• Friend Spam Is The Worst Kind Of All

    Facebook announced a number of steps today to battle the growing problem of application spam – stuff that is sent from your Facebook friends asking you to try out new services. Generally, applications force users to send these invitations in order to get access to the more interesting features. The result can be dozens or hundreds of messages a day asking you to join some service that… Read More

  • Sony: "Don't forget, PS3 is Blu-ray!"

    [photopress:blurraymenups3.jpg,full,center] Did you know that the Playstation 3 can play that new, next-gen DVD standard called Blu-ray that virtually all movies will be coming out on? It’s true! Sony wants you to know this, as it wants to remind everyone that the PS3 is an excellent Blu-ray player, which it is. Everyone agrees that PS3 is going to outsell Xbox 360 in the near future… Read More

  • Sharper Image files for bankruptcy and they never even shipped my drink-serving robot

    Sharper Image, whose catalog I once brought to my Dad when I was twelve or so and pointed to a suit of armor and told him it was $45 and he told me that was the cost for shipping and that the armor was $5,500 or something, is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy citing slow sales and litigation over its Ionic Breeze air purifiers. The company tried to sue Consumer Reports for libel in 2003 over… Read More

  • Nudar: locate boobs with your GPS

    This is honestly the stupidest thing I’ve ever come across, but it’s actually really, really cool. I’m not big on strip clubs because I think it’s a waste of money to go home with blue balls, but a lot of co-eds pay their way through college thanks to dirty old men and nerdy guys like us. If you’re new to the city you’re currently inhabiting or… Read More

  • Logitech announces official steering wheel for Gran Turismo

    Just in time (not really) for the release of the latest iteration in the Gran Turismo franchise, Logitech has announced the Driving Force GT racing wheel, which appears to be the most advanced wheel ever created. It features the usual force feedback, but it’s said to be more powerful this time and it has a 24-position real-time adjustment dial so you can tweak your brake bias… Read More

  • Sony drops a trio of new customizable Walkmans

    [photopress:img_001.jpg,full,center] To compete with the iPod Shuffle, which is a fine DAP itself, Sony’s released a new line of USB-ready Walkman MP3 players, or at least in Japan. The 1, 2, or 4GB players come in many colors, have simple controls, and an LCD display. Another feature being pushed is the three-minute charge time, which gives you three hours of playback, and a longer… Read More

  • UK nerds developing "real" Jedi Academy; By comparison, my odds of getting lucky just went up

    [photopress:tags_bestwick01_i.jpg,full,center] I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Very big. But I realize it’s the results of the imagination of a guy from Modest, CA. See, George Lucas is a creator. He wrote Star Wars as a new take on Science Fiction, and it was awesome. But you shouldn’t base you religion on the writers of Science Fiction, unless your name is Tom Cruise. Jedi to… Read More

  • A moral dilemma: Should HD DVD users be allowed to rip and re-burn their discs, even if it violates DRM?

    [photopress:hd_dvd_videos.jpg,full,left] Now here’s something to think about: Now that HD DVD is dead, do you see anything wrong with HD DVD disc owners breaking the DRM on their discs to make backups of the media that they’ve bought in an effort to future-proof their investments? Think about it: when you buy a disc, whether a DVD or CD, you’re really paying for a copy of… Read More

  • Sharp goes micro with new 1Seg tuners

    [photopress:1seg.jpg,full,center] We don’t have 1Seg digital TV here in the states, but it’s popular in Asia as a way to watch TV on portable devices, and those devices are going to get even smaller with the new and friendly-titled VA3A5JZ922 by Sharp. This is the smallest 1Seg tuner ever, and uses next to no power, and features digital noise reduction, meaning no matter what you… Read More

  • Top 10 iPhone games we'd love to see

    With rumors of iPhone SDKs and games coming fast and furious from GDC we decided to figure out which games we’d like to see ported to the iPhone post-haste. Add your own in comments. 10. Solitaire – Oh wait, it’s already out. It’s a third-party app called iSolitaire and kicks huge ass. Read More

  • Wired tells us how to convert HD DVD to Blu-ray

    Holy crap, this almost seems like more trouble than it’s worth but if you’re looking to convert your “old” HD DVDs to Blu-ray, Wired’s How-To Wiki has got you covered. You’ll need a fast Windows machine, an HD DVD drive, a Blu-ray burner, 30GB of hard drive space, money, and a bunch of software. Read More

  • Microsoft-Yahoo Battle Getting Expensive. Should Microsoft Give Up?

    Ever since Yahoo rejected Microsoft’s $31 a share offer to buy the company, the two sides have been gearing up for a prolonged fight over Yahoo’s fate. Microsoft is preparing to try to unseat Yahoo’s board members in a proxy battle that could cost as much as $30 million (which is still cheaper than raising its bid). Yahoo, for its part, amended its severance plan to cover… Read More

  • When will Sprint announce their unlimited voice plan and how much will it be?

    So three of the four major carriers in the US have announced unlimited voice plans for $100 and everyone is waiting to see what Sprint does. Don’t expect them to announce a $100 voice plan though, thinks UBS analyst John Hodulik. It’s going to be much cheaper than that if Sprint really wants to compete with the big dogs and gain some customers. Read More

  • 'Wii Fit' coming May 19, just in time for going outside

    Man, this Wii Fit thing’s sure taking it’s time getting here. The Wall Street Journal is reporting a release date of May 19 here in the US, which should be just about the time that people start going outside to exercise. It was released in Japan on December 1 of last year and went on to sell more than 250,000 copies in the first week at roughly $75 a pop. The game… Read More

  • Great moments in product packaging

    I received this disk sample last year and I reused the sleeve to store some Windows disks. What I didn’t notice until this morning was the excellent spelling job on the front of the sleeve. They need a dictoinary! Read More

  • Sailor Jerry + Rock Band = my dream life

    As the resident tattooed freak at CG, I feel inclined to inform those of you with Rock Band that you’ve got some great Americana included besides those classic rock tracks you’ve been jamming to the last few months. Being able to tattoo your band members in the game isn’t anything new, but do you know any of the history behind some of the tattoo flash that’s available? Read More

  • Openads Now OpenX; Former AOL CEO Jonathan Miller Joins As Chairman

    London-based startup Openads has changed its name to OpenX (see TechCrunch UK for more) and former AOL CEO Jonathan Miller has joined as chairman. OpenX is an increasingly popular open-source ad server (we use it here at TechCrunch). Since his departure from AOL, Miller has become quite active in the startup world as an investor and board member. He is a partner in the Velocity… Read More

  • Everex CloudBook delayed again until mid-March?

    Those of you waiting for tomorrow — when the Cloudbook is supposed to be available at fine retailers like Walmart — might want to prepare yourselves for a longer wait…again. Already delayed to begin with, the Everex Cloudbook has been, you guessed it, delayed again. First it was Chinese New Year coupled with OS refinements and now it’s snow. Snow. Snow is delaying… Read More

  • Intel, MS, Dell, AMD join forces to fight forces of darkness, forced to play through tutorial and kill 50 rats

    Dress Barn? Make a left turn at the Soul Reaver. It’s right on the corner there, next to the Taco Bell. In ancient times a sword was forged called MS/Intel, a sword that channeled gamers into a standard platform for games that, like it or not, forced a massive and lucrative upgrade cycle almost every six months. Now the Necromancers from within Microsoft and Sony (Nintendo wants to be… Read More

  • Vivendi’s Zaoza Launched Today

    Vivendi launched its new Internet music, ringtone and videogame provider Zaoza today. The service costs 3 euros a month and is expected to attract 500,000 subscribers by the end of the year. Vivendi owns the world’s largest record company, Universal Music. The company also controls France’s number two phone operator SFR and Macoc Telecom, and the pay-TV group Canal Plus. “This… Read More

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