• Web browsing on the iPhone in Japan will be cheaper than on other smartphones

    Today Softbank, the company to introduce the 3G iPhone in Japan on July 11th, announced [JP] the price plan for this country. The 8GB model will cost $213, while the 16GB version will be sold for $325 (to be paid over a period of 2 years). Softbank is known to be the pricebreaker in Japan’s highly competitive mobile telecommunications market. The company said it will not follow a… Read More

  • Free as in Platform

    Marc Benioff took the stage at the first of a global Tour de Force to get out in front of the scramble for software as a service bragging rights. On the surface, the event features a continuation of the alliance between Salesforce and Google’s Apps services. Behind the scenes, this is an old fashioned land grab for developers, trying to pry them off Visual Studio and .Net and into… Read More

  • New JVC dock holds two, count ‘em, two iPods

    Believe it or not, I bet there are plenty of people out there that own more than one iPod or a combination of an iPod and an iPhone. Maybe it’d be nice to have a dock that can charge both of them at the same time, cutting down on cords and cables and whatnot. Originally spotted back at CES, the JVC NX-PN7 is now officially available with an MSRP of $149.95 – Amazon has it for… Read More

  • UN Concerned about Mobile Phone Disposal

    The UN is meeting in Indonesia this week for a five day conference on waste management. At the top of the list of things to be concerned about is the disposal of billions of gadgets and handsets that have inundated the world in the last ten years. Over 1,000 delegates from 170 countries are attending the Basel Convention which is being held on Bali, Indonesia. MobileCrunch has been covering… Read More

  • McCain proposes government offer $300 million for new car battery

    Dear Diary, Whilst lying in bed this morning I decided to check the news from my BlackBerry and found out that John McCain thinks the government should offer up a prize of $300 million to anyone who can engineer a new car battery that surpasses current technology. While I like the idea of this, I really don’t think McCain gives a damn about the current state of the planet’s health. Read More

  • Top 100 Advertisers Shifted $1 Billion To the Web Last Year At The Expense Of TV And Newspapers

    The top 100 advertisers in the U.S., who represent 41 percent of total advertising spending, shifted about $1 billion last year from TV and newspapers to the Web. An analysis from Ad Age shows that overall media spending in “measured” categories (TV, print, radio, Web) by the top 100 advertisers was flat in 2007, with 0.3 percent growth to $61.3 billion. But spending on Web… Read More

  • Liveblog: Salesforce and Google Announcement

    Steve Gillmor and I are at the Google and Salesforce announcement this morning, here in Santa Clara as part of Tour De Force. This morning we expect an announcement from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra of Google. We will be live blogging the event starting at 10am PDT. So what do we expect from the announcement today? We believe Google will integrate a Salesforce… Read More

  • Finally, a GPS unit voiced by the Knight Rider guy

    If your name is Michael and you’re into GPS systems, then have I got the unit for you. The Knight Rider GPS by Mio features voice directions by none other than William Daniels, the voice of KITT on the Knight Rider series. When you fire the gadget up, you’ll hear “Hello, Michael. Where do you want to go today?” No word on a release date, but the price will be $270 when… Read More

  • CloudStatus Opens Up Cloud Performance Metrics

    At the O’Reilly Velocity conference today, Hyperic will announce and launch their new cloud service monitoring and logging service CloudStatus.com. CloudStatus is a free and publicly available website that allows developers and users of cloud services such as Amazon S3 and EC2 to monitor the performance and uptime (or downtime) of services. Initially five services from Amazon will be… Read More

  • Parascale Raises $11.37 Million For Cloud Storage

    Cloud storage provider Parascale has closed an $11.37 million Series A funding round led by Menlo Ventures and Charles River Ventures. The company, which was founded in 2004, primarily targets media and entertainment markets, but also offers platform support to clients in a number of other fields. Parascale intends to use the funds on product development and to help market the upcoming launch… Read More

  • Google And Salesforce Cooking Up Something New Together

    Google and Salesforce can’t seem to get enough of each other: over a series of announcements the companies have aligned their product strategies more and more closely over time. Now the companies are planning something new together, to be announced by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Google VP Engineering Vic Gundotra at Salesforce’s upcoming Tour de Force developer event on June 23… Read More

  • Nirvanix and CDNetworks Combine Forces

    Nirvanix, an Amazon S3 competitor that launched last Fall, has partnered with CDNetworks, a content delivery network that competes with the likes of Akamai and Limelight. The partnership makes Nirvanix’s cloud storage service available to all of CDNetworks’ customers, who will be able to store an unlimited amount of data on Nirvanix’s servers and then push this data out to any… Read More

  • Piggy bank for sugar mamas unveiled

    Bandai plans to release a piggy bank with a sugar mama theme in Japan starting September 6th. The Ikemenbanku (handsome man savings box) [JP] features an LCD screen displaying up to 5 different male characters:
    – old, wise man
    – athletic and young boy
    – nice schoolboy
    – cool model
    – funny comedian
    Each time the player deposits a 500 yen coin, a voice coming out… Read More

  • Android platform suffers setbacks, delays expected

    According to the Wall Street Journal (which charges $90 per year to access full articles), Google’s Android plans aren’t moving quite as fast as the company had hoped. Android chief Andy Rubin told the Wall Street Journal, “This is where the pain happens. We are very, very close.” The slowdown appears to be a result of copious reams of red tape from carriers coupled… Read More

  • Japanese iPhone to sell for $215

    Some in Japan are counting the days, waiting for July 11 to come when the new iPhone goes on sale. The country’s number three mobile phone company, Softbank Corp. will sell the handy 8 gigabyte device for 23,040 yen, or about $215. The 16 gigabyte model will sell for around $320. The Japanese mobile market is known for its competitiveness. In the past, mobile carriers have practically… Read More

  • The New Platform War: Google Driving For Adobe and Microsoft with Gears

    Google launched Gears last May, and for the first year of its release it was considered a minor, niche product that a few developers and users may take advantage of to allow offline access to web applications. But what is less apparent is that with Gears, Google is aiming to develop a next-generation web API and platform independant of both Microsoft and Silverlight. <p… Read More

  • Suburbs suffering, no broadband in sight

    In the vast hinterlands known as the American suburbs a great evil has awoken. While those in the cities lie quiet in slumber, FiOS pumping out Usenet data at alarming rates, the poor victims lying quietly in their McMansions are still using cable modems. Read More

  • Chat With Facebook Friends and Share Flickr Pics or YouTube Vids On Your Phone With Jibe Mobile (Invites)

    There are plenty of ways to upload photos and other content from your phone to the Web. But the premise behind Jibe Mobile is simply to be able to use your phone to share social media already on the Web with your friends, whether they are online or out with their phones. The service is launching today in private beta. We have invites for the first 300 people to sign up here. Jibe is a… Read More

  • Chictopia Takes On Sugar Inc With "Everybody is Ugly"

    Chictopia, a social network focused on fashion, has launched a new online publishing network dubbed “Everybody is Ugly” that aims to take on Sugar Inc’s empire. The network features a number of online magazines directed towards various demographics, including Male Ugly (for men), Coed Ugly (college students), and Brit Ugly (for Europeans). The company says that each blog will… Read More

  • Google's Android Hits Snags With Mobile Carriers

    Google is finding that launching an entirely new cell phone platform is taking longer than expected. When it first announced its Android mobile operating system, Google said the first Android phones would be available during the second half of this year. Now the mobile carriers that signed up as Android partners are pushing out their launches, with only T-Mobile still trying to get an… Read More

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