• Adobe Releases PDF to the World

    In 1993 Adobe published the full specifications for its Portable Document Format, or PDF, granting royalty free license to those who chose to build PDF tools into their applications, and helping PDF to become a de-facto standard for document creation. Tomorrow they will announce that they are relinquishing control over the PDF format to AIIM, the Enterprise Content Management Association, for… Read More

  • Wellsphere Launches Wellness 2.0

    Wellsphere Launches Wellness 2.0

    Wellshpere is launching an alpha version of their wellness community site tomorrow. It joins a host of other health related search, training, and Q&A sites we’ve covered. Wellsphere is concerned with day-to-day sorts of health choices that make up “wellness”, the kind you don’t ask your doctor, but consult your peers about. Wellsphere is meant to help people with… Read More

  • Axiotron Modbook at Macworld

    Macworld has got a video review of the Axiotron Modbook. If you’re not familiar with the Modbook, it’s a Macbook modded into tablet form. It still has all the standard Macbook features except now it also has a touchscreen display for drawing and whatever else you decide to do with it. I dunno why anyone would really need one of these things, but if you absolutely must have one… Read More

  • Apple's Next Product Photoshops

    Apple's Next Product Photoshops

    This one made me laugh. Worth 1000 is holding an a Photoshop contest to create Apple’s next product. Lots of funny stuff here, like the Mac-Chine, an Apple branded washing-machine. And the iDied Apple casket, complete with DVR playback of lifetime highlights. My favorite though is the iSuppository above. Not the best Photoshopping of the bunch, but its “deeper experience”… Read More

  • Google TV – An Elaborate Hoax

    A heavily produced YouTube video from Mark Erickson at “Infinite Solutions” shows users how to get in on the super-secret (and non existent) Google TV beta. It involves sending yourself an email and then logging in and out of Gmail multiple times until a tv icon appears in the Gmail logo. In the comments to the video, some users have tried logging in and out of Gmail hundreds of… Read More

  • Adobe's Apollo Provides New Ground For Entrepreneurs

    Undoubtedly you’ve heard the term “Rich Internet Application” (RIA) with increasing frequency lately. Sometimes you hear about it in context of Ajax, sometimes with Flash, and now even Microsoft gets talked about as having an RIA solution with “WPF/E”. The reality is that this is still a very unknown subset of the technology world and anyone who tries to define… Read More

  • Make Your Own iPhone

    Make Your Own iPhone

    I was browsing TechCrunch earlier and I ran across this printout iPhone, sure to be the hot item this side of June. And given the price of the iPhone it might be as close as many of us get to Apple’s mythical device once it actually comes out. Anyway, just print-and-fold and you’ve got yourself an iPhone. It won’t actually function, of course, but I’m sure… Read More

  • Google and China and Evilness

    I never really got personally angry with Google over their decision to do business with the Chinese government by launching a censored version of their search engine at Google.cn in 2005. But in late 2006 I visited Taiwan for a conference and learned a lot more about some of the things the Chinese government continues to do, particularly torture and other reported atrocities perpetrated on… Read More

  • Pick That Wax Clean With LED

    I’m used to seeing ear wax pickers ever since I was a kid. I’ve seen em in all shapes and sizes venturing into the local Korean grocery stores but I’m just not sure how I feel about this. What’s the point of having an LED light in the picker if you can’t see what’s going on in there unless you’ve got someone doing the picking for you? Ear Wax… Read More

  • Make Your Own iPhone (does not actually function)

    Make Your Own iPhone (does not actually function)

    A reader sent in the image below to “make your own iPhone.” Just print, cut & fold. Note, however: this does not actually function (heh). If anyone has attribution for this, please let me know because I do not know who created it. Similar product is here. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Soft Drink Pirate Edition

    Daily Crunch: Soft Drink Pirate Edition

    Programming Rocks!
    Release Your Inner Johnny Quest With The Hover Scooter
    We’re All Pirates
    Soda Club Home Carbonator
    You’re My Fave! Contest Read More

  • Do The Smug Thing

    Do The Smug Thing

    I took a look at new startup DoTheRightThing this evening. This is a Digg-like site where people submit stories about companies acting in ways that can be considered “good” or “bad.” Other users then vote on the goodness or badness of those actions, add comments, etc. An overall “goodness” score, ranging from “severe” on the negative end to… Read More

  • Athena Gets Priced And Grows A Cup Size

    T-Mo has confirmed shipment of the Athena or Ameo as it’s being dubbed to the UK and Germany. The Deutschland can get theirs for 500 Euro in March. No word on price or release date in the UK but expect price and shipment to be around the same for the Brits. Where does that leave us? Rumor has it we’ll be seeing it stateside with Cingular and not T-mo! WTF?! According to some… Read More

  • Soda Club Home Carbonator

    Soda Club Home Carbonator

    I have to admit I’ve never really seen anything like this home soda maker. Rather than simply buying soft drinks at the grocery, the machine carbonates water that you then add flavoring to to create your own soda. To use the device, you just fill a 2-liter bottle with water, attach it to the the carbonator and then press the button repeatedly until the system makes a weird noise to… Read More

  • Movoxx Launches Mobile Print Coupons

    Movoxx Launches Mobile Print Coupons

    Founders Alec Andronikov and Derek Merrill of Free411 competitor InFreeDA have launched a new mobile coupon startup MoVoxx after selling off their free 411 service to AT&T. The service lets you move print coupons on to your mobile phone by dialing into an 800 number listed with the print version, or subscribe to weekly SMS updates of coupons that interest you for free. Coupons are just… Read More

  • Shuttle Releases SDXi Barebones-style

    specially designed for the case. I saw the case up close and personal-like at CES and it’s really quite nice. Very realistic looking flames. Anyway, at the time I asked if they’d considered selling it as a barebones unit along with all the other models they sell. They said no, which means either they didn’t know at the time they would be selling it, they were lying to me or… Read More

  • You’re My Fave! Contest

    You’re My Fave! Contest

    Nice showing so far kids. We’ve had quite a few entries since we launched the “You’re My Fave!” contest yesterday morning. So I wanted to take a minute to give an update and reminder about the contest. To enter, all you have to do is head over to Technorati, log in or create an account (make a fake one for all we care), favorite us and take a screenshot. Send the… Read More

  • Midomi Names That Tune, But Not For Me

    New startup Midomi, a voice-based music search engine with a social network bolted on, launched earlier today. If you have a microphone connected to your computer, just sing or hum a few seconds of any song. In theory, Midomi will return a link to the original song for partial playback or purchase, and will also return results from other users who’ve recorded themselves singing that… Read More

  • The PlayStation 3 Is The Best Console Ever

    The PlayStation 3 Is The Best Console Ever

    Let’s face it. You know Sony kicks ass. You totally had a wet dream back in the 1990s when you saw the PlayStation and when PS2 fever hit, you bum-rushed Target hoping to get one. So why so much hatred for the PS3? Because you’ve been spoiled. To be quite frank, you need a time out. The previous PlayStation models fit well within your budget and had great launch titles to boot. Now… Read More

  • Google Tops Global Branding List

    To the left, you’ll see Google’s logo. You’ve seen it before a kajillion times, and know what it is without actually having to read the word “google”. That’s because it’s the number one brand in the world, according to Brand Channel, who interviewed thousands of branding students and professionals and published its report today. Second place goes to… Read More