• Western Digital Overhauls My Book Line of HDD

    Western Digital spruced up the My Book external HDD line with a cosmetic change that shifts from a circle of light to a strip of light that acts as a storage gauge. The Home Edition now features eSATA along with FireWire 400 and USB 2.0. It’s also continuously backing up your data so rest assured all that p0rn will not be lost. The Office Edition can now be accessed online via MioNet… Read More

  • ViewSonic Rolls Out HD Widescreen Displays [Updated]

    ViewSonic showcased a few displays last night at Pepcom that might tickle your fancy. The widescreen LCD lineup of monitors is quite the visual treat in two 19- and one 22-inch version. The VX1940w and VX2240w boast contrast ratios of up to 4000:1 and a whopping response time of 2ms and 300 nits of brightness. Both 19- and 22-inch displays feature 1680×1050 high resolution making the… Read More

  • FileRadar Brings Digg-Thinking To Gaming Downloads

    Gaming downloads can be a pain. When the hottest new demos are released, such as the upcoming Halo 3 from Microsoft, the official servers can be brought to their knees. Some users go to BitTorrent to get the files, and others scour the message boards for alternative download sites. It’s also hard to know what the best games out there are. Gamers can rely on review sites and other sources… Read More

  • DiscPainter: You Know, For Painting Discs

    Printing on CDs and DVDs can be an arduous task and it usually ends up looking terrible. Correct me if I’m wrong. The software tends to be shoddy and it takes forever to do. Dymo’s DiscPainter CD/DVD printer makes the ordeal fun and easy. You see, it spins from the inside out at about 600 DPI a minute. The demo was impressive and even when prints were set at 600 DPI a minute… Read More

  • Slacker To Offer One Click Free Portable Music

    CrunchGear is reporting that users of the yet to be released Slacker MP3 player will be able to transfer their ‘personalized stations’ to the player with a single click and refresh them via Wi-Fi or USB. Slacker’s basic music service is similar to Pandora, providing based music player that customizes stations based on whether you like or dislike specific tracks that are free… Read More

  • MeeVee Takes $3.5 Million Series D

    TV listings discovery service MeeVee has taken $3.5 Million Series D in a round that included original backers Bay Area Equity Fund, Defta Partners, FCPR Israel Discovery Fund, Labrador Ventures, Rothschild Ventures and WaldenVC. The investment takes MeeVee’s total funding to $18 million. MeeVee’s basic service allows users to input their favorite actors, genres and keywords to… Read More

  • Creative Zen Stone Plus TravelSound Revisited: A Mea Culpa (I Admit It Rocks)

    Awhile back I put up a scathing critique of the Creative TravelSound portable speaker (the one that holds the Zen Stone Plus.) Anyway, while I stand by every single one of my criticisms as valid, I have to say I made a huge mistake: This product absolutely rocks, ESPECIALLY if you don’t own the Zen Stone Plus. After the jump, I go over my criticisms one by one and show why, even if I… Read More

  • Quick Way To View Google Videos On The iPhone

    Want a quick and dirty way to view Google Video videos (is that redundant?) on your iPhone, since Google doesn’t support Flash? Try this—click the download video button and when it gets to the “if the download doesn’t start, right-click here” part, right-click there. I know, very complicated. The video player should then load on the iPhone. Done and… Read More

  • Slacker Rounds Up The Troops

    Internet radio provider, Slacker, is about to drop the hammer so steer clear, everyone. Not only have they inked deals with the four major record labels, they’ve also picked up indie labels: IODA, The Orchard, Beggars Group and Matador Records, IRIS, Ubiquity Records and Sanctuary Group PLC. The big news, though, is that the purported portable players will be able to transfer their… Read More

  • Coca-Cola Develops Self-Cooling Soda Bottle

    This could revolutionize the way we drink soda at sporting events during the summer. It could also bring Coca-Cola an assload of money. Coke has come up with a way to cool off your drink when you open the cap that was apparently years in the works. Though no products on shelves currently have these new bottles, expect to see Sprite Super Chilled soda this fall in them. Self-cooling soda… Read More

  • Meizu M7: Touchscreen PMP With Decent Bang-For-Buck Ratio

    By next March we may see the Meizu M7 on store shelves. With a 2.8-inch touch screen, the M7 looks to be an iPod touch competitor, which, as we all know (or pretend to know), is a hard position to be in. If there’s one thing going for the M7, it’s the price—$150 will land you the 8GB model, while the 4GB will set you back $110 and the 2GB for $90. In other words, you’d be… Read More

  • DualShock Confirmed At The Tokyo Game Show: Yay (?)

    Yup, the DualShock 3 is real. Now we’ll need something else to tease Sony about. The controller made its debut at the Tokyo Game Show and everyone is totally going bananas. Surely I can’t be the only person who immediately turns off vibration when I play games, right? I just find it irritating. Always have, always will. DualShock 3 Rumble Hands-On [Kotaku] Read More

  • Gold-Plated Macbook Pro Brings The Bling

    Chalk this one up as the most tacky Mac product to ever be released. A company called Computer Choppers is apparently offering gold-plated casing to Macbook Pro owners. Furthermore, you can go as so far as to have your Apple logo encrusted in diamonds if you have an additional $2400 to spend. And while I’m sure you’ll be the talk of the town at the local Starbucks and Au Bon Pain… Read More

  • No Contract Unlimited Calling from Sprint-Nextel?

    Sprint’s chief executive Gary Forsee told a Goldman Sachs investor conference yesterday that Sprint is thinking about expanding the test area for an unlimited calling plan that doesn’t require customers to sign a contract. Customers pay a monthly fee for as long as the service is required or affordable. Rivals Leap Wireless and MetroPCS already offer commitment free unlimited… Read More

  • Rite In The Rain Is Not A UB40 Song

    If you tend to be more of an outdoorsy type, it’s safe to guess that perhaps you enjoy going camping every once in awhile. Sometimes though, you get caught in a torrential downpour and that’s just no fun. So when you’re holed up inside your tent, be sure to write down all those crafty folk songs on Rite in the Rain, a waterproof notebook designed for writing notes down in… Read More

  • 3jam Lands Virgin Mobile Tie-In

    Multi-person SMS startup 3jam has launched a new tie-in with Virgin Mobile USA: 3jam SMS 2.0. The new service provides an improved level of text messaging by allowing friends and family to connect by multi-party text-message conversations. The 3jam application is free and requires no subscription, however standard text messaging rates apply. The launch marks the first time a U.S. mobile… Read More

  • The Futurist: Why You Should Buy Middle-End Products

    About a year ago I was at a Bang & Olufsen store in Manhattan. Some guy with spiky hair and a Prada jacket walked in, and asked to try out the B&O A8 headphones. He put on the pair, listened to some extremely loud classical music, and, with a self-satisfied grin, said 30 seconds later say: “I’m sold. I’ll take them.” Now the A8s aren’t the best headphones… Read More

  • Apple Admits To Faulty iPod Touch Screens, Fixing Problem Now

    Apple heard the complaints and quietly, oh so quietly, acknowledged that some iPod touch screens are defective. Apple will “remedy” the situation, just not in time for some users. It seems folks have been trying to replace their janky iPods to Apple retail stores but have either had to pay a restocking fee (to the tune of $30-$40) or were told PEBKAC. See, Apple loves ya… Read More

  • Google Wants You To Share Stuff

    Google has entered the social bookmarking market with a new product called Shared Stuff. Shared Stuff is simple enough; users drag a “email/ share” button into their browser, and click it when they want to add pages to their Shared Stuff profile. Links can include an image, text extract, and/ or a user comment. The results can then be viewed directly, via iGoogle or RSS. An… Read More

  • NBC Direct: Download TV Shows To Your Windows PC And Watch The Files Expire Soon Afterward

    NBC hates Mac users. That’s pretty much the only conclusion you can draw after reading up on NBC’s new download service. NBC Direct will let users—pardon, Windows users—download popular shows like “Heroes” and Leno immediately after they air. The shows remain available for a week and have built-in, unable-to-be-skipped commercials. Oh, and the file… Read More

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