• Kite + Nokia N95 = WTF

    I’m usually not one to judge others, but there are certain instances where I question one’s sanity. This is one of those times. Crazy Norwegian Eirik and his brother-in-law decided to duct tape a Nokia N95 to a kite while vacationing in Denmark to see what sort of video footage they could get. A very cool experiment and the video speaks for itself, but you won’t catch me… Read More

  • iWhack Ballmer On Your iPhone

    This is just silly, but definitely worth trying out if you have an iPhone. After all, you probably don’t like MS, so whacking Ballmer Whac-A-Mole style has got to tickle your fancy. Try it out and let us know if it really works. iWhack Read More

  • SunRocket Cans 25% of Workforce or 30 People, Whichever's More Sensational

    The aggressive rollout of VoIP services from local cable companies over the past few years has likely caused some growing pains for companies like SunRocket and Vonage. The router-like VoIP devices can be a tad tricky to set up (especially for neophytes) and only being able to use one handset is far less convenient than being able to pick up a phone anywhere in your house. Your cable company… Read More

  • WD My Library Video Edition DVR Storage Expander

    If you have a Scientific Atlanta 8300 series digital video recorder from your cable company, maybe you noticed it’s got an eSATA port on it. Well Western Digital announced something last week that you’ll want to plug into it: My Library Video Edition DVR Expander. The $199 500GB external drive lets you add up to 60 hours of high-definition or up to 300 hours of… Read More

  • 3 Billion Mobile Subscriptions Worldwide: That's A Lot of iPhones

    A new study by Informa found that there are more than 3 billion SIM cards in active rotation, which means that lots of folks have more than one SIM card and that there are seriously lots of phones out there. I mean think about it: 3 billion mobile subscribers. That’s an amazing number, a world changing number. That’s 3 billion people who had almost no way of connecting to the… Read More

  • AT&T To Offer People Better Than You Free Wi-Fi

    Do you use AT&T for all your broadband needs? If so, you’re about to get the best present ever from AT&T. Like, for reals dudes. AT&T is giving DSL subscribers who have Pro, Elite, or FastAccess services on their account free Wi-Fi access at any of the 10,000 hotspots around the country that it operates. Normally, it costs $7.99 for a 24-hour connection on the service, which… Read More

  • Fox News Camera Crew Gets Out Of Line

    I don’t want to put too much personal commentary into this one so I’ll leave it to you guys to sound off in the comments. Reader Owen sent us this video of a mascot from Hungrr.com handing out pins and collecting donations for a charity on the day of the iPhone launch in NYC. However, good things suddenly turn bad as some asshole from Fox News berates the poor guy for being in… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Fishing Gear

    Since I’m from New Orleans, that pretty much makes me the only Cruncher who has ever been on a boat. Yea it’s a stereotype, but in this case it’s true — I’m from NOLA and I grew-up fishing. There is good reason for it though, fishing is one of the most relaxing activities on the planet. It’s peaceful and detached and it offers a lot of time to avoid… Read More

  • Panasonic Announces Dual-Layer 4X Blu-ray Drive

    You’ll soon be able to burn a 50GB Blu-ray disc in a little under a gigabyte per minute, according to Panasonic. This oughta bring everyone one step closer to realizing the true benefits (besides hi-def movies) that the Blu-ray/HD DVD camps have been touting since the formats were originally announced — convenient, fast storage of large amounts of data. Panasonic today announced… Read More

  • Suicide Girls Get iPhoned

    Oh geez, oh geez. It’s no secret that I love girls and that I love tattoos, so when you put the two together, I’m in heaven. SuicideGirls have been around for a few years tantalizing us with hot girls with even hotter tattoos and piercings. I just wish they hadn’t made wallpapers for just the iPhone. It really bums me out, but those of you with tattooed-girl fetishes and… Read More

  • iPhone.com Finally Acquired By Apple

    June 29th came and I thought to myself, “Surely Apple purchased iphone.com from whoever owned the domain.” To my surprise, I found that iphone.com was just a very shoddy “Web 1.0″ page with links to unlocked phones of all sorts – a sort of primitive business front of some sorts. I figured Apple would just settle for not owning iphone.com but boy was I… Read More

  • Never, Ever Do This To Your PS3

    Found today on the Blu-ray forums, some dude’s friend had his PS3 fizzle out on him. Know why? Because the genius threw duct tape over the vents on the back of the unit. Says he “didn’t want dust getting in” his precious console. Enjoy the $600 paperweight bro. Stupid friend… [Forum.Blu-ray.com] Read More

  • Universal Will Still Supply Apple With Music

    The other day, people started getting freaky because Universal Music Group stated it was not renewing its iTunes contract with Apple. Everyone, myself included, took it as a sign that UMG would be pulling out of iTunes altogether and that millions of available songs would be lost forever. Luckily, that’s not the case. After realizing the public flipped out about the statement… Read More

  • 8GB iPhone Costs Apple $265.83

    According to iSuppli Corp, who are experts at figuring out exactly how much consumer electronics cost companies to build, the bill for the components that make up Apple’s 8GB iPhone comes to $265.83–a profit margin of about 55 percent. Of course, that doesn’t include important things like marketing and advertising costs, R&D costs, royalties, and licensing fees, all of… Read More

  • My Weekend With iPhone: It Kicks Ass, With Room To Kick More Later

    There is an irony to the fact that there are companies who make their living turning out crappy phones model after model, and then someone like Apple comes in and shows them how it’s done. The iPhone just might live up to the hype, but it’s not perfect. Yet. I’ve been using the iPhone for the better part of a day. It arrived here at CrunchGear HQ at 9:41 AM. I’m the kind… Read More

  • Contra 4 Poster Appears In Magazine

    I’m pretty sure there are more people reading Cat Anus Weekly than Nintendo Power, though I could be wrong on that one. However, this month’s Power revealed an awesome, gigantic Contra 4 poster complete with Bill and Lance ready to kick some mutant ass. However, Konami’s penchant for buff dudes from 1980s films is seriously getting out of control. Look at the dude on the… Read More

  • FCC Approves HP Compaq 2710p Tablet PC

    The HP Compaq 2710p aka Optimator, not to be confused with Optimus Prime, tablet has finally been approved by the FCC after months of speculation. The ultra-thin tablet includes the following specs: Read More

  • AIRcable Extends Bluetooth Range To 20 Miles

    Supposedly this $129 dongle will bump the average 30 foot range of Bluetooth to an astonishing 20 miles. Although the included hardware will do just fine at about half a mile, it looks like you are going to need a pretty serious external antenna to reach the advertised range. With ten times the transmission power of a regular Bluetooth transmitter, the possibilities are endless. Use on… Read More

  • HOW TO: Use Your iPhone Without Activation

    Hickey’s video of the iPhone I use T-Mobile, though I can leave anytime I want. But because of this, I’ve been debating heavily about the iPhone for months. Is it worth it? There’s no way I can even use it or try it out unless it’s activated? These questions have plagued me and now thanks to TUAW, I can put them to rest. Seems a workaround has been discovered that… Read More

  • LG, YouTube to Make a Crazy Cellphone Together

    LG and YouTube have JOINED FORCES to bring to a wanting world a cellphone that works natively with the video-sharing Web site. To be unveiled in the second half of the year in Europe (maybe something is blocking the phone’s release here in America?), the phone will let users record, upload and view videos right from the handset. You know, it’s bad enough sitting at home and… Read More

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