• Stay warm while contracting incurable cancer this winter

    Most of my female friends — yes, I have some — are smokers. Why is it? Because they’re full of angst and hate life, and they know smoking makes you exactly 26% cooler than not smoking, they’re not dumb. Anyway, Seattle this winter has been cold, far more so than last year. Thank goodness the girls at Shiny Shiny have shown me these smoking mittens that I, in turn, can… Read More

  • CES 2008 could see launch of yet another pesky format war

    Regular readers will know how much we loathe the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD wars and wish that they, like the War on Terror or the War on Drugs or the War on Baby Seals, would end soon, as there can be no clear victor. That’s why we give a sideways glance at the new format war brewing that could see CES 2008 as the first battlefield — the format for wireless HD content. Not wireless as in… Read More

  • Patent filing shows Apple working on Optimus-like OLED keyboard

    If you’ve spent any amount of time on tech sites like this one, you’ve surely heard of the Optimus keyboard. It uses OLEDs in place of “regular” keys. One minute a key open Safari the next it open Photoshop. Like the picture! According to a recent patent filed last March (but only revealed recently), Apple is working on a keyboard just like the Optimus. Maybe with… Read More

  • CrunchGear This Week: Pre-CES Edition

    It’s the last week before CES and everyone’s scrambling to reveal or hint at their hot new products without showing their whole hand. LG and Motorola will both be showing new mobile TV products, LG’s in HD. LG is also set to unveil their new high-res e-paper. Asus is releasing a laptop with a terabyte of RAID storage, which is awesome but kind of nuts. Olevia’s 120Hz… Read More

  • Hackers detonate fake nuke on live news; Czech Republic is so not amused

    Hackers are an annoyance usually, but sometimes they pull a funny or tricky prank, and then I must stand up and politely applaud. Sadly, they sometimes get caught. Such is the case of six ill-fated hacker types from the Czech Republic, who managed to sneak this fake nuclear blast into a news channel’s weather webcam. That is awesome. It’s a harmless prank, to be sure, but the group… Read More

  • Nvidia attacks the low-mid range with the 8800GS

    What with the GS, GT, GTS, and GTX, it’s hard to keep straight on what exactly the offerings are from the current champion of the video card world. But one thing you can count on is that at every price point there will be an ATi and Nvidia card duking it out. At the highly contested $200 serious/casual sweet spot, you have the Radeon HD 3850 and now, this 8800GS, a somewhat… Read More

  • Rumor squished: Metal Gear Solid 4 not coming to 360, it's final

    The longtime whispers of MGS4 coming out on the 360 have been smushed by a Konami rep, who says that it is indeed a PS3 exclusive and there are no plans to develop a 360 version. People thought that even with epic sales it would be impossible for the team to break even, given the enormous development costs of this gaming juggernaut. Thus the rumors were born and propagated — perhaps… Read More

  • Microsoft selling, giving away same services: Who is sucker now?

    If you pay $9.95 a month for Microsoft Premium then Microsoft is royally screwing you. It seems that the service, which comes free from some ISPs, offers bunch of web-based services including “Virtual Earth,” Encarta, and spam and phishing filters. These same features are available through Windows Live and Hotmail and, incidentally, available in Windows itself. As a result, folks… Read More

  • Virgin games signs deal with Real Madrid, three games by year's end

    Real Madrid, the nine-time European champions, penned a deal with Virgin, which will lead to three new “properties.” Madridistas can look forward to console (PS2, PS3, PSP, DS, Wii and 360), online and cellphone games, to be released sometime this year. I will buy at least one, that much is true. I have a few ideas of my own for Real Madrid games. There’s Raúl and the… Read More

  • Coming soon to iPhone: Copy and Paste

    The iPhone will soon join us in the 20th century by offering cut and paste. Sources at MacScoop are saying that the new firmware will offer copy and paste functionality as well as faux-GPS, the ability to send mass SMSs, and a multi-page home screen. Next iPhone software update to allow copy-paste [MacScoop] Read More

  • Dell intros Inspiron 1525, inspires no one

    Today, Dell announced the new Inspiron 1525 notebooks, which isn’t much to get giddy over, but if you’re looking for something economical then this is the way to go. They’re relatively light weight at 5.9 pounds and pricing starts at $499 topping out at $749. As you can tell by the picture there are an assortment of colors to choose from. Display size is 15.4-inches for all… Read More

  • Asus crams a terabyte into its new laptop

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Asus is hot. At CES they are set to unveil their latest offering: the world’s first laptop with a terabyte of storage. They’re going to use two of the brand-new Hitachi 500-GB drives to make worrying about space a thing of the past — or at least for those of us without 4,000 gigs of porn like some of my… Read More

  • Next2Friends: Video and social mobile apps to go

    Next2Friends, a new pivately-backed mobile social network, just came out of a short private beta to launch a ranges of mobile applications – including streaming video – which look like they will take on a number of startups including Seesmic, Qik, Kyte, Loopt and even Twitter. How have they stayed under the radar? By launching very quietly in the UK/Europe first, and over the… Read More

  • Westinghouse goes UWB on new HDTV

    What’s all this about wireless HDTVs? Well, Westinghouse is set to showcase an ultrawideband HDTV with Pulse-LINK at CES using PL’s CWave wireless HDMI technology. What this essentially means is that your HDTV can link up with a source of content like a Blu-ray or HD DVD player or even your DVR and cable feed, which will stream to your set – wait for it – wirelessly. Read More

  • Get Well, Om

    GigaOm founder Om Malik had a heart attack last week, but now is thankfully recovering. He is only 41. This blogging thing is stressful (and the stogies don’t help either). It is always shocking when someone you know has a heart attack, but when you have as big a following as he does, those shock waves multiply. On a personal note, Om and I wrote many stories together during our… Read More

  • Ne pas utilser votre mobile

    France has warned its citizens that since the effects of long-term cellphone use aren’t known yet, precaution must be taken, especially with children. In no way is France saying “stop using cellphones altogether,” despite what my terrible headline says, but is simply urging common sense: don’t use cellphones all day long, don’t use them where there’s no… Read More

  • Is Cellphone use Harmful to Children

    The French Health Ministry issued a health warning claiming that excessive cellphone use may be a health risk. The Ministry is especially concerned about children who use mobile phones but the warning admits there is no recognized science that proves cellular technology is dangerous. Mobile phones marketed for children have raised concerns with the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports. It… Read More

  • Samsung 1TB drive is more for security situations than BitTorrent storage

    Unless you’re running a small security operation a la Tony Montana, you can probably safely steer clear of this new 1TB enterprise-level hard drive. What makes this noteworthy is that it’s the first 3.5-inch drive to have 1TB spread over only three platters, or 334GB per platter. (Compare that tolast year’s Hitachi’s 7K1000, which uses five platters, or 200GB per… Read More

  • Updated: Facebook blocks Scoble for downloading his contacts, sparks revolt

    Data portability from social networks is going to become a huge tech industry issue in the new year. Why? Because well known tech blogger Robert Scoble has had his Facebook account disabled after he tried to pull out his 5,000 contacts (known as a social graph) from the site. This will fire the starting gun on all the debates about who owns your data on a social network, debates which –… Read More

  • Pinnacle Video Transfer makes analog-to-digital transfer super easy

    And it’s kind of sexy. Analog devices these days aren’t really getting the sleek design of all-digital devices like the shiny, candylike PMPs or what have you. So this little gadget might look a little out of place with its gleaming carapace besmirched by component cables. But in the end, the function is what matters: it takes whatever you stream into it via component or S-Video… Read More

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