• Daily Crunch: Dinosheep Edition

    Email flight simulator: When drugs aren’t enough
    Collection of the worst PC case mods
    Turn your car into a joystick
    Pleo as a lamb
    Introducing CrunchGear BFF Read More

  • Digg Images On The Way

    In a conversation with Digg founder Kevin Rose tonight at The Lobby conference in Hawaii, he mentioned that Digg would be adding an Images category on top of the existing News, Video and Podcasts. This was originally mentioned in a Digg blog post back in August – Rose says the feature will launch by end of year. Lots of images are already uploaded to Digg today; the new category, like… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. The Unreasonable Stance: Linux sucks for desktops J.P. wtf?
    Did I just read something that my 4-year old banged out before spilling apple juice on the keyboard? “First, he’d want to keeps some of the files he has on… Read More

  • Mac OSX Leopard: Worth The Wait

    The long wait for the latest version of Apple’ OSX operating system comes to an end today for millions of Mac fans worldwide. OSX Leopard goes on sale in retail stores at 6pm, although others will receive it earlier by pre-order and courier delivery. Apple (to their credit) made delivery for Friday no matter where you live, so I had my copy around 9pm Thursday PST. Installation This is… Read More

  • Songkick launches Kayak for gigs

    Songkick, a music events tracker, has launched offering a number of services, including a Kayak-style search engine for concert tickets. The site is aggregating tickets from 10 primary and secondary ticket vendors in the US and UK, no mean feat. The service allows users to install a Media player plugin (for iTunes, Winamp and WMP) which automatically tracks artists in your music library… Read More

  • Google's SearchMash Adds Snap Shot Previews. But Why Is It In Flash?

    Google’s Web 2.0 search playpen, SearchMash, now has a Flash version. When you mouse over a search result, you get a Snap Shot preview of the Web page in a pane on the right. The Snap Shots are powered by Bill Gross’ search engine Snap.com. (We use Snap Shots on outside links, as do two million other Websites). Flash is so pretty, but can it truly be as fast as Ajax? Maybe not… Read More

  • OMFG Leopard installed

    I stuck in the Leopard disk this afternoon and set it to install itself. When I came back a few hours later, my desktop was ready and waiting for me. It was a completely unattended installation. Now that it’s on my machine, I’ll be putting it through its various paces but let me assure you — even you doubters out there — OS X is getting better with every iteration and… Read More

  • Is Rummble the next phase in local reviews?

    Chuck a stone into the UK startup scene at the moment and the chances of you hitting an entrepreneur peddling a site which allows people to share and rate things – anything in fact – in a local area, are pretty damn high. Let’s look at one list: Welovelocal, Revmap, Wehanghere, FridayCities, Qype, Tipped and TrustedPlaces. And I’m sure I have missed a few… Read More

  • Check Out The New Windows Home Server Demo. But Why Is It In Flash?

    Microsoft PR sent out a link to this slick new Windows Home Server Demo this afternoon. Nothing really notable about it (although I do want one)…except the demo is in Flash. Microsoft has been pushing their alternative framework to Flash called Silverlight since announcing it earlier this year, even going so far as to have a new search user interface created that shows off some of… Read More

  • Happy Halloween: Man buried with cellphone sans SIM

    Attention Readers: if your loved one’s dying wish was to be buried with his mobile phone, the very least you can do is make sure that happens, lest his restless spirit rises from the grave to stand at your bedside changing its ringtones at all hours of the night. And if you do comply, make sure that your loved one’s grandson doesn’t remove the SIM card to said device just… Read More

  • A costume idea I won't be using, so you should feel free to

    I was looking for costume ideas when I ran across this fairly geeky idea that I won’t be doing. You, however, should feel free to indulge yourselves. On that note, I still don’t have a costume, and am open to ideas, as I have like 4 Halloween parties to attend in the next three days. And that’s all before the 31st. Don’t you wish you could be me, just for one… Read More

  • Rumors suck: No HD-DVD Xbox any time soon

    That rumor from not long ago about Xbox getting Toshiba’s HD-DVD players? Not so fast, says Toshiba, even though that was the source of the original rumor. And so says Microsoft. Ah, but we can dream, can’t we? Toshiba says no to new Xbox 360 HD DVD rumour [Stuff.tv] Read More

  • Anti-groping software comes to Japanese cellphones

    In the ever-expanding world of polite passive aggressiveness from Japan comes the cellphone capable of dirty looks. It seems that some dirty men from the land of the rising sun grope young females semi-anonlymously on Tokyo’s subways. Rather than call blatant attention to the pervs, the victim can now hold up their cellphone with phrases like “Groping is a crime!” to the… Read More

  • "Graphical passwords" to make PINs obsolete?

    I am not smart. I have one PIN that I use for everything I have that needs a PIN: my bank accounts, my phone lock, my private yacht, everything. Sure, you’re supposed to have seperate PINs for each, but who can keep track of all of those? It’s much easier to know that “4459” works on all my stuff. But for those of us who can’t keep track of all that math… Read More

  • J.D. Power rates this years flat panel TVs

    Click And the winner is…Sony! I’m going to get myself a Vizio. JD Power Read More

  • Teabag Jimmy Eat World this Saturday

    It’s not everyday the average gamer gets to play against someone famous, so Microsoft has come up with Game With Fame and this Saturday from 1-3 EST get ready to teabag the guys from Jimmy Eat World in Halo 3. As if the servers weren’t craptacular enough. Look for the following gamer tags and frag away. JimmyEatWorld_J (Jim Adkins)
    JimmyEatWorld_T (Tom Linton)
    JimmyEatWorld_R… Read More

  • Told you so: Samsung Adidas phone coming

    The F110 aka Adidas Sport is a weak ass 2.5G slider with a 2-inch QVGA screen, 2-megapixel camera, FM radio and MP3 player. The actual ‘Sport’ functions include a heartbeat monitor, pedometer and a few other dedicated sports applications. I guess that’s cool. Details are scant so we’ll see what else pans out. when it launches next month. Samsung Adidas Phone loopt warm… Read More

  • Release your inner child with Pixar's short films

    Just thought I’d let everyone know that Pixar has released Volume 1 (2004) of its short film collection, which includes favorites from Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo and Toy Story. Tell the wife you’re getting it for the kids when in reality you’re getting it for yourself. Product Page [via Kottke] Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 22-inch refurb ViewSonic LCD for $199

    Not bad! This thing’s got some good customer reviews to back it up, too. 22-inch widescreen (16:10) LCD with 1680×1050 resolution, 5ms response time, 700:1 contrast ratio, digital and analog inputs, and built-in speakers. If you’re worried about the "refurbished" part, you could add a 2-year warranty for $30. Delivery only (free shipping, though). Read More

  • The Unreasonable Stance: Linux sucks for desktops

    Welcome to the Unreasonable Stance, a weekly column starting right here, where our ever-popular Vince takes an unpopular opinion and defends it to the death. This week, why Linux isn’t ready for desktops. Enjoy! – Ed.
    Linux is great. Really, it is. I used to use it all the time as a teenager when I got into programming. But now that I’ve matured (a little) and fallen into… Read More

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