• Heated mouse, for those gamers in remote Siberian outposts

    I have seen some weird ideas before but this one takes the cake. ChengDaLi (CDL), a China tech company, is selling a heated mouse. When I read this I had just one question, “What purpose does this serve?” I guess there must be a lot of people out there that get a cold hand when using a mouse. I know some people get sweaty palms but that’s another issue — and one… Read More

  • Delta now accepting cell-phone boarding passes

    Delta passengers at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (if you haven’t been stuck there for four or five hours yet, you simply MUST try it) will now be able to pull up their boarding passes on their favorite mobile devices. Phones can be used to check in for flights and also at security checkpoints and gates. Security agents and Delta employees presumably scan an image of a barcode… Read More

  • Lending Club Files For SEC Registration, Hopes To Resume Service

    Lending Club, the P2P money lending site, has filed registration forms with the SEC. Pending their approval, the site should be able to relaunch its lending service, which has been on hiatus since April (while the company didn’t provide an explanation for the shutdown at the time, we speculated that they lacked the proper licenses). From the release: The registration statement seeks… Read More

  • High-end keyboard round-up: the round-up

    Well, it’s the end of our little keyboard extravaganza. I thought I should summarize and link to the various reviews in case you missed one and are in the market for a nice, shiny new keyboard. Click the pictures to check ’em out, or click “more” to get the capsule version of each review.
    Read More

  • ViewSonic releases its brightest projector made for large venues

    At 5,000 lumens, the new ViewSonic PJ1173 could function as a bat signal. This high performance projector supports 1080p with a native resolution of 1024×768 (wait, what? Ask them.) and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. They say it produces large crisp visuals, even in well lit rooms. With its picture quality and added features, the PJ1173 was developed to create an ‘experience’ for… Read More

  • New ‘Fracture’ gameplay features terrain deformation

    Fracture, from LucasArts and Day 1 Studios, will be coming in October for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The main selling point is the game’s deformable terrain feature, which basically entails your character blowing the hell out of the ground to create mounds and/or holes to help you get over and under walls and whatnot. Here’s a recent gameplay video with a couple of the… Read More

  • Tiny Dell ‘Studio Hybrid’ PC spotted, it’s very orange

    ‘Round April-time, some photos of a small form factor Dell PC started making their way through the series of tubes symbolizing the world wide web. This PC was adorned by a case made of fine bamboo and there was talk of some sort of “Eco PC” but the news came and went like so many lovers through a fertility clinic. Today, however, it seems that the tiny Dell PC has… Read More

  • Which SVP At Yahoo Quit Today?

    The Yahoo resignation parade is getting so popular that Wired contributing editor Mat Honan created a Do-It-Yourself Resignation Letter, just fill in the blanks and hit submit (nice subject line on that email, by the way). Today’s winner after yesterday’s record day of four executive departures is SVP Strategic Alliances Chris Bolte, who has definitely resigned, we’ve… Read More

  • Gilded Age: Royal Caribbean's Oasis ship will be largest ever

    How’s this for unnecessary [faux] luxury: Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis of the Seas” will be the largest ship to every float on water, coming in at 1,180 feet long and weighing a cool 220,000 tons. All that, just to parade around 5,400 n’er-do-wells. And while you’re struggling to make sense out of your everyday expenses, know that Royal Caribbean spent $1.24… Read More

  • Mini-Review: Das Keyboard

    Originally the high-end keyboard roundup was just three keyboards, but Das Keyboard caught wind of it and wanted to throw their famously blank keyboard into the mix. The one I got my hands on is actually printed, but I do like the idea of the blank one. I’ve only had it for a day so a full review isn’t really in order, but I’ve typed out a few posts on it and that’s… Read More

  • Ex-Yahoo Music GM Ian Rogers Launches Topspin Media

    Ian Rogers, the former GM of Yahoo Music, has finally taken music startup TopSpin Media out of stealth mode. The new company will offer a marketing software platform for music artists to maximize their fanbase and brand exposure. Rogers, who was the GM of Yahoo Music until April 2008, is one of the few beacons of common sense in a digital music industry seemingly intent on shoving bad… Read More

  • Guitar Hero World controller released

    I like the look of this thing better. Looks more like my guitar, which I think is good because my guitar is good-looking, even if I can’t play it worth a damn. As you can see, it’s got a knob to serve as a whammy bar (I’m guessing), as well as a touch-sensitive bar for bending and sliding notes and even an accelerometer to activate your thrashing super powers. Nice little… Read More

  • Citi's Mahaney: If Google Wants To Stay On Top, It Needs To Ramp Up Its Display Ad Revenues

    A decade ago, the leading Internet companies were AOL, Amazon, eBay, and Yahoo. With the exception of Amazon, which is experiencing a renewal as it embraces digital distribution and cloud computing, they all fell by the wayside because they failed to adapt to a major market transition. For AOL, it was the transition to broadband. For eBay, it was the rise of search as the primary way to… Read More

  • Justin.tv Captures Apartment Robbery

    Every once in a while some great real-life drama comes out of lifecasting site Justin.tv (you just have to sift through thousands of hours of footage to find it). A year ago the police raided the Justin.tv offices/house, guns drawn, for example (I wonder what happened to that video?). More recently, blogger/lifecaster Ronald Lewis was caught being a jerk to a random movie theater employee… Read More

  • Top psychiatrist wants Internet addiction officially recognized

    Internet addiction is real, is a clinical disorder and should be recognized by the community as such. So says a a prominent psychiatrist in the American Journal of Psychiatry. The symptoms of internet addiction are similar to those of other addictions. In using the Internet nonstop, addicts can forget to tend to their vitals (eating and sleeping), need more an more advanced technology to… Read More

  • Windows 7 development overseen by Dept. of Justice

    Since about 2002, the Department of Justice has had a special “Technical Committee” overseeing the development of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. The committee’s main job was to monitor the implementation of the Microsoft-owned middleware products that get (or used to get) installed by default on new computers like Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, MSN… Read More

  • Google Faces Off With Compete, Alexa, Comscore, Quantcast (And Soon Firefox)

    Google has just introduced Google Trends For Websites, a new tool that lets users take a peek at the traffic data from sites around the web. The new feature pits Google against a number of well-established players in the traffic data space, including Compete, Comscore, Alexa, and a host of others. All these services fall prey to one core problem – they don’t have a way to… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live Podcast, 1:00 Eastern

    You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link for today’s show… Read More

  • Too Human developer decries uncreativeness, sequelitis in video game industry

    The president of Silicon Knights—they’re developing Too Human—thinks the video game industry is drowning under a deluge of sequels and is altogether uncreative. Sure, he could just be saying that in order to promote Too Human, what’s with its mythological Norse astronauts or whatever, but the man has a point—how many times can you play Halo and call it great? At… Read More

  • Celsias Wants To Keep "Green" Companies Honest

    Celsias, one of the more more authoritative blogs on climate change, has launched a revamped version of its site that aims to encourage corporations to be more transparent with their eco-friendly projects. The site will continue to offer articles on climate change, and is also trying to foster a community of individual activists looking to create their own “green” projects and… Read More

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