• New Universal Studios roller coaster to have onboard YouTube video recording

    [photopress:coasterrrr.jpg,full,center] There’s gonna be some sort of super roller coaster opening at Universal Studios in Florida next year. Drudge picked it up, so it must be newsworthy. Not only will it be the tallest in the Orlando area (wow!), but riders will be able to obtain, which probably means “buy,” a YouTube-friendly video of their entire trip on the ride. Read More

  • Secrets from Lost: Something about the black box

    Lost, blah blah Ben blah blah smoke monster blah. Blah blah Whitmore blah blah (“NOT PENNY’S BOAT!” said the hobbit) blah blah! Cash also says it is absolutely possible that a plane’s black box would still be in working condition after four months on the ocean floor. The current record goes to a recorder that, after nine years at the bottom of the Mediterranean… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless happy with auction results

    “We are very pleased with our auction results. Specifically, we were successful in achieving the spectrum depth we need to continue to grow our business and data revenues, to preserve our reputation as the nation’s most reliable wireless network, and to continue to lead in data services and help us satisfy the next wave of services and consumer electronics devices. … Read More

  • Review: SugarSync

    [photopress:sugar.jpg,full,pp_image] How often has this happened to you? You’re trapped in the trunk of a Lincoln Continental and the emergency trunk release has been snapped off. You have a document on your home PC detailing how to escape from such a situation but all you have is your WinMo or Blackberry phone with you. You do a frantic Google search to no avail, and your captors take… Read More

  • The HTC Shift X9000 is here, finally

    The CDMA version (runs on Sprints EV-DO network) of the Shift has finally landed stateside and Amazon has it on sale for $1,500. Check out Laptop’s video review above or get all the gritty details here. If you just want the final verdict then we have that for you, too. Read More

  • Odd Citi branded, keyboard-lacking, NFC-sporting handset shows up at FCC

    [photopress:citi.jpg,full,left]Now this is an odd little handset. It’s the Plus II from Citi, as in the financial institution, but really from Mobicom. It has no keys, not in the traditional sense, and has built-in NFC payment hardware. This means it works like a credit or debit card, just like in that old AT&T commercial. What’s interesting is that it apparently uses an… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless claims big chunk of 700MHz spectrum, AT&T grabs a small bite

    Looks like Verizon Wireless was the high bidder in the C-block with $4.74 billion. That gives them control over the airspace being left by television broadcasters who are moving from analog to digital. AT&T appears to have won 227 licenses from the B-block. Details on this to come as we get them. FCC Read More

  • Lenovo did not just do that!

    Reminds me of this. Read More

  • Verizon down in NYC?

    Got a tip from some sad-eyed Verizon customers that the service is down completely in Manhattan. We’re trying a few phones here at the office and will try to figure out if this is a tri-state kind of thing or just a local outage. Read More

  • Crunch Network

    Help-Key: Activating, SIM unlocking and jailbreaking an iPhone the very, very easy way.

    [photopress:Picture_51.jpg,full,center] I’ve been keeping up with jailbreaking the iPod Touch here on the Help-Keys, and I know its helped a lot of people to open up their hardware. Make no mistake, the iPod Touch is one of the most outstanding pieces of hardware I’ve ever seen, and the work the various hackers developers have been doing with it is amazing. I also feel the iPhone… Read More

  • Break It Down Elmo dances for our sins

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22425001/vp/23724089#23724089 Clearly this Elmo thing is going too far. When Elmo exhorts us to get on up like Flava circa 1990, things need to change. Read More

  • Exclusive: Alltel LG Glimmer quick look

    Just got the LG Glimmer in from Alltel so I took a few shots before the real review. It’s basically a slider phone with haptic touch screen and some music/video playback features. It’s quite solid and heavier than I expected and the screen is quite bright and readable. Overall I wouldn’t kick it out of bed for eating crackers, as… Read More

  • March Sadness: Joost's pipes, they are clogged

    Wonh, woonnh. Seems Joost is acting up with the live streams of the NCAA games. I was able to get a split-second worth of one of those stupid cell shaded Charles Schwab commercials but every other time I’ve tried to get a one of the games loaded up, I’ve been getting an error message. Joost did say “we fully expect things to go wrong,” so I’ll keep trying… Read More

  • 360 Vodka: World's first eco-friendly spirit

    [photopress:360vodka.jpg,full,center] Environmentally friendly vodka? That’s nice. Now every time you beat up your liver you’ll be helping save the planet. 360 Vodka, which has nothing to do with Microsoft’s video game console, comes to us from McCormick Distilling, which claims to be one of the oldest distillers in the U.S. It comes in a bottle that’s made from 85… Read More

  • Apple updates iPhoto '08, Aperture 2 for RAW support

    This photo is not in RAW format. I just wanted to post one of my shots :) Matt was just complaining about the latest update for Leopard and I thought that maybe there was a new one today, but instead I got an update for iPhoto ’08 and Aperture 2. RAW file compatibility has been updated for the following cameras: Read More

  • Is your life better or worse with Windows Vista SP1?

    So how are things? Everything go okay with the service pack installation? I’ve certainly been critical of Vista in the past but I’m happy to admit that my upgrade went through without a hitch. The fan on my notebook seems to have settled down a bit and programs seem to be opening more quickly, so I’m happier than I was before SP1. The general consensus from around the web… Read More

  • Remember Micro Machines?

    Click for high-res I remember having a huge collection of these as a kid. I may have one or two of my favorites somewhere in my room. An ad agency in Milan, Italy has started a guerilla marketing campaign (maybe it’s just in Italy, I don’t know) by spray painting pedestrian walkways, near schools and playgrounds where you can whip out your Micro Machines and pretend you’re… Read More

  • The Cult of Mac, iPod uploaded to The Pirate Bay by publisher

    [photopress:cultofipodtpb.jpg,full,right] Leander Kahney has turned the publishing world on its head, having uploaded to The Pirate Bay his books The Cult of Mac and The Cult of iPod. The books, published by No Starch Press, downloaded in just over a minute; there’s currently 124 seeders on the Cult of iPod torrent. Read More

  • Breaking: FCC Confirms that Big Winner in Spectrum Auction is Verizon. So Why Is Google Smiling?

    The big winner of the FCC’s $19.6 billion auction of wireless spectrum that ended yesterday is Verizon. That was pretty much everyone’s guess. At a press conference today, the chairman of the FCC announced that Verizon won six large regional licenses for the most sought-after C-Block of spectrum that will give it a national footprint. It also won 77 smaller licenses in the B-Block. Read More

  • Shelf swivels in response to lopsided weight

    [photopress:bshelf.jpg,full,center] Here’s a cheap trick (n. the band) that’s sure to impress no one. It’s a shelfs that double as a balance. Depending on how much weight is on either side of the fulcrum, the shelf tilts to the left or the right. The shelf won’t completely tip over or anything (that would be silly! and pointless!), but instead provide a visual feast for… Read More

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