile phone, Zingku uses standard… Read More

  • Palm Announces Centro, World Rejoices

    Following months-and-months of hinting and speculation, Palm confirmed the existence and availability of the Centro. The new device is in a new candybar case, that features a fully functional QWERTZY keyboard and touchscreen. The Centro is powered by a 312MHz Intel XScale processor and it utilizes Palm OS 5.4.9 — not WinMo, which should make a lot of you happy. It will be available… Read More

  • MAXroam sells 500 SIMs in first day

    MAXroam, the new mobile roaming service from Cork-based startup Cubic Telecom, has sold over 500 SIM-cards in the first day of trading today. CEO Pat Phelan told me by phone: “It’s going mental. I thought we’d do 50-100 in the first day, but I didn’t expect this. The servers are being hammered. What is more amazing is that people are obviously buying for a reason as this… Read More

  • Flick.IM's Back With IM As A Platform

    The guys who spent a lazy weekend writing a free iPhone IM client that currently has 30,000 users, Flick.IM, are back with a web chat client for AIM, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber. I know, another multi-service chat client – *sigh*. There’s already Meebo, eBuddy, KoolIM, and a host of other services integrating existing chat services. However, Flick.IM has a rather… Read More

  • Intel Research Wants Your Gadgets To Know You, Love You, Hold You Forever

    Intel’s research labs aren’t like other research labs. If anyone is going to be able to incite the first war against the machine, it will be some guy in a bunny suit who insults an Intel 8-core autonomous Jeep with dual Gatling guns. Now, however, their goal is to create mini-systems that can “understand” us and react accordingly. In a longish interview, Intel describes… Read More

  • Islandoo cuts its TV ties to go open access

    Islandoo, a UK-based MySpace-style site originally built as a social network to support casting for the reality TV show Shipwrecked, has opened its doors to any TV show, film or music video to cast for their show. TV producers can use the casting system for free . Since the launch this week Channel 4, BBC and MTV has signed up to the system, and Models 1 is acting as an online agency… Read More

  • Gizmo VOIP for BlackBerry

    Get some VOIP strange on your BlackBerry with the Gizmo project. Similar to Skype and the like, Gizmo is completely free and allows you to IM and make calls from your BlackBerry using their own native software. BlackBerry Download Page Read More

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