• What.CD? Invites

    So I loved your comments in my original post so much, I decided to pick two of you for invites to the hot new torrent site. Unfortunately, What.CD? is really getting slammed (although not nearly as bad as Waffles is) and registration is currently closed to new users. When it opens again, I will do a post and send out an e-mail to those who I picked. No worries. Your invites are coming soon… Read More

  • iTunes & Co. to blame for impending Hollwood writers' strike

    You kids, you’re causing starving writers to strike, crippling Hollywood and destroying our American consciousness. The Writers Guild of America, all level 70 rogues, walked out of a last minute “please don’t strike” meeting last night, setting the stage for picket lines as early as Monday. The guild is refusing to put pen to paper (or fire up Word, as the case may… Read More

  • A day late and a dollar short, Wired lists OiNK alternatives: Welcome to last week

    Poor Wired. Its post on how to “cheat” the music industry could be one of the lamest I’ve ever seen. It’s essentially Digg bait, despite the fact that, at this point, everyone everywhere has already done such an article, including us. “But it’s up to you to fill in the blanks.” Sure, OK. Listed sites/services include Lala.com, Last.fm, BOiNK (oh, you… Read More

  • Nokia’s Ovi Hits a Snag

    Nokia, the largest mobile phone manufacturer, is having problems with its Ovi service. Ovi allows users to download music, games and maps to their handsets. The gaming service has been delayed due to software testing problems and Warner Music withdrew its song titles from Nokia’s music shop. MobileCrunch reported on Ovi in August. See: Ovi Knocking at the Door. Warner has withdrawn its… Read More

  • Jim Breyer: Extra $500 Million Round For Facebook A "Total Fiction"

    When Facebook announced that Microsoft would invest $240 million in the company, a rumor quickly spread, which we noted, that some hedge funds were about to put in another $500 million. Since then I’ve been trying to confirm if the rumor is indeed true, and have heard a variety of unconfirmed stories—it is actually $260 million split between two hedge funds for a total of $500… Read More

  • Google Opens OpenSocial Site And Provides Orkut Support

    The Google OpenSocial site is now live (here). The video above comes from the Google OpenSocial Campfire held Thursday night and is featured on the front of the new page.The site includes the complete OpenSocial API Documentation, FAQ and Group area.Also now live is OpenSocial support for Google’s big in Brazil social networking site Orkut (here). According to Google, the OpenSocial… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Horse at the Door Edition

    Slingbox Solo is like witchcraft to old folks
    Spidey-inspired anti-assault bracelet
    Mac trojan horse spotted, installs malicious DNS server
    Would you run 26.2 miles without music?
    So how are the OiNK replacements? Read More

  • Plaxo Implements OpenSocial, Ning Goes Live Friday Night

    Plaxo has released support for Google’s OpenSocial initiative. The API’s are currently at 0.5 release so Plaxo warns that things are likely to change as OpenSocial moves forward, however in their words “we want to make sure that everyone who’s getting excited about it has a place they can channel their energy and get things running sooner.” Plaxo support for… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Would you run 26.2 miles without music? Dan Running is for cowards. I ain’t running nowhere. It amazes me that there is a large segment of the country that trains themselves to be able to run away the furthest and the fastest. We… Read More

  • Suddenly blog commenting is a hot space

    It appears a lot of people want to get into the blog comment space in the US. SezWho has raised a $1 million series A round from KPG Ventures, which makes it the best funded of the small group of startups currently trying to leverage the community for commenters. SezWho joins Disqus and Intense Debate, among others, to recently launch.
    SezWho doesn’t wrap a social network around… Read More

  • Flock 1.0 Released

    Flock 1.0 (production version) is now available for download. Some reports have suggested that many of the Flock tweaks to the underlying Firefox engine were designed specifically to provide a more stable browsing experience; in the couple of weeks I’ve been using it, Flock hasn’t crashed once, where as I had grown so sick of Firefox crashing I had switched to using Safari. If… Read More

  • Zubka launches Facebook app, widgets, white label versions

    Zubka, which allows users get paid for referring jobs, has launched a facebook application which does more or less the same job as the web site. At the same time it’s also in the process of launching white and ‘brown’ label versions of Zubka which user groups, associations, any online communities can use to monetise their community. Zubka’s model is to enable anyone… Read More

  • Imperium: Google's March Towards Becoming America's Biggest Company

    When Google went public in August 2004, many were impressed that the stock opened at a premium to the price paid in what was then (and in some respects still is) the unheard of direct auction IPO. Some may have dreamed of greatness for Google stock, but if you’d suggested then that Google would pass through $700 a share (it closed at $108.31 on its first day) you would have been derided as… Read More

  • Stanford Students Present Facebook Apps to Class

    I had a chance to drop in on a session of the class being taught at Stanford this quarter for students who want to learn about developing applications for Facebook (briefly mentioned here). Today’s session was a bit unique since the students were expected to give presentations about the applications they have developed so far. Of course, the existence of this class is now a bit ironic… Read More

  • Bug Labs bets big on open hardware

    We were ready to chalk these guys up to the vaporware list, but now it’s looking as if Bug Labs just might change how we look at and use hardware. Scratch that, it might change how we make hardware. Bug Labs is making what is basically a version of Lego Mindstorm for grownups. Like Mindstorm, a central brain, here its a Linux-enabled BUGBase, is at the heart of anything you want it to be… Read More

  • Verizon adds a metric ton of HD channels to FIOS

    In just a little bit, we’re going to hear from Vince about his experiences with Time-Warner cable. Here in Seattle, we don’t have that as an option. I’m stuck with Comcast, for better or worse, but I sure do wish I had Verizon. Comcast has a handful of HD channels, and most of them are crap, (I swear I was watching something at 10 frames per second in “HD”… Read More

  • Are You One Of Over 10,000 Donors to Wikimedia?

    Wikipedia is used by millions worldwide each day, draws in billions of page views each month, and often takes the top slot on Google searches. But the truly amazing fact is that it’s stayed ad-free. This is because the mega encyclopedia and its sister sites run on borrowed time, borrowed servers, and — most importantly — public donations. That’s why Wikpedia’s… Read More

  • Microsoft stabs at Mandriva; Mandriva responds

    You don’t need me to tell you about how Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer hates, hates, hates Linux. His company’s actions, it could be said, speak louder than words. But that doesn’t stop François Bancilhon of Mandriva from laying it all on the table. It seems that after Mandriva completed a complex deal to deliver Linux PCs to school kids in Nigeria, MS went behind their… Read More

  • Rumor: iFones to add non-touch model

    According to David Sieger (who?) and his Apple informant, there will apparently be three versions of the iPhone. A 16GB version is imminent (like around the corner during MacWorld if not sooner) and I’m not sure anyone would want a low-end iFones sans the touch UI. I think the three versions will be named sucketh (16GB), sucks (8GB), and shittay (no touch!). There’s some stuff… Read More

  • AT&T Motorola Q 9h: Like the Motorola Q only with a 9h

    AT&T users can now enjoy the majesty of the updated Moto Q in the privacy their bathrooms or cars. The Q 9h, dubbed the “world” edition, is a quad-band 3G phone with a styling in the same vein as the Q 9m. Moto is improving over all and I’d say that this and a few HTC models is one of the better WinMo6 phones out there. Here are a few candid shots and wait for a full… Read More

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