• InfoSpace Goes With Virgin Mobile

    If you’re a Virgin Mobile subscriber you’ll be doing your searching with InfoSpace. The two companies announced that InfoSpace would supply Virgin Mobile with its suite of mobile platform services including integrated search. This will allow subscribers access to search the Web, WAP sites and of course Virgin Mobile’s own portal and storefront to find ringtones, games and… Read More

  • Hard Wired Handsets

    Mobile handsets are like snowflakes, no two models perform in the same way and require developer adjustments. So how does developer of mobile content from ringtones to games, news, to viral videos. How do programmers know if their games or WAP sites will look consistent across all phone manufacturer models, OSs, and carriers? The savvy ones use Mobile Complete’s Device Anywhere service. Read More

  • EU To Slash Mobile Roaming Rates

    The European Union has agreed that calls are just costing too much money! The 27-member bloc has adopted new rules that will reduce the price of mobile phone calls, and the European Commission has agreed to cut mobile roaming charges to a quarter or a fifth of what subscribers are currently paying. Maybe their crazy socialist systems do have benefits! [via Australia IT] Read More

  • Mobile Web Usage on the Rise

    Mobile Web use is steadily rising in the United States. WebPro News is reporting that Bango has released statistics that show that in America the use of the mobile Web has tripled since last year, and is now only trailing the U.K. in usage. And mobile search is what is driving this mobile Web usage. The other countries that are accessing the Web via handsets and the third screen is… Read More

  • Let the Games Launch HSPA

    The arrival of high-speed wireless connectivity in China will coincide with next summer’s 2008 Beijing Olympics reports Telecom Asia. China Mobile will launch HSPA next year, and that China will have a 3G network in place in eight cities, while also deploying WLAN and WiMax during the Olympic Games. A range of mobile applications including live broadcast of events, mobile multimedia… Read More

  • 3 Weeks Until The iPhone Goes On Sale

    The hype continues to build for Apple’s iPhone. Will it deliver? Here’s my take on it: http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=6542481355742550486&hl=en-AU Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Beer Me That iPhone Edition

    Beerbot: It Totally Does What You Want Done Most
    Softflask: Soft, Plasticky Genius
    Crumpler Beer For Bags Part Duex
    The Futurist: We Predict the iPhone Will Bomb
    How Amazingly Great Will the iPhone Be? Like Lots Great
    Contest: End The Scourge of Pater Obsoletis Read More

  • Postini IPO Coming

    We’ve been hearing that Postini, a security and compliance company, is on track to file for their initial public offering in the next few weeks. They recently hired a new CFO, Murray Demo, who can handle the IPO process. He was with Adobe for ten years and served as CFO for the last six. According to our source, the company held what is called a “bake off,” which is a… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Microsoft Enhanced TV

    Microsoft recently received a patent covering enhanced TV by streaming an interactive layer in conjunction with the broadcast content. One of many video related patents that they hold, actually. While the Nintendo Wii has brought us one step closer to point-and-click TV without much of a word being uttered about its potential and Joost soaks up the glory of being an innovative new TV… Read More

  • Crumpler Beer For Bags Part Duex

    Last Year’s Raging Party Alright, folks, the time is near and I’m getting mighty thirsty. If you’re in NYC between June 9 and June 17 then I suggest you mosey on over to one of the two Crumpler stores and participate in this kickass event. I participated last year and it was awesome! How do you think I scored my Crumpler bag? You will not be disappointed, trust… Read More

  • Google Reader On The Go

    Well, well, well. I finally know what I can do with Google Gears and it makes me feel funny deep down inside my pants. Get your head out of the gutter! My ankle itches, you perverts. Anyways…back to Google Gears and the amazing things it can do when you’re stranded without an Interwebs connection. It’s THE perfect solution for people who have to travel and rely on their laptop… Read More

  • Make Your Own Internet Radio Station: ubroadcast

    ubroadcast provides a platform that gives users the ability to create and broadcast their own internet radio station. ubroadcast’s Station Manager software allows users to host a live internet talk radio or music show complete with play list support, inline CD ripping, MP3 uploading, commercials and other pre-recorded content. User generated internet radio stations are far from being new. Read More

  • Softflask: Soft, Plasticky Genius

    In 150 years, our time won’t be remembered as the time of converting to green and renewable resources. It won’t be remembered as the time when the Internet first became totally ubiquitous and pervasive. It won’t be remembered as the time we let slutty, bratty heiresses out of jail for breaking the same laws that landed others behind bars. No, reader, our time will be… Read More

  • How Amazingly Great Will the iPhone Be? Like Lots Great

    In order to round out our earlier nastiness we’d like to bring you a breathless piece from Business Week about how Apple will add a “totally new, $10 billion-a-year business” in just a few seconds — the seconds between June 28 and June 29 when the world explodes in a storm of fecally incontinent fanboy joyrage. Read More

  • Google Street View Strikes, Again

    Street View strikes, again. At 588 44th Avenue in Fog City, CA, an unsuspecting woman was caught with her pants down and now everyone can see what color her thong is. Museum this is not. It’s getting out of control don’t you think? Not that I’m complaining about this particular one, but the next time I head to the Bay I don’t need some freakish Beetle taking a picture of… Read More

  • Wikipedia's Nerd Bias

    Something Awful has a flat out hilarious (if somewhat long in the introduction) article on the nerd bias of wikipedia. The point isn’t to say that one article or another on Wikipedia has factual inaccuracies, but rather to show how much more attention certain topics get than others. They suggest opening up two somewhat related articles, where one appeals to the nerds and the other does… Read More

  • Tough Love: Identity-based DRM and iTunes

    It’s been a few days since the world “discovered” that Apple was embedding personal information in some of their digital files. The outcry was immediate — how DARE they — but what is the strategy behind this move? After all, the data is essentially in the clear, available to anyone with a text editor. Read More

  • Tomb Raider: Anniversary On Its Way to Xbox Live?

    Next Gen, the online magazine that used to be a dead tress magazine I used to read because it didn’t use hyperbolic language to describe video games, reports that Tomb Raider: Anniversary, a remake of the original game, may well be on its way to Xbox Live as a downloadable game. It cites a recent ESRB listing on the organization’s Web site that shows the game was rated (and… Read More

  • Click.TV Player Joins the Deadpool

    Deep video tagging service Click.TV sent an email to their users today stating that they will be shutting down their video player, taking any videos served by Click.TV offline. We’ve covered Click.TV before as well as the other deep tagging startups. Click.TV says the shutdown will be accompanied by bigger plans for the future. We’re adding Click.TV to the deadpool in the meantime… Read More

  • Tvtrip: The Second Video Guide for Hotels

    Earlier this week we covered Trivop, which billed itself as the first video guide for hotels. Today, Tvtrip, another European startup, is launching their own guide. Counter to Trivop’s straightforward mashup of videos and Google maps, Tvtrip is focusing on “experiencing” the hotel and location overall before you rent. And yes, the names are ridiculously similar an… Read More

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