• Mobile Phones Used by the Youth!

    File this under, “tell me something I didn’t know.” A new Harris survey shows that cellular phones are being widely used by those under age 30! Seriously, it took a survey to find this out? Most of the findings are pretty much what we expected. The survey shows that 18 to 29 year olds are the largest group that are only using cell phones, or the Internet for making phone calls. Read More

  • Party over at French MVNO

    And you thought things looked bad for Amp’d Mobile! Well, French MVNO Ten Mobile is out of cash and accordingly to rumors was last seen holding a sign on the French highways that read “fournira le service mobile pour la nourriture” (“will provide mobile service for food”). OK, so it isn’t that bad, but the company, which has about 15,000 customers, has… Read More

  • Sony BMG Music Entertainment Inks Deal with MobiTV

    Mobile and broadband network provider MobiTV has signed a deal with Sony BMG that would make more than 2,500 music videos available to the MobiTV service. These videos will be put into immediate rotation on the various existing, branded music channels, which will now contain a library of more than 7,000 music videos in total on the mobile service. The two companies will also collaborate on… Read More

  • Decline in Mobile Sales in Taiwan Expected

    Technology pundits typically look East to see the latest trends, so could we see sales of mobile phones decline in the months to come? While probably unlikely to hit the U.S., sales of mobile phones are actually expected to decline this in Taiwan. The Taipei Times is reporting that mobile sales may falls slight as local service providers reduce efforts to boost new 2G subscriptions due to… Read More

  • LiveBlogging the Apple WWDC Conference

    The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference opens today in San Francisco. We’ll be live blogging the event all morning over at CrunchGear. Jobs starts on stage at 10am PST. We’ll also be posting updates here on TechCrunch. For those drinking the Apple Kool Aid, Daily Tech Talk has a translated version of a German website’s post of an alleged leaked copy of the keynote speech. Read More

  • Technorati: When Will The Traffic Party End?

    Recent Comscore stats show Technorati continuing to surge in traffic, more than tripling since a year ago. Founder and CEO Dave Sifry recently mentioned about this staggering growth in a blog post. Technorati’s internal numbers showed massive growth early this year. They had nine million unique visitors in March, up from 3.5 million two months prior. And page views, he said, were up… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Slow and Steady Edition

    Segway Finally Aids Law Enforcement
    CrunchArcade: War Simulations on the Front Line
    Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair: Exactly What It Sounds Like
    Badonkadonk Tank: Yours for Only $20K
    Beerbot: It Totally Does What You Want Done Most Read More

  • First Public View Of Powerset Results

    Powerset is being extremely careful about showing the public how their search engine works until they are ready. After some initial hype (see our posts here, here and here), the company pretty much shut its doors to the press. I did finally get in to see a demo, and was impressed. But the meeting was off-record and we are waiting for a green light to start writing more about the demo and… Read More

  • Rental Movies Coming To Apple

    Apple may have enough experience with selling movies now that they realize the music market is very different from the movie market. A lot of people want to own music to listen to it over and over again over the years, but far less want to own movies. Watching it once and moving on seems to be good enough for most people. So Apple’s model of selling movies for $10 and up may leave a… Read More

  • Flash Based Video iPod Put On Ice

    Well, it looks like a flash based video iPod won’t be coming this year after all. It’s no secret that Apple has been planning a flash memory video iPod, but the exact time table has been in question for a very long time. According to Taiwanese memory manufacturers, Apple has placed monthly orders of 20 million 1GB NAND flash memory units for Q3, but they say the MP3 giant… Read More

  • Equilink: A Search Engine For Nags

    Equilink is a vertical search engine targeting the horse loving community. Users can click through discipline and category menus or do a traditional keyword search. Geographical targeting is also supported. According to the folks behind the company, Equilink results are “hand groomed to give horse enthusiasts detailed, nuanced choices rather than the robotic, overly generalized and… Read More

  • Details Leaked On Palm Treo 800w

    Palm Treo lovers are in for a treat with details emerging about the 800w. Sprint subscribers will be seeing the latest Treo this Q4 and it kicks the 700wx out of the water. So what makes the 800w so special? It surely isn’t WinMo 6 because that’s more of a downfall than anything else. What does make it special is boost up to EV-DO Rev A. speeds, WiFi, GPS, a 320×320… Read More

  • Adobe Apollo Launches Beta, Now Called Adobe AIR

    Adobe moved its new Apollo Platform forward this evening by releasing the beta version (the previous Apollo release was a developer preview). They’ve also renamed the platform to Adobe Integrated Runtime. They’re referring to it as “Adobe AIR” (meaning Adobe is in the name twice, but who’s counting). The new version fully supports HTML and Ajax, meaning Apollo… Read More

  • Zoho Boat Party In Boston – 40 Invitations

    For any Zoho fans living in Boston: the company is hosting a yacht party on June 18 at 6:30 pm. There will be food, drinks, music and (I assume) Zoho announcements to be made. This is invite only, but they’ve given us the last forty spots to give away to TechCrunch readers. The event is free. More details here. Please only register if you intend to go. The signup page is here. Use… Read More

  • Team and Concepts Raises $1.25million Series A

    Team and Concepts Limited, the Hong Kong based company behind online spreadsheet service EditGrid, has announced a $1.25million Series A investment from the WI Harper Group. WI Harper’s previous investments include Laszlo Systems and Maxthon. The company recently signed a deal with ThinkFree that sees EditGrid now offered as the primary spreadsheet tool within ThinkFree Office. Other… Read More

  • Active Athlete Media: Advertising For Sport Related Sites

    Active Athlete Media is an online advertising firm focused on bringing what they call “Active Athletes” en masse to advertisers. The company brings brands and advertisers to sport related websites through an advertising network and a set of publisher tools that includes sport specific search engines, social book-marking, and weather widgets. Sport is said to be a highly… Read More

  • Google Rated Bottom For Privacy

    A study from Privacy International has ranked Google at the bottom of a list of major internet destinations for privacy. The study found that while a number of other Internet companies have issues with data protection, none comes as close to Google in “achieving the status of being an endemic threat to privacy.” Issue with Google included: Failure to provide an expungement option… Read More

  • Hrm… Sony Goodness Tomorrow?

    We just spotted this teaser on the Interwebs. Some sort of Sony goodies tomorrow? Maybe an anti-Apple ray? Read More

  • Mystery Vodafone-branded Palm Device Appears

    A crazy looking Palm device has showed up on the interwebs. Absolutely nothing is known about it, other than the obvious logos and interface. We can make out a Vodafone and Palm logo, as well as Windows Mobile on the display. What makes this device interesting is the all-white paint-job it features and its brushed aluminum buttons. It’s pretty fugly looking, so let’s hope this is… Read More

  • In-A-Bin Brings News First

    The beta version of InaBin.com has launched, and this is one of the first sites that promotes citizen journalism from mobile users. “It’s News, Again, Before It’s News” is the idea (and motto) behind “In-A-Bin,” whcih was designed to be a portal where anyone with a mobile phone can publish news instantly with a mere push of the button. This can include… Read More

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