• VNC for iPhone

    Here’s an iPhone app for you geeks out there. VNC is a virtual desktop server that simply displays and allows you to interact with any desktop running a VNC server. Well, one version of the VNC program, TightVNC, allows for HTTP access so it’s trivial to then get to your desktop just by visiting your PC through Safari. Viola! VNC! OK, so it’s not earth-shattering. However, it… Read More

  • Buy Your Wii Now Or You'll Wii Wii Later

    If your whiny brat has been asking for a Wii then I suggest you purchase one now in time for the holidays. Or you could be a dirt bag and buy as many as possible and then sell them for a ridiculous amount during the holidays, if you’re inclined to believe George Harrison, senior VP of marketing and corporate comm’s for Nintendo of America. He can’t guarantee Nintendo will be… Read More

  • Nyko Wii Party Station

    I think Nyko is pretty aware of its target demographic. Let’s see: they play games in small groups, hence charging stations for four Wiimotes. Then they have a strange little scoring read-out so one of the players — the one who loves numbers — can keep score. Then it has four white drink cups and a chip dish. Finally, it has a hand dryer. Nyko, in a nutshell, has described… Read More


    I’ve been talking with PatentMonkey’s Cory about the latest breathless report of an Apple patent purporting to describe Zune-like sharing capabilities. Well, we’ve come to the conclusion that these patents don’t mean “Apple will make this iPod tomorrow night at send it to your Grandma’s house by Saturday.” It means that Apple has patented something with… Read More

  • iPods Can Kill

    …provided you’re hiding under a tree in a thunderstorm and, freakishly, lightning hits you instead of the tree and runs down the length of the iPod earbuds and blows out your ear drums and blows up your iPod. I mean, otherwise, you’re fine. Apparently a 37-year-old jogger in British Columbia (is that even a place?) got hit by a bolt of lightning resulting in severe burns. Read More

  • LG Shine Goes Back To Black

    Welcome to another edition of: A Phone We’ll Never See in The US. Our guest today is the LG Shine Titanium Black. The first incarnation of the Shine set the world on fire with its sleek and ‘shiny’ full metal jacket and now LG is hoping douchebags with too much money will spend some more on the hot new color. Of course, the 2-megapixel camera by Schneider Kreuznach… Read More

  • Warner Music Catalog Streaming For Free

    I find it ironic when the big, bad, tough guy music labels go after small-fry music sharing sites like imeem and then they jump into bed with them a couple months later. But it’s a smart move for both parties. Warner Music Group will now share in imeem’s ad revenue while imeem can stream WMG’s entire catalog along with videos to its user base. If you’re one of the… Read More

  • LG KU990 aka Prada Dos In The Wild

    The LG Prada has yet to hit our shores, but a second generation is already floating around the Interwebs with video and photographs to prove its existence. It may not actually be dubbed as the Prada 2, but the KU990 could potentially be the iPhone killer that its predecessor is obviously not. CrunchGear’s interpreter, Nicholas, tells me that the 2-megapixel camera will be upgraded to… Read More

  • Samsung MM-X5: An iPod Dock

    Need an alarm clock? A radio tuner? A CD player? An iPod dock? Well, Samsung’s got you covered with their $199 MM-X5. It also plays back audio from a USB drive and looks like Darth Vader’s bidet. It should be available in October, but you could also just get any of the other 5,000 clock radio/iPod docks out there while you wait. Samsung Unveils MM-X5 iPod Dock/CD Player Combo [Giz] Read More

  • Logitech MX Air Review

    Logitech announced today the MX Air, its newest play at the home theater PC market. The mouse brings a lot of new elements to the market and I’m happy to say that it performs quite nicely. Read More

  • Taco Bell, Avatars, and the Decline of Western Civilization

    When Nero looked out over the ruins of Rome, he must have seen something like the TV Me! promotion from Taco Bell. The Bell, creators of the Fourthmeal and purveyors of food for the stoned, has an open casting call for customers to appear in its co-branded spots during the MTV Video Music Awards. Before you go get your hair done, however, the casting call is for 3D avatars created using Gizmoz… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Hanging Out at Barker Hanger

    Possibly the most notable difference about this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is the show floor, or more accurately the LACK OF A SHOWFLOOR. Instead of the massive booths, pounding music and game sound effects in the Los Angeles Convention Center, this year’s “show floor” is a single room in the Barker Hanger at the Santa Monica Airport. It seems smaller than… Read More

  • Om Malik Buys an iPhone, Sky Turns Blood Red Over Silicon Valley

    Cross now… Cross now…
    Om “The Animal” Malik just bought an iPhone. This is the same guy who said he’d never ever get an iPhone because it was… oh! It’s sooooo shiny. And has a touchscreen! Ooooh… me want! I just thought this hard-boiled pic was classic, actually. He looks like Deckert tracking down the next replicant. My iPhone Confession… Read More

  • The Futurist: Nintendo's Hit Molded Plastic, Sony Bizarrely Still Believes In UMD

    The new E3 Lite is rocking LA. And with it, the Big 3 gaming houses have given us key glimpses into what the next year holds for them. Last year, Nintendo and their warehouse-long Wii lines stole the show. This year, expectations and standards were low enough that all it took was a couple of pieces of molded plastic to get fanboys in a tizzy. Meanwhile, Sony’s major announcement &mdash… Read More

  • Yellow Submarine iPod Coming Soon, Complete With Beatles Catalog

    I dig the Beatles. I really do. When I was in grade school my dad’s vinyl collection was just about the coolest thing ever and he had the Stones and some Hugh Masakela and quite a few Beatles albums. Good times. Good times. So now that we’re fairly certain that a Yellow Submarine version of the iPod is coming out complete with the entire Beatles back catalog, I have to ask… Read More

  • iLoad Can Now Rip DVDs, Still Fairly Silly

    This one guy who makes Wingspan’s iLoad hasn’t been very kind to the online community. His rants against people who consider the product derivative and silly are legendary and I’ve personally been flamed twice by this guy. I let Ken Sander review the iLoad because I wanted nothing to do with it. I think he did a good, fair job. It’s basically a small-form-factor PC… Read More

  • Build Your Own Hidden Door Bookshelf

    A lot of us have doors in our homes that don’t really go anywhere important. Do you really need to get into the closet where you keep the Halloween decorations and Aunt Claire’s desiccated body every day? Why not add a secret bookshelf doorway! Kenbob has posted a great Instructable — albeit designed by his father-in-law — about how to create a secret doorway out of… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Mostly Wii Edition

    The Tastiest Video Game You’ll See All Day
    Nintendo’s New Zapper: Hotness
    SIA Summer Snowdown 2007: Bern, The Only Helmet You’ll Ever Need
    Wii Mario Kart Comes Out in Forever Plus Infinity
    New Rubik’s Cube Tinier and Easier than Nicole Ritchie Read More

  • Tailgate: Fully Transactional Web 2.0 Banners

    Banner Advertising just got interesting again. Tailgate from London based Fhlame Limited is billed as the “Worlds First fully transactional web 2.0 banner system” that aims it to turn annoying adverts into a useful application that serves a purpose. Tailgates technology delivers ecommerce transactions from the banner itself. Essentially users can purchase items by interacting with… Read More

  • Australian Government Sues Google For "Misleading And Deceptive Conduct"

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the Australian Government’s consumer watchdog, is suing Google Inc, Google Australia and Google Ireland for misleading and deceptive conduct due to deceptive Adwords ads presented next to Google search results. The ACCC alleges that sponsored links naming car dealerships appeared on Google that took users to the website of… Read More

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