• IAC's Diller Summons Flixster To New York Just To Kill The Deal

    The much anticipated IAC/Flixster acquisition isn’t going to happen, we’ve heard. The two parties got very close to a deal. Then, says a source, IAC summoned Flixster to a meeting in New York where they were told it wasn’t going to happen. Why fly the company all the way to New York just to reject them in person? It seems like the polite thing to do would have been to just… Read More

  • Amazon Sells UK And German DVD Rental Business

    Amazon has sold its UK and German DVD rental business to UK based Lovefilm International. As part of the deal, Amazon Europe will make an investment in LoveFilm to become its largest shareholder. The move is one of the few times Amazon has divested itself of on of its business streams. According to a Marketwatch report, LoveFilm will benefit from a multi-year marketing agreement with… Read More

  • Unboxing the Apple //c

    What do you do when your first computer was an Apple //c and you find it on eBay, unopened, for $2,000? You unbox it, of course. Feast your eyes on this Flickr conflagration of red-hot //c unboxing pix including manuals, the 40/80 key, and a sense that damn, we’re all getting old. I actually agree with Joel at BBG about this: the Apple line from the 1980s was overpriced and, to my… Read More

  • Microsoft is trying its darnedest to get a Surface to your home

    When our own intrepid reporter took on the Surface at CES, he came away completely convinced and eager to acquire one to use as his coffee table since his current one (and his dog) were ruined by a vengeful and intoxicated lady friend. Well, Microsoft really, really wants to make his dream a reality, not least because they could charge him like $15,000 for the privelege. At the moment… Read More

  • The CrunchGear Presidential Primaries: We endorse SkyNet

    Your votes are in and it seems that SkyNet is the winner in the CrunchGear Presidential Primaries. Sadly, as we see in this video, SkyNet might not make it to the White House but I’m glad that CG’s audience believes a soulless killing machine is better than any single human candidate on the ticket this year. Read More

  • Israeli telco 'Bezeq' offers up kosher phone lines

    In a recent press release, Israeli telecommunications company Bezeq announced that it’s “launching the first ‘kosher’ telephone line in Israel under the name ‘Clean Line’. The new service blocks access to content deemed inappropriate for haredi (strictly observant) Jews.” Incoming and outgoing calls to numbers labeled as inappropriate by a council… Read More

  • Samsung G810 gets leaked

    I got a brief hands-on with Samsung’s G800 last year and now they’re looking to refresh the popular handset. Expected to be announced at MWC is the G810 that features a Symbian 9.2 OS and S60 3.1 UI. It features a 5-megapixel AF camera with 3x optical zoom, anti-shake, and face recognition. Damn, that’s nice. Also included is GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooh 2.0 and 150MB of internal… Read More

  • Know what this place needs? Definitely a floating chair powered by magnets

    I’ll be saving up for the office chair version whenever it comes out but for those of you looking to really kick back after a long day of widget transconfiguration (or whatever it is you do), here’s the “The Lounger” by British company Hoverit Ltd. Defying gravity with the use of repelling magnetic forces in both the bed and base this contemporary lounger is… Read More

  • This Glofish "pocket PC phone" has a biiiiig antenna

    E-TEN will have a couple new little smartphones on display at 3GSM, the Glofish M810 and V900. They look pretty solid and the V900 sports all the stuff you need: Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and a slough of digital TV broadcasting standards so you won’t miss a second of the Puppy Bowl. The V900 has it all in a new touchscreen interface, unproven as yet, but probably cool. We’ll give it a… Read More

  • CG Spain Meet-up: The CG in Spain falls mainly in the plain

    I’m headed to Barcelona tomorrow and will be rolling around the Catalonian country-side for a few days before MWC, which starts next Monday. I’d love to talk to start-up folk and/or fans in B-town and Girona. My number in Spain, thanks to the super-cool MaxRoam, will be +34957780732 and my SMS-only number will be +972543563127. I’m also available via email. I’d like to… Read More

  • Alienware lands a media mothership

    [photopress:hd_media_server_features.jpg,full,left] Sure, this thing isn’t for everybody, but some of you are going to be drooling on your lobster bibs. Alienware is expanding into your home even more with this media monster, sort of a cross between an irradiated TiVo and an Apple TV on crack. It sure looks like this High Definition Media Server is meant to go in your home server… Read More

  • Comcast doesn't want you to read this post

    [photopress:COMCASTfail.jpg,full,center] Yesterday, we got a note from our contact form from a reader about how Comcast was screwing his grandpa out of watching the Superbowl. Sic throughout: I could care less about football. My grandfather in Boca Raton Florida
    however loves it. He unfortunately has comcast which has been in and out of
    service three times now during the super bowl, the… Read More

  • Regional Bets Pull Ahead in Wireless Spectrum Auction

    A notable turn of events just happened in the FCC’s auction for 700 MHz wireless spectrum that began on January 24. Throughout most of the auction, the highest bid has been for the nationwide C-block, which topped out at $4.7 billion last week. But that just changed in round 30 of the auction that closed less than an hour ago. Now, the cumulative bids for the regional licenses are… Read More

  • Android delayed, developer's challenge pushed back

    Don’t worry, guy who wants to make a Neko the Cat port for Android! There’s still time! Android has been delayed for a few weeks and the $10 million developer’s challenge will end on April 14, giving you plenty of time to get the mouse/cat interaction just right. We’d like to let you know that we are extending the submission deadline for the first Android Developers… Read More

  • Microsoft supports Boot Camp Windows installations?

    I’m just gonna throw this rumor out there but let’s keep our pants on for at least the rest of the afternoon (not that this is a huge deal, but it is a little interesting). According to a guy who knows a guy who works at Microsoft as a support technician, Microsoft now provides support for versions of Vista that have been installed on Macs. Read More

  • So this is what Toshiba spent $3 million on?

    I actually missed this commercial yesterday and I’m glad I did. Part of me expected something spectacular while the other half expected something pretty piss-poor. Looks like the latter won out. I can’t really blame Toshiba for not dishing out the extra money to produce something worth noting. After all, you’ve already wasted millions to secure a spot during the Super Bowl… Read More

  • Forget that keychain breathalyzer, what you want is this Halitosis Detector

    Actually, you might want both. One to see how thick your beer goggles are and/or whether you should take a taxi, and then if that test goes okay, time to check your breath will be a deal-breaker. What you really need is a gadget that’s a breathalyzer on one side, a halitosis detector on the other, and then a pez/altoid dispenser on the bottom. Man, I’m a freaking… Read More

  • LiMo Foundation to Launch Phone Platform in March

    The LiMo Foundation plans to release the first version of its Linux software platform for mobile phones this march. LiMo’s goal is to offer handset manufacturers and operators a hardware-independent software platform that is safe for downloadable applications. LiMo Foundation executive director Morgan Gillis isn’t happy with just publishing the code on time. He wants to put… Read More

  • Kodak is shrinking its cameraphone sensors

    There are already some phones that take some decent, high-megapixel pictures; Sony-Ericsson comes to mind as a company at the forefront of mobile phone cams. Kodak’s new sensor is a 1.4 micron-per-pixel CMOS, which saves space over the 1.75 micron-per-pixel sensors that are common now but keeps the photo quality. For tiny cameras like these, however, I think megapixels are the least… Read More

  • Slacker gets unboxed

    When you’ve seen one unboxing, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Laptop points out that the player is big and bulky, but it does have a 4-inch screen. Umm. Why do you need such a large screen for a device that doesn’t play video? The UI is very similar to the Web site so you won’t get discombobulated when using it. It has a touch strip for the sake of having some… Read More

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