• Kid uses GPS to contest speeding ticket

    Here’s a fun little story that ought to excite your Freedom Bone. It seems an 18-year-old was recently pulled over for speeding, with police claiming that the lad was 17 mph north of the speed limit. An on-board GPS unit disagrees. Yup, the kid had a GPS device(an RMT Rover, seen here) in his car at the time , and its data indicates that he was doing the 45 mph speed limit all the way to… Read More

  • EA, Ubisoft: E3 was a waste of everyone's time this year

    Should they make a comeback? How big of a waste of time was E3 this year? Watching the coverage on G4, you’d think something important was happening. Maybe FPS With Different Shades of Brown 87 still interests y’all, but I’d say the show was rather bland. Even Electronic Arts, everyone’s favorite giant of a publisher, agrees that the show has lost its luster, saying… Read More

  • Remember to give your ears a break with reusable, flat earplugs

    It’s a common problem when going to loud shows. Remembering to bring those damn earplugs along. I know I always forget them. There’s no guarantee the club will have them to hand out (or sell). Therefore, all too often I’m left with ringing ears for days on end. It would appear a future exists where we will not have to check behind the bar for that fishbowl filled with… Read More

  • Google releases iPhone app for the UK

    You may already have heard via the chatter on Twitter, but in case you haven’t: Google has released its iPhone app for download by UK users. Until now, the native Google application was only available in the US. In all respects the UK version appears to be the same as the US one, including integration with location. So you can look for businesses around your location, something which… Read More

  • Chinese anti-gun campaign backfires on reporters

    Reporters attending a press conference on the success of the police department’s anti-gun campaign were accidentally shot when a confiscated gun went off in an officer’s hand. One reporter needed surgery, while two others suffered minor injuries from the homemade gun. The press conference, in the Chinese city of Nanchong, was to promote the department’s campaign against… Read More

  • Facebook Sues German Social Network StudiVZ

    Facebook is starting to pursue social networks that have copied their design or features by suing German site StudiVZ. The Financial Times has reported that Facebook filed a suit in California against the German company for what it claims is an infringement of Facebook’s “look, feel, features and services”. StudiVZ claims to have 10 million active members, and is the… Read More

  • -henges of the world, unite!

    Some years back Stonehenge was roped off to protect it from vandals. Sadly, the same fate hasn’t been bestowed on most of the other –henges of the world. What other –henges you ask? Read More

  • Most popular posts for Friday, July 18th

    Today’s Top Posts: Review: iPhone 3G CrunchGear Live Podcast, 1:00 Eastern Wii passes Xbox 360 to take top spot in U.S. sales Super Mario Brothers as a sexual signifier: How did they know? Citizen Engineer: GSM More info about MobileEdge TSA-friendly laptop cases In-car video camera with GPS, Google Earth playback Creative ZEN Krystal features built-in pedometer Reminder: Samsung Use… Read More

  • Duke Nukem Trilogy trailer

    If you’ve been paying attention to our E3 coverage you’ll have noticed that most of the trailers we posted show actual in-game scenes along with perhaps something more compelling than still images of men in gas masks and Duke Nukem’s animated box art. If you’ve been following the Duke Nukem saga you’ll remember that the original game came out eleven years ago and… Read More

  • Badger badger badger badger, mushroom vacuum

    I could use one of these. I love sesame bagels, but they rain seeds down like no other and i usually end up with a rather farinaceous desktop. These cute-as-a-button mushroom vacuums (we’ll call them mushruums — oh my god, I’m a genius) are for picking up after such an event. Tiny, battery-powered, and only $12, these strike me as a decent little investment for those of us… Read More

  • Review: Proporta Dual Skin case

    Well, now that we all know what side my bread is buttered on let’s take a look at the first of the iPhone 3G cases to hit these shores. While the Proporta Dual Skin case can fit any iPhone, this thin silicone case is made specifically for the 3G. It slips on like a rubber sock and keeps your the phone’s precious case from scratching against objects in your pocket or bag.
    Read More

  • This Week on TechCrunch Elevator Pitches

    A few weeks back we launched Elevator Pitches, our community video project that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their startups through 60 second YouTube videos. Since then we’ve received a number of pitches covering everything from a fandom portal to a site focusing on group based text messaging. Above, we’ve embedded the most popular of the videos submitted this week. If you… Read More

  • Just another working clone dog

    Cloning is back in fashion in South Korea, with two biotech labs billing themselves as the only places in the world where you can clone your dog. Both labs are staffed by researchers who worked with former national biotech hero, Hwang Woo-suk, made famous for his human stem cell work and then again for that work being fraudulent. Hwang went on to start Sooam Biotech Research Foundation… Read More

  • Mint Adds Support For Mortgage And Loan Tracking

    Mint, the popular personal finance site that won TechCrunch 40, has further expanded its services by introducing support for mortgage and loan tracking. Users will now be able to keep tabs on their loans from over 1,000 supported institutions. In addition to the mortgage and loan tracking, Mint also monitors users’ savings accounts, credit cards, and investments. Mint doesn’t… Read More

  • Update your online life using your real life

    Savvy NYU Computer Science major Shirley Palma wanted to be able to update her friends about her mood on twitter without having log on to her computer or mess around with text messaging, so she rigged a handkerchief to do it for her. Read More

  • An affordable electric car coming soon

    Get ready for the return of the electric car. Philadelphia steel wholesaler Barry D. Bernsten has created BG Automotive Group with the purpose of bringing an affordable electric car to market. The first roll out will occur later this year in October and the new company hopes to hit sales marks of 4,000 cars. More of an introduction to the concept and the company, the cars will be marketed… Read More

  • Greystripe Monetizing iPhone Games With Ad Platform

    The current iPhone App Store revenue share model – a 70/30 split for the sale of apps, generally in the $0.99-$9.99 range – doesn’t exactly reward developers for producing addictive games. Greystripe, an advertising network for mobile games, has stepped in to compensate developers for every time their games are played, not just for when those games are initially… Read More

  • Smart Berry is not RIM’s new handheld, it’s a toy for girls

    If you like spoiling your kids and buying them things they will use for a week and then lose, then Bandai’s Smart Barry is worth a look. If you’re wondering why I’m being so hard on this device/toy, read on. The Smart Barry is a game/text messaging device that allows you to send messages to 4 other devices that are no more the 10 meters away. On top of that your message can… Read More

  • Geek-out: Watchmen trailer and Star Trek cast photos

    Fanboys, start your whingeings! First, Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue has a few large shots of some of the primary characters from the upcoming Star Trek movie. They go together to form this composite image; looks pretty cool except for the tattoos on the Romulan Nero. Could they make them any more tribal and generic? Secondly, the trailer for our beloved Watchmen is live. Read More

  • Homebrew Wiimote-Controlled Lego Robocar

    From the “Preposterous Headline” Dept:
    This looks like fun. This guy has put together a C# program that takes input from a Wiimote and passes it to a Lego NXT car with a wireless interface. The program looks pretty powerful and customizable and the car certainly responds right (although there is a little lag). I’d like to think these are the projects I’d do if I were… Read More

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