• Camera armor for your SLR: At level 40 you can upgrade it to plate

    Santa will be making the rounds soon and you, American Consumer, are going to need a couple of smaller gifts to stick in your relatives’ stockings. You know, things like salt shakers, sticks of RAM, SLR protectors, etc. SLR protectors, really? They’re not cheap, either. Take this protector, whimsically dubbed “Camera Armor.” It’s made of silicon and protects… Read More

  • Western Digital Passport gets storage boost

    Not that you really need a 320GB portable drive for the holidays. It’s, however, nice to know that one is out there now in case you do and I’m glad it’s from Western Digital. The Passport series, which weighs less than five ounces has been given a significant bump by 70GB and retails for a mere $229.99. They’re currently available in select retailers and… Read More

  • A Lot More Flash (And AIR) Phones Coming Soon From Ribbit

    Earlier this morning, I posted about TringMe and the coming flood of Flash-based Web phones. I forgot to mention Ribbit, which is about to publicly unleash an entire development platform for building Flash phones on December 13. Ribbit’s development platform is already in private beta and allows programmers to build Web phones that can make, receive, and record calls, send voice… Read More

  • Universal Music's classical subsidiary to go DRM-free

    Deutsche Grammaphon. Ever heard of it? Doesn’t matter if you have or not. It’s owned by Universal Music and has decided to build its own classical music download site, where the MP3s are DRM-free and encoded at 320kbps. Single tracks run for $1.29 unless they’re over 7-minutes long, in which case they cost $1.99. That’s a slight departure from how classical music is… Read More

  • Knocka.tv Comes Out Swinging, Does it Pack a Punch?

    Knocka.tv ends speculation today by alpha launching an Internet television network. As a TechCrunch exclusive, 1000 of our readers will be the first users to gain access—the sign-up form is at the bottom of this post. The concept is a multi-channel Internet broadcast network that features both professional and user generated content. Knocka packages the content prior to broadcast… Read More

  • XM-Sirius merger could gets thumbs-up from DoJ today

    The XM-Sirius merger, yet another story that refuses to go away. Whoops—it might go away today, actually. A recent Bear Sterns report suggests that the Department of Justice may give the merger its blessing as early as today. Once the DoJ gives the go-ahead, it’s largely expected that the FCC will do the same. So break out the popcorn and keep your eyes and ears open for any… Read More

  • NBC Takes Its Shows Off iTunes And Goes Home

    After a very public rift, NBC and Apple are finally kaput. With its contract now expired, NBC has taken all of its shows off iTunes, with the exception of some NBC news podcasts. (No more CNBC, Sci-Fi Channel, Telemundo, or USA shows either). The move was expected. See the list of TV networks featured on iTunes at right? NBC used to be right after National Geographic. Its absence leaves… Read More

  • OMG IRONY: Facebook founder's private docs available for your viewing pleasure

    The only thing more annoying than the BCS is Facebook, which, with every passing day, seems less and less “cool.” Not because I’m one of those privacy nuts, but it does seem that with every “Facebook is the next Google” article in Newsweek or whatever, I find myself a little “yay! Facebook is fun!.” But this is kinda lame. A Harvard-oriented… Read More

  • VoIP via your Cellphone for Cheap International Calls with MobileTalk

    If you have ever made an international call on your cellphone you know that charges can be really high. It doesn’t take long to rack up a big bill when you are calling friends in China or Britain. Now VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider 8×8, also known as Packet8, has an application that allows you to call international over the Internet on your mobile phone. There is no… Read More

  • You Will Control 25% of Entertainment by 2012

    Nokia’s latest study, ‘A Glimpse of the Next Episode’, predicts that within five years a quarter of all entertainment will be created, edited and shared within peer groups rather than coming out of traditional media groups. Trend-setting consumers from 17 countries were asked about their digital behaviors and lifestyles. Nokia also used information gathered from its 900… Read More

  • Yahoo Top Searches 2007: Please, People, Stop Typing Britney Spears Into Search Boxes

    It’s that time of year again for the major search engines to release their top search queries of the year. Yahoo traditionally goes first, and today’s the day. And once again, people can’t seem to help but type “Britney Spears” into every search box they come across. The top queries of the year on Yahoo are: Britney Spears WWE Paris… Read More

  • TringMe Develops Its Own Flash Phone

    Here come the Flash phones. Most Web-based phone services require a separate application like Skype or Gizmo. Or, like Jajah, they use the Web primarily to initiate a call on a regular phone. But Flash-based Web phones are bringing VOIP calls directly to the browser. Last month we covered Russia’s Flashphone. Now another SIP-based Flash phone is coming out of India’s… Read More

  • Adroll: The Social Ad Network (Beta Invites)

    Jared Kopf thinks that ad networks should be more like social networks. A member of the PayPal mafia (he also helped start Slide), Kopf is now CEO of Adroll, a social ad network that launched in private beta last week. (The first 100 TechCrunch readers to register and type in the promo code “Crunchroll” will get a beta invite). The last thing the Web needs is another ad network… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Forest Edition

    Fill your house with Plant Breath using these filters
    Tech toys are now kids toys, for better or worse
    Pock-it: Like a post-it, but with a pocket
    Staggering Genius: The Beer Pager
    Open It now! Read More

  • Murdoch linked to LinkedIn, yet again

    Rupert Murdoch is considering a £500 million deal to buy corporate networking site LinkedIn, according to yesterday’s Sunday Express. The UK paper said that preliminary talks between the News Corporation chief executive and LinkedIn CEO Dan Nye began three weeks ago. However, last week Nye said that offers would not be considered unless they were in excess of $1 billion, which happens to… Read More

  • In Japan Half The Top Selling Books Are Written On Mobile Phones

    With all the talk about Amazon’s Kindle, there’s a bigger revolution taking place and those who studied classic literature will be horrified. In Japan, half of the top ten selling works of fiction in the first six months of 2007 were composed on mobile phones. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, mobile phone novels (keitai shousetsu) have become a publishing phenomenon in… Read More

  • RockYou App Slides to Top Spot on Facebook

    On Friday, RockYou took over the top spot on Facebook’s list of applications with the most active users. The application, called Super Wall, overtook Slide’s FunWall. Slide still has the No. 2, No. 3, and No. 6 Facebook apps, while RockYou only has one other app in the top ten (X Me, at No. 5). The top apps are still ruled by a few dominant names. In a press release touting that… Read More

  • TeXtra's Natali Del Conte Leaves Podshow For CNET TV

    TeXtra, a tech news video show hosted by former TechCrunch writer Natali Del Conte, may be shutting down well shy of its first birthday this upcoming February 13. That’s because CNET has poached Natali away from Podshow, which owns TeXtra. Del Conte, pictured right, will be moving from San Francisco to New York and joining the CNET TV team with a new news show, she says. It won’t… Read More

  • CarbonRally: Small Competitive Steps For The Environment

    CarbonRally applies gaming and social networking concepts to environmental activism by challenging participants to take positive steps against carbon emissions. Boston based CarbonRally offers a series of carbon reducing challenges, such as not drinking bottled water, dumping shopping bags and leaving your car at home, whereby users can compete against others to become the most carbon… Read More

  • Stealing Books For The Kindle Is Trivially Easy

    If you are willing to violate copyright laws, getting free ebooks is almost as easy as getting free music. There are numerous sites that have free, legal, out-of-copyright ebook files available for download. But tens of thousands of newly released books, including best sellers, are readily available on on BitTorrent sites as well, right next to movies and music. And reading these books on the… Read More

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