• 360 Vodka: World's first eco-friendly spirit

    [photopress:360vodka.jpg,full,center] Environmentally friendly vodka? That’s nice. Now every time you beat up your liver you’ll be helping save the planet. 360 Vodka, which has nothing to do with Microsoft’s video game console, comes to us from McCormick Distilling, which claims to be one of the oldest distillers in the U.S. It comes in a bottle that’s made from 85… Read More

  • Apple updates iPhoto '08, Aperture 2 for RAW support

    This photo is not in RAW format. I just wanted to post one of my shots :) Matt was just complaining about the latest update for Leopard and I thought that maybe there was a new one today, but instead I got an update for iPhoto ’08 and Aperture 2. RAW file compatibility has been updated for the following cameras: Read More

  • Is your life better or worse with Windows Vista SP1?

    So how are things? Everything go okay with the service pack installation? I’ve certainly been critical of Vista in the past but I’m happy to admit that my upgrade went through without a hitch. The fan on my notebook seems to have settled down a bit and programs seem to be opening more quickly, so I’m happier than I was before SP1. The general consensus from around the web… Read More

  • Remember Micro Machines?

    Click for high-res I remember having a huge collection of these as a kid. I may have one or two of my favorites somewhere in my room. An ad agency in Milan, Italy has started a guerilla marketing campaign (maybe it’s just in Italy, I don’t know) by spray painting pedestrian walkways, near schools and playgrounds where you can whip out your Micro Machines and pretend you’re… Read More

  • The Cult of Mac, iPod uploaded to The Pirate Bay by publisher

    [photopress:cultofipodtpb.jpg,full,right] Leander Kahney has turned the publishing world on its head, having uploaded to The Pirate Bay his books The Cult of Mac and The Cult of iPod. The books, published by No Starch Press, downloaded in just over a minute; there’s currently 124 seeders on the Cult of iPod torrent. Read More

  • Breaking: FCC Confirms that Big Winner in Spectrum Auction is Verizon. So Why Is Google Smiling?

    The big winner of the FCC’s $19.6 billion auction of wireless spectrum that ended yesterday is Verizon. That was pretty much everyone’s guess. At a press conference today, the chairman of the FCC announced that Verizon won six large regional licenses for the most sought-after C-Block of spectrum that will give it a national footprint. It also won 77 smaller licenses in the B-Block. Read More

  • Shelf swivels in response to lopsided weight

    [photopress:bshelf.jpg,full,center] Here’s a cheap trick (n. the band) that’s sure to impress no one. It’s a shelfs that double as a balance. Depending on how much weight is on either side of the fulcrum, the shelf tilts to the left or the right. The shelf won’t completely tip over or anything (that would be silly! and pointless!), but instead provide a visual feast for… Read More

  • Bezos says Kindle will be back in stock soon, loves the cake

    Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, shot out a personal note to customers apologizing for the Kindle’s sold out status. Apparently, they weren’t prepared to sell out of the eReader in 5.5 hours. He says they should be back in stock in the coming weeks and that they will ship the day you order. The Kindle cake is the ultimate geek compliment, he says. Joy. Read More

  • SpinVox Translates Voice-to-Text Service Into A $100 Million Round

    Voice-to-text technology is finally getting some respect. As first reported by TechCrunch UK, Goldman Sachs is investing in a $100 million private financing round for SpinVox, a London-based technology startup that transcribes voicemails to text so that they can be more easily digitized, searched, and manipulated. Other investors in the round included GLG Partners, Blue Mountain Capital… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is your latest Tom Clancy pretend war fix

    [photopress:r62r.jpeg,full,center] Reuters has a little something on the return of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, a name that sounds like a sports score. The game, which debuted on the PS3 and 360 this week, features more daytime raids than Vegas 1, if I remember Ubisoft’s pitch correctly. (I guess there were complaints that Vegas 1 was too dark.) Reuters takes a wider look at the franchise with… Read More

  • SugarSync review

    How often has this happened to you? You’re trapped in the trunk of a Lincoln Continental and the emergency trunk release has been snapped off. You have a document on your home PC detailing how to escape from such a situation but all you have is your WinMo or Blackberry phone with you. You do a frantic Google search to no avail, and your captors take you to a cornfield and beat you with… Read More

  • Butterfly in the sky, the L15 can fly twice as high

    Feast your eyes on the L15 Airship by Airship Surveillance Ltd. It’s meant for very high-altitude surveillance missions of up to “15,000 feet with payloads as great as 1000lbs, durations up to 50 hours and speeds of 60 knots.” It looks like a remote-controlled toy Zeppelin to me but I’d better watch what I say, lest one of these things be hovering over my apartment… Read More

  • Rock Band update brings new features, music store

    Owners of Rock Band for the Xbox 360 and PS3 will be happy to know that the fine folks at Harmonix have just issued a big software update for the game. I’d check this myself but, like an idiot, I accidentally sent my own personal copy of Rock Band back to GameFLY instead of the copy of Assassin’s Creed I rented. I don’t want to talk about it but I’m patiently waiting to… Read More

  • Sabotage: Safari bundled with WiniTunes

    If you’ve downloaded iTunes for Windows, you might get a window encouraging you to download a software update — really the entire package — for the latest version of Safari. This seems a bit disingenuous and smacks of bundling and the only thing I can imagine is that iTunes needs some sort of Safari DLLs to visit the iTunes store. That, however, is fairly bogus because why… Read More

  • Amazon Takes the Humans Out of Fulfillment With New API

    Amazon keeps adding to its Web services. Today, it is opening up an API for its Fulfillment by Amazon service, which allows online merchants to outsource their shipping to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Up until now, the service still required a lot of manual steps on the parts of companies or entrepreneurs using it—they had to pre-label each box before sending it to Amazon and… Read More

  • Android phone from HTC will be called 'Dream'

    Previously codenamed “Dream,” the Android-based Google phone coming from HTC will be called — drumroll please — “Dream,” according to IDG News Service. This information comes from “a person close to the situation,” so it’s possible that we’re not much further along than we were back in early November when we told you that… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Louisville wins NCAA Tournament

    Click on the image for the high-res version Yeah, that would have been the proper headline, but it’s not. I thought it’d be fun to simulate this year’s NCAA tournament by way of 2K Sports’ College Hoops NCAA 2K8 except the regions aren’t lined up the right way. In it the East plays the West and the South plays the Midwest. Someone please correct me if I’m… Read More

  • LG LH2300: Touch Web promises 'full' Internet browser

    [photopress:touchweb1.jpg,full,center] LG today showed off the LH2300, a Web-friendly cellphone that has a 3-inch display. The touchscreen cellphone, which is currently scheduled to debut in Korea early next month, doesn’t appear to do anything out of the ordinary. You’ll find an expected resolution (800×480), Bluetooth, microSD, etc. Read More

  • Alltel announces Samsung Muse

    Click on the image for an upright shot This morning Alltel announced the addition of the clamshell Samsung Muse to their lineup. The music-centric Muse has a dedicated music key and is a shade of midnight blue. Other features include an MP3 player with 64MB of internal memory, 2-megapixel camera (video), GPS, stereo Bluetooth and access to Alltel’s XM mobile radio service, the Muse… Read More

  • My new MSN buddy

    In part 5,000 of our ongoing investigation of all things spammy, here is my interaction with what appears to be an MSN Chat robot designed to lure drunken frat boys into a chatroom where they have to offer up credit card numbers in order to get to see nakedness. Strangely enough, the robot actually took time to respond so there must be some wait loop in there to make it more realistic. Read More

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