• Run your Google Desktop gadgets on your iGoogle page

    With Google’s new Desktop 5.5 Beta, you’re now able to run the gadgets once relegated to your computer’s sidebar right on your web browser’s personalized iGoogle start page. Before you get too excited (or even a little excited), it should be pointed out that Google Desktop must be installed and running on your computer for this to work within your web browser. So… Read More

  • Feedburner Bug, Or We More Than Doubled Our RSS Subscribers

    1,511,000: the number of subscribed RSS readers of TechCrunch, according to the Feedburner Widget as I type this post. Given the number is up significantly from the 600,000 odd subscribers we had yesterday, I’m calling it a Feedburner bug. Feedburner has had a long history of doing strange things with the subscriber counter, and TechCrunch’s readership (if the counter is to be… Read More

  • Loic Lemeur Building Video Twitter

    Former Six Apart Europe head and well known French Web 2.0 entrepreneur Loic Lemeur relocated to San Francisco recently to build a new startup, and thanks to Robert Scoble we now know what it is: “video Twitter.” Lemeur himself is documenting his startup every day on YouTube here. It’s not riveting content but listening to a non-American view on building a startup is… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Mini Golf Edition

    ASUS Xonar U1 external USB audio scrubber
    Sony Bravia commercial: attack of the bunnies
    Clear2O Water Pitcher: Drinking Redefined
    Win a Wii covered in blood
    Mario and Luigi remote controlled mini golfers Read More

  • Is Philip DeFranco The Heir To The ZeFrank Crown?

    Ever since the arguably very popular ZeFrank finished his daily “The Show” earlier this year, I’ve been trying to find a decent Ze Frank alternative, a video blog that is short, sharp and hoepfully funny as well. I’ve had a couple of tips recently that Philip DeFranco might fit the bill, and NewTeeVee included DeFranco on their list of ZeFrank successors… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. iPod Nano sets man’s pants on fire in airport Sascha Also, if this actually happened at an airport, the story would end with the guy being tackled by five TSA employees who then dragged him into a cell and interrogated him for 17… Read More

  • Facebook Music Rumors

    AllFacebook is running a rumor that Facebook is prepping an online music store that will see it compete with Apple’s dominant iTunes. A competing story by PaidContent says the new product is to be a music platform for artists and will compete directly with MySpace, not iTunes. According to the posts, Facebook has been searching for someone tolead the new division and has been… Read More

  • Domain Industry Intrigue; Oversee.net Gets Hosed

    The domain name industry is all abuzz today (or will be soon) with the launch of a new service called NameJet. The service will compete in the $75 million/year “deleting domain name” business – when someone doesn’t renew a domain name it goes through a lengthy expiration process and is eventually spit back out to the market. 25,000 domains delete daily on average, and… Read More

  • iPod Nano sets man's pants on fire in airport

    This sounds kind of dubious but apparently an Atlanta man named Danny Williams was walking in an airport and his iPod Nano started to flame up. A “glossy piece of paper” protected him from life-threatening burns. Apple is being good sports about it and is offering him a new iPod after Willams went to the local news station with the story. The reporter got no quote from Apple… Read More

  • Crazy headphones aren't headphones at all

    The Sony PFR-V1’s are actually two mini speakers which are said to mimic an extravagant audio setup. There’s a whole bunch of tech-specs which supposedly justify the $540 price but whatevs, at the end of the day these kinda ruin the premise of headphones. Last we checked headphones were meant for private listening. Not to mention you’ll look like a total douche rocking these… Read More

  • Giz scores AT&T Shine spy shots

    Many of the newer cellphones we’ve been covering, like the Tilt, have built-in autofocus with their digicams. That’s a good thing, because maybe it means the days of hyper-blurry spyshots is done. Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate what you guys (the spys) do for us (the bloggers), but is it too much to ask you get a decent camera? Here we have the forthcoming American Shine by… Read More

  • Chandlee to head Facebook UK ad-sales

    Facebook has hired Yahoo exec Blake Chandlee to head up the company’s UK ad-sales team. Chandlee was Category Development Officer, charged with growing Yahoo’s advertising business with consumer goods firms. Chandlee joined Yahoo! in 2003, and rose to commercial director. Facebook has already picked out an office in London’s Soho, where most of the advertising agencies… Read More

  • AT&T Tilt is apparently all-business

    Today is the day AT&T launches the much-hyped Tilt. The smartphone is better than most Windows Mobile devices simply because it has everything built-in that one could possible want (short of a headhone jack – what!?). While it’s a little sluggish at times, it’s a multi-tasking, event-juggling performer in the slow-and-steady sense. It’s supposed to launch today, but… Read More

  • Friday Funnies: James Brown, behind the scenes

    It’s Friday, and there’s not much going on news-wise, so here’s a funny video of the absolutely true story of how James Brown’s “Sex Machine” was recorded, and would later become a monster YES MASTER, THEY ARE BUYING WHAT I AM SELLING; EXPECT TOTAL ASSIMILATION BY LATE 2008, YOU MAY BEGIN YOUR INVASION WHEN READY. Read More

  • New Wii bundles for the holidays?

    Maxconsole has a rumor that a new Wii bundle from Nintendo is expected to hit for the holidays. No word on what’s in the bundle, just that it’ll cost $289.99 MSRP and will have a new SKU. We’re guessing it’ll include two controllers and the Zapper. Hoping, really. Rumor: New Wii sku due soon [MaxCon] Read More

  • AppleTV as an in-car PC

    First it was the Mac Mini now it’s the AppleTV. In-car hackers are stuffing the wee, kind of dead set-top box into cars now after hacking it to death and installing outside apps. The result — a slim, fairly quiet machine — makes for a good GPS and media device. The audio is plugged into the aux of my deck. The Apple TV and video convertor are both run off of my 300-watt… Read More

  • Technorati CEO: Techmeme is "a great little site."

    I was hoping that the changing of the guard at Technorati would mean that the company would learn to become somewhat humble. Early signs say that isn’t the case. In a Wired interview, incoming CEO Richard Jalichandra did note that the company has some challenges ahead (in reality, the only challenge is to find a buyer, fast). But he also describes Techmeme, which has a single… Read More

  • VoodooVox: Building a Voice 2.0 Ad Network

    As if we didn’t have enough advertising in our lives, now we can look forward to listening to ads while on hold during a phone call, or while using a free Web telephony service. One startup trying to make that happen is VoodoVox out of New York City. Backed by Softbank Capital, Apax Partners, and Steamboat Ventures (Disney), VoodooVox has raised a total of $13 million so far. CEO J. Read More

  • 40GB PS3 to hit Europe on October 10th

    If you’re American going into the bathroom and you’re American coming out of the bathroom, what are you while you’re in the bathroom? European. If you are, in fact, European, you’ll be delighted to know that in preparation for this holiday season, Sony has decided to grace you with the 40GB PS3’s presence and will let you buy it for EUR399, roughly $165 more than… Read More

  • Microsoft: gPhone is lies and fabrications, Windows Mobile great, you people know nothing

    Scott “The Rock” Rockfeld sat down with InformationWeek to discuss the Google Phone, Google’s purchase of mobile spectrum, how great Google is, and how super Google is. His assessment? Google is stupid heads and Windows Mobile is on 11 million phones and Google is for dumb heads. The real money shot? Get ready… when asked what hot MS products are coming up — a… Read More

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