• Apple and EMI Being Probed By EU

    Those Europeans are fast! Just one whole day after Apple and EMI announced they’d be offering DRM-free tracks on the iTunes Music Store, the European Union comes in to crap all over Apple’s parade. This time around, it’s accusing Apple and “The Big 4″ record companies over iTMS purchasing options. Those eurocats don’t like the fact that you have to buy from… Read More

  • MySpace Will Hold Presidential Primary

    MySpace has more registered members than Mexico has people. If it was a country it would be the 11th largest in the world. So while it may be a major marketing event for MySpace to say it’s holding a presidential primary next January, you can be sure the candidates will take it seriously. The MySpace primary will be held on January 1 & 2, 2008, before any of the official state primaries. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Pain Gun Club Atmosphere Edition

    Elgato Turbo 264 USB Turns Regular Video into iPod Video
    Reporter Gets Shot With Pain Gun
    To-Conne i-Lit Speakers: Instant Club Atmosphere Without All Those Annoying People
    Orange Zune Coming Zoon
    Help Key: Putting Video Onto Your Apple TV Read More

  • Comscore Files To Go Public

    Web analytics firm Comscore filed to go public today, with Credit Suisse acting as the lead underwriter. The registration statement can be viewed here. Comscore had revenues of $66.3 million in 2006, and about $5.6 million in income from operations. Read More

  • Please Meet My Evil Online Clone

    People can spend most of their time online, but it is very difficult to spend all of it there. Sometimes people have to work, go to school, or eat. Or sleep. And who will be there to chat with everyone while you are away? Until now there was no answer for this difficult problem. Now, there is MyCyberTwin. The company, which is based in Australia, creates an online “clone” of… Read More

  • Samsung Bundles Podcasting on Mobiles

    Samsung has announced today that they will be bundling VoiceIndigo‘s advertising supported Podcasting service with their phones. The first model to be shipped with the service will be the dual Samsung’s faced mp3 player/phone, UpStage. VoiceIndigo service is a mobile application that downloads podcasts to your phone so you can listen to the whole thing, whether offline or online. Read More

  • Elgato Turbo 264 USB Turns Regular Video into iPod Video

    This tiny USB stick might make your life considerably easier if you regularly convert video to h.264 for use in the iPod and the Apple TV and iPod. The device offloads the conversion load to a separate processor and includes software for video conversion that starts up when you insert the stick. It will be available this Spring for about $130. Might be handy if you follow the advice in… Read More

  • Orange Zune Coming Zoon

    You know it’s a slow news day when this kind of stuff gets headlines. This, friends, is an orange Zune. Is it better than the other Zunes? No, unless you feel that orange makes some items intrinsically better than other items. This, unfortunately, is not the case. However, if you like Zunes, we’re sure you’ll like this orange one. When I was in J-school they never told me… Read More

  • Palm Loves Digg River

    Palm and Digg announced today any agreement that would deliver Digg River to Treos everywhere. Treo owners need only launch their Blazer Web browser and the service will be available to them as a content item. Digg River is a mobile version of the popular Digg service that is scaled for mobile use. It delivers to mobile devices the same ranking and prioritizing of content that is available… Read More

  • Microsoft Swims Into Mobile with Deepfish Service

    Microsoft announced recently that, like Yahoo and Google, it would be throwing itself into the mobile arena more fully with the release of its Deepfish service. The service aims to better replicate actual computing. Although it is currently only available in private beta, it is expected to be available for WinMo users in the near future. Deepfish Read More

  • Compete Knows How Much Time You Waste on YouTube

    All web analytics track your activity somewhere along pipeline connecting your computer to a website’s server. Comscore tracks traffic trends on computers of 2 million users. Hitwise catches traffic at the ISP level and matches it up with demographic data they collected. Compete, Quantcast, and Alexa differ from these other web metrics companies by tracking traffic on the computers of… Read More

  • Next Service To Try Gaming Digg: Subvert and Profit

    Subvert and Profit is the newest service to try to sell home page placement on Digg. Like User/Submitter and Spike the Vote before it (both now offline), the idea is to charge people for a digg vote (in this case, $1 per vote). Digg users can sign up and will receive $.50 every time they digg a story (note: this is in clear violation of the Digg terms and conditions and many users who have… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Elite Not So Elite: Doesn't Have HDMI 1.3, PCM Audio, Does Not Cure Impotence

    The hype surrounding the Xbox 360 Elite is starting to wane, which means it’s time for the fanbois to complain about what they don’t like about it. The qualms thus far: lack of HDMI 1.3 support and the lack of a built-in HD DVD drive minimize the meaning of the word “Elite.” The absence of HDMI 1.3 means that Dolby’s super mega high def audio format TrueHD is… Read More

  • Make Video Calls From Your Cellphone (If You Live in Canada)

    Marvel at the wonders of 3G! Up in Canada, cellphone provider Rogers will be the first carrier in North America to let its users make video calls. This high bandwidth activity is made possible by the company’s shiny new HSDPA network. Rogers also plans to use all this extra bandwidth (current HSDPA speeds range from 1.8Mbits/s to 14.4Mbits/s) to funnel to its subscribers the weekly top… Read More

  • Help Key: Putting Video Onto Your Apple TV

    So you’ve got an Apple TV yet, for some strange reason, you’re not satisfied with $9.99 downloads of Disney classics. What is a fan of HDMI-enabled video playback devices to do? Here’s a quick tutorial on getting video from almost any source onto your Apple TV. Read More

  • Sonopia: Be Your Own MVNO

    TechCrunch just posted about a new mobile startup called Sonopia. Sonopia lets you create you own mobile social network on top of Verizon’s phone service for fun and profit. Anyone can create a network (called Sonopia) in a couple of minutes. The idea is that organizations will build there own branded networks, attract subscribers, and provide exclusive content relevant to their users… Read More

  • Build Your Own Third Rate Mobile Network

    If you’ve ever wanted to have your own mobile phone network, now you can. Sonopia launched today, and it allows anyone to create their own virtual mobile phone network in a couple of minutes (which I promptly did). Sonopia uses Verizon to handle actual calls and data, and is effectively a reseller of their service. Users who set up a network for their affinity group (sports team… Read More

  • LG Prada Phone Available as a Pre-Order for the Mentally Deficient

    “Limited Service” is right. After playing with the Prada last week, I can’t say that I’m particularly enthused about this plaything of the deluded. Someone out there might be interested, however, so post we must. The phone is available now from Orange Mobile in the UK for £19.99 for the handset with a £35 per month contract.
    LG Prada Phone: Order Yours Today… Read More

  • ViddYou Launches Blogger for Vloggers

    ViddYou just launched their video blogging network today. According to Mefeedia, the majority of vlogging is taking place on people’s personal sites, which tend to be web shows like the late-great Ze Frank. The other, more personal, half is captured by social video sites. ViddYou is focusing on the latter category, enhancing and promoting the “Personal and Blog” section… Read More

  • Reporter Gets Shot With Pain Gun

    Yay! AP reporters! Yay! Pain guns! Yay! Effective military protection using high energy waves! Yay! Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic! via Giz Read More

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