• Penny Arcade Expo line-up announced

    The folks at Penny Arcade have announced the exhibitors at Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. There will be tournaments, an independent games showcase, and lots of self-referential humor that is easy to get and laugh along with even if you have no interest in gaming. There may even be cake. Click through for the entire list. We’ll be at PAX, incidentally. Read More

  • Intel not down with this Windows Vista scam

    According to the NYT Intel will not upgrade their 80,000 employee computers to Vista, at least according to an internal that is making everyone in the IT industry giggle like little girls. The IT staff at Intel found “no compelling case” for adopting Vista and that it will still use Vista in test scenarios in some departments. What does this mean? Well, it will definitely mean… Read More

  • Vizio's got some cheap 'n decent HDTVs for you

    If you’re like me, you’re extremely cheap. And that means you put off buying everything until it’s ridiculously low-priced or used. That means waiting a long time usually, but the payoff is that you get everything those other jokers got, plus more, for a quarter of the price. For instance: this Vizio 32-inch 720p plasma costs $600, exactly a quarter what my parents paid for… Read More

  • Diceria: iPhone 3G to have 2-part activation process

    The iPhone 3G will require a two part activation, conflicting with earlier reports. Well, rumors. And this is a rumor, too, and an Italian one at that, so don’t freak out when it, too, is refuted in 18 minutes. Such is life online. Anyhow, an Italian site claims that the iPhone 3G will be activated in two parts, once in the store and once at home. The in-store activation will tell the… Read More

  • Verizon halves EVDO overage charges, shows that the wireless data cartel cares about consumers

    EVDOinfo.com is reporting that Verizon has halved its per-megabyte overage fees for EVDO data and will set a cap of $250 per month in maximum fees for any three of a customer’s billing cycles. After that, subscribers will be subject to unlimited, non-capped overage charges. So if you go over your 5GB limit by one extra gigabyte, it could cost you $256. However, Verizon’s been… Read More

  • Encoding.com Relaunches as SaaS Video Encoding Platform

    Encoding.com has relaunched to address the new cost, quality, and scalability encoding issues that have emerged with the explosion of internet and mobile video applications. As a company that formerly hand coded and archived source video content, Encoding.com believes they can bring Internet and mobile video applications to the next level by providing a cost efficient, robust, and scalable… Read More

  • MobiComp to be Acquired by Microsoft

    Microsoft has announced it plans to acquire MobiComp, a Portuguese software company. MobiComp’s software allows users to back-up, share and discover content on mobile phones. The company sells their software to mobile phone operators including Vodafone, TMN and Cellcom. Founded in 2000, MobiComp has been privately funded and according to its website has been profitable since its first… Read More

  • Microsoft To Buy Powerset? Not Just Yet.

    VentureBeat is reporting that Microsoft has agreed to buy semantic search engine Powerset for somewhere around $100 million, which is the price we previously reported was being offered to the company. Our sources have been saying this deal is highly likely since May, but hasn’t actually been signed yet and could still be disrupted by the ongoing Microsoft-Yahoo negotiations. Dave Wehner… Read More

  • Yahoo CTO: The ReOrg Is All About Moving Past The Microsoft Deal

    What does Yahoo’s latest reorganization all mean, especially in light of the situation with Microsoft still being up in the air? Like yesterday’s assertive letter to shareholders defending its Google deal, Yahoo is trying to show that it is getting on with its life, thank you very much. The announcement is clearly aimed at squashing any lingering hopes for a new Microsoft deal… Read More

  • Wii: ‘Top Spin 3’ released, looks pretty cool

    “Top Spin 3” from 2K Sports was released a few days ago for the Wii and, although I’m not a huge tennis buff, I’m a fan of games that lend themselves to a semi-realistic experience with the Wii remote. The Sun took Top Spin 3 for a whirl and gave the game a 92% rating. The game features players like Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, and Andy Roddick, each with their… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 Submission Deadline Is Tomorrow; Mark Cuban, Marc Benioff and Don Dodge Join Expert Panel

    Have you submitted your application to launch at TechCrunch50 yet? The deadline is tomorrow, Friday, at midnight, so you have about another day and a half to send it in (the application page is here). Three more experts join our panel this week – Mark Cuban, Marc Benioff and Don Dodge. They, along with our previously announced experts (and more to come) will judge and discuss the… Read More

  • … and you will know us by the trail of region-free Blu-ray players

    Alert! A rather amateur looking Web site is now selling region-free Blu-ray players. The site, Bluraymods.com, wants €499, or $785, for the Panasonic DMP-BD30. The regular price for the player is around $450-$500. That, or you can put that soldering iron to good use and mod the player yourself. The kit costs €89, or $140. via Gizmodo Read More

  • R2-D2 and Darth Vader USB hubs for Star Wars geeks

    In late July, Japanese Star Wars geeks will be able to lay their hands on USB hubs shaped like R2-D2 and a Darth Vader bust. Both hubs stand about 15cm tall. Both the R2-D2 and the Darth Vader bust come with 4 USB ports (USB 2.0) and feature lighting and sound effects. When the user pushes the action button, R2D2 says “Pi-pi-pi” and rotate his head. Darth Vader starts to… Read More

  • Google Employees Even Get Japanese Space Toilets

    Google employees are so special that they even get Japanese space toilets on which to rest their stock options. SFist found these sexy Japanese Toto toilets in Google’s headquarters. They feature front and rear cleansing along with a dryer and some sort of insane wand cleaning system that may be part of Google’s 80-20 projects policy. The toilets are fairly common in Japan… Read More

  • ClickPass Adds Google, Facebook, Yahoo, And Hotmail To Its OpenID Gateway

    Clickpass, a startup that has simplified the OpenID login platform, has built out support for additional third parties that brings the promise of a universal login even closer. Users will now be able to use their Google, Facebook, Yahoo, or Hotmail passwords on any site that includes the Clickpass authentication system. The new Clickpass system requires almost no effort from the end user. … Read More

  • Dublin TechCrunch Meetup!

    I flew into Dublin today for our first TechCrunch meetup in Ireland (yay!), and as previously blogged, TechCrunch is hooking up with networking event TechLudd to create a real-world mashup we like to call CrunchLudd (see what we did there?) This morning I rocked up to Dublin’s The Digital Media Hub to meet with a bunch of interesting startups here. I took a few pictures and shot some… Read More

  • iPhone 3G could have MMS

    An internal AT&T memo states that the iPhone 3G supports MMS. This is all conjecture but interestingly enough all of the plans offered by AT&T make no mention of MMS or even text limits, which means, in a roundabout way, they’re hiding something. Does anyone use MMS anyway? Read More

  • Japanese company sells golden keyboards

    Following the release of a keyboard made of leather, the Japanese can now buy golden keyboards. Tokyo-based Wazakura Koubou offers the so-called Kagayaki [JP] in the Japanese layout for $270 exclusively on their website [JP] and in selected Sofmap PC shops in Japan. The keyboard is layered with 99.99% pure gold and features two USB ports. A cheaper version for $215, the so-called Kirameki [JP]… Read More

  • EA doesn't want new UK rating system since it'll delay game releases

    Oh, EA. Do you even have a public relations company, or someone to put your statements through a “common sense” filter? The Byron Report in the UK recommended an overhaul of the British video game rating system. Dr. Tanya Byron, who wrote the report, says the current rating system is inadequate, and for the sake of health and safety, sound morals, etc. the system should be shaken up. Read More

  • Jaybird citizen review

    I sent the Jaybird stereo bluetooth headset out to Dr. Adam Keith of Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy to test in his daily 10 mile run. He reports: If my IPod could speak, it would be screaming “Hallelujah” ever since I plugged in my Jaybird wireless earphones.  You see, my iPod has taken a beating this winter on the treadmill from my arms inadvertently hitting the earphone wires sending… Read More

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