• Scoble blocked from Facebook

    Well known tech blogger Robert Scoble has had his Facebook account disabled after he ran an unnamed script over it, breaking the site’s terms of use. As he says on his blog, he is appealing, but he Twittered that he will be taking the normal customer service route rather than contacting Facebook’s PR people, as he could certainly do (not that it will take long for the PR guys… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Marry Meat Edition

    Rumor: Red’s Redcode coming to Final Cut Studio as native at Macworld
    Hot Rock: Finally a rock I can put my meat on
    Wii is gimmicky: I didn’t say it, but I wish I had said it in exactly this same manner
    Artificial intelligence expert claims sex with robots a real possibility
    2008 Bloggies: Nominate Us!
    And we’re off: CES 2008 Meet-up Read More

  • IBM Acquires Storage Company XIV For $350 Million

    IBM has acquired Israeli based data storage technology company XIV for what is believed to be $350 million. XIV’s main product Nextra is a storage system based on a grid of standard hardware components. XIV will become part of the IBM System Storage business unit of the IBM Systems and Technology Group. Andy Monshaw, general manager for IBM System Storage said that the acquisition of… Read More

  • Lenovo lets loose three IdeaPads: Y710, Y510, U110

    Ever since my conversion into the Apple race, I tend to shake my head at other notebook manufacturers and think their hardware isn’t as nice or pretty or whatever. I obviously come to my senses shortly after and take another look at it from an objective standpoint. More often than not I see the error of my ways, but sometimes crap is just crap and there’s no getting around that. I… Read More

  • The Weather Channel On The Market For $5 Billion+

    Cable TV network The Weather Channel is on the market for a reported $5 billion or more, according to the NY Times. As well as providing the leading cable weather channel, the company also has a big web presence, with Weather.com the 25th most popular site in the United States, according to Alexa. The Weather Channel provides data to a range of leading online destinations including MySpace… Read More

  • LG and Netflix to team up; Streaming and downloadable rentals for HDTV on the way

    Digital downloads and streaming video to the livingroom is going to be a big theme in 2008, mark my words on that, and LG and Netflix agree. The HDTV maker and video rentals giant have teamed up on a set-top box that would allow Netfix customers to view rentals directly over the Internet, we should see official releases sometime tomorrow. Apple is rumored to be working on a similar concept, as… Read More

  • More blogs, like Popular Mechanics, think Macworld will bring touchscreen MacBooks

    What if I told you that now even Popular Mechanics is jumping on the “Apple will introduce a tablet Mac at Macworld” bandwagon? What then? What if I told you that they also have a completely fake and not-even-good-looking video of the device? Then you’d have absolutely nothing else to impress you for the rest of the year, and for that you’d be sorry. But don’t take… Read More

  • Dubious Rumor Alert: Apple is not starting a record label with Jay-Z

    We like BGR as much as the next blog, but we’re calling horse hockey on the Boy’s rumor that Jay-Z is starting a new label for Apple. While we’re sure there’s a nugget of truth to this, Jobs would be shooting himself in the foot if he started an Apple-branded label. Let’s break down why this is kinda goofy. Read More

  • ChaCha Launches Mobile Interface. They Still Suck.

    I was surprised this evening to receive an email from the ChaCha communications team about a new feature they’ve just launched. I say surprised because we have not been kind to the service in our three posts on them so far. In the most recent post, I called them “a bad idea, poorly executed.” The new feature is a mobile interface to the search engine – try it… Read More

  • Hot Rock: Finally a rock I can put my meat on

    The holidays are over but that shouldn’t stop you from thinking of your loved ones this month. Want to get Dad something really special? Get him a hot rock to cook his food on. It uses no oil and is great for beef, fish, and chicken. I can’t get to the product website, but feel free to enjoy this washed out photo of a steak on a rock while you wait for it to come back up. Read More

  • Rhapsody Pulls Plug On Non-Public APIs, Effectively Shuts YottaMusic Down

    A reader of ours tipped us off today about the recent demise of a highly regarded music service called YottaMusic that was shut down on December 30th after Rhapsody had given the service a December 31st deadline for ceasing use of its non-public APIs and data. YottaMusic was a music web application started in 2006 that primarily afforded a superior interface to Rhapsody’s streaming… Read More

  • Redfly announces a sub-sub-notebook to be shown at CES

    The Foleo was, alas, a non-starter. The subcompact form factor, however, has a champion now in the form of the Asus Eee PC, and Redfly thinks that maybe the time is right for someone to take a shot at the sub-sub-compact. This thing is small enough to fit in your purse, guys, and although it’d be cool if it was running some kind of compact Linux distro, it’s got a custom OS that… Read More

  • Sweet Nintendo DS mock-up, with carbon-fiber trim

    I’m not entirely convinced that Nintendo’s next handheld will be another DS, but if they were to do that, it would be pretty tight if it looked like this. Your criticisms are likely already addressed at the Giz article by the creator, Phil Nolan, but whatever your quibbles are, you know you’d love to have one of these things. I actually see Nintendo going for an… Read More

  • Rumor: Red's Redcode coming to Final Cut Studio as native at Macworld

    Part of Macworld next month will be a thing called the Final Cut Pro group, just for you video guys. And we’ve been tracking rumors that there will be a special surprise on the 16th. We’ve done some digging, and we’re fairly sure that this surprise has something to do with the Red One camera and Final Cut’s integration with Redcode. In reality it’ll be an update… Read More

  • Yahoo Picks Joins The Deadpool

    Nearly missed new years day was an announcement from Yahoo that Yahoo Picks service was to shut after 12 years. Launched in August 1995, Yahoo Picks highlighted the best of the web in a weekly, then later daily update service in an era prior to blogging. The site eventually evolved to a full blown blog in 2004. Many new internet users in the mid 90s started on the web in roughly this order… Read More

  • ITZBEEN: For people with babies, maybe Doug

    I just saw this little baby gadget over the weekend and thought it might be interesting for those of you who got babies for Christmas. It’s called the ITZBEEN and it’s basically a timer that lets you tell when you last did something — changed junior, fed him or her, and checked the old asscloth. There’s even a switch for reminding you which dug they little one… Read More

  • The Next Google Search Challenger: Blekko

    Rich Skrenta, who created the first computer virus (Elk Cloner), co-founded the Open Directory Project, and co-founded online news site Topix, may have bitten off the biggest challenge of his career – taking on Google. In search. Skrenta left Topix last June. He started his new company, Blekko, almost immediately, along with five others from the Topix core team. They raised $2 million… Read More

  • Dell now available at Best Buy

    We reported about a month ago that Dell would soon be making its way to Best Buy. Beginning today, you can pickup a Dell at your local Best Buy. The systems available at the Inspiron 1521 and 1420 and the XPS M1330 and M1530 notebooks. As well as the Inspiron 531s, 531, 530 and XPS ONE desktops. It’s a big move for Dell and Best Buy.I can’t wait to see what effect this has on… Read More

  • Phishing For Facebook

    I’m not sure what the bad guys want with a bunch of Facebook user account credentials, but phishing scams seem to be hitting the site. Scott Fish notes that some users are seeing Wall posts that contain links to phishing sites to gather Facebook credentials. An example message is: lol i cant believe these pics got posted….its going to be BADDDD when her boyfriend sees these… Read More

  • Next2Friends: Another Bluetooth social network joins the fray

    Update: See TechCrunch.com for the latest on their video apps. When is someone going to crack the ‘mobile social network via Bluetooth‘ conundrum? Or will it all turn out to have been a massive red herring? The latest to enter the fray, launching Thursday, will be Next2Friends, a new social network based on Bluetooth-enabled handsets. Here’s how they say it works: You set up… Read More

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