• FCC Approves SE M610I aka Elena

    Sony Ericsson’s forthcoming M610I aka the Elena seems like a hot piece of hardware with the list of specs that were uncovered in the FCC filing. The M610I will connect via Tri-Band GSM 900/1800/1900, UMTS, WiFi along with Bluetooth among some standard features that may pique your interest. A 3.2-megapixel camera is always a hot selling point and a 2.6-inch QVGA screen isn’t too… Read More

  • Creator of Sony PlayStation Retires

    Ken Kutaragi, the man responsible for Sony’s dominance of the console game market, stepped down today as chairman and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. With Kutaragi’s leadership, Sony’s PlayStation console became the must-have game system of its time, outselling the Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 on its way to household domination. Kutaragi also enjoyed much success… Read More

  • Desktop Tower Defense Played 15 Million Times

    Desktop Tower Defense, the addictive and evil game that Jeremy Zawodny wrote about and which subsequently led to me losing several working days to “testing,” has been played 15 million times since launching in March. So says the creator, Paul Preece, to the WSJ today. Preece, who’s started his own company to create more games, says that up to 4,000 people are playing at any… Read More

  • McFarlane Set To Produce Halo 3 Toys

    The recent announcement of Halo 3 themed accessories for the Xbox 360 sent fanboys into fits of ecstasy, but this just might send them over the edge. Coming to stores in the Spring of 2008 will be five characters along with three vehicles from the Halo series. Leading the charge will be Master Chief and joining him will be Brute Chieftain, Cortana, Jackal Sniper and a 2-pack of Grunts. The… Read More

  • Inkjet Printers Claim to be Out of Ink – Not Really

    According to a study by TÜV Rheinland, inkjet owners are taking the advice of their printers, throwing out cartridges when the printer says they’re empty. The problem? They aren’t really empty. In fact, the cartridges are over half full when thrown out, and may still have hundreds of pages worth of ink left. I personally run my ink supply into the ground, printing until my pages… Read More

  • Robot Chicken: Star Wars

    There are only a handful of things that I clearly remember from my childhood. Star Wars, Transformers and Thunder Cats are three clear-cut favorites, so whenever something new or exciting happens in regards to them I take notice. I have not seen one Transformers trailer except for the very first one that revealed absolutely nothing. Sitting through the MTV Movie Awards was a pain in the ass and… Read More

  • Is MySpace Worth $12 billion?

    It sure as hell might be. We’ve gotten independent confirmation of rumors circulating yesterday that discussions between Fox and Yahoo, where Yahoo would effectively buy MySpace for 25% of the stock in the combined entity, have occured. Whether Yahoo can stomach that kind of transaction right now is another matter, of course. And Fox may have less interest (or more) now that Semel… Read More

  • iPhone Specs In Server Logs

    A few days ago we told you about the iPhone Web app that helps you find gas. While snooping through server logs in the hopes of spotting an iPhone user, the author of Gas.app stumbled upon some revealing details about the bundled Safari browser. As expected the surfing resolution is at a decent 320×396, however the iPhone didn’t seem to support Flash. This is rather… Read More

  • Truveo Growing 50% Per Month, Says Video Search Becoming More Important

    Truveo, which was acquired by AOL in early 2006, is considered to be one of the best video search engines on the Internet. It looks beyond metadata attached to the video file itself and explores the content on the website around the video – resulting in more data to index and better search results. The traffic figures support this. Comscore reports that the site has 40 million monthly… Read More

  • Duracell/Xantrex Power Devices

    Hitting the road this summer? Why not carry a huge battery with lots of plugs and even an air compressor that you can use in an emergency? Or maybe a little tiny recharger for your iPod or other USB-compatible devices? Or a 10-pound solar charger? At any rate, Duracell and Xantrex have you covered. They are now selling a selection of fairly hefty chargers and emergency systems for homes and cars. Read More

  • Google Stares Down Microsoft And Wins

    Microsoft has agreed to make changes to Vista in response to a complaint by Google alleging that Vista’s inbuilt search functionality competed unfairly with Google Desktop Search. According to a NY Times report, Google’s complaint was made confidentially in line with rules established as part of a previous settlement over anti-competitive behaviour by Microsoft. The settlement… Read More

  • New CrunchBoard Jobs

    Here’s the latest from the CrunchBoard job board: 3 Summer Interns at TechCrunch in Atherton, CA Manager, Wireless Product Development at NBC in Englewood Cliffs, NJ Director, Strategy and Business Development at NBC in Englewood Cliffs, NJ Director, Corporate Business Development – Consumer Team Lead at Cisco in San Jose, CA Songbird: Senior Developer Evangelist at Songbird… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    In today’s edition of Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar we are introducing a new graphic, which among others, features our lovable squid. Can you kids name them all? Travis has been a dedicated reader for some time and his two comments on the UK video game fiasco earned him the first spot. I agree that banning a video game that is clearly aimed at ADULTS is pretty dumb. Read More

  • Josh Likes Horses

    Josh and I headed out to a “Holidays” event where we saw a new Ubisoft game for the Wii called Horsez 2. Here we see him watching one of the nice Ubisoft ladies leading one of the horses farther and further — a majestic sight, verily. Want to ride horses all by yourself? Wait until November, buckaroo! Read More

  • AT&T Cell Phones, Now with Live Video

    At the NXTcomm trade conference this morning AT&T Chairman Randall Stephenson announced live video sharing on their 3G enabled handsets. If both users have a compatible handset and are in a 3G coverage area, you can invite the callee to see your video by just pressing your camera button. The functionality is based on Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem and runs on compatible phones such… Read More

  • Toshiba Satellite P205 Review

    The fingerprint magnet known as the P205 The past few Toshiba notebooks I’ve reviewed have not been as stellar as others on the market. With the Satellite P205, Toshiba has included features like a built-in webcam, an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, and DVD burner. Has Toshiba fixed its problems that have plagued them with mediocre reviews in the past? Read on to find out. A first look at the… Read More

  • Wired Almost-Sorta Reviews the Leopard WWDC Beta: Most Impressive

    The WWDC build of Leopard still hasn’t leaked onto the Internet (aside from, perhaps, some super-private BitTorrent trackers), but Wired has a mini-review of the beta. Keeping in mind that Leopard isn’t scheduled to come out until October, Wired basically gave it the Thumbs Up. The brightest spot seems to be the new Finder, which makes browsing around your file system easier. Read More

  • Rumor Rumor Rumor: Nintendo to Sell Video Games on iTunes for Use on iPhone

    Here’s a tasty, if not completely unsourced rumor for the mid-afternoon doldrums. A story on NoHeat says that Nintendo is thinking of releasing some of its video games for the iPhone. The games would cost $29.00, which is already more expensive than most of the games on the Virtual Console, and would be sold on the iTunes Store. The report brings up how hard it’d be to control… Read More

  • Google Acquires Zenter; Y Combinator Gets Another Payday

    Google made another acquisition announcement today – they’ve bought a company called Zenter (“a company that provides software for creating online slide presentations”) to help complete their upcoming Powerpoint/presentation application. The price wasn’t disclosed. This is another liquidity event for Y Combinator, which funded Zenter (we covered their debut… Read More

  • Internet Users Pick Clinton's Campaign Song: Celine Dion Instead of Dio

    Hillary Clinton asked YouTube users last month to pick her campaign theme song. They have selected Celine Dion’s “You and I” and not “Holy Diver” by Dio like we wanted. Clearly the Internet is filled with people who have zero taste in music. Oh, right, MySpace… And why is Clinton bothering YouTube users with issues of such *great* import? How about this… Read More

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