• T-Mobile keeps on giving

    No disrespect to the original, but BHIC does a damn good job here. Give it a minute before you hit the jump for the one and only. Looking to switch carriers? T-mobile near the top of the list? Well, the deal just got sweeter because they’re waiving the $35 activation fee for n00bs until the end of the year. So scoot on over to your local store or check out the site. The Curve, Sidekick… Read More

  • Wal-Mart Shuts Movie Download Service, Offers SEM Services Instead

    Wal-Mart shut its movie download service on December 21st, but until today no one noticed. The service was launched in February with all the major film studios providing content; at the time Michael wrote that it was an extremely crowded and competitive space however “Wal-mart will bail out of markets that they can’t dominate,” he was right. Wal-Mart’s Video… Read More

  • Update: GPS-tracked Baby Jesus recovered!

    Remember a few days ago we brought you news of the small town in Florida that was affixing GPS units to members of its nativity scene because people kept stealing Baby Jesus? As it turns out, someone did steal Baby Jesus, and the cops got her. Moral of the story: Read CrunchGear more often, Danielle Santino of Wellington, FL. Read CrunchGear more often. GPS Used To Recover Stolen Baby Jesus… Read More

  • Bunchball: Cross-Platform, Real-Time Games. A Sign of Social Networking's Future?

    With the emergence of cross-social-network developer platforms (first Google’s OpenSocial and then Bebo’s Facebook clone) comes the possibility for applications to connect people across social networks, thereby blurring the lines that designate where one social graph ends and another begins. Out of the handful of applications on Bebo’s private (and soon-public) platform… Read More

  • Pantech's "Romantic Wave" – a good phone for your significant other

    Feeling loverly? This cute little phone would go great with that purse, although if your girlfriend is a gearhead she may be disappointed. But who can resist that little pink jewel? Every time you send, it’s like a baby Rudolph is giving your thumb an Eskimo kiss. The only stat I could gleam was that the thing only has a 1.3-megapixel camera, so despite having a price tag topping $400… Read More

  • Video: Syoban Action! Super Mario Bros. (as played if you're tripping balls)

    I can only guess that when Super Mario eats too much pizza, his dreams look more like this than Super Mario Bros. 2. I don’t know what’s going on here, but it gets better and better as it goes on. I really want to play this game. It’s times like this I wish I’d payed better attention in Japanese class, but it has something to do with Syobon Action. Read More

  • CrunchGear This Week

    While the rest of you were out caroling, the pagans at CG were reporting on the good stuff that comes with the season. Toshiba and Sharp are getting friendly and teaming up on LCD components, and just yesterday the first Comcast + TiVo services were rolled out. We got six kinds of nasty with the new Helio Mysto, and set off a flame-war over whether the iPhone was a smartphone or not. On the ho… Read More

  • Hairy DIY mouse responds to your caress

    This unholy union of wiimote and tribble looks to be a pretty relaxing way to move your cursor around, but somehow I don’t see it catching on in the mainstream. All you need to do is cannibalize a normal optical mouse, make sure it’s got batteries and a “hull” and you run your thumb over the sensor, making for a sort of optical trackball. Looks pretty weird, but it… Read More

  • Samsung's got a 31-inch OLED display for you

    The arms race has begun. Sony unveiled a 27-inch prototype last month, and Samsung decided it had better get in on the game. They say the screen they’ve created is 4.3mm thick, which is kind of ridiculous, and uses up half the juice as an LCD screen the same size. They’ll be displaying it at CES, and you can bet your sweet hiney we’ll be getting a few snaps of that thing.

    Read More

  • Griefing++

    http://video.stage6.com/1973259/.divx Griefing — the process of playing an multi-player video game simply to harass others — is a lost art. Because of overly competitive teams, a good griefer gets weeded out fairly quickly but this selection of griefing activities brings me back to my days of yelling “Mom! Get out of my room!” over and over on Teamspeak. via BBG Read More

  • Everex's gPC is the suck

    I was worried this would happen when I first saw the gPC a few months ago. I knew the idea wouldn’t fly and that the OS was half-baked, but now PC Magazine, that bastion of hard-core reviewing, has confirmed my suspicions. They found the entire system to be uninspiring and basically said: Aside from being cheap and unaffected by Windows viruses, there’s not a lot to recommend in… Read More

  • Oscar season is near, DVD screener season is here

    In addition to being Christmas season (or whatever Winter holiday you celebrate… Winter Veil isn’t too shabby), it’s also Oscar screener time, meaning you can find many of the movies expected to compete for the golden statue on your favorite BitTorrent sites. I’m not talking cheap-o cams, either, but full-blown DVD screeners; at most you’ll have to put up with… Read More

  • MPillow: mood-setting part pillow, part speaker

    See, I’m more into this type of technology nowadays rather than touchscreens or gigahertz or other “hard” implementations of tech. Named the MPillow (designed by Ozgur Tasar, Per Arlander and Madlene Linstrom), this pillow has a built-in speaker and can tune into wirelessly streamed music (via Bluetooth, presumably, it doesn’t really say), helping to set “the… Read More

  • LG has sold 700,000 Prada phones

    That’s right, friends: LG has sold 700,000 Prada phones so far, surprising us all. I’m trying to get a little more information, but you can be sure that fashionistas everywhere are now rubbing their haptic touchscreens with glee, thankful that they didn’t buy that awful iPhone. LG sells 700,000 Prada phones [TelecomPaper with some janky $180 subscription service] Read More

  • The Apple Store success story, deconstructed

    Yes, we know that the Apple Store, as a concept, has been a success. But, prior to today, has anyone ever explored why, exactly, it works so well? Thank goodness for the New York Times! After all, these Times demand the Times. Some numbers for you to consider: • Twenty percent of Apple’s revenue comes from the Apple Store • Apple made $1.25B at the Apple Store in the fourth… Read More

  • Android in February? Prepare grains of salt now

    Google has booked not one, but two (!!!!!) booths at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February. That means that it’ll probably be showing off Android phones then, right? Maybe. Or maybe not. APC Magazine thinks that we’ll see some Android headsets on February 11th, but let’s all keep that in our back pockets until then. Read More

  • Uncle Walt loves the Dell XPS One

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/452319854 I assure you that right now the entire Dell marketing team is drunk and naked in Conference Room 223, celebrating this amazing review by Senor Mossberg. Why? Because at about 2:30 Mossberg says that the XPS One is as good or better than the iMac in terms of industrial design. Sure, he doesn’t recommend it over the… Read More

  • 2007 Had Its Share Of Internet Woes

    2007 definitely felt like it had its share of Internet woes. There was the mundane, such as Twitter’s frustrating downtime. And there were more dramatic moments, like when a truck slammed into a power transformer and brought down a significant part of the Internet. Through it all, Pingdom was there to quietly monitor when sites were live or not. Today they summarized the major incidents… Read More

  • Apple patent points to WGA-like functionality

    I don’t like to post patent applications but this one is fairly interesting. It seems Apple has something in the works to enable Windows Genuine Advantage capabilities into its OSes, ensuring you’re only using genuine Apple products and not pirating like a little weenus. And, like most patent applications, this one won’t see daylight. Think about it: the OS costs $129 and… Read More

  • Apple Tries To Patent A Way to Avoid Long Lines

    Already, people who own an iPhone belong to a certain club. But what if that club came with fringe benefits, like being able to avoid long lines at Starbucks and other stores? A recent patent application by Apple hints at a killer future feature that would let iPhone owners bypass long lines by placing orders at coffee shops and other retail outlets right from their phone. They would then… Read More

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