• Sonic's QFlix Frees Your Movie Downloads

    You might soon see a “Download to DVD” option on some popular film and TV download Web sites like Amazon’s Unbox. Sonic Solutions announced today that its QFlix technology has been approved and licensing agreements made with Hollywood studios to finally allow consumers to create DVDs on demand from downloads. QFlix assuages the studios’ piracy concerns by letting you… Read More

  • VistaBloggerLaptopGate: An Interesting Perspective

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/Edelman laptop debacle. Here's what he says: Think about this: Microsoft dropped about $1500/laptop * 90 laptops + shipping (my rough estimate puts that at a little less than $150,000) to get some positive digital ink. That’s a fairly expensive campaign for the blogosphere, and by comparison if we assume that… Read More

  • SanDisk SSD Ultra ATA 5000 Ready For Primetime

    SanDisk SSD Ultra ATA 5000 Ready For Primetime

    SanDisk feels it’s ready to take on the mobile PC market with its first solid-state hard drive. The SSD Ultra ATA 5000 1.8-inch hard drive comes in a 32GB size and can boot Windows Vista Enterprise in under 35 seconds. This drive is being touted for its speed, thanks to solid-state memory instead of moving parts like a conventional hard drive. The geeky-goo from the press release: ”
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  • Control Yourself! Windows XP Sounds On A Piano

    So the only thing cooler than a dude using Windows XP is a dude playing sounds from XP on his Piano. This douchewad goes and runs the gamut with sounds from Windows XP. He does everything from “Hardware Error” to “AIM Message Alert” and giggles like a schoolgirl in between each sound. His piano only somewhat sounds like XP though. He should totally be using a soft-synth… Read More

  • iRiver Says Hello CES With Two New Models

    If you’re going to be at CES be sure to check out iRiver because they will not disappoint. Two brand new models, the Clix 2 and the much anticipated W10 will be launched. The Clix 2 will feature an AMOLED and not LCD screen, video, voice recorder, radio recording and comes in 2, 4 and 6 GB models. Read More

  • Japanese Live-Action Pac-Man Skit

    http://embed.break.com/MjAzNDAy Ummm… Hi, Japan. WTF? via Aeropause Read More

  • The Futurist: What We Will See At CES

    The Futurist: What We Will See At CES

    In just a few short clock rotations, the entire tech industry (short of myself — I’m taking a much-needed vacation) will be rolling into Vegas for CES, and CrunchGear’s crack team will be ready to give you the latest scoops on this year’s year-shaping event. A lot of people take this time of year to play the CES Guessing Game and prognosticate about who will release what. Read More

  • Samsung Double-sided LCD Screen

    Samsung is on a roll so far this year with the world’s first double-sided LCD screen that has the ability to show two independent images on both sides of the screen. How is this possible? Well with use of Samsung’s new double-gate TFT (thin-flim transistor) architecture, of course. Rather than one gate which only has the ability to operate one pixel at a time the new… Read More

  • BubbleShare Finally Gets Its Payday

    After a previous flirtation with Fox Interactive that ended abrubtly, Toronto-based BubbleShare finally found a buyer who’ll love them forever. Today they announced their acquisition by Kaboose Inc. (TSX: KAB), a small public “family focused online media company” in Canada, for US$2.25 million plus up to another US$750,000 based on an earn-out provision. This marks 28 year… Read More

  • LG Swings Both Ways, As Does Time Warner

    LG has just announced the world’s first DVD player that supports both Blu-Ray and HD DVD! Look for more details at CES. Woohoo!!! Oh yes LG…Life Is Good. In related news, Warner Brothers is also planning its own hybrid disk, called Total HD, which will play on both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray drives. More as we get it.
    Swings Both Ways [LG]
    New Disc May Sway DVD Wars [NYTimes] Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Gone Fishin' Edition

    Daily Crunch: Gone Fishin' Edition

    Blown Up Game Boy From The Gulf War
    Numark x2 Hybrid Turntable Brings DJ Equality
    Patent Monkey: Apple Faces Patent Infringment Suit On Nike+iPod
    Scorpion Watch Company Reef Diver Read More

  • Online Calendar Wars

    Online Calendar Wars

    Recent Hitwise traffic data on Google Calendar is out, and it shows a steady increase v. the competing products from Yahoo and Microsoft. All three are about the same size now, although only Google Calendar is pointing in the right direction. I recently switched away from using Mac Calendar after too many struggles with synchronization. I still view my calendar from the Mac desktop… Read More

  • Atlantic Gaming Tower

    Atlantic Gaming Tower

    Now that Christmas has come and gone and you’ve landed yourself a PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360 you’re going to need a place to stash your new toys and their accessories. If you’ve got a modern looking/furnished living room you may want to check out this new gaming tower by Atlantic. The 4-tier steel tower can hold up to 3 consoles, 6 controllers and 70 games. Read More

  • AOL Founder's Next Startup: Revolution Health

    AOL Founder's Next Startup: Revolution Health

    AOL Co-founder Steve Case, who left Time Warner (AOL’s parent company) in 2005, has effectively launched his next startup – Revolution Health. The domain name still shows a landing page, but the preview site is wide open to all comers. Revolution Health is not a health search engine, and is clearly different than Healthline, the vertical health-related search engine that launched… Read More

  • Wiki.com – No Longer the $3 million Wikipedia Killer

    John Gotts, the entrepreneur who agreed to pay $3 million for the domain name Wiki.com and reportedly told people he was “going to kill Wikipedia” may have thrown in the towel after just a few months. Instead of launching the promised Wiki site with MindTouch software, the Wiki.com site now simply redirects to Wikia, another wiki service affiliated with Wikipedia founder Jimmy… Read More

  • Helping Hand: Support The Family of James Kim, Indie Artists

    has been touching to anybody with a pulse, that much is certain. If you’re one of the many people wanting to help the family, but don’t know quite how, we have an answer for you: buy art. A collection of indie arts-and-crafts stars have banded together to donate many, many, many wonderful pieces to a series of auctions that starts today. The entire proceeds of the eBay auctions go… Read More

  • Solar-Powered Wireless Webcam: Perverted Geek's Dream Gadget

    OK, you perverts, have I got something for you. Like something straight out of a late-night Cinemax film, the SCIRC t1 camera is just what you’ve been looking for to make your voyeuristic dreams reality. It’s a completely wireless Web cam, and we mean completely; its power can come from the revealing light of the Sun. This camera can be situated just about anywhere, where it relays… Read More

  • Iqua Snake 2: Hands-Free Bluetooth Weirdness

    While I’m on the subject of companies at the Sands during CES, check out this device from mobile-communications manufacturer Iqua (the company’ll be at the Sands if you’re Vegas bound). With an MSRP of $179, the Snake 2 hands-free Bluetooth headset attaches to the headrest of a car seat (almost all car makes and models according to Iqua) and lets you talk for up to eight… Read More

  • Wikia is Growing – Is Anyone Paying Attention?

    Wikia is Growing – Is Anyone Paying Attention?

    I was going through CEO Gil Penchina’s Wikia presentation slides at the Le Web conference in Paris last month and noticed something that made me realize they could be a huge site some day. According to the company, Wikia is producing 2.5 million page views per day and growing steadily, and their new article growth rate tracks the early days of Wikipedia, nearly identically. The key… Read More

  • Pharos Brings GPS-Enabled Smartphone to USA

    We like the E-Ten Glofiish X500, a Windows Mobile 5 smartphone with a true GPS receiver built-in. Pharos will be the first label to carry the handset in America, calling it the GPS Phone, because it’s imaginative. To be announced tomorrow, it will be sold as an unlocked GSM smartphone, for about $700 at “major retail outlets”, which means you might actually see this… Read More