• Canon 1000D/Rebel XS in-depth preview

    The new entry-level DSLR from Canon is about to debut (as we mentioned earlier), and its merits are being seriously considered by the photo sites and magazines out there. After all, it offers a fantastic value, but so many cameras do these days that it’s hard to recommend it when you can spend a couple hundred extra and get a Rebel XSi or a nice Nikon. Most people going for entry-level… Read More

  • New AUV called Seaglider arrives from iRobot

    Your Roomba’s getting a new big brother, though this one’s not for the living room. The company behind the robotic vacuum cleaners announced today a new product called a Seaglider, which is an autonomous submersible robot designed for a number of underwater uses. The robot has a range of hundreds of miles and can stay at sea for months at a time if need be. This way it can collect… Read More

  • Take-Two considering getting into micro-transactions, in-game ads

    I feel for the poor publishers, really I do. How to make the big bucks when so many games A: suck and B: cost millions to produce? Some have taken refuge on the rock of microtransactions. From a penny to a couple bucks, publishers and developers have found that sometimes people will shell out a little cash for a little something extra in-game. Nobody’s really nailed it down, yet &mdash… Read More

  • SanDisk pushes removable media for all music devices

    Yes, indeed, SanDisk has a vested interest in people buying removable storage cards, seeing as how the company makes its money by selling memory. However, SanDisk’s Jan Hauer – director of product marketing – made an interesting prediction in London earlier today. Hauer predicted that, eventually, MP3 players won’t be outfitted with memory at all. They’ll all… Read More

  • CamSpace Creates a Wii For Everyone (Minus the Nintendo Console)

    It’s a Wii without the $250 console. It’s virtual Pong and so much more. Any object is now an input device, even your fingers. Bang, bang! But there’s no better way to introduce you to CamSpace than by letting you watch the demo video below: CamTrax’s core technology is a pure software solution that allows nearly any ordinary PC webcam (95% are supported) to track up… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct to sell for $199.99 after rebates

    Almost certainly a result of the 3G iPhone’s $199.99 price tag, Sprint has been passing the word around internally that the Samsung Instinct will go for $199.99 (after contract rebates, that is) when it launches in just a few weeks. The full retail price will be $449.99. A two-year contract will drop $150 bucks off that price via instant rebate, with Sprint throwing in an extra $100… Read More

  • HP's cavalcade of laptops part 1

    There were a total of 17 laptops announced by HP and there’s no way I’d post about them individually. The biggest news were the EliteBook and Voodoo Envy, which I covered yesterday. Today, I bring you the “b”- and “s”-series. The “b”-series is more business oriented and comes with a slick silver finish and magnesium alloy chassis. • HP… Read More

  • Cellspin adds Twitter and Pownce support

    Addicted to Twitter, but want to get a bit more creative with your tweets? Cellspin, a free mobile blogging application which allows users to blog text, video, audio, and photos to a big ol’ list of sites, has now added support for Twitter and Pownce. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Cellspin to work at all on my S60 N78. I signed up for an account, added Twitter to my list of sites… Read More

  • Amazing mini 3D-display cube developed in Japan

    Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) today unveiled a nice little invention: a 3D LCD display box that fits in the palm of your hand. The so-called gCubik makes it possible to visualize objects in three dimensions via integrated imaging technology. It is just 10 cm small. The NICT wants to significantly improve the display quality within 3 years. Read More

  • Good news, everyone: Halo Wars will have online co-op

    New Halo Wars details for your Wednesday afternoon. The real-time strategy game, which should come out this fall for the Xbox 360, supports up to six simultaneous players when played on Xbox Live. Better still, there’s an online co-op mode, which is the “it” mode right now. You and your amigo can team up to face the Covenant in some sort of battle against common… Read More

  • Bierstick: Two beers in under two seconds

    Straight out of my hometown of Minneapolis comes the Bierstick, a $20 apparatus that you fill with two cans of Busch Light, prop against a wall, then use to propel said Busch Light down your gullet in less than two seconds. I’m overflowing with pride. It’s perfect for people who find shotgunning a single beer in five seconds to be too time consuming. I mean, come on… Read More

  • Jeff Weiner's Departure From Yahoo Imminent, Speculation on Successor Begins

    Yahoo’s EVP Network Division Jeff Weiner, who’s been the subject of rabid speculation since the weekend, has submitted his resignation, our sources within the company say. Yahoo and Weiner are still negotiating his separation agreement, and will make an announcement “imminently” about his departure. But the big question is – who will replace him? Weiner first… Read More

  • Docstoc Poses As File Transfer Service With OneClick

    Docstoc has taken a page out of YouSendIt’s book by releasing a desktop applet for sending documents to others via email without having to worry about size restrictions. The Windows-only OneClick app enables users to right click on certain file types (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.) and choose to email them via Docstoc. The files will begin uploading to the startup’s servers in the… Read More

  • Cheap GPU causes Xbox 360 red ring of death

    Flickr’d We now know what causes the red ring of death. It seems Microsoft, rather than having someone like ATi design the Xbox 360’s GPU, went the cheap route, going straight to a Taiwanese manufacturer with its own designs. In other words, Microsoft’s lackluster GPU design causes the console to overheat, leading to the red ring of death. In wanting to save a few… Read More

  • Victor-JVC rolls out new portable media players in Japan

    Today Victor-JVC presented their newest portable media player, the alneo V [JP], which will go on sale in Japan at the beginning of July. The device features JVC’s proprietary K2 technology for improved sound quality, a 2-inch color LCD display and a 5-band equalizer. MP3/WMA/WMV/WAV files are supported. Available in red, blue, black and white, the alneo V measures… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson C905 Demo Video

    Hot on the tail of the C905 detail leak, some fine gent going by the name “PhonerX” has pushed a demo video of the handset up to the internets. With all of these demo videos leaking out, SE is either doing a reaaally bad job at keeping things under wraps, or leaking these intentionally. Besides the stuff we know from the details leaked earlier, the video indicates that there will… Read More

  • Oh Puh-lease: Steve Jobs is too skinny now?

    There have been some murmurs going ‘round the interconnected web-like network of worldwide computers that Steve Jobs looked a little too skinny on Monday, and that he might be sick. Apple spokespeople have now said that Jobs had been a little ill with a “common bug” over the past few weeks but that he was on antibiotics and didn’t want to miss the WWDC conference. Sure… Read More

  • AT&T and Starbucks settle T-Mobile Lawsuit

    Starbucks announced today that it has settled a lawsuit brought against it and AT&T by service provider T-Mobile. The suit claimed that Starbucks colluded with AT&T to offer Wi-Fi Internet access in its cafes even though the coffee chain had an exclusive agreement with T-Mobile that allowed T-Mobile to sell Wi-Fi in the cafes. The lawsuit alleged that AT&T and Starbucks were… Read More

  • The Onion describes new World of Warcraft expansion pack

    Anyone who knows me in real life—IRL—knows what a cynical killjoy I am. But this video! This video is legitimately funny. World of World of Warcraft will be a hit. via Gearfuse Read More

  • Pearl Jam bootlegs to be available on Verizon Wireless

    Pearl Jam, known for its live bootlegs, has joined forces with Verizon Wireless, known for its stupid commercials. (That’s the best I got, sorry.) The band’s summer tour, which starts today in West Palm Beach, will be recorded in toto, and three songs from each performance will be available on Verizon Wireless, one for free and the the other two at “standard… Read More

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