• Dust off your Hadukens and Rat-ta-tukens

    The fourth iteration of Street Fighter is coming, according to 1up.com.  It’ll likely be released for PS3, Xbox 360, and in the arcades (if you remember what those are). More details will be in the January issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly but what’s known know is that "the game’s graphics are polygonal but the gameplay is strictly 2D. There will be new moves… Read More

  • Pleo dies

    Ugobe, into your hands I commend my spirit. It is finished. This big nasty men at DVICE posted a video of them abusing and eventually killing their Pleo dinosaur. The video is horrible. They choke the wee guy, then hang him by his tail, and even slap him around. Just you wait. When it comes time for “the Big Change,” these boys will be the first against the wall. Note: We at… Read More

  • Customizable cup avoids that awkward 'is that my cup or yours?' party moment

    I just did some research and apparently a “party” is a “social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement.” And at these parties, people drink any number of drinks from any number of cups. What happens, though, when you set your cup down inadvertently next to someone else’s? How do you know what drink is yours? Designer Jaehyung Hong has the answer for… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Unreasonable Stance: Touchscreens are just a fad

    So you’ve got your iPhone and your iPod Touch and your Microsoft Surface, and maybe you’ve got yourself a little pink DS lite. What do these things have in common? Two things: they all share a trendy interface — the touchscreen — and they all will be forgotten in a few years’ time. The touchscreen is a minor blip on the giant radar of human interface devices, and… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson patent to amaze friends, family with bogus gesture-based controls

    Raise your finger if you think this patent is stupid. Dear Gadget Bloggers: Patents are ideas officially recorded by companies to ensure no one else gets them first. They are not “roadmaps” nor is there any proof that they will ever be implemented in any actual device at any time. Look for Apple’s patents for the iPod. I doubt there is anything that remotely resembles the… Read More

  • Sony finally gets it right with the latest PS3 commercial

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=140831 With a title like “Hand Drawn”, I immediately thought this to be another mind melting commercial from Sony for the PS3 console. I’m happy to report that I was completely wrong. Wow. This commercial actually makes sense. Not that the previous spots were incoherent in any way, but this one doesn’t require you to think… Read More

  • LinkedIn Turns On Its Own News Feeds (in Beta)

    Now that we are all having second thoughts about Facebook, maybe it is time to start logging in to LinkedIn again. I did that for the first time in a few weeks and was surprised to find a new widget on the lower right hand side of my home page called “News for You (Beta).” It appears to be a news feed informed by my profile, perhaps by the companies I’ve worked for. The… Read More

  • Word Perhect: That's not a typo and go try it out

    It doesn’t make any sense and it doesn’t really do anything useful, but I’ve been playing around with Word Perhect for the past half hour. I can’t do it justice by trying to explain it here except to say that it’s a hilarious online word processor that doesn’t actually do anything. It’s either the dumbest thing ever or a stroke of genius. Maybe a bit… Read More

  • Facebook says sorry, will let you opt out of Beacon data sharing program

    All our whining, for once, accomplished something. Facebook’s controversial Beacon feature can now be completely turned off by going into your privacy settings. (Beacon would announce on your news feed if you bought something from a partner site with minimal chance for you to opt out.) Someone can tell MoveOn.org to call off its attack dogs now. Mark Zuckerberg, the site’s… Read More

  • Operator11 is Dead to Me: Is There Anything Out There Similar to It?

    Way back last summer I wrote about and started using a service called Operator11 — don’t bother visiting because it’s down. It was a video chat system that let you run live shows in a Flash window. The “moderator” or director can show pre-recorded video and images. The real value was the live aspect, allowing you to invite friends to the show and click on… Read More

  • Hackers increasingly target Apple as it becomes more popular

    It used to be, back when I was in high school, that it was fashionable to hate Microsoft, or M$ as the company was known. Nowadays, Apple is increasingly the target of silly op-eds, message board rants and, it turns out, malicious hackers. Since October, F-Secure security researchers have found 100-150 variants of a Mac-targeting malware program; last year, only one or two of these programs… Read More

  • TripIt Adds Calendar Sync, Travel Confirmations

    Online travel organization startup (and TechCrunch 40 finalist) TripIt will today release some new features that aim to further simplify booking travel online. TripIt is a travel organizer that helps do-it-yourself travelers manage their travel plans. Travelers manage their travel itinerary with TripIt by forwarding their purchase confirmation emails to the service. TripIt automatically… Read More

  • Shoot HD Video with your Mobile Phone in near Future

    An executive at Nokia predicts that in a few years mobile phones will have the ability to shoot video in HD. Cellphones with cameras are being used as camcorders but the video quality isn’t good. Nokia launched the N95 this year and the handset has the ability to shoot video with television quality. But in a few years those home movies may be shot in HD with yours mobile… Read More

  • Google Books Adds Hand Scans

    The often controversial Google Books program, Google’s effort to scan and digitize every book ever printed has an interesting new addition: hand scans. It appears that the Google employees scanning 3000 books a day may be under a bit too much pressure to get the job done as this image from the 1855 copy of “The Gentleman’s Magazine” would suggest (link):
    According to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Skiing Fiend Edition

    Fools, money, soon parted: Keyport ships
    Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker
    Solar-powered taxi making its way around the world
    Spada: Skis made out of granite
    I don’t need anymore gadgets for Christmas, thank you very much Read More

  • Third Time's a Charm: Dan Greenberg Polishes His Viral Video Message

    After getting annihilated for exposing some of the tricks that get normal YouTube videos to go viral, Dan Ackerman Greenberg asked for another word. And we gave it to him. His second effort was much better – he said some people do those things, not him. Readers attacked again, mostly for backpedaling, but not as viciously. But now he’s really got the messaging down. In a CNN… Read More

  • Step 1: I Purchased A 23AndMe DNA Test

    Tonight I bit the bullet and bought a DNA test from 23andMe’s new Personal Genome Service. This wasn’t an easy thing to do. Quite frankly I fear what may be disclosed to me after spitting in that plastic cup and sending it off for analysis. On the one hand, I can’t wait to find out interesting things about myself, like: Do your genes help you sprint faster? How well can… Read More

  • Facebook Messages: Small Change, Big Impact.

    Dear Facebook: Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. In August Facebook opened up their messaging system to allow people to add normal email addresses. I wrote a post praising the change, but I specifically asked for more: Facebook makes you log on to the site to read messages/emails from your friends. They’ll send a note to your normal email address when a new message comes in, but they make… Read More

  • Verizon to add hella on-demand HD content to FiOS service

    If you live in a neighborhood serviced by Verizon’s FiOS, you should send them a fruitcake for Xmas. Or cookies. Or something, as FiOS is expected to have a library of over 1000 shows and movies on-demand in HD by the end of next year, much of it free. This is troubling to cable TV providers, as they’ve traditionally been the monopoly in the HD delivery marketplace. While… Read More

  • Tivo + Music Choice = Awesome

    Tivo subscribers have yet another reason to not cancel their subscriptions in favor of a cheaper cable operator-provided DVR. Music videos on-demand from Music Choice will soon start showing up on Tivos in the coming weeks, giving you Kanye and others at the proverbial touch of a button. It’s not just news that Tivo is providing the service, but that it’s doing so gratis… Read More

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