• Crazy fact: More WoW players than farmers in US

    Someone over at BoingBoing is on a rant again (go figure). This time, it’s about America’s lack of farmers. Did you know that there are 4 million active World of Warcraft players though? That’s more than the 3 million farmers we have in this country. BoingBoing recreates Anderson Cooper from CNN interviewing someone about Warcraft: ANDERSON: We stopped by the gates of… Read More

  • Want to work for the MPAA? Send them an email

    Are you an out-of-work hacker angry at the world/some guy from TorrentSpy who wouldn’t let you do some ridiculous ad thing? Want to make over $4,999? Then send the MPAA an email. They’ll pay you $5,000 for secret information about TorrentSpy (Hacker: “They use PHP and Apache.” Hollywood: “Is that special code for stealing movies?” Hacker: “Yes.”). Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Make $50 on the BlackBerry 8320 Curve

    Oooh, here’s a good Monday morning deal for anyone interested in seeing what all the BlackBerry fuss is about. Amazon.com has the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 Curve Titanium myFaves Phone for $75 out the door plus another $125 in mail-in-rebates. You’ll need to sign up for a two year contract, of course, but you’ll end up making $50 when all is said and done. BlackBerry 8320… Read More

  • Users generate viral ads for movies, TV with BlinkBox

    BlinkBox, a new UK startup has launched allowing users to overlay a video clip taken from a movie or TV show with a personalised message at the beginning. Designed to go viral via a link, embed or mobile device, the resulting clip also prompts the recipient to buy or rent the movie/show. All the content is pre-approved for use by the rights-holders and is heavily DRM’d. BlinkBox has… Read More

  • The China Bubble

    In a presentation at last week’s Web 2.0 conference, Morgan Stanley Internet analyst Mary Meeker did her annual data dump, quantifying the Web’s growth in dozens of ways. (You can watch a video of the presentation here, although it frustratingly does not show the actual slides, which you can find here). One data point in particular really stood out for me. In 2003, the… Read More

  • NBC pulls YouTube channel

    Seems NBC Universal isn’t getting along with anyone these days. With no announcement whatsoever, NBC has pulled its channel from YouTube.com. Sources say that NBC will concentrate its efforts on Hulu, a joint venture with News Corp that is going into private beta soon. Hulu is supposed to be a direct competitor with YouTube that comes directly from the studios with shows. Users will be… Read More

  • Facebook Experiments With Ads Targeting People's Interests

    The big promise of advertising on social networks has always been the ability to target members by their own self-proclaimed interests and demographics. Facebook, as expected, has quietly taken a step in that direction with its Facebook Flyers ads (these are sidebar advertising widgets that Facebook still controls, as opposed to the majority of ad inventory on Facebook that falls under its… Read More

  • AdMob Releases Free Report

    AdMob, a mobile advertising company, announced today that it is releasing its first periodic report on data and trends in the mobile market free for download. The report covers the 1.5 billion ads served in the month of September and includes manufacturer, device and country-specific data on AdMob’s top four markets by impressions served. The United States, United Kingdom, India and… Read More

  • Some guy's five ways to make Facebook 'useful' (because it stinks now?)

    I love people who criticize Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, as if he and the rest of the Facebook crew need any outside input from anyone. I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing over there. Take this guy’s suggestions. Alexander Wolfe, in his “Wolfe’s Den” column (I was actually going to start a column called “Deleon’s Den;” too… Read More

  • HTC Polaris is now the Touch Cruise: GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G

    There’s a new HTC phone in town and yes it’s a Touch. HTC renamed the Polaris the Touch Cruise, a GPS-having WiMo6-based smartphone that’s due in November. That it includes 802.11b/g Wi-Fi is a welcome development (glad to see Wi-Fi becoming standard on smartphones… last year was rough in that department), though I wonder just how many people were clamoring for built-in… Read More

  • AT&T Partners with Napster

    AT&T announced today that Napster’s entire music catalog of over five million songs will be available to AT&T’s mobile phone customers early next month. The service will expand the company’s offerings beyond the independent music offers through eMusic. This will allow AT&T to compete with Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel in the music download arena. AT&T… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pure, unbridled intimidation for under $7

    Sick of people not taking you seriously at Wii brawls? Show ’em you mean business with your very own aluminum carrying case for your Wii-mote and Nunchuck. It’s stylish AND functional, according to the Computer Geeks website. "Carry your Wii remote control with you in style with this luxury aluminum carry case! When not in use put your Wii remote control in the luxury case… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Night Stalkers Edition

    New ‘3rd Space’ gaming vest lets you feel the frag
    Not a Halo 3 post
    Virtual Affection: The Hug Shirt
    This Halloween, give them the tentacles
    Glow Cutlery for when you eat KFC at a warehouse rave Read More

  • SanDisk Wants To Simplify Your PC To TV Viewing

    Memory card maker SanDisk is to announce Take.TV, a video portal and related PC-to-TV device on Monday, according to NeeTeeVee. The portal will allow users to download content including television shows and films onto their personal computers for transfer onto the Take.TV device that can then be manually taken from your PC to TV for viewing. As the photo above demonstrates, SanDisk has a… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. New ‘3rd Space’ gaming vest lets you feel the frag Sabas Sweet, it comes in pink. Nothing says badass but getting fragged by someone wearing a pink vest. Read More

  • Meebo Has Ads

    Two years after launching (in my living room at a TechCrunch event), web chat startup Meebo has begun to monetize their service. Normal ad units don’t work on Meebo. While users stay on most sites for just a minute or two before leaving or creating a new page view by clicking on an internal link, the average user session at Meebo is 2.5 hours without any page refreshes. And 20% of Meebo… Read More

  • Court case might change the laws of second-hand buying: Craigslist, eBay, others in jeopardy

    I’m always scared of lawyers. We live in litigious times, and lawyers are the “new priesthood, baby!” They’re involved in everything. When I got my first “cease and desist” from Apple, we had a party. I’m not sure what that says about me or Apple, but it makes a point: when threatened, we rattle our sabers in the form of calling our… Read More

  • Upcoming Podcast With Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney – We Need Your Help

    Technology is becoming more and more a part of mainstream life. But the journalists who have access to the 2008 presidential candidates usually aren’t prepared to talk tech, and so the candidates’ positions on digital issues are often left unexplored. We want to change that, and have been reaching out to the presidential candidates to talk one-on-one with us about the issues that… Read More

  • BusinessWeek: 'The iPod Touch Fails to Wow'

    Yikes, remind me not to ask BusinessWeek’s Cliff Edwards to the Bloggers Prom. For starters, I’m not a guy who likes guys and secondly, he’d probably complain the whole night even though I had my mom iron my suit and borrowed some money from my dad so’s I could pony up for a limo. Oh and thirdly, he downloaded a Jennifer Lopez song and I just can’t get on board… Read More

  • BlinkBox: User Generated Ads For Movies, TV (and it's fun)

    A new UK startup launches on Monday called BlinkBox. Users take pre-created clips from movies and television shows (the clips can be shortened by the user) and add a personalized message at the beginning. The clips can then be shared via a link, embed or mobile device. Here’s an example of (a very funny) one that was created for me. There’s a pretty deep catalog of movies and TV… Read More

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