• Video: In game advertising pisses off XBL players

    I have no idea if the guy doing all the product pitching works for any of the companies mentioned in any of the videos, but he is freaking hilarious. I can’t stop laughing. The Gatorade video is probably the funniest one of all. I hope companies don’t plan on advertising like this in the future. Maybe the guy was smoking some herb or crack. Read More

  • Research study shows Sony's OLED TV won't last as long as Sony says it will

    Sony’s extremely expensive 11-inch OLED TV that landed stateside earlier this year claims a lifespan of 30,000 hours or 10 years, but DisplaySearch says otherwise. The research firm tested two XEL-1 TVs for 1,000 hours and estimates that the organic light-emitting diode set would fizzle out after 17,000 hours. “The results demonstrate that the Sony display is significantly inferior… Read More

  • Mike Tyson to appear in EA's Fight Night Round 4

    You read that right, folks. The champ is back! A young Mike Tyson will be in EA’s fourth installment of their popular boxing game, Fight Night Round 4. I remember growing up and watching Tyson on HBO when he was in his prime. It was a sight to see and I still remember how fast he was. He was untouchable and then he got all crazy and drunk on power or high on coke. Can’t wait to… Read More

  • Hands-on with SteelSeries' gear lineup

    SteelSeries is an established brand over on the other side of the pond, and their gear is respected among pro and enthusiast gamers — there are even SteelSeries-sponsored clans and teams. Now the company is bringing their game over here and I have been so lucky as to get a good look at their full range of stuff. Look for full reviews later, but for now, if you’re curious… Read More

  • Accessories for Samsung Glyde show up on Verizon's site, launch imminent

    Well, look at that. Everyone remembers the Glyde, right? Maybe you remember it as the u940 or the CDMA variant of the F700 that we broke last year? Anyway, it looks like the Glyde is getting closer and closer to launch on Verizon as evidence of its existence has shown up on Verizon’s site. There’s a slew of accessories available for it and most of them are generic, but the photo… Read More

  • Test to see if your ISP is throttling BitTorrent traffic

    Your connection on Time Warner. This test will tell you if your ISP is throttling your BitTorrent traffic. So many people are taking it right now that it might be down, but TorrentFreak reports that 10 ISPs in the US are shaping traffic — non named yet, though. Keep trying and let us know if your ISP is keeping you from downloading The Slip legally. Read More

  • TuneWiki player for Android

    I won’t mumble my opinion of Android anymore — *ahem* dead on the vine *ahem* — but that won’t stop folks from creating software for it. TuneWiki is an iPhone-esque media player for Android (it’s already out on iPhone homebrew). It adds Karaoke-style lyric readouts to your songs, which is nice. Right now it works in the emulator but the video above gives you a look… Read More

  • Vatican embraces social networking, text messaging for Il Papa

    For World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, the Vatican is going high tech. It will be setting up a social networking site much like a Catholic Facebook where people can sign up to get prayers online and text messages from the Pope. Wait, I can get a text message from the Pope!? I’m not even Catholic but that sounds so awesome! Think he’ll use texting shorthand? Like for the… Read More

  • Hitman is free in iTunes… but why?

    If you like movies and you like bald people, go ahead over to iTunes and pick up Hitman for free right now before someone figures out what’s up. Go to the store, click Movies->Thrillers. Click Browse on the right side and select hit man by director “Unknown.” Looks like a bug in coding, but it downloads just fine and it’s as free as a walk down a country lane in… Read More

  • Dances with Childrens: the RC-R2D2 story

    How cute is that? Tread-based robots are limited to very few moves on the dance floor (for instance, they can’t do their namesake), but that doesn’t stop this remote-controlled R2 unit from cutting a rug with these young ladies at Maker Faire. Looks like a lot of fun. You can find out more about the project at Artoo-Detoo.net. Read More

  • MeeVee Finds A Home, Acquired By Live Universe

    Brad Greenspan’s Live Universe continues its acquisitions spree: they’ve bought troubled Silicon Valley startup MeeVee, we’re heard from multiple sources. This comes less than a month after they announced the acquisition of Pageflakes, another northern California startup. We do not know the acquisition price, but it is undoubtedly less than the $25 million Meevee has raised… Read More

  • RIAA gets juicy countersuit dismissed, rubs hands while laughing maniacly

    I love it when people fight back against the RIAA. Their bullying tactics are getting old, and it seems the courts are realizing this. Last week a judge made it clear that making files available for download — seeding a file to a P2P network, for example — is not copyright infringement. There are other stories of people fighting back, and Atlantic vs. Boyer. Boyer’s attorneys… Read More

  • Iron Man vs. GTA IV: They're both winners!

    There was much speculation — especially on the part of this blogger — that the release of GTA IV the same week as Iron Man might hurt the films revenue, the idea being that nerds would be hunkered down with their Xboxes trying to finish the game, or that many had spent their monthly fun budget on the $60 game, with nothing left for Tony Stark. That’s not the case. In fact… Read More

  • Marissa Mayer, Roelof Botha and Marc Andreessen Join TechCrunch50 Panel Of Experts

    I’m proud to announce that Ning’s Marc Andreessen, Sequoia Capital’s Roelof Botha and Google’s Marissa Mayer will join us on September 8 – 10 in San Francisco for the TechCrunch50 conference Panel of Experts. The experts will judge the fifty startups launching at the event, and then discuss each of the demos on stage as a group. More details on the conference… Read More

  • KickNote To Launch 50 Band Battle Live On Internet This Summer

    New startup KickNote, founded by Brian Erickson, will be launching a “Battle Of The Bands” event this summer that will allow people to watch, and vote, online. The actual concerts will be held in the New York city area, so this event will be called “Battle of the Boroughs.” Thirteen separate events will be held over three rounds; 50 bands in total are expected to… Read More

  • AMD is accusing Intel of deeds unspeakable

    The long-running dispute between AMD and Intel, in which the former alleges anti-trust violations by the latter, has a new wrinkle. A key point in the battle is coming up, and AMD has released to the public its laundry list of accusations. Or, at least, something like that. It seems they (or more likely Intel) feel that the public is not ready to hear what AMD has to say, so Read More

  • A look back and the iMac: First impressions from 1998

    Yesterday we wished happy birthday to the iMac, the personal computer from ten years ago that more or less saved Apple, leading the way to change the computer industry — as well as the music industry — forever. We posted the video of Steve Jobs introducing the iMac and the nostalgia was palpable. But what were the reactions? Reader Dan showed me this clip from a MacWorld from ten… Read More

  • Rumor: Comcast mulling 250GB/month download caps

    Comcast doesn’t like its customers. Well, not all of them, especially those who actually take advantage of the massive amounts of bandwidth it makes available, and is preparing to penalize those of you (or of us) that download tons of content. Rumors from Broadband Reports, the excellent connectivity ratings site, show that Comcast might be considering 250GB per month caps on… Read More

  • Nikon may have inadvertently announced the mid-range full-frame D10

    Nikon’s strict naming conventions seem to have betrayed them. When they release a battery grip, they include the model number it’s for in the name. So the D200’s battery grip is the MB-D200. Well, they recently let fly the “MB-D10,” which fits the D300. The source says he has never known Nikon to just arbitrarily change a name like that, so given the size the… Read More

  • Id announces Doom 4

    Like many of you, my first FPS gaming experience was Doom. It was on an old 486 with the “turbo” button engaged. It was maybe five frames a second and looked like shit, but back then it was revolutionary. Id’s bringing Doom back for a fourth time, officially announcing development is starting on Doom 4. No word on what the game’s like, but we’re guessing you… Read More

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