• Microsoft Tries To Justify 120GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive's $180 Price

    The 120GB hard drive for the Xbox 360, purchased as a separate accessory, will cost $179.99 when it comes out later this month. I repeat, $180 for a 120GB hard drive. Isn’t that a bit much? Lots of folks on the Internets thought so, too, forcing Microsoft to respond to allegations of overcharging. Read More

  • Mobiode: Surveys Tailored for Mobile

    Now that people are finally accessing mobile content on their phones, it’s good that someone is putting metrics in place to judge how good that content is. Mobiode by Wirenode is a survey tool for mobile phones. Using the built-in WAP or WHML browsers on today’s handsets, site operators can ask user’s opinions on any range of topics, and get the results fast. In theory… Read More

  • MyGADs for Storing, Retrieving Factoids

    Those of you familiar to the old days of IRC might recall infobots, handy little scripts that live in IRC channels and spout out factoids when they see a certain trigger. For example, my favorite infobot on Slashnet is Zuul. If you ask Zuul about me, he’ll respond with, “Matt Hickey is the brain that underpins Web,” an obvious reference to my genius. But Zuul doesn’t… Read More

  • RIAA Messes Up Again!

    Just when you thought the RIAA could seriously not get any worse, it does. Nine Inch Nails is currently on tour in Europe (their new album is absolutely fantastic by the way) and have been leaving special USB keys hidden in restrooms at venues. People who discover the USB drives will get access to leaked songs off the forthcoming album, “Year Zero”. And if a fan finds free MP3s in… Read More

  • If You Don't Use Del.icio.us, You Will Now

    Social bookmarking service Del.icio.us has one of the more popular Firefox Add-ons, but until recently it didn’t sync with your account and bring bookmarks and tags to the browser. A few months ago they quietly released a new version that basically takes over the Firefox bookmarking function, but it wasn’t syncing fast enough for power users. Today they’ve updated the Add-On… Read More

  • Out of HDMI Ports? XtremeMac's Switcher Gives You Four for One

    Got an HDTV or A/V receiver that’s ill prepared for the onslaught of HDMI products now available? Well, in case you didn’t know, you can get switchers that allow you to pass multiple HDMI devices through a single HDMI port (kind of like a USB hub). One such option is XtremeMac’s HDMI Switcher, which for $100 lets you connect four devices to one port. It supports resolutions… Read More

  • Give XP an OS X Makeover

    http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/501677/how_to___make_windows_look_like_mac_os_x.swf Look, we’re not one to judge. We’re not sure why you’d want to make Windows XP look like OS X, but there must be some of you out there that do. Perhaps you’re the type who’d do it just to say you’ve done it, or for some other sort of novelty. Either way, the above video will… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Eye Tracking for Computers

    In watching the growing interest in web tracking, with players like clickdensity combined with analytics to fine tune preferences, we thought Canon’s recently received patent covering the use of image data to track eye movement on a computer screen quite interesting. Canon has a deep history in eye tracking technology and filed on this technique to determine head position and then… Read More

  • EMI's First DRM-free Release: The Good, The Bad & The Queen

    Yay! The first EMI album to be offered for download free of copy protection, or digital rights management (DRM), is now available. “The Good, The Bad & The Queen” can be downloaded in the “new format,” aka 320Kbps MP3s, directly from the band’s Website. Apple’s iTunes Music Store also has a “Live from SoHo EP” with five tracks recorded, um… Read More

  • Stream Surround Sound Music With Sony's TDM-NC1 Cube

    Sony sure does smell a potential market with this wireless media streaming stuff. (Don’t want to be late to the party this time, right Sony?) This odd looking fellow is the Digital Media Port Wi-Fi Client, or the TDM-NC1. Like the similarly styled iPod dock before it, this $200 cube, which should hit stores in June, integrates into a Bravia-branded home theater setup via the digital… Read More

  • WEP, She Is Not So Secure, You Know

    According to researchers Erik Tews, Ralf-Philipp Weinmann, and Andrei Pyshkin of Darmstadt Technical University it’s possible to crack a WEP key in about a minute. The trio proved that with a nice set of encoded data and a little processing power allows you to crack a 104-bit WEP key. Didn’t we already know that WEP was useless? WEP key wireless cracking made easy [TheRegister] Read More

  • WJAu Speaks on Second Life Marketing

    I’m not very big on Second Life — I have enough trouble making my first one work — but it’s interesting to see SL grow and change from a group of geeks reliving Snow Crash to some sort of media darling. Wagner James Au is writing about a study from Komjuniti about marketing in Second Life. 72% of respondents didn’t like SL marketing while 40% thought the concept… Read More

  • The Mystery of the Multiple Apple TVs

    Holmes: Ah, Mr. Watson. Let us take a pipe of opium and discuss this matter, shall we?
    Watson: Yes, Dear Mr. Holmes. Let’s.
    H: Attention, then, please. We have here the page for the Airport Extreme Base Station. What do you see?
    W: An overpriced 802.11n device?
    H: You are an ignorant buffoon, Dear Mr. Watson, and your mother was a fishwife. To that end, we return to our examinations. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson W880i Finds A Place To Boogie: UI Walkthrough Video

    This video of the Sony Ericsson’s user interface completes the blogging cycle. We first had the FCC approval, then we had some prototypes, then an unboxing. It’s the circle of life. Two things stand out in this video: 1) Solid choice of music and 2) the UI really isn’t anything to write home about. Boogie! Sony Ericsson W880i Interface Walkthrough [Slashphone] Read More

  • Yeah, It's For Real

    It seems that Ed Baig and Bob LeVitus are two special men. See, these dudes are writing the official “iPhone For Dummies” book. And what strikes me as odd is not the hot chick laying half-naked on the cover, but rather how these two are writing a book on a product that isn’t even out yet. There’s just no way that these guys got an iPhone to play with a whole three… Read More

  • Hackers Said To Increasingly Target Gamers For Their Lunch Money

    OK, gamers, now it’s your turn to have your lives turned upside down by hackers. Now that today’s video game consoles are pretty much always connected to the Internet, highly paid analysts are predicting that hackers will increasingly target the systems to cause damage or mischief. Right now, there’s a growing number of hacks aimed at stealing user names and passwords of… Read More

  • Wii Are Amused By This Article

    Bits Bytes Pixels & Sprites has a pretty decent article on the Nintendo Wii and what needs to be improved upon it. Excellent reasoning is given to each problem the Wii is plagued by. For instance, why does the Wii use Nintendo’s horrible system of friend codes? If I want to add my friend to a buddy list, I should just be able to throw in their user name and be done with it. Other… Read More

  • Panasonic D-Snap SD850N DAP: Yup, It Plays Music Alright

    If you look very closely, you’ll see that Pansonic has updated its D-Snap line of digital audio players. The new kid on the block is the SD850N, an SD card-based DAP that comes with a 1GB card thrown in for good measure. Just like its SD800 forefather, the 850N features noise canceling voodoo, which blocks out up to 83 percent of unwanted outside noise. Good, because when I’m… Read More

  • The Quest For The $400 Game

    With the success of Guitar Hero 2, it was only a matter of time before some publishers and developers went “Hey…what if we did the same concept with a whole band?!” Rock Band is that next step, which is set to drop in November of this year. The game will include a whole band setup using unique controllers for guitar, bass, and drums, as well as microphones for belting out… Read More

  • eMusic Launches Subscription-Based Plans

    I always liked eMusic. Though second banana to iTMS, it still has a good amount of music worth downloading and every song is DRM-free. Now eMusic is trying to launch a subscription service without DRM that will allow users to download a set number of tracks per month. These new plans are being called “Connoisseur Plans” and involve the user paying a set price each month for a… Read More

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