• SnapLayout: The Profile Editor MySpace Should Have Made

    Changing around the style of your profile is a big part of MySpace’s culture. Heavy users change their profiles daily, leading to over half a million threads in MySpace’s forums from users asking how they can customize their profiles. Yet after four years of operation, profile design still consists of CSS hacked together through third party sites or an allegedly ripped-off… Read More

  • Wii Fit due out Decemebr 1st

    …in Japan of course. Meaning that the Japanese have no concept of exercise, because when it takes a goddamned video game to get you in shape, something is wrong. Wii Fit will be available for 8800 yen or ~$75 at Japanese retailers when December 1st rolls around and for that exorbitant price, you’ll scoop up a game disc and some weird-ass exercise pad. Seems a bit expensive to… Read More

  • Firefox Coming To Your Phone

    Get ready to throw out that WAP browser on your mobile phone (if you haven’t already). The iPhone, with its fully-functioning Safari browser, showed us that mobile browsing need not be a compromise. Now, the folks at Mozilla are working on a mobile version of Firefox. A Firefox Web browser already exists for the Nokia N800, but this effort will expand Firefox’s mobile reach to… Read More

  • Is AT&T’s Bid to Buy 700 MHz in Jeopardy?

    The Associated Press reported today that AT&T is willing to pay $2.5 billion for Aloha Partners share of the 700 megahertz spectrum. The deal would give AT&T access to 196 million people in 281 markets around the United States. The company could use the old analogue television spectrum to expand wireless phone and data services or to add video content for mobile phones. But there may be… Read More

  • Ad Infuse Continues to Grow

    Ad Infuse, a company that delivers personalized mobile handset advertisements, announced today that it has closed 14 new mobile advertising and marketing deals and 22 new publishing deals so far in 2007. Ad Infuse hopes to finalize several more contracts by the end of the year. The company added that inventory across its content channels will exceed 160 million impressions per month as of… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Cannucks getting iPhone this month, eh? (Sorry.) Take Off! Notice the spike in comments when you guys cover Canada? Interesting. They are watching. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Pugilist Edition

    Oregon Scientific Weather In Motion
    Light-y punch-y bag-y deal-y concept-y
    Microsoft Sidewinder gaming mouse quick look
    Sky Spies: Advanced bugs invading politics?
    Sansa spokeswoman will shave her head if Zune overtakes her company in holiday sales Read More

  • Google adds six new 'Street View' cities to Google Maps

    Hey, look at you Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, and Tucson! Literally, look at you. You’re on Google Maps’ Street View! Let the peeping begin! Phoenix, Tucson, and certain areas of Chicago contain high resolution images to boot. Also, a cool new feature is "the ability to pan up in most new cities." Peeping jokes aside, Street View is a pretty… Read More

  • Help Crash the System

    Here’s a fun contest for you gamer types. G8 makes gamer apparel — I know, you’re thinking Depends and one of those Camelbak water systems are all you need, but you do have to leave the house sometimes. To that end, they’ve decided to offer us some goodies to give away. I have one “Crash the System” tee that will go to one lucky commentator who writes… Read More

  • Car repair joint sued for copyright infringement

    Ugh. I give up. This isn’t good for my stress. I can’t keep reading these articles. It’s too draining. I feel like Lewis Black back when he was still relevant. Anyway, the Performing Rights Society has brought a suit against Scotland’s "Kwik-Fit" chain of car repair shops because "Kwik-Fit mechanics routinely use personal radios while working at… Read More

  • MySpace Platform To Launch Next Week

    Update: This has now been announced. MySpace is gearing up to launch MySpace Platform, according to a number of third party developers who’ve been contacted for input on the product. While this has been rumored since June, this is the first indication that the service is preparing to actually launch. And we also have information that suggests that it will be announced next week at the… Read More

  • Sony DVDirect VRD-MC5 review

    Is the medium really the message? First, I had a VHS camcorder, then an S-VHS camcorder and in the early nineties I did a lot of recording on the Hi-8 format. After that I went digital with DV tapes. All of those were messages, right? Messages from the past to the future. Deep stuff. So recently I stumbled across a box with some of my old tapes and I thought it would be cool to save them. Read More

  • Sansa spokeswoman will shave her head if Zune overtakes her company in holiday sales

    Remember last year’s WrestleMania 23, when Vince McMahon lost a hair vs. hair match against Donald Trump? (There’s the clip to refresh your memory.) OK, so it was Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga, but you know what I mean. Take that scenario—a hair vs. hair match, very popular in Mexican lucha libre—and apply it to the sales of the Microsoft Zune 2 and the Sansa series of PMPs. Read More

  • Attention, Readers: Help me find good new music, please

    I know this is off-topic, but bear with me. For Xmas last year, my little brother gave me an iTunes gift card. I’d actually not used it yet, and I just ran across it in a drawer. Since we’re talking about music and iTunes today, I figured I’d let you guys pick out my new music. See, I need something new. I’ve had the same 400 or so songs on my iPod for about three… Read More

  • eBay Launches Shopping Social Networks

    eBay just launched more than 600 micro-social networks on its site called eBay Neighborhoods. Each one is organized around a different product, like coffee, iPhones, Eames furniture, Seinfeld memorabilia, or Ford Mustangs. Content from across eBay—including eBay blogs, guides, reviews, and product search—is pulled into each eBay neighborhood and packaged into widget-like modules. Read More

  • Blinkx AdHoc Lets Publishers Monetize Your Embedded Videos Too

    There’s a lot of talk about remunerating video creators these days. Revver’s been doing it a while, along with Metacafe. Blinkx is now monetizing video for publishers too, but unlike YouTube’s recent offering, ,revenue is only split between Blinkx and the publishers. They’re launching an ad network, “Blinkx AdHoc”, that lets publishers serve contextual ads… Read More

  • IBM And Linden Lab Team For Virtual World Interoperability

    IBM and Linden Lab (the company behind Second Life) will announce a new partnership at the Virtual Worlds Conference in San Jose today that will focus on virtual world interoperability. The initial focus of the joint effort will be the ability to allow users to use a single virtual persona (or Avatar) across multiple virtual platforms, with seamless interworld transactions to be considered… Read More

  • Another day, another Bell&Ross Special Edition: White Ceramic

    Maybe you haven’t been following the watch press that closely this afternoon — who can blame you with all the news coming out of the Lohan camp regarding her quest for sobriety. However, Bell&Ross just launched a ceramic version of their huge and beautiful BR 03 Instrument Series. I’d say this one is for the ladies or for men who wear furs, but that’s just one… Read More

  • Is Wuala a BitTorrent 2.0?

    Normally I like to stick to UK and Irish firms on this site but I’m going to make an exception with Wuala, because it looks pretty interesting. “Wua.la” is a startup coming out of Switzerland, which I met at the recent Future of Web Apps conference in London. Co-founder Dominik Grolimund – who is as of today, driving around in Silicon Valley pitching the idea –… Read More

  • We're all just movie projectors?

    Wha?! Huh?! Awesome. Read More

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