• iPhone will kill you, fawn pee pees

    Bromine! PVCs! Death-dealing substances! Yes, friends, the iPhone isn’t so green after all. According to Greenpeace, the iPhone contains a number of chemicals that most cellphone manufacturers have already gotten rid of including bromine, PVCs, and toxic phthalates. Best of all? While many geeks believed the iPhone would get them laid, some chemicals in the headphone cables may… Read More

  • Attention all Verizon Wireless customers: Read this now

    Verizon Wireless customers have 30 days to opt-out of a controversial data-sharing initiative the wireless carrier is starting. The customer’s proprietary network information (CPNI) is basically the phone records of your mobile; it’s a detailed list of who you called, who called you, and how long you talked. It’s not the kind of information most people want floating around… Read More

  • Jiglu: enterprise-level tagging starts at free

    Intelligently tagging the content on a site can be done either by hand as the content is created, or with some kind of text analysis algorithm. But the former is inefficient and time-consuming, while the latter can be expensive. Jiglu, which launches an official beta today, plans to tackle tagging in two ways. First with a free, ad-supported widget, which aims to re-point site visitors to… Read More

  • BattleSeen: Soldiers video uncensored

    BattleSeen is a new ‘soldier generated video’ site being backed by Andy McNab, the former SAS soldier turned best-selling author, and London-based webcasting firm Spoken. The site launches this week and will be mentioned on The Sun newspaper’s web site (which reminds of a story I heard during the dotcom boom, of which more later). BattleSeen will allow anyone –… Read More

  • Hatebook Embraces the "Evil" Side of Social Networking

    We all have bad days (or weeks/months) but many of us may be wary of venting our frustrations online using Facebook, especially since our parents and bosses can now see our status updates and wall posts. A well-executed Facebook parody site called Hatebook has stepped in to provide (temporary) misanthropes with a place to air grievances about everything they hate. Hatebook looks and functions… Read More

  • Tokbox live video Web chat is the latest 'next YouTube'

    Everyone wants to be “the next YouTube,” to take a simple concept—there, watching videos online—and bring it to the everyday Internet user, cashing out for $46 zillion. TokBox, whose name I still can’t figure out how to pronounce, is one of those companies, its focus being live Web chat. Think of how many times you’ve been on AIM or MSN and thought to… Read More

  • Sidekick LX quick look

    Oh boy. The LX just landed in my mailbox today. Here are some pictures to tide you over while I try to get it activated and working for my review. My initial impression is that it’s not much different than the SK3 except for the screen, which is quite glorious. It’s a bit darker but very readable and the OS is much peppier than the SK3. Best of all it includes Bob’s Journey… Read More

  • New Jersey Transit to tell riders to keep their voices down while on cellphone

    Thank you, New Jersey Transit. The organization will start a campaign later this month telling riders to shut up and respect their fellow passengers, castigating them for talking LOUDLY on their cellphone and listening to music LOUDLY on their iPods (and for spreading their bags and whatnot over multiple seats). I don’t know how many of you take public transportation, but after a long day… Read More

  • Zeppelin releasing full catalog online

    If I didn’t pirate so much and have every Zep album already, I’d be pretty damned psyched about this news. Seems Page and Plant managed to settle whatever differences they had and are now agreeing to release every Led Zeppelin album online. Think it’s just coming to Apple’s iTunes? Think again. The band is planning on offering digital distribution of its music… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile Wildcard available in stores

    Yo, check it Virgin Mobile users. I bet you guys get excited whenever a new phone comes out, so get ready to pee your pants in joy. If you take a stroll to your local Target, you’ll find the lovely new Wildcard from Kyocera. Equipped with EV-DO, this flip-phone has a full-QWERTY keypad, Bluetooth, and a 1.3-megapixel camera. All for $99.99 with no contract required. Looks like it has an… Read More

  • Another 2,000 Heads Roll at AOL

    As expected, there will be more blood-letting at AOL, where another 20 percent of employees (out of 10,000 total) will be let go. Kara Swisher got a copy of CEO Randy Falco’s Dear John letter to AOL workers, where he lays out his priorities: Put simply, my vision for AOL is to build the largest and most sophisticated global advertising network while we grow the size and engagement of… Read More

  • Jailbreak your Touch with a touch of GUI

    13-year-old AriX wrote a GUI for jailbreaking the iPod Touch. That’s right — no more typing in weird commands and staring into space as your device gets bricked. I haven’t tested the product, but it looks to be fairly complete. Give it a go and let us know how it works. iJailbreak [for macintel]
    touchFree [for Windows]
    via TUAW Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $99 30GB Zune

    Want to join the social? Are you poor? Then head over to Woot RIGHT NOW to pick up a 30GB refurbished Zune for $99.99 + $5 shipping. It won’t be as cool as a new iPod Nano or even a broken record player from the thrift store, but at least it will have 30GB of storage and could be brown. Sale Page Read More

  • DRM-free music could signal the end for paid 'celestial jukeboxes'

    Breaking news, guys. Like, b-r-e-a-k-i-n-g. You may have heard about that stunt Radiohead pulled last week, giving away their music for whatever you feel it’s worth. Well now the pundits are out and have declared DRM dead. Or something! But seriously, this Wired column opines that, now with DRM-free music everywhere it’s likely that music subscription services will be the victim. Read More

  • Glow Cutlery for when you eat KFC at a warehouse rave

    Whoa! Gnarly man! Are we in the year 1992 or 2002?! Golly! This Glow Cutlery sells for only $6 and includes a fork, knife and spoon. Glowsticks and ecstasy not included. Glow Cutlery – for midnight feasts [Red Ferret] Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #243

    In Nashville, I got to visit Griffin Technology HQ and try out their Evolve wireless speaker system. On Brief 243, I talk about Evolve and contrast what Griffin is doing with what SonyEricsson just announced. The concept behind the MBS-100 Bluetooth speaker is solid. It’s just funny looking. I also talk about a Web site called microPledge that bridges the gap between ideas and the… Read More

  • Microsoft to launch Microsoft Communications Server: Watch out, PBX salespeople

    If you’ve ever worked in IT you’ll know there are two disparate and potentially competing technologies in the server room. First, there are all the IP servers — web, mail, porn, terabytes of video storage hidden by the sysadmins at 4am — and the “phone closet,” a dusty corner of a creepy closet somewhere near the guy who smells where the voice mailboxes… Read More

  • Google Tops Feed Reader and Social Bookmark Rankings

    Some interesting audience-engagement data just came out from AddThis.com, which ranks the top feed readers and bookmarking services by how actively they are used. These rankings are based on how many times people across the Web add a link to a bookmarking service or a feed to an RSS reader using the AddThis button. (That’s the little orange button with the gold cross you see below… Read More

  • Hyundai W100: Is it a watch? Is it a cellphone?

    My Mandarin is a little rusty, which is to say it’s non-existent, but I can tell from the picture that this Hyundai W-100 is a watch. Looking closer, going “beyond the headline,” it seems this watch is one of those oh-so-successfuly watch+other thing hybrids. Here, the other thing is a GSM cellphone, one with a built-in MP3 player, touchscreen of some sort (probably not… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless Partners with Firethorn to provide Mobile Banking Services

    Verizon Wireless announced today that it will partner up with Firethorn Holdings so that Verizon customers can use Firethorn’s mobile financial services application. Verizon customers will be able to view and interact with their accounts while on-the-go in a secure environment. Verizon senior vice president of consumer products Jim Straight said, “After carefully researching… Read More

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