• Palm's Response To Foleo Delay: Still Shipping On Time

    Somewhat calming news after my tantrum the other day; Palm says that the Foleo will still launch “this summer” and that it hasn’t missed the original shipping date yet. So if Palm is to be taken at its word, rumors of the Foleo shipping on August 22nd were false, as were rumors of it being delayed. Read More

  • YouBeQB Launches – Predict Game Plays, Win Points

    YouBeQB is a new Football game playing site that will snatch up even more time from fantasy sports junkies (see Screaming Sports and FleaFlicker for examples of some of the new thinking around fantasy sports). Watch a game on TV and play along against other players by trying to predict the next play. Users can follow professional or college games. Points are awarded for each correct play… Read More

  • Nintendo Opening Offices in NYC October 1?

    The last time Nintedo was in NYC. Did you know that that Nintendo is opening up a huge, badass office at 445 Park Ave. in New York on October 1? Neither did we, but we just got a hot tip that says it’s so. What is it Nintendo could be up to in NYC? The image above gives us a place to start our brains. They’re obviously going to fight the Foot clan. Duh. Read More

  • Check This Guy Out

    Bill Snitzer, one of the tech guys at BitGravity, is driving to Los Angeles and showing it live on the Internet. He’s got a webcam up showing the drive and a Google Map mashup with a GPS device showing his progress. Bitgravity, located in Burlingame, California, hasn’t officially launched. But the company is the content delivery network (CDN) for Revision3 and other video sites. Read More

  • BGR: BB P2 on Thxgvng?

    We loooooove Black Friday. It’s our favorite day of the year. It’s that day after Thanksgiving in the USA when the holiday shopping stuff really ramps up. It’s the day of the amazing door-buster specials and long lines and mall corndogs and tired, cranky sales clerks and cheap HDTVs and Jagermeister. It’s also the day, from what BGR hears, that Crackberry addicts can… Read More

  • GPS vs. Cellular GPS: Head-To-Head at Laptop

    GPS units are cool toys. Don’t get me wrong, they’re serious devices for some people. I wish to god my cab drivers used them. But for the most part, they’re not essential: we’ve survived thousands of years without them, so it’s time to admit that they’re a convenience. Read More

  • Extra $3G Lying Around? You Could Have an Unlocked iPhone!

    We’re trying hard not to make this AppleGear today, but there’s a lot going on, so screw it, we’re giving it to you. We know a 17 year old kid made up a software unlock for the iPhone, with the help of others, that allows it to work with any GSM carrier. He’s using his with T-Mobile, at least until Apple sues him into oblivion so he can’t afford the bill. But… Read More

  • No Linux For You: Pirate Must Get Comfy With Windows

    Five months in prison for downloading Star Wars Episode III — that seems a little harsh, doesn’t it? Scott McCausland got just that plus he was ordered to replace his Ubuntu Linux operating system with a Windows-based system to ensure compatibility with court-ordered computer monitoring software. Read More

  • Vonage Sued By SunRocket For Use Of Customer List

    After SunRocket abruptly closed up shop a little over a month ago, there was a mad-dash by other VOIP providers to scoop up some 200,000 stranded customers. Not too surprisingly, Vonage was one of those providers. According to Sherwood Partners, the company in charge of selling off SunRocket’s assets, Vonage got a hold of and has been using one of SunRocket’s customer… Read More

  • More Fat Nano™ Rumors: It's Getting Interesting

    We know this is a fake Photoshop image. We made it because we couldn’t show the real one anymore. We’re OK with that. So today we’re hearing more rumors swirling around the Interwebs about the forthcoming Fat iPod Nano™, and this thing’s shaping up to be interesting. We already know it exists, as both Gizmodo and CrunchGear have received Cease & Desist orders… Read More

  • College Kids Needed, Apply Within

    Hey, college kids. What it be down with the jizzy? We here at CrunchGear aren’t as cool as you so we want you to get all up in our grill with your mad ideas for what’s great for college-age students to buy. Drop us a line at tips@crunchgear.com and we’ll give you some mad bling if you help us out. Peace. Word of your mother. Read More

  • Finding DRM-Free Music Online

    Over the past half year we have seen arguably the most significant change in the online music industry since Apple launched their iTunes store in 2003. Following Steve Jobs’ open letter clarifying Apple’s position on digital rights management (DRM) in Februrary, major record companies have begun providing their music online free of piracy protection mechanisms. The first major label… Read More

  • Phone Unlocked OhMyGoDOHGODSH!

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG… buy one, fake activate it, put in your T-Mo simcard. Me so happy! Eng has the full scoop and I’m happy to send you over their way. Ryan Block even shows video. Product Page
    iPhone unlocked: AT&T loses iPhone exclusivity, August 24, 2007, 12:00PM EDT
    A Free, But Complex, Alternative Method Read More

  • Microsoft Cans Linux FUD Site, Launches Windows Server Site

    Way back in the day, when Linux wasn’t much of a desktop threat, Microsoft launched a site called “Get the Facts” that featured a 2002 study comparing the cost of ownership of Linux versus Windows. The new site, which is a bit less combative, compares Windows Server to Linux and Unix and offers a few case studies — nothing as nasty as hiring analysts to shill for the… Read More

  • An Interview With Joe Hewitt, Facebook iPhone App Programmer

    Nik and Mike did a cool podcast with Joe Hewitt, the crack programmer of the mobile Facebook app for the iPhone. Joe is the creator of iUI, the most complete Safari Mobile programming kit out there. It’s a great listen. Listen Now:
    http://www.talkcrunch.com/wp-content/plugins/podpress/player.swf Direct Link Read More

  • So Long CableCARD, Here Comes DTCP-IP

    What if you could plug your klunky, rented Comcast DVR box into your home network and stream its recorded and on-demand content to the computer in the other room? Well you’ll soon be able to do that thanks to a new standard called DTCP-IP. It’s hardly a revolutionary idea, but better late than never. Read More

  • Kiplinger: "Yo, yo, yo, the iPhone is State of the Art, Son"

    Note: Fish is not real Kiplinger, the personal finance magazine, just dropped a red-hot review of the Apple “iPhone,” a new phone from an up-and-coming hardware company. It might be Asia-only, but they pulled a Fat Joe on this thing, saying it’s the best phone money can buy. Read More

  • Creative Travelsound i50: When You Shuffle Isn't Big Enough

    The TravelSound iS0 is an odd Shuffle speaker dock that basically makes the Shuffle into a something as big as an iPod. Why? I don’t know but does seem to offer us a nice tall glass of WTF. It’s Asia-only right now — about $69 — and probably won’t hit our shores for a long, long time, if ever. Creative Travelsound i50 speaker for the iPod Shuffle [Newlaunches] Read More

  • Sony Comments on Low PS3 Sales, Laughs a Little, Cries a Little

    Matt Richtel wrote a quick piece on Sony’s crowing — then cowering — this week as the NPD sales numbers placed the PS3 far below 360 and Wii. Dave Karraker, the Sony spokesman who predicted the PS3 would overtake the 360, told me that: (1) He was only wrong by a bit, and (2) NPD doesn’t provide an exact count but estimates some portions of the market and (3) No, he… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: The Final Countdown

    Just because 10 Days of CrunchGear is over doesn’t mean we don’t want you to win something great. Your goal is create a cake wishing CG a happy first birthday. I don’t care if it’s a Twinkie with a candle in it — it has to say “Happy Birthday, CG” on it. Heck, throw a little party and take pictures. We love seeing you all in action. You’ll… Read More

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