• 45% of Europeans watch TV online

    A new study from Motorola has found that an amazing 45% of European broadband users now watch at least some television online. The survey covering the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain found that the French lead Europe in terms of online television consumption with 59% of people choosing to watch previews and episodes of their favorite shows via the web with the Germans trailing… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Self-Defense Edition

    CrunchArcade: Get a Life… Online
    Hot Fuzz: The Sleep Squad Alarm Clock
    Wall-Climbing Robot Is Speedy
    Tampon Taser
    Flat Panel Frame, Debatable Elegance for those with Cash to Burn Read More

  • Frengo Raises $5.7 Million Series A Round

    Redwood City based Frengo, a mobile social networking startup targeting the growing SMS/ TXT market, have completed Series A funding of $5.7 million. The founding round was led by Trilogy Equity Partners, a firm led by John Stanton, the former T-Mobile USA and Western Wireless Chief Executive, and completed by Khosla Ventures and Index Ventures, both of which provided capital in the initial… Read More

  • T-Mobile Dash Users, Please Report to Your Minders

    It is now midnight and you have T-Mobile’s permission to upgrade your Dash to Windows Mobile 6.0. How will you do it, you ask? The free WM6 upgrade will be available online to T-Mobile Dash customers beginning May 4 at http://www.t-mobile.com/wmupgrade.
    Before you reflash your Dash with the maintenance release, make sure you
    check and do the following first:
    1. USB sync cable is… Read More

  • Pandora To Shut Out Non-U.S. Users Thursday Evening

    If you live outside of the U.S. and enjoy listening to customized radio stations on Pandora, brace yourself for some bad news. The site will be shutting you out starting Thursday evening. Registered users who access the service from outside the U.S. received a warning email yesterday letting them know that this will be happening. Pandora operates under Section 114 of the DMCA, which gives them… Read More

  • Flat Panel Frame, Debatable Elegance for those with Cash to Burn

    Pottery Barn is selling an item designed to improve the look of one’s flat panel TV. The Chadwick Flat Panel Frame is essentially a picture frame for a flat panel TV. It’s available in three sizes and it’s crafted from hard wood. The frame is available now for $400 – $500. Product Page [via Uncrate] Read More

  • Update: Video From Jimmy Wales Press Prank

    The video for the “Mr. Ten Questions” Australian press prank on Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales that we wrote about a couple of days ago is now online and embedded above. See our original post for a transcript of the questions and additional background. Read More

  • Mom + Zune + Voting = Update

    How can you make one out of 5 Moms happy? Step 1: Read these heart-warming testimonials.
    Step 2: Vote {democracy:12} 9 out of 10 doctors agree: Moms are great! Read More

  • Metrics Show Top Mobile Domains No Surprise

    M:Metrics released a report today outlining the top mobile domains for March 2007, and they look strikingly similar to the top web domains overall. Existing brands have shown an ability to leverage high positions on the mobile web. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft are jockeying for first, second, and third. However, on mobile, Google holds a 30% lead for the month over Yahoo, compared with… Read More

  • Disney Targets Pre-Teens with New Social Networking Portal

    Disney has joined the ever growing list social networking destinations with the launch of Disney Xtreme Digital, targeted directly at Disney’s core market of pre-teens. The new service, said perhaps lazily by some outlets as being a MySpace clone, comes complete with user generated profile pages that leverage the wealth of Disney’s pre-teen friendly content in terms of allowing… Read More

  • Yahoo Launches Browser Version of Messenger

    eBuddy and Meebo made it clear that there is significant demand for instant messaging via the browser – many users work from computers where they can’t download software and so web based instant messaging is the only way they can use the service. Microsoft has its own web messenger and Google’s Gtalk is integrated into Gmail and other properties. Yahoo has also experimented… Read More

  • iPhone Spotted on Heroes…NOT!!!

    The stupidity of some people on the interwebs amazes me. Any mobile phone that isn’t advertised all over the place is immediately thought to be the iPhone. Oy Vay! Last night I was watching Heroes I noticed that Nathan/Skyler and Matt seemed to have been using the iPhone. The pic that shows the camera lens looks a little differnt then what I have seen of the iPhone but I have not seen… Read More

  • Tampon Taser

    Want to freak out an unshaven man with a flashlight and black watch cap? Shock him with the leads of the Tampon Stun Gun, a pink Taser-like device designed for ladies — or the men who dress up like them — and a couple thousand volts could mean the difference between a bad situation and a quick getaway.

    I don’t know if this thing actually exists but it does seem like a… Read More

  • Moto ROKR e6 Linux-Based Smartphone Gets Screen Time

    We’ve told you about the forthcoming ROkR e6 Linux-based Moto smartphone before, and while it’s been months since it passed the FCC’s muster, we still haven’t seen it much. Today, though, we’ve got a little video of the beast in action, and it appears as if the specs we’d heard (2-Megapixel auto-focus camera, Bluetooth, QVGA touchscreen, etc) were on the… Read More

  • Green Apple = Better Monitors for You

    It’d be nice to think that Steve Jobs is a tree-humping hippie. Ok, maybe he is. He’s from California, after all, and in a note he left on Apple’s Hot News site about making Apple more earth-friendly, he mentions that company will be transitioning all of its monitors from backlit LCDs to more eco-friendly LED monitors, among other green actions. This kicks much ass. Not only… Read More

  • Call of Duty Goes Mobile

    One of the biggest World War II shooter franchises will soon be reporting for duty on your handset, as Activision and Glu Mobile has announced a partnership to develop an upcoming Call of Duty title for mobile phones. The series, which is known for it cinematic styled take on the Second World War, has been popular on the PC and console systems including the Xbox 360 and PS3, and will be… Read More

  • IE8 Hinted at Mix'07, Browser Wars are Back?

    MIX has come and gone and Silverlight hogged all the spotlight at the conference, but the sleuths at Ars Technica pieced together what we should expect from IE8. Does anyone really care because I sure don’t. My feeling is that Microsoft isn’t proactive enough to seek out flaws or patch holes until they’re exploited, which leaves everyone vulnerable to whatever the Interwebs… Read More

  • 7.1-speaker Cellphone With Vista: The Best Part? WATERMARK WAR!

    This Chinese smartphone that runs Vista and has 7.1-surround sound speakers may look stupid, but that won’t stop site after site from running it and, as we see from the above image, watermarking the heck out of it. It’s got a 3.75-inch touchscreen, some ridonkulous windscreen thing, and enough possibility of hitting these shores as a raft of civet cats with rabies. Was it really… Read More

  • June Issue Of Business 2.0 Deleted Before Going To Print

    The June issue of Business 2.0 magazine was inadvertantly deleted from the editorial server on April 23, according to a number of sources. And the backup server wasn’t working properly. The result? An entire issue down the drain just two weeks before press time. Editor in Chief Josh Quittner told the New York Times that they’d still make the print deadline because their lawyers… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Get a Life… Online

    This is the first installment of Peter Suciu’s CrunchArcade column in which he explores some of the latest and greatest in gaming software and gear. There’s a whole world waiting for you online, actually several of them. And while Second Life might let you buy property online or start a virtual business, this just sounds like it will become another extension of the daily routine. Read More

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