• The Cavalcade of iPods

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf As many have been saying — lots of selection, no clear winner. This is probably a calculated move on Apple’s part but they’re really zeroing in on some sort of sweet spot device, which could be the Touch if the iPhone hadn’t stolen its thunder. I just pulled the trigger on an 8GB… Read More

  • Lulu To Hulu: Cease And Desist

    Online self publishing company Lulu has filed suit against the NBC/ News Corp joint venture Hulu for trademark infringement, unfair and deceptive trade practices and for federal cyberpiracy. Lulu alleges that Hulu have intentionally attempted to create confusion in the marketplace in that the name Hulu represents a definitive encroachment on Lulu’s name. Lulu also claims Hulu’s… Read More

  • iPod Touch Tour

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Read More

  • HP Launches Some Stuff, Some Kind of PC, Some Phones

    Something HP launched. It might be a phone or it might be some kind of shaver. Ummm…. yeah so HP launched some stuff. Like the Blackbird 002. And like some other stuff like a phone with in iPod wheel and like some laptops… what’s that? iPod Touch. Yeah. Not now. Ummm… so it has a touchscreen? Wow. Ummm… some laptops and the Blackbird which is like a $2500 gaming PC. Read More

  • Details About The iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store

    The ability to download songs via iTunes directly to your iPod is something that’s long overdue. It’s also the one feature, among many, that really sets the iPod waaaaay out in front of the competition. Sure, devices like Sandisk’s Sansa Connect and the MusicGremlin have had a similar feature for some time now, but the iTunes + iPod connection will likely make previous… Read More

  • More Details On The Starbucks-Apple Deal

    More on the Starbucks-Apple deal, straight from whoever writes Apple’s press releases. Most of the info hastily typed during Sir Jobs’ keynote is spot-on: Users with an iPod or iPod Touch will be able to walk into participating Starbucks—New York and Seattle Starbucks bat first starting in October followed by San Francisco ones in November (other cities will get their chance… Read More

  • More Competition For IPTV: HP Launching Next.TV

    Hewlett Packard has announced a deal to ship a P2P IPTV system with their notbooks (notably the Presario and Pavillion models) beginning in late September. It will also be available as a system update for exiting HP Vista computers. The system is called Next.tv and powered by Dave Networks, a white label IPTV provider. For the launch, Next.tv will feature content from CBS, Freemantle, and Endemol. Read More

  • iPod Touch Is Not The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

    So… new iPod… pretty cool, pretty cool. Except, despite what the fanboys will tell you, it ain’t perfect. Nope. Far from it. What do I mean? Yeah, what do I mean? John? Anyone? Read More

  • Nokia Pulls A Funny

    MOSH is basically Nokia’s user-generated content for mobile devices — by registering, you can upload and get free ringtones, videos, images, applications and games for pretty much any device (not just Nokia’s). Check it out. In order to hammer home the point that any phone is welcome, Nokia’s taking out cheeky Google search ads targeting the recent iPhone price drop. Read More

  • TechCrunch40 Keynote Talks: Marc Andreessen, David Filo, Chad Hurley, Michael Moritz and Mark Zuckerberg

    It’s just two weeks until TechCrunch40 kicks off on September 17 in San Francisco. Last week we announced that we’ve doubled the number of presenting companies from 20 to 40. And today we’ve announced the two keynote sessions to be held at the conference, in addition to the 40 new products (see our partner Jason Calacanis’ blog post about this here). The first… Read More

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