• PlayPhone and Cellufun Partnership: Good for Mobile Gamers

    PlayPhone, operator of the largest network of mobile content destinations in North America, has formed a marketing partnership with Cellufun, the world’s largest mobile gaming portal. PlayPhone now has access to over 5.5 million monthly unique visitors, nearly 75 million monthly page views and a large catalog of ad-supported free mobile games from its partner Cellufun. “This… Read More

  • Glu Mobile Partners with Sony Pictures Television International

    Glu Mobile, the mobile game company, has partnered with Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) to distribute Glu titles on behalf of SPTI in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Commenting on the agreement, Mike Wald, senior vice president, pay television and new media distribution, SPTI said: “This agreement with Glu is… Read More

  • RepairPal, It's Like Google Health for Your Car

    Going to the mechanic is like going to the doctor. When something needs to be fixed, for most people there is no easy way to tell if they are being charged the going rate or are being ripped off. Enter RepairPal, a new site launching publicly today where you can get price estimates for different parts and repair jobs for your car. You enter your car year, model, and mileage, and it spits… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Cramped Apartment Afternoon Edition

    Amazing mini 3D-display cube developed in Japan
    Bierstick: Two beers in under two seconds
    For digital TV switch, man upgrades half-century-year-old TV
    New AUV called Seaglider arrives from iRobot
    Meet the girl from the Wii Fit video Read More

  • HP to ship Turion X2 (Puma)-based laptops

    Along with the “b”- and “s”-series laptops, HP announced a handful of Pavilion laptops and a Compaq Presario notebook that will ship with the recently announced Puma chipset from AMD. Some of the advantages with the new Turion X2 chips includes longer battery life and compatibility with HD video. The notebooks include the Pavilion: dv4t, dv5t, dv7t, tx2500z and the… Read More

  • Monster announces wireless HD kit, Digital Express HD

    It’s a little unclear in the AP report whether or not Monster is releasing two separate wireless HD kits or just one. I’m positive the latter is the case here. Monster is utilizing the Sigma Designs’ UWB technology. You may recall that Westinghouse announced an LCD TV back at CES with built-in UWB. The Digital Express HD kit includes a receiver that connects to your HDTV via… Read More

  • WSJ confirms Palm Centro coming to Verizon this Friday for $99

    If it’s in the WSJ then it must be true! Was there any doubt that Verizon would try and sell the Centro for more than $99? They’d be shooting themselves in the foot if they did. Read More

  • Firefox Mobile concept demo looks amazing

    When Firefox Mobile was first announced, I was a liiiittle bit skeptical. Was there really room for yet another mobile browser? Aza Raskin, head of User Experience for the Mozilla group, released a video today which shows off just a few UI concepts they’ve been tossing around, and it all looks outstanding. If this video is any indication of how much thought they’re putting into… Read More

  • $1.2 Billion For iPhone Apps in 2009. What is Gene Munster Smoking?

    I am as much an iPhone cultist as the next guy, but Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is taking this cult thing a little too far. He estimates that by the end of 2009 there will be 55 million iPhone users and that the iPhone App store alone could be a $1.2 billion business. Whatever he’s smoking, I want some of it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think the new iPhone apps will be… Read More

  • Gaycities Tries To Make Reviews Less Anonymous

    Gaycities, a review website for members of the LGBT community, has revamped its interface and introduced a number of new features that should help make their reviews more relevant. Founder Scott Gatz says that the LGBT community is very diverse, and that many reviewers have dramatically different tastes. To help deal with the diversity, Gaycities is introducing improved user profiles that… Read More

  • Widgetbucks Pockets $10 Million in Series B Funding

    It’s been quite a busy week for widget companies. RockYou kicked things off by announcing its $35 million Series C round on Monday. KickApps and Clearspring partnered to bolster their respective widget efforts on Tuesday. And now Widgetbucks is announcing that it has raised an additional $10 million from Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Ignition Partners. The Series B round brings… Read More

  • Most popular stories for Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    Today’s Top Posts: Amazing mini 3D-display cube developed in Japan Bierstick: Two beers in under two seconds Good news, everyone: Halo Wars will have online co-op Cheap GPU causes Xbox 360 red ring of death Oh Puh-lease: Steve Jobs is too skinny now? Victor-JVC rolls out new portable media players in Japan The Onion describes new World of Warcraft expansion pack Daily Crunch: Hidden… Read More

  • Meet the girl from the Wii Fit video

    Remember the girl in the “why you should buy your girlfriend a Wii Fit” video? Turns out her name is Lauren Bernat, she’s 25, and she was super pissed at her boyfriend (sorry, fellas) for posting the video on YouTube. Now, of course, she’s something of a micro-celebrity, enjoying the 15 minutes of fame that only a perfect ass like that can generate. The Mail caught up… Read More

  • Zoom, Pan, Throw: A Peek At What Firefox Mobile Could Be

    Firefox Mobile, which has been seriously in the works since at last October, is finally starting to take shape. In the video below, Aza Raskin, head of user experience at Mozilla Labs, goes through some prototype concepts for the user Firefox Mobile’s user interface. Raskin, the young founder of Songza and Humanized, was hired by the Mozilla Foundation in January. The user interface… Read More

  • CamSpace: Wii without the Wii for Wiiless Wiinnabes

    This is interesting to say the least. Roi over at the ol’ mothership has a nice piece up about CamSpace, an online gaming community that’s set to throw its doors open to the public. The idea is to use webcams as gaming input devices, making for a Wii-like experience without the need for a $250 console. It appears to work, though I haven’t tried it myself. The idea… Read More

  • Screenshots of 360 Unreal Tournament III

    This was undoubtedly the first and only shooter that I was ever good at. Many hours were lost spent in college refining my fragging and camping abilities. I’ll definitely be picking this up for 360 when it hits shelves this summer. I’m also assuming Midway will have this for me to play at E3 next month. Joygasm. The five exclusive maps, split-screen and two new characters are just… Read More

  • Video: The Star Wars floppy disk

    What do you do with an old floppy drive and a disk? Why you make it into a musical instrument, forcing the motor or the drive to play the Imperial March from Star Wars. I’m not sure how this was done, but I love it very much. Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold appears on AT&T site, let the drooling commence

    The connection in my hotel here in Berlin is slow as molasses or FF is being weird, so my apologies for the strange screen cap. While everyone else is frothing over the iPhone 3G, I’m patiently waiting for the Bold to hit the streets. AT&T now has it up on their site, so jump on over and check it out. Nothing new, though. The specs we’ve all been expecting and heard about… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct to cost $200

    Phonenews has the scoop on the Instinct‘s pricing and that $200 price tag definitely competes against the 8GB iPhone 3G. It has a retail price of $449, but you can obtain a $150 with a 2-year plan and just to sweeten the deal, Sprint is adding on another $100 MIR just for the Instinct. Just like the iPhone 3G, you’ll have to tack on one of Sprint’s pricier plans, but… Read More

  • How cold is your beer? Coors Light knows.

    You’ve all seen the Coors Light bottles with the color changing mountains by now, but if you haven’t then you’ve been living under a rock or you like warm beer. I hear there’s a heat wave in NYC and I’m not looking forward to coming back to that tomorrow, but at least I know my beers will be cold since the mountains will be nice and blue. The plastic bottle… Read More

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