• Verizon Updates LG Voyager Firmware

    The LG Voyager’s firmware has been upgraded. Know what doesn’t need to be upgraded? The girl’s pony from the Verizon commercials. I wonder how she’s doing with her new pony, besides being an ungrateful brat that wants a cell phone instead of a pony. She probably asked for both and then just started pouting when she only got a pony. So the pony bites and you’re… Read More

  • Review: Logitech G9 Laser Mouse

    So, of Logitech’s Big Three mice, I don’t know which is the sexiest. The MX Revolution is certainly a looker, but this G9’s understated profile and swappable shell is also pretty nice. The MX Air is like a critter out of Halo, but since I’ve never touched one we’ll leave it out of the rest of this review. In any case, it’s safe to say that Logitech has… Read More

  • Gears of War 2 available for pre-order

    It’s only 11 months away, but that didn’t seem to stop anyone from pre-ordering Halo 3 last year, either. I have to credit GOW for bringing me back into the gaming world. Sure, I played my PS2 every now and again, but now I’m on my 360 night and day. It’s not healthy, but at least it’s better then my crack addiction, though I could die from a marathon… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Whither Palm?

    My dad is an inveterate pack-rat and when I was home this weekend I was going through a copy of Bon Appetit from 2001. Don’t ask me why. On the back page was an ad for the Handspring Visor. It showed the Visor in four configurations — phone, black and white camera, MP3 player, and I think GPS. Each of these features required a separate piece of hardware along with some software. Read More

  • uTest Gets $1.7M for Crowd-Sourced Quality Assurance

    Boston-based uTest has raised $1.7M to bring to market a crowd-sourced quality assurance (QA) marketplace and community. The service has begun recruiting testers in anticipation of its official launch, expected in early 2008. No fuzzy logic here; uTest presents clear and communicable value propositions: For companies in need of QA, uTest is providing an on-demand environment for the management… Read More

  • Fujitsu's probably-Penryn laptop has huge battery life

    The line between portability and battery life is about to get a whole lot blurrier, like your vision if you were to walk into a doorknob eye-first and then fall down and hit your other eye squarely on an orange that you left on the floor in the middle of your kitchen for some reason. This laptop will be under three pounds, have a 12.1-inch LED-backlit display at 1280×800 resolution… Read More

  • FlixWagon Jumps On The Live-Mobile-Video Bandwagon

    Live video streaming on the desktop may be just taking off in the U.S., but overseas this is already becoming a mobile phenomenon. Yesterday Mike Butcher of TechCrunch UK posted on Qik and its live video streaming service. Well it looks like Qik will be able to enjoy few precious moments of blogosphere sunshine because a young Israeli company named FlixWagon is hot on its… Read More

  • A note to pederasts: Install your own PC hardware

    In 2004 an unsuspecting pederast by the name of Kenneth Sodomsky brought his computer to Circuit City to have a DVD burner installed. While the techs were installing the drive they, for some reason, “routinely” ran a search of video files to ensure that the drive was working properly. Upon searching, the tech discovered videos of unclothed teenage boys. Cops were called, Sodomsky… Read More

  • Motorola brings new Mings next year

    Motorola’s Linux-based "Ming" phones will be getting a next-generation upgrade in the second quarter of 2008, including the introduction of an entry level offering. The first generation of Ming handsets came only as high-end phones.  The new entry-level Ming models will apparently be coming to the US later next year. You can currently purchase unlocked GSM Ming phones… Read More

  • December update bans XBoxen

    The second Y number is six — for monthly subscription savings! I haven’t seen much mention of this but it seems that the December update officially bans hardware modded XBoxes, resulting in sad clowns up and down the Eastern Seaboard. This involves the DVD-burner firmware hack that came out when the XBox was still new and exciting and I’m not going to admit to any… Read More

  • E3 back in LA, still no booth babes

    What do you think of the sell-through rate on Madden titles versus Take 2’s urban sports series? Miss? E3 was once the promised land for game geeks. In a huge hall in LA you could get and play games, watch scantily clad women who were vying for your attention, and generally feel like you were a plugged in member of an elite gaming force. Now, however, it’s going to be a big… Read More

  • Details about Toshiba's upcoming Portege phones

    Toshiba will be rolling out a few of its own smartphones next year. Here’s some information about what’s coming. Read More

  • Google's Norvig Is Down On Natural Language Search

    Don’t expect to see natural-language search at Google anytime soon. Despite the buzz of startups like Powerset and, to a lesser degree, true knowledge, Google’s head of research Peter Norvig pooh-poohs the notion that people are clamoring to write full sentences in search boxes. In a Q&A with Technology Review, he says: We don’t think it’s a big advance to be able… Read More

  • iPhone in Japan: NTT DoCoMo?

    Rumors are a-flying that Steve met with NTT DoCoMo’s president, Masao Nakamura, about launching the iPhone in Japan. Although I was underwhelmed by Japan’s keitai offerings, I’m sure the iPhone will look like a charming anachronism to the average Tokyo-ite. He’s also talking to Softbank Corp., but I’d say it’s DoCoMo FTW in this one. Apple Meets With… Read More

  • An Interview with Neil Strauss of The Game: Foolproof pick-up gadgets

    For years, Rolling Stone writer Neil Strauss prowled concert halls, surrounded by women willing to do anything to get backstage, yet the only person who ever kissed him was Tommy Lee. He hung out with Motley Crue, toured with Marilyn Manson, and lived with Dave Navarro. He worked with Jenna Jameson. Hell, he appeared in one of her videos, but still couldn’t get a date.
    In 2003, he… Read More

  • Cut footage from Star Wars

    Maybe you’ve seen this and maybe you haven’t. I know the original trilogy (the new ones were even worse) was comprised of cheesy lines, but whoever that guy is that Luke is talking is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. Yikes. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Buy one HD DVD/Blu-ray, get one free at Best Buy

    It seems that a few of you have made the switch to HD or will be in a matter of days so you may want to hop on over to Best Buy and slowly build that collection of HD movies to go along with said HDTV and HD player. Both lists are rather impressive, but I may have to tip my hat to HD DVD because of Transformers, though I have a thing for vampire movies and Kate Beckinsale is not unattractive… Read More

  • EA's list of games for Rock Band snafu not so bad

    Because EA was unable to supply replacement guitars in a timely fashion they were generous enough to offer those poor saps a free game. I think it’s safe to assume that we all thought the game(s) being offered would suck much ass, but we were all wrong. The list of games is rather impressive and sort of makes me regret not picking up Rock Band. I’d get Tiger Woods, FIFA or skate, but… Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #276

    Veronica Belmont confirmed for me that playing a Wii does not make me a gamer, so I think it’s probably right that I’m more excited about ZCam’s potential as an interface device for everyday computing than for it’s potential to replace the Wiimote. The Jabra BT3030 dogtag is almost the Bluetooth connection I’m looking for, but not entirely. Sony has a handheld… Read More

  • CG Holiday Recommendation: Once

    . BTW – On the hill, when she looks up at him and says something in Czech? She’s saying “I love you.” Product Page Read More

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