• iMantri to Pair Mentors Up with Mentees

    So apparently it’s National Mentoring Month and a new site called iMantri wants to celebrate by welcoming TechCrunch readers into its private beta. iMantri seeks to match mentors up with mentees using a niche social network that focuses on “goals” and “competencies”. All those interested can go here and use invitation code “imaptc178” to sign… Read More

  • Apple forced to drop UK iTunes prices

    The UK’s greatest music export Facing a lawsuit, Apple said today it will lower prices of UK iTunes downloads, bringing them in line with prices found on the Continent. The European Commission, the European Union’s executive branch, had been investigating whether or not Apple’s policy of charging the equivalent of €1.05 per song in… Read More

  • Amazon's head of consumer electronics names 'excellent' convergence devices

    [photopress:9_12_07_flipvideoultra.jpg,full,center] Amazon’s head of consumer electronics cautions: Don’t let the marketing speak convince you that the Xbox 360 or latest Motorola set-top box is truly “excellent.” Paul Ryder, who’s in charge of CE at Amazon, thinks so-called convergence devices fall into one of two categories: the “capable”, like… Read More

  • ClipSyndicate Videos Now On Truveo, Bebo, Magnify, and Lingospot

    Video clips from local TV news affiliates are making their way onto the Web through a service called ClipSyndicate that’s been in beta for more than a year. The service, which is owned by New York City startup Critical Media, has more than 200,000 archived news clips and adds about 1,000 a day from about 200 local affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, along with video from Bloomberg TV… Read More

  • Everex Cloudbook: Ultra-mobile, Green & Linux

    [photopress:everex_cloudbook_CE1200V.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Everex Cloudbook
    Description: An “ultra-mobile” PC that runs on gOS Rocket
    Price: $399
    In-store date: January 25 (at Walmart.com)
    Site: Everex
    Why it’s cool: It’s green (as in the environment), which is chic nowadays, and does seem to offer a decent power:performance ratio given the price. The… Read More

  • Google Trends helps popularize obscure presidential candidate: Jimmy Tide

    [photopress:googletrendstide.jpg,full,left] The New Hampshire primary was yesterday, but you won’t find either winner (John McCain and Hillary Clinton) in the top 10 of Google Trends. You will, however, find a relatively unknown, sort of a long shot candidate as number two. Jimmy Tide, who not only wears the cleanest shirts but who also promises to clean up America. I’d like to… Read More

  • Powerblock hides messy cables, but is bulky

    [photopress:power_block.jpg,full,center] My apartment isn’t messy overall, but I several “hotspots,” like this charming bundle of cables on the floor. Disgusting. Gadgets like the Powerblock try to hide such cables messes, though it’s not the most attractive solution. (That would be an all-wireless setup, which is impossible.) Good idea that’s much appreciated… Read More

  • Family GuyDVD with iTunes-compatible video files shipping

    [photopress:familyguyh264dvd.jpg,full,center] Fox is now releasing DVDs that include iTunes-compatable H.264 video files, as was rumored last month. The first such DVD, the “Blue Harvest” Family Guy episode, isn’t scheduled to ship until next week, but several copies have already made their way into fans’ hands. (Amazon lists it for $16.09, so there doesn’t appear… Read More

  • WeGame Launches As YouTube For Gamers

    When I was younger and addicted to PC games like Total Annihilation and Sim City, my parents figured I was flushing priceless hours of my youth down the drain and actively tried to get me to cut back on playing. Jared Kim, a nineteen-year-old Berkeley dropout, has taken a similar obsession of video games and turned it into something his parents can certainly be proud of: a new website… Read More

  • Xobni: The Super Plugin For Outlook

    Anyone who depends on email to work, knows how surprisingly bad Outlook is when you get beyond about ten contacts; conversations easily become jumbled, and keeping contacts up to date can be a pain. Xobni’s Outlook plug-in solves these problems with a sidebar that automatically tracks contacts and organizes emails into fully searchable threaded conversations linked back to those people. Read More

  • FCC to investigate Comcast's alleged traffic shaping

    [photopress:fcccomcast.jpg,full,center] The FCC didn’t buy Comcast’s explanation, either. The Federal Communications Commission will investigate Comcast over alleged traffic interference (and at the same time reveal its attitude toward Net Neutrality). You may remember last year’s Associated Press investigation (and the subsequent lawsuit) that found Comcast actively… Read More

  • Google Processing 20,000 Terabytes A Day, And Growing

    A recent white paper by some Google engineers puts some numbers around the massive amount of computation that Google does every day to index the Web, process search results, and serve up ads, among other things. As oflast September, Google was processing 20,000 terabytes of data (20 petabytes) a day. This large-scale computing capability is a big part of Google’s competitive advantage… Read More

  • French Press Falls For Major Facebook Prank

    This is probably the biggest hoax in the history of Facebook. It happened in France and is one of the most discussed stories in the French blogosphere right now. It all started a few weeks ago with a simple third-party Facebook application that was aimed at designating, every quarter, a new “Facebook Worldwide president”. A young 28 year-old French man by the name of Arash… Read More

  • Billionaires Can't Keep Frontline Wireless From The Deadpool

    Despite the backing of billionaires John Doerr and Ram Shriram, as well as former Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale and former FCC commissioner Reed Hundt, ambitious startup Frontline Wireless is closing up shop. According to the New York Times, the startup was unable to come up with the $128 million deposit needed to participate in the upcoming wireless spectrum auctions that it did so much to… Read More

  • Ear to the Floor: Hot CES Audio Gear

    Ahh, CES. Where the weak are killed and eaten. And where zillions of companies decide to debut products that should’ve been smothered at birth. But a few things actually managed to impress me so far as I stumble through CES and its constellation of surrounding events. So here they are, a handful of goodies I saw and heard that make my ears glad to be attached to my head. At least… Read More

  • Typeroom Simplifies Web Page Editing Online

    Los Gatos, CA based Typeroom is developing a web based content management system that enables on the fly editing of existing sites. The idea is simple. Typeroom users specify the URL of the page they wish to edit. Typeroom then creates a copy of that page on their servers for editing. The editing itself is WYSIWIG based and covers areas such a text editing and image placement. Once a user… Read More

  • Sign Of The Times: Web 2.0 Outsourcing Humor

    Something that you don’t often see a lot written about in new media is the strong trend by startups to outsource a lot of their work. Digg for example was originally designed by Kevin Rose outsourcing the job on elance, and sites such as Slideshare, illumobile.com have gone down a similar path. Naturally it’s a cost thing. I spoke to one startup CEO last year who hired five… Read More

  • Google, IBM and VeriSign in talks to join OpenID

    Google, IBM and VeriSign are all in talks with the OpenID foundation with a view to joining imminently, according to a highly-placed source. Digg, Technorati, Microsoft, AOL, Plaxo and WikiPedia have previously announced their intention to support the standard which is seen as an easy way for users to use a single digital identity across the Internet. The official news about the new players… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Dress the Magic Colthes Edition

    Vuzix’ iWear video glasses actually work
    iPhone pig docks from China
    Motorized under bed TV mount makes me hate my plain old crappy bed with nothing but crap under it
    Tuning Lamp is part lamp, part PC, part no-idea
    Just a reminder that R2D2 as a projector is awesome Read More

  • How Many Twitter Accounts Do You Have?

    Twitter, at least for those who use it heavily is changing the way we communicate online. The social networking aspect is creating new relationships, whilst the always on nature means that you often hear about big news stories first on Twitter.
    TechCrunch France editor Ouriel Ohayon like a growing number of people loves Twitter, but he is (well, I thought initially) fairly unique because has… Read More

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