• Going into the jungle with your iPhone? Ruggedize the sucker

    If you absolutely must traverse the Amazon with your iPhone, you should probably do something about keeping it, you know, dry and clean, that sort of thing. I don’t think waterproofing was on the feature list. Well, H20 Audio has the solution: this pretty cool-looking iPhone case. It’s impact and “element” resistant, though I’m not sure if that refers to weather… Read More

  • Guess what Merriam-Webster's word of the year is?

    Merriam-Webster has named "w00t" the word of the year for 2007. W00t! President John Morse says that it’s the "ideal choice because it blends whimsy and new technology." "It shows a really interesting thing that’s going on in language. It’s a term that’s arrived only because we’re now communicating electronically with each other,"… Read More

  • Confirmed: Penthouse Buys AdultFriendFinder For $500 Million

    As first reported by Michael November 17, the acquisition by Penthouse of Palo Alto based Various, Inc., the owner of AdultFriendFinder has been confirmed. According to a NY Times report, the buying price was $500 million. Penthouse CEO Marc Bell said that Penthouse’s goal was to provide consumers, particularly 18-to-34-year-old men, with a wide variety of sex-related offerings and that… Read More

  • MOG Integrates Rhapsody's Streaming Music Collection, Launches Redesign

    MOG, the blogging network for music lovers, has just launched a new version of its website that features several killer features, most notably integration with Rhapsody’s music service that allows you to stream full songs and albums through MOG itself. MOG is basically a place for people to publish thoughts about music, as well as a place to share the names of the songs they play on… Read More

  • Le Web 3 startup competition

    I went to the Le Web 3 startup competition today, though with 33 startups and many presentations of variable quality or inaudible (mostly due to the presenters not using the mic properly, and one clever chap said he would not put up his URL) I didn’t get all of them down. However, here are a few I took notes on and I will post more later. SaleMiner
    SaleMiner is a small business sales… Read More

  • Twitter As a Conduit For Fiction?

    Last week we ran a story on figures out of Japan where half of the top ten selling works of fiction are written on mobile phones; people (not surprisingly) thought this was rather odd, but sales figures don’t lie. A new project founded by The Podcast Network CEO Cameron Reilly, Twittories, is aiming to see whether Twitter can be use to create fiction. To quote Cameron on the idea: My… Read More

  • Verizon's Venus: Now in pink

    Remember when Peter said a couple weeks ago that the Venus from Verizon wasn’t just a shiny accessory for women? Apparently it’s supposed to be, as Verizon today has released a pink version of the same phone. Same specs, same prices, just in pink. Available now from the website below, or on January 11th in retail stores. Pink Venus [Not the porn star] Read More

  • I dare you to take this clock through airport security

    It’s a desk clock shaped like something out of an episode of 24. It’s also one of those, “why didn’t I think of this?” gadgets that we love. It’s just a concept piece now, but if this hits the shelves, we know we’re getting one as soon as possible. Artist’s site [via Technabob] Read More

  • Iron Man game trailer

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=28749 Please don’t suck, please don’t suck, please don’t suck. Read More

  • Wireless USB video coming soon?

    We’re not sure immediately this would be for, but we like it all the same. DisplayLink and Alereon have finished development on their wireless USB monitor system for PCs. Through software and a special adapter, you send your computer’s video through the ether via a USB dongle, which is then reflected on your monitor with a similar VGA/DVI dongle. At somewhere between $150 and… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Kingston SDHC for the photogs on your list

    I didn’t fully understand the strain that’s put on SD cards when they’re being used in a digital camera. I purchased a 2GB SD months ago and I was happy with it and still am, but I can never use it again in my DLSR. It simply cannot process the data fast enough and regurgitate it when I need it. I’m an impatient person and I like things to be done FAST. Of course… Read More

  • The Japanese have Android working already

    Japanese telecom WILLCO has demonstrated a simple call with Google’s handset OS Android on one of their PHS reference boards. The article’s translation is dubious, to say the least, but it seems they have things running as they’d like, and they showed the phone running Google Maps and receiving a call at the same time. Not exactly worth writing home about but at least… Read More

  • NVIDIA upgrades the budget-pro 8800GTS right after I buy one. Thanks!

    Good timing, guys. The graphics giant has changed up the architecture on its popular, high-performing, mid-range 8800GTS line. I have one and I can tell you it’s a great card (it actually does run Crysis) but I’m mad that they’ve tweaked it so soon after I laid down the cash. This is probably in response to a poor reception to its 640MB 8800GTS, which had very little… Read More

  • Rant: Now I'm getting Facebook spam, oh me oh my

    And now I’ve been Facebook spammed. Ladies and gentlemen, as my CrunchGear colleagues are all too well aware, I have a remarkably short fuse coupled with some sort of dementia. Yes, it makes for dynamite chat rooms logs, but my stability has been questioned on more than one occasion (ask Biggs). So when I’m sitting in the Journalism Department here following the Real Madrid-Lazio… Read More

  • Edgeio Bids Start At $250,000

    The assets of classified listing service Edgeio, a company co-founded by TechCrunch Editor Michael Arrington that joined the Deadpool last week, are on the market. Interested parties can register to bid at Domain-Tools here. Bidding starts at $250,000 and bidders must pre-register to bid. The auction finishes Friday 21 December with payment to be paid via Escrow no later than the end of… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Palm Centro from Sprint

    on Sprint to try out. As it turns out, the Centro is far and away a better device than the Treo, and at $100, it is the absolute best first-timer smartphone that we can recommend. The Palm OS is still easy to use, there are literally thousands of apps out there that are easy to install, and the ones it comes with make up a great assortment of productivity and fun. But make no mistake, this is… Read More

  • Halo 3 heroic map pack available now

    I guess I need to put away Assassin’s Creed and BioShock to try out the new heroic map pack that was released today for Halo 3. It’s 800 M$ points and includes three new maps: Standoff, Rat’s Nest and Foundry. The latter being the ‘ultimate Forge map’- players can edit the entire map if they want. If you don’t feel like dropping the dough, which I am, then… Read More

  • Here is a video of Mister Rogers playing Donkey Kong, just to make your Tuesday more surreal

    I actually remember seeing this episode as a kid and thinking, “Whoa”, but I still thought the trolley was cooler. And that is all. [via Joel Johnston’s Boing Boing Gadgets] Read More

  • Forget the SanDisk Deal, NBC Direct Will Soon Have Free Downloads in HD

    While NBC Universal is making deals left and right to try to make up for the fact that it is no longer distributing its digital TV shows through iTunes, don’t get distracted by all the small-fry announcements. For instance, today it announced that it would make NBC shows available to SanDisk for its new Sansa TakeTV/Fanfare service. Is anyone going to buy a USB TV device from SanDisk? Read More

  • Dutch Startup Libersy Gets €1.2 Million For Distributed Booking Service

    Libersy, an Amsterdam-based startup that we first covered in March 2007, closed a €1.2 Million round of financing this week. Investors include Shamrock Ventures, Value Creation & Company, Reof and Technofonds Flevoland. The company had previously raised €400k in a series of angel rounds. Libersy, along with competitor Genbook, provide an easy, embeddable booking solution for small… Read More

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