• Verizon announces trio of LG devices for summer

    I guess you have no choice but to announce a few handsets that have been leaked all over the place or it was all just coincidence. Whatever the case, Verizon Wireless has just pulled back the covers on the LG Decoy, Dare and Chocolate 3. Pricing was not disclosed, but we do know the Dare is coming later this month. The Decoy will launch on the 16th (we already knew that) and the Chocolate… Read More

  • LG Dare, Chocolate 3, and Decoy all going to Verizon

    Just days after the Dare was spotted in the wild, Verizon’s gone and made it official. Oh — and it’s bringing a few friends. LG Dare: Easily one of our favorite LG’s to date, looks-wise. It’s got a 240×400 touchscreen, 3.5mm headphone jack, a 3.2MP autofocus camera, microSD support, and an accelerometer. Should launch later this month, no price announced. LG… Read More

  • Internet Display Advertising Slowed In First Quarter

    In the first quarter of 2008, the growth in spending on Internet display advertising slowed to 8.5 percent from 16.7 percent growth last year, according to estimates put out today by TNS Media Intelligence. Even with the slowdown Internet ad spending still grew faster than that for TV (1.7 percent), magazines (0.8 percent), newspapers (-5.2 percent), radio (-4.5 percent), and outdoor… Read More

  • TechCrunch Pitch! – The TechCrunch Summer event

    TechCrunch UK will be holding a startup pitch competition on July 10th in Soho, London, entitled “TechCrunch Pitch!” The idea came about for this after I went to a number of demo and pitch events in the last few months and realised that too many startups were not actually getting to the point when they tried to get their idea across to the audience, and potential investors. So… Read More

  • Video: 60 second version of the Apple WWDC keynote

    Let’s say you don’t have the time to watch the entire WWDC keynote address. Let’s say you have a real job with real responsibilities, and only have a few free minutes each day. If that’s the case, then praise be to Mahalo, for the human-powered search engine team cut down Steve Jobs’ dog and pony show to a more reasonable 60 seconds. Every major announcement… Read More

  • Toshiba announces speedier 1.8-inch HDDs by August

    Toshiba has announced an upcoming speed increase to its line of 1.8-inch hard drives typically found in UMPCs, subnotebooks, netbooks, and various other small computing devices. In August, Toshiba will begin shipping 80GB and 160GB hard drives running at 5,400RPM to manufacturers. Current 1.8-inch drives top out at 4,200RPM. The storage capacities offered by the 160GB MK1617GSG and… Read More

  • Mahalo Has Competition (YouBundle Secret Screen Shots)

    People-powered search engine Mahalo will soon have some competition from a stealth startup called YouBundle. If you go to YouBundle’s site now, there is nothing other than a landing page. But we got our hands on a couple screen shots from the private beta (click above for a larger image and see topic page below) and the guidelines sent to beta testers (reproduced after the… Read More

  • LearnHub Relaunches Its Social Learning Network

    Online education has been booming recently, with new entries coming from startups eduFire and the upcoming (though nebulous) Grockit, among others. One of the newest is LearnHub, a startup that launched last March that has undergone a major redesign as it vies for a top spot in this space. LearnHub has modified its layout to be less overwhelming – the site’s homepage now reads like… Read More

  • What's Next For Bebo's Founders: Back To Birthday Alarm

    I had a chance to speak with Bebo co-founder Michael Birch last weekend at the Founders Brunch event at Loic Le Meur’s house in San Francisco. It was the first chance I’ve had to congratulate him in person for the $850 million sale of Bebo to AOL earlier this year. Most of our conversation was around the future, and what the Bebo founders will do next. Birch was recently interviewed… Read More

  • Pluggd Targets Brightcove With Delve Networks, A New Video Delivery Platform

    The Pluggd team is used to switching gears. The startup began in February 2006 as a destination site for podcasts. But after witnessing iTunes “suck the air out” of the market, it began developing speech recognition technology for video that could identify particular topics within news clips and other diverse content. The venture, which was started by two former Amazon Web… Read More

  • Redlasso Hires Ex-Studio Execs To Ease Infringement Negotiations

    Redlasso, a useful but controversial service that lets users grab video clips from television, has just established a Media Advisory Board to help manage relations with litigious content providers. The board includes former Viacom CFO Michael Dolan and former President of Paramount Station Group, Anthony Cassara. The additions come two weeks after the company added ex-CBS CEO Michael Jordan as… Read More

  • Estonia's Forticom Acquires Controlling Stake In Polish Portal For $92 million

    Estonia’s Forticom, which runs Lithuanian social network one.lt and owns a 25% stake in Russian social network Odnoklassniki.ru, has acquired a controlling stake in Polish web portal nasza-klasa for 200 million PLN, or about $92 million. This comes from a couple of reports – the Warsaw Business Journal says nasza-klasa has about 7.5 million monthly users and reported the price above. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Hidden Shrub Edition

    New satellite TV dish isn’t a dish at all
    Solar briefcase for your laptop-enhanced picnics
    Wireless pen transmits characters written in the air on a screen
    New LCD widescreen tablet screen to be released in Japan
    The future of Moore’s law: IBM’s chief technologist weighs in Read More

  • At Glassdoor, Find Out How Much People Really Make At Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, And Everywhere Else.

    The idea behind Glassdoor is simple: You tell me your salary, and I’ll tell you mine. The stealth startup, which raised $3 million from Benchmark Capital last March, just went live. The site collects company reviews and real salaries from employees of large companies and displays them anonymously for all members to see. (The startup plans to make money from ads targeted at job… Read More

  • JetBlue's LiveTV to purchase Verizon's Airfone

    Phew! Just when it looked like all hope was lost for the service behind those crazy ugly, 5-dollars-per-minute phones that airlines once jammed into the back of headrests, JetBlue’s LiveTV has stepped in to save the day. In 2006, Verizon pulled Airfone from just about every plane it had been installed on. At the end of 2007, Airfone announced they’d be closing up shop completely… Read More

  • Funambol To Offer An Open-Source Competitor To MobileMe . . . As An iPhone App

    One of the big announcements yesterday from Apple was that it is replacing its .Mac service with MobileMe, a new service that will sync your email, contacts, calendar, photos, and files between your iPhone, Mac desktop, and a Windows PC. It will cost $99 per year. But if you want most of the functionality of MobileMe without the cost, you will be able to download an app from Funambol at… Read More

  • Super-overclocked Duron

    Do not try this at home. Thanks, Phil! Read More

  • Not Sure Whether To Rent Or Buy? Check the Heat Map.

    I can’t resist a good heat map, especially on real estate sites. HotPads, which brought us the foreclose heat map, now offers a handy rent ratio heat map. The rent ratio is a home’s sale price divided by the annual rent of a comparable home in the same neighborhood. Looking at the rent ratio gives you a quick sense of whether it makes more sense to rent or buy in a particular… Read More

  • Video: Moog takes to guitars, music nerds rejoice

    Maybe only music nerds will understand why this is significant, but it’s pretty amazing. Moog, the company known for making some of the most innovative musical products every, especially synthesizers, has turned its sites towards guitars. This video shows some legendary musicians loving on the the first Moog Guitar. What’s cool is, like original Moog products, it’s analog. Read More

  • New satellite TV dish isn't a dish at all

    I live in a building that has a contract with Comcast and refuses to allow its residents to use satellite dishes, which I guess is fine. I think they’re ugly, and the industry has done little to disguise them. In fact, during a recent Best Buy trip I noticed one carrier is now branding its customers’ dishes. Gauche. But one company is trying to improve the looks of the dish with a… Read More

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