• Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS: What's a shorter way to say ‘Oh God Yes!’?

    So… Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS, anyone? Right now, all that’s there is the clock from the game’s title sequence alongside the Nintendo DS logo, but that’s enough to get folks like Devin and I fairly excited. Remake or port, though? Given Square’s habit of re-releasing the Final Fantasy in DS-3D, my guess is re-make. The game was good, to say the… Read More

  • Baseball Boss: If You Don't Love Baseball Yet, You Will Now

    First off, if you love Baseball, skip this post for a minute and go claim one of the 1,000 beta accounts we have for Baseball Boss – click “register” on the top left and use the code “techcrunch” to get in. Then come back here and see why you’ll be glad you did. Baseball Boss is the second game title from Texas-based Challenge Games, which launched Duels.com… Read More

  • N96 demo site up and running

    The N96 – which is similar to the N95 but is one more better – has finally gotten its own special Flash-based web-tour. It goes into all the dirty details regarding GPS, music playback, and Internet browsing but sadly leaves out the cool bloopy music we’re used to when we see these sorts of tours. Nothing amazingly exciting but if you’re a Nokiard you might get a kick… Read More

  • Nanowire storage system has a creamy crystalline center, stores 3 bits

    Alternative storage stuff is always interesting. In this case it’s also nanotech, so that makes it a double-whammy. Some researchers have made a two-layer nanowire out of germanium, antimony, and tellurium that can be made to store information in the form of its physical state. They can alter the crystalline structure in the tiny wires by an electrical pulse and it’ll stay that… Read More

  • Godfather on Blu-ray September 23!

    The last movie that needed to be released (other than Gladiator) on Blu-ray now has a date. The Godfather Collection, which contains all three movies, will be released on September 23 for $120. There’s plenty of extras. Director Francis Ford Coppola provides commentary on all three films; perhaps he’ll explain why The Godfather Part III ever saw the light of day. Then… Read More

  • WALL-E: interstellar copyright scofflaw

    Looks like the eponymous bot in Pixar’s acclaimed new movie “WALL-E” is a dirty, dirty pirate. Apparently the robot code doesn’t prohibit you from harming an artist’s livelihood. One astute Canadian watcher notes (names have been X’ed out for plot-protection): 1. WALL-E records audio from his favorite movie, XXXXXXXXXXX, putting in onto his own digital… Read More

  • iPhone ranked No. 1 in Japanese smartphone survey, Blackberry last

    The iPhone will debut in Japan, one of the world’s biggest telecommunications markets, on July 11th and people here seem to be pretty excited about it already. In a recent survey on the popularity of smartphones in Japan, 57.9% of all respondents replied they are interested in the Apple model the most. The Blackberry ranked 6th (and last) with just 8.8%. Details can be found here (in… Read More

  • Azeroth in World of Warcraft is the size of Newcastle, planet is flat

    Another example of the Internet’s vital role in our society. A very fine gentleman of high moral standing has concluded that Azeroth, the world in World of Warcraft, has an area of 113 square kilometers, or about the size of English city Newcastle, home of Joey Barton. That, and the planet (or planetoid; it’s quite small, you see) has a density that’s 500 times greater… Read More

  • Windows Vista: Not that bad, really, try it

    Bill Veghte from the Windows group at Microsoft sent out a nice big memo to those who still haven’t installed Vista in their enterprises and are waiting for some real improvement before they even consider it. His advice? Windows Vista offers significant advances in security and productivity and we recommend that enterprises that have not yet deployed it should absolutely evaluate… Read More

  • MSI Wind mini-desktop confirmed in Asia and Europe

    MSI’s Wind desktops will launch in Asia and Europe this summer – expect them in about two months – and there are no current plans to launch it in the US. The desktop will run Atom. It will not, however, get you women like the one pictured. In fact, purchasing a pink Wind mini-desktop is as far from sexy as you can get without becoming a eunuch. Not much info right now, but… Read More

  • VUDU continues to infiltrate Best Buy

    I’ve been using Vudu for a few months now and it’s a pretty snazzy service. The remote is surprisingly ergonomic and the Vudu UI is put together quite well. You can read Doug’s review over yonder if you like. Today, Vudu announced that they’ve continued their expansion in Best Buy stores throughout California, Arizona and Illinois. A full listing of stores along… Read More

  • RIM releasing iDEN BlackBerry Curve

    Photoshopped Curve. It’s unclear whether or not Sprint is still looking to rid itself of failing acquisition Nextel, but RIM is set to unleash an iDEN BlackBerry Curve newly dubbed the 8350. Other than Wi-Fi, the 8350 is no different than its counterparts except for that ugly antenna it will surely don. Read More

  • Blogged Tries To Make A Human-Powered Techmeme For Everything

    Blogged, the blog directory that we introduced last February, has launched a news portal that aspires to hand-pick the most interesting stories from across the blogosphere. The company has employed a team of editors to identify trends and popular stories from around the web, which are presented in categories that include technology, entertainment, politics, and sports. Unfortunately, Blogged… Read More

  • 200 More Tickets for the TechCrunch August Capital MeetUp; Announcing an Android Vs. iPhone Roundtable

    Update: This batch sold out in 20 minutes. We will release one more smaller batch in the coming weeks. We are releasing the next batch of 200 tickets to the 3rd annual August Capital MeetUp on Friday, July 25, 2008, in Menlo Park, California. Our last release of tickets sold out in less than 15 minutes, so we recommend you register now if you plan on attending. Tickets are available at EventBrite. Read More

  • Blizzard Authenticator helps secure your World of Warcraft account

    Blizzard, fresh off its Earth-rattling Diablo III news, has just released a small gadget that supposedly improves the security of your World of Warcraft account. Called the Blizzard Authenticator, this small device syncs with your WoW account to provide a second password for each time you log in. The second password is randomly generated for each gaming session. The idea is, simply, two… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    Black-hat hacker sells HP security secrets… from inside HP

    In order to build up a nest egg for a start-up project, French programmer Steve Rigano began selling HP, SAP, and Windows 0day vulnerabilities online for substantial sums of money. The kicker? Rigano was an HP security consultant and on the HP payroll. The 0day trade is considered by security experts to be something akin to arms dealing. Stockpile enough 0day exploits – exploits that… Read More

  • Ricoh plans to erect a "green" billboard in New York's Times Square

    Ricoh Japan is planning to set up a  billboard powered by natural energy in New York City’s Times Square in December. The sign will be equipped with 45 solar cell panels and four wind power turbines, producing a maximum of 98 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day. Ricoh’s American subsidiary says the billboard (47 feetx126 feet) might not be illuminated in case there is not… Read More

  • Pogue asks AT&T about iPhone 3G calling plans

    Nothing we didn’t already know, but it’s nice to have most of the answers in one place for us all to refer to if need be. Q: Does the new $70 iPhone plan include any text messages? A: No. This is our standard pricing for 3G PDA’s and smartphones. It’s a combined voice and unlimited data plan. The data portion is $30. It does not include text messages, which are extra. Read More

  • Xbox 360 Dashboard re-design to use motion controller

    Word on the street is that Microsoft will launch a re-designed Xbox 360 Dashboard alongside the long-rumored [Spring?] Dashboard update. That Microsoft is thinking about of integrating that motion controller that was mentioned a few weeks ago is both unexpected and annoying. One of the reasons I prefer the Xbox 360 to the Wii when I play games is the “normal” interface. I like having… Read More

  • Summer Travel Tip: Check If Those Frequent Flyer Award Seats Are Available on ExpertFlyer

    There is nothing more annoying than trying to use up your hard-earned frequent-flyer miles only to be told that the flight you want has no frequent flier seats available. Many airlines block out seats and dates for frequent-flyer eligibility. And their sites make it especially difficult to find out which flights have such seats. My experience is usually going to the Awards section of… Read More

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