• Yahoo Opens Up Its Mobile Platform To Third Parties

    There are two ways for services to get themselves onto mobile devices. They either talk users into accessing limited functionality by browsing to their website, or they get their software (usually Java based) onto the phone somehow. And since the carriers still control every aspect of the mobile experience, getting that software onto a phone without their consent is difficult. Google has… Read More

  • Wikia Search Goes Live: Not Great

    The long wait for Wikia Search is over with the alpha version of the service now live. As we wrote December 23, Wikia’s Jimmy Wales is pitching the search engine as a Google competitor; its a strong statement to make but does Wikia Search Alpha take the good fight up to Google? Not yet. I ran a couple of different search terms into Wikia with mixed results. A search for TechCrunch… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson W760

    Product Name: Sony Ericsson W760
    Description: Tri-band HSDPA and GPS make this a good traveling phone while the gaming features make it good for play. It even picks out music depending on your mood. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Walkman Phones: You know, for music

    Product Name: Sony Ericsson Z555
    Description: Sony is focusing on the music with their new Walkman phone. The W350 has a flip design with TrackID (hold it up to a radio and ID the song that’s playing) and a number of classy colors. It also has stereo Bluetooth streaming. Read More

  • Microsoft Takes Another Page From Apple With Windows Mobile 7

    Apparently, Microsoft has no shame when it comes to borrowing Apple’s best ideas. This time, though, it’s in mobile phones. It looks like Microsoft is going to push a touch-screen interface in a big way. Screen shots and specs of the next version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 7, are being leaked. WinMo 7 appears to support a gesture interface… Read More

  • Sony Bravias up the yin yang

    KDL-37XBR6 Sony dropped 17 Bravias today and I’m far too tired to point out all the specifics. I’m sorry but it’s been a long day so far and we’re not even half done. Check out the full list after the break. A quick glance tells me there isn’t anything extraordinarily special. Just 1080p and 720p sets wrapped in an attractive package. Sizes range from 17- to… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Z555

    Product Name: Sony Ericsson Z555
    Description: A fashion flip phone that you shake in a way that could remind one of a Polaroid picture. The big draw here is Gesture Control, which lets to flip back and forth between call and mute and you can even sweep your hand over the phone to turn off the alarm. As Sony says, it’s magic! Read More

  • Sony announces 16GB memory stick duo

    Looks like we were right. Read More

  • WinMo 7: Shake it!

    So Windows Mobile 7 leaked all over CES like a nice, fresh Brie and boy are we hap-hap-happy. Finally, Windows Mobile looks barely like something that someone somewhere would actually potentially purchase or use. David at Mobility Today has a nice write up complete with photos. Check out this little picture of a shaky shaky phone playing music. Please let this be the release that makes me go… Read More

  • Microsoft Silverlight Gets a High Profile Win: 2008 Beijing Olympics

    NBC announced today that they are working with Microsoft and MSN to build NBCOlympics.com. That announcement alone is a snoozer. What’s interesting is that they’ll be using the Microsoft Silverlight platform to “deliver deeply immersive user experiences.” The partnership was announced by Bill Gates at the CES keynote this evening in Las Vegas. The new site will host… Read More

  • Sony Alpha 200 DSLR

    The latest in Sony’s revamped DSLR line is the 10.2-megapixel A200, which will be available next month and ships with an f3.5-5.6 3.9x 18-70mm zoom lens (kit only). Incorporated into the body is Super SteadyShot image stabilization. Pictures can be previewed on the 2.7-inch Clear Photo LCD. Noise control is said to be taken care of with a Bionz image processor at ISO 1600 and 3200. Read More

  • VAIO home theater PCs

    Sony loosed two VAIO home theater PCs, TP25/20. They both playback Blu-ray in 1080p via HDMI. They each have two external CableCARD compatible TV tuners to view and record HD content (TP25). Built-in DVRs record up to 50 hours of HD programming. They’re juiced by Intel T8100 C2D processors. It also has Bravia Sync tech for one button connectivity. Both models available this month, the… Read More

  • Sony XEL-1 OLED coming this month

    That 11-inch organic LED wonder from Sony will be hitting our shores this month for $2,500. As a refresher, it’s 3mm deep and has a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio with rapid response time for crisp and blur-free picture. Did I mention that it’s $2,500?! Read More

  • Review: Sony Mylo 2

    [photopress:IMGP3353.JPG,full,pp_image] Many of you may have read about the Mylo 2 a few weeks ago when someone else broke embargo, but we chose to take the high road and follow the rules. The purported images of the Mylo 2 were legitimate, but you could have figured it out for yourselves. It’s much larger than the first gen Mylo and while it’s features are above and beyond that of… Read More

  • Bug Labs pricing

    Too tired to do anything but copy and paste here, folks. Bug Labs has a lot to announce today (yesterday), starting with the topic that gets the most questions: pricing. But, it is important to take a moment to introduce a new concept in pricing for consumer electronics devices: the Early Adopter Discount. Just as it sounds, the BUG Early Adopter Discount is going take a shift away from… Read More

  • Philips Fleshes Out Blu-ray Player Line

    Product Name: Philips BDP7200
    Description: Philips’ latest Blu-ray disc player is the company’s first to incorporate BonusView and BD-Java, which gives you access to some fancy schmancy movie features and interactivity. The rest of the specs include 1080p upscaling and picture in picture.
    Price: $349
    In-store date: April 2008
    Site: http://www.philips.com
    Why it’s cool… Read More

  • Philips Simplifies Home Theater

    Product Name: Philips HTS6100 and 6515D
    Description: These two new home theater systems try to help you minimize clutter in your living room. The HTS6100 is a soundbar-style speaker with a built-in DVD player, iPod dock, and USB input as well as a separate subwoofer. (It’s a cheaper and smaller version of the company’s HTS8100.) The HTS6515D is a home theater in a box, with a… Read More

  • CES 2008: Samsung Series 6, Series 7 LCDs, now with red trim

    [photopress:LN40A750T_LN46A750T_LN52A750T_LN65A750T.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Samsung Series 6 and Series 7 LCD HDTVs
    Description: Samsung’s latest LCD HDTVs, now with red trim
    Price: TBA
    In-store date: March 2008
    Site: Samsung LCD HDTVs
    Why it’s cool: Because Samsung usually makes pretty OK LCDs. I have one. My father has one. These new TVs eschew with the blue trim and now… Read More

  • Dr. Dre Backs Monster's Beats Headphones

    Product Name: Monster Beats Headphones
    Description: Monster proves that as long as you put their company name on it, you can charge as much as you want. They teamed up with Dr. Dre and Interscope records to create a shockingly expensive set of headphones with a “unique and avant-garde look,” according to the release. (Judge for yourself above….) In typically overblown… Read More

  • CES 2008: Samsung Series 4, Series 5 plasmas now do 3D

    [photopress:PN42A450P_PN50A450P__3.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Samsung Series 4 and Series 5 plasma HDTVs
    Description: Plasma HDTVs with 3D technology
    Price: TBA
    In-store date: March 2008
    Site: Samsung plasma HDTVs
    Why it’s cool: The Series 5 is 1080p, which is not uncool, and both Series make use of Samsung 3D technology. Literally, you put on a special pair of glasses and… Read More

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