• Anyone else notice Lycos Europe is for sale? No, me neither

    Lycos Europe, the forgotten portal site which left the tent and said “I am just going outside and may be some time” a few hundred years back, is up for sale (via PaidContent). Owned 32.1 percent by Telefonica and 20 percent by Bertelsmann, it’s now appointed Dresdner Kleinwort as its advisor following the inevitable “strategic review to evaluate its options”. Read More

  • No more UK domain for MySpace

    Last February, MySpace popped the champagne corks. It could go ahead and use the MySpace.co.uk domain name – after securing it in a decision by Nominet’s dispute resolution service – from a small UK ISP which had registered the .co.uk in 1997, two years before MySpace.com launched. Total Web Solutions (TWS), a company in Stockport, near Manchester, had started off using… Read More

  • Video: Scarlet is TVs, not TV

    Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials for Scarlet, the hit new TV series on TV. Perhaps you were wondering why the commercials don’t tell you what channel it’s on or even when, or what it’s about. Perhaps you thought to yourself it’s part of some viral-style marketing campaign, and you’d be right. But it’s not for a TV show, but a line of HDTVs from LG. Read More

  • Study: Brand name inks last longer than store brand inks

    You can print cheap, or you can print well, and if you’re going for long-term documents, you’ll want to go well. A new year-long study out today shows that while discount, third-party ink is great for short-term printing, maybe even better than manufacturer’s ink, it tends to fade after a year. In fact, the brand name ink looks up to three times better after a year. It’s… Read More

  • May 1 Meet-up: Very nearly business time

    A little NSFW near the middle. Be warned. Are you excited to be able to spend quality time with your favorite Crunchies? Want to get PHa drunk and give him a swirly? Require beer to keep from turning into a wolf? All of those things will be possible this Thursday at Red Sky at 47 E. 29th Street between Park and Madison. We’d like to thank our sponsors again and we’ll be going… Read More

  • Beatport's new Adobe AIR download manager helps organize your music (See, it's not always about music piracy)

    Lest you all think I’m a nefarious, profit-hating music pirate , I bring word of Beatport’s latest innovation in online music distribution. The music site has developed an Adobe AIR download client that brings the fun of clicking “download now” from your Web browser to a stand-alone program. (If you use twhirl, and follow our sorry lot on Twitter , then you already… Read More

  • Friends Reunited relaunches, threatens several startups

    The venerable FriendsReunited, one of the the oldest social networks in the UK, has relaunched as a free social network containing features which will have a direct impact on several niche social startups, specifically Miomi and Rememble, which are both pushing the “digital lifestyle aggregation” as a feature. Rememble is a bootstrapped startup but Miomi is a larger venture backed… Read More

  • Microsoft develops USB gadget that extracts criminals' computer data

    It’s not all fancy, yet pointless, touch-sensitive tables and shoddily constructed video game systems for Microsoft . Nope. Now Redmond is getting involved in the gritty world of law enforcement, having developed a thumb drive that helps Johnny Law quickly extract information, encrypted or otherwise, from computers. The drive, adorably named COFEE, which doesn’t stand for… Read More

  • Super strong artificial silk almost here

    Apparently there’s something about spider silk that makes it really strong and really hard to replicate. Scientists have gotten closer to being able to make silk-like material that’s “five times stronger than steel,” according to the BBC. In the past, it’s been too difficult to produce artificial silk in large enough quantities to make it worthwhile, but scientist… Read More

  • W00T! Nominally free Iron Man screening in San Fran! Act fast!

    Iron Man Exclusive Trailer
    http://lads.myspace.com/videos/vplayer.swf CrunchGear and TechCrunch are hosting a special event tomorrow, April 30 (Wednesday) in San Francisco – a special screening of the movie Iron Man, two days before the official May 2 release. We’ve rented out the largest theater we could find in the area – The AMC Metreon in San Francisco, which will hold… Read More

  • BlackBerry 9000 internal docs show off new UI

    Someone, or something, has leaked a BlackBerry’s 9000 internal spec sheet to BGR . (These controlled “leaks” are part of how RIM does business, you know.) It’s more or less a complete overview of the newly designed user interface. Pictured here, a few shots of some of the new themes. Church. The BlackBerry 9000 is supposed to be RIM’s “answer” to… Read More

  • Romain Jerome TITANIC-DNA watches: Not for wrist use

    Romain Jerome has some cheek. They’ve released some renderings of a line of watches, called TITANIC-DNA, that are actually made from pieces of the Titanic. Here’s the rub: you can’t wear them. If they’re exposed to air they’ll begin to rust and fall apart. The only way to own one is to keep it in an argon-filled cylinder. No pricing and there’s no… Read More

  • Rock Band members and Guitar Heroes: your social network has arrived in uRockHard

    If you’re like me, and I know you are, you love Rock Band. The rest of those guys can have their GTA IV. I’ll be where I belong, behind a cheap-o drum kit with a crappy kick pedal. There are lots of us, so many in fact that there’s now a social network just for us gaming music fans, uRockHard. It’s a combination of a Facebook and YouTube world, allowing Guitar Hero… Read More

  • End Of Speculation: The Real Twitter Usage Numbers

    Speculation about Twitter’s new round of financing is leading everyone to speculate on Twitter’s actual penetration into the “mainstream,” or lack thereof. Hitwise says web visits have increased 8x in the last year, albeit from a minuscule base. Compete shows about 900,000 U.S. monthly website visitors. Comscore puts the worldwide number at 1.3 million unique… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Del Rey releases Star Wars: Legacy of the Force as free ebook

    We’re believers in the idea of ebook here at CrunchGear, so any time we can bring you a freebie, we will, especially if it’s one that appeals to our geeky nature. Del Rey is offering a Star Wars book, Legacy of the Force: Betrayal, as a free download in PDF, audiobook, or ebook for Sony or Kindle formats. It’s the first of a seven part series, they’re hoping… Read More

  • Fake GTA IV offers account for 50 percent of today's spam

    Disappointed because you didn’t pre-order GTA IV and now can’t play it like everyone else? Even if that’s the case, don’t fall victim to e-mail hoaxes that, according to spam filtering house ClearMyMail, have accounted for more than 50 percent of all spam messages in the past day. Repeated for emphasis, because italics alone do not convey the gravity of the situation… Read More

  • GTA IV crashing on your 60GB PS3? Re-install, baby

    There have been a few reports of GTA IV crashing on PS3s. The problem has been more or less identified as a problem with 60GB PS3 units, and Rockstar has advised that erasing your game data and reinstalling the game is the solution. Hmm. Isn’t this exactly the kind of thing people tried to avoid by buying consoles in the first place? Read More

  • XP SP3 now available

    You’ll soon be able to join the ranks of happy XP owners and download SP3 online. If you don’t want to wait for the updater to pick it up you can apparently download it here as well. It might be a horrible virus called Vista, though, so be afraid. Just kidding. Read More

  • Sling updates SlingPlayer Mobile clients

    Sling has just announced that they’ve upgraded SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows PocketPC, Smartphone and Symbian S60 devices. The upgrade, free to current users, now include support for the Nokia N95 8GB, Samsung i760, Treo 500v and a few others. It also improves video streaming quality on certain handsets like the HTC Mogul as well as adding support for additional set-top boxes, logos… Read More

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