• Why Darwin Beats Danny Carlton

    Danny Carlton writes a little known personal blog under the pseudonym “Jack Lewis” at jacklewis.net/weblog. But don’t try to visit it if you use Firefox, because he’s banned users of the popular browser from visiting his site. Firefox users are now redirected here. Why? Because he objects to the fact that some of those Firefox readers are using an ad-blocking extension… Read More

  • Major Burnage: zunePhone Parody Mocks Microsoft's Unstable Software, Poor Device Design, Late Launches

    Ooooh, that’s gotta sting! Hitting Microsoft right where it hurts. This is actually a pretty funny video. Rotary dial, Polaroid photos, lackluster battery life — it’s all here! zunePhone ad [YouTube] via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) Read More

  • Wikipedia Edits Cause Australian Political Scandal

    The Australian Prime Minister’s Office have been caught editing Wikipedia, the latest in a growing line of Wikiscanner entrapments. Staff from the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC) edited Wikipedia entries that were damaging to the Goverment, including pages covering the Children Overboard Affair and Mandatory Detention. Other edits included deleting the nickname of… Read More

  • Scientists Find Way To Trigger Out-of-Body Experiences

    Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how this is scientifically possible, take a moment to read the following quote: “The researchers say their findings could have practical applications, such as helping take video games to the next level of virtuality so the players feel as if they are actually inside the game.” Wow…so this is what Wii 2 will be like. Read More

  • New York Times Launches…MyYahoo

    The New York Times took their personalized home page product out of beta today – see it here. The look and feel is about the same as it was a a year ago when it went into private beta – Think MyYahoo, Pageflakes or Netvibes, with the New York Times logo and without the widgets. There’s an argument that the product will bring customized home pages to the masses, although… Read More

  • Bloops! Apple Legal Essentially Confirms Fat Nano Existence [Updated]

    Gizmodo got a letter from Apple asking them to take down the images of the little fat Nanos we’ve been seeing all day, which in legal talk means blood will soak the halls of Cupertino tonight as the leakers are tortured long into the morning. [Update: Apple’s lawyers came at us and demanded we remove the photo because it “violates Apple’s copyrights”. So… Read More

  • CrowdStorm Revamps, Seeks Wisdom Of Your Crowd

    Social shopping site CrowdStorm has launched a beta trial for their new site revision. It’s been seven months in the making. CrowdStorm always had a social bent, with users supplying the listings and reviews for products listed on the site. However, the new version is a significant upgrade that incorporates content pulled from around the web with relevant reviews intelligently selected… Read More

  • CrunchCrime: Man Busted for Pot Pics on Mobile

    Cameras on cellphones are as common as Herpes on a Hilton, and are generally used for home made porn capturing precious moments digitally. That being said, you’ll want to be careful what you keep pics of on there. In Vermont, a young man lost his cellphone. It was found and returned to the police, which was very a very nice thing to do. When the owner of the phone, Peter Ste. Marie, swung… Read More

  • Lost on Gilligan's Island Clips Surface on YouTube

    As geeks (yes, you’re geeks), you’re likely eagerly waiting for the next season of ABC’s LOST to surface. We’re with you on that one. But did you know that LOST has a lot more in common with Gilligan’s Island than the word “castaways”? In fact, the first incarnation of Gilligan’s Island was as a dark, mysterious drama, just like LOST? Read More

  • Wii Overtakes Xbox 360 For Top Lifetime Sales Honors

    Nuprin. Little…yellow…different. The Wii is just like Nuprin except that it’s white, not yellow. And also it’s a video game console, not an anti-inflammatory drug. Ten days ago, we reported that the Wii was catching up to the Xbox 360’s lifetime sales. It has now surpassed them. Nice work, Nintendo. Nice work.    Nintendo Wii is market leader in… Read More

  • Facebook Integrates Book Swap Feature into Marketplace

    Facebook has developed a book swap feature for its Marketplace application called Marketplace Book Exchange that enables users to buy and sell books from and to each other. Books are identified by buyers and sellers by their ISBN numbers, and curiously it looks as though there is no way to view all of the books offered in a particular network. On the one hand, this appears to be a smart move… Read More

  • Bexy's iMirror: New Company, Cool iPod Dock

    Running with the idea that there aren’t enough iPod docking solutions, let alone enough companies making iPod docking solutions, today finds a press release about the launch of a new company that makes iPod docking solutions, called Bexy. Rhymes with “sexy”. Not sure why. At first blush, the new iMirror dock looks a little nicer than some, but it’s nothing that… Read More

  • From The Fat Nano Fairy: New Nano To Come In 8GB and 16GB, Plays Video, Don't Call It a Nano

    According to the mystical Fat Nano Fairy, the following are facts about the upcoming Fat Nano: 1. The new, fat iPod Nano will likely come in 8GB and 16GB versions. 2. It will have video playback. 3. It will not be called “Nano” anymore. There will be a new product name. The Fat Nano Fairy isn’t sure what it’ll be called, though “Flower” is something… Read More

  • VIA Announces New 1-Watt, 500MHz Processor

    Say hello to the “world’s most power efficient x86 CPU” from VIA. It’s a 1-watt, 500MHz processor with a 400MHz frontside bus that can be paired with VIA’s CX700/M all-in-one digital media chipset to create a complete system that uses less than 10 watts of electricity. Read More

  • Sony's Sugar Fuel Cell: Tasty, Big Electricity

    Presumably the first two images you see in this video are the battery and some sugar and presumably you Sony or whoever made this video has no taste in music. Regardless, looks like it could be a useful addition to the future battery arsenal and it presumably won’t explode like most Sony batteries. HAR! via Engadget Read More

  • Razer Launches Overwrought 4000dpi Mouse

    I’m almost done with the whole Razer vision. Razer makes gaming peripherals that want to star in their own action movies. Take the Lachesis, for example, also known as the “bringer of silent death.” This mouse has 9 programmable buttons, 32KB of memory, and 1ms response time. But WTF? It’s a mouse, people. No mouse deserves a flash intro in the style of Sin City. Read More

  • BioShock's Science is Bunk! Bunk, I Tells Ya!

    Penny Arcade is dead wrong. I asked a real live scientist (my friend Teresa) who has a Doctorate in Scientology and she said: I can’t think of anything that I involved with plasmids (the normal in-the-lab kind that I use) that involves fire or blowing things up There are a lot of things in lab that you could use to start a fire or
    blow things up and I can guarantee you that plasmids are… Read More

  • Motorola Q 9m Review

    Motorola is in a bad way. Wilson over at Giz basically tore them a new orifice over the Q 9m and I have always thought they’ve squandered the RAZR good-will on a series of odd products that were either violently crippled or ahead of their time — like the Moto PEBL, for example. That said, they’ve remained in high in the pantheon of phone gods that I have in my heads, up… Read More

  • Interview With Facebook's Joe Hewitt, iPhone God

    The Facebook iPhone application was a one-man job. Joe Hewitt joined Facebook when the company he co-founded with Blake Ross, Parakey, was acquired last month. He quickly got to work on the company’s iPhone app, which was released just a month after he joined the company. Hewitt has been one of the key figures in figuring out some of the hacks around iPhone applications – dealing… Read More

  • SpiralFrog: Free Music Alive And Hopping

    Remember SpiralFrog that free music download service that announced itself nearly a year ago? Well, after slowly releasing invites to Canadians, we received a private beta invitation. SpiralFrog originally made a splash when they sealed a deal with Universal BMG to give away free downloads of some of their songs in exchange for a share of on-site ad revenue. Later they closed a deal with EMI… Read More

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