• Nokia snaps up Warner Music Group for ‘Comes With Music’

    Nokia continues with its imaginatively named “Comes With Music” campaign, adding Warner Music to its list of record labels. That leaves only one of the so-called Big Four record labels left, EMI. EMI has said it would be on board, but still hasn’t made the official commitment. “Comes With Music,” if you don’t remember, is Nokia’s way of branching out… Read More

  • 25th anniversary sterling silver Leatherman

    For those men who need something a little more high-end when they try to install a freaking ceiling fan while their wife is on the couch yelling at them to call the contractor and they’re convinced that they’ll install this damned ceiling fan, contractor be damned, and the wife goes to do something in the kitchen and suddenly they feel a jolt of electricity running through the… Read More

  • Engadget's Ryan Block and Peter Rojas To Team On New Startup

    Engadget’s editor-in-chief Ryan Block will be leaving parent company AOL shortly, sources say, to launch a new startup. Partnering with him on the new company will be Peter Rojas, Engadget’s former editor-in-chief (pictured left below, next to Block). Block officially became Engadget’s chief editor in June 2007 (although he actually took over the site in early 2006). He took… Read More

  • Report: Tesla Will Supply Mercedes-Benz With Batteries For Electric Cars

    With all the news yesterday around Tesla Motors signing a deal with Governor Schwarzenegger to manufacture its next electric sedan in California instead of New Mexico (see video), a potentially much bigger deal slipped by almost unnoticed. German magazine AutomobilWoche is reporting that Tesla will be supplying lithium ion batteries to Mercedes. The German car maker plans to make… Read More

  • Xandros secretly buys Linspire assets

    In the long, twisted saga of commercial Linux distributions no one has fallen so far or so fast as the folks at Linspire. Originally called Lindows (get it?) the company was set to offer a usable Linux install for “the rest of us.” Now that dream ends in failure as the founder Michael Robertson sold off the entire company to Xandros, another failing desktop Linux company. Read More

  • Ok, Now It's Done. Microsoft To Acquire Powerset

    Microsoft will announce today that they have acquired San Francisco based semantic search engine Powerset. The acquisition price is not being disclosed, but our understanding from sources close to the deal is that the previously rumored $100 million is “roughly accurate.” In May we reported that Powerset was in acquisition discussions with Microsoft and was hoping to bring… Read More

  • AT&T's Text Messages Cost $1,310 per Megabyte

    Today is basic math day at CrunchGear where we discovered that if 160 bytes of SMS data costs twenty cents then 1MB (1,048,576 bytes) of data would cost 131,072 cents, or $1,310.72. Check out the prices for a text message plan on AT&T, the exclusive carrier of the iPhone 3G in the United States. AT&T wants twenty cents ($0.20) per text message if you don’t sign up for a plan. A… Read More

  • Slew of upcoming Verizon phones leaked

    Dates have not been confirmed for the Touch Diamond or Touch Pro, but they’re hitting VZW sometime this year. Also slated for Verizon is the Samsung SCH-U310, which no one knows anything about. The Motorola Blaze is slated for a September 22 release along with another Moto due in mid-August. The Palm Treo 800w is also slated for release, but no date, yet. Snooze. Read More

  • iPhone 3G walk-through released

    Click To Play Here it is, friends: the full iPhone 3G walkthrough in thrilling 3G-o-vision! Enjoy. Interestingly there is some mention of an iPhone locator. That will be extremely useful when millions of people line up to buy this thing between July 11 and August 31st. Read More

  • Rogers launching BlackBerry Bold on July 25

    Attention Canada- By now you’ve read that Rogers will be bending you over on data plans if the iPhone 3G is something you’re lusting after and you’re none to happy about it, so I suggest you look down a different path. Why not stick to a homegrown company like RIM and wait a couple weeks for the Bold? Read More

  • ScribeFire Introduces Drag and Drop Ad Support

    In the last few months we’ve seen a number of startups introduce drag-and-drop support for advertising, allowing users to monetize their blogs with a minimum amount of effort. The latest to join the fray is ScribeFire, a popular Firefox plugin that allows users to create and modify their blogposts from a window that is integrated into the browser. The new version of the plugin is now… Read More

  • Compared to AT&T iPhone 3G data plans, Canadians get screwed by Rogers

    We’re still sifting through AT&T’s iPhone 3G presser, but one thing is clear: Canadian users are getting screwed by Rogers compared to AT&T’s prices. (American users get screwed, too, but that’s for another post.) For starters, the number of minutes Canadians get is so low, I wonder why you’d even bother. The most expensive Rogers plan gives less… Read More

  • Totally Awesome Video Games: Joystick intro

    BBG found this great video of the beginning of Joysticks, an arcade-themed movie from back in the heyday of Donkey Kong. There’s a bit of butt waggling in there, so be warned. These kinds of movies – essentially vehicles for dying stars – probably defined my childhood summers. Hard Bodies was my Skinemax and Cloak & Dagger enthused me so much that I probably learned… Read More

  • Share your MP3-player with up to 5 people using the i2! wireless transceiver

    Today Thanko introduced the so-called i2!, a 2.4 GHz digital wireless transmitter for portable audio players. After connecting your MP3-player to an i2!, you can share music with up to 5 people within a radius of 10m. The device features a frequency response of 10Hz-24,000Hz, a bit rate of 16bit at 48kbps Stereo and an audio latency of 20ms. 5 hours of music playback are possible after… Read More

  • European Mobile VoIP Startup Nimbuzz Raises $15 Million

    Mike Butcher at TechCrunch UK reports: Word has reached me that Netherlands-based Nimbuzz, the mobile VoIP and IM startup that extends into social networks, has raised $15 million in a second round led by Naspers/MIH, with Nimbuzz’s other major existing investor Mangrove Capital Partners also participating. It’s already had $10 million from Mangrove (the original Skype investor). Read More

  • AT&T reveals iPhone 3G launch day details

    AT&T retail stores will be open at 8AM local time on July 11th, so be “iReady!” Existing customers who don’t qualify for an upgrade will have to shell out $399 and $499 for the corresponding iP3G model. Customers who don’t want to extend their current contract will pay $599 for the 8GB and $699 for the 16GB model. Current AT&T customers who want to upgrade to… Read More

  • Gnip Brings Data Portability To Web Services

    Gnip is a new web services platform being launched today by the former founders of MyBlogLog (see previous Techcrunch announcement of Gnip here). The goal of Gnip is to serve as a web services proxy to enable consuming services to easily access user data from a variety of sources. Currently an application consuming user data must write-in direct support for each API for every service it… Read More

  • Gnip Launches To Ease The Strain On Web Services

    Update: TechCrunchIT interviews Gnip founders and Plaxo execs on the launch. Watch the video here. MyBlogLog founder Eric Marcoullier sold his company to Yahoo in January 2007 for an estimated $10 million. He left Yahoo in July 2007 with the seed of a new idea germinating in his head – “Make data portability suck less.” The result of that thinking is Gnip, a new service we… Read More

  • New portable speaker/docking station for iPods released

    Japanese accessory maker Brightonnet announced yesterday the release of a stylish portable speaker/docking station for the iPod. The BI-SPVIVID is available in black, silver, pink and blue. The device features 2 speakers (2.2W each) and a USB port. It can also be used for other portable audio players via a stereo mini audio cable. Brightonnet promises 4 AAA batteries last for 10-11 hours of… Read More

  • TechCrunch Euro Tour – Hello, Athens

    As part of the TechCrunch Euro Tour, TechCrunch and Athens’ OpenCoffee group have come together to create a TechCrunch meetup in Athens. Thanks to our generous sponsors, below. Watch out for the write-up later… Meanwhile, here are the pictures so far after I met with OpenCoffee organiser George Tziralis of AskMarkets and John Zarkadas of Wishdone. We’ve had some local coverage… Read More

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