• Miro Media Player Released; Billed as Open Joost Competitor

    Version 1.0 of the open-source video player Miro was released earlier today. The non-profit company behind Miro has billed its new product not only as a Joost competitor but a purer one at that. You can check out all of Miro’s perceived advantages here, but to sum them up: Miro is open-sourced, DRM-free, friendly to all content creators, connected to all the popular video sharing sites… Read More

  • "I just can't be a college student without Facebook"

    Update (Nick): A Facebook representative contacted us regarding Steven’s issue, we put them in contact, and the problem is resolved. A reader sends a touching email today, complaining that his Facebook account has been deleted for no reason: Dear Michael, I’m a college student at University of Michigan and Facebook has deactivated my account. I’ve noticed, from reading your… Read More

  • Scoble not too hot on Android

    Not too long after Google’s announcement of $10-million worth of prize money to Android application developers, Robert Scoble has weighed in with a few reasons (seven) why he’s not too keen on the whole deal. He cites the prize money as the very reason that the developer API is "uninspired" comparing the fact that iPhone developers don’t even have an SDK and… Read More

  • I can't legally download a song? Fine, to the Dark Web I go

    And people wonder why kids these days resort to piracy. I was just browsing Beatport looking for a certain mix of The Gossip’s “Jealous Girls.” Lo and behold it’s on the site, mine for $1.49, which isn’t entirely unreasonable (I once paid $2.49 for a single MP3), especially considering it’s a DRM-free 320kbps MP3. So I go ahead and click “buy,”… Read More

  • Compare it to your house: Crazy rich prince buys crazy big airplane

    You know, for all the cool gadgets and accouterments your place has, I sincerely doubt it’s anything compared to this Saudi Prince’s. Airbus said yesterday that it will outfit one of its A380 jets for Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The “flying mansion,” as it’s known, costs some $300 million and comes with a free coffee maker. (Those princes love their joe!) The plane… Read More

  • Murdoch Serious About Tearing Down WSJ.com's Subscription Wall

    Rupert Murdoch

    Originally uploaded by duncandavidson
    When Rupert Murdoch first went after Dow Jones, he suggested that he might take down the Wall Street Journal‘s online subscription wall. Well, it looks like he is going to actually do it. He told a group of investors today in Australia: We are studying it and we expect to make that free, and instead of having one… Read More

  • 20,000 fans now own and run a football club. Equally.

    Talk about crowd sourcing. Fans’ community website MyFootballClub has agreed a deal to take over Blue Square Premier outfit Ebbsfleet United. The 20,000 MyFootballClub members have each paid £35 to provide the £700,000 necessary for the takeover and will all own an equal share in the club, be able to vote on transfers, player selection and major decisions. Ebbsfleet chairman Jason… Read More

  • One Laptop Per Child stings you with shipping

    Watch out, kid. OLPC is gunning for you. Wait a minute, people. I know babies need their laptops, but the OLPC program is charging $24.95 for shipping. In fact, ZDNet blogger Larry Dignan got “hit” with the shipping charge, leading to mass hysteria over at the old Dignan house while daddy Dignan raged through the basement looking for his hidden whiskey and meth while Mrs. Dignan… Read More

  • DivX coming to PlayStation 3

    DivX announced this morning that its technology will soon be alive and well inside your PS3 console. “Our technology will expand the multimedia functionality of PS3 by enabling users to enjoy access to the broad library of content in the DivX digital media format,” said DivX CEO Kevin Hell. I’d like to announce this morning that I’ve never known of someone with the… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Fall Update on Dec. 4, download classic Xbox1 games

    We know now, through some weird Internet grapevine, the contents of the Xbox 360 Fall Update. Scheduled for release on December 4, the update will let players buy classic Xbox1 games like Halo for some 1,200 Microsoft Points. (Right now, 1,200 MSP works out to about $14.99 USD.) Additionally, European players will be able to download movies on demand, though the exact launch date for that… Read More

  • $900 digital putter with built-in LCD display

    Wow, this putter blows the previously mentioned Star Trek putter right out of the water as far as geek factor is concerned. At $899, it costs more than most people’s entire set of golf clubs but for the uber-rich out there, why not pick one up? What the hell, huh? Might as well. It uses a "micro Inertial Navigation System (INS)" to "identify the putter face position… Read More

  • Huddle wins $4m from Eden Ventures

    In a clear signal that the principles of Web 2.0 are entering the work space, Huddle, a UK ‘enterprise 2.0′ startup, has raised $4m in a Series A funding round from VCs Eden Ventures to expand the team, increase marketing and generally amp-up their game. Eden Ventures has previously invested in Reevoo and Truphone. Ben Tompkins, Partner at Eden Ventures commented in a release… Read More

  • XM, Sirius shareholders vote on proposed merger today, await "OK" from gov't regulators

    Yes, the painfully original XM-Sirius “logo” strikes again Judging by a number posts from earlier in the year, I can tell that a few of you are fans of, or at least followers of, of satellite radio. It may interest you to know that today is the day when shareholders of both XM and Sirius vote the proposed merger up or down. It’s expected that both groups will give the merger… Read More

  • IPartee is Ready to Party

    The social invite/event party is getting crowded. There’s Evite, Eventful, Upcoming, Windows Live Events, Zvents, Socializr, MyPunchbowl, Skobee, Renkoo, MadeIt, and ImThere, not to mention Facebook. Now, IPartee is trying to squeeze into the room. The Toronto-based startup, which was in the TechCrunch40 Demo Pit, emerged from private beta today. It is now open to anyone who wants… Read More

  • O2 sells tens of thousands of iPhones in Britain: Perhaps the "free crumpet with purchase" giveaway helped?

    O2 is reporting that they sold “tens of thousands” of iPhones over the weekend, which means that tens of thousands of Brits are wandering the streets with mini-computers as we speak. O2 is very please and believes this is in line with expectations. As there are only twenty thousand people in Britain at any one time — they’re too polite to push onto the island so most… Read More

  • Zune Originals up and running, steer clear of the Tattoo Series

    So, I just took a quick look at the Zune Originals site and the Artist Series looks great. I may just have to cave in and get one because they’re that cool. The Tattoo Series is a different story. I’m so happy they didn’t include any tribal designs because I’d just barf, but it’s nothing special. It’s all crappy tattoo flash that you’ll find at the… Read More

  • Photo frame adorned with RAM is pretty, geeky

    It’s not a digital frame but it’s plenty geeky. I just showed this to the little lady and she’s not on board with having this item in our house so maybe some of you can get a little joy out of this photo frame made out of old sticks o’ random access memory. The best part about it being non-digital and made with old crap-ass RAM is that it’s cheap. Like $15, cheap. Read More

  • "Mad Probz" plague Moto Sidekick Slide, yo

    Mad probz and other shizz are surfacing with this piece of hardware, my nizzle It has come to Boy Genius’ attention — and, in fact, Mr. Peter Ha’s as well — that the Sidekick Slide by Motorola is causing mad probz and is shutting down at inopportune times including during calls to your shortie and while messaging your peeps. While the Sidekick Slide might be mad hot… Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #257

    Download We had an amazing night Sunday night on Ustream. Geoff Smith twittered that he was on and working in his studio. I twittered that people should stop by, and we wound up having an amazing ones and zeros party. If you don’t want to miss the next one, subscribe to my Twitter or Pownce feeds. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but if I was, I’d probably be all over… Read More

  • Drive Erazer erazes your drivez

    Police pounding down the door? Cyborg monkey spies crawling through the drain pipes? Ninjas threatening your babies? Erase your drive with the Drive Erazer ($99.95).This eraser is completely self-contained and even powers the drive as it erases. It takes about two hours to erase a 250 gigabyte drive — not too good if the zombies are coming for your data but good enough if you just want… Read More

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