• Nyko unveils media hub for PS3

    Today, Nyko announced a tiny little media hub for your PS3. What can said hub do for you? It adds three extra USB ports in addition to a memory card slot that supports SD and Memory Sticks. The Media Hub for PS3 should be available in August for $20. Read More

  • Sony to boost production of TVs with FED technology

    Field Emission Technologies, a Sony affiliate, is preparing to mass-produce a new kind of flat panel starting 2009. Sony owns 37.8 percent of the company. The so-called FEDs (field emission displays) offer higher picture quality than LCDs. Backlighting FEDs is not necessary so that they are said to be twice as energy-efficient as LCDs. While Sony’s first OLED-TV, the XEL-1, measures… Read More

  • Openmoko Neo Freerunner to launch July 4th

    Man, I loves me some Openmoko Neo Freerunner. Sure, it’s not the prettiest thing on the planet. Sure, a completely open source mobile device may be a bit ahead of the times for all but the most dedicated gadget geeks amongst us. But man oh man, have I been drooling about this for a while. For the uninitiated, Openmoko is a project aimed at creating a series of open source mobile phones. Read More

  • UTStarcom offloads its handset division

    We don’t really hear much about Audiovox UTStarcom these days. In all the time I’ve spent staring at other peoples phones, I’ve come across but a handful of UTStarcom handsets. Am I in the minority here? Regardless – someone out there thinks UTStarcom’s phones are worth a chunk of change. A group of private investors from AIG Investments has snatched up… Read More

  • Apple Confirms: No Online iPhone 3G Sales, In-Store Activation Only

    Reader Steve has been chatting with Apple.com CSRs today – he’s already talked to two – and they’ve both confirmed my worst fears: you will not be able to order the IP3G online and it will only be available in stores and it will be activated in-store, provided you wish to purchase it at contract prices (i.e. $199). What does this mean? It means getting an unlocked… Read More

  • Cellufun Recruits Keith Katz and Tom Burgess

    The mobile game and entertainment company Cellufun adds two new executives to its management team. Tom Burgess will sit on the advisory board and Keith Katz will become VP of Marketing. Both new hires are mobile industry veterans and have experience in the entertainment and advertising businesses. Tom Burgess is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Battery Ventures. He was the Founder and CEO of… Read More

  • Rockstar Games sending out promotional weapons

    Word on the street has it that those wacky folks over at Rockstar Games are sending out promotional Grand Theft Auto IV metal bats, to encourage the gift giving aspects of the game. Popular Mechanics reported getting one the in the mail along with a press release saying “‘Tis the Season To Swing Big and Go GRAND.” We don’t think they actually mean going on a grand… Read More

  • Mobile Phones Banned in Cyprus Schools

    Legislators in Cyprus are poised to pass a tough law that bans students from bringing mobile phones to school. Jamming handset reception in schools has also been contemplated. The new law would reprimand students caught carrying a mobile phone on campus. Those caught with a handset turned on could be suspended and anyone filming with a mobile phone would face expulsion. According to Dr. Read More

  • Keep your laptop in your luggage

    The Transportation Security Administration has reportedlybeen working with luggage manufacturers to create checkpoint safe laptop cases. No longer will you have to take your laptop our of your case, while you remove your shoes, jacket, any metal, lighters, and chapstick from your pockets, as well as all the water, shampoo and aftershave from your carry-on. Wow, thanks TSA, that’s gonna be… Read More

  • Black Hole Revelations: Understanding Flash

    This week Google and Yahoo announced that over 10 years after web users were first haunted with flash intro splash screens, they will finally be able to index the content of SWF files in their search engines. Adobe Flash is the most prevalent web platform today, available on 98% of desktop browsers, yet content locked up in binary SWF files has been part of a big black hole in the web that… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Late Valentine's Edition

    25th anniversary sterling silver Leatherman
    Japanese company presents heart-shaped digital photo frame
    DIY, solar-powered mobile Wii
    Robots that learn
    3 Bottle Wine saver: Who saves three bottles of wine? Read More

  • Neither flame, nor flood…

    SentrySafe has announced its latest flame resistant, waterproof 250 GB harddrive.
    Sentry Safe developed the next generation disaster proof drive in a collaboration with Maxtor Storage Solutions. Of course if you don’t back it up, not even this drive can help you. Read More

  • Interview With Barney Pell and Ramez Naam About Microsoft’s Powerset Acquisition: Integration By End Of Year

    I spoke with Powerset cofounder/CEO Barney Pell and Microsoft’s Live Search General Program Manager Ramez Naam shortly after Microsoft’s announcement of their acquisition of Powerset earlier today. Microsoft intends to use Powerset’s natural language search technology as a major differentiating factor v. no. 1 search player Google (see our recent coverage of Live Search… Read More

  • Tipit Lets You Transfer Money Over Twitter. Sort of.

    Tipit, a startup that lets users tip website owners for their content, has launched integration with Twitter. Users can now ‘Tweet’ their tips to websites and Twitter users, even those without an account. There isn’t any kind of installation required: users simply tweet a message in the format “d tipit TARGET AMOUNT MESSAGE” (ex: “‘d tipit… Read More

  • HP announces workstations for the price of a PC

    HP has announced the availability of a new line of AMD quad-core processor-based workstations. Starting at $579, the affordable HP xw4550 workstations were announced as part of the company’s efforts to promote its technology in schools. HP says: “The xw4550 workstations can run the high-performance applications pertinent to learning advanced subjects such as digital forensics… Read More

  • Ballmer on Yahoo Deal: The Bankers “screwed everything up.”

    Interesting and surprisingly detailed story in the Wall Street Journal tonight about the ongoing (never ending) Microsoft/Yahoo deal. The headline is that Microsoft, apparently not happy with simply destroying Yahoo’s credibility, is now hoping to rip it apart and divide up the pieces. Microsoft Corp., positioning itself for a new run for Yahoo Inc.’s search business, has… Read More

  • A Conversation With Gnip And Plaxo On Data Portability

    Steve Gillmor and I today met with the guys from the newly-launched Gnip web service and Plaxo, one of their launch consumers. We talk with Eric Marcoullier and Jud Valeski from Gnip, and Joseph Smarr and John McCrea from Plaxo. The conversation begins with an introduction to Gnip, how Plaxo integrated and then the key problems facing web services, data formats, standards and a lot… Read More

  • AppLoop Tracks iPhone Users, Advertises Accordingly

    With the launch of the new competitively priced 3G iPhone just around the corner, there has been a lot of speculation about the effect it will have on the mobile market. Since the iPhone has released its SDK, and added GPS capability, it is an opportune time for third-party companies and developers to take advantage of the possibilities that GPS offers. Throughout it all, venture capitalists… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Tuesday, July 1st

    Today’s Top Posts: AT&T’s text messages cost $1,310 per megabyte AT&T reveals iPhone 3G launch day details Get married in space for $2.3 million Nikon D700 gone wild! Pics, specs, and new lenses New portable speaker/docking station for iPods released iPhone 3G walk-through released Compared to AT&T iPhone 3G data plans, Canadians get screwed by Rogers Rogers… Read More

  • 3 Bottle Wine saver: Who saves three bottles of wine?

    A lot of people fill their bottles of wine with carbon dioxide as they swig directly from the bottle but the good folks at Williams-Sonoma will fill your bottles with argon in order to keep the wine therein sweet and fresh. While none of those bottles would survive the weekend at Chez Biggs, it’s nice to know there are people out there who don’t drink Chablis like it’s Gatorade. Read More

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