• Game Content Under the Microscope: An Insider Talks

    An avid gamer since his youth, author Steven L. Kent has seen the evolution from flat 2D arcade games to epic non-linear 3D adventures. Kent talked to CrunchGear for the second part of our series on video game violence and content. For more than a decade Kent has been the video game industry’s most prolific writer to date. His work has appeared in dozens of magazines and Web sites. Read More

  • Solar-Fine 1350 Charges Your Gadgets With The Power of The Sun

    Links over in Japan has come up with a solar powered battery charger that can charge any device via a USB port, including the PSP and DS. The Solar-Fine 1350 doesn’t look like the smallest charger out there, but it looks portable enough to get the job done. A day out to the park or a forced family picnic no longer means having to listen boring “remember when?” drivel. Read More

  • O2 and Vettro Form Partnership

    UK mobile carrier O2 is partnering with Vettro, a global leader in mobile on-demand business applications. This will allow the Vettro 360 suite of mobile applications to be sold directly by O2 sales personnel. This partnership should strengthen O2’s portfolio of offerings, which are targeted at the growing population of mobile workers. This should provide Vettro an opportunity to gain… Read More

  • Nintendo Wants You To Make a Movie About It: $10K Up For Grabs

    Nintendo’s running a contest called Nintendo Shortcuts to see who can make the best Nintendo-themed movie. (Holy redundancy alert, Batman.) The winner will get his or her movie played at Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Rock film showcase, lunch with a co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival and $10,000. The winner and two runners up will all get Nintendo video game systems and… Read More

  • Kensington QuickSeek iPod FM Transmitter

    If you like living on the edge of excitement, then you might want to check out one of the latest iPod accessories from Kensington. The QuickSeek iPod FM Transmitter is exactly what you think it is – an iPod FM Transmitter. But what sets it aside from others is its ability to find the clearest radio station possible. Just hit a button and the QuickSeek will blast through your FM… Read More

  • Microsoft Updates HD DVD Player: More Audio Options, Better Disc Compatibility

    Microsoft is set to release an update to its HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 today. Most of the updates are audio-related: users now have the option to output all audio as DTS 1.5Mbps, DD 640Kbps or WMAPro. Other little fixes include improved lip syncing and greater compatibility with problematic HD DVD titles. I don’t have the player, but if I did I’d grab this update, pop in… Read More

  • Apple Updates Macbooks

    Figures. Right after I get done buying a new Macbook, Apple goes and updates them with better specs. Oh well. Looks like the Apple Store was down for a good reason. The new entry-level Macbook features a faster 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 1GB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, and a combo drive. All the next version has is a Superdrive, a 2.16GHz CPU, and a 120GB, which will cost you another $200 ($1299). Read More

  • Scratch: Because Your Kid Can't Do FORTRAN

    The geniuses over at MIT have developed a new programming language that requires almost no knowledge of real languages like C++ or Java to learn. Dubbed “Scratch”, this new language is aimed at children and operates like a set of building blocks. Through a GUI, children can drag and drop, sounds, images, video, and other elements together to create a real, working program. Now… Read More

  • Stitch Customizable Glasses: Sew Your Very Own Catchphrase Into Your Frames

    I really do love these product designs that’ll never see the light of day. Today is no different, with Stitch customizable eyewear—glasses to you and me. They were created to give people an opportunity to wear glasses that truly match their personality. It seems many of these designers love to rag on big business and large manufacturers for creating derivative, uninspired junk all… Read More

  • Pink Seal Pendant Really A Tazer

    The next time your girl has to walk home from your apartment by herself (jerk), make sure she’s equipped with this seemingly innocent pink seal pendant. Though it’s an extremely beautiful piece of jewelry, the real secret lies within the seal’s gut. See this pink pendant actually has a built-in tazer-like device to thwart attackers and muggers. 195V of electricity will be… Read More

  • AT&T/Cingular Says No Deep Linking. Whaaa!?

    Remember the Web as it was in the 1990s? We were all getting our feet wet, figuring out how it was going to work. This is part of what makes the Web so powerful, the fact that it’s always evolving. One thing that keeps the motor running is unrestricted linking. You can link to any story on this blog, and we can link to any story on your site. We don’t have to like what you link to… Read More

  • Get A Wii For $50, Possibly Free

    Over at Gamefly.com, they’re apparently giving subscribers a free year of Gamefly or a free Nintendo Wii if you manage to get five of your pals to sign up and pay for the service. Over at The Last Boss, reader Mark wrote in to mention an easy way to get your hands on a Wii for $50. He went and told each of his friends about the deal and gave them $10 each to sign up for the service. They… Read More

  • Sony Vaio N30 Announced

    Over in the land of frog legs, cigarettes, and Sarkozy, Sony announced the Vaio N30 series. Though it’s not a UMPC, it’s still a pretty compact little machine that packs decent power. You can get it configured however you like, but as far as standard stuff goes, you’ll find an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, up to 2GB of RAM, a 120GB hard drive, and Windows Vista. Plus, select models… Read More

  • Blackberry 8120 To Replace The Pearl

    Check out the Technicolor rainbow above. What you see could very well be the successor to the popular Blackberry Pearl. BGR received a reliable tip that the 8120 is to replace the Pearl this summer as an updated version. New features include color choices of black, red, titanium, and gold, a 2-megapixel camera (very nice), GPS, and WiFi. Yeah, WiFi. That means you can use IM+ to make free… Read More

  • Apple Store Is Down

    As of 7:54am, the Apple Store has been down. The classic Post-It note with the text “We’ll be back soon.” is up, which means a new product is being introduced to the store. What will it be? It could be a Santa-Rosa-equipped Macbook, an ultra-portable notebook, or maybe even an early release of the iPhone. Not. Either way, we’ll keep up the refreshing and will let you… Read More

  • AOL Acquires Third Screen Media

    AOL has closed a deal to acquire mobile ad network and mobile ad-serving platform provider Third Screen Media reports mocoNews. The companies have been in talks since February, but financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. mocoNews also reports that Third Screen Media will continue to be headquartered in Boston as a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL. Breaking news: AOL Acquires Third… Read More

  • mFoundry and Verizon Working Together on Mobile Banking

    Mobile application platform provider mFoundry has announced that it is working with Verizon Wireless on a banking and financial services solution, and Verizon is expected to support the mFoundry Spotlight Financial Platform. The Spotlight platform allows for the accommodation of multiple types of financial services content, including support for banking, brokerage, credit and payment… Read More

  • Cartoonist Marc Tyler Nobleman Partners with Cellufun

    Cartoonist Marc Tyler Nobleman, whose satirical look at life, work and play has appeared in more than 100 publications including The Wall Street Journal, is partnering with ad-supported global mobile community and game portal Cellufun to create Noble Mania. This new series will include cartoons created exclusively for the third screen. Topics will include anything that consumer’s talk… Read More

  • Bango Starter Eases the Selling of Digital Media

    This week Bango removed barriers to selling mobile content by enabling anyone to start earning money with a new lightweight version of their service, which gives businesses and individuals alike the opportunity to offer digital content for the mobile Web. The Bango Starter Service provides numerous payment options including credit/debit card, PayPal or even the option for payment to appear on… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: High Seas Edition

    Help Key: The Essential Guide to Piracy
    Color A4 E-Paper: Porn Just Got Even Portable-er
    The Bill of Lights: Maunfacturers Need to Stop Putting Useless Lights Everywhere
    Oregon Scientific Four Piece Weather Module Station: For Those Who Just Need to Know The Dew Point Right Now
    Gears of War Golf Coming Soon Read More

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