• Logitech Announces G51 Gaming Surround Speakers, More Lifelike Frags

    Another day, another very decent 5.1 gaming-centric PC surround system. I had a chance to play a FPS with these suckers at a Logitech briefing a few months back, and for a minute I thought the back of my skull had been pierced. Full specs and press release after the jump. And they ship in October for about $200. Read More

  • Playstation Eye Shipping With Eye Of Judgement

    I have no idea wtf Eye Of Judgement is because I never played Dungeons and Dragons or Pokemon. In fact, I made fun of those kids in HS. I still think the game is bit too dorky for me, but the fact that you get a Playstation Eye when you a purchase a copy is rather exciting and tempting. There isn’t much use for the Eye at this point, but you can geek out with the rest of the trench… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA Goes Social

    If you’re the sort of mobile user who has Virgin Mobile service then you’re probably the type who likes to show off your individuality. You run with a different pack, and you can’t even be bothered with the whole iPhone thing. At least that’s what the Virgin Mobile ad campaign had to say earlier this summer. Virgin Mobile USA users can now share their feelings with… Read More

  • Mobile Shop with mShopper

    Shopping from your mobile phone now got a little easier with mShopper’s release of a new platform for mobile phones. All aspects of shopping online are now available to bargain hunters with a mobile phone. Users can make secure purchases in seconds. But as every good shopper knows, there is more to shopping than just buying. Research into price and quality has to be utilized before… Read More

  • How Grey Is Your Valley: Making Money From Open Source

    Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg has spoken out against a number of open source projects for profiteering from their code. The two examples Mullenweg cites are the open source forum platform Vanilla, which recently started including links in their code as a means to cover server and administration costs, and Pligg, which is currently on the market. The post from Mullenweg follows an… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Senior Center Edition

    Poppet: Not A Small Child From the Victorian Era, Is Actually Useful
    Smile Or Your Sony Camera Won’t Work
    Happy Neuron Keeps The Noggin Free Of Cobwebs
    Probo: ‘The Intelligent, Autonomous Huggy Robot’
    CrunchGear One Year Bash Recap Read More

  • Microsoft Announces New Hardcore Gaming Mouse

    Microsoft’s new SideWinder gaming mouse is not for the faint of heart. It’s got on-the-fly DPI switching, its own LCD display (on the mouse itself), a cable anchor, quick launch Vista gaming button plus 5 other programmable buttons, 2000 dpi resolution, 7080 frames per second image processing, three different sets of mouse feet to suit your preference, a metal scroll… Read More

  • Google Earth Heads For The Stars

    Google has launched Sky for Google Earth, new functionality that adds imagery of the stars to Google Earth’s already extensive imagery of our planet. According to Google, the new functionality allows users to “explore the universe from the comfort of your chair.” Users can zoom in on galaxies hundreds of millions of light years away, explore the constellations and even witness… Read More

  • Largest Pligg Partner Defects After Announced Sale

    Pligg, a popular open source content management system that lets developers quickly create Digg-like clones, put itself up for sale a week ago. Today VideoSift, which has 1 million monthly unique visitors and claims to be the largest user of Pligg’s software, emailed to tell me they have developed their own software and will stop using Pligg. The new site goes live this Friday… Read More

  • YouTube Launches New Video Advertising Format

    I’m not all that excited about watching 15 to 30 second pre-roll ads attached to videos. I understand that it’s a necessary evil and that advertising pays the bills and keeps the videos free, but it’s still somewhat annoying. YouTube feels my pain and will begin using a service called InVideo, which basically lays a semi-transparent advertisement over the lower 20%… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Exclusive: BlogMusik To Go Legit; Launches Free & Legal Music On Demand

    Back in September last year Michael suggested everyone check out BlogMusik quickly before it was shut down. BlogMusik is a service born in France that lets you search for mp3 files on the web and listen to them in streaming mode for free. At the time the service was young and had no particular licensing agreements. A few months later, the SACEM, the organization in charge of collecting… Read More

  • Conduit Labs Closes $5.5 Million Series A Funding

    Conduit Labs, a yet-to-launch gaming virtual world, just closed a $5.5 million series A round with Charles River Ventures and Prism Venture Works. In addition to the financing, CRV’s Susan Wu and Prism’s Will Kohler have joined the company’s Board of Directors. The details on the site are in flux and scarce. However, the service will be in the emerging space of… Read More

  • MP3, Wireless, Video-Enabled Yoga Mat Concept

    It’s just a concept piece, but this could be the yoga mat of the future. You heard me. With a built-in MP3 player and stereo speakers, your Enya can be literally at your fingertips (if you’re tight with the Down Dog form), and with the streaming video playback on the mat itself, no matter how you twist, you’ll be able to see your instructors. If this Wi-Fi enabled thing… Read More

  • A Quick Update On The Samsung Blast

    Hey everyone! I’m in Orlando on vacation, so I’m keeping this post brief. Last week I reviewed the Samsung Blast and hated on the keypad for having a layout similar to the Blackberry Pearl’s. Yes, at first the Blast is a real pain to use, but over the last week, I’ve gotten very used to it and Samsung does a great job with predictive text. I only have to hit about… Read More

  • Esther Dyson, Guy Kawasaki and Yossi Vardi Join TechCrunch20 Expert Panel

    The TechCrunch20 Panel of Experts is now nearly complete. Today we add Esther Dyson, Guy Kawasaki and Yossi Vardi to the impressive list of individuals who will judge the startups launching at the conference and determine who will ultimately win the $50,000 top prize. The final companies for TechCrunch20 have been selected, and more announcements are coming soon. Register for the event, which… Read More

  • Finally, Twitter Adds Search

    It’s a seemingly trivial feature, but Twitter’s lack of a search function led me and others to use Google or other search engines to try to figure out someone’s Twitter page. Today they’ve added that feature and allow search via name or other profile information (location, bio, and url). It seems that Twitter has become much more stable since the launch of competitors… Read More

  • Spooks Get Their Own MySpace

    The American Intelligence community has joined the social networking phenomenon with the launch of A-Space, a MySpace style social network. The move is said to be part of the ongoing effort to transform the American Intelligence community following the failure to detect the 9/11 terrorist attacks or find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In a FT.com report, Thomas Fingar, the Deputy Director… Read More

  • Google Adds Embedding To Google Maps

    View Larger Map
    Google announced the addition of YouTube style embedding to Google Maps this morning. Google Map mashups have… Read More

  • Probo: 'The Intelligent, Autonomous Huggy Robot'

    Picture this. A child is in a hospital room, away from home and scared by his or her surroundings. Everything smells different, everything looks different, all the people are different. Where are mom and dad? When is it time to go home? Suddenly, in marches a robotic monster with green fur asking for hugs. Read More

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