• Pac-Man World Tournament Announced

    Yeah, I totally met Pac-Man back in ’05. Fans of Inky, Blink, and miscellaneous bouncing fruit should clear their schedules from April 26th to May 9th. Microsoft just announced that a World Pac-Man Tournament will be held on Xbox Live Arcade. That’s right, you can win some prizes and show off your skills from the comfort of that used couch you found on Craigslist. Here are some of… Read More

  • DLO Jam Jacket, Now With Useful Feature

    DLO, recently acquired by Philips, announced today an updated version of its popular iPod case, the Jam Jacket. Like the old Jackets, the product is designed to protect your DAP from dings and damage by encapsulating it in a rubberized sleeve. Pretty standard stuff. As a point of innovation, however, the new Jacket features a headphone management system that allows you to spool your… Read More

  • Jabra Klipsch Stereo For Mobile Phones

    Jabra and Klipsch have teamed up to bring you a speaker dock for your mobile phone. Apparently, consumers want a speaker dock to listen to whatever it is they have crammed on their handset. Would any of you actually use this? You have the ability to hook up whatever else you feel like to the speaker system via mini-USB or AV-in, but why would anyone want to drop $150 for this? Do I really want… Read More

  • Marathon Training for Nerds

    Mmmmm… lube-y. I’ve been a runner since sophomore year in college. It was easy to take up and easy to do — just go in a straight line and don’t fall — and aside from a few years of Kenpo Karate and some bouts at the gym I did very little else in terms of real exercise. I felt happy that I could run two miles, come home, shower, and get on with my day. But I… Read More

  • BlackBerry Outage Spreads!

    Thanks, Sam! Aaron writes: Blackberrycool.com was down too. Aaron At least he got a message out before the entire network exploded! Read More

  • SEGA and Marvel Bring out the Super B Team

    When you think of a super hero who comes to mind? Batman, Spiderman, Superman, the Hulk… and, yeah, that dude with the, yeah, you know the mask and the costume! After X-Men and the aforementioned heroes, the crowded world of crime fighters is really just a bunch of dudes who like to dress up and fight equally strange villains. But if the exploits from the likes of Captain America, Thor and… Read More

  • Motorola Sales Not RIZNG

    Bad news for all you INVSTRS out there: Motorola sales are sinking and it’s not subtle. The telecom giant has posted a loss of a whopping $181 million for Q1 alone. Decreasing sales of mobile handsets contributed greatly as sales have declined 15% to only $5.4 billion. I’m really surprised Motorola didn’t see this coming. You can only keep releasing the same slimmed down… Read More

  • HD-DVD Sprints Ahead

    The war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD is officially back on. Toshiba has announced that over 100,000 HD-DVD players have been sold in the US. Oddly enough, Toshiba’s numbers don’t include the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive add-on, which is one of the most popular selling HD-DVD players on the market. This means that Blu-Ray is slipping behind and better start coming up with some new… Read More

  • Apple Fined Over Air Quality Violation

    Apple is no stranger to fines and lawsuits, but the latest is a bit out of left-field. Back in April of 2006, Apple’s Elk Grove facility was using their backup generator for non-emergency use. Not just for a few hours mind you, but almost a whole week. As a result, Jobs & Co. will cough up $43,200 in fines as part of a settlement between Apple and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air… Read More

  • Cellphone Ads Coming Sooner Than You Think (And Want)

    Odds are you’re already carrying the one device that advertisers have been waiting for since the industry’s inception. Your cellphone, says BusinessWeek, will become a personalized billboard of sorts, with companies big and small texting you information about their products. What’s more, since many cellphones all have some sort of GPS capability built-in, advertisers will be… Read More

  • Only 244 Copies of Vista Sold in China

    Microsoft sold a whopping 244 genuine copies of Windows Vista in China during its first two weeks of availability. (It sold some 20 million copies of the OS in its first month of availability globally.) So either no one in China uses Microsoft operating systems, or they do a whole lot of piracy over there. My guess is it’s the latter. Original Article in Japanese [Plus D via SQLSpace] Read More

  • Why Video Games Don't Cause Violence

    We very rarely cover current, non-tech events on this site, simply because they don’t often overlap with our mission to bring tech news to a broad audience. However, I’ve decided to post on the various reactions to the Virginia Tech shooting from pundits who blame violent behavior on video games. Read More

  • eBay Acquiring StumbleUpon

    High-flying startup StumbleUpon has been rumored to be in acquisition discussions since at least last November. Recently we’ve heard that talks have heated up again, with Google, AOL and eBay as potential suitors. A source with knowledge of the deal now says the company has signed a term sheet with eBay to be acquired. The price is somewhere between $40 – $75 million. (update… Read More

  • New Zune Features On May 1?

    The Microsoft Zune may see new features announced at a digital entertainment conference next month. Wooo! It seems the Zune’s director of music marketing is scheduled to discuss “exciting updates on developments in Microsoft’s new innovative device” on May 1. What exactly are these “developments” pertaining to Microsoft’s “innovative” device? Read More

  • Sony Casts Doubt On VR PS3 Controller

    So the Sony VR glove patent that had the world abuzz a few days ago may not ever come out. Sony had a chat with Next Generation and said that the patent filing is simply part of what Sony has to do every time it comes up with a new idea. Just because it filed the patent doesn’t mean it has any intention of actually coming out with the device. This really shouldn’t come as any… Read More

  • TurboTax Fails on Tax Day: Bloops!

    The TurboTax forums lit up yesterday as hundreds of frustrated filers tried to press submit but only got server capacity issues. Hrmmm… the IRS only allows e-filing through CPAs or certain web services and those web services fail dismally. Sounds like the efficiency of the private sector at work! A typical post? Okay, so the deadline has come and gone and I still cannot get my filings to… Read More

  • Xilt Controller Mod Gives Xbox 360 Wii-like Controls, Superpowers

    Before the end of the month you should be able to add Wiimote-like motion-sensing to the Xbox 360’s controller called Xilt. It’s a mod that’s said to install in as little as 10 minutes (only seven wires are needed) and was built “from the ground up” to ensure maximum flexibility. Yeah, info… not so much. Still, it’ll work with both wired and… Read More

  • Steve Rubel Apologizes for Saying He Doesn't Read PC Mag

    Louderback counters with a right and it looks like the fight is OVEEERRRRRRR! GRRR! Tech press fight! Steve Rubel, a blogger and PR ninja for Edelman, wrote that he doesn’t read the dead-tree version of PC Magazine and just throws that noise in the tee-rash when it lands on his doorstep. Then Jim Louderback, EIC of PC Mag is all like “WAT? PERV! BAN HIM FRM IRC!” and Steve… Read More

  • Korea's LG Prada Has DMB-TV, Europe's Doesn't

    While Europe already has the LG Prada phone, LG’s homeland of Korea had to wait until today to see its official announcement. For its home market, LG adds support for DMB-TV, digital TV broadcasts that Korea just loves to pieces. That explains the big antenna seen here. Other than that, the specs are the same as the Euro Prada: 3-inch touchscreen, 2-megapixel camera, etc. Read More

  • Free* Reality Bedding for CG Readers

    Do you like beds? Do you like bedding? Do you like pictures of ladies kissing? Well, you’re in luck because Reality Bedding is offering free — all you pay is shipping — XL/Full Size bedding from a special promo site. The bedding features a specially printed image by photographer Tanya Chalkin and, if you play your cards right, will be the only women on your bed until you move… Read More

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