• Gnip Brings Data Portability To Web Services

    Gnip is a new web services platform being launched today by the former founders of MyBlogLog (see previous Techcrunch announcement of Gnip here). The goal of Gnip is to serve as a web services proxy to enable consuming services to easily access user data from a variety of sources. Currently an application consuming user data must write-in direct support for each API for every service it… Read More

  • Gnip Launches To Ease The Strain On Web Services

    Update: TechCrunchIT interviews Gnip founders and Plaxo execs on the launch. Watch the video here. MyBlogLog founder Eric Marcoullier sold his company to Yahoo in January 2007 for an estimated $10 million. He left Yahoo in July 2007 with the seed of a new idea germinating in his head – “Make data portability suck less.” The result of that thinking is Gnip, a new service we… Read More

  • New portable speaker/docking station for iPods released

    Japanese accessory maker Brightonnet announced yesterday the release of a stylish portable speaker/docking station for the iPod. The BI-SPVIVID is available in black, silver, pink and blue. The device features 2 speakers (2.2W each) and a USB port. It can also be used for other portable audio players via a stereo mini audio cable. Brightonnet promises 4 AAA batteries last for 10-11 hours of… Read More

  • TechCrunch Euro Tour – Hello, Athens

    As part of the TechCrunch Euro Tour, TechCrunch and Athens’ OpenCoffee group have come together to create a TechCrunch meetup in Athens. Thanks to our generous sponsors, below. Watch out for the write-up later… Meanwhile, here are the pictures so far after I met with OpenCoffee organiser George Tziralis of AskMarkets and John Zarkadas of Wishdone. We’ve had some local coverage… Read More

  • Get married in space for $2.3 million

    Tokyo-based wedding company First Advantage [JP] accepts reservations from couples wanting to get married in outer space starting today. The space wedding will take place 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface on “Rocket Plane XP”, a space ship developed by Rocketplane.  Rocketplane, which is based out of Oklahoma City, is an aerospace design and construction company. For… Read More

  • The "Crisis" In Venture Capital

    There were no venture-backed IPOs in the second quarter, and M&A deals are down. The last time there were no VC-backed IPOs in a quarter was in 1978. The liquidity drought for venture-backed startups is so bleak that the National Venture Capital Association is calling it a “crisis.” Last quarter there were only 5 IPOs that brought in a piddling $283 million. That compares… Read More

  • AT&T iPhone 3G Pricing Revealed

    AT&T retail stores will be open at 8AM local time on July 11th, so be “iReady!” Existing customers who don’t qualify for an upgrade will have to shell out $399 and $499 for the corresponding iP3G model. Customers who don’t want to extend their current contract will pay $599 for the 8GB and $699 for the 16GB model. Current AT&T customers who want to upgrade to… Read More

  • On-Demand Software Integration Startup Boomi Raises $4 Million

    With the rise of on-demand enterprise software from Salesforce.com (CRM) to Zuora (online billing), businesses using more than one service still have to figure out how to send data from one system to the other, and hook into their old legacy data-center software as well. A startup called Boomi is aiming to solve that problem. It raised its first $4 million institutional round of venture… Read More

  • FlyTunes expands to terrestrial radio: Regular radio on your iPhone

    FlyTunes continues to expand its entertainment offerings, having announced a deal today with terrestrial radio corp Entercom, one of the biggest “regular” (as opposed to satellite) radio corp in the U.S. Users of the free service will be able to listen to content from all Entercom-owned radio stations, though initially limited to Seattle and San Francisco stations. FlyTunes lets… Read More

  • AT&T iPhone 3G pricing released

    AT&T retail stores will be open at 8AM local time on July 11th, so be “iReady!” Existing customers who don’t qualify for an upgrade will have to shell out $399 and $499 for the corresponding iP3G model. Customers who don’t want to extend their current contract will pay $599 for the 8GB and $699 for the 16GB model. Current AT&T customers who want to upgrade to… Read More

  • Sprint: On the wrong SERO plan? Give us our phone back.

    When word got out that the Sprint would require customers to carry a $70-per-month plan if they wanted to rock an Instinct, folks were a bit worried about whether or not their SERO plans would keep them from activating. (For those who don’t lurk phone forums, SERO is intended as a discounted plan set for those with friends/family that work for Sprint. In practice, it’s a… Read More

  • Mike Rowehl Joins the Ranks of Skyfire Labs

    Skyfire Labs, the mobile Web browsing company, has added Mike Rowehl to its ranks. Rowehl is to become the Scalability Architect, and oversee all scalability projects. Rowehl is a programmer, entrepreneur and blogger, and has nearly a decade of experience developing mobility systems. Recently, he founded and acted as CEO of Mowser, the Web “mobilize” that turns Web pages into… Read More

  • Tripwolf Opens Its Social Travel Guide In Public Beta

    Tripwolf, the social travel guide that we introduced last month, has launched in public beta. The site allows users to network with friends to create an ideal travel trip, and also has a number of features designed to help research destinations and points of interest. To coincide with the launch, Tripwolf also announced that MairDumont, a travel guide publisher, has invested about $1.2… Read More

  • Nokia Adds Warner Music Group to its Playlist

    Nokia, the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones, announced today that it would add Warner Music Group’s catalogue of music to its soon to be launched Nokia Comes With Music service. In recent months, Nokia has been aggressive in signing up major labels to its music server. Warner joins Universal Music Group and Sony BMG. “Warner Music Group has been a pioneer in… Read More

  • Alltel adds unlimited texting for My Circle friends

    While I text way more than I probably should, the dominat chunk of the messages sent are to a small handful of people. For the sake of saving folks like me a few ducats, Alltel has made a change to their My Circle plans which adds unlimited texting to/from anybody within your circle. It’s not a free texting pass, however; you still have to be subscribed to a messaging pack costing at… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Megazap Edition

    Pics of SLR cameras and lenses sawn in half – very cool
    Mega Man 9 to be released on WiiWare, PSN, and XBLA
    Olympus develops 360° lens and camera prototype
    Nikon D700 gone wild! Pics, specs, and new lenses
    New FBI database, with biometrics a-plenty, really upsets privacy advocates (What else is new?) Read More

  • Today's The Day. Put That Phone Down While Driving In California, Or Pay $20

    I hope you got it out of your system, people. Today’s the day that you can no longer use a handheld mobile device in California and Washington (the two states where I spend most of my time). So break out the Bluetooth headsets and don’t even think about checking emails. It’s the law. The first time fine in California is just $20, but the real deterrent is public opinion. Read More

  • Gizmo5 Teams With JaJah To Expand Its VoIP Service

    Gizmo5, an internet phone provider, has enlisted the help of another internet phone company, JaJah, to manage its VoIP services. JaJah will now handle Gizmo5’s customer and billing services, as well as call termination, which involves routing telephone calls between carriers. The deal will allow Gizmo5 to concentrate on development of its softphone software while JahJah deals with most… Read More

  • Nikon D700 gone wild! Pics, specs, and new lenses

    Ah, how I wish I had one of these things. I’ll let the experts explain the gist: Building on the immense success of the Nikon D3 professional D-SLR camera, the D700 offers pro-level performance and an extensive array of features and innovations in a comfortably nimble platform. In addition to the Nikon-original FX-format CMOS sensor, the D700 incorporates Nikon’s EXPEED Image… Read More

  • Zune apps galore – games, chat, even a clock

    Since the launch of the new Zune store and the advent of XNA development for Zunes, there has apparently been quite a lot of activity. I’ve been waiting for a nice omnibus post like this one to point me in the right direction. You’ve got your tetris, you’ve got your solitaire, you’ve even got a chat app — although if your Zune is close enough to another Zune that… Read More

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