• Xobni Acquires IP From Failed Web 1.0 Startup FireDrop

    This is an interesting story in light of the discussion yesterday about the fate of the intellectual property of failed startups. Email startup Xobni, which recently turned down a $20 million acquisition offer from Microsoft, says they have acquired the key patents around a product called Zaplets which originally launched in 2000. Zaplets was an email product that put synchronized… Read More

  • Clearwire and Sprint Nextel to Create New Company

    Clearwire and Sprint Nextel announced today that the two companies will collaborate to create a new telecommunications company with assets starting at $14.55 billion. The venture is to be called Clearwire and will receive a $3.2 billion investment from Intel, Google, Comcast, Time Warner and Bright House Networks. Sprint Nextel will control 51% of shares in the new company. Existing… Read More

  • Pioneer expanding KURO into projectors

    Pioneer announced this morning that they will be expanding their KURO initiative into projectors. The Elite KURO projector will be full HD (1080p) and features a wide lens shift capacity and support for HDMI 1.3. Only serious home theater buffs need apply next month since the projector will go for $9,000. Read More

  • Brando hanging Bluetooth headset and stylus: Like a marriage of fish, bicycle

    For those who find it difficult to separate their “writing on a screen time” from their “talking to humans” time, Brando has a $30 Bluetooth stylus that doubles as a phone headset. That’s right: you can tap away on whatever you use that still uses a touch screen while talking. Clearly whether to pull your stylus out of your device or buy a smaller headset is… Read More

  • Rumor: 3G iPhone expected to launch sooner rather than later

    Rumors have been swirling about the launch date of the 3G iPhone since yesterday and I wanted to give it some time to settle down before posting. As he did last year, BGR has his hands on an internal memo to AT&T employees forbidding them to take vacation or PL between June 15 and July 12 (my birthday in case anyone wants to know). This is leading everyone to believe that the iPhone could… Read More

  • Secret firmware gives Canon point-and-shoots that old razzamatazz

    There used to be an old myth that said stereo manufacturers basically sold the same stereo and added and removed holes in the casing depending on the price. You paid $100? You got a volume slider. Paid $1,000? They cut the holes for a whole EQ set. CHDK is kind of like that, but it isn’t. Designed to work with Canon consumer point and shoots, CHDK is a homebrew firmware that adds… Read More

  • EA says it's not desperate for Take-Two

    EA’s current offer for Take-Two is set to expire on May 16 and it’s highly unlikely that EA will up the bid like T2 thinks it should. Yes, GTA IV sold more than $500 million globally making it one of the most profitable ‘entertainment’ events. If you recall, Halo 3 sold $400 million in the first week. Take-Two’s stock closed yesterday at $26.35, which is 61… Read More

  • TechCrunch UK meetup, this Friday

    The sun is shining, London is officially in Summer mode, so I think it’s time we started a series of TechCrunch UK meetups. The first is totally impromptu, organised at the last minute, has no sponsors (as yet) and no agenda other than to meet, chat and enjoy a drink on a Friday in the sun by the Thames. So the details are: Date: This Friday, May 9th. Time: Midday onwards (I will be… Read More

  • Sprint, Clearwire merge wireless broadband units

    As expected, Clearwire and Sprint have announced that they’ve merged to become a $14.55 billion wireless comms company. The newly formed company will be called Clearwire with Sprint Nextel having a 51 percent stake while Clearwire will control 27 percent. Another 22 percent goes to Intel, Google, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks in return for their $3.2 billion… Read More

  • Why Google Invested in Clearwire

    Google wants to usher in the world of wireless broadband so much that it is willing to spend vast sums to make it happen. It bid more than $4.6 billion in the recent FCC spectrum auctions (which it ended up not having to pay because it lost to Verizon), is backing the WiFi 2.0 initiative, and today it announced that it plunked down $500 million to shore up the new Clearwire-Sprint WiMax… Read More

  • Microsoft's Corporate Development Strategy Changing Daily

    Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates told the press in Tokyo yesterday that the company “isn’t pursuing other deals following the withdrawal of its $47.5 billion takeover bid for Yahoo.” Their experience dealing with Yahoo, apparently, has put them off acquisitions altogether. But wait. Just Monday Gates said “I wouldn’t rule out some partnerships but we don’t… Read More

  • Want to Dress Just Like Celebrities? You'll Like Coolspotters

    Coolspotters, a new site from Connecticut based startup Fanzter, will launch later today. It’s an eye-candy celebrity-focused site that shows users the products celebrities are wearing in various photos. Users can then talk about and, of course, purchase those items. Users can track celebrities, products, brands, shows (TV, Movies, etc.), places, events, and more. The idea is to show… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Synchronize Watches Edition

    Hello, Mr. G Raff: Text prank warms cockles, heart
    Verb for Shoe: Smartshoes like in Back to the Future II
    New LEGO Batman character revealed
    Egg cellphone concept could be best one yet
    Video: Rad propeller clock looks cool and dangerous, like me Read More

  • $3.2 Billion WiMax Deal Goes Through. Take Cover.

    The deal to combine Sprint Nextel’s and Clearwire’s fledgling WiMax businesses that was rumored last March is finally expected to go through. Comcast and Intel are supposed to put in $1 billion each; Time Warner Cable, $550 million; Google, $500 million; and regional cable provider Bright House Networks, $100 million. The new company, which will be valued at $12 $14.5 billion… Read More

  • Spot Runner Raises $51 Million To Expand To New Markets

    The first rule of Startup Club is take the money when you can. Spot Runner CEO Nick Grouf understands that, which is why he just raised $51 million in a C round from a group of strategic investors that include the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT), Grupo Televisa, Legg Mason Capital Management, and Groupe Arnault/LVMH. And that’s on top of the $60 million in venture capital he raised… Read More

  • The Matrix: Family Guy style

    Some people have way too much time on their hands, but I can’t help but giggle as I watch this. Kudos to, themarkman2001. He/she also has a Braveheart spoof. via NewLaunches Read More

  • Video: Soundwave keeps busy

    Soundwave is one of the most beloved of all Transformers. Loyal to Megatron and badass in every way, Soundwave was still left out of last summer’s giant movie. There are rumors he’s to be included in the sequel, but I’ll have to see it to believe it. That doesn’t mean Soundwave’s been MIA since the 80s. Indeed, this little video shows us what he’s been up… Read More

  • Hello, Mr. G Raff: Text prank warms cockles, heart

    Someone sent out thousands of text messages encouraging recipients to call Mr. G. Raff and a number of other animals at the Houston Zoo. The message includes the number to the Zoo’s main switchboard. No one knows who set up the prank, but the giraffe is already set up on two dates with nice ladies from the Houston area and could be mating shortly. UPDATE – More information… Read More

  • TuneWiki's iPhone-Like Media Player for Android

    The race is on for software supremacy on Google’s Android platform, as developers compete to develop the applications that will eventually come preloaded on branded phones. Today TuneWiki, one of the most popular third-party developers for the iPhone, has announced a media player for Android that will feature an iPhone-esque interface, support for synching with iTunes, and the… Read More

  • Rumor: Sprint and Clearwire closing WiMAX partnership deal?

    Speaking of Xohm, Sprint’s WiMAX initiative, rumors are swirling around Wall Street that Sprint will announce a partnership with Clearwire tomorrow, unifying their two disparate networks as one nationwide WiMAX network. This is fantastic news for WiMAX fans and a step in the right direction if the technology is going to take on competitor LTE, or Long Term Evolution, a wireless… Read More

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