• Stevenote In 60 Seconds

    Too lazy to watch the entire Stevenote video stream on CrunchGear, or read Duncan’s real time notes from the event? No worries. Mahalo’s Veronica Belmont distills all the important stuff down into just sixty seconds. See all of our coverage from Macworld here and at CrunchGear. Read More

  • Application Developers: Don't Be Surprised If Facebook Changes The Rules When You Do Something That Hurts Users

    We saw early on that Facebook was willing to change policies and their API in order to protect users against clearly black hat/spammy applications, or ones that break the terms of use with users. A new Facebook application called Break Up, created by FaceItApps, may lightly trip both of those problems. The application tells you when someone has removed you as a friend. Currently (and… Read More

  • Confirmed: Scoble Going To Fast Company To Build Army Of Scoble Show Style Shows

    As first reported exclusively on TechCrunch by Michael December 12, blogger Robert Scoble has left Podtech and is headed to Fast Company. According to Beet.tv, Scoble will be building an army of Scoble-show style clones into a new Fast Company business video blogging network, as well as keeping up appearances with his own show. Congrats to Scoble on the new job and Scoble fans will be… Read More

  • Crunchies: The Award

    Just three more days before the Crunchies Awards kick off at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. Most of the tickets are now taken – a few left over that were being held in reserve will probably be released on Thursday. One thing we put a lot of time into was the award that will be given to the winners. We wanted it to be significantly more interesting than the standard engraved glass… Read More

  • Joyent Suffers Major Downtime Due To ZFS Bug

    Services provided by cloud computing provider Joyent have been offline for three days following issues with ZFS. Strongspace and BingoDisk are amongst services that have been affected since January 12. Joyent CEO David Young said in a post to the Joyent forums that the service “got bit by a massive ZFS bug…that got onto/into the backups” preventing easy restoration. Data… Read More

  • Macword 2008: MacBook Air image gallery, redux

    The good people at Apple were wise enough to let me have a few moments with their new MacBook Air, and I fell in love. I took these revealing photos that point to a couple of things we hadn’t heard about, like the 2GB standard RAM is 2, 1GB sticks. And if you look closely, you can see some of my drool. Our gallery software’s not working due to our crappy hotel Internet connection… Read More

  • Will Apple TV Take 2 Take Online Movie Rentals Mainstream?

    An extraordinary thing happened today (well at least given who it was), Steve Jobs admitted that Apple had screwed up with its Apple TV product. Never one to take the rap alone he threw in Microsoft and a few others as well as examples of how internet computers/ devices that were meant for TV’s as a whole hadn’t taken off. There was of course method to Jobs’ unprecedented… Read More

  • Step right up, get your Mysto

    Starting tomorrow – Wednesday the 16th of January for those of you not in the know – you will be able to pick up a Mysto anywhere they sell Helio gear. Yes, our little Mysto that we’ve followedfrom babyhood, and nurtured lovingly, is officially being released into the wild. It’s a great little phone that packs a lot into a small package (it’s heavy!) and… Read More

  • Proximic Signs Deals With Yahoo and eBay To Turn Product Listings Into Contextual Ads; Taking on AdSense

    A tiny 14-man startup in Munich called Proximic wants to give Google a run for its money. But it is not going after search. It is coming from behind with an attack on AdSense. Proximic has signed deals to syndicate product listings from both eBay’s Shopping.com and Yahoo’s Shopping Network as contextual ads on other Websites. This is the first time that either Yahoo or eBay… Read More

  • A closer look at 1.1.3

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=firmware.flv I know, I know: dead horse, beaten. But we always love the things we can’t have — yet. Read More

  • Macworld 2008: Multitouch on the Air, starring my fat fingers

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf So just how well does the multitouch on the new MacBook Air work? Very. Take a look at me, a novice, whipping my way through several images on Preview. Now imagine if this was all of your downloaded porn. Now you want one, don’t you. Read More

  • Skullcandy rocks Macworld

    The above picture is Skullcandy’s crown jewel for Macworld. The FMJ headphones for the iPhone. Don’t worry BlackBerry Curve users because they’re compatible with your far superior smartphone, too. Heh. The FMJ’s are housed in aluminum with noise isolating ear buds with 11mm drivers doing all the thumping. They’re shiny and Skullcandy is pretty good at what they do… Read More

  • 100 Invites for Musana, The "Music Happiness Center"

    Musana, a digital music locker service based in France, has offered to allow the first 100 of our readers who email this address into its private beta. I’ve tried Musana out and it’s quite bare-boned. Upload MP3s from your computer and you can listen to them through the service’s simple browser-based player wherever you go. Musana is free, storage is unlimited and there are… Read More

  • Mig33 Gets Into The Calling Card Business

    If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you’ve probably had some experience with pre-paid calling cards. For about $10 you get what you expect, a code that gives you minutes on your mobile phone. However, mobile social network Mig33 is looking to offer a little bit more. Tomorrow the company will be announcing the sale of pre-paid cards in South Africa that not only make calls but also… Read More

  • Thanks, FastMac

    I want to thank FastMac for hooking me up with an extra MacBook battery to use today since my other one crapped out during the keynote. This one is actually calibrated and I know my MB won’t go into sleep mode at the 30 minute mark. Thanks, FastMac. You saved my ass. Announced today from FastMac is the iV iPhone external battery case. What does it do? It’s a mashup of case… Read More

  • Keynote Recap: What Apple did today

    Well, the Stevenote’s over and we got a new laptop, a wireless hard drive, and an iPhone update. Oh yeah — iTunes movie rentals. Individually each of these announcements aren’t very exciting. The Air looks pretty cool but it doesn’t have a removable battery. The iPhone update upsets the true fanbois because it’s not unlockable even after hackers laid hands on… Read More

  • Air: The Only Thing Left In Your Wallet After You Buy Apple's New Laptop

    Steve Jobs announced Apple’s entry into the ultra-mobile laptop market, the Macbook Air during his keynote at the Macworld Expo today. It’s an amazing machine that I got to play with this afternoon (photos below) so I’ll get the fanboy stuff out of the way. Air is an apt name, because its 3 pounds (1.36kg) and thinner than my iPhone in its (somewhat bulky) case. The tech… Read More

  • Told you so…

    Josh just pointed out his original post on the Air. This was back in June, people. Trust us. We’re professionals. Back on June 20, I reported that there’d be new, slimmer MacBooks coming in October that along with being made from new materials would also feature some “speeds and feeds” updates to the internal components. Today, another “trusted source” told… Read More

  • MacBook AirHead: why Apple's new laptop is basically useless

    First, let me just say that the Air is an extremely impressive piece of technology. The miniaturization, the optimization of space, the blatant disregard for current standards — it’s everything a revolutionary machine should be. Except it isn’t one. It’s a flight of Apple vanity that is completely impractical for anyone who needs to do more than the most basic… Read More

  • Dreamhost Overbills Customers $7.5 Million; Uses Homer Simpson To Deliver Apology

    There’s a fine line between humor and condescension; more than a few customers felt that hosting provider Dreamhost crossed that line today. The company overbilled nearly every customer, by a total $7.5 million dollars. The mea culpa came in the form of a blog post that featured Homer Simpson and featured such quips as “The joke is on you!” along with an apology and explanation. Read More

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