• Update: Le Web 3

    Update: Le Web 3

    For those of you going to Le Web 3 (30 UK attendees and counting) Loic has just setup a public Google group LeWeb3 for any participant or person interested in the conference to have conversations around it. And in case you missed it, they have put together Planet LeWeb3 which is a one page of all the recent posts of everybody registered at LeWeb3. Read More

  • CaseCamp at Crayonville Island

    CaseCamp at Crayonville Island

    Neville Hobson is blogging that the first CaseCamp ‘unconference’ in the virtual world of Second Life will be hosted by crayon, on December 14, in the amphitheatre on crayonville Island. If you’ve not heard of Casecamp before, the concept is simple – it’s a conference where presenters share case studies of their work, with the goal of creating a commons for… Read More

  • Yahoo! Acquires Contest Site Bix

    Online karaoke and contest site Bix has signed an agreement to be acquired by Yahoo! Bix CEO Mike Speiser will continue running Bix but will also take on responsibility for product management for Yahoo! Groups, 360, and Photos under the title VP of Community. Speiser was previously the founder of Epinions. Epinions was acquired by Shopping.com (then DealTime.com) in 2003, which in turn… Read More

  • Benchmark Capital Europe raises €430 million

    Benchmark Capital Europe raises €430 million

    Benchmark Capital Europe has raised €430 million for its new European venture capital fund. This is Benchmark’s third European fund, having raised €390 million in May 2000 and €290 million in July 2004.
    “We ran out of money,” said Barry Maloney (far right), a London-based general partner with Benchmark. He was referring to the fact that the VC firm had … Read More

  • iFrogz To Open Mall Kiosks Around The US

    iFrogz To Open Mall Kiosks Around The US

    Personally, I think iFrogz makes some of the best cases for the iPod today. You can customize the living hell out of them, the price isn’t too exorbitant, and they have speedy shipping and excellent customer service. Well they must be doing something right, because today iFrogz announced it would be opening 15 new kiosks in malls around the US to sell their cases at. They’ll be… Read More

  • Cingular Set to Drop Its Pearl

    Cingular is about ready to pop yet another smartphone (kinda) any day now, as these photos from Boy Genius have surfaced showing a Cingular-branded Blackberry Pearl. Cingular, in its wisdom, has made it ugly as hell and is calling it the 8100. Whatever. The specs are about the same, though Cingular is adding support for its Push-To-Talk service. The PTT should actually be showing up in many… Read More

  • BT pays £67m for its Christmas turkey.

    BT has made a cash offer for the UK ISP Plusnet and so the broadband consolidation begins. The deal, based on a cash offer of 210p per share, will add 200,000 broadband subscribers to BT’s own broadband customer base. Unsurprisingly the offer has been unanimously recommended by the PlusNet directors and values the company at £67m or £335 per customer which is approximately the… Read More

  • Wal-Mart To Sen. John Edwards: No PS3 For You!

    So this is fun: In a statement from Wal-Mart today, former Senator John Edwards had a staffer contact the electronics manager in a Raleigh, North Carolina store to try and get his hands on a PlayStation 3. Problem was, later that night he reportedly told a story to people on a United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union-sponsored call that his son had ridiculed a classmate about his… Read More

  • Fox Interactive Media President Ross Levinsohn to be Replaced by Peter Levinsohn

    Fox Interactive Media President Ross Levinsohn to be Replaced by Peter Levinsohn

    Fox announced tonight that Fox Interactive Media President Ross Levinsohn will be replaced effective November 27th. Peter Levinsohn, who is Ross Levinsohn’s cousin, has served as President of Digital Media for the Fox Entertainment Group. Ross launched Fox Interactive Media in July of last year, nearly simultaneously with the Fox acquisition of Intermix, MySpace’s parent company. … Read More

  • Fleck Offers Zero Friction Web Annotation

    Fleck Offers Zero Friction Web Annotation

    Collaborative annotation of web pages is something many people are working on. The newest entrant in the field, Fleck, is launching tonight at the TechCrunch party in New York. The Fleck team hails from Amsterdam. The service is clearly in its infancy but could be just what some people are looking for. The basic idea is that one person can place notes on top of a web page and other people… Read More

  • Yo-Yos Get Extreme Over At YoYoNation.com

    Aw, come on guys, it’s so simple maybe you need a refresher course. It’s all ball bearings nowadays. —Fletch With all the Wii and PS3 excitement this week, I wanted to point out an old-timey, non-electronic toy that’s experiencing resurgence in popularity: the yo-yo. However, these are not the humble, string-and-spool types you had when you were a kid. Read More

  • Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder, Welcome to the Future

    Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder, Welcome to the Future

    The Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder looks like a device from “Star Trek.” But while it might look like it can zap Klingons, really it’s just a voice recorder, a pretty nice voice recorder. The H4 can record 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio as well as in MP3 with bitrates up to 320kbps. It features two studio-quality electret condenser microphones configured in an X/Y pattern for… Read More

  • Panasonic Drops Science in Dope Retro Headphones

    If you’re the type who’s style is flashback, Panasonic’s got the hook up. Its RP-HTX7 headphones look like something you might steal out of your dad’s closet to look good while kicking out old-school beats, but the look belies the modern dynamic response drivers for a crisp, modern sound and tight, smart bass. The quality isn’t just in the tech, though. The… Read More

  • The price is right search engine.

    The price is right search engine.

    Burning a Hole is a new search engine with a twist from Tom Smith, “it’s for people who don’t know exactly what they want when they are looking for a present or possibly something for themselves.” Traditional search engines and price comparison sites like Kelkoo and Price Runner are great but only if you know what you want to buy and want to find. You simply enter some… Read More

  • LG VX8600 Chocolate Flips Onto Verizon

    <img class="right" src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/3GP video playback, and Bluetooth A2DP support. The Chocolate flip is available now for $129.99 with a two year contract. Product Page [via Gizmodo] Read More

  • Philadelphians Get RSS-Based Audio Tours

    Philadelphians Get RSS-Based Audio Tours

    If you’re one of the lucky people to live or hail from Philadelphia like myself, you’re in for a treat. A service called “Sound About Philly” has been released from GoPhila.com. The service is aimed at both residents and visitors of the best city on the planet and offers comprehensive tours, fun facts, lively music, interesting tales, and a bunch of other adjectives… Read More

  • Amazon to Sell Wii This Sunday: Camp-Out in Your Bed

    Amazon to Sell Wii This Sunday: Camp-Out in Your Bed

    Just FYI, kiddies. The Wii will be available for purchase on Amazon this Sunday morning. First come, first served, one per family, blah dee blah. Click through for the full email. Special thanks to Eagle-Eye David for sending this along. NOTE:
    we anticipate that we will sell through our inventory very quickly as we’ve received 100 times more Wii email sign-ups than consoles… Read More

  • Dash Contest Last Gasp

    Dash Contest Last Gasp

    Clearly we ask too much of our dear readers in regards to video production. Two folks entered the Dash contest and it looks like two folks will win it – I have two of them lying around here, so those boys are doubly lucky. If you’d still like to enter, feel free, but we’re closing the contest next Monday morning.
    Read on for the rules… Read More

  • Drive-by Video Of Video Game Campers


    The Hole – video powered by Metacafe A lot of us realize that some of you are diehard gamers and will wait outside a long time for a PS3. That’s great and all, but when it’s pouring rain outside and there are supposedly “wind gusts of up to 60mph”, you’re just an idiot for standing… Read More

  • Jason Calacanis Says Adios to AOL

    Jason Calacanis Says Adios to AOL

    Update:The New York Times is now reporting on this and quotes Calacanis. “I’m not inclined to start over with a new guy,” he said about his resignation. Calacanis has also made a short post on his own blog. We just heard from a source that Jason Calacanis has resigned from AOL. Jason joined AOL just over a year ago when his startup, Weblogs, Inc., was acquired. Most… Read More