• Apple store out of iPhones…

    Guys: this TOTALLY means there’s going to be a new iPhone next week. I don’t care what you say: they wouldn’t pull the hottest device since the ventricle stent and not have something lined up for release… unless Apple is going out of business, Crazy Eddie style. What think ye? n {democracy:33} Read More

  • Pogue on the Pulse Smartpen: He so funny!

    This smartpen lets you take notes and record those notes for later perusal. You tap the ink and it plays back the audio recorded at that moment.
    David Pogue shows this quite handily and even harshes on the bugs he found in the pen. Good stuff and a great way to spend Mother’s Day weekend avoiding the phone. Read More

  • Swap files between two iPods with miShare

    A Brooklyn, NY startup named miShare, has created a product, which could bring back the mating ritual of mixtape-swapping (but a modern version of it). The gadget allows you to swap music, photos, and anything else you can fit on your iPod. Instead wasting a CD on a paternal love interest, you simply attach your iPods to the miShare to transfer your mix. Depending on their iPod and setup, they… Read More

  • Apple halts online iPhone sales, stores out of stock

    In a move which seems totally out of character for them, Apple has stopped selling iPhones through their online store. No “Out of Stock” message or anything to indicate why – they’ve simply removed the “Buy” button. While this doesn’t absolutely indicate that the 3G iPhone is dropping soon, it .. what am I saying? It definitely indicates that a 3G… Read More

  • VW and Sanyo getting together on Li-ion batteries for hybrids

    Following the lead of Nissan and NEC, which both recently have started down this track, the German carmaker is looking into lithium-ion batteries to improve its hybrids and electrics. It sounds like the Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries in their cars are both heavier and more toxic than the alternative. The Li-ion batteries would lower the weight of the car by hundreds of pounds… Read More

  • Thieves pictured post-heist from MacBook iSight, caught

    A note to future would-be thieves planning on stealing Apple laptops: You can use a small piece of tape to obstruct the built-in iSight camera to keep from being identified by police as the person who stole a MacBook. See, people have found ways to remote control their MacBooks to take photos automatically with the integrated cameras. They can make copies of the photos and show them to… Read More

  • Quarter-century-old BSD bug identified, squashed

    So an OpenBSD developer got an email the other day saying SAMBA was having trouble talking to a DOS file system. The developer thought it was a problem with SAMBA until he found that there was a workaround in place to fix issues with some BSD code. He did a little digging and found that the code had been in place since 1983 — meaning that pretty much every BSD system out there… Read More

  • NYU Med Student links doctors in Ghana through cell phone network

    If you’ve ever had to rely on multiple doctors tag teaming an ailment, chances are it wasn’t the smoothest process. Between the Doctor-Patient privacy laws and the half dozen middle men involved, the process almost assuredly hit a snag or two along the way. Now, take away the widespread internet access that allows for instant communication – the process would grind to a… Read More

  • No More iPhones at Apple Store – 3G Imminent?

    The Apple online store has stopped selling iPhones completely, stating they are currently unavailable. What does it mean? In some way I’m inclined to say “not much.” Apple rarely telegraphs its moves this far in advance. However, since O2 in the UK has stopped selling iPhones and a number of folks have had trouble buying them in stores, we might be seeing a next-gen iPhone in… Read More

  • The Blood Brain Barrier

    Most of my time these days is spent crossing the blood-brain barrier between Twitter and the rest of the cloud. Twitter stands on one side, a coursing stream of social data emanating from an ad-hoc framework of asynchronous follows and vanity track filtering. On the other side, the legacy blogosphere, RSS items floated via Google Reader shared items and planted in the Twitter stream via… Read More

  • The Evolution of the Press Release

    Editor’s note: The press release is the least loved document in the media universe. We get way too many here at TechCrunch, and some bloggers equate them to spam. But they do have their uses. In this guest post, Brian Solis explains how the press release has evolved, and sheds some light on why it may be so difficult to kill off. Solis writes this from the perspective of a PR… Read More

  • John Gruber on Blackberry vs iPhone

    With just around a month to go before the iPhone 2.0 software hits, does RIM have reason to sweat? Apple pundit extraordinaire and co-creator of the Markdown syntax, John Gruber, thinks they might. Read the rest of this entry ยป PHOTO CREDIT: presta Read More

  • John Gruber on Blackberry vs iPhone

    With just around a month to go before the iPhone 2.0 software hits, does RIM have reason to sweat? Apple pundit extraordinaire and co-creator of the Markdown syntax, John Gruber, thinks they might. He brings up a pretty big point: once the iPhone gains its enterprise wings, won’t it do just about everything Blackberry users call for? Push email? Check. Remote wipe? Check. Calendar… Read More

  • Women Entrepreneurs Pitch Their Companies at Stanford

    Women 2.0 held its second pitch event today on the kempt grounds of the Stanford Golf Course Grill. It was a chance for five private tech companies with at least 50% female ownership to compete for a prize suite of business services collectively worth $15,000, plus a chance to meet with Esther Dyson. The five finalists – Koollage, Gaiagy, Skillshop, Webvet, and Passive Devices –… Read More

  • O-FONE offers SIP VoIP client for Symbian S60, claims to be the first

    Switzerland-based O-FONE (not to be confused with Microsoft’s oPhone) has released a SIP VoIP client for Symbian’s S60 platform. Perhaps more interesting than the client itself is their claim that they’re the first to bring SIP support to S60 devices. From this page: “Download the first Symbian mobile SIP client in world” [sic] Unless they mean the first… Read More

  • The iFund Has Competition: $150 Million Blackberry Fund To Be Announced Soon

    The platform wars are going mobile. Whether it’s the iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile, the mobile platform that will win in the end will be the one with the best and broadest collection of applications. To give developers a little extra financial motivation, funds are being set up to invest in them. Google announced a $10 million Android challenge back in November… Read More

  • Video: Gears of War 2 gameplay footage

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=33781 Simply amazing. Read More

  • Memoright's solid state drives annihilate every hard drive out there

    Solid state drives have always excelled in power economy and heat levels, but have faltered in the price-to-performance ratio, and even lagged behind in sheer performance by some measures. That last complaint is valid no longer. Memoright’s high-speed drives operate at far higher speeds than other SSDs on the market, and show nearly double the performance of the closest competitors in… Read More

  • Happy Birthday, John Biggs!

    Hey CrunchGear readers! Let’s give a shout out to our Fearless Leader, who’s celebrating his 33rd birthday today. John is the rubber cement that keeps CrunchGear going. He’s the cheese to our macaroni. He’s the glowstick to our sweaty, high-on-ecstasy raver. He’s the Dre to our Snoop. He’s the Hawaiian Punch in our lunchboxes. The Wayne to our Garth. The fire… Read More

  • Rad: World's tallest Lego tower

    Sure it’s got guy-wires keeping it from toppling and killing little Lego men, but this very tall tower is just neat. It’s nearly 100 feet tall, making it by far the tallest Lego tower ever made. It’s in England, and it has something to do with Vikings, and it’s all colorful, and it’s tall. Maybe this signals a new trend: Legos for World Records. I’m into… Read More

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