• Skype Slashes SMS Prices

    Do you use Skype? Do you SMS people with Skype? No? Didn’t think so. Well, now there’s a bit more reason to give it a go. From May 2 to May 8 — which is the week of Saint Erasmus, the martyred patron saint of digital communications popular in Asia and Europe but not so popular in the United States — SMSes through Skype will be 50% off. What does that translate into… Read More

  • Nokia Announces Bevvy of Beauties For Emerging Markets

    Nokia has brought out the big guns, well, I guess in this case it’s the small guns for the emerging market that is…India?! First up is the clamshell 2660 with dual screens. The 2660 features GPRS, Bluetooth, FM radio, MP3 ring tones, an integrated hands free speaker and a 500-entry phonebook. This, too, can all be yours for a mere $115 Q2. There is a lot more so keep going! Read More

  • Singing Protest Songs, Users Paste HD DVD Encryption Key Everywhere

    Wow, OK, don’t mess with nerds (’cause they’re real brave as long as they’re behind their keyboards, you see.) This whole HD DVD encryption thing has now jumped the shark, with respected newspapers now reporting on the so-called Digg riots of 2007. In celebration of this shark jumping, here’s a sampling of some of the more creative ways that folks have implemented… Read More

  • International Pandora Listeners Getting The Shaft

    For those of you unfamiliar with Pandora, it’s pretty much the best Internet radio service out there next to iTunes. It helps you find artists similar to those you currently listen to and it does a pretty darn-good job of doing it. But there is bad news for those of you who use Pandora and don’t live in the United States. As of today, you’re now banned from listening to… Read More

  • Oh My God, Yes: Cellphones Drop in Popularity for the First Time

    Hear that? It’s the sound of silence. (No, not that.) For the first time ever, people made less calls on their cellphones than the previous year. Researchers tagged folks who use pre-paid cellphones and found that they made 28.5 percent fewer calls than last year, the first time that’s happened in the ten years since they started keeping track. Possible reasons include people… Read More

  • The Futurist: Why New Technology Means Better TV

    As a general rule, journalists (particularly us of the tech stripe) go gonzo when trying to proclaim something a new “trend.” We take one example of a hit YouTube video and proclaim it to be the death of TV. The stories are usually the same: Lead with an example of a internet video that became part of the geek cultural canon (take the anti-Hillary Clinton/Apple… Read More

  • Alltel's Samsung Wafer With XM Radio

    About this time last year, I took a look at the Samsung Trace and went “Damn, this is a thin phone. I’m probably going to break it in the next two weeks.” I didn’t, but the new Samsung Wafer from Alltel Wireless is quite the skinny puppy as well. Aside from having a thin body and being called the SCH-R510 when it’s feeling grouchy, this phone comes loaded with… Read More

  • Blackberry Curve Official Website Up

    Yesterday I told you that the Blackberry 8300 is now officially the Blackberry Curve. Just a heads up that today, the new Curve website is up at www.blackberrycurve.com and it’s got all the info and sexy pictures you need to get your Crackberry fix. Now if only the damn thing was in stores, we’d all be happy. Official Site Read More

  • Filter Your Mobile Music

    We’ve already been impressed with how The Filter can help put together playlists from your existing music library with iTunes, but the service is also compatible with Nokia mobile phones, including the Series 60, Nokia E60, N93 and N80. Currently in Beta, The Filter can be downloaded to your PC and used to fill your mobile phone by building playlists from your MP3/AAC files. Users… Read More

  • Apple Offering Free Personal Shopping Service

    Perhaps you’re not the biggest Mac fan or you don’t even own an iPod. Or maybe someone’s birthday is coming up and they said they’d love an iPod but you don’t know which one is right for them. All that can now be solved thanks to Apple’s new service called Personal Shopping. It’s basically a free service where a Mac specialist will take you around… Read More

  • XLR8 to X-Tend with Brickhouse Mobile

    Content originator and distributor XLR8 Mobile has signed a multi-year deal with Brickhouse Mobile to extend XLR8’s brands. This deal will help bring original and acquired content from XLR8 to mobile phone users around the world, including such offerings as Bikini Cocktail Videos featuring “top celebrity models” providing bartending tips with what the companies call… Read More

  • Comeks Gets Funded

    The mobile user generated tool Comeks may be about to hit the big time, as the Finnish-based company just received a first round of funding from venture capital firm Accel Partners. The first Comeks product is an application that allows users to create rich visual messaging in the form of stories for mobile camera phones. This content is targeted for users between the ages of 10 and 18, and… Read More

  • Social Networking Goes Mobile

    Chatting it up isn’t the only way to stay social on your mobile phone. GotZapp, a mobile social networking platform from Trivantis, will let you use the Page Zapper to copy profile pages from MySpace and Facebook and send the information to a Java-enabled mobile handset. The GotZapp technology will let you import your information, including text and photos, from a variety of social… Read More

  • 45% of Europeans watch TV online

    A new study from Motorola has found that an amazing 45% of European broadband users now watch at least some television online. The survey covering the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain found that the French lead Europe in terms of online television consumption with 59% of people choosing to watch previews and episodes of their favorite shows via the web with the Germans trailing… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Self-Defense Edition

    CrunchArcade: Get a Lifeā€¦ Online
    Hot Fuzz: The Sleep Squad Alarm Clock
    Wall-Climbing Robot Is Speedy
    Tampon Taser
    Flat Panel Frame, Debatable Elegance for those with Cash to Burn Read More

  • Frengo Raises $5.7 Million Series A Round

    Redwood City based Frengo, a mobile social networking startup targeting the growing SMS/ TXT market, have completed Series A funding of $5.7 million. The founding round was led by Trilogy Equity Partners, a firm led by John Stanton, the former T-Mobile USA and Western Wireless Chief Executive, and completed by Khosla Ventures and Index Ventures, both of which provided capital in the initial… Read More

  • T-Mobile Dash Users, Please Report to Your Minders

    It is now midnight and you have T-Mobile’s permission to upgrade your Dash to Windows Mobile 6.0. How will you do it, you ask? The free WM6 upgrade will be available online to T-Mobile Dash customers beginning May 4 at http://www.t-mobile.com/wmupgrade.
    Before you reflash your Dash with the maintenance release, make sure you
    check and do the following first:
    1. USB sync cable is… Read More

  • Pandora To Shut Out Non-U.S. Users Thursday Evening

    If you live outside of the U.S. and enjoy listening to customized radio stations on Pandora, brace yourself for some bad news. The site will be shutting you out starting Thursday evening. Registered users who access the service from outside the U.S. received a warning email yesterday letting them know that this will be happening. Pandora operates under Section 114 of the DMCA, which gives them… Read More

  • Flat Panel Frame, Debatable Elegance for those with Cash to Burn

    Pottery Barn is selling an item designed to improve the look of one’s flat panel TV. The Chadwick Flat Panel Frame is essentially a picture frame for a flat panel TV. It’s available in three sizes and it’s crafted from hard wood. The frame is available now for $400 – $500. Product Page [via Uncrate] Read More

  • Update: Video From Jimmy Wales Press Prank

    The video for the “Mr. Ten Questions” Australian press prank on Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales that we wrote about a couple of days ago is now online and embedded above. See our original post for a transcript of the questions and additional background. Read More

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