• Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Unlock The Potential Of Your Canon Point-And-Shoot Digi

    After switching to a DSLR from a typical point-and-shoot camera I’ve left my tiny Canon somewhere in my junk drawer, but after finding this gem I may have to dig it back up. It’s pretty exciting because you can get features like live histograms, depth of field calculation, under and overexposure highlighting, and, more importantly, the ability to shoot RAW. You just need to… Read More

  • OSoYou targets womens social shopping

    “Social shopping” is the latest buzzphrase to be on the lips of Europe’s startup scene and the newest entrant to the UK market is OSoYou. Launching its public beta site aimed at women and supported by Britain’s top three retailers, OSoYou features the ability for users to “drag and drop” items they like to create the perfect wishlist for their… Read More

  • Polk's I-sonic 2 iPod Dock Does HD, Reminds You To Purchase Crappy Songs

    Yay, another iPod dock. Will it ever end? No. I’m happy to report, though, that the Polk I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 does a bit more than just play tunes off your iPod. The I-SES2 has a built-in HD radio and the ability to tag songs you hear on the radio to purchase at a later time on iTunes. The iTunes Tagging system is fairly simple to use, you simply hit the Tag button on the dock… Read More

  • If You're Not A Model, Don't Bother Reading This

    Heard of ModelsHotel? Its a hot new social network that you have absolutely no chance of joining. That’s because the site, founded by Jesper Lannung, is for the models only – enabling “models to stay in touch through a gated community.” To get in you have to be a professional model and invited by the site or by other members. Once you’re in, you can do standard… Read More

  • iPhone Unlock Complete

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Here is the full unlock process from start to finish. It was a bit of an ordeal, but I could probably do it again now in a few minutes. Special thanks to WirelessImports for all the help. A Windows FAQ is forthcoming, but it basically involves downloading AppTapp to open the phone, then using AiSign to activate it. Read More

  • oDesk's Facebook Developer Aptitude Test

    oDesk, a next generation marketplace for contract developers, has recently seen a spike in requests for Facebook developers. oDesk offers developers a number of aptitude tests to certify their programming skills in various areas – existing tests include Ajax, CSS, .Net, DHTML and ASP, among others. They’ve now added a forty minute Facebook aptitude test as well. Companies can now… Read More

  • Targus Goes Green With EcoSmart Line Of Bags

    The inventors of the laptop bag, Targus, have taken it upon themselves to make their company a bit greener and more eco-friendly. I applaud Targus for this move. I just wish everyone was as concerned about the environment and actually did something about it. It’s not a joke, people. But this is neither the time nor the place. At the very least check this out. I can’t help it… Read More

  • Back to School 2007: Real College Student™ Advice from "JL"

    Here are two tips: 1.) If you’re 23 and decide to take a beginner’s Japanese class at a local community college, be prepared for the onslaught of 18 year old ass hats who apparently know all there is to know about life, and are so hilarious that they should make a “funny” comment in class every thirty seconds. I mean, after spending almost $200 on books and… Read More

  • Avoid Roaming Charges On Your iPhone

    A clever fellow by the name of John, not our John, has figured out how to avoid ridiculous roaming charges when traveling abroad by simply taking out his SIM card. Yes, this negates any possibility of using the phone, but you can at least use the Wi-Fi to browse the web and check e-mail. Simple, yet very effective.
    When Travelling Internationally, Pop Out The iPhone SIM Card To Check… Read More

  • Meebo Adds File Sharing To Webchat

    Web chat startup Meebo, still basking in the glow of bringing instant messaging to the iPhone, is releasing a much requested new feature tonight: file sharing. There are dozens of web based file sharing applications, such as YouSendIt and DropSend (we reviewed four P2P solutions here), but users often want to simply send a file to a friend while chatting with them. This is easy with desktop… Read More

  • Wii Zapper: $20 In Late November, Free Game Called 'Link's Crossbow Training'

    Last July, Nintendo of America announced that the $20 Wii Zapper would be available later this year and that it would include a game. More information today revealed that the game is a target shooter called Link’s Crossbow Training and the device itself will be available on November 19. Three other games will be compatible out of the chute; Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Resident Evil: The… Read More

  • Technorati Launches Streaming Updates Service

    Technorati has announced the launch of Technorati Topics, a live river of news stream that delivers a moving list of blog posts. It replaces the just relaunched Technorati home page. Technorati’s Dorion Carroll said that the changes were due to user feedback on “how [Technorati] should organize the vastness of the blogosphere and help people find the good stuff and help great… Read More

  • GotVoice Adds Talking Bears and Speech-To-Text Transcription

    GotVoice is a great voicemail utility that has so far focused on delivering visual voicemail (phone/web), custom voicemail greetings, and broadcasting voice messages (like Pinger). Through some clever coding, GotVoice links directly into your voicemail to pull messages into the system and send messages back out through it. However, the product has been lacking one of the killer voicemail… Read More

  • Palm Gandolf Set For Launch On September 12

    So I was wrong about the Centro coming to Europe on the 12th. It happens. I really should have known better, but I think I was on drugs that day. Anyhoo, come September 12th all the Europeans will be getting their mitts on the Gandolf, which has probably slipped your minds since all the Centro talk started going around. The Gandolf, as expected, will become the Treo 500 and it will launch… Read More

  • Help-Key: Securing Your Laptop

    Each year in the USA, roughly a half-million laptops are stolen. Last night, Yours Truly became a statistic. We’re still not sure how it happened, but as I chatted with a friend and ate chicken curry, a clever thief figured out a way to pop the trunk of my car from the outside and made away with my prized Powerbook and my lovely Bill Blass bag. In hindsight, it’s always easy to… Read More

  • CG and WirelessImports Five Unlocks Contest: You Guys Are Hungry For It

    One of our first entrants — hi-freakin’-larious. Read More

  • Fact: Web Comics Make Console Wars Tolerable

    Fact: video game console wars are stupid wastes of time. Fact: video game console wars give the guys at Penny-Arcade so much material to work with it’s almost worth it. Fact: We, too, at CrunchGear are ass deep in cats. It rules. An Embarrassment Of Kittens [Penny-Arcade] Read More

  • Woz Auctioning Off 350Z For Charity

    http://hincludes.s3.amazonaws.com/flvplayer.swf $(document).ready(function() {
    $(“#player”).html(‘Get Flash to see this player.’); var so = new… Read More

  • Jawbone Gets Additional Funding from Sequoia; Not Just Headsets Anymore?

    Some guy at some site really likes Jawbone‘s noise-cancelling Bluetooth headsets. He likes them enough to tell us all about a mysterious amount of funding that Sequoia Capital has pumped into the headset maker. This follows a previous $5 million injection by Vinod Khosla earlier in the year. So the question is: Does Jawbone have something secret up its sleeves besides Bluetooth headsets… Read More

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