• Daily Crunch: Red Carpet Edition

    Pentax Launches Two New Point and Shoots
    Sony Creating 12.47-Megapixel DSLR Sensors
    Laser Beam Wristwatch: 100% Computer Controlled
    Samsung’s HD Flash Camcorder Says, “Guten Tag”
    LG Viewty, Ain’t She A Beauty?
    10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: The Final Countdown Read More

  • Ok, Ok. All Of You (even YouTube) Invented Video Overlay Ads "First"

    When I wrote a post earlier today suggesting that YouTube was not the first to use a Flash overlay advertisement for online video, I didn’t realize I’d be getting so many emails and comments disputing exactly who first invented the unit. VideoEgg has certainly been doing this for a year or so. In a comment to that post, though, an (unconfirmed) ex-YouTuber says the idea was… Read More

  • AdaptiveBlue Makes SmartLinks Feeds Viral

    AdaptiveBlue has announced that their SmartLink Feeds for books, music, movies, and stocks are now “viral.” The new SmartLink Feeds from the companies flagship Blue Organizer Firefox Add-on now include a “Grab Me” button that allows anyone to copy a list of favorites and place it on their web sites and social networking profiles. SmartLink Feeds can also be customized… Read More

  • Apple Store In Seattle Gets Robbed

    Does this look like a man who would steal from Apple? The University Village Apple Store in Seattle was mysteriously robbed of serviced laptops and refurbished iPhones that were waiting to be restocked early Monday morning. It seems the burglars came in through the ceiling and even swiped one of the technicians pimped out laptops that was locked down in the cubicle area. Coincidentally our… Read More

  • Teh.Be$t.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Facebook Will Use Profiles To Target Ads, Predict Future

    Facebook is planning a new advertising system that will target ad delivery based on profile information added by Facebook users. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the new system will “let marketers target users with ads based on the massive amounts of information people reveal on the site about themselves” with future development that is aiming to (in true Orwellian… Read More

  • Technolust, You Done Me Wrong: Palm Foleo Delayed

    As probably the only person on this planet that’s been anxiously waiting for August 22nd, 2007 — the Palm Foleo’s supposed release date — the news has hit me like a ton of low-down, dirty, awful, smelly, rotten, jerky bricks. Looks like I’m not getting my Foleo anytime soon. Good thing I just sold my MacBook. According to numerous reports floating around the… Read More

  • Damsels In Success: Networking For Professional Women

    Damsels In Success has officially launched with a networking platform that is targeted strictly at professional women. The service positions itself away from the usual range of social networking style clone sites by being more LinkedIn than MySpace and Facebook, with a dose of content chucked in for good measure. Members are able to connect and discuss topics including job opportunities… Read More

  • Phantom Entertainment Invading A Hotel Near You, Maybe

    Oh Phantom Entertainment, try as you might to make us think you actually produce hardware, you go and sign with ProGames Network to bring your non-existent wireless lapboard and game service to a hotel near me, you, or anyone. How long have we been waiting for the illusive Phantom game console? Over a year and then you decided to downgrade to a lapboard that was supposed to ship sometime… Read More

  • European Sony PSPs Set To Go!

    SCEE and British Sky Broadcasting have joined together to bring UK and Irish PSP owners a content download service called Go! in early 2008. Sky will provide content such as movies, sports, music and cartoons for download via Wi-Fi or transferred from owners PCs to their PSP. Third party content will also be available on a pay-per-view basis. No pricing has been released, which is expected… Read More

  • Review: Nokia MD-5W Bluetooth Speakers

    Nokia makes rock solid phones. There’s really no argument against that. They’re one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers and I’ve owned plenty of them in the past as I’m sure most of you have as well. They’ve evolved with the times and hopped onto the music phone train where they’ve done quite well. The 5300 XpressMusic caters to your… Read More

  • Sony Announces PlayTV For PAL Territories

    Apparently Sony favors PAL countries more than us. Sony officially announced today the PlayTV, which is a combination TV tuner and PVR. The UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain will get first dibs early next year with the rest of the PAL territories getting in on the fun before we, NTSC, do. The details first announced weeks ago still hold true as PlayTV will run on DVB-T and will use a… Read More

  • Pentax Launches Two New Point and Shoots

    The S10 Pentax has just announces two new Optios, the Z10 with 7X optical zoom and the S10, a 10-megapixel super-slim model. Both cameras ship in September for $249.99. Read More

  • New Playboy Social Network Built On Ning

    Well, this is a big win for build-your-own-social-network Ning, which just raised a massive round of funding. The new Playboy social network we covered earlier today is actually built on Ning, not self-built code or one of the many other white label social networking options available. Once you actually sign up for the site it becomes clear it’s Ning, since their pervasive toolbar remains… Read More

  • Philips amBX Peripherals Simulate Just About Everything

    You know the Philips Ambilight feature that’s found on some of its flat panel TVs? Well that same technology is coming soon to a PC game near you, on steroids. Philips’ new amBX peripherals will include things like a rumbling wrist rest, surround speakers with built-in 16-million color synchronizing lights, and fans that sit on your desk “simulating everything from a… Read More

  • VIZIO Now Leads North American Flat Panel Market

    Four years ago, you might have guessed that VIZIO was some sort of graphic design company or electric scooter manufacturer. It toiled about in relative obscurity until for a couple years and, at the end of the second quarter of 2005, the company sat in 15th place in the North American flat panel TV market. Another two years have gone by since then… Read More

  • Playboy Launches College-Only Social Networking Site

    In order to combat sluggish sales, Playboy has recently launched Playboy U, a social networking site just for college students. Remember when Facebook was just for college students? Well Playboy U is sorta like that. Read More

  • Panasonic Develops New Televisions, Acronym

    Oh boy, thanks for the new acronym Panasonic. Introducing “LIFI” (it’s trademarked, so watch your step). It’s “a first-of-its-kind light fidelity projection display application that ensures images brightness over an extended period of time as well as greatly reduced start-up time.” Well there you have it. Read More

  • Playboy Launches Social Network: "High schoolers, old dudes and your Mom can't join"

    Update: Playboy U is built on the Ning platform The recent launch of Silicon Valley funded adult/porn site Zivity raised a few eyebrows. Now one of the old sovereigns of sexy is getting into the game, too. CrunchGear reports that Playboy is launching their own sexy social networking site just for college students, Playboy U. Playboy U requires all users to have a .edu email addresses… Read More

  • VideoEgg And Lots Of Others Call B.S. On YouTube

    VideoEgg’s overlay advertising system has been in the market for a year and is driving “significant” revenue for the company. it’s so successful, in fact, that they recently launched a Facebook advertising network based on the same technology. The idea is to use a Flash overlay advertisement with some basic information and graphics that takes up a small part of the… Read More

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