• The Futurist: How The PS3 Could Sink Blu-ray, And Blu-ray Could Sink the PS3

    If Sony is to be believed, the verdict is already in: HD-DVD is a non-starter, and their cross-Japanese Toshibian rivals are toast. They may very well be right: Blu-ray is certainly outperforming HD-DVD in terms of sales and support, and may be headed for the victory stand when it’s all said and done. But in order to get there, Sony may be setting themselves up not only for only a… Read More

  • Etymotic ety8 Bluetooth Earbud Hands On

    The Etymotic ety8 Bluetooth earbuds are a classic example of a potentially great idea that suffers from a lack of design sense (the picture above tells all) and forethought. These industry-first wireless canalphones work with just about any Bluetooth device so you can listen to music wirelessly without being bothered by ambient noise. Since that device is very likely to be a cell phone, it… Read More

  • Ricavision Vista SideShow Remote Control: Explore Vista's Majesty From The Couch

    One of the many wows of Windows Vista is SideShow, a technology that outputs information like e-mail onto screens other than a PC monitor. Using SideShow, this Ricavision Bluetooth remote control lets you navigate through your Vista PC’s media library, schedule TV recordings and read your e-mail without so much as leaving the couch (so long as you’re within 328 feet of the PC). Read More

  • Have You Found The Easter Eggs In Google Homepages?

    Google released six custom themes for personalized homepages yesterday and while most would be happy with them, I was not. So, of course, I did a search via Google to see if there might be some Easter eggs hidden somewhere and look what I found! There are five known Easter eggs for the six themes, but a “Bus Stop” egg hasn’t been found yet. Looking at the XML file for each… Read More

  • Celsia NanoSpreader Cools Your PC With Steam

    What’s the biggest gripe consumers have these days when it comes to electronics? Think about laptops and I’m sure the answer will come to you quickly: it’s the heat. As I’m writing this post my lap is being burnt to a crisp. Would you ever think that steam could help cool things off? I wouldn’t have thought it possible until I caught wind of Celsia’s… Read More

  • Sidekick X RAZR Details Leaked

    If yesterdays CG exclusive on the Sidekick ID wasn’t enough to wet your appetite then maybe this will. The super sidekick fanboys over at hiptop3 have the scoop on the Sidekick X RAZR from Motorola. The above picture is a slide from a PowerPoint presentation given last week at the T-Mobile national marketing meeting. Details are very skimpy at the moment, but what we do know is that… Read More

  • Confirmed: TV Networks Launch New Company To Counter Perceived Google/YouTube Threat

    Update: My real time notes from the media conference call are here. The rumors of a joint venture to counter the perceived Google-YouTube threat, dubbed “Clown Co.” by Google executives, are now confirmed, although the name of the new company is not yet available. In a press release, Peter Chernin (COO News Corp.) and Jeff Zucker (CEO NBC Universal) are announcing “launch… Read More

  • Twitter!

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  • Daily Crunch: Misunderstanding Games Edition

    Thunderdome Showdown: HSDPA Vs. EV-DO
    OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator Does What Your Noggin Wants
    5 Reasons Why The AppleTV Rules And Sucks
    Understanding Games Teaches Us How Games Work
    How Not To Get Your Laptop Stolen (And How To Protect Yourself If It Does) Read More

  • Travel for Geeks: What's In Your Bag?

    A true gadget nerd is only as good as the gadgets that they carry with them. We live in an age of amazing laptop bags with room, as well as special pockets, for just about everything a real world person could need, from cellphones to PDAs to the ubiquitous laptops. That doesn’t mean, however, that all gear carriers are made the same. In fact, the differences in gadget encumbrance not… Read More

  • News Corp, NBC May Announce Distributed YouTube Competitor Today; Google Scoffs

    There have been rumors of a TV network led joint venture to compete with YouTube for months – the first time we heard it was just a couple of days after the first rumor of Google’s acquisition of the company. Since then, we’ve heard that discussions stalled as one partner or another pulled out of the group. The rumors are now back with a vengeance. The L.A. Times is now… Read More

  • A Great WebEx Alternative: Zoho Meeting

    Zoho just launched a private beta for Zoho Meeting, their new online meeting application that will overlap with the important features of WebEx (recently acquired by Cisco) – desktop sharing. They’ll be bleeding new users in – sign up on the home page to request access, or watch the embedded video at the end of this post to see a demo. Zoho Meeting lets each member view… Read More

  • Get Vista-Like Widget Functionality On XP With New Yahoo Widgets

    Yahoo is launching the 4.0 version of their desktop widget platform this morning. It is substantially less burdensome on system resources (a common Yahoo Widgets complaint is that it slows down computers) and also adds Vista-like features like a widgets dock on the desktop. A video tour of the new version is here. The new platform it a lot lighter than the current version 3.1 –… Read More

  • Kongregate Gets $1M, Launches User Generated Games

    We covered Kongregate when they were in private beta, but they’re officially public with a new wad of cash from some big names to back them up. They’ve created a gaming community around Flash games developed by other users, and are announcing a “nearly” $1 million angel round, including funds from Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Joe Kraus (Excite/JotSpot), Jeff Clavier… Read More

  • Crumpler Geek Travel Contest Winner #1

    I know it’s well into the evening, but I was preoccupied getting the below comparison done. Please forgive me my darlings! Well I know you will since I have the first winner for our Crumpler Geek Travel contest. Read More

  • Thunderdome Showdown: HSDPA Vs. EV-DO

    The battle of the year! Cingular’s newcomer HSDPA squares off with Sprint’s crowd-favorite EV-DO. Speculation has been splattered from one side of the Internet to the other about which technology fairs better and I’m here to set the record straight. Using both a Novatel Merlin XU870 HSDPA ExpressCard and a Merlin EX720 EV-DO, during my travels to various points across the… Read More

  • OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator Does What Your Noggin Wants

    Here’s an interesting product from OCZ that seemed to be overlooked at CeBIT and I’m extremely surprised to say the least. For one thing the eye candy alone should have had extensive coverage. It sounds to be a lot like Emotiv’s Epoc project regarding sensory gaming. In a nutshell, the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator carries out specific commands that your noggin wants to do… Read More

  • Wii Goes Chrome

    To the diehard fans the Nintendo Wii is the gold standard for console gaming, and soon they’ll have a chance to show their system at least in chrome if not actual gold. A new outer shell, the I-Case, will be available at the end of the month from XCM for $37.99, giving the console that extra high-tech look. And if the shiny cyber-look isn’t your thing, alternate colors include… Read More

  • 5 Reasons Why The AppleTV Rules And Sucks

    The AppleTV is finally shipping after a month of nail-biting anticipation and most people are excited while others are attempting to justify some reason to order it. I’m still on the fence about shelling out $300, but Gadget Lab’s “5 Reasons Why AppleTV Rules, 5 Reasons Why it Sucks” tells it like it is and backs up some of the reasoning why I think it will change… Read More

  • Laptops Set to Overthrow Desktops in 2011

    Some British analysts have hypothesized that the laptop market will trump desktop sales by 2011. The group has issued a report predicting that laptop sales will expand by 16.1 percent each year while desktop sales increase by just 3.8 percent. The group cites that 82 million portable computers and about 140 million desktops were sold in 2006. These numbers equate to a 26.3-percent growth… Read More