• FAA sez no chatting on the plane anytime soon

    For many people, myself included, airplane time is quiet time. Time for a nap, time to listen to some music, time to tell whoever’s on the other end of your phone that you have to let them go because you’re getting on the plane. So it comes as a great relief that the FAA has decided against lifting its ban on in-flight cell phone use "for the ‘foreseeable… Read More

  • Halo: Movie is dead, Halo 4 coming

    I’ve been playing Halo 3 all weekend and it got me thinking about the Halo movie that’s been talked about for well over a year. Most of you have seen the shorts (video above) that fueled part of the record-breaking sales the latest adventure from freshly divorced Bungie and I’m sure it made you think about the upcoming movie, but I’m sad to report that the film is dead. Read More

  • Geek X-Wing rocket slips the surly bonds of earth, explodes into a million pieces

    You spend all year building a huge X-Wing rocket. You even skip prom! You know that when you launch the thing Shayna from your WoW clan will be there. She’ll watch it with you, she’ll stand so close that you can smell her shampoo, and maybe you’ll all go out for pizza or something and maybe you and Shayna will be sitting in the same car, close together, and talking about how… Read More

  • Watch out Apple, 'cause Dell has an XPS up its sleeve

    Apparently, Dell is coming out with some ultra-portable Macbook killer that’s due out by year’s end blah blah blah, you know the deal. What matters are the specs and unique features, because if this Dell XPS M1530 doesn’t pack anything worthwhile, it has no chance of overtaking Apple’s Macbook in terms of popularity. Luckily, the specs have been leaked like a faucet… Read More

  • SpeedDate: Matchmaking for Hyper-Busy Singles

    You may not have come to TechCrunch looking for love, but we might be able to help you out anyway. SpeedDate, which launched as public beta in the last few days, brings the concept of speed dating to the web. Rather than asking its users to fill out surveys describing their interests and personalities, SpeedDate gets right to it by throwing you into 3-minute long “dates” with… Read More

  • Funny: 'Mr. C's 7 Signs That Your Kid May Be A Hacker'

    Parents, does your child display any of the traits from the following sequence of amusing cartoon drawings? If so, he or she might be a hacker. Nothing wrong with being a hacker, per se. Let’s just use those powers for good, not evil. The bigger issue here might be the patchy chin-beard consisting of two lone strands of hair. Shave ’em off, my man. Mr. C’s 7 Signs That Your… Read More

  • Manhunt 2 still banned in the UK, even after re-editing

    The British Committee to Ban Everything has once again rejected Rockstar’s Manuhunt 2, saying that the recently re-submitted edited version is still too “unremitting[ly] bleak” and callous. Too Manhunt-y, in other words. The censor board originally banned the game in June, forcing Rockstar to rework the game. And it did (the game was granted an “M” rating here a… Read More

  • Holiday bundles from Microsoft include two free games

    Just in time for the holiday rush, Microsoft is giving away two worthwhile games for the holiday console bundles. As if the recent price cuts weren’t enough to entice you, how about Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance? Both titles will be included in the Premium (whatever they want to call it) and Elite sets. The holiday bundles will be available at the end of the month in… Read More

  • Facebook Apps Ruled By the Few

    Every software developer these days seems to be working on a Facebook app, but relatively few get any traction. Tim O’Reilly reports that of the more than 5,000 Facebook apps available today, only 84 account for nearly 90 percent of all the usage. Of those, only about half boast more than 100,000 active users, and only three have more than one million active users. For instance… Read More

  • New CrunchBoard Jobs

    Here are some of the latest job postings on CrunchBoard. TechCrunch Intern here at TechCrunch in Atherton, CA. Senior Interaction Designer, Yahoo! Mash at Yahoo! in Sunnyvale, CA. Director of Search Engine Marketing Product Management at Clickable in New York, NY. Ajax and GUI Developer at iVillage.com in New York, NY. Director, Product Development for Online Media Services at… Read More

  • Samsung LCD with HDCP support

    Samsung continues to lead the charge as the leading LCD manufacturer with the addition of the 24-inch SyncMaster 245T. The widescreen monitor features PIP and PBP (picture by picture) as well as Motion Picture Acceleration for clear and sharp images during high-speed scenes. Max resolution is set for 1920×1200 with a brightness of 300cd.m2, a 1500:1 contrast ratio and 6ms response time. Read More

  • Why people play as Paladins in World of Warcraft

    Before today, I never understood why people played as Paladins in World of Warcraft. They’re boring, get absolutely zero respect and are made to heal and heal some more. So when I fired up Digg and came across “The best reason to play a paladin”, I was skeptical as to what I’d be reading. Luckily, it was just what I needed to make this Columbus Day extra special. The… Read More

  • Glowing Mountain Dew

    http://view.break.com/377900 – Watch more free videos This reminds me of the time we were putting on The Pajama Game in high school and we drank a bunch of the Dew and we all peed this same color. It was nuts. Why were we all looking at each other’s pee? That’s a different story, one I’m working out with my analyst. Read More

  • The couch made from 20 old Macs

    Why should you recycle? If not to help the earth out, then to avoid the $100 fines the city charges you for screwing up plastic with paper. A Mac store in Maryland Heights, Missouri had 20 old Macintosh II computers laying around collecting dust. So instead of just chucking them in the dumpster, the store’s owner built a fully-usable couch out of them. Creativity at its best? Quite… Read More

  • Joost signs ITN News

    As Internet P2P broadcaster Joost begins going public with its beta software and signing deals with broadcasters, the latest is with number three UK news network ITN which will provide Joost with short news, sports, business and weather bulletins. ITN will also produce a Joost-only programme entitled Movie Buff, featuring movie news, reviews, and interviews, as well as two sports shows. The… Read More

  • Deluo intros mouse with GPS receiver

    Since today is Columbus Day, I thought it’d be appropriate to cover some news related to maps, cartography and/or GPS. I bet Columbus himself wished he had Deluo’s new travel mouse, which comes equipped with a GPS unit for some odd reason. Really, I have a hard time figuring out why someone would need this. Maybe a child who’s flying alone? Spying on your kids? The… Read More

  • Verizon release dates ahoy! BlackBerry 8130 on Nov. 1

    Interested in knowing when the light blue LG Chocolate comes on Verizon Wireless? What about the BlackBerry Pearl 8130? Then take a look at this Joint Photographic Experts Group image, which lists the release dates for several VZW cellphones. There’s no point in rewriting a chart (that’s why it’s a chart to begin with), so soak it in. Why does VZW refer to some phones as… Read More

  • The fall of Japan's tech hegemony

    Don’t you people have anything better to do? I had a few days to think over the malaise I felt on attending CEATEC and wandering the streets of Tokyo last week. I had last been to Japan in 2003 and I left feeling that they had their fingers firmly on the pulse of the future. They had cool phones, cool laptops, and MP3 players smaller than grapes. Their cameras were slim and sexy and… Read More

  • Slingo Quest Game goes Mobile with I-Play

    I-Play announced today that the popular game Slingo Quest will be available for mobile phone users. Slingo Quest is a combination of classic Slingo games, such as puzzle solving and casino type games, with an island hopping storyline that develops as the game is played. Slingo Quest has a lot of content. The game includes 60 levels, 300 rating stars to collect, and nine game achievements… Read More

  • Churches turn to Halo 3 for new recruits

    Shooting video game guns for Jesus (SVGGFJ) I remember when churches used to encourage young men to take up arms for the cross, telling them to raze faraway towns because their people prayed to a different man in the sky than they did. Now churches have to haul out Halo 3 just to get Johnny Runnynose to show up on Wednesday evenings. Yup, the Times sent a guy to the middle of nowhere to report… Read More

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