• We7 Takes $6 Million Series A

    Ad supported music download service We7 has taken $6 million Series A is a round led by musician Peter Gabriel and Spark Ventures, with Eden Ventures also participating. Oxford, UK based We7 offers free music and video for download that is ad supported. The company notes that their model is “artist friendly at all times,” by making sure that rights owners get paid and artists… Read More

  • Modu: Vaporware bull or viral jackanapes? You decide!

    Feel free to call me cynical but I’ve seen this video a thousand times — remember Origami? — and the concept of a take-it-with you ID built-in to various CE devices like phones and apparently GPS receivers is compelling but almost impossible in reality. Look for more info at DEMO next week but I’m calling bullshit. via TC Read More

  • MacHeads: A movie about Apple fanbois

    These people are nuts. What have I willingly done to myself? MacHeads Read More

  • WordPress Boosts Free Storage to 3GB. Leaves Blogger, TypePad in the Dust.

    In a move that will no doubt put pressure on competing blog platforms TypePad (from Six Apart) and Blogger (from Google), WordPress (from Automattic) is boosting free storage for all the blogs it hosts from 50 MB to 3 GB. Founder Matt Mullenweg notes that is three times as much free space as Blogger currently offers, and that you’d have to pay $300 a year to get as much storage on TypePad. Read More

  • Review: Philips AJL308 Clock Radio

    So this is a clock radio. Not very exciting, right? It plays music, tells the time, and kind of sits on your bedside table waiting to be hit every morning at about 6:30. But wait… what’s that? A 7-inch TFT LCD? A USB port? SD slot? This is no ordinary clock radio! The AJL308 is actually a photo frame masquerading as a clock radio. It has a… Read More

  • A democratic solution to the neverending party DJ problem

    Some CS guys at my alma mater, UCLA, have come up with a technological solution to a longstanding social problem: what to play at a party? Their program collects popular tracks from wi-fi-enabled players at the party like the Zune or Touch, or other laptops, and makes it into a playlist. If people leave and their signal is no longer detected, their tracks can be taken off the list. It can also… Read More

  • UK's Badoo pulls $30m for Russian launch, ahead of a home push

    Russian investor Finam has put $30m into UK-based social network Badoo for a 10% stake. The money is to build the service in Russia, where social networking market has reached around 10 million users in January. Badoo’s social networking site with photo and video sharing has 12.7 million registered accounts, mostly in Latin America and Continental Europe. Badoo was launched from London… Read More

  • Blu-ray's BD-Live caught on video

    Blu-ray 2.0 gets demoed and looks kind of cool. I feel like a lot of the stuff going on in the video has been available on HD DVD, but I could be wrong. Video can be found here. Read More

  • TokyoFlash Tibida: White LEDs!

    Another day, another crazy watch from TokyoFlash. This one is the Tibida with a binary and digital time readout that is actually cool. See, this thing shows time in binary and standard formats. The binary mode is a little hard to grasp but the numeric mode is genius. In most cases, the top LEDs show the hour and the bottom set shows the minutes in Arabic numerals. There is also a date display… Read More

  • Is 3i pulling out of early stage tech startups?

    What’s going on at major venture capital firm 3i? Several whispers are reaching me that the VC group is planning to pull out of backing early stage Web ventures. A source who ought to know tells me they’ve heard such talk “from folk within 3i. At the end of ’07 they were trying to figure out where the VC team’s leadership would fit in the rest of the organisation… Read More

  • Canon 5D Mark II, apparently, not being announced

    pma will not bring a new 5d body….. Says tsiphoto from DP Review Forums. Apparently he has a proven track record on such things and shouldn’t be questioned. No new 5d at pma [DP Review] Read More

  • OpenID heading mainstream? Daily Telegraph to be an OpenID provider

    From February the Telegraph.co.uk become the first British media company to become an OpenID provider, adopting the single-sign on standard for its reader accounts system. The move follows announcements by much larger online players including Yahoo! and Blogger last week, with Googe rumoured to be in the works. Apparently the Telegraph is planning a few more anouncements over the next few… Read More

  • Time-killing list: Top 25 tech flops

    [photopress:topflopsss.jpg,full,right] It’s a federal holiday today so you can look forward to a whole lot of soft news: predictions, explanations, funny videos that serve no real purpose and, my favorite, lists. And golly gee, here’s a list of the top 25 tech flops, as compiled by InfoWorld. Highlights—or should I say lowlightslol—include virtual reality, Gnu Hurd… Read More

  • HBO goes online, finally

    That’s right, kiddies. Starting tomorrow you’ll be able to download HBO shows including hits like John From Cincinnati and Rome. Oh, yeah, those have both been canceled, right? Well, Flight of the Conchords and Entourage are still around. HBO’s way of bringing content online is unique in that it won’t be Web-based streaming like we’re used to with other networks. Read More

  • Venture Fundings Hit $29.4 Billion in 2007: The Year in Charts

    The year-end VC financing numbers are in from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association. Total venture fundings for the year were up 10.8 percent to $29.4 billion, and up 11.5 percent for the fourth quarter of 2007 to $7 billion. That makes it the fourth straight quarter where VC deals were above the $7 billion mark, and the highest yearly total since 2001. Here… Read More

  • Zlio launches social commerce site in the UK

    Zlio, a France-based startup which puts the power to create an online shop into the hands of users, has today launched a UK site. Consumers will populate their stores by choosing products to sell from 62 UK merchants including Play and Dell, among others. “Shopkeepers” earn commissions on every item bought from their Zlio Shop in a similar fashion to a regular affiliate program… Read More

  • NBC says Hollywood model needs to be revised, blames strike, changing media habits (us!)

    [photopress:upsideholly.jpg,full,center] Thanks to striking writers, who are striking thanks to your changing media/entertainment consumption habits, NBC says this is a great time to completely re-think the way television is produced. No more pilot seasons, no more song-and-dance to prospective advertisers, no more glut. No more Hollywood excess, in other words. Pat yourselves on the back… Read More

  • AT&T offers business iPhone plan: Your CEO will now bug you even more

    Does your company only pay for AT&T service? Do you want an iPhone for mission critical messaging and not a Blackberry? Are you crazy? OK. You’ve come this far, so here’s what AT&T has to offer. They are currently offering data plans on the iPhone for $45 a month for 200 SMS and unlimited data, $55 for 1,500 SMS, and $65 for everything. The a $20 or $60 extra data plan… Read More

  • Spaceships to be made out of paper if Japan Folded Paper Plane Society has anything to say about it

    Leaving no doubt that Japan is the country to beat when it comes to throwing paper airplanes out of space stations, the University of Tokyo has developed a paper airplane that can be thrown out of a space station. The plane was designed by the Japan Folded Paper Plane Society and will be tossed from the International Space Station, where it will eventually enter Earth’s atmosphere at… Read More

  • Street Fighter IV demo next month

    I haven’t been to Japan in over two decades, so I’m pretty sure I’m due for a trip out East. We know Street Fighter IV is coming and now we’re being told that a playable demo is coming next month. The product manager spilled the beans on the game’s official Japanese Weblog days ago. If you’re in or around Tokyo on February 15th you may want to visit the AOU… Read More

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