• AT&T to Buy Ingenio

    AT&T is in negotiations with Ingenio to buy the online advertising company. Ingenio’s technology traces the effectiveness of advertisements by tracking phone calls made to businesses based on phone numbers used in ads. The ads tracked can be online, on mobile phone Web sites, or print. Ingenio’s technology provisions the phone numbers and tallies the calls. Rates paid by… Read More

  • Meebo's Got Game

    If you’re looking for a killer app on the Internet and are unwilling to get into pornography, gaming is your best bet. So when Meebo opened their platform last month to third party developers, it was clearly only a matter of time before they let game startups in. That time has come. Twenty games launched on the service last night, ranging from chess and checkers to Texas Hold ’em. Read More

  • Firefox 3 Beta 1: The Memory Use Says It All

    I’ve been a long time Firefox fanboy. I was one of the 10,000 people who contributed, and had their name featured in the NY Times back in 2004. I’ve long preached to anyone who would listen that Firefox is a better alternative to Internet Explorer, particularly back in the days prior to IE 7. Then my love affair with Firefox started to end. Firefox 1.5 (and the earlier versions… Read More

  • Pack Your Tinfoil Hat Away, iPhone Now Apparently Doesn't Phone Home…Well Maybe

    Damn, it was a fun conspiracy while it lasted. Despite previous reports (our coverage here) Gizmodo is now quoting a German site Heise Online that claims that the iPhone doesn’t phone home. According to Heise Online the iPhone doesn’t send an IMEI (the phone’s unique identifier) back to base but only application specific, but personally unaware data. I’m not an expert… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Hip Table Edition

    MAME cabinet enclosed in Ikea table
    Exclusive: First hands on with EPOS’ digital pen, USB drive
    Matchlight mood lighting: The darker the room, the more trendy it is
    Kindle Hands On [Updated]
    Mini review of the Amazon Kindle [Update 2] Read More

  • Comment Trolling Has A Psychological Explanation

    Comments trolls are the bane of most sites; where as the vast majority of people may never comment on a post (as is certainly the case with TechCrunch) those that do usually fall into one of three categories. Legitimate commenters, who have something thoughtful to say and/ or add to the conversation (for and against), link spammers who comment on the off chance they might get some traffic as… Read More

  • Now Up To Six Simultaneous Users On TokBox Video Chat

    Sequoia backed Tokbox (they are actually working from Sequoia’s offices, just a couple of doors down from where YouTube was incubated), a video chat service that does not require any software downloads, is now allowing up to six simultaneous participants. Skype video, by contrast, only allows two participants, and it requires that all users be using the Skype software. For now TokBox is… Read More

  • Apple Options Lawsuit Dismissed

    The main lawsuit against Apple claiming that Steve Jobs and other Apple directors lied about backdating options has been dismissed. According to the NY Times, Judge Jeremy D. Fogel of Federal District Court in San Jose said that the suit was dismissed on time grounds, in that it was based on statements over 3 years old, which presumably related to statute of limitations laws. Apple argued that… Read More

  • Startup thinking from our friends in the North

    Planning to launch a tech startup? Then you could do worse than locate your project in the North and Midlands of the UK. Now, before you tell me I’m mad, and shouldn’t we all be rushing to OpenCoffee in London to guffaw loudly with trustafarians about startups, consider this: theNetStart is a new project being put in place to establish an ecosystem for startups, working with… Read More

  • MountainDew Will Save The World

    Above is a promo clip for the new online game/ marketing tool “DEWmocracy.” Full movie showcasing the game can be found here. The flash game comes from MountainDew, and I just can’t make this stuff up: “Corporate Barons rule the city with an iron-fist, but a thirst for change is in the air. As a “Seeker,” you have the chance to return choice to the people. To… Read More

  • Facebook starts company profile cull, favours 'exciting' social ads

    Since launching it’s Social Ads offering, where companies can pay for the privilege of creating a profile, Facebook has started to crack down on companies that created their own (free) profile previously. In the UK we haven’t heard loads about this until today when well-known digital media consultants Broadsight had the profile for their popular Broadstuff blog deleted for… Read More

  • Text-Driving now a crime they make you a criminal for

    It’s officially official: texting while driving will get you a ticket. Back when I was a kid, this wasn’t a crime, this was a hobby. Right? Right? Phoenix hands out its first citation for texting while driving [AZ Central] Read More

  • Sniffer confirms: Apple not rotten

    Citizens, it is safe to remove your iPhones from their tin-foil wrappings. The alarm raised by Hackintosh member XianLi that Apple was sending out your International Mobile Equipment Identity with every outgoing transmission turns out to have been nothing but the most base alarmism. Sure, there are graphs and numbers to support his theory, but some intrepid investigator at Heise.de broke… Read More

  • The Register says that someone told them that they heard May 2008 will bring us 3G iPhones

    Telefonica, or at least a leaker within it, seems to know something the rest of us have been wondering about since the middle of summer: When, oh when will we see a 3G iPhone? The answer is less than a year from the launch of the current 2.5G version. According to the Register, a SevenClick exec, who heard it from Telefonica, who heard it from Steve Jobs pool boy, who heard it from Bill… Read More

  • Flux Adds Content Sharing And Embedding; Quietly Building Excellent Platform

    Flux, the new distributed social network that was created via a partnership between Viacom and Social Project (formerly Tagworld), has been busy since their September launch. Flux is a “distributed” social network in the sense that publishers can plug it in around their existing site, effectively bolting a social network onto their existing communities. Viacom continues to add… Read More

  • Stanford Class' Facebook Application Crosses 1 Million Installs

    Dave McClure and Stanford Professor BJ Fogg (Captology lab)have been teaching a class on Facebook applications at Stanford over the past semester. The class is made up of about 50 students who teamed up to produce 25 applications. We got a look at the applications earlier. Today we received word that one of them, KissMe, has crossed 1 million installs as of 6:30pm this evening. Another app… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 25 percent off Virgin America flights

    Remember how I said Virgin America was ‘eh’, well, now you can decide for yourself. VA just shot me an e-mail with a coupon code for 25 percent off all flights booked by December 7th for travel between November 26th and March 19, 2008. There are a few blackout dates: November 21 and 25, 2007, December 19, 2007 through January 6, 2008, February 14, 15 and 18, 2008. This applies to… Read More

  • Are Blog Tracking Services A Security Risk? Citibank Thinks So

    Blog tracking and commenting services such as the now Yahoo owned MyBlogLog continue to have fairly widespread usage, but using these services could pose a security risk, at least according to Citibank. Zoli Erdos uses both MyBlogLog and BlogRovr and got a rather interesting message whilst trying to log into Citibank: Could something you type into a secured site on Citibank end up on one of… Read More

  • Google preparing to enter the print magazine space?

    I’m a magazine reader. Even in the day when I have four devices that can browse the Internet in my pockets at the same time, I still prefer a paper magazine. They’re not going anywhere, and that’s why it appears Google is targeting them as its next venture. The Goog has filed a patent for a system that would allow the “Customization of Content and Advertisements in… Read More

  • MAME cabinet enclosed in Ikea table

    I’ll tinker with my X-Arcade once a week, but certainly not as much as I thought I would. I like playing Golden Tee, but setting it up on my TV is a pain. If only my coffee table had Pac Man readily available. Eric certainly knows what I’m talking about and his Ikea MAME table is fantastic. It plays Ms. Pac Man, but that’s besides the point. It’s even better because… Read More

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