• PC World's 50 Best Tech Products Of All Time

    Incredibly awesome magazine PC World has come out with a Top 50 Best Tech Products of All Time list and boy is it full of nostalgia. Classics include 3dfx Voodoo3 at #16, the Motorola StarTAC at #8, Tetris at #10, and Napster at #4. The most recent item on the list is Blizzard’s World of Warcraft at #27, followed by the Canon EOS Digital Rebel at #44. So who took the #1 spot? Was it Mac… Read More

  • Wii Outsells PS3 and Xbox 360 in February, Must Mean It's The Best

    The Nintendo Wii outsold both the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 during the month of February. Nintendo sold 335,000 Wiis to Microsoft’s 228,000 and to Sony’s 127,000. Obviously this means that the Nintendo Wii is the bestest console of them all. And with games like NiGHTS coming out, I really can’t see how the Wii will lose the next-gen war. (Provided people… Read More

  • Macpack Pwns Your Backpack

    The ultimate in fanboy apparel has arrived in the form of the Macpack. All it took was a dead Macintosh SE from the late ’80s and some hard work. After trying to restore his Mac, lamanalchemist went and attached backpack straps to the machine, gutted it, and is now using it for storage. Comfy? Hardly, but think of all the whistles you’ll get walking up to the Genius Bar. Macpack [MAKE] Read More

  • Kyocera MARBL Released On Virgin Mobile

    Nothing too exciting here, but certainly worth mentioning. Today Virgin Mobile released yet another inexpensive phone for the pre-paid fanboys. The Kyocera MARBL is just a basic flip-phone with literally no exciting features. Camera? Nope. Bluetooth? Sorry. MP3 Player? Not a chance. Seems as if the best feature on this phone is either the design or polyphonic ringtones, the latter of which… Read More

  • You're All Idiots For Applauding The Apple/EMI Agreement Says Angry Inquirer Guy

    The Inquirer‘s Charlie Demerjian thinks you’re all idiots (and dumb sheep and suckers…) for applauding the EMI anti-DRM stance announced yesterday. His main rationale is that you’re all celebrating being sold back rights that never should have been taken from you in the first place. Fair enough. But then he goes on and on about how a 30 percent price increase is… Read More

  • Five Ways Best Buy Ruined Geek Squad

    Over at The Consumerist, a former Geek Squad employee has written in with a detailed explanation on why Geek Squad, well, sucks. After working at an Arizona-based location for nearly two years, this geek quit in hope of finding a less-stressful job. The reasons behind Geek Squad’s suckage include hiring practices that don’t go for brains but personality, a lack of staff available… Read More

  • Create Your Own MVNO With Sonopia

    This idea may seem a bit bold at first, but with the right execution, it could end up being a smash hit. Sonopia has purchased minutes and service from Verizon and will now let you create a personalized MVNO. No need to deal with companies like Sprint or Helio anymore — now you’re the boss. You can build plans, add services, and have friends, groups, or whoever you want join in. Read More

  • Korea Sky Concept Cellphone: Why Are Real Cellphones So Ugly?

    The thing about concept phones is that they so often look so much better than actual cellphones it’s almost depressing. This concept from Korea’s Sky is but the latest example of one that puts the many tired actual designs to shame. (Helio’s Ocean notwithstanding—that actually looks promising.) Its specs are nowhere to be found, but concepts are a lot like the womens… Read More

  • Analyst Predicts Blackberry Launches On Sprint, T-Mobile

    Merrill Lynch is up to it again with those crazy predictions. Well, maybe this isn’t so crazy, but it’s still noteworthy. Rumor is that come May 7th, Sprint will be getting the Blackberry Pearl and T-Mobile will be getting the 8300. The reasoning behind this speculation? RIM will be reporting its Q1 earnings come April 11th and the May 7th launch date also happens to be… Read More

  • Cambridge Soundworks Radio CD 745i w/ iPod Support

    Love your iPod but don’t want to invest in a dock because you’re still into FM radio and CDs? You might just want to peep the Radio CD 745i from Cambridge Soundworks. Equipped with a boring name and a Bose-esque design, this stereo features a dedicated iPod dock for playback and charging, AM/FM radio, a CD player that supports MP3/WMA discs, alarm clock, and a remote control. It… Read More

  • Meet the Treo 755p

    The 755p is the model number for a forthcoming Treo smartphone, and it’s bound for Sprint. The 755p is styled after the Treos 750w and 680, meaning a smaller form factor and sans antenna. The new Treos keep the EVDO connectivity the 700p enjoys, and will likely retain the Megapixel-class camera and Bluetooth as well. Not much else is known, sadly, except the launch date: look to be able… Read More

  • Apple and EMI Being Probed By EU

    Those Europeans are fast! Just one whole day after Apple and EMI announced they’d be offering DRM-free tracks on the iTunes Music Store, the European Union comes in to crap all over Apple’s parade. This time around, it’s accusing Apple and “The Big 4″ record companies over iTMS purchasing options. Those eurocats don’t like the fact that you have to buy from… Read More

  • MySpace Will Hold Presidential Primary

    MySpace has more registered members than Mexico has people. If it was a country it would be the 11th largest in the world. So while it may be a major marketing event for MySpace to say it’s holding a presidential primary next January, you can be sure the candidates will take it seriously. The MySpace primary will be held on January 1 & 2, 2008, before any of the official state primaries. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Pain Gun Club Atmosphere Edition

    Elgato Turbo 264 USB Turns Regular Video into iPod Video
    Reporter Gets Shot With Pain Gun
    To-Conne i-Lit Speakers: Instant Club Atmosphere Without All Those Annoying People
    Orange Zune Coming Zoon
    Help Key: Putting Video Onto Your Apple TV Read More

  • Comscore Files To Go Public

    Web analytics firm Comscore filed to go public today, with Credit Suisse acting as the lead underwriter. The registration statement can be viewed here. Comscore had revenues of $66.3 million in 2006, and about $5.6 million in income from operations. Read More

  • Please Meet My Evil Online Clone

    People can spend most of their time online, but it is very difficult to spend all of it there. Sometimes people have to work, go to school, or eat. Or sleep. And who will be there to chat with everyone while you are away? Until now there was no answer for this difficult problem. Now, there is MyCyberTwin. The company, which is based in Australia, creates an online “clone” of… Read More

  • Samsung Bundles Podcasting on Mobiles

    Samsung has announced today that they will be bundling VoiceIndigo‘s advertising supported Podcasting service with their phones. The first model to be shipped with the service will be the dual Samsung’s faced mp3 player/phone, UpStage. VoiceIndigo service is a mobile application that downloads podcasts to your phone so you can listen to the whole thing, whether offline or online. Read More

  • Elgato Turbo 264 USB Turns Regular Video into iPod Video

    This tiny USB stick might make your life considerably easier if you regularly convert video to h.264 for use in the iPod and the Apple TV and iPod. The device offloads the conversion load to a separate processor and includes software for video conversion that starts up when you insert the stick. It will be available this Spring for about $130. Might be handy if you follow the advice in… Read More

  • Orange Zune Coming Zoon

    You know it’s a slow news day when this kind of stuff gets headlines. This, friends, is an orange Zune. Is it better than the other Zunes? No, unless you feel that orange makes some items intrinsically better than other items. This, unfortunately, is not the case. However, if you like Zunes, we’re sure you’ll like this orange one. When I was in J-school they never told me… Read More

  • Palm Loves Digg River

    Palm and Digg announced today any agreement that would deliver Digg River to Treos everywhere. Treo owners need only launch their Blazer Web browser and the service will be available to them as a content item. Digg River is a mobile version of the popular Digg service that is scaled for mobile use. It delivers to mobile devices the same ranking and prioritizing of content that is available… Read More

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